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This is a piliot chapter of my story that i started writing. If you like it, ill write some more! If you dont.... Oh well :D This is for a Fanfic Contest, right here if you wanna check it out----> [link] The cover photo belongs to :iconjack104: and heres the link of the original photo ->… I dont own Adventure time....Or the genderbent versions ^~^ thats Pendalton Wards job. The "Oh, my cheek meat!" is a quote from "Bad Little Boy" ENJOY.....or not ._.
Chapter One: Your here!
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   You were preparing to go running with the wolves with Marshall again. Your favorite activity together, but you only got to do it every few full moons. It’s always exciting to prepare for the event, the adrenaline is already running through your body. But as always you go through a final check to be sure you are prepared. Maybe you need a new wolf running outfit, this one is getting tattered, well let’s see what Marshall says. You look in the mirror to be sure you didn’t forget anything, then that old scar catches your eye, almost forgot who you really are, but the scar reminds you. Your past, you wanted to leave behind, but the lies hurt even worse. Everything is fine now, it shouldn’t be a major problem. Marshall is your closest friend, of all people he should understand. You were never the bad person, just a victim trying to escape,and you did. Tonight, tonight I have to tell him. Determined you walk out the door toward the meeting spot. No, the adrenaline, and desire to see him you start sprinting like mad.

   Marshall is waiting as usual, what does he spend the entire day here waiting? Whatever, you sit down to stretch as usual as he floats there. “ Hey Marshall?” you ask, he responds, “Yea?” Nervous about the subject, you start , “We’re buds, for ever right? No matter what?” Happily he responds, “Of course! Well you are just a mortal but you can say forever if you want to, mortal.” That’s what he thinks, because that’s what you tell them, but he needs to know. But then the ground shakes beneath you so quickly you are on your feet preparing to take off as Marshall joins you on the ground. Ready and Go! You both start running careful not to trip over each other as you brush his arm. Your mind is set on moving forward, not falling behind until your focus moves to the moon, its brilliant light. It was always there for you, even on that night, when you got that scar. Now was not the right time, running panting heavily surrounded by the pounding of paws, soon, he will know. After sprinting about three hundred feet you trip on something as Marshall’s weight begins to fall on you. What’s happening? The ground is gone from beneath you as you feel Marshall hold you tight. That’s right his floating routine, usually he waits longer, when he gets tired and makes you keep running. But now you are floating above the wolves, under the beautiful moon. There in his arms one place you felt you could belong, safe, what was it about him that gave you that feeling? Maybe it’s knowing that he has suffered the same pain. This time you can make him feel safe, let him know he’s never alone. You look up at him and speak, “ Marshall … I’m not really a human,” he looks down at you puzzled, slowing down to let the wolves pass, you continue, “ Or even a mortal, I’m a...”
The first Fanfiction I have ever published I hope you enjoy it. It's gonna be interactive too.




Tree Nymph…

I wanted to have a third choices but I couldn't think of anything I know Vampires and wolves are soooo main stream I ;m sorry but if you have any ideas I might be able to write another option.
Also- I am looking for pictures to add to any of the chapters please recommend some. Thank you and I love you guys for reading this.
Pic by EmilyHime

Thank you guys fore requests I am having much fun with this! and thanks for reading.
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It was a beautiful sunny day in the land of Aaa, there were fluffy clouds floating in the sky, not to big and not to many. The grass was rustled by a gentle breeze, that also rustled the blonde bangs, of one very special 14 year old girl, right before they were splattered with blood and guts.

"Nice job cake! Hold the dragon still!" Fionna shouted as she regained her grip on her golden sword. Her adoptive older sister was stretched large, and holding a roaring dragon, that had chainsaws for teeth. It was large and grey in color, like steel. It blew a raging breath of fire at the young girl, who dodged it, escaping with out a burn. She ran towards the creature, and jumped high, before she slammed the golden sword into the creatures soft underbelly, and dragged it downwards with her weight, cutting open the creature. It screamed a dying death, as it's guts poured out over the girl, and onto the grass.

"Rhombus!" Fionna yelled as she saw the chest they were looking for, spill out of the dragons guts, "Cake come help me with this!"

"Mmm, that dragon had some serious indigestion." The cat remarked, as she picked up the chest with a large hand. "Lets get this chest back to your man, girl!"

"He's not my man, cake!" Fionna's cheeks were a firey red as the cat poked fun at her feelings for the pink prince. She always did anything he asked, because adventuring was all she was good at, not baking or science, like him.... "Let's just get this back to him, PG said it was real important!"

The two headed back towards the candy kingdom, Fionna riding on her sisters back, holding onto the chest. When the two got there, they went inside straight to Gumball's Kitchen.

"PG! PG! We got it!" Fionna said, and Cake held up the heavy chest.

"Splendid!" Gumball said happily to the two of them. He was wearing a very feminine apron, with frills and bows. Cake had made it for him, so Fionna could give it to him for his birthday, but the young girl, even with her love of bows and frills, had to admit it looked ridiculous on the prince. "You two have saved my bake sale this weekend!"

"What do you mean?" Fionna asked curiously, and Gumball pulled out a key, and opened the chest. Inside there was a collection of large glowing cook books. "what the stuff....?"

"I kept them in that dragon for safe keeping, they are all secret recipes you know." Gumball said happily, "Don't want anyone stealing them!"

"Oh, well glad we could help!" Fionna said brightly and happily.

"As a thanks, let me give you both, these!" Gumball grabbed two cupcakes off the counter, and handed them to the girls. "They're very scruptious! It will taste how ever you desire, because the molecules get a reading off your taste buds, and change to suit your tastes!"

Fionna looked at the bright pink cup cake in her hand, that had a red jelly bean on top of the icing. She was excited to eat it, wondering what it would taste like when she did. Strawberries? Bacon? fish sticks? chocolate? She drooled a bit at the thought of food. "Thanks dude! This is awesome! I'm going to save it for breakfast tomorrow!"

"Good idea, it will give you lots of nutrition, a perfect breakfast!" Gumball said happily, "Haha, now then. I should get to work, I have a lot to do for the bake sale this weekend, the candy proceeds will all go to the children, for the Candy festival!"

"I can't wait!" Fionna said, and they both bid goodbye to the prince, before they left the castle, and headed home, to the tree house.

"Girl, you need to ask him to the Candy festival ball!" Cake told her sister, as they walked. "I have the most fine dress in all of Aaa for you to wear too! You got to look hawt for your man!"

"Cake!" Fionna blushed the brightest of reds at the thought of her asking Gumball to the ball as her date. "No way, dude. It wouldn't be a good idea." the young girl said, kicking a rock, before they entered the house.

"But just look at this dress! you have to wear it!" Cake said, as she ran to a closet, and pulled out a fabulously frilly bright red dress for her sister. It would go just past her knee's, and hang longer in the back, with fabulous light pink lace and frills under neath, to make it poofy. it had a sweet heart neckline, with see through pink short sleeves. but best of all, there was a big pink bow in the back.

"Wow...." Fionna said, as she stared at the dress. Her sister sure was good at sewing and cooking, girly things... things Fionna was bad at. "Just.... wow....."

"I'm going to go hang it up on the line to air it out, get some moonshine and fresh scent into it." Cake said, as she took the dress up stairs. Fionna smiled brightly, as she went and put the cupcakes they got in the fridge. She couldn't wait for the festival in a few weeks, it was going to be so mathematical!

"Let's go to bed, sweety!" Cake said, as she came down from the top of the treehouse. Fionna yawned at the thought of bed, and nodded to her sister in agreement. The two retreated up stairs to the bedroom, and Fionna changed into her fuzzy orange pj's, and crawled into her pile of blankets for a good night's sleep.

Her dreams were filled with her candy prince, the both of them dancing at the ball, she felt giddy at the thought, as they swirled around the dance floor, before a stranger cut in, and took her hand, with a cold ice blue one. Just as she turned to look up at the new figure in her dreams, she was woken up by screams and hisses. The young girl sat up with a start in her bed, and looked around. "Cake?!" She shouted, not seeing her sister in her drawer. "CAKE!" she heard the cries coming from the boat outside the treehouse, and she made a dash outside.

"Noo! Your beautiful dress, Fionna!" Cake cried in horror, as she held up the once red and pink dress, which was now a drab grey. All the color was gone from it, including the pink, it looked like a funeral dress now.....

"What happened to it? too much moonshine?" Fionna asked, as cake cried over her creation.

"Moonshine doesn't do this... I don't understand..." Cake said, but her ears perked up, "Tree trunks...?" She turned to look down, Fionna now picking up the faint shouting coming from below. The little yellow elephant and his girlfriend Ms Pig, were shouting at them about something, and they looked frantic. Fionna jumped down to the grass below with Cake, to inspect.

"Fionna, it's terrible!" Tree trunks said, looking distressed. "My apples... th-they're all grey! My pies will look horrible with grey apples!"

"Grey?!" the sisters both asked in confusion. "Ahem.... Let me go change, and we'll go!" Fionna said, as she made a dash inside. They had a real mystery on their hands...

After Fionna jumped into her blue clothes, and she had grabbed her bag and sword. Cake grew large, and grabbed the couple and Fionna, before taking off to Tree Trunk's orchard.

It was terrible, all the apples, on every last tree, were a drab grey color, even the ones on the grass below.

"What is going on? First the dress, and now the apples are missing their red...." Cake stated, as Fionna picked up an apple, and took a bite.

"... It still tastes good, tree trunks." Fionna said, the apple hadn't lost it's flavor, jut the color. "They are still the best apples in all of Aaa."

"But, my pies... they'll look terrible... and the bake sale this weekend...!" Tree trunk said in distress.

"It's alright, the crust covers the apples, no one will be able to tell the difference." Fionna said, patting the elephants head. "They'll still be the best pies ever!"

"... If you say so Fionna..." Tree trunks said.

"If you make us a pie, we'll all be able to confirm it for you." Cake said happily, "The color might be gone, but you'll still be able to make amazing pies!"

"Hear that?" Ms Pig smiled brightly, "It'll all be okay sweety."

Cake and Fionna both looked away as the two kissed, and Fionna coughed.

"We'll go report this too Gumball for you, and we'll make sure this doesn't happen again!" Fionna said happily, and the cute couple both nodded, before they were to get to work.

"Let's go cake!" Fionna said, as she jumped on her sister's back, and headed off to the Candy Kingdom to go talk with Gumball....

The two looked around on their way back, they noticed that things that were normally red, were turned grey. Fionna wondered what could have possibly happened, was some one sucking the red out of everything? She needed to get to the bottom of this....

"Fionna, look!" Cake pointed at the Candy Kingdom. There was a sobbing Candy cane lady, who had lost the red in her swirl, and some of the pink frosting had been half drained off the castle walls.

"Fionna! I'm so glad you're here!" Gumball said, as he tried to calm his citizens down. "This morning, we woke up, and the pink and red was drained....

"What could do this?" Fionna asked, as she hopped off her sister.

"I'm not sure...." Gumball said, looking distressed, before something seemed to click in his mind. "Wait.... all the red....?" He looked like he was thinking hard. "To the Kitchen Lab!" He said, pointing to the castle. Cake stretched the three of them up to the balcony, and they went inside.

"Here...." Gumball grabbed one of his large cook books, and began flipping through it.

"I'm going to see if my Mono is alright." Cake said, as she went to the door.

"Lord Mono is Black and white...." Fionna said, confused for a moment, before she clicked together, that Cake just wanted to go see her boyfriend... must be nice to have one....

"Here it is!" Gumball said, and put the book on the counter. Fionna walked over, and looked at the recipe.

"... Vampire Candy?" She asked curiously.

"Yes, it's like a jaw breaker, with a never ending red color in it. No matter how long you suck on it for, it never get smaller, and never looses it's color.... this recipe was created, so Vampire's could feed forever."

".... What's a Vampire?"  Fionna asked curiously.

"... It's an evil creature Fionna, they live in the night, and the reason these candies were created, was so that they would stop feeding on the blood of living things!" Gumball said, looking serious. "They're terrible! they can raise the dead, and they cause havoc and mayhem.... they're favorite food used to be humans...."

"blood...? humans...?" Fionna asked, and she shuffled her feet a bit, before she puffed out her chest. "Challenge accepted! If there is a Vampire, I won't let it get me! I'll kill it!"

"Fionna, it's very dangerous!" Gumball said, taking her by the shoulders. She blushed softly, as Gumball looked into her eyes so deeply. "You can't... what if it hurts you?"

"But it's taking all the red and pink from everything, Gumball! and your kingdom is mostly pink! Soon this whole place will be grey, like my dress, and the apples at Tree Trunks! I have to stop this Vampire thing from taking all the color red!" Fionna looked proud, and deep down, she was excited to be confronting a new terrifying creature. "Don't worry about me! I'm tough stuff!"

"... Okay..." Gumball said, looking worried, "But be careful.... Vampires are undead.... which means it's almost impossible to get rid of one.. they can be burned by the sunlight, or staked in the heart!"

"Okay, I'll catch it, and tie it up, to let it burn in the sun!" Fionna said happily, and she took off to go find her sister. "See you later PG! I'll come by tonight with this vampire thing, and we can burn it together!"

"... Well.... I don't know about burning it..." Gumball said, looking nervous as he stood in his kitchen. He looked at his cook book, and had an idea. He quickly got to work.

"It's almost night time, Cake." Fionna said, as she sat on top of her tree house. They had decorated it with red stuff they still had, and Fionna even wore a red sweater, hoping to lure this vampire thing to them, so they could catch it.

"... I don't get it... in all the books I read, Vampires are romantic, and sweet..." Cake said, thinking, "I guess that's fiction for you though...."

"Yeah, I trust Gumball way more than stupid books." Fionna said, as she gripped her sword in her hand. She was sitting cross legged on top of their house, ready to jump up at a moments notice. "He said they burn in sunlight, and that they're just evil!"

"You'd believe what ever Gumball tells you." Cake said.

"No I wouldn't...!" Fionna said, blushing a bright red, as she kept a look out.

The sun slowly set behind the horizon, and the moon took over lighting up the night sky, Fionna felt her stomach grumble, and she looked at her sister, who kept a well trained cat eye on the skies and ground, she sure could see in the dark.

"I'm going to go inside, and get something to eat." Fionna said happily, as she remembered her cupcake she missed out on eating this morning. "Will you be okay? Want anything?"

"I'm alright, you go eat." Cake said with a bright smile to her sister. Fionna nodded her head, and climbed down the ladder, and went inside. She headed over to the kitchen, when she heard a gust of wind. "... huh... a window must be open." She said, and looked around, before she walked over to the fridge. She pulled it open, and grabbed her cupcake out of it. She smiled as she smelled the sweetness of it. She pulled the wrapper off, and was just about to take a bite, when the candles were all blown out. "Huh...?" She heard another gust of wind, and something knocked over in the kitchen. "Wh-whose there?!" she shouted, and she felt her cupcake be snatched from her hand, with the brush of cool fingers touching hers. "HEY! MY CUPCAKE!" She shouted, and grabbed her sword off her back. It was dark in the house, but the moonlight streamed in through the window, lighting it up a bit as her eyes adjusted. "Show yourself you ugly vampire!!"

"Hey... who you calling ugly...?" A cool smooth voice asked, a hint of laughter in his tone. it seemed to float around her, but she couldn't see anything. She stepped further into the moonlight, to see better, she could make out everything in the kitchen, but no monster. "You haven't seen me yet... how do you know I'm ugly...?"

".... Cause you're evil. Evil thing's are ugly!" Fionna said, and the cool laughter filled the room.

"That's not true... lots of things that are evil, and very good looking, that's how they lure you in...." the voice was in her left ear. It sent chills down her spine, but there was a fluttering inside her stomach, and her cheeks flushed red. "... My... what a pretty color in those cheeks... they look delicious...."

She felt something push her back down to the floor. Her sword fell to the side with a clatter, and she looked up, there was nothing above her, nothing around her.

"Sh-show yourself! What are you?! scared?!" Fionna shouted at the empty room.

"Not at all.... It's just fun to tease cuties like you. " Something formed in the moonlight, it was a guy. He was tall and slender, dressed in blue jeans, sneakers, and a red plaid shirt. His eyes shone red, his cool blue skin reflected the moonlight, and he had shaggy black hair, but it was still styled. A smirk crossed the handsome creatures face, showing off sharp canines, that glinted in the moonlight. Her breath had been taken away by his appearance, and her stomach was still fluttering.

"Hey, My name's Marshall Lee, and you're in my house."
Okay, I'm going to try my hand at writing some Fiolee fanfiction for all of you, so I hope you enjoy,
because they are my favorite ship right now.

For the sake of confusion, I'm going to state the age's up front for all of you.

Fionna: 14
Cake: 28 in magical cat years
Marshall Lee: looks 17 or 18 but is... ya know, 1000+ years.
Prince Gumball: 18

I do not own adventure time or any of these characters,

This is FIOLEE.
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He was running.

He heard her scream.

Not just any scream.

The scream of Fionna.

At that very moment he realized that he had never heard her scream before. She yelled at him, called to him, talked with him in long conversations. She shouted in victory after taking out an enemy. She argued with Cake over meaningless topics. But she had never screamed. Not like this.

This scream cut through the air like razor blades, straight into his ears. It tore at his heart and made his blood boil. It was a scream of despair. Never in their long friendship had Flame Prince heard Fionna scream in despair. But somehow, someway, he knew it was her.

It could only be her.

When he woke up this morning thinking it was going to be a normal day. Fionna had been adventuring with Cake, so she had been gone for a few days. The Prince simply HAD to see her, he’d thought. It had been far too long since they spent some quality time together.

He never grew tired just laying in the grass with Fionna and hearing her tales of the foes she’s defeated and the colossal monsters she’s slain. Of her picking at the grass near him that was singed and crisp. Of the wind blowing through the air, making her golden hair billow in the breeze. But there was no time to linger in the past. He had to get to Fionna.

He knew of only one person in the land of Aaa that was heartless and cruel enough to make his fair Fionna screech in terror. That was none other than the Ice Queen.

The bitter old lady with a heart of stone, whose gruesome looks and ear splintering voice was enough to make the bravest of knights cower in the snow drifts. Whose freezing cold lair was enough to make the warmest of days seem as if it was a white blizzard.

The Flame Prince had heard many tales of the wicked old lady kidnapping countless princes from around Aaa. Fionna told him countless stories of her valiantly rescuing them from the Ice Queen’s evil clutches. Especially the wretched Prince Gumball…. oh how he loathed him. But, there was no time to dwell on petty jealousies. Right now his only focus was Fionna.

But, why would the Ice Queen capture Fionna? Why not himself? Or maybe another son of royalty? He had never seen the Ice Queen capture anyone other than royalty. Fionna was the hero, not the damsel in distress! Flame Prince doubted in all of Fionna’s existence had she ever been in distress. Or a damsel…

She was wise and cunning. Smarter than her enemy. She was strong too. She was the perfect hero. What could the Ice Queen have done to break her? He thought.

He trekked through the cold and bitter kingdom, following the screams of his dearest Fionna. He ran all the way up to the Ice Queen’s palace, which sat atop its perch on the mountain. The snow around his footprints immediately sizzled and melted, and the icicles he passed cracked and crashed to the ground. But what he noticed that he hadn’t before, was that all the landscape that he melted, came right back into place. More icicles formed, more snow was falling. Not even Flame Prince’s immense heat could break the bitter cold of the Ice Kingdom. The magic was so powerful; his own being of flame couldn’t even melt snow there. It was a scary place for Flame Prince.

He finally crashed through the doorway of the Ice Queen’s palace. She was growling at a fading Fionna clutched in her boney fingers. “Oh little Fionna… I finally have you…. Now you can never stand between me and my princes…” Her voice made a cold shiver run through him.

“ICE QUEEN!” He yelled. “Let her go!”

“Oh!” She turned, looking mildly interested. “Well if it isn’t the Flame Prince? Honey, I am sorry, but don’t you know that we can’t be together? We are polar opposites!” She chuckled while waving a hand at him. “But if you don’t mind, you could go fetch me a prince as dashing as yourself that will be more compatible with me.”

“Enough Ice Queen! Let go of Fionna now, before I unleash the power of the Fire Kingdom upon your castle!”

“Oh, you are oh so intimidating, Flamey. But I am afraid you’re too late for your dearest Fionna. I’m afraid she’s almost gone.” She said with fake empathy, drawing her gaze to the nearly limp Fionna in her arm.

“Fionna!” He shouted, despair rising in his throat. “Can you still hear me?”

“No… Flame…” She mumbled, almost incoherently. “It’s not worth it. Leave… She’ll get you…”

“I’m not gonna leave you!” But she couldn’t hear him, she had already gone limp, all fight and determination left her. “What did you do to her?” Flame Prince prompted the Ice Queen, pointing a flame engulfed hand at her, poised to strike.

“Well, just a little bit of Ice Kingdom handiwork. Great handiwork, if I do say so myself.” She said, tossing Fionna to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As she fell, a strange clattering resounded through the castle. Flame Prince looked around the Ice Queen’s large figure to peer at the crumpled Fionna. Dangling from her neck was a beautiful crystal on a silver chain. It had clattered on the floor as she fell, while staying around her neck.

“What is that?” He barked at the Ice Queen.

“Well, let’s just say, I told your precious bunny girl a few white lies,” She purred, her voice like icicles stabbing into his heart. She spoke very clearly, enunciating each word carefully as Flame Prince stared daggers at her. “I think I told her that crystal necklace would grant her powers of the Ice Kingdom.

Powers to be immune to your burning touch.

Powers that allow you to be close to her.

Touch her without hurting her.

Because that is what she want’s most, correct?” She grinned evilly as Flame Prince’s fiery body burned hotter and brighter with each word.

“But, sadly, it seems that is not what the necklace does…” The Ice Queen continued. “It seems to be working quite well though. The spell I have installed in this necklace is the power to freeze. It will freeze little Fionna from the inside until she is long gone. Then I will have free reign of Aaa.” She started to cackle with delight, as dread pierced the Price’s heart. Fionna was dying.

… Flame Prince felt like a train was plowing into his chest repeatedly.

Flame Prince’s rage took over, as if he was on auto pilot. Red clouded his vision and he couldn’t see anything but the Queen’s horribly smug grin. “ICE QUEEN!” He bellowed, not much unlike the way Fionna does when she comes to rescue her friends. He broke into a run towards the Ice Queen, his flame burning more with every second he thought about what was happening to Fionna.

“Come get me little flame boy!” Ice Queen shouted with wickedness. He raised his arms while running, and let loose large balls of fire, hurtling at the Ice Queen. She laughed as she shot icy cold power at them, which encased them in ice, and they fell to the ground to shatter.

The Flame Price grimaced at his own uselessness. “RrrrAGH!” He growled, clenching his fists. His flame cracked and sizzled, almost reaching the roof now. Wait… The roof.

He looked up and saw all the long icicles on the ceiling. The roof of the castle… The Prince thought, mischievously. A grin passed his face and he thrust his hands upwards, balls of flame shot towards the ceiling.

The Ice Queen threw her head back and cackled. “You missed, you little hot-head!” She laughed, aiming for the Flame Prince. “Hehehe!”

Then, the ceiling made a tiny Crrrack! noise. One lone icicle fell and impaled the ground in front of the Queen. She looked at it and smiled, brainstorming how to use it as a weapon. But before she had the chance, the castle shook and shuddered. Ear splitting noises erupted from the ceiling! The Ice Queen looked up just in time to see dozens of huge icicles fall from her own ceiling, forming a circle around her.

She gasped, “Wha-? I-I…” She was shocked, her icicle cage reaching far taller than her, and the bars were much too thick for her to break. The Flame Prince smiled at her. He strode over to her cage, and made a soft flame in his hand. He took the flame and quickly melded all the bars together.

“You look a little frozen solid, milady…” The Prince said, satisfied with his joke.

“Excuse me! I command you to let me out this instant! Or I will blow the roof of this castle!” Her face grew red.

“Sorry, can’t do that. But you know what? This is great handiwork.” He paused, before quoting the Ice Queen’s very own words. “If I do say so myself.”

Her face contorted to insane rage. She howled and screeched, banging on the strong icicles. Right before the Prince melded the last gap; he reached in and lit the Queens hair on fire. Then he turned immediately away from her outrage, with no time to pat himself on the back, he ran straight for Fionna.

“Fionna!” He gasped, collapsing to his knees beside her. He gazed at her form, her entire body had lost its color, and he wasn’t even sure if she was still alive. He wasn’t sure what to do.

“Fionna?” He said weakly to her sad form, cold and blue-ish. His stomach twisted with worry and despair. I can’t burn her, he thought. But how can I fix this? I am the Flame Prince. The Ice Queen’s power is weak compared to the Fire Kingdom, fire melts ice, he thought victoriously. But Fionna is not made of ice.

He turned his head, and leaned close to Fionna’s chest. He couldn’t hear her breathing. He watched with anxious eyes and never saw her chest rise. The tightness in his stomach escalated. But as silence fell upon the castle, he heard Fionna’s faint heartbeat. Faint, and slow… But a heartbeat none the less.

She was alive! He knew his Fionna was stronger than the Ice Queen!

Out of pure hope, he went to grab Fionna’s shoulder, to move her onto his lap. But he quickly caught himself and jerked away, sure he had just burned an already hurt Fionna. But to his surprise, the spot in which he touched wasn’t burned. In fact, life came back to it. A small patch on Fionna’s arm and shoulder had color returning to it.

Flame Prince began to laugh. “That crazy old woman! The crystal isn’t only bad.” I just touched Fionna and she didn’t burn, the Prince thought excitedly.

He wrapped his arms around the beautiful blonde girl, and pulled her into his lap, swathing her in warmth. Without any hesitation, he pressed his lips to hers, knowing he would warm her half frozen body. He reveled in how soft and delicate they were. He had always wondered what it would be like; kissing Fionna. He held her freezing cold body to his, breathing his warm breath into her urgently, trying to fill her with life. And slowly, Fionna returned to her normal flesh colored self. Flame Prince pulled away, after many anxious moments, and looked hopefully at the girl in his arms.

His heart thumped hard in his chest, for many silent seconds. Then Fionna’s chest convulsed and she gasped for air. “Fionna!” The Prince exclaimed, holding her head to his chest.

“F-f-Flame?” She panted, breathing heavily.

“Shhh… shhh.” He ran his hand through Fionna’s hair comfortingly. “Just breathe, Fi…. Just breathe.”

She took several deep breaths before looking up at him. “I….I’m so c-cold, Flame.” She said weakly, and pulled herself closer to him and clutching at his shirt. He wrapped his arms around her in a warm embrace. “It’s okay, your better now…” Flame Prince said confidently before explaining his whole story to Fionna, while she cuddled in his arms. Then upon realizing that she was indeed touching the Flame Prince, her eyes widened.

“I’m so stupid, Flame,” Fionna said sadly. “I finally fell for the Ice Queen’s stupid trap.”

“I wouldn’t say stupid,” The Prince looked at her through half-lidded eyes, “I would have done the same for you. No matter the risks.”

Her cheeks flushed red, and she looked at him longingly before putting on her usual bravado. “You know… My lips are still really cold…” She looked away, mischievously.

“Are they?” The Prince said with concerned masked sarcasm. He took her chin gently in his hand and raised her face to his. “Well, I think I’ll have to fix that.”
Hey guys! It's AT Fanfiction Time!!! ^_^
I want to start writing some AT Fics, so I'm warming up with a little One Shot! (Hehe... Get it? Warming up?... Haha! ^^; )

I'm so ashamed of my rescue scene... I am so SO sorry it makes no sense...
:iconcryforeverplz: HE JUST LOVES HER SO MUCH!!! :iconcryforeverplz:
... Anyway, hope you enjoy! :D

EDIT: You know, now that I think about it, this song has literal and figurative irony in relation to this story.... POINT ONE FOR ME! BOOYAH! XD

"This is the end
Hold your breath and count to ten
Feel the earth move and then
Hear my heart burst again

For this is the end
Swept away, I’m stolen

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together

Let the sky fall
When it crumbles
We will stand tall
Face it all together
At skyfall..."
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The dream I had was probably the weirdest dream of my entire life. It started out with me running and surrounded by darkness, I was chasing this light in front of me. I couldn't make out what it was, but for some reason I felt the need to just chase it. Soon I suddenly came into this open field and suddenly Cake was at my side too. The light was gone and it was night time.

"I think we lost him." Cake said.

Him? I thought in my head. Him who?

Suddenly, a small line of fire circled us and made sort of heart-like shape and it formed into the Flame Prince!

"I am ambushing you." he said as he threw two small fireballs in our direction. We dodged them but were careful not to hit the wall of fire behind us.

He was about to throw another one but I spoke up. "Um, hey, I like your fireballs." I said, not really sure what I was saying.

"Huh? Why do you torment me?" the Flame Prince asked with a sad expression.

"I-I'm not trying to! I just. I like you. I-I think I like-like you." I said. "Listen, when I look at you, my brain jus-just goes stupid, and I-I just wanna hug you a-and sit on the couch with you, a-and play Beemo with you. I can't explain why, but, I've never felt this way and I think we should be together." I said.

The Flame Prince blushed. "I..." he mumbled as he smiled and rays of light shot from him. I jumped up and down happily, clapping my hands and giggling. But the Flame Prince let out a low, disgusted grunt and glared at me. "Enough." he said as his hands and arms caught fire. "You should not toy with the emotions of a fire elemental."

"W-Wait, I really didn't-" I tried to say, but the Flame Prince interrupted me.

"You told me you liked me, and you made my flame grow brighter! But then, you put me out, which hurt!" he said as he shot a gigantic fireball at us, but both Cake and I jumped out of the way. "You were trying to impede me, that must be your purpose. But fire's purpose is to burn. So I'm going to turn this land into my fire kingdom!" He shot another wall of fire at us both before flying off.

"He's headed towards the Goblin Kingdom! We need to defeat this fiery he-beast!" Cake said.

"I can't fight him girl! I'm still into him!" I said.

"Fionna, what's more important? Your love for that screwball dude, or saving the lives of innocent goblin folk?" Cake asked me.

I stared at her before sighing. "Being a hero." I said.

"Alright. Come on." Cake said as she took my hand and ran back towards the forest. "Let's go build fire-proof suits."

We built our fire proof suits with the help of Neptr, the never-ending-pie-throwing-robot, and we took off flying towards the Goblin Kingdom. I sighed. "I sure hope Flame Prince is okay." I said.

"Ha ha. We are as one, creator." Neptr said.

"Cake. Do you think Flame Prince is okay?" I asked the cat.

"Girl! I feel like I can touch the heavens!" Cake said before flying next to me.

"We're coming up on the Gobling Kingdom." I said, the kingdom in our sights. As we neared it, I saw the prince catching buildings on fire. "There he is." I muttered. "He seems okay."

We slowly descended towards the ground before the prince. "Flame Prince!" I called out to him.

"Huh?" The prince turned around and glared at us.

"You've got to stop burning the Goblin Kingdom. But, I don't wanna fight you, or hurt you! I swear." I said.

"I've heard this all before." the prince said as he shot fireballs at us. But they had no effect because of our fire suits. The Flame Prince grew angry. "You meanie!" he said as he shot another fireball at us, but it merely bounced off and hit a poor goblin man's cart.

"My cart! I was born in that cart!" he cried.

"I'll put it out!" Cake said as she tackled the cart and, while putting out the fire, destroyed the cart as well.

"Nnngh!" the Flame Prince let out a pained grunt and fell to his knees.

"Gah! Cake didn't mean that!" I apologized. The Flame Prince shot a blast of fire which bounced off me and caught a building ablaze. Cake rushed over to the flames and looked at me.

"I need your help Fionna! This one's too big!" Cake cried as she kicked the flames to put them out.

"Gwah! Whyyyy!" The Flame Prince cried out in pain.

"No Cake stop, you're hurting her." I said.

"I will stop this creator." Neptr said. "I will extinguish him using our suits." The hand of the suit switched to a sort of blaster. "Foam blaster." Neptr said. Controlling the suit, the robot pointed it at the Flame Prince. "Hold still, burning man." Neptr said.

"What? No Neptr!" I said.

"Yes creator." Neptr said, about to blast at the Flame Prince.

"Nooooo!" I grabbed the blaster with my free hand and forced it at the flames near Cake, putting them out, but also hurting the prince. I heard a cry of pain come from him.

"I'm sorry!" I said to the prince while accidentally pointing it at Cake and sending her flying into a pole, burying her and the suit with foam.

"That is the last time you hurt me!!" The Flame Prince said, growing into a giant humanoid-shaped flame and flooding the whole kingdom with fire.

"Nooo! No more! No more!" I cried. Using the suit's arms, I ripped an opening which I crawled out of and called out to the prince, but he just walked away.

I watched as the kingdom burned. "No. I can't fight him, but I can't let him destroy the city. I failed everyone." I said.

Neptr turned its head towards me. "Not true creator. You haven't failed Neptr. Even if everyone burns, you'll still have me creator." Neptr said.

I looked around and felt my eyes started to tear up. "No.. Wh-Why can't I just like a guy?" I said as I started to cry. A single tear rolled down my cheek and hit the flames below me.

"Ow!" The giant Flame Prince said as he turned towards me, but his face softened and he flew down to me while I rolled onto my side to cry. The Flame Prince stared at me and touched the tears rolling down my cheek. "Oh!" he said, kneeling next to me. I coughed and my eyes cleared and I saw the Flame Prince.

"Huah!" I gasped and backed away a bit. "Did I.. do something.. cool? While I was knocked out?" I asked.

"I understand now." The Flame Prince said. "You're a water elemental."

"What?!" I said, surprised.

"You're my opposite. You create water." The Flame Prince said, stroking his face in a straight line to make it look like the path of my tears.

"What? Crying? No, I just-" I tried to explain.

"Yeah. You cry and cry all the time." he said.

"N-No wait, I don't usually do that!" I said.

"That's your power." The Flame Prince said. "Fionna, even if we like each other, we're going to hurt each other."

"N-No, we don't have to. I.. I can take it. I-I mean.. can't we try?" I asked with a smile.

"You would defy nature for me?" The Flame Prince asked, stepping closer to me.

"Uh, yeah, I-I mean, whatevs." I muttered, hugging him. But the heat from him burned, and I pushed him away fighting back tears of pain.

The prince stared at me, before looking down with sadness. "Bye Fionna." he said before going away, leaving me dazed and confused.

Suddenly I woke up in the Candy Castle. At first I thought I was still in the dream, but when my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw Gumball, Marshall, Cake, and the Flame Prince circled around me, staring at me.
Chapter 7!

Oh, I gotta add this in. The dream is the actual stuff from the leaked episode. It\'s called Hot to the Touch. Here\'s the link: [link]
I think you\'ll probably recognize where I started to copy the dialog and what parts I skipped for length\'s sake.

Yes, I sat here, following the episode, and recording the dialog and trying to be as descriptive as I could. It sucked. I now realize how hard it is to genderbend an entire episode. And if I messed up anywhere, I\'m sorry. butyoutrygenderbendinganepisode,it\'shard

So yeah, here\'s the seventh chapter. I think this one\'s pretty cool. I wanted to incorporate the leaked episode into my story since it pretty much disproves my story and just because it\'s so awesome. So I made it a dream that she has when she get\'s knocked out.

Pretty much everything that happened in the dream(except the little sliver at the beginning where she\'s running and surrounded by darkness, that part I added in myself to give it more of a dreamy feel) and Adventure Time itself belongs to Pen Ward.
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Right when we had gotten back to the tree house I collapsed on my bed and started sobbing. Cake came up from the commotion and started to comfort me. She asked what happened and I told her everything.

"Glob, this is just like something Marshall would do, but I can't believe Gumball would let that vampire talk him into that." Cake said, frowning. I looked at the Flame Prince, who was leaning against the wall next to my bed, looking down. He seemed to be deep in thought, because when I touched his hand with mine he seemed a bit startled.

"What am I gonna do Cake?" I asked her, still sobbing but not as much anymore.

Cake shook her head. "I'm gonna talk to them. I'll knock some sense into those boys." The cat jumped off my bed and walked towards the door. She looked at Flame Prince and said "Keep an eye on her will ya?" The prince nodded and Cake left, once we both heard the door close, FP knelt next to my bed and looked at me.

"Fionna," he said, "I think I have a solution to this problem."

I lifted up my head a bit. "What would that be?" I asked. He wiped my eyes before speaking.

"Fionna, let's leave." He said.

"What? Leave?" I asked.

"Yes. Fionna, I like you, and you like me, and those two heathens don't seem to understand that. But it's okay, we don't need them to." He held both my hands, "We can just leave this place and we'll never have to see them again."

I had to take a moment to register what he was saying, and I will admit, I was a little bit shocked for a second. "Wait, you mean like, leave? As in leave-leave?"

"Yes. We'll never have to see them again. We can find somewhere else in Ooo to live and we won't ever have to see them again."

"But what about your mom? Wouldn't she miss you?"

"My mother doesn't care about me one bit. All she does is lock me up in that glob-forsaken prison above her head. Besides, you've seen the look in her eyes when I leave to hang out with you. It's a look of disappointment, and of hate. You see? She doesn't approve of you and me either."

"Well, what about Cake? She approves. Can she come?" I asked. Cake was like my sister and I couldn't just leave her.

"Of course! It'll just be us three."

I bit my lip. This was such a big decision, but the way he was looking at me...

"I-I guess." I said a little quietly. His face lit up with happiness.

"Oh thank you Fionna!" He exclaimed, hugging me. "Thank you, thank you! You've made me so happy!" I smiled and hugged him back, but I couldn't help but think that I made a very bad decision.
Finally posting it. Urg, my back hurts. =^=

Also, I didn\'t put a little preview thing \'cause I\'m gonna change it. \'Cause I drew Natasha\'s version of Flame Prince and I must say, he\'s really fun to draw. Now I know why more people like it than hate it.

So yeah, start imagining Flame Prince in this story with that design.

Also, I hope you like the bit even more drama I added. :icontrollfaceplz: Everyone loves drama in stories~ And I had them be in the land of Ooo \'cause lot\'s of people bitch about how Fionna and Cake aren\'t from Aaa and that the creators wonder why people call it that and I didn\'t want people bitching about it in the comments. =^=

Adventure Time- Pen Ward

EDIT: I changed the preview thing. This one's so much better than my other one.
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INTO THE DARK: A Marshall Lee and Fionna Story


It was afternoon when Fionna stepped into the cave where Marshall Lee lived. The sun was still setting, and his white, oddly suburban house was cast in a warm orange glow from the cave's entrance. The picket fence gate squeaked in protest as she stepped onto his grassy lawn. For a night-dwelling vampire, he kept the plant life in his front yard neatly cut and healthy. Which was odd, considering she had never seen him tend to the plants.

She knocked on his front door and waited for him to respond. Silence. She tried again, this time pounding louder. "Marshall?" There was a faint echo inside the cave, but besides that, nothing.

Okay then. Stepping around to the side porch, she tried again there and peered hopefully in the door window. The lights were out in his house, but that wasn't anything unusual. He was a vampire, for glob's sake. He liked the dark.

Feeling a bit discouraged, but not really wanting to walk back home, she twisted at the doorknob and was surprised when it gave way. Of course his door was unlocked. Who would have the guts to enter the lair of the vampire king anyway? His name alone would be enough to deter any intruders.

Fionna stepped cautiously into his kitchen, feeling a bit apprehensive. "Marshall? Are you home?" It was still light out. Unless he carried an umbrella or something to shade him from the sun, he had to be home.

She moved silently through the house, resisting the urge to turn on the lights and feeling a bit weird about entering his home without his direct permission. He did invite her over the night before, so that was like an indirect invitation at least. It was this thought that allowed her to shove down feeling of wrongness and climb the ladder into his room.

The windows had been completely blocked out, casting the bedroom into darkness. She squinted as her eyes adjusted, seeing his axe bass propped up against his chair and various music sheets scattered over the desk. At the sight of the body stretched haphazardly over the bed, Fionna strode over to him and smirked fondly at Marshall Lee's sleeping form.

He was still wearing his pants from the previous night, but his plaid shirt had been replaced with a light grey tank top. A pair of headphones covered his pointed ears, attached to a cassette player that rested on his chest. That explained why he didn't hear her enter or call his name. Fionna could honestly say that she had never seen Marshall look so normal and, well… innocent. It just wasn't a word you could use to describe the thousand year old teenager. His dark hair hung over his closed eyes, and his mouth was open slightly. One arm was spread out on the sheets while the other lightly grasped the cassette player.

Fionna found herself wanting to brush the bangs out of his face or, for whatever reason, touch his cheek. So she did the next best thing without compromising any emotions. She reached one finger out and poked his face.

The reaction happened so fast that Fionna didn't have time to register what was going on. A hand was tightly around her throat, and she was carried roughly into the air toward the ceiling, a hissing face near her ear. Her back pressed against the wall, her feet dangling helplessly, she clutched at the hand around her neck to get it to loosen its grip, but it had the opposite effect. She wanted to scream or say his name- something to get him to stop and come to his senses, but she couldn't find her voice. Black spots were dancing in her vision…

Then the grip around her throat loosened, and the voice near her ear muttered, "Fionna?" He backed away to look her in the face, his eyes wide and surprised and his mouth hanging open in shock. Silently, he glided to the floor and let her go. Seeing her cough as she struggled to take deep breaths of glorious air, Marshall closed his mouth and gritted his teeth together, the look of surprise never leaving his face.

Once Fionna could breathe again without falling into a coughing fit, she raised her watery eyes to meet his. "I uh… wanted to see if you wanted to hang out."

If vampires had the ability to blush in embarrassment, Marshall would have been turning all shades of red. Instead, he simply said, "You scared me."

Fionna raised her eyebrows and clutched at the straps of her backpack. "I scared you?"

Not knowing what to say, Marshall dragged his fingers through his hair, turned on heel and walked- not flew - to pick up the cassette player and headphones that were strewn on the floor. He tossed them on the bed, then turned to face the adventuress again. "You okay?" He winced when he spoke the words, as though it was a not a question he asked often.

Fionna waved a hand in the air, shrugging it off for the sake of her friend. "Yeah, I'm all good. The Ice Queen's given me worse. I'm almost disappointed."

He knew she was exaggerating, but he gave her a small grin nonetheless. "Want some breakfast?"

"That sounds great. I'm starving."

His feet left the floor, and he glided backwards down into the living room. Fionna followed and quickly descended down the ladder.

Nearly all the foods in Marshall Lee's refrigerator was red due to his admittedly odd diet. "Whatcha want?" he asked, peering into the lighted insides of his fridge. "I've got strawberries, apples, cherries, cherry soda…"

Fionna scooted under his arm to take a look for herself, not happy with his suggestions.

"I think you left some cereal here last time," he offered.

"Oh, yeah…" And with that, she vanished from her spot next to him.

Marshall tossed a few cherries and strawberries into a bowl for himself as Fionna fixed her cereal, then the two of them sat at the rarely-used dining table.

"So what's the plan today," she asked around a mouthful of cinnamon cereal.

Marshall Lee tilted his chair back until it was standing on its two back legs. Fionna was convinced he was using his levitation powers to keep it from falling back. "I dunno," he answered. "Want to prank some of the Candy people?"

Although that was his specialty, Fionna felt guilty whenever she tagged along. "Nah. I think I need a relaxing day for once."

"A movie then? I've got a killer movie collection."

She thought about it, chewing slowly on her cereal, before nodding in a sudden decision. "Okay then, movie. Something scary with lots of mathematical action scenes."

"Hey, that's my favorite kind."

Fionna couldn't get her mind off of the events of the evening. It was the first time she had seen Marshall lose control like that. It wasn't like him. Usually, he was the laid-back, chill vampire that kept a careful check on an inherited evil nature. Before that day, she didn't even think it was possible to scare him. She thought back to the weird occurrence in the forest and that odd, threatening glare he was sending into the woods.

Deep in thought, she stared as Marshall dropped a cherry in his mouth, then retrieved it with the color drained and the stem tied into a knot. Sensing her gaze, he glanced up, the grey knotted cherry still dangling in his fingers. "What?"

"You okay?"

One eyebrow rose. "Yeah, why?"

"You just seem kinda… I dunno, on edge or something."

The master of dodging anything drama-related, Marshall simply responded, "Oh, Fionna. When will you learn? I'm always more than good."

She snorted a laugh in a very unlady-like manner. "Sure, whatever, dude."

After finishing their afternoon breakfast, the two searched through Marshall's video tapes and dvds in the cabinet of his living room. "Pft, this is hardly what I'd consider a killer movie collection," she complained. "I've already seen all of these."

"I can't help that you haunt my house to watch my movies." But he liked it nonetheless and motioned for her to follow him across the room.

"Wait, where are we going?"

"You think I'm going to let someone by unimpressed with my movie collection?" He grabbed her hands and floated her up into his attic.

Now, in all the times that the two had spent together, Fionna had not once been into his attic. She had once hidden in his closet without him knowing, shattered the window to his bathroom when playing rock baseball with Cake, and accidentally set loose a plague of mud frogs in his basement. But until that point, his attic had been a mystery that she had never really considered until that moment.

Even after he turned on the solitary light bulb in the middle of the room, the area was still dim and shaded in shadow. Dust hung onto the light surrounding the bulb and covered the boxes, abandoned lamps, and desks.

"How long has it been since you were up here?" she asked.

"A while." He blew the dust off of one of the boxes to reveal a label that said, "Vinyl Collection," then pushed it over to the side and moved to the next one. "I never really have much of a reason to."

A flowery, poofy-sleeved granny dress covered in a protective plastic caught her eyes, and she grabbed it from the nail in the wall and held it up to her body. "Evening wear, Marshall Lee?" she asked, posing dramatically.

He laughed, then said, "Nah, that belonged to the old lady that used to live here."

Fionna stopped, a frown curving the edges of her lips. "A lady used to live in this cave?"

The subject was dismissed with a raise of his shoulders. "There wasn't always a cave here."

"Oh." Her bottom lip stuck out thoughtfully as she placed the dress back on the nail, then her attention turned to the many boxes that littered the room. Each was labeled with a black marker- "Blankets," "Blackmail," "Concert Tickets"… "Is all of this yours?" she inquired, eyeing a box labeled with the alien word "Earth."

"Most of it, yeah."

She knelt down next to him to watch as he sorted through his belongings. One particular label caught her attention, and she asked, "Why do you have a box full of bottled souls?"

"Oh, that?" He pulled a rounded glass jar from the box and held it up. Something akin to the fog on a lake of water or warm breath in the middle of the winter sparkled in the jar, twisting its shape around. It could have been her imagination, but at the sight of Marshall Lee on the other side of the glass, the white smoke moved to the other side of the jar. "It's all the people that have angered me in the past. They tried to get to me, I got their souls."

"Marshall!" she exclaimed in shock, adding a rough punch to his arm for emphasis.

Indignantly, he rubbed the spot where she had hit him and responded, "Relax, I was just kidding."

But she wasn't convinced that he was, and she thought to herself that sometimes, Marshall Lee was a bit too much like his mom for comfort. Of course, she would never, ever mention this because she didn't want to become a collected soul in a jar herself.

"A-ha!" Marshall announced proudly, dragging out a partially torn box from underneath a dust-covered piano. "Make your pick, oh, Heroine of Aaa."

Most of the video tapes it contained were ancient- older than she had ever seen. The covers were fading, turning a pale sepia tone, and a few of the plastic cases looked brittle. "Where did these come from?" she asked, a bit in awe.

"Here and there."

"They're old."

"Doesn't mean they're not good."

One video caught her eye, and she removed it from the box gingerly. She stared at the cover, feelings a shock hit her stomach and travel over her limbs. Humans… This movie was about humans. They littered the cover, blondes and brunettes and redheads with all sorts of skin tones. How long ago was this made?

Fionna licked her lips, feeling like her tongue was thick, and stated, "I want to watch this one."

Apparently reading her thoughts, he raised one shoulder, feeling uncomfortable, and answered, "That movie sucks, Fi."

"I don't care. I want this one."

"Are you sure you don't…"

One hand lightly landed on his wrist, interrupting him. He stared down at her wide blue eyes that were threatening oncoming emotions as she said softly, "Please, Marshall?"

Dammit. With a sigh, he dragged his fingers through his hair and floated upwards. "Fine. Come on, adventuress." She took his offered hand, and he pulled her to her feet.

On their way back to the living room, she asked, "What's this movie about?"

Marshall Lee didn't look at her as he replied, "Vampires."


Now, there were a few things Fionna learned immediately from Marshall Lee's movie: 1) Humanity really had no idea what vampires looked or acted like. And 2) Most of the human beings on the film were cowards that had no idea how to defend themselves.

This did not please the heroine.

They were a quarter of the way through the film, curled up on Marshall's couch, and Fionna was full of questions. 'Are vampires really supposed to sleep in coffins?' 'Those vampires really just look like pale humans. That's silly. Could they not hire vampire actors?'

But then things shifted, and the movie started to get darker. People began screaming for their lives. Good characters raised their arms to fight, but were easily defeated. Blood began spilling on screen- red splashes running down wooden floors. It was so different from the horror films of Aaa, which featured corny monsters attacking creatures made of candy. Those were things she faced every day in real life; she could defeat those demons. This film was a different animal, with clever beings that plotted against the heroes and betrayed them. She was watching her extinct people get massacred by bloodthirsty demons. The reds that flashed across the screen were warning signals in her brain that made her queasy.

Nervously, Fionna glanced up at Marshall, who was reclined back in the chair with one hand casually over the back of the couch, seemingly amused by the over-exaggerated vampires on screen. The bunny-eared teen scooted closer to him and wrapped his arm her shoulders. His eyes landed on her in slight surprise, wondering if he had finally found a movie that could give the young girl nightmares, and he asked, "Is the Fearless Adventurer scared of an old horror film?"

"No," she answered, but a vampire attacked someone on screen. She let out a squeak and half-way buried her face in his chest while the other hand clutched his shirt for protection. If she caught onto the irony of the situation, she didn't show it.

"I could stop the film, if you'd like," he offered half teasingly.

"No, I'm not scared."

A hundred pranks to terrify her in her current state ran through his mind, ways to morph or shift or scare because it was one of the most natural things in the world to him. And then, as she placed her bunny-eared head against his shoulder, her warm body and racing heart pressed against his side, he decided that he preferred this better and shifted slightly to get more comfortable in that position.

One of the vampires on screen grabbed a human girl and jerked her into the air. Her screams pierced through Marshall's living room as the victim's friend arrived a moment too late.

The girl's blood splattered across her friend's face…

Such bright shades of red…

Like strawberries or apples or something harder to get and more valuable.

Marshall Lee blinked that thought away. This movie really did suck.

But as his cheek rested against his terrified partner's head, he also thought it was worth it in many ways.



"Do other vampires drink blood?"

The end credits had been rolling on the screen for a while, and the two still remained in their position on the couch.

Marshall shrugged. "Some do."

"You don't." She knew he didn't, but for some reason, the statement sounded like a question.

"Nah, the color works just fine for me."

She bit her lip slightly, not sure if she should even ask the next question. "Do you ever want to?"

Eyebrows drawing together slightly, he looked down to see Fionna staring up at him with those large, innocent blue eyes of hers; the eyes of a little lost naïve girl who thought she was a hero. The question threw him off guard. Why in the world would she ask that? Was it the movie that brought it on? Or because of his reaction when she woke him up? At that thought, his stomach dropped and guilt washed over him. Didn't she know not to wake up a vampire suddenly? It was common knowledge.

There were many ways to answer her question; lies and half truths and- his personal favorite- exaggerations. But this was Fionna, and it was somehow different. He forced a smile abruptly on his face and tugged on the ears of her bunny hat. "Only when little lost heroines ask too many questions," he replied simply.

"Hey!" But her exclamation was half hearted, and he poked at her side teasingly.

A half-growl, half laugh escaped her, and she retaliated by smacking his hand away.

The next thing she knew, her hat was jerked off of her head, and her golden hair tumbled down around her shoulders. "You butt!" she exclaimed, diving for the hat that was suspended outside of her reach.

"So I've got this suspicion," the vampire said, stretching to keep the prized bunny ears out of the human's reach, "that this hat is the source of all your heroic human powers."

"Need an excuse for when I kicked your butt last time we fought, Vampire King?"

"Hah, I took it easy on you so I wouldn't break your fragile mortal body!"

Wrestling his arm out of the way, Fionna managed to climb onto his chest, her knee jabbing into his stomach, and stretched out to retrieve the prize. Seeing that she was just about to win, Marshall tossed the hat to the opposite corner of the room.

A comedic sounding growl of frustration escaped the human teen, and she leapt over both him and the back of the couch, focused intently on her goal. Planning for this to occur, Marshall managed to grab her ankle at just the right moment so she faceplanted into the floor. By the time she scrambled to her feet, the vampire king was in front of her, smirking as he blocked her pathway to the hat.

Smiling mischievously in a way that would put Marshall Lee to shame, she eyed her opponent, looking for a sign of weakness. They were at a standoff, both knowing that the first person to move would be at a disadvantage. However, Fionna had never been a subtle person, so she decided the best way to get out of this predicament would be to do a head-on attack full of force. The momentum of her charge knocked both of them back onto the floor, this time with Fionna pinning her partner down. Her eyes lifted to her goal in the corner of the room before dropping down to look at her opponent as if she didn't know what to do with the Vampire King now that she had him.

Her blonde hair formed a veil around his head, and he blew a stray lock out of his face. "Why don't you go get that?" he questioned, a mischievous spark in his eye.

She scrunched up her nose and stuck out her tongue at him, but she was also considering it. It was the only thing she could do.

Then, without warning, she found herself being lifted into the air as Marshall began floating upwards. "No fair!" she whined.

"Just because you can't use your awesome hat powers doesn't mean I can't use mine."

Her bottom lip stuck out in an exaggerated fashion as she contemplated her current predicament. Both of them were hovering about half way in the middle of the room. Then, figuring it was her only chance, she managed to roll off the floating Marshall Lee, land on the floor in a very unladylike fashion, and dove for the white bunny ears in the corner. Her hand curled around the soft fabric, and she held the item up proudly, doing a short, happy victory dance. "In yo' face, Vampire King!"

Marshall was hovering upside down, watching the Adventuress revel in her success. "Only cause I let you win."

Placing the bunny hat back on her head, she replied with a smile, "You're such a sore loser, Marshall."

One corner of his lip curved in a sly almost-smile. "Yeah, whatev."

She giggled as she retrieved her trademark green backpack from beside the couch. "I need to head home. It's getting late."

"The night's just begun."

"I'm not a nocturnal bat like you, Marsh." She walked over to her friend as he floated upright and gave him a quick kiss on his blueish-grey cheek. "I'll see you later, k? Maybe you, me, and Cake can go adventuring soon."

At the mention of Fionna's sister, Marshall snorted a laugh, already planning a variety of vicious pranks for the white and tan cat. Reading his thoughts, she sent a half-hearted glare his way as if it would discourage him.

When she flung open the front door to leave, she hesitated in the doorframe. The darkness outside loomed closer to her, hiding in it all manner of movie monsters that attacked young Heroines. She swallowed nervously.

"You're seriously not freaked out by that movie, are you?" Marshall Lee commented from somewhere behind her.

She turned around to pout at the hovering vampire and let out a petulant, "No."

Crossing his arms over his chest, he leaned back in the air like he was reclining on an invisible chair. "You do realize I'm a vampire, don't you?"

"Yeah, but you're not like a scary, bloodthirsty one."

Marshall Lee, master of the night, son of the ruler of the Nightosphere, the shape shifting, fire breathing, thousand year old Vampire King that once killed a Queen to get his title, raised one eyebrow, feeling the powerful blow to his ego.

The next thing she knew, she was looking at a large, snarling wolf monster with sharp, dripping fangs. The sight didn't even earn a blink from the girl, and she patted its growling, furred cheek in a motherly "You lost the spelling bee, son, but you'll always be first in my heart" sort of way. "Okay, that was a lie," she commented with honesty. "I know lots of people that are terrified of you. But you're my friend, so it kind-of nullifies it, you know?"

Semi-satisfied with the response, he shifted back into his true form, a deadpan, slightly annoyed expression on his face.

"And anyway," Fionna continued, "I'm not scared of the movie, like I said. It's just really dark out there. It's like, new moon, no stars, pitch black dark. And I don't have a flashlight. So." She puffed out her cheeks, hoping he'd buy it. As an adventuress, she had a reputation, and she couldn't let a stupid film tarnish that reputation.

Being what he was, Marshall Lee could recognize fear easily. There was always an increase in heart rate, subtle movements of the body, and of course, the smell of fear, which he could easily pick up on. It all came with the territory of being a night creature. "I have a flashlight," he commented, knowing it was part of her ruse, but playing along nonetheless.

"Nah, I'll be fine. Just gotta get these guys used to the dark," she said, pointing to her eyeballs. "I'll see you later, Marshall." And with that, she swallowed down her wariness, turned on heel, and marched out the door and into the night.

Alone again, Marshall stared at the closed door for a while, wondering about the events of the night. Then he did something typical for him when he couldn't get his mind to rest; he went into his bedroom, picked up his bass, and wrote a song.

Next Chapter: Shades of Red
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"You wish!"

Roars of sword clashing. Blood dripping from each cheek.


"Don't lie to the voices."

Distant yells. Groans and grunts.

2 beings, of the same age and height. One clad in blue, wearing a glimmering crown and silky cape. What really distinguishes him is his robotic arm, clad in a sharp blade of ice.

The other, a boy with a white bear hat, hiding over his messy blonde hair. Standard shorts, t-shirt. He's clutching a blood red sword, glowing a a myseterious bright red aura.

They were panting and covered in their own sweat. Both of them just standing there, looking at each other. Their eyes meeting occassionally, with both one solid intent.


Kill, kill, kill.

Only one intention.

To kill.

Finn looks at him, never failing to wipe of the glare ever since he laid an eye over his enemy. He was his enemy. His true enemy. Possible the most dangerous foe he encounters. Even more dangerous than the Lich.










or at least it was.
IDK :iconminghideplz:

Ill..idk write more shit when I have time?

Adventure Time (c) Pen Ward

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Fionna woke up around lunch time the next day, and she yawned into her hand. She pulled herself out of bed, and took a bath.

As she sat in the warm water, she was doing some thinking. She wanted to be with Marshall forever, She loved him so much... The young girl closed her eyes, as she thought about him. Yes, she loved him dearly... if anything happened to him, she didn't know what she would do...

She opened her eyes, and sighed out, as she placed a cold cloth on her head, and leaned back in the tub. "Well, if we're just waiting around for Ashley, I'll see what he's doing today." Fionna smiled happily as she thought about spending the afternoon with Marshall, maybe she'd bring BMO over, and they could play some games?

She got out of the tub, and dressed herself. She towel dried her long honey colored hair, as she hurried down stairs for some brunch.

"Hey Cake!" Fionna said happily, as the older cat put muffins on the table. "MM! BANANA MUFFINS!"

She laughed excitedly as she took one, and took a big bite out of it.

"What do you have planned today...?" Cake asked her sister, who was still drying her hair.

"I was going to go hang out with Marshall." She said, and finished her muffin. She tossed the towel on a branch, and pulled her hat on her head messily, leaving her hair down. "Play some BMO."

"Alright, but you be careful." Cake said, waving a finger at Fionna. "Ashley might show up at any moment."

"I know Cake. That's why I'm bringing my sword too." Fionna said, as she grabbed her pack, and pulled it on. Her sword was in a loop attached to the bag, the sword Marshall had made for her. "Come on BMO!"

Fionna picked up the small computer, and put him in her pack as well. The computer giggled, as Fiona pushed all her hair up into her hat, and closed it up. "I'll see you later Cake!"

Fionna jogged out the door, heading towards Marshall's cave. She wanted to surprise him, hopefully she would catch him asleep. She giggled, holding her hands to her cheeks.

Fionna happily danced into the cave, excited to surprise Marshall now, but she stopped. His door was wide open, and the door frame was decaying.

"... Marshall...?" Fionna said softly, and she hurried inside the house. Parts of the carpet had decayed, and some parts of the walls. "MARSHALL!? MARSHALL!!!"

Fionna was beginning to panic. Marshall was no where in his house, and it looked like there was a struggling, judging from some claw marks on the walls. She looked around, her heart racing, but it seemed to stop, when she saw his bass on the ground, the strings all snapped.

Marshall's precious bass was damaged....

"BMO! PHONE GUMBALL!" Fionna shouted, the little computer had been helping her look for Marshall. The human girl collected the bass in her arms, and she fought back tears.

Marshall was missing....

"FIONNA!" Gumball came running into Marshall's house, and he saw Fionna crouched on the ground, still clutching Marshall's bass to her person. The blade had cut her arms a bit, from how tight she had been holding it. "Fionna...."

The prince knelt in front of the human girl, whose bangs covered her eyes. He could feel the pain and worry radiating off of her, and he touched her shoulder.

"Gumball..." Fionna looked up at the Prince, and a single tear escaped her eyes. Marshall had never seen the tough girl cry, but here she was, in pain over not being able to find Marshall... "He's not here... and his bass... He would never leave it behind like this... never..."

Gumball looked at the ax, and saw the scorch marks, and damaged strings on it. Fionna was right, Marshall was extremely possessive of his bass, he would never let it reach this condition, and he would never leave it that way either.

Gumball feared the worst, this was Ashley's doing, she had done something to Marshall. The prince looked around at the decay, and became confused. If it was Ashley, why were things decaying...? The witch could use any magic she wanted...

"Fionna, we should get out of here." Gumball said, gripping her shoulders. "We need to relocate everyone outside of the candy kingdom, into the castle, it's not safe out here."

"But..." Fionna looked up at Gumball. "I need to find Marshall! he might be hurt! What if he was caught in the sun?!"

"I'm sure Marshall is okay. Ashley wouldn't kill him." Gumball said, certain of this fact. She wanted Marshall all to herself, she wouldn't kill her prize. "But we need to get everyone else to safety... You can bring the bass."

Fionna clutched the bass to her chest, and nodded her head. She stood up and looked over at BMO, who was playing with some of Marshall's laundry.

Fionna picked up the computer, who held onto a striped sweater, and she stuffed BMO into her pack. She pulled the strap on the bass, around herself, and she looked over at Gumball, who took her hand comfortingly, and lead her out of the cave.

The two of them spent all afternoon, gathering the citizens who lived outside the walls of the Candy kingdom. They had everyone in the town square, and Gumball sighed, he knew he had to inform them of the danger.

"Candy citizens! I have gathered you all here today, to inform you of a great danger, haunting our kingdom! I must ask all of you to please stay inside the castle town, until it is safe outside the walls!"

The crowd began to murmur to each other, and Gumball held up his hands.

"Citizens, please! it is safe inside these walls, there is no need to be worried!" The Prince announced, and everyone began to calm back down. "To those of you need a place to stay, you are welcome in the castle!"

Gumball sighed, as he turned around to go back inside the throne room. He stopped, as he looked over at the miserable Fionna, who couldn't even be comforted by Cake, who was with her, hugging her.

"Gumball, we need to find Marshall..." Cake said, stretching her head over to the prince to speak with him quietly. "I know you two don't like each other, but Fionna loves him. We can't leave him out there to get hurt or die..."

"I consider Marshall a treasured friend."Gumball told Cake, and he adjusted the pin on the front of his prince jacket. "I'm worried about him too... something feels very wrong... that house was all skronked up, and in a wrong way...."

"What should we do...?" Cake asked, and looked over at Fionna, who  was still clutching the bass with her hands.

"All we can do... is wait...." Gumball said, clenching his fists. He walked over to Fionna, and touched her shoulders. "Fionna....?"

Fionna looked up at Gumball, her sadness clouding up her big blue eyes. He had fixed the strings on the bass for her, and cleaned it up, to make her feel better.

But it had only made her more upset.

"Gumball... I don't know what to do... I can't... think..." Fionna looked down at the bass. "It's Marshall.... there's something wrong... He's to powerful to let Ashley over power him..."

Gumball felt something churn in his stomach. It made him sick to think about it, but Fionna was right. What ever attacked Marshall, was stronger than the Vampire King himself, son of the Lady of the NightOsphere...

"Heather..." Gumball spun around, and looked at a mirror. he ran over to it. "PEPPERMINT MAID! HURRY IN HERE!"

The maid came in the room, smiling innocently. "Yes, your highness?"

"Call Heather Abadeer in the NightOsphere." Gumball said, looking at the Maid. "I know you can do it, I've seen your room."

The maid laughed nervously, before she inched over to the mirror. She coughed into her hand, and looked at Fionna and Marshall, before she put her hands on the mirror, and began chanting words of evil.

The mirror swirled with colors, and Fionna stood up. the image of Heather Abadeer appeared in the mirror.

"Oh, I thought it was my son phoning." The demon woman said, and she crossed her arms. "Have you managed to catch Ashley yet...? It's been a month...."

"Sorry, but no..." Gumball said, and Heather uncrossed her arms, as she saw the worry in his eyes, and the sadness in the girls behind the prince. She then noticed the bass in Fionna's arms, and how she clutched it.

"What happened to Marshall...?!" The woman demanded, and she looked menacing. "WHERE IS MY SON?!"

"Something happened to him! In his own home! He's missing now!" Fionna said, and tears finally fell down her cheeks. "Marshall is missing! and he might be hurt!"

"Fionna...!" Gumball called out, and he ran over to her, as she cried. "Fionna, pull yourself together."

"NO! IMPOSSIBLE! NO ONE CAN HURT AN ABADEER!" Heather seemed to go into a rage. Flames licked the edges of the mirror, and she stepped out of it, using it as a portal. "I WILL NO ACCEPT THIS."

"My lady, please!" Gumball said, holding a crying Fionna. "Something happened with the Lich King a month ago... when you called us about Ashley escaping. She had awoken the king, and was possessed... but she disappeared...."

"The Lich King....?" Heather seemed shocked at this news, horrified even. "... impossible..."

"It's true..." Gumball said, and he hugged Fionna tightly. "I feel... like we're doomed..."

"PRINCE GUMBALL!" A voice shrieked out. The Ice queen touched down on the balcony, and ran inside. She had her penguin Gabrielle with her, and the penguin dropped on the ground, and stood next to heather. "Prince Gumball...! There is something wrong! all the spirits have ran away, and are cowering on the outskirts of your kingdom! It's not safe here...!"

"What...?" Gumball asked, looking shocked.

"What's wrong with her...?" The ice queen asked, pointing at Fionna.

"LUMP, OFF! ICE QUEEN!" Fionna shouted, as she stood up, gripping the bass. "NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR YOUR CRAZY!"

"No... she's right..." Heather said, looking around. "There is an aura in the air... it's unsettling..."

Gumball stood up. He didn't mind much, if the Ice queen said that there was something wrong, it could have been the crazy in her that was saying it... but now the Ruler and Lad of all things evil, was saying it.

That made Gumball's stomach turn and twist even more, and he looked at Fionna, who was staring at heather, she had come to the same thoughts as Gumball.

There was something wrong in the land of Aaa, horribly wrong...

"LICH ALERT! LICH ALERT!" The group turned to the balcony, and ran out onto it, hearing the new Gumball Guardians sounding the alarm.

the group looked down to see the banana guards rushing to defend the castle, while all the citizens ran inside, frightened.

"LICH?!" Fionna shouted, horrified, and she looked up, as the Gumball guardian blasted something down. It was Ashley...

But was really horrified Fionna, was that Marshall was helping her up. It wasn't the fact that Ashley's face had been blown half off, to reveal the lich underneath her skin... no... It was that Marshall was there helping him.

"HAHAHAHA, I WILL DESTROY ALL LIVING CREATURES!" The Lich laughed, as he summoned up fire, and blasted the banana guards back. "STARTING WITH THE CANDY KINGDOM!"

"This is bad... And... that's Marshall...!" Cake said, pointing at the Vampire Prince, who was standing behind the Lich, unmoving.

"... Cake, you stay here." Fionna said, as she climbed up on the railing of the balcony. She drew her sword, and looked at the group. "... I'm going to defeat the Lich, once and for all...."

"Fionna, no! It's to dangerous! he's at full power!" Gumball said, but she shook her head.

"I have to save Marshall! he's clearly being controlled by the Lich!" Fionna gripped her sword, and she handed the Bass to Gumball. "Take care of that for me."

The Human girl leaped off the balcony, and landed on the ground below, with a loud thud. Gumball thought she looked so heroic, and beautiful, as she ran off to face danger.

"I'm going down with her!" Gumball said, as he ran inside, and grabbed his electro gun. He ran back out, and jumped up on the ledge of the balcony. "She can't face this alone!"

"I'm coming too!" Ice queen joined him, and looked over at Heather.

"My son is in danger, but I can not help on the mortal plain." Heather said, looking torn. "But I will try to help."

"Lord Mono, Cake... you two stay here, and protect the castle and the people in it.... and yourselves." Gumball said to the worried sister, "We won't let Fionna or Marshall get hurt."

"You better not! Or I will kick all ya'lls butts!" Cake shouted.

Ice queen grabbed Gumball's arm, and flew the prince down to the ground, while heather used hell flames to teleport.

"FIONNA!" Gumball called out, but the human was busy, batting balls of flames away with her sword.

"HAHAHA! STUPID HUMAN GIRL! I WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO DEFEAT ME A SECOND TIME!" The lich laughed loudly, but Fionna attacked him with her sword.

"LET MARSHALL GO!" She shouted, as she brought her sword down at the Lich, but he just laughed with his raspy voice, and Marshall was in her way, and in his large bat form. She gasped, pulling her sword back, but Marshall clawed her out of the air, and she hit the ground.

"Hahaha... foolish human..." The Lich laughed again, and began burning down buildings with his fire, while the controlled Marshall approached her.

"MARSHALL LEE ABADEER! YOU STOP RIGHT THIS INSTANT!" Heather shouted, standing in front of the injured Fionna. Marshall's claws had scratched her arm. "YOU ARE THE VAMPIRE KING! LORD OF ALL EVIL! YOU WILL NOT LET THIS LICH CONTROL YOU!"

"aaah..." Marshall moaned out, his eyes were hollow like, with little green dots in the center.

"Marshall..!" Fionna pushed herself up, and she gripped the sword he had made for her. The vampire king looked at her, and pushed heather out of the way.

"Marshall... please, remember me..." Fionna said, and Marshall reached out and grabbed her. His hand clenched around her, crushing her. "Ah...! Marshall...!" Fionna cried out in pain, as he tried to crush her, while the Lich destroyed the castle town.

"Marshall..." Fionna cried, and she grabbed his thumb with her free hand, and gripped it. "Marshall.... I.... Love you..."

The Vampire king stopped, and then hissed. He threw Fionna down on the ground, and she rolled to a stop. The large bat stomped over to her, and hissed again, leaning down to bite her head off.

"Marshall..." Fionna looked up into his eyes with her big blue ones, filled with tears. ".... I still... love you..." She said, knowing the last time she said it, it was working.

The Vampire bat stopped, and it looked confused, before it grabbed it's head.

Fionna got up, and ran over to the Bat. She looked up at it, staring into it's eyes. It roared in pain, before it shrunk down, back to Marshall's normal form.

His eyes were still green, but they were flashing back and forth between red now. He roared loudly, and Fionna quickly wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Marshall clawed at her arms, but she refused to let go. He even bared his fangs, but FIonna still didn't loosen up.

Instead, she looked at him, and kissed him.

The vampire stopped all together, and his hands went back to normal, instead of claw like. He had froze from being kissed by the human. His eyes stopped glowing green, and they went back to normal.

Fionna pulled her lips away from his, and looked into his grey eyes. She smiled at him, hoping for the best.

"... Fi..." Marshall choked out, seeing the bruises and scratches he had caused. He felt his stomach turn in horror, as he realized what happened. "Fionna... I'm..."

Fionna hugged him tightly around his shoulders, and tears of happiness poured down her cheeks. She had Marshall back. The vampire was shocked, but his arms coiled around her, and hugged her tightly to him.

"Fionna... I'm so sorry...! That Lich... he took control over me..." Marshall said, hugging her tightly. He took in her comforting scent. He never wanted to let go.

"It's alright... you're safe..." Fionna told Marshall, and she pulled back from him, and smiled, before there was an explosion that interrupted their moment.

"You guys, not a good time." Gumball said behind his shoulder.

The prince had his gun pointed at the Lich king. He was trying to take him down, as he destroyed the town. Ice Queen was up in the air, attacking him with her magic.

"Right." Fionna said, and she let go of Marshall, but he took her hand, and stood up beside her. She smiled, as she picked up her sword, and held it in her right hand.

"We've got a Lich to take down." Fionna said, as she walked forwards with Marshall.

"Son... Be careful..." Heather called out to Marshall, who stopped, and looked back at her.

"... I'll be fine. I've got Fionna." Marshall said, smiling. He looked down at his girlfriend, who was blushing softly from his comment. "she's better than any armor...."

"Guys, seriously! HELP." Gumball shouted at them, and Fionna looked at the prince.

"Let's go." Marshall spun around, and turned into his bat form once more, but Fionna knew it was her Marshall. "Get on, Fi."

Fionna jumped on his back, and they took up to the air.

"HEY YOU UGLY STINKIN' LICH!" Ffionna shouted, and the lich turned to look at her, hissing. "I'm your opponent once again!"

"Haha..." the lich laughed, as he summoned green fire, and blasted it at her.

She held up her sword, and the flames were blocked by it. She smiled, as she spun the sword around in her hand.

"This time, I'll make sure you're defeated!" She shouted, and she took a few steps back on Marshall, before she raised her sword high above her head.

The bow on it glowed pink, now, and unraveled from the sword hilt. it slithered down Fionna's arms, and wrapped around her middle, tying neatly in the back, before growing bigger.

"Whoa..." Fionna said, before she felt the power from the sword. The power of her love for her friends, the Kingdom... and for Marshall. She gripped the handle of her sword tightly, before she ran and jumped off Marshall's back, and attacked the Lich.

The lich defended, by using Ashley's magic to form his own skeletal sword. The two clashed blade in the air, and a surge of power could be felt all the way on the ground.

"Whoa." Gumball watched, as the two did battle in the air, she was the enemies equal... if not superior...

The lich clashed swords with her again, and she fell back a bit, but the bow on her back kept her afloat.

Marshall turned into his normal form. He had put some of his powers into the sword he made for her, and he was surprised at the level of power she could use out of it.

"Hahahaha! Let's see your friends defend against my army!" The lich laughed, and his hands glowed bright green.

"WHOOOOOA!" Gumball cried out, as skeletons broke from the ground around him. Heather hissed, and became larger, as she grabbed skeletons around herself, and began smashing them together.

The ice Queen flew towards the doors of the castle, and used her ice powers to freeze it shut, so the skeletons couldn't break inside.

The sky above them all was dark, and eerie. Fionna could see skeletons outside the castle walls raising up from the ground, and attacking. The Gumball guardians used their laser eyes to obliterate them.

Even Gumball was fighting, using his electro gun to blast down enemies. He was grabbed from behind, but Marshall came to his rescue, and ripped the skeleton apart.

"Thanks..." Gumball said, smiling at his vampire friend. "We were worried about you for a minuet, there."

"Ha, just worry about yourself." Marshall said, as he used his demon fire powers to destroy some skeletons.

"RAAH! CUT THAT OUT, YOU STUPID BUTT!" Fionna shouted, as she attacked the Lich king with her sword again.

She was beginning to loose her energy, but the Lich seemed to be able to keep going. She knew she had to destroy him soon, or the candy kingdom was doomed.

She pulled her sword back, and it glowed. She needed to save everyone, the whole kingdom, all her friends lives... the world. It all rested on her shoulders.

The sword glowed in response at her determination, and she gripped it tightly, before she attacked once more.

She rammed her sword right through the chest of the Lich, and he roared in pain and agony.

"NOO! I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BY THE LIKES OF YOU!" The lich shouted, and he used his powers, to blast Fionna back into the air.

Fionna hit the castle wall, still holding her sword.

"FIONNA!" Marshall shouted, and he shot up into the air, to her aid. He took her arms, and pulled her out of the candy wall.

"I'm alright..." Fionna huffed tiredly, and Marshall could see it. She was out of energy... everyone was getting tired, even his mother, who was fighting back hordes of skeletons.

"Fionna," Marshall wrapped his hands around hers, which held the sword. "I'll help."

"Marshall." Fionna smiled up at him, and he smiled back. The two then turned to look at the Lich King.

"TIME TO DIE!" Fionna shouted, and Marshall grinned wickedly, showing off his fangs, as the two flew at the Lich. He attacked them with his skeletal sword once more, but Marshall blasted it with fire, destroying it.

With Marshall's hand around hers, holding the sword, the two of them raised it up once more, and it glowed a bright red, before they brought it down on the Lich's head.

The lich hissed loudly, as the sword cut through, and the green light in the hollows of it's skull, disappeared.

The blade slowly sliced through, and the lich slowly turned to dust.

The eerie glow in the sky disappeared, and the skeleton army all dropped to the ground, the fight sucked out of them.

Fionna's bow disappeared, and wrapped back around her sword. Marshall had taken her in his arms, before she fell, and she looked up at him, smiling.

"Haha..." She laughed softly. She was shaky from all the adrenaline.

"hahahahaha!" The couple burst out laughing, as Marshall brought her to the ground.

"What are you two laughing at?!" Gumball asked, looking disheveled. His hair was a mess, and so were his clothes, all ripped and pulled at. "We just lived through a life or death situation! WE ALMOST DIED!"

"That's what's funny!" Marshall laughed, and the couple both continued laughing. Gumball blinked, as he dropped his electro gun, and stood there, before the laughing hit him, and he smiled. The prince saw what was so funny now, and he too started laughing.

"And you all call me crazy." Ice Queen said, crossing her arms as she looked at the group of friends laughing. She slowly cracked a smile herself, and began to laugh as well.

Heather smiled as she watched them, and she turned around, and disappeared back to the NightOsphere.

"You did it...!" Cake came running out of the castle with the citizens. Lord Mono floated behind her, and Cake hopped up on Fionna's face, and hugged her. "YOU SAVED THE KINGDOM!"

"Well, it's kind of damaged." Fionna laughed, and looked around. People were picking up pieces of their houses, and muttering about  they were going to fix it.

"Who CARES?! YOU DEFEATED THE LICH!" Gumball shouted happily, and he hugged Fionna, and spun her around happily.

"Hahaa...!" Marshall looked at Gumball, as the prince spun his girlfriend around, but he just smiled. He was to happy to be jealous.

Fionna giggled, as Gumball set her down, and she sighed happily. She was feeling the sore aches from her injuries all over her body, but she didn't care.

She had saved the Candy Kingdom, and she had saved Marshall from the Lich's clutches.

She looked over at Marshall, who was smiling warmly at her. She hurried over to him, and threw her arms around his neck. The vampire laughed as he held her back, and spun her around, floating up into the air with her in his arms. He looked her in the eyes, smiling warmly still, before he kissed her lips softly.

"My Hero." He told her softly, and she blushed a bright red, and laughed. "The greatest Hero in all of Aaa."

"Let's celebrate!" Gumball said, as he threw his hands up in the air. "The day the Lich was defeated forever, shall now be renamed,  Fionna Day!"

The candy citizens all cheered happily, and Fionna's blush some how got redder.

"How about we clean up this mess first, and celebrate at a later date?" Fionna suggested, feeling bad for all the candy people who had homes destroyed... even the castle was a mess.

"Hmm, good idea." Gumball said, nodding his head. "But for now, how about we all get some well deserved rest...?"

"Sounds like a good idea," Fionna said, and Marshall hugged her tightly.

"I'll take you home..." Marshall said, kissing her cheek. She giggled, and nodded her head.

"My sweet baby," Cake said, crying happily, as she hugged her sister. "You're so strong..."

"Thank's Cake." Fionna said, hugging her sister back. She was glad Cake was alright, and didn't fight. She would have been devastated if something happened to her sister, or her unborn children.

"Let's go, Bunny Hero." Marshall teased, as he picked Fionna up, and Hugged her tightly to his chest, as he floated up into the air. The others down below, waved at them both, before he flew over the walls, and towards the tree house.

Marshall could tell the sun would rise soon, and he flew inside the tree house, and set Fionna down.

"There, bed time..." He told the exhausted adventuress, but she didn't need to be told twice.

"You too..." Fionna told him, holding his hand, as she pulled him onto the bed with her. Marshall was surprised at how froward she was, usually he was the one pulling her on the bed. "... I don't want you vanishing on me again..."

Marshall laughed, and he hugged her close to him, and kissed her forehead. "Fair enough," He told her, and pulled her hat off of her head, and touched her long honey colored hair. "... Thanks for saving me, Fionna... I don't... know what I would do without you..."

"Hmm, I do... and I don't want to experience it again..." Fionna said, as she touched his cheek with her fingers. "... ever..."

"Hmm," Marshall hummed happily, before he kissed her lips deeply, stealing the breath from his little bunny girl, with his lips. "I don't either, Fionna...."
Okay! So today, I made an even longer chapter for all of you, to make up for the poor excuse I wrote yesterday.
once again, I'd like to let you know, that this still isn't the end. I think I'd like to add a bit more, because I don't want this adventure to end. So if you're all willing to read what I write, and willing to stick it out, I'd really love to have you all along for the rest of this ride.
I appreciate each an every reader I get, and once again, your comments really warm my heart. I consider all of you friends, even if we never talked, or I don't know your name.

Thank you so much for your loyalty as readers, and I hope you enjoyed this very special chapter~
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Greatest Prize Chapter Two - Fiolee

Fionna's POV          

          The word "date" always seemed to be emphasized in my mind if Gumball were to simply say it; I guess it was because I really liked him. Even if the prince asked me, "What's the date today?" I'd hesitate to answer, and it's not even the right use of the word date that I'm afraid of. That kind of thing only happened with Gumball. Only Gumball. Now I'm hearing it with Marshall Lee. Could it be because I like him, too? No. It can't be. My mind is playing tricks on me, and my heart feels like a rock n' roll drum beat.

          Marshall Lee. He's someone who cares about me that wants to go out with me for who I am. I take a deep breath, and my eyes fixate on the floor rather than Marshall.

          I don't have the nerve to look back into those raven black pupils.

Marshall Lee's POV

          I'm couldn't hold it all in, and it's only been three minutes. I've known Fionna since she was 12. Back then, I was going through a tough time. I finally learned that nothing lasts forever, not even friends. I practically gave up on making friends, and instead I ended up making enemies, because it's not like they'd always be there to hate me forever. I live forever, but Fionna doesn't.

          When I met her, I realized that she was something worth holding on to.

          I thought she was cute for a kid, but, she's grown out of that. I never really had any strong feelings for Fi, but when I caught her singing that song. . . I don't know. Something deep inside of me just clicked. I felt like we had a strong connection. The obvious mistakes she made while playing the bass, the look in her depressed, blue eyes, the way she sings with so much passion and emotion, her choice of words for her song. Those were all just few of the many things I thought that came across my mind while sitting in front of her moments ago.

          "Fionna, I know Gumball hurt you. You're the girl that's always there for people when they need help. Now, the girl who's always there for others, needs someone to be there for her. I want to be that person." I stand up, grab a gentle hold of her wrist for a second time, look straight into her deep blue eyes and I wait for a response. 

          The next thing I know I’m not looking at her eyes anymore and my hand holds no wrist. Fionna’s arms are tightly wrapped around my neck, and she digs her head into my shoulder, with her fingers gripping onto the back of my shirt. I return her hug and I stop myself from hovering off the ground once I realize that she’s on her tip-toes. She’s not crying, but I rub her back anyway.

          “Thanks Marshall,” she whispers. Fionna releases me, and I scratch the back of my head. “I’d love to go out with you."

          I let out a sigh of relief and I smile at her. “Grea-!”

          "Maybe after I get over Gumball." she says swiftly.

          My face goes blank for a moment. "What?" Did I hear what I just heard correctly?

          "Look, Marsh, I really do like you, okay? It's just that I need time." She sits back down on the side of her bed, elbows on thighs and chin in palms. "I just don't think it's a good idea right now for us to be dating."

          Great timing, Marshall Lee. I feel the urge to face-palm myself.

          "I need time," She repeats.

          I can't help it but to sigh and hide my face with my hair.

          "Wait, I'm not saying I don't want to go-"

          "Fi, I get it," I cut her off without knowing and I attempt to conceal any other emotion with a slight chuckle. "Take all the time you need."

          Now I know how it feels to be rejected by someone you really like. I can wait, though. It's not like I'll die of old age or anything.

          I clear my throat from the itching pain, and I straighten my back. "I... I better go." Leaving right now is the best thing I could think of at a time like this.

          "O-Okay." is all she can say. I pick up my bass, and exit the tree fort the same way I came in.

Fionna's POV

          I think I totally just screwed up what I had with two of my best friends today. Wait, I know I screwed up. All I've done since Marshall left forty-five minutes ago was curl up like an armadillo on my bed and think. I open my eyes and look up at my ticking clock hanging near the picture of Cake and I when we were babies. It's not late at night yet, there's no sign of the sun, but I stand up anyway and grab a loose-fitting black sweatshirt and put it over what I'm already wearing. I take off my bunny hat, exposing my long, thick, golden hair that only reaches to the end of my blue skort. It takes me a while to comb through it, but I manage. I place my bunny hat back on my head, and I tuck all of my hair back in, minus a small portion of my bangs that never cooperates with me to stay inside.

          Before leaving the tree fort, I realize how dark it really is outside. As I climb down the ladder, I spot BMO.

          "Hey, BMO, you wanna come with me to Marshall Lee's? He won't harm you, I promise." I put my right hand over my heart and continue. "I need lighting as I walk and I'm in too much of a hurry to go on the hunt for a flashlight or lantern."

Marshall Lee's POV

"You're obviously the star of Aaa

You make all the good times last

You make all the bad hours pass

And girl you make me laugh

Your voice is raspy, yeah-oh

You're always happy, yeah-oh

And when the girl finally sees

The guy is on his knees

And he's begging please

Thump thump thump goes my heart again

Thump thump thump goes my heart again

No she's not just a normal friend

'Cause thump thump thump goes my heart again

Goes my heart again."

          I like staring out the window, because it soothes my mind during times like these. Seconds after I finish singing, I feel a small hand grip on my shoulder and I quickly turn around. “F-FIONNA!” I jump a bit at the sight of the human girl.

           I see her cheeks have big blotches of light pink over her peachy-colored skin. “It’s not so funny when you’re the one about to pee your pants, huh?”

          “Psh! You wish you could scare this guy.” I say pointing at myself with my thumb and a hint of a playful attitude. “So what are you doing over here?”

          “Well, uhh, I just came to talk… you know… about earlier. But, uhh.” Okay, I’m confused. Fionna steps aside and what I see behind her is that little live game console. “BMO, press play, please.” There’s no video, it’s just audio. Fionna and I are looking at each other right in the eye from at least a two feet distance, she looks away, and then I realize what I’m listening to is my own sexy voice singing my song. Oh. Glob. I can’t exactly find the right words to say, but I feel blood rushing to my head and I think I’m blushing a shade of deep purple.

          Before she has the chance to even look back at me I’m already walking in her direction with an idea in mind.

          Eh, what the hell. Gumbutt had his chance to make a move on Fi, and now it’s Marshall Lee’s time. Nothing’s stopping me now.

          I place a gentle, passionate kiss on her lips once her head has turned. I can tell I caught her by surprise by her gasp, but I don’t break the kiss. Instead, she kisses back, and I smile. There’s a sudden flash I see at the corner of my left eye, but I ignore it. Satisfied that she kissed me back, I break the kiss to let her breathe. Now, her face is fully covered in a shade of red. I’m pretty sure that the deep violet spread across my cheeks, too after what had just happened.

          I use a hand to lift up her chin so that her eyes are looking into mine. “You’re not still into that walking piece of gum, are you?”

          “N-not anymore,” she stutters with that innocent look in her eye.

          I take Fionna’s hand with my free one and I intertwine our fingers. I bend down to place my lips near her ear. “Good. So, about that date…”

Okay, so here's chapter two!(; :iconcutehiplz:
Chapter One:[link]
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I guess I realized that Fionna never rejects Marshall Lee when he asks her to go out with him in other fan fictions. So, I put that in!
I'm not too good with being the voice of multiple personalities. You got Fionna, the fun adventuress, and Marshall Lee, the cool, funny, prankster/delinquent guy haha. But I'm me, and I guess that's how I'd word stuff if I was in a situation like theirs. It seems too.. monotone. I wish I could change that about me :icondesperateplz:
But anywhooo, again, this was basically just a practice kind of thing so.
I got to be honest, it took me awhile to write this because I improvised a little on this chapter and I had like 4 different things that could have happened and led to the same ending and I DIDNT KNOW WHICH TO CHOOSE! :iconyoyocryplz:

The song that Marshall Lee sings about Fionna is titled "Thump Thump Thump" by Alex Wolff. You guys remember The Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon a few years ago?! YEAH. THAT'S LITTLE ALEX WOLFF. I found them last year and I saw how old they've gotten. I was flabbergasted :3 I love their music though haha(: I cannot believe they went from "CRAAAAAAZZZYYY CAAARRR" to what they are now.

"Thump Thump Thump" : [link]

I just wanna thank all the people who bothered to read the first chapter(:
I was surprised with all the favorites and comments! I just hope future chapters do as well as the first. If not - better!(:

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