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Adventure Time Tea Party. Created a Gentleman's Tea Party on a tuft of grass. Mustaches everywhere! Made from polymer clay and hand painted details.

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Resolution what are you
Anyway, I've been itching to draw some FF lately and this gave the perfect excuse so lyk Y not.
Also an original sketch from TESTUYA NEMURA HOW COULD I NOT? coughs

At first I was planning on designing some armor. But after seeing some of the other entries i realized that there'll probably be a gajillion armor customizations, so I tried going for something a bit more relaxed/modern instead, while still keeping the Final Fantasy feel to the design. Also tried not to overdo it on the detail to try and keep the design 'Fanart-friendly', yet still make it look pretty/far from plain ^u^

win or lose tho it was fun. Wish me luck! c:
Thanks to everyone who joined me on my livestream of this! 

Now if you'd excuse me i gots other arts to work on o)-<

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