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Don't make fun of sandwiches, especially royal sandwiches. Celestia takes that shit seriously.
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Dear Pinkie Pie,

I am afraid I must call upon you and your friends to help further Discord’s rehabilitation. In particular, he needs lessons in practical joking. As you are specially suited for this lesson, I am entrusting him to you and Rainbow Dash. Please do not let him anywhere near Fluttershy, as I fear she is most ill-fitted.

I shall be by with Discord shortly; right after I prepare a de-petrification spell and find my titanium baseball bat.

Princess Celestia


A friend of mine in college had an alternate name for Valentine's Day: Singles Awareness Day. It fits.

I'm sure we'll see a lot of art and comics devoted to the ponified holiday this week, and who am I to resist the flow? Besides, Discord's a fun character to write. What started as a pretty straightforward prank grew and took on a life of its own. My only regret is that I chose to draw the two most visually complex characters in the series!

Which I why I'm grateful for the statute vectors provided by :iconblowingbomb: and :iconcooltomorrowkid:. It gave me some flexibility with a time-sensitive project. provided the My First Crush style font. Remember to read the instructions in the zip file before using the font so you can get the hearts effect.

And if you happen to be on your own this hallmark holiday, keep in mind that you are still celebrated by friends and family and that's not something to forget.

Happy Valentine's/Singles Awareness/Hearts and Hooves Day!

Update: By special request, an enlarged and clean version of Panel 6.

Valentine's Update: Never invested much in a day like today, but I am feeling the love.

Not only do I get to have my art featured on Equestria Daily, my comic was also translated into Russian which is pretty amazing. And a Google search has revealed this piece on various websites and blogs across the net.

Thank you everyone! It is a true rush to know that people across the world are enjoying my work and sharing in my enjoyment of these characters!
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My recent poll resulted in you voting for a Celestia and Luna comic...

So here it is.

People often ask me why I have never drawn Princess Celestia while she is my favourite princess (deal with it). Truth is that I never had a good reason to, but now I came up with this silly comic. Once again I use physics to make life miserable for somepony...

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HAIL TWILIGHT! :iconmegustaplz:

:iconcelestianomemeplz: NO
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My eyes! These hole-riddled limbs do nothing!

I went into the season 3 premier with a lot of reservations. Chief amongst them was that the Crystal Empire wouldn't amount to much beyond the obvious toy sale pitch.

Watching the teasers didn't help. When Celestia explained the Empire's power, the first question that popped into my head was why Equestria would need such a thing. Just send Pinkie Pie on a country-wide tour. You'd go deaf from all the parties!

But I watched the premier and enjoyed it. While not my favorite episodes, they were well done and I enjoyed the world building. And after some reflection I answered my own question while establishing a bit of headcanon and the premise for this comic.

Special thanks go to :iconbeckiergb: and :iconjessicat0: for their excellent stain glass windows. All other backgrounds are products of my own vectors.

Special fonts come courtesy of fontspace.

This will likely be my last comic of 2012. Which isn't saying much since 2013 is only a week and a half away. Still, I'll think back on this year as when I entered the MLP community as a comic artist and was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of the fan base. Thanks for everything and happy holidays!

Update Dang, those folks at Equestria Daily work fast. I was going to submit this when I got home, but I find I've been featured with several fun comics. (I'm hoping I'm one of the two comics that made Sethisto laugh aloud).

Thank you to all the folks who posted comments and added this to their favorites and collections. It's a real treat!
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When I first saw the "Spike at your service" episode, I already looked forward to this ending. But it didn't come, and I was a little disappointed. :( So I had to draw it! This is what I wanted to see at the end of the episode! I hope you don't mind! :)

I already planned to do this since I first saw this episode, but came so much into: Contest, the season final (and the comics for that), an illness, but at least I finished! The most hardest part was the library. That library..

When I finished it, I mostly cried with them. It was such a milestone. In my head: "Maybe, this was the last time, that I draw Twilight as an Unicorn." It made me soooo sad. I don't really want to talk about this here, I already wrote a journal about this.…

Tumblr version:…

Update: Featured on Equestria Daily!… Yay! You are awesome! Thank you!
I fixed "Yar" to "Yer" reading that this is the correct one. Sorry for that, I already feared from the AJ slang, didn't wanted to overdo it either. :)

Update: Comics dub video version :)…

MLP:FiM :iconfyre-flye: / :iconhasbroplz:
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Oh, Celestia. Why on earth would you choose YouTube??

NOTE: I am, of course, in no way making fun of the videos selected for the screenshots. On the contrary! I picked some of the best fan videos the fandom has to offer. And, um. Tori Spelling.

Military Bronies React to My Little Pony:[link]
Bronies React - Season Finale 2: [link]
PONIES The Anthology:[link]
Let's Fly to the Castle: [link]
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If properly prepared, this could be a powerful method of negotiation.

MLP Hasbro
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ok that season finale was cool, I liked the songs (all of them! too much songs!) and derpy is back!, I should probably do something with her soon.
anyway have a weird comic because I don't have anything better to do.

also share your opinions about the season finale! you liked it? you didn't? (I want to hear what people think about it.)
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Lookadat! I actually got the thing uploaded before January ended :dummy:

I'm not delighted with how it came out, but I hope it'll suffice, it's hard to find time (And the willingness) to do these after a study session ^^;
And I'm stuck for something to write here...

Uhm, how about that weather? The...the soup-per-bowl?
Doping in sport? Eh... cheese-rolling?
Talk-like-a-pirate Day? Aliens?
Tom DeLonge? Obama?
Politi- NO.

That's taking it too far :iconveggie55-manfaceplz:

Yeah, I have no idea.
Just... browse the comments...or whatever it is you're supposed to do now :shrug:


Made Using: GIMP, Mouse and Pencil
Layers Used: 42
Font Used: Anime Ace

MLP:FiM & Characters (C) :iconfyre-flye: / Hasbro
Art by Meh :iconveggie55:

There's only one more Shining/Twilight comic left on the pile, I swear.
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