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*Added sound effects*

Yay finally done! I started undertaking this one just before Christmas, which was a bad idea. But anywho, it's all done now that all the festivities are over.

Wings were provided by the wonderful puppet rigs found at :iconflamingorich: Everything else in this animation was drawn and animated by me.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Music: Cutie Mark Crusaders Crusading (Created on Mario Paint) by Tekaramity…

Also check out:

Pinkie Screensaver (With Sound) by The-Paper-Pony Avast! Fluttershy at 150 BPM (+Screensaver) by The-Paper-Pony
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Featured on Equestria Daily! [link]

Yes! It's here! You've all been very patient.

So, obviously, huge thanks to Fifths for a number of things, including, but not limited to: writing the song, proposing that I animate it, giving me pretty much every single idea, being patient with me as I took forever, et cetera, et cetera. Make sure you go check him out on various other websites:

SoundCloud: [link]
YouTube: [link]

More thanks go out to Zedrin (:iconzedrin:) for giving me some advice when I was in a bit of a rut and to Divebomb (:icondivebomb5:) for letting me use his design for Braeburn's gun. All of the sound effects are royalty-free non-attribution, so we're good there. You could probably find them without too much trouble if you wanted to. The bottles belong to Tavish DeGroot.
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A watercolour comics, where events take place sometime after the disappearence of Nightmare Moon. It's my version of the story how Luna has found the ability to see and intervene in the dreams of ponies.

Заходите в нашу группу в контакте :3
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Thought I'd forget about the pony Doc, did you? Nope, he's back for a fantastic holiday adventure!

Here's the special. And really, the last holiday-themed work from me for this season. (I hope this works! :O_o:) I think there may have been enough. =P

Anyway, this is also an entry for the Zap-Apple-Acres :iconzap-apple-acres: Hearth's Warming Eve contest: [link]

It should show why this has taken me so much time. Everything is custom-vectored, mostly sans show references! But the most important thing I've learned from this project was naturally how to export flash animations from Illustrator. Hoo boy, was trying to GIF this ever a bad idea. You wouldn't believe the setbacks. I think I'll stick to this solution if I ever animate a comic again.

Anyway, hope you've enjoyed this and, again, have a ponyrific Christmas. :)

Others in the series:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and its characters Hasbro
This piece by me - :icongray--day:
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Who loves Tank? Rainbow Dash does!!! D'awwwww...

Click (and hold, if you'd like) anywhere to show Tank how much RD loves him.

Jeez, this took me FOREVER to make! Instead of using a series of bitmaps for the animation, it's all vectors. Feel free to zoom in as much as you want, because now it won't get all pixelly. Hooray!

Holy crap, no way!!! Featured on Equestria Daily! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! [link]
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Minesweeper, one of the other ancient computer games of yore! I decided to take a crack at programming it as a sort of 'holiday' from programming anything else. It's not the most polished game on the planet, but it does work as intended.

Features (v1.1)
- The first click of the game will never be a mine from now on!
- The diagonal squares will now also be revealed when you click on a square with no mines!
- Polished up the graphics by a fair bit, if I do say so myself!

The main inspiration for making this came from:
Luna Playing Minesweeper
Made By
The game also features something made by the following artist, see if you can find out how to access it!

Game Font: Petyka - Retro Computer

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc. and Lauren Faust.
:iconhasbroplz: :iconfyre-flye:
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Finally! After all these months, it's finished! :phew:
Hope you have nearly half an hour to spare! :XD:

"Hydrex Adventure" - based on the original concept by The Sonic Team, this is a variation of the "Sonic Adventure DX" storyline, but with my otter-characters, Leroy "Hydrex" & Pearl Rudderbuck.
With the exception of the otters and Krakatoa the Kraken, all the other characters are trademarks of SEGA.
Also, I did use a fair number of musical themes from different sources - though I did try to stick by the 30-second rule. Any clip that appears longer is really a sound-loop.

Life is quiet for the Rudderbucks as always, until Pearl, while out on a shopping trip, gets abducted by Dr Eggman's robots along with Amy Rose.
Upon hearing of his wife's situation, Hydrex and his neighbour Big the Cat set out to rescue her, following the trail of Sonic and Tails.
Meanwhile, Pearl is not a girl to let the grass grow under her webbed feet and makes her own plans...

Please note: I had to split this Flash into two halves due to size, since the program was unable to get enough memory to export it in one piece. I'd advise watching this half first, since the story will be incomplete otherwise.
First half: [HERE!]
Second half: [link]
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Tthanks for reading!

Now, you could’ve seen this teaser two weeks ago through my patreon page!

You can whatch the tutorial video of this page right here:…

Visit… to check how you can have access to extra content about
books and dragons!!

This chapter was funded by:

Robin Lee Forrey Jr
Raikoo Dragon
Creighton Medsker
Joshua Coudright
John Smith

You guys are awesome!!

To read the whole comic for FREE, visit

The characters Felix, Erin, Nidhogg and Nadia belong to me.
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From S03E06

Gif: [link]
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Made in 3DS Max.

I was preparing some models for printing, and then randomly decided to nab Daring Do's mane/tail, recolor them, throw them on my new and improved base pony model, and render out a turntable to really show off just how far I've come in 3D modeling over the past 8 months. I'm also rather proud of the fact that I was able to thoroughly cheat and texture this RBD without actually UV unwrapping her at all (which would have been a waste of time with all the commission models I have to do.)

For everyone who doesn't know! You can own your very own 5" figure of this or any of my other 3D ponies in ANY POSE. This includes OC's! Check it out!
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