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Cinder the Shiny Litwick. He WAS a shiny Charmander, but he got killed.
Not in a battle or anything, just killed.
Some scientists found him and offed him, taking some of his organs back for experiments.
Had no family, so they thought nobody would really care.

Paul, ~FlyingLimes Gengar gijinka, found him. Helped the police find his body and all that.
Killed the person who killed Cinder, made a horrible mess of them in the woods. Pieces everywhere.
Eventually he decided to take Cinder in, and adopted him.
And Cinder absolutely adores Paul. :U

He likes to float around through the air lazily and get into a lot of things.
He's like 9 or 10, likes to go on little adventures.
Not at all fond of the doctors or any scientific person. Nope.

But enjoy him, yes~! UVU
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Cleaned up a sketch of Angel I did a few months ago, or so.
IDK, I just want to post things and be active on here ugh.

Not featured: His fucking halo.
Getting closer and closer to just removing it altogether cause I hate drawing it.

Also I need to update his design so he looks older.
Even tho he's a clone and doesn't age properly.
He needs to stop looking like a young teen he's in his twenties.
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I really enjoy Laveda. She's super fun to draw. I'm going to be drawing her more often, after I work on my to-do list, and get some more motivation. u3u

But yeah, this is Laveda~ She's a shy, jumpy little sheep girl who lives in the second city, near the edge by the woods. She also tends to lose her one sock all the time, and she doesn't know how which makes her huffy. uvu She's a vegan, but will cook up meat dishes, since she DOES in fact have carnivorous friends. She was always scared of going into the woods, because her mama always told her tales of a monster who lurked through the woods, eating any little stray sheep that were brave enough to venture into them. However, she DID end up going into the woods one day, thanks to a certain, odd rabbit, stealing an article of clothing she had put out to dry. She never got that piece of clothing back, but she did meet somebody in the woods.

Now, there is a certain monster who very much so likes her.

Aha, basically, she met him, and he had a disguise on. Originally he was going to eat her. He lead her back to his house, in the woods, and she wasn't scared. Because he didn't look like the monster she was told about. She stayed the night there since it was late, and she didn't know the woods very well at all. He couldn't bring himself to eat her though, because she was very sweet to him, and the next day he helped her get home. She invited him to dinner, too, saying she could cook some meat for him. He agreed, and on that day he came. HOWEVER, she has three parrots, and one of them realized he wasn't quite who he said he was. And he ended up losing his disguise. This made her freak out, realizing the monster she heard about when she was younger was right there, in her house. He tried to explain that he HAD the chance to eat her, but he didn't. And that he WOULDN'T, but her, being a sheep in the same room as a monster snake-wolf hybrid, couldn't help but to be scared out of her mind. She eventually screamed for him to leave, tears in her eyes, curled up in the corner farthest from him. He left, but kept trying to make things okay with her again, by giving her little gifts and trying to talk to her. She threw most of the gifts out, though. Except any food type gift. She couldn't help but eat those ones. She also kept the baby owl he gave her, which had been abandoned. Anyways, she kind of became a hermit for a little bit, until eventually she started going out. She started to date somebody, but her admirer didn't appreciate that at all. BUT, not wanting to scare her or upset her further, he stayed out of it. Until one day, she did something wrong, and her new boyfriend got angry. And hit her, a few times. She screamed, trying to get away. But she ended up getting hit hard enough to knock her down. She tried to curl up, to not get hurt anymore, but he just hit her more. Eventually, her admirer came to save her, dragging the abusive man off. After that, she wasn't as scared of the monster she had feared so much. In fact, over time, she grew to actually like him. And to care about him, a bit. She felt horrible for the way she acted, when all he had been was nice to her. But she realized that, she couldn't help but feel that way, since she had been raised with the idea she would get eaten if she ever met him. All in all, though, everything turned out alright. She enjoys being around him now, and he's a bit awkward about things, but over all everything is fine. And their cuddling is cute as well. uvu

By the way, adopted her original design from =ribbon-adopts
The only thing I changed was uhhhhh gave her some lipstick. <:
Enjoy her. ;v;
(Also ignore that crappy background. Tho i'm proud of my dresser abilities Pffffft. C: )
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//Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi joke

Puffy's a lady who lives in the pokemon universe, but she's that rare kinda person who DOESN'T train pokemon.
I mean there's a hoard of caterpie that like to follow her, but they're wild. She just keeps them safe kind of.

Also she kind of became immortal recently cause Life decided hey yeh ur cool.
She agreed cause her two buddies, AND her boyfriend are all p much immortal so. She wanted to join the fun.
Oh yeah she's dating a priest who's a little bit crazy but also sweet and they have a kid they adopted.
That kid is Greyson btw.

She's the lady you see at malls with other ladies loudly whispering and pointing at people while drinking smoothies.
Voice claim, btw!  (The lyrics don't fit at all but the voice is on point)
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"I'm happy because I'm stupid.
Scared of spiders, scared of flying.
If I wasn't so happy,

I love Roscoe, and this band so much.
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Have a thing, his name is Clyde
But you can call him Clay he doesn't mind

He thinks watermelon sorbet is the best thing ever (How he eats it nobody knows)
And he likes to float through the air like he's swimming
But he also walks on his back feet sometimes
He like to dance too and loves it when people dance with him

He really doesn't like people putting things through his holes though it makes him frown : (

He also makes electronical yip sounds when he's happy
Otherwise he doesn't really make any sounds
But he makes a lot of faces!

He's supposed to be underwater but he doesn't really like to get wet
So he prefers to be up on land
Also there's more people up there to interact with! C:

I adopted him from ~FrostbittenAdopts
He was just a sketch n didn't have a color scheme
That was fun to think of~
Enjoy him uvu
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Oh look, a character I haven't drawn since 2011!
I wonder if anybody even remembers him, hm.

Regardless, I changed some stuff about his design.
Horn style, broken horn, spot colors. Ripped ear, green is softer.
Light grey color only on his stomach, not his face.
And Thresher Shark style tail, since I figure that's a fitting species.
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Oops I gijinka'd him
And eats everything
And hates almost everyone

I wonder how obvious the Viral inspiration is on him ahah. ALSO A LOT OF PPL RLLY LIKE HIM LMFAO HOW IS THIS A THING
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Aha, did this the other day in my Live stream, never got around to posting it... P:

Meet Creeper! She is a member of the species SNEAKERS, and original species belonging to *fairlydogcat, whom I adopted her from. UWU

She lives in the... Eh, for now, it'll be called 'the forest', With Auburon, Max/Maximilian, Dot, Randy, Sherbert and Cash. Her best friend is Randy~ She lubs his soft fur. And will curl up on top of him and sleep. |P (Those two very well could end up together...~ >W> )

She's about 7 foot if she stands up on her back feet. Which she does. And she can walk around like that. And she does, a lot. She just runs on all fours, because she's faster that way. She moves very much so like a ferret, too. She's also an omnivore.

She has a really big, really deep, REALLY COMPLEX burrow system that she lives in, that's in the middle grounds from where the forest turns into the plains. Inside her burrow, she also has glowing crystals and glowing mushrooms to give off light. She can't climb trees very well at all, and isn't too good at running around in the forest. Over all, she prefers being under ground or on the plains.

Also, she can talk, but... Since she lives in a universe where there's basically ZERO human interaction, I DOUBT it's our language. It's more like a language shared among the creatures in the universe. :U

SO YEAH. This is Creeper. 8D I lubs her~ <3
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Reid is a dummy who spends too much time on Tumblr and think's he's really cool (Spoiler, he's not).
And he also likes to quote memes sometimes, mostly just to annoy people. Usually.
He lives in the Broken City and he's a bat-guy.

I adopted him a while ago from ~Phobia-Adoptables

//Casually waits for Val to see this
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