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Good god I love this guy. o3o
He's TRK's son, TPK's step-son, and TPRK's older half brother. Also, Kimmy's adopted older brother. CB

He is 100% mute, and an AMAZING magician~ And only TPRK can torment him. Anyone else tries, and she'll kick yer ass for touching her big brother. >BC He's also almost 2 million years old, and immortal~ o3o

LULZ, he's mute, but he's with Kitten, Rocky and Blaze's adopted daughter. Who's blind. Yet they can communicate perfectly. X'DDDD

and the explosion brush on Sumopaint is my new best friend. *A*
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I felt like drawing ~IceDragonQueen22's ADORABLE AS FUCK character, Blue~ <3
But alas, he refuuuuuuuuuuused to let me draw him any other way. XD
So uh, he's being shy. =U="

FFFF, I liked this one a lot man.
Enough to give it a BG, even though its only 1 color...
And a 'shadow' outline. >U>
Which is super light blue. |D
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Jackal + Quilt's daughter, Patchy and Theressa's sister. :3
Patchy followed Theressa home from school.
Thread appeared, chillin in their pool. |D

>3< She looks more like Quilt than Jackal.
No grey skin cause, c'mon, not ALL the kids can have grey skin! XD

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Workin on Muura's back story and stuff, which involves working on at least 6 OTHER character's back stories too.

Here we have Manda ( NOT Amanda!) the cat, Marriner the dog, Alastyn the dog/ wolf, Kadmiel the wolf, Paws the calico cat, Muura the wolf/ anteater, and Nunu the dash hound.

When they were younger, they lived with Sailors. ( Which explains my failed dock/sunset background! |D )And got to travel with them everywhere. Nunu, Manda and Paws only got to go on small trips and only on smaller boats. Marriner and Alastyn got to go on bigger trips. Kadmiel and Muura got to go on the REALLY long ones in the huge boats. And only ever one pet allowed at a time.

Manda: The adorable, flirty kitten who was brought along to cheer everyone up. Also the only chick.
Marriner: The easily jealous dog who was great at tracking stuff. Brought along to find things.
Alastyn: The 'lazy' wolf who was brought along to keep the crew calmed down.
Kadmiel: The leader of the 'Pet crew' and the oldest, brought along for many reasons. Also taught Muura the ropes. Pretty greedy at times.
Paws: An angry male calico who joined because of Manda. Brought along to protect the crew's food from vermin, and as a sort of alarm, since he screeches at strangers.
Muura: The last member to join the 'Pet crew' and Kadmiel's 'student'. The biggest of them all. Brought along for hauling things around. Eats A LOT though.
Nunu: A peppy little dash hound that takes great pride in EVERYTHING he does. Brought along to keep the crew happy and motivated.

o3o Now...
Take their personalities and see if you can find who's who in this song!
( Avarice = greed, BTW )
---> [link] <---

Alastyn was adopted from ~csimiamigrl01, Kadmiel from *ZephyrAnemos, Muura from ~Ballgurl97, Nunu from *ZephyrAnemos
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Oh Funanya, how I love you so.

Another of my lionesses that live in Deylin's pride.
She thinks she's a super hero.

Ahahaha, she thinks like a cub a lot, so she's pretty god damn hyper. XD Her bestest best friend in the whole damn world, and her partner in world-saving, is Cri-Du. ( Val's male) Although because one day, when there was a small drought or something, they ate this fruit. Which is 40% alcohol. Real fruit that grows in Africa, BTW. So they got drunk and had a one night stand. And had 3 cubs. |D 2 live with Cri-Du while Auttaja lives with Funanya. P: He's her little mini side kick. XD

Her and Cri-du were a breeding couple from *Self-LoathingSheep, and Val and me both bought cubs. P:
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Puff the magic dragon, lived by the seaaa~

Lulz, hai thar. <: I made a new character guys! A fan character! 8'D This brings my fan character count up toooo... 4. Or like, if you count Moosh/ the band... 7. ( Their only HALF fan characters. XD )

But her name is Puff~ She's a little anthropomorphic orange tabby fairy, who's REALLY LOUD, and REALLY ANNOYING. She's up there with Navi, man. XD OH, if you couldn't tell, she's a Legend Of Zelda fc. :> I'm prolly breaking SO many rules there, but I un care. |D

This is her close up, and what people normally see. Like all fairies, she's just a ball of glowy usually. With a tail. :> She stalks. Clings. Pesters. hangs out with ~IceDragonQueen22's oc Kitsune. A defective Keaton. |3 Cause she's reversed colors and has 2 tails instead of 1 or 3.

Puff claims that their destined friends. Cause she's ORANGE like Kitsune should be, and she has a tail. Which is " Kitsunes missing tail". X'D
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The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are wonderful things! Their tops are made outta rubber, their bottoms are made outta springs! Their bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun fun fun fun FUN! But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one!
Tiggers are cuddly fellahs, tiggers are awfully sweet~ Everyones elses is jealous, and thats why I repeat and repeat! The wonderful thing about tiggers, is tiggers are marvelous chaps! Their loaded with vim and with vigor, they love to leap in your laps~! Their jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy, fun fun fun fun FUN! But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I'm the only one~! Iii'm THE ONLY ONE!

I have no clue what compelled me to look up that song. But I listened to it on repeat about 5 times and was like "Hrrrrrrrnnghjdjflklsdoo;gihl MUST DRAW TIGGER!!11!!!!1!"

So yeah. Have some Tigger fan art. :T God I love him. XD
Be nice, I've never drawn him before. >T
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Well, her brother Gabriel got older, only made sense to have her age too~ >3<
I think she's roughly 18-19ish here?
A liiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit younger than Gabriel. P:

Ain't she pretty though?
Her wings also got HUGE. ~030~

She's also uh... dominant. XP
So like, any boyfriend she ever has, she's gunna wear the pants in the relationship. |P

I love Sweetie though. <3
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<3 I spent way too much time on this.
But I love it to pieces~

Carrion, in a pretty dress, with bubbles and hearts everywhere. <3

Nyah, I dunno, just felt like doing something insanely cute...
And you can't go wrong with Carrion... X3
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Oh gosh, she totally needed to be aged up. "OTL I've had her at age 11 for like... 6 years now. XD

I believe she's around 18-20 here... P:

When she's older, she loves to garden. And whenever she's home, she loves to help 'mama' in his garden. X3 ( She calls Blaze mama. =w= ) She has her own tiny garden in a mini green-house type thing connected to her bedroom, but its not very big. She still loves frogs and toads to death, and catches them whenever she can. Also, grew out of her love of the color pink, but still likes it. =w=

She's also one of my few characters who actually TRAVELS. Most of them stay withing the city, or close by. Not her. She'll travel out of state, out of country even. Rocky always gets depressed when she leaves, for a day or two. She's never gone LONG, a month at the VERY most. And she always comes home and stays for a while before her next adventure. <3

She's... I don't know. She isn't crazy. Not an idiot. She's pretty.. sensible? That the word? Not sure. But I mean, while she's not THE SMARTEST, she's not stupid. <3

I loves her. >U<
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