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I did this on no sleep. :/ Haven't slept in like almost 24 hours har har. What am I doing.................................

ANYWAY... casual revamp of the prince Rushi. SUPER DUPER THUPER OLD OC........YEA.

But I'll probably change his outfit AGAIN for the 928593482757th time... since this outfit looks like something Castiel from Supernatural would wear. Son of a bietch. :/ Why can't I be more creative ALSKDJFAS fufffffufufufuufu

k I'm done. Sleep.

Rushi Fu *Aetheory
Time: 3 hours 12 minutes.
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Guhhhh Zeph mad. LOL; OTL;;...............

Woodland Prince - Naivety

For Tricore 2 - Niflcorheim.

Zeph *Aetheory
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Kent icon by Aetheory:iconsaysplz:"I like cherries..."

Name: Kent Naterium
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 146 lbs
Profession: Street Punk
Rank Level: F-Ranked Refugee
Card Type and Number: Jack of Hearts (on his sleeve)
    Main: Aluminum bat
    Sub-weapon: Cherry bombs

?Items of choice:
    Lighter, cellphone

? Personality:
    Kent is impulsive. He does what he wants, when he wants and lacks a consideration of others. A selfish guy. He's not the type to take responsibility for his actions since he feels that he was entitled to such things in the first place. Quick-tempered and definitely has a lack of patience. He's has a tendency to explode and react first before listening to what the other person may have to say.

    Kent may put up a tough front, but he's quite sensitive too. He'll get bashful easily, but will tsun it off. He enjoys drinking and indulging himself in many things because he's trying to be a bad boy. His bad attitude developed in order to convince himself that he's not a worthy man or brother to his older sister (since he had one-sided feelings for her and he knows that such feelings are frowned on), yet at the same time, he sought attention for being abandoned by his parents. You may call him a little spoiled and indulgent... childish if you will, but ultimately, he just doesn't want to be looked down upon like he was before. He just wants to find a place where he believes he's able to just be himself without being so guarded.

    Aside from his bad boy nature, he honestly is a strong willed person who fights for his beliefs (even if they're entirely wrong) and he can be a genuinely happy person if he were to ever find trust again in other people.

    TL;DR (summary) : Kent gets into a fight at school in regards to students finding out about his forbidden like of his sister. He was obviously looked down on for such taboo and goes into a violent rage when someone speaks ill of his sister. His sister sees him in his horrible state with a look of disgust, and in a panic, Kent leaves school. Kent gets hit by a car and falls into a coma for 2 years. A mistake happened within the time of accident and he transformed into a rabbit. He regrets being unable to gain the acceptance of his sister and everyone around him. BJBB welcomes Kent in promise that he'll be able to be accepted by everyone (humans and his sister). Kent joins BJBB.


    Kent slung his backpack over his shoulder as he stood at the corner of the street, in an effort to drown out his own thoughts with the noise of a bustling crowd.
    "Ewwww you like your sister?? What a freak!!"
    "What kind of a sicko are ya to like yer sis..."
    "Well aren't you a pervert. Do you have wild fantasies about her while she's taking a bath. Hell, I would if I were her brother. She's fuckin' hot."
    "Yeah, maybe his sister gives him some service with that hot bod."

    Before he realized, Kent found himself on top of the other male student, fists covered in blood and bruises. The crowd around him exchanged glances and unpleasant whispers. Kent didn't really care that he was being called a pervert. He already knew that about himself. He glared at everyone.


    The classroom fell silent and a single person emerged from the crowd. It was the person he didn't want to see him the way he was the most: his sister. A wave of regrets rushed over him when he sees how disgusted his sister looked, and he quickly grabbed his belongings and left school for the day.

    Kent gave out a heavy sigh from recalling the event. He wasn't sure how he was going to face his sister.

    The lights changed color, signaling for people to cross the street, but no one did. Kent, being lost in thought, walked into the street, his surroundings screaming at him. Before he knew it, he was hit by a car running the light. His body was thrown across the black, smoky asphalt and the echoes of car horns and yelling filled the air. Kent just stared at the pool of sticky red that formed around him. In just a few seconds, his world went black and the last thing he could smell was burnt rubber and gasoline fumes.

    He was rushed to the emergency room. Broken bones, several lacerations, and most likely internal bleeding. Kent breathed slowly, pain pulsating throughout his limp body. He felt cold. There was light throughout his blurry vision, trying to make sense of where he was. "" His mind was hazy and there were nurses yelling at him to stay conscious. A huge wave of pain rushed over him, a bad headache. He grunted and lost consciousness.


    He gasped, surprised to see that he was even alive. "Why...? Urgh...--!!" A large headache pulsed once again. A nurse attended to him, asking him questions if he remembered anything.

    "A car..." He remembered the accident well, but he wondered why the room felt different. He looked at his hands, that seemed to have healed and felt his own hair which seemed to have grown. In a panic, he desperately asked the nurse, "What's today?! Th-The date!"

    "xx xx xx" Two years had passed since the day of the accident. He was baffled  that so much time had passed. "Why didn't I wake up...? All this time I-"

    A doctor in a long white coat entered the room. The doctor excused the nurse to leave as he stood next to the bed in order to privately speak with the patient.

    " Where are my parents? My sister-"

    "They've abandoned you." The doctor paused before continuing. "You see... You remember you had an accident right? They needed to replace much of your blood...and the doctors at the other hospital made a mistake."

    Kent sat there, stiff in confusion. "Mistake? What mistake? What fuckin' mistake. The hell would my family abandon me?? ... Are you fucking with me, doc!?" He was angry and another headache came up again. He winced then caught his eyes at a mirror nearby. He had tall, black bunny ears attached to his head. Kent gasped in dismay.


    "You see....." The doctor interrupted, "You've developed rabbit-esque features ever since the surgery, and due to contamination during your blood transfusion, you underwent a phenomenal transformation. It was a grave mistake and it has cost you your rights as a normal human."

    "NO!" The whole room echoed. Kent was extremely upset and threw a tantrum, ripping out the IVs and cords attached to him as he staggered out of the hospital bed. Kent cried to himself, not wanting to accept the reality of the situation. Not only was abandoned by his family, he wasn't even able to explain to his sister his own feelings. He grew depressed and silent. He wasn't human anymore and people like him were outcasts. He lost everything without being able to do anything.

    "I might as well be dead," Kent muttered.

    "Oh no... but we have great things in store for you, Kent. You may feel like you've lost everything, but you've gained something even larger- better. We can give you what you want, even the acceptance of your dear sister- no, we can get everyone to accept you."

    Acceptance. That's exactly what Kent wanted. He hated himself, knowing that he's a very undesirable person; afterall, everyone abandoned him and this mysterious person before him seems to be the only one who took him in.

    "Where do I sign up."

    "I'm glad you asked!" The doctor smiled, snapping his fingers. Lights flashed, and the "hospital" walls collapsed. Kent found himself in a dark colored facility.

    "Welcome to Black Jack's Bunny Brigade!"

    Had a sister-complex.
    Likes toasted marshmallows.
    Smokes occasionally.
    Made his own last name since he was abandoned.
    Sexually frustrated. (lmfao)

    Kent fullbody roflaasdlfkdfds by Aetheory

    BJBB: Kent Naterium ID by Aetheory
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:bulletwhite:Points to the white faction please :3 :bulletwhite:

FOR THAT...EASTER BUNNY EVENT...thing........ yes. LOL. *glued a pair of ears on him. OTL;; why am I so bad?? LOL. Really uncreative. I should probably just go back to dying from school ughhghghrhghghgh. *headdesk.

Calcifer Astelle *Aetheory
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Really REALLY OLD. Had a small conversation with :icondaisychan710:............and this idea came up. AHAHA- ffuuuuu

Complete crack. LOL.

Broken Spade ~daisychan710
Calciver Astelle *Aetheory
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Points to :iconsparklesplz:WHITE:iconsparklesplz:


LMFAO....I SAW IT..I WAS LIKE...DAMN. I GOTTA DO IT. ROFLMFAO. So I hope you...all don't mind the lulz and giggles and me stealing your babies to stuff them into this picture.

Of course everything seems pretty OOC but..that's the best part I think HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........................


Calcifer Astelle ($$$) *Aetheory
Broken Spade (eyemask) ~Daizeh-Chan
Akarui (bunny helmet) *EtsuRyuu
Sol (chicken suit) *LuckyBlacCat
Cuore (sunglasses on the left) *takarayume

I was also listening to this [link] 2 times around HAHAHAHA....
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Commission for :iconsunny-noodle:!!
Twinsiess~ >w<
I've never had to deal with so much purple in my life, but it was a nice change. :3 Cute characters btw. NOW IF YOU'LL EXCUSE ME............................ I'll just...go to bed now. 4:22 in the morning. My back hurts. ara;ldksj;alsgkasdghasldgkj

Hope you like ieeettteteteetett :3333
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Cuz...he has his back turned ahaha;;;??????????????????????????????
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Art trade with :iconethereal-requiem: *^*
NEVERR...THE CATS...NO.... :[ *dead.
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:iconsparklesplz:Points to white!:iconsparklesplz:

Weekly Challenge No.39: Military

LMFAO..... It's hot. Then I drew "Captain" Calcifer in desert combat attire... while drinking a canteen of water... under a tent. I have no idea where I was trying to go with this HAHAHA OTL;;; I actually wanted to draw him in a fancier uniform, but I couldn't decide on a pose. Major art block ahaha.

Please bear with a hot, sweaty Calcifer. uwu;;

"This is why I like winter more... sigh..."

Calcifer Astelle *Aetheory
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