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Okay xD This is going to be the last pony for a bit, my sister is catching on that im just using her for the computer lol. I got inspiration for this pony from making jewelry ^u^ Which yesterday I made a bracelet and a pair of earrings :D

Small facts (That you do not have to use when you adopt her!): I made her with the intent that she makes homemade jewelry for ponies, likes to collect dream catchers (and occasionally create some), and likes flowy/loose clothing.

Sold!: :iconxxerisuxx: with 450 points! :D

[[I prefer points over commission and customs ((Unless I really LOVE your work!)), so if I choose a bid of points over art please don't be angry ♥]]

This auction will end Sunday, July 07, at 3:30 pm EST!


Adopt rules:

1) No stealing! (How could you be happy with yourself if you steal someone elses work! >:C)

2) Once you adopt, feel free to name them, draw them, change their looks, their outfits and so on so forth!

3) You just have to credit me on the very first picture of them, no more, that is unless you want to. c:

4) Dont Offer in the comments! Wait til I make a comment saying "Bid here for __'' then have at it! xD


Art belongs to me! I found most of the colors on the colourlovers website!

Base: [link]
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I redid my Strike Witches / My Little Pony character comparisons.

Sanya / Luna ~ both are operate at night.  I can see Luna keeping Sanya company while she's on her night patrols.

Charlotte / RD ~ the speedsters and "awesome" member of the team.

Gertrud / AJ ~ both are very strong and proud but also stubborn and tend to show their pride at a given chance.

Perrine / Rarity ~ drama queens and both are generious, especially for Perrine in Season 2.

Mio / Spitfire ~ Drill-saregent and usually expect others to push their limits and show their true strength.  Can be seen as mean and arrogant, but does show meaningful kindness at times.

Yoshika / TS ~ the main character and adorkable.  Starts out not wanting to do with friends / war, but learns that they have a place among those they meet and destiny to fulfill.

Minna / Celestia ~ leaders.  They are presented a motherly-type characters who have hearts of kindness and care deeply for those under them.  When provoked, they can become mean and ready to put up a strong fight.

Lynette / Fluttershy ~ soft-spoken, animal lovers.  Considered the weak-links and grossly underestimated by the others.  

Erica / PP ~ comic-relief.  Act like children and love to eat sweets.  

Francesca / Scootaloo ~ the kid who wants to be the best.

Eila / Zecora ~ both are into mystical things.  While Zecora speaks in rhyme to explain her methods, Eila uses tarot cards.

Neuroi / Changelings ~ both are capable of shape-shifting and naturally a black color.  They operation out of hives.

I know these aren't perfect comparisons.  Just having some fun.  However, with these comparisons, that leads to some interesting things in regards the pairings that occur in Strike Witches.

Rarity has a crush on Spitfire O_o
Zecora and Luna are somewhat in a romantic relationship and Zecora will everything to protect Luna.  That's a ship no one has ever done.
Twilight and Fluttershy flirt with each other.
Twilight is obsessed with boobs. :p
AJ gets frustrated with PP's laziness.
Spitfire and Princess Celestia have a hinted relationship. 
Spitfire is training Twilight??

Strike Witches and its' characters (c) Humikane Shimada
MLP (c) Hasbro

Luna vector by :iconhopskocz:
Raindow Dash vector by :iconnethear:
Applejack vector by :iconpatekoro:
Rarity vector by :iconuxyd:
Spitfire vector by :iconready2fail:
Twilight vector by :iconhankofficer:
Celestia vector by :iconmihaaaa:
Fluttershy vector by :icontakua770:
Pinkie Pie vector by :icondashiespet:
Scootaloo vector by :iconshnakes:
Zecora vector by :iconhawk9mm:
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Offer to adopt these cutie pies XD
Cause I suck at pricing :I
I suck at everything (D

Offer points, art, adoptables, customs, designs, ANYTHING really XD

#First row#

Trixie/Beauty Brass~=Demoqhobia


Apple Cobbler/Berry Icicle~

#Second row#

Truffle Shuffle/Apple Cider~


Dizzy Twister/Flam~

#Third Row#


Aloe/Powder Rouge~

Alley Way/Nurse Redheart~

Note that I do no support most of these ships, they were made from
this generator ^^~[link]

The cute base >;3)~[link]
By :iconthunder-waffles:
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...There's not much to say.
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MLP;FiM is owned by "Hasbro" and "Lauren Faust"

Feel free to use it - if you like my work.
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It says "Don't make fun of Ozzy Osbourne or he'll bite your head off too!" XD LMFAO Feel free to use this stamp as you please.

Ozzy Osbourne = :heart:

:star: Just fav it if you are to use it! Thank you! ^_^

(c) Kiley Vargo :iconhouselurver11:

I used :iconcenakuu:'s stamp template here: [link]

Made in GIMP 2.6 ... I think.
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These are for *Sarahostervig, I hope you like them!
:star:Thanks! Please read this:
-DONT RESELL. If you no longer want your pony, you can return it to me to be re-sold. :3
-PLEASE give me feedback on this~ I'd love to know what you really think.
-I'd really rather you not change the colors.
-You can tweak the mane style if it's not really what you were imagining.
-Remember that you pay me 20:points: for your pony. ^^
MLP FiM is copyright to Hasbro. The base is by ~Bases-4-Bronies. These ponies now belong to *Sarahostervig, no stealing!
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winners will be announced in journal

You may only try for 1
you may only submit 1 entry
yes, you may use bases.
you may not change gender or name.
no complaining about winners
you don't need to ask, just tell me who you're entering for
while commenting, say "derpeh hoovez" so I know you read this


draw your chosen foal as an adult, invent a cutie mark, and give a personality + (optional) backstory


1. whoopsy wings (ponnet x dizzy twister)

:icongigithehedgiekitty: ----->
:iconsaika1: ----->

2. birdsong (rarity x fluttershy)

:iconchocolatechipfrappe: -----> chocolatechipfrappe.deviantart…

3. glory days (sunset shimmer x Trixie lulamoon)

:iconsilent-dawnocs: ----->
:iconsilverwing101: ----->…

4.sweet strings (lyra heartstrings x sweetie drops)

:iconmagicclan: ----->…
X:iconikayla33:X (account suspended)

base by :iconsarahmfighter:
mlp fim and all characters used :iconfyre-flye:

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Adopts, adopts, adopts. 
I just felt like it. ;-;


- She is a mare.
- Backstory x Cutie are up to you.
- Hair is gradient dyed, the original colour is the pink.
- Ribbon can be switched from a hair tie to a scarf.
- She is a earth pony.
- Upon purchase, when you figure a backstory and special talent, I will add the cutiemark you desire onto the ref sheet and her name.


- Post on the comment below marked 'Bid Here' to bid. 
- Do not steal this design in anyway!
- You can change him as much as you please when you purchase him. 
- You only have to credit me for the design once. 
- If you pay with points you will be paying with premium content and get the ref version. 


SB: 500 :points: / $5
Minimum Increase: 50 :points: / $0.50 
AB: 3000 points / $30.00 ( Since I'd rather have this as a long auction. )
HB: Hyperion-inc - AB

( Ends Sunday: April 27th @ 12 Midnight )… )
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Draw to adopt!
2 of these ponies are reserved for :iconmegashadowmew: and :iconvagitarrious: who don't have to draw them
When they pick, the rest are for free if you draw them.
Limit of one per person!
When your drawing is done, link it back to me so you can claim your pony.
just fill out:
Short bio:
Why you want it:

1. 1 pony per person!
2. No reselling!
3. don't steal any!
4. you MAY use a base or lineart for your drawing! (except for this one)
5. Enjoy your pony and draw him/her often!

base belongs to owner

pony 1.
pony 2. CLOSED
pony 3. CLOSED
pony 4. 1 entry
pony 5. CLOSED
pony 6. CLOSED
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