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For :iconcombo-lock:

ID: #BHS2030

*Name: Ryker Faronn
Nickname: Ryke
*Level: 1
*Age: 18
*DOB: January 16th
*Gender: Male
*Race: Human
*Division: East Cauraha School
Height:180.34 cm (5’11ft)

“Call me weak, and I’ll kill you.”
“That’s not what your mom said last night.”
“See that window over there? You’ll be flying through it in the next 10 seconds.”

- Tends to stay quiet, but when he speaks, things tend to come out slightly more offensive then he initially wants them to be.
- Belligerent and easily provoked
-Tenacious in what he does if it’s something he enjoys.
-Better with beasts than he is with Humans; maybe because humans are a lot more punch worthy.
-Is sensitive when it comes to insults; WILL tackle you out a window if you diss his mother.

-Mechanic field work/ fixing things|-Monsters|-His uncle|-People who can put up with his behavior|-horsing around/physical activities and sports|petting monsters/fluffy things.
-Having his hair ruffled|-Liars|-His uncle|-people who act like saints |Being weak/ being called weak/weak people| Assholes like himself|

-Has the incredible capability of being able to tackle people out of windows and not get hurt in the process. (Either he’s really lucky, or he just has a really hard head)
-Can fix (almost) anything. (toasters,vehicles, guns, ect.) But whenever he fails, he fails horribly, usually ending up in a miniature explosion.

All Ryker remembers from his childhood is from the age 7 and up. Before then it’s just a big blank. He knows it happened, but no memories seem to fit. It was apparent that most of that time was spent traveling with his mother. Upon his 8th birthday, both people were safely settled in with Ryker’s uncle, His mother’s brother. Her name was Annabel, and she was the youngest of four children, Ryker’s uncle being the second oldest. At best, Ryker was a troubled child; and even at his young age, was constantly getting in fights with other children. His situation at home did not help this; Shortly after arriving, Ryker’s mother was bedridden with an unexplainable illness. Her mental state began to worsen rapidly in the span of a year. Towards the end of this illness, Annabel would ramble on and on about another child, seemingly having forgotten Ryker was her son at all. She would call out a young girl’s name in the night, and not recognize when her son was by her side. By the end of their second year with their uncle, Ryker’s mother died. The boy was left alone to live with his uncle, whom sadly, did not get along well with him. Aidenn, His uncle, Did try his best, but Ryker wasn’t really the shyest most docile child, so the two had no problem at all yelling their faces off at eachother. Regardless of their constant fights, Aidenn was the closest that ever came to a father figure; Ryker believed that his real father had ditched him and his mom the second he found out that he was going to be a dad. Aidenn never said anything other than a few words before continuing what he was doing again.....From the time Ryker started living with his uncle, Aidenn made him help out with the Monsters and occasionally with handling some tools when he needed help. As the boy got older, his tasks got more demanding; Alas so did his temperament. Borderline delinquent, it was almost necessary for the two relatives to yell at each other non-stop. Aidenn thought that it was his greatest priority to keep Ryker in school no matter what, thinking that it might get him some place other than the beat up and dangerous neighborhood they lived in.

-Ryker's Uncle owns a Mechanic shop/garage and a small Monster breeding business that has been in the family for an undefined amount of time.
-Though he's a mechanic, Ryker learned most of his moves from his uncle. (Ex. How to "protect" himself in a fight, and not let the opponent do the same.)
-Ryker has a surprising affinity with taking care of and making bonds with monsters. Usually, interactions with them is his only emotional outlet.

Prior Ownership: Dual Katars, His clothing (including arm gaurds, waist guard, etc.)
Store Bought:N/A


*Contract Availability: not looking.

*Powers: Monster Tamer

Weapon: Monsters (or in dire cases, his katars)

Battling Style: Tends to run in without thinking if the odds look even slightly favorable, but is very good about where he aims his fists. Most of his fights are against fellow humans, so he’s never trying to kill anyone. When in a life or death situation, Ryker will use his Katars, although he has been taught more defensive stances then anything.

Fullbody Close Up:[link]

[Main Theme] [link]
[Battle Theme][link]
[Sad Theme] [link]
[Happy Theme] [link]
[Memories] [link]
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For the group :iconcombo-lock:

Man, am I glad that I didn't get in on the first enrolment......that first app version of Caius was too horrible! :iconmingplz:
So yeah, changed a lot of stuff...mostly the now it looks less derp. OTL


Name: Caius
Age: 1,400 [28]
DOB: December 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 7" ft

Level: 1
Race: Pandemonian
Division: Violence Circle

- Arrogant: He know fully well of his strength, and sure as hell are proud of it. Thinking himself as of higher importance, he sometimes belittles others for his own amusement.
- Short tempered: He's easy to anger and often gets into fights over the smallest things.
- Violent: Prefers to settle things with his fists rather than words.
- Social and humorous: Despite all the traits mentioned above, he's actually quite social if he has taken a liking to you or if you interest him in "some way". He then tend to joke around or flirt with you.
- Slow: Though most would refer to him as stupid. Brawns and no brains, as they say.
- Crude: He's very blunt and doesn't really "sugar coat" his choice of words. Tends to swear often as well.

- Hunting
- Meat
- Alcohol
- Sleeping around
- Teasing "weakling humans"

- Know-it-alls
- Vegetables
- Sweets
- Heavy thinking stuff

- Massive strength
- Keen senses
- Unwavering determination, though most would call it stubbornness

Caius was born and raised in a happy family setting, living with his mother and father. Though the environment was harsh and the battles were many, they managed to get by. But in a world such as this...happiness is a very fleeting thing. His parents both feel in battle in a dispute with a larger group, leaving their son behind....alone.

As the years passed though, using the teachings from his father, he was able to live a decent life out in the wilds. Without being shown any kindness nor sympathy. Treated harshly and as a easy target by every being he came to meet. No child can stay innocent in such harsh environment. No, it made him stronger, fiercer, mature. No longer where there a sweet little child, instead there was a brutish warrior.

- Becomes very social when he's drunk. Laughing, joking around and hard to anger at all.....but also can get quite "rowdy" so approach with caution.
- Rumours about his reputation of cannibalistic tendencies are often spread around. How much of this that is true though, one might never know.
- The shackles are proof of an earlier short-lived imprisonment. Keeps them still on for his own amusement of how it makes him look even more intimidating.
- The crystal necklace he wears is a highly priced possession of his, seemingly linked to a part of his past. Don't expect him to be talking about it any time soon though, unless you have managed to get close to him.

[Update] Inventory//
Prior Ownership: Crystal Necklace [See info in Trivia]
Store Bought:

[Log Sequence] Battling//

Contract Availability: Available. But don't expect him to quickly agree on the idea.

Health: 120
Magic: 30
Attack: 210
Defense: 90
Speed: 50

Inhuman strength and stamina: Since his birth he's been able to harness an bodily strength that by far surpasses that humanly possible. Even without his muscular physique, he'd be able to lift things far over his own body weight.
Linked to this is also an stamina that is fuelled by the strength inside him. Being able to last for quite a while.

Weapon: None, fights using his bare hands and claws alone.

Battling Style: Puts everything he has to every singleattack, smashing down on his opponent. Rather than using tactics or thinking ahead, he tends to rush directly into battle with heavy offensive attacks. His arrogance leading to many flaws, as it often leads to him having openings and are easily read in his attacking patterns.
He has a quite sturdy body and good defence. But his slower speed might let him be hit often.

"Ye look tasty...."
"Ye look scrawny, not even good as a quick snack."
"Lill' Red, those are not the only ones that are big~"

Themes: - [Will be updated later on]
[Main Theme]
[Battle Theme]
[Sad Theme]
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     ♚ General info



    Pallas Solemn Whisper


     Athena [ Her actual name ]



    Date of Birth

    13th of November














    Clock staff





    HP 250


    MGK 35


    ATK 205


    DEF 110


    SPD 270


    ♚ Personal


    A very long time ago she had a sibling called 'Pallas' also, Who was her little sister,the Pallas we know now had a different name...'Athena'

    this is why she is called Pallas now...


    her sister was very young, and had the same genetic disease that her mother had,the disease that killed her mother just the same.

    Athena knew that young Pallas one day would have her slow time to die as well...

    Athena was ruined by the thought of this...


    Athena wanted to have beautiful last memories of her sister before she died, Pallas wanted to learn how to become a knight...

    Athena tried to show her how to fight with a sword even though she had never used one before.

    they fought hard and brutal.

    Athena was so proud of her sister and imagined the warrior she could become if she was not destined to die...

    while thinking of this she made a stupid, reckless move...


    and stabbed Pallas in the chest.


    Pallas died that day, but not the peaceful way Athena thought she would.

    she died by the bloody tip of her own sisters sword.

    after that Athena took the name of her sister Pallas, in honour of her sister and how she wanted to make people think that Pallas lived on.


    not much after that is known about her past, except she has an older brother who is the only one who knows Pallas's real name...




    Appears to be emotionless but if you know sign language or if she talks to you telepathically, you would know she is a really, / really/ straight forward, serious type of person

    And she definitely doesn't like to stick around people who are unprofessional.

    She is very critical and first impressions are EVERYTHING for her. She is too sophisticated for her own good so at times she can be a total snob.

    Her actions appear gentle and her fighting style is calm and beautiful but her tongue is bitter.


    The reason why she is so sour is to do with the fact that she feels she puts people in danger like she did to her sister and doesn't want to hurt anyone ever again, so she scares people away before she can become friends.



    ♚ Clocks

    ♚ Telling disturbing poetry

    ♚ Sleeping on sky scrapers

    ♚ The smell of the ocean

    ♚ Making jewellery out of rocks and stones



    ♚ being immobile

    ♚ heavy armour

    ♚ Shoes

    ♚ bumping into things most of the time

    ♚ Crowds

    ♚ People in general

    ♚ Her neck wings, they get in the way, are itchy and she cant even fly with them


     ♚ POWERS





    Uses her mind to communicate to those who do not know how to respond to sign language.



    Level 1


    Description-- User is able to create an illusion of something the target hates/dislikes/fears


    Invisibilis Supellectilem

    Level 1


    Description-- Using a bit of Magic, caster is able to summon a small piece of furniture, may exist or come from his own mind, to be used for several uses. *Objects will now appear visible to any outsider's eyes. **Objects may  



    Level 1


    Description-- Shoots a small snowball that damages and slows the target down for 10mins.


    Nivis Angelo

    level 1


    Description-- Grants user the ability to fly for 15mins. *Overuse may cause temporary stun on user.



    level 1


    Description-- More Block against two incoming hits. *May break in the first attack if enemy's base Attack is bigger than user's total Defence.


    contract availability

    She is able to contract, but keep in mind she's very picky and r00d god don't contract her she sucks



     Prior Ownership

    a cameo necklace given to her by her brother


    " . . . "




    Battling Style

    she fights almost like she's dancing, and dodges like a child running from rain. she is extremely swift and light footed. unfortunately she crashes into a lot of things making herself hurt before she can even attack.



    ♚ she is blind and deaf and only speaks with her hands or uses telepathy , she's way too embarrassed to talk verbally since she can't hear how she even speaks out loud


    ♚ she senses where she is with her feet so she never wears shoes, with her feet covered, she feels like she's even blinder than she already is.


    ♚ Also she is very light footed so she thinks if she wore shoes it would make her slower.


    ♚ she loves clocks, looooooves clocks--- she likes to hold them and feel their ticking heartbeat sensation.

    it is remotely the only thing she feels like she can actually hear by touch.


    ♚ she has grey Bird wings on her neck, which annoy the heck out of her and she thinks of them as an 'inconvenient mutation'. She can't even fly with them


    ♚ she likes to make poetic but intimidating quotes to scare people off, even though she isn't even that scary or really much of a challenge....

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> u < First off, the characters are absolutely GORGEOUS. Loved their design off the bat. But I digress.

These are Shirubani's OCs, Veise and Devia, for her contest, which can be found here:  CONTEST OC [OPEN] 3500 points + DEADLINE EXTENDED  【OC CONTEST OPEN <3】

END : 9 august
( Remember that this maybe extended )
I wanted just see my ocs draw by so much people...
This is my first contest >w< I hope that you will beinterested ... And sorry for my bad english...
I'm just a little child  ( I'm 15 years old don't judge me plz  )

Also I hope to have at least 15 entries. Let's me dream ! I left a lot of time that way everyone can participate.

It was fantastic fun for me to draw them! ; v ; Adorable and beautiful pair of characters that they are.


Now that I'm done rambling about them -deep breath-

First off, I wanted to play off the idea that they're a pairing. So... What better way to show that than to have them dancing together? Under their likes and dislikes, they most certainly had each other in them. So... Why not play up the adorable couple thing even more? Then Veise had the fact he likes the ocean... Sooo this picture was born :D

Just imagine them dancing at a party (for just the two of them or with their friends, who knows!) to the music that's playing in the background~ I went with the party idea to include the lanterns, just because I thought it'd be fun to draw and it'd look cool ; v ;

Anyways, before I ramble anyone's ear off anymore than I already have, I'll just let you guys enjoy!

Also on Tumblr!

Veise and Devia © Shirubani 
Art © Me!

Wanna commission me? Click here for more information!
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3rd year high school room?! It looks more like 3rd year elementary school room :iconimboboplz:

I had no ideia what order I should follow, then I remembered when the photographer says to the students "the smaller in the front" so... Yeah, height order~
And Ruuka's height in the app includes her ahoge:iconminghideplz: I guess I should've mentioned that before... //weep

If there is any height error, blame google :I
I'm only used to measuring using cm Q A Q
Oh, and Souta is in the wrong place because... I'm a dumb //sob

Most of them are wearing winter uniforms even it's summer dfadadfsdsasas And Ruuka is one of them aksjsak
So many characters butchered in just one drawing ;u;
Oh, I'm beating my own records :icongtthplz:

Points for swords.
:iconmmmarastaff: used
45 000 MP earned ( 15 000 x 3 )

I started it before the activity check and etc, is this an issue? :iconthisisawfulplz:

Noel Expostio :iconalgolagnie:
Ruuka Tsukatani :iconamaya-neko-chan:
Lia Kanegawa :iconritzueli:
Eliza Afertay :iconblupo:
Seito Nakano :iconhaifischhime:
Ryouichi Takehiko :iconj-anubis:
Kllein Marchais :iconleonaru:
Haneul Moon :icontokyopony:
Akira Tsukiyomi :iconnaopichii:
Beleth Ivanov :iconlijon:
Enishi Shirayuki :iconnichikii:
Arashi Miyazaki, Kazuki Mizuyama :iconlacelazier:
Lucius DeAngelo :iconnokomento:
Tsuyoshi Souta :iconguialou:
Michiko Toyoda :icondctb:
Alfei Nanatsuyoru :iconmiragev:
Himiya Michiyuki :iconsarachu:
Teruko Asai :iconprince-cheche:
Takiko Moriyama :iconkyacchi:
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:bulletred: Name: Cassabei Rosenbark
:bulletred:Age: 17
:bulletred:Gender: Female
:bulletred:Height: 5'3''
:bulletred:Home Area: Cirque des Jouets
:bulletred:Job: Tightrope Walker
:bulletred:Toy: Dog Wind-up Toy

:bulletred:History: Cassabei was a mess-up. She was a wind-up toy, a dog wind-up toy. She was supposed to bark or sing a doggy song once you wind her up, but instead she meowed and sang a kitty song. Because of this, it was hard for her to get a family. She was finally bought for a cheap price to a man for his daughter's birthday.

The girl adored her, taking her everywhere. She loved her hair and her uniqueness. She'd wind Cassabei up every night and listen to her song and fall asleep. Cassabei loved the girl and was happy in the girl's arms.

One day, the family went to a circus... The girl and her doll were fascinated by so many things, especially the show. The girl especially, all the tricks were pure eye-candy for her. She lost hold of Cassabei and forgot about her, leaving her at the circus.

A tightrope walker found the doll and searched for its owner, but to no avail. He decided to keep her, calling her pup. He noticed the wind on her and started winding her up and heard her song and instantly loved her. "A unique doll like you should have a name" And with that, he went thinking. He then came up with the name Cassabei Rosenbark.

She adored her name and her new owner even more. The man, like the girl before him, took her everywhere. He changed her from her previous clothes that were muddy from the dirty, messy ground and gave to her a casual tan dress. He made sure she looked beautiful, made sure she was perfect. Cassabei adored him as much as he did her.

She was fascinated with his job, a tightrope walker, the best in the group. He was ambitious, and made sure the crowd was entertained. Cassabei never noticed at first, but she saw how dangerous it was. He was taking a risk, he was risking his life to entertain, and this horrified her. But she couldn't do anything about it...

One day, he went too far, below him was a burning net. Something happened and the rope gave way, and he died.

Something inside her broke, she couldn't grasp what had happened and all the happiness that she had slipped away.

A bratty girl found her and ruined her blonde hair dying most of it brown and cutting her long, wavy hair short. Everything seemed so difficult, and everything so worthless.... but.... she'd dream of the circus.... and.... that tightrope... and wanted more than anything to be happy day, she woke up in the island, not knowing how she got there...

:bulletred:Personality: Cassabei keeps to herself most of the time out of fear of getting hurt again. She does what she needs to do and won't object to any task she has to do. She's straight with answers and won't talk unless spoken to. She likes to keep away from any trouble but will jump to help if she thinks she's truly needed. She will almost never strike up a conversation with anyone she doesn't know well. She doesn't like to talk about herself or her problems because she doesn't want to get too close to anyone. What happens always sticks to her and will remember you for what you've done. She is a very depressing girl if you don't get close to her. However, if you befriend her you'll sometimes see how hopeful she truly is. The things she does have meaning and all she wants is to be as good as her beloved master at the tightrope. And if you manage to become really close, she'll start looking out for you and even stick up for you. All in all, Cassabei has a good heart in her, but you just need to look for it.

:bulletred:Additional Info:
-Cassabei is secretly a good singer, but you never hear her sing by her will unless you wind her up, forcing her to sing, but she hopes you never touch her in that way.
-She is very artistic and all the pictures that she has are her pieces.
-She is an amateur at her job, but works very hard to be as good as the rest of them.
-She is terrified of heights, yet she is a tightrope walker.
-She is a tightrope walker because she loved her owner so much that she wants to show the world that she belonged to a great tightrope walker and she is as good as him.
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adoptable one, auction ends midnight, hungarian time (today)

please read the info D: !

I accept cash (paypal) and Points

min bid: 3 $ / 300 Points
min inc.: 1 $ / 100 Points

belongs to :iconmarushi-dracul:

Rules: No reselling or claiming that you drew the original design/drawing + please credit me when needed
and don't change the design <333 thank youu

Drawing (c) me
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This is my entry for :iconstar-adoptables:Star-Adoptables's contest! :D

The topic of the contest was to create a mascot for the group. ^^ The theme was sky and stars themed... I think I kinda incorporated it. -she clears her throat- Lemme explain o v o

First off... I took their icon and tried to go with it. ^^ Why go and make a new character and have to change the icon too?

As for the theme itself, I tried to go through and make her outfit the same colors. I went with a midnight purple like my 3ds and threw in some stars here and there. The clouds in the sky take place as the ruffles, and there are sequence as the stars on her dress. ^^

I really tried to incorporate the idea that she's eye catching yet easy to draw. TT u TT;; If she's too difficult the stars and what not can go.

Here's to hoping it works! :D

If it doesn't win I might keep her as my own |D
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Edit: I decided to offer this adopt in either this color scheme or the pink one found here [link]. Again it will only be offered as a single character so if this one is bought the pink one is no longer for sale.

This is a character I made loosely based off of my OC Celery who I'm going to adopt out. I'm just seeing what sort of interest is shown in these little guys before I go making them a species.

For now this little creature is genderless much like Celery. So feel free to dress it however you want when you own it.

Excuse my newness to adopts! I've looked at some other before this so I'll be doing my best.

:bulletblue: Bid starts at $5.00 USD
:bulletblue: Minimum bid is in $1.00 increments
:bulletblue: DO not resell. ; - ;
:bulletblue: Insta buyout is $40.00
:bulletblue: Bidding stops 1 week after the first bid
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