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  Quite a few people have asked me why I hate the insufferable wretch that is Justin Bieber as much as I do. Well, it’s not just his horrible music that makes me burn with an extreme hatred every time I even hear about him. There’s a rather sad story behind this.

   About two or three years ago, when he was in his major prime, (which was about the time I first got into anime, and this will come into the story later.) I had a friend. I shall only refer to her as “Marlene”* for now. I knew Marlene for many years, and we rode the bus together. Marlene was a tomboy at the time. She was one of the best soccer players I knew, and she was amazing at drumming. And then, that fateful day arrived. She was using her phone on the bus, and I couldn’t help but glance over at her wallpaper. To my utter disbelief, it was a picture of Justin Bieber. I asked her, “Hey, did your little sister mess with your phone or something? You may want to check your wallpaper.” She simply replied with, “I know. What’s wrong with it?” I was confused. I never would’ve imagined that she, of all people, would even take notice of someone like him. She usually listened to  rock music, like Smashing Pumpkins or Iron Maiden. I was a bit unnerved by this, but little did I know, this small thing would end up changing us both, possibly forever.
After this, Marlene started changing. And I mean, drastic changes. Her typical outfit before this consisted of something like this: An old, baggy t-shirt, sweatpants or basketball shorts, and sneakers. Her hair was always in a messy ponytail. She began wearing her hair down, which confused me. I noticed she was wearing skinny jeans to school now and Ugg boots. Now I started getting worried. I was able to talk to her less and less on the bus, which only would drive a bigger rift between us. I changed a bit too, wearing more punk/goth clothing and keeping my hair pulled back, out of my face. Whenever I would bring up the subject of her drastic and sudden changes, Marlene would get a bit angry.  She seemed to like me less and less with each passing day.  And then anime came into my life. This made me feel even more awkward around her, since we couldn’t relate that into our lives. Marlene changed even more. Before I knew it, she was wearing makeup and hanging more and more around the “girly” girls, the ones she said she would never even go near before this. When I talked to her little sister, June*, about what could’ve been causing this, she simply said, “Well, I dunno but if you ask me, I think it was that Justin guy, the singer.  She’s been blasting his music through the house right before all this happened, and she won’t stop. I guess his music really hit her hard.”  

  And at that moment, I knew it. These changes weren’t just her “experimenting” or “peer pressure.” They were because of him. Marlene stopped talking to me all together after a while. She would ignore my existence completely, except when she was laughing at me getting made fun of.  Which happened quite a lot that year, since I was the “weird girl” and not very many others that I knew of liked anime.  This year in school, we’re in the same gym class. She still ignores me, even when I try to talk to her. It’s less common for me to get made fun of now, but when I do, she still laughs and once joined in. Sometimes I wonder if she misses me. Hell, I wonder if she even remembers me. I don’t know. What I do know is that when we see each other during classes or in the halls or on the bus, a small pain comes into my heart and I remember all that once was, and what will probably never be again. And every time I see that wicked bastard Justin Bieber, or even hear his name mentioned, I cringe and bitter anger fills me. For without him, maybe Marlene and I would still be friends… Maybe..
This is, sadly enough, a true story. I wish it wasn't though. I lost a friend because of that son of a bitch and I don't think I'll ever get her back. I wish there was something I could've done to keep our friendship...
*Name changed to protect the identity of those involved.
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When I am alone
in the darkness of my room,
Sleep is approaching,
but my mind's a labyrinth too
I navigate the pathways
trying to understand:
How in a room so empty,
lonely I never am
Are you alone, or lonely?
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I broke every bone in my body
so I could have a reason to drown
in the isolated ocean inside me.

And then,
when my dilapidated lungs finally caved in,
I swam ashore and crawled across the polluted sand.

Only glass-edged skin
and salt-licked eyelashes
can help me now.
Another prompt from *DearPoetry's NaPoWriMo list [link]. This time it's number eighteen. And now I'm really beginning to think I should have participated in NaPoWriMo because I've been having the need to let off some steam and this is a good way for me to do it.

Anyway. This one is short and sweet. Actually, more like briny. Haha, pun.

If only inspiration for poems/stories would come to me when I needed them and not when I was feeling sorry for myself.

Edit: Holy shit. Front page.
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We are deepened by our dark souls, sealed within the bloody and banished scrolls.

Damned by the morning and by the light, our eyes lurk gloomily in the path of night.

We whisper tears throughout your sight, paralyzing your intelligence and fear of flight.

Alas flight is what you truly need, hence why your fate is for us to read.

In the air your body is thrown, whisked upon the dead; let your soul hear them moan.

Thrust forth and forgotten by the stain of blood, absorb the monstrosity from within the flood.

Bested by glasses and long dark coat, your flesh reeks a stench; thou shall be thrown in the moat.

Left to freeze and burn from the flames, thou is forevermore forgotten; the end of our games.
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'What's life?' she asked, too eagerly.
You can see a lot by just looking. ~Yogi Berra


Hooray, a new Six Word Story! :dummy:
I don't see it as an achievement though. I like the story, but I already had the idea for a while. :noes: So I finally wrote it down and posted it. :3 What else can you do when you're sick? XD

I love Philosophy. I learn about it in Philosophy class at school, for about a year now. I love thinking about controversial things in another light and questioning big issues. About love, life, death, cultures.... It's great, especially if you already have a creative side. :)

The story is basically about a philosophy teacher who is new at teaching, and he just started his job. But one time, he can't answer a girl's question, simply because of the emotion behind it. :)
Don't really have anything to say more...

That's it! :) If you liked it, please comment/fav! Thanks for viewing, and reading! :)

:heart: ~OnceUponAUsername

P.S. ''she'' can also be ''he''. I didn't know which one was better. :)
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a spider weaves
his silver lies on my
front door, and i
walk right in;
the flies laugh
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In sleep my heart goes restless
No longer do I wish to forget,
Passing mem’ries rendered formless
Olden phantoms that I’d grown to regret

How droll is it not that in time I find respite,
Though with each tick I leave part of myself behind?
Trapped am I not in an ever losing fight
Of morbid recollection which with death is intertwined?

Ignorance is no longer a blissful factor
Nor is it the way that my path treads
In a quest of recollection through a shattered mirror
Only to rue what has past long before I’m dead

And when death tolls, its bell brings acceptance
Preceded by the creeping tendrils of inevitable oblivion
Then the pain which grasps with mournful tolerance
Ending the madness, leaving no more than a mere vision

Waking up my heart feels callously empty
No longer do I recall the past night
Though by some odd reason I know I’ve dreamt aplenty,
Perhaps, just lost forevermore to the blight
So I'm trying to write a poem everyday, something random that I pulled out from the back of my mind :)
CRITIQUE ME PLEASE :) I want to hear what you guys think of what I write :)
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Some insanity helps keep you sane.
My Entry for the :iconsixwordstories: Self Portrait Mini Contest.

The object of the contest is to portary an aspect of youself in 6 words.
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(This is a creature in my mythos that I have created. Go to my DA for more information on my Mythos, and travel into my Gallery to find stories involving my creatures!)

Name: Culgu, The Summoner

Age: Estimated 50,000

Gender: Female presumably

Location/Area of transport: Intergalactic (Nearing Universal/Multiversal)

Description: Preview Picture Above^

Ability: Culgu, is a summoner of Biological-construct in its very essence. It has the distinct ability to to physically extract the make-up of any organism with such, and turn it into it's own. For example: For theoretical purpose, lets say the creature extracted from a flower, henceforth the flower could sprout from whence the make-up was harness, Culgu. Now, as that being the example, it can go far beyond that of a flower, and to even the most cognitive or ascended beings with the biological-essence. Also, Culgu has the ability to manifest creatures of the bio-essence from his own being, a sort of summoning from the collective-make-up of bio-material. (Cognitive-control of the summoned is also within the abilities of the force.) To add upon the pile of ability the 'ascended' obtains, it can also construct new creatures, creations if you will, out of the individual make-up it had obtained throughout the span of time, and its own ascension.

Personality: This creature, of the name Culgu, is a creature of confrontation. (One who thrives so!)Confrontation, whether it be good, or bad is what Culgu (It's abilities as well!) quenches its being on. (For the confrontation often ends well in the witty, cunning and sly Culgu's favor. Power, knowledge or ascension wise.) Culgu, has become quite the force of reckoning with constant confrontation, greed and cunning. Ascension in knowledge, and power has become quite plausible (and attained) with this creature, but often dooms it to fail to see its own ant-like level.

History: To be seen in my stories.
As stated, this is the WIP Bio I have created for a creature in my mythos. Visit my DA and, Gallery for relevant information and stories.
Note: I did not do the visual. :iconsasha-sunshine: did. Check out their work!
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I really hate the way she lies. She says she’ll listen, but she won’t. She promises she’ll be there, but she isn’t. She tells me it wasn’t her, but it was. I don’t hate her you know. I just hate everything she is, everything she does. Her smug smile. Her mud brown hair. Her green eyes with a drop of evil. The way she knows how to hurt me. The way she can make me cry. The way she likes it. She knows me too well. She knows how to hurt me. Knowledge is power and power corrupts. She’s the most corrupt person I know.

But I can’t hate her; not entirely. After all, hating yourself isn’t healthy.

Wrote this a writing workshop and edited it quite heavily.

Critiques or advice appreciated.
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