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"Temporal flux is a phenomenon whereby an object is phased out of of the spacetime continuum, and can cause temporal displacement."

Graphics by : :iconmagicnaanavi:

Audio by:       :iconaegissystems:

A collaboration project with my Totally Terrific (and Tremendously Talented) Teammate, MagicnaAnavi who has managed (without being aware of it) to push my audio production abilities well beyond their previous limits, and boost local coffee sales.

Graphics artist's comments:

Photoshop cs3 +wacom intuos4, reference purchased from

brushes from: z-design and Jaaaiiro

Original size: 6224x3535 300dpi

All my work is copyrighted and may NOT be used without my written and expressed permission.


Audio Download:

Temporal Flux (Undroid Edit) [remastered and overall better version]:


Bandcamp (including lossless download):…

MP3 download:


Originally featured here:…



Note: Since I've seen both the music and text quotes (of which I'm the author) pop up all over the net - I don't mind if you decide to post stuff wherever, though at least make a link back to this page and let me know when you do, thanks.
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Photoshop and Flash CS5, Wacom Intuos4. (2012)
Move your mouse over the picture and you can fly.
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Splash page for the ESports Professional League (


Button sounds by Aaron Talbert
Background ambience courtesy of Zweipro Media [link]
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My first Avatar-inspired deviation! :la: yeah, only took like - a year and a half, but the timing seemed right and hopefully this turned out to be what is arguably one the the coolest pieces inspired by that movie anyone will ever see :bow:

:bulletred: Scroll down to zoom in
:bulletyellow: Scroll up to zoom out.
:bulletgreen: Or use Shift or Control keys to do either.
:bulletblue: Click and drag to look around.

I could have gone for a ground view showing one of the many epic landscapes. But that can always be done later. I don't see much of the space scene seen very early on in the film, so that combined with the fact I promised many people my next 360 "Vue It" work was going to be a space one just meant it was the right theme to choose. It was at least lighter in polygon count than my first two that were very "tree-heavy" bumping their polygon counts into the several millions which resulted in countless crashes. Still had a fair amount with this but comparatively not as bad so bouts of swearing while making this was minimal ;)

As for technical aspects, this was testing a version of Vue that can't actually render planets to its limits, that along with clever use of postwork allowed me to simulate a pretty authentic looking world below the viewer anyway. Rendering would have taken eons for me and so I got help, so I'll jump to credits for help before continuing:
:la: ~SOULSSHINE Did the rendering after I made the scene, took WAY too long on my comp.
:la: ~Smattila exported it into this Flash format after I had completed all the artwork.
Anyway, this required constant hopping between Vue 7 and Photoshop as some areas needed to be painted on and then brought back into the 3D world again to be rendered with the right amount of distortion and then composed in Photoshop again etc. I won't ramble on, Ill just say it was as hard to do as it looks, so just enjoy it! :lol:

:bulletpurple: Others in the "Vue It" series:
Vue it - Pine Shrine
Vue it - Christmas Village
Vue It - Holiday House

All artwork and animations in my gallery are my copyrighted property and are not to be used without my permission, this includes any screenshots of parts of the scene.
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Randomly generated image - Click on the text to generate a new set
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Ok so first of all this is NOT MY ART, I simply Animated it,

Screensaver for those that want it.

*Update* Did a slight edit to add a little more movement to Malik.

I had some free time and although I have other half finished animations to get on with this one was screaming at me to be 1-2 days and be done.

This is one of the official art pieces by Eidos.
The Music is 06. "And away We Go" from the official OST
And the engine sound is from ""
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Another clean design for the collection, a upgradable turret with shields etc included in animation.

This thing.. was a pain in the *ss but ok that aside i like the result

Thank you for the (almoust) 5 K views people, and happy holidays!

Animation work +- 4 hours due buggy software
Render Time: 13 Hours 20 min (16 FPS) on I7 (8 Core)
Made in Solidworks/PS/Premiere
Original File 980 MB

By Cementiet

Thanks for watching.
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A little animated movie for my Speeder launching down a long trench and going up into space.
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Espero que les guste esta animacion, lo realice con los fondos que ya tenia y como eran iguales nada mas que con diferente estación del año se me ocurrio una gran idea y era el poder juntarlos y darles animacion, la verdad me gusto mucho como quedo los fondos los descargue de zerochan, pero para darles un poco de movimiento me costo trabajo hacerlo y sobretodo al aguardar el archivo que no lo queria en formato GIF.
Disfruten de esto por favor.

Gracias a Aquarius-Chan :iconaquarius-chan: por decirme quien es el autor original de estas imagenes y es Pinakes :iconpinakes:

I hope you like this animation, do it for you with the funds you already had and how they were equal with nothing more than different season of the year it occurred to me a great idea and it was to be able together and give them animation, the truth is that I very much liked how was the funds the download of zerochan, but to give you a little bit of movement cost me work to do and especially to the await the file it didn't want in GIF format. Enjoy this please.

With Aquarius-Chan :iconaquarius-chan: for telling me who the original author of these images and is Pinakes :iconpinakes:
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I present to you Anomalia

something happening in space ... when a nebula becomes hostile with a lonely planet

:bulletred: Technical Information
Original size: 5k px wide 300 dpi
Music done with Ableton Live
Animation with Flash
Photoshop for the rest
No stocks used
Blue+Purple :D

Thanks to ~ChrisCold and *Voyager212 for the tips
I hope u like it

Any critic are appreciated

Wallpaper comming soon!!!
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