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Aura: The Radiance

I wore this pain like a crown / I was so broken
I kept on falling down / I felt my soul shattering

I couldn't hear anything / listening to my own twisted thoughts
I was blinded from everything / witnessing my own tragic downfall

I stopped dreaming of better days / I ceased believing long ago
My countless nightmares wouldn't fade / I was left in this dark world alone

I guess this is how I really pictured my own end
I just want it to finally be over with, I won't resent death

To the end of this long, and lonely road
Dangling on my unfinished rope

Lift me up, lift me up, lift me up, and don't let me go!
Hold me high, hold me high, hold me high, and give me hope!
Revive the light
Inside the dark
Given a second life
Resurrecting my heart

Cascade of colors
Fade away the gray
Open up a new world
Where shame has no place

Standing up to society's face's
Takes every ounce of courage
Never damaged or discriminated against
Because we're all going through changes

I live life like it's mine now / I am not forsaken
I am no longer bound / I feel this sense of freedom

I finally heard an inner acceptance / acknowledged my human flaws
Bestowed a long awaited forgiveness / for another day to freely walk

Envelope in empowerment / the painful past is my protector
Finally feeling found in my reflections / becoming my own savior

I consider this a new beginning
One with very little suffering

A new light has been revealed
To help me fully heal

Live it up, live it up, live it up, and don't have any regrets!
Find the light, find the light, find the light, and indulge in the radiance!
Place your light in my life, this is your effect
Place your hope in my hands, so I won't be broken
Put and end to my suffering
Let me experience the radiance
Stock image - [link]
This poem is written for my project, titled- "The Other Side Of The Sky"
In volume nine: Living In The Light

Aura: The Respark - [link]
Aura: The Blinding Hope - [link]
Aura: The Radiance -
Aura: The Connection - Not Yet Written
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To Save Your Life

Heroes are hard to come by

Especially in this day and age

Because of you- I am still alive

Hail, the vanquisher of pain
I fought as long as I could have
But I sank into the weakness below
And I felt my sorrow's wrath
The helplessness took over

My fists let go
Of the resistance

I fell from hope
The light faded in the distance

It was all a dream
A wish...

A simple false belief
I hid...
Hands dangled frantically / Tears dripped endlessly
I needed a hero to save me / I yearned to be set free
A hand reached out
Held tight...

I was finally found
Relieved sigh...

I rose back to grace
And the darkness brightened

The savior I awaited
Lifted me up and triumphed

I prayed as much as I needed
Even when I was beyond drowning
I knew a kind soul would pay heed
Every mourning human deserves saving
When we are used to being alone

True kindness is difficult to find

But one day that hero will come

To save your life
I awaited for that day
For you to come and save me

My hands reached out to you
When you held on- I knew this hero was true
I released my first prose piece ever, check it out!
Old Friend: PrologueOld Friend

Prologue: The Day The Rains Came For Me

I had a feeling that it was going to rain soon. Oh how I wish to get caught up in it. I don't have an umbrella, and my coat doesn't have a hood. The desire to become drenched lingered, because I haven't gotten drenched in such a long time. I love the sound it makes when it hits every surface. The clings and clangs were a joy of mine. I secretly love it when my hair gets wet- or ruined. Especially when my bangs droop down into my eyes. I indulge in the sensation of when the water streams down my cheek.

It was cloudy and the hue was gray. I couldn't stand the humidity that plagued the city.

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This poem is written for my project, titled-
"The Other Side Of The Sky"
In volume three: A Chance Of Change

Sobriety's Rise
Sobriety's Rise

I exile you from my veins

You won't affect me ever again

Take with you the very worst of me

I will no longer be a part of thee!
Too long have my eyes been closed
So many years have passed in vain
I can't let the road ahead get any worse

I'm no longer a victim of your taint
I dwell no more- in those old woes
Though I regret the pain I allowed myself to sustain

Mirrors don't snare / Family doesn't glare
This hope I bear / I've made it here

Cleanse my spirit away / Allow scars to fade
Embrace the change / Unlock the cage

My dreams will no longer weep
The nightmares refuse to reimmerse
I can move forward if I r
Healing My Heart
Healing My Heart

I thought a day like today would never come
When a sincere smile finally broke through
And I've grasped onto this sense of freedom
When I forged this connection with you

I was so deep into it
Thinking I never would get out
Being stuck in the past has made me into this
But now I hold my head up instead of facing down

Because of this, I've realize there's a difference between my tears
I used to only shed the ones for all of the mistakes I've made
Which I've cried  for all of those long, and lonesome years
Until today, so I'm overwhelmed by the relief you gave

Undone, unvexed, unbroken
The difference is t

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Photograph taken in the 'Atelier Decor' somewhere in Belgium.
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I'm Soaring Now

This is a different level of fear
It's wounding my truth and morality

It's strong enough to bring me here
On the edge of life- peering over to serenity

It's not impossible to grasp
But it's typical to assume

The last breath is the fact
That after death- peace will follow soon
Countless flashing memories
Crossover swiftly
Ready to be set free
From this skin of...treachery


My scars peel off
Erased from my sight
The remains become soft
So this is what...innocence feels like


Destiny is somehow connected
Fate deems to be natural
The circle of the two is perfected
The beginning to the end is...peaceful

I offer and accept my own form of mercy
Before I miss out on forgiving the vulnerable side of me

Splitting and fusing fragments of calming memories
I would like to believe my life was somehow worthy

My tears have aligned with my eyes in this time-
To finally leave all that I loved...behind

And when I finally let it all go...
I won't feel the pain...anymore
It all drizzles down to the very last moments
It's peaceful...knowing there's always an ending
Stock image - by :iconjusticestock:
This poem is written for my project, titled-
"Broken Wings Unbound: I'm Falling Down / I'm Soaring Now"

This is the last poem for the book, to read the first poem, which is the opposite of this one,
check it out here --->
I'm Falling Down
I'm Falling Down

Pain just seemed to pass me by
Swift as tsunami waves touching the sky

Reality was nothing but a mirror
Melting away like frozen water on fading fire

I closed my sorrowful eyes
As if it was going to be the last time

And sparked images of my past that I don't want to remember
I was deceived every time I was told that it was going to get better
Flashes of agony
Infected my mind
And stinging anxiety
Shoots up my spine


While despair wraps around my heart
I want to let it all go
This life was just too hard
I don't want it anymore


There was no way out of this
I so

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Love consists out of pain
Love consists out of desire
Love is what I admire
Love always fights against my brain

Love is despising
Love is passion
Love is not a piece of fashion
Love is always surprising

None of these things are untrue
Love is enough to make one weep
That is love as it seems

Yet when I think of  you
I simply can’t fall asleep
Since life is finally better, than in my own dreams
Reason for uploading this:
Valentines day?
No, it's my DA anniversary soon so I thought I should at least upload something.
Recovering from a writer's block so this clearly is not the best work, however, I am working on two better ones to be uploaded somewhere around this week.
Also one of my best friends birthday is on the 15th please give say happy (early) birthday to her if you have the time.

Please leave feedback.

Written by Jerrel Simons
© :iconkoratoshisfriend:

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
― Dr. Seuss
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Chasing Shadows of You...

No matter the years that pass me by,

It seems I am forever trapped.

For when it comes to deceiving myself,

I'm afraid I'm rather apt.

In the end the truth which I sought to avoid, is now knocking at my door...

A rabid rat that chews at me; one I can't ignore.

And though I might have grown this body, from the lonely years I've seen.

I'm afraid I can only chase the shadow, of my dearest Angeline.

- Chen Yuan Wen, 14th January 2012
Just a little something for Valentine's day.

I should probably say though that Angeline is a fictional character and is just there to fit the rhyme. After all my girl would kill me if I was writing for another girl xD. Bwahaha, enjoy the romance you lovely people. V-day rules...except for the unloved...

.___. It's okay, I will lub you <3

-Captain Chen of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

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Copyright 2013 GrahamSymmons
Raw fractal created in Mandelbulb 3D v1.8.2 using AmazingBox/MengerHyper/_reciprocalY3b
No postwork to fractal
Background is a photomanipulation of my "Large Cloud Stock" [link]

It is polite to fave if you download :D
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In dreams, I conjure wealth untold,
through ancient rocky caverns old.

Through carved halls and dungeons deep,
My home, where now a dragon sleeps.

My kingdom, taken from my hands,
It slumbers under mountain lands.

I promise kin their home reclaimed
from powerful lizards and horrors unnamed.

Once more, the gifts are dwarven gold,
Our wills unbent, we'll never fold!

Of joyous hymns, dwarf voices ring,
When Erebor regains a Dwarven King.
Uncertain as to how to classify this lil' piece. It's not really fanFICTION...I usually define those as stories...this is poetry.

Regardless, a little Hobbit piece about Thorin's longing to take back Erebor. I got bored at work and wrote it ^.^ Not much more to tell.

Don't own anything Hobbit or LOTR related (DAAAAAMMIT!!) 'Tis just for fun ^.^

Comments and critiques are always welcomed. I greatly appreciate those who take time out of their lives to chat with me :)
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Inner Demons

Silently peaceful
Praying for the prey

A saint so blissful
Don't let the old scars awake

Chaotically graceful
A storm of rage comes my way

Idle hands yearn to be unfaithful
Even the heavens won't feel safe

I am my greatest fear
I am my own worst enemy

The glares I give myself are fierce
I barely hold onto this false harmony

My twisted thoughts flicker / The acts of a sinner
The silence of a confessor / A secret held forever

The madness took over / Becoming hell's harbinger
I am the lawless; I am executioner / This is my will; this is my terror

I hated my own reflection
Knowing the truth behind the lie

I destroyed my own protection
I tore down the walls in my mind

Beyond hateful
The light has darkened

A past so painful
Forcing fury to descend

Exceedingly beautiful
No more trespasses to repent

I am the child who became spiteful
I have been devoured by my inner demons
Unwrap the broken
Unleash the forsaken
Stock image - by - :iconmffugabriel-stock:
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This poem was revised for my remix project, titled-
"Living My Life / Behind Hollowed Eyes"
The Darkness Never Dies (remix edition)

In volume five: Last Lament
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my friends were
snips and snails and puppy dog tails
sugar and spice and everything nice.

i was the space between the words:
"girls on one side;
boys on the other."  
rainbows and pails and sugar-snails,
that's what genderqueers are made of.
I hope you like it. I've been toying with this concept for a while, but I'm not sure I did it justice... The last line was hard to get right because "that's what genderqueer is made of" sounded better than "that's what genderqueers are made of," but I decided on the latter because it was closer to the wording of the original saying.
Should I change it back to the first one?
I like the idea of "sugar-snails." :giggle:

This is dedicated to someone who knows who they are. :heart:
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