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Oh my goodness, this was so much work! It took me about... 15 hours? Just for a map! Of course, it only makes sense because of the fact that everything is hand drawn and hand shaded. I kind of put myself in my own rut, but I wanted it to look similar to Erin Hunter's maps without copying them, so I used similar styles... I probably will never do something like this ever again. It ruined my patience. But hey, I have been needing to do this for 3 years, so it's something I can finally cross off of my list.

Okay, so I know this is a lot of reading, but it's worth it. I promise you the descriptions are interesting:


Moonclan Camp- Moonclan consists of mostly forest. It shades their clan during Green-Leaf and protects their clan from brutal winds during Leaf-bare. Their camp is also shaped by the rivers that flow throughout all of the clans. Therefore, they depend on prey from the river as well as the forest. Their territory includes spaces such as Highstones and Thorn Hollow. Highstones are a grouping of rocks close to the river. Leaders of Moonclan enjoy using that place for clan announcements and ceremonies. It is considered divine at night when night comes because of the moon's touch on it. Thorn Hollow is famous for having the best prey in the whole forest. The animals hide in the thorns to keep away predators. Over the years, Moonclan has found a special tunnel to access the whole area. On the far left side of Moonclan camp, there is also a ledge that Moonclan cats like to sleep or perch on. Moonclan cats also enjoy using the space to the far right of them, Sunningstones, since it is the only space they can lie down in the sun fully.

Sunclan Camp- Sunclan is mostly grasslands. It can be a disadvantage due to the lack of hiding space, but the Sunclan cats manage by using the forest space touching their territory. They love the open space due to the high amounts of sun contact. It is also a perfect territory for them due to their "high maintenance". Sunclan cats are known for making fun of the other clans' "filthy territories" while their's is sun-kissed and simple. However, their territory can be horrible during leaf-bare. They migrate to the small forested areas, but it forces them to cram their clan into small areas and can be difficult for them to survive. Their prey mostly consists of whatever forest prey they can find as well as rabbits from the fields.

Duskclan Camp- Duskclan is definitely the most disgusting of the clans. Their clan is filled with "stinky" marshes. The forested areas around the left side of their clan are also swamp. Their clan does not mind the smell or looks of their clan. They use it to their advantage as none of the other clans enjoy being near them, thus, they are rarely attacked. Their clan is also filled with hiding places, so they are easily the most difficult to attack. Nothing in their clan is really considered "formal". They barely hang on to the warrior traditions and only seem to be hanging on to them by a few cats. Their prey is very minimal as there is more reptiles than rodents, but they seem to manage with whatever they can.

Dawnclan Camp- Dawnclan consists of many hills. Most clans say it is because of Dawnclan's "solitary nature", but it is actually used for spiritual connections to Starclan, like praying. Their connection rules most of their lives, so it was important for them to be on the highest ground they could to be closer to their ancestors. Their prey mostly consists of whatever they can find. That usually includes rabbits and prey from the river. However, most cats don't even hunt near the rivers due to their high demand for high ground. They are a lot like Duskclan, in that sense, since they both have difficulties receiving prey.

Other Areas

Gathering-Place- Gathering-Place is placed in the center of all clan territories. It is the "neutral ground" for all of the clans, and is where all the clans go to discuss their news every moon. It is mostly accessible to most cats, but Dawnclan usually has to swim across the river just to arrive there. All of the river straits connect in the very center of Gathering-Place, forming a waterfall. Four large rocks, much like Highstones in Moonclan, are in front of the waterfall. They are where the leaders stand while speaking to the warriors of the other clans. The waterfall collects into a pool around the four rocks, creating an island. There is one flat rock centered in the middle of the pool; it is where the deputies of each clans sit. The rest of the place is a grassy-area surrounded by forest. This is where the other cats sit and discuss.

Sacred Stones- This is the most precious place to all of the clans. It is where medicine-cats meet to speak with Starclan. The medicine-cats use the cave entrance. It is unsure what is inside there, but it is said to be beautiful. Most cats never visit there for their lives since the place is forbidden to cats other than medicine-cats. It is said that cats would be plagued by their ancestors if they even tried to enter. However, if one was lucky enough to, they would have to keep the cave's secret for the rest of their lives.

Twoleg Farm- There is not much known about this farm. It is said that this is the source of most of the Kittypets that are found by clans, but no clan has really been close to the farm, not even Sunclan who is closest to the farm.

Rustystones- Rustystones is a small strait splitting Moonclan and Duskclan. It is said to be the most noisy of places throughout all of the clans. This is because of all of the air traffic from birds on each side of the area: birds from the swamp and birds from the forest. Rustystones is mostly a grassy, sandy area with the occasional rock pile. It almost looks like a little sliver of the desert!

Moonpath / Sunpath- Not much is known about this path. It is said to have been used by twolegs, but there seems to not be much use out of it now. For the most part, it is very quiet. The name is also uncertain. Some cats call it Moonpath while others call it Sunpath.

It looks like that's it! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the clans as well as getting an idea as to where you can go when you RP.

Happy Hunting!

August 2013
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RAR file ---->[link]
- Coloured pencil PS5 - Passwrod - darkzeblockcoloured

PS Brushes - 10 in total. :) You can download them and use them if you do, credit me and show me what you used them for. :icongrin--plz: I'd love to see. ;)
Made with PS CS5.
Do not reproduce anywere else. (Don't upload them anywere else.)

Installing them

If you don't know how to install then look at these awesome tutorials.
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Made especially for Deviant Art avatars, these brushes can be used to add those little details to your icon and save you some design time :D. Over 50 styles to choose from, some of which can be mixed and matched to fit your design preferences. Ideal for someone new to avatars or for someone who just wants to save time after they have that perfect icon image.

Also good for minimalistic accents on other artworks!

Please credit when you can ( I realize that avatars unless submitted as a file are hard to credit...please credit me when you can either in your journal or when you submit it as a art file thanks!)


Rules of Use

By downloading these brushes you agree to the following terms of use:

1. Credit if you use either on dA or off. This includes print sources that are other than personal use (ie something for your eyes only).

2. Do not redistribute (share) to other websites, e-mail groups, torrents etc. Link my page, that way the rules are kept intact and there is no ripping happening.

3. My artwork is not stock and is not to be used without permission.

4. No commercial use of brushes. If the project is making money in any way, the brushes cannot be used. (see FAQ or note me with questions).

Comments disabled by owner.
Zebra at Whipsnade

For stock conditions please see [link]
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i needed to get up early today and didnt trust myself to actually wake up sO I JUST STAYED UP ALL NIGHT and made this

for like the last five hours

but yes. newnew reference for samface. and a bit more thorough than previously, also having both anthro and feral on it. so woo.

any questions just ask.

SORRY FOR THE UPDATE ALREADY but i forgot about the arm warmers and bandana/scarf stuff dgjhkd


also have some other images of him just in case

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I do not make claim to have taken this picture it was taken by my late father. My mum has given me authority to upload it as a stock item. If used please notify and credit I am sure she would love to see what you have done with it. Thank you

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Name: Katai (spelled "Kat-ei") --meaning Stubborn
Nickname: Katai
Gender: Stallion
Breed: Hannoverian
Owner: =Kymarih
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
Offspring: N/A
Personality: Greedy, stubborn yet loving with his friends. He's a showoff sometimes, but he's pretty laid-back too. Loves to race and attempt at cross country events. He's never fell or knocked an obstacle yet in show jumping he's knocked down some rails.
Hates dressage and water, loves apples and sugar cubes. Is incredibly afraid of spiders.

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[ EDIT 4.9.13 ]
I have updated this with two of the cats chosen.
If you applied for one and did not get them then I'm sorry maybe you could refine your application and reapply for either Goldengaze or Titian! If you applied for a cat and it didn't receive an owner again I'm sorry but I really really want these to get good homes you're really gonna need to drive it into my skull that you want them!!

Goldengaze and Titian's new Due date will be May 1st!


So I was making some designs earlier and I noticed they all looked a lot like Snarethroat
and then I did some thinking
since I'm going to have to be going to art school soon I want snare's legacy to keep going after all B) and he's always had a big family I just don't have time for all these cats gosh

so I'm going to hold some try outs!!
Each Cat has a name and some specific things I want you to keep

How to Apply

In the Comments you'll need to post this!

[ # and Name of Cat ]
[ Your username ]
[ Links to any cats you already have in the group ]
[ Personality ]
[ Why you want him/her ]

You're allowed to add anything extra to the bits I've already given the more interesting you make them the more willing I will be to give them to you!
Art is optional but never hurts your chances!

Keep in mind that 1, 3 and 4 are all from the same litter while 2 is Snarethroat's littermate.
1, 3, and 4 have no idea who Snarethroat and Goldengaze are and they were born to a kittypet mother. They don't know their father because he was killed shortly after Shadespot became pregnant with her second litter
the parents are seen here

Due date is April 6th!

The Cats


Rank .*. Age .*. Gender

Specific Things I'm looking for

:dev: of Applicants



I chose goody because I know she will love Cinnabar and give him a nice home uwu <3

Kittypet or Rogue .*. 1 1/2 years .*. Male

- Rash, quiet, loyal Personality
- Injured Hearing
- Hate for his father

:dev :


Warrior of Stoneclan .*. 3 years .*. Female

- Keep in mind that she is depressed, but is now trying to move on and pick things up. She doesn't like to be sad, but tends to be without trying. Just like human depression, yet she keeps most of it to herself and tries to be a good member of the clan while fighting off something she's been trying to shake for a long time.
- She tends to be very nervous
- Her ears are torn up because she tends to rake her paws over them if she is stressed out
- Snarethroat and Goldengaze don't talk much and he prefers to stay away from her, yet he still loves her.



Rogue .*. 1 1/2 years .*. Male

- Flirty
- Desprately wants to be in a Clan
- Knows about Snarethroat and Goldengaze
- Hates the life of a kittypet




I chose Pry because I thought they did a really wonderful job they seemed prepared and excited to be getting Maggy and they already completely typed out her info!
Some things to note though are that Maggy and Snare are not half-siblings they both have the same parents they just don't know eachother!

Kittypet .*. 1 1/2 years .*. Female

- Sweet, Calm nature
- Loves music
- Absolutely loves being outside but isn't cut out for the warrior lifestyle
- Gets lonely very easily

*Pryhton | Art
=MaeButts | Art

Good luck guys!! uwu
I'm looking forward to seeing applicants

Lineart (C) ~Whitelinxanimator500
Designs + Story (C) *Pandaskeeper
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Male red wolf, Waya, at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, NY.

Feel free to use as a reference or as stock for photo-manipulations. Non-commercial use only.

Please provide proper credit if used.

Learn more about red wolves, one of the world's most endangered wolves, here: [link]

More red wolf stock:
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I thought I'd incrementally save this morning as I painted to show my process. This was done from a still life model. I start with a very simple sketch to get my proportions. Then I try to block in the main colors I see (I don't do a greyscale first... just right into the final colors and values together). Then I just keep refining to get closer to what I'm actually seeing. This was about an hour's worth of painting this morning.

I highly encourage you to try exercises like this. So fun and helpful for studying light and color.
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