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Oh goodness, I haven't made a dress design for a long time...Now, I feel like I'm going to get criticized for making this (don't ask why; I just do), goes. This dress design that I made was inspired by some of the symbols of the Philippines. (YayPinaypride! :'D)

The main design of the dress is based off of the Philippines flag. The blue stripe (in this case, the left section of the dress) symbolizes patriotism and justice, while the red symbolizes valor and the blood spilt for freedom and independence, and the white symbolizes peace and purity. The white triangle of the flag (in this case, the torso section) represents equality and the Katipunan nationalist organization. The three stars represent the three main geographical regions of the Philippines: Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas. The sun (which I ended up making the necklace since I didn't know how to incorporate it into the design) represents independence, and its eight rays represent the eight provinces that led the Philippine uprising against Spanish rule.

The sleeves were inspired by the feathers of the Philippine Eagle, also known as the Monkey-eating Eagle. The Philippine Eagle is the national bird of the Philippines. It is critically endangered, and killing one is punishable under Philippine law by 12 years in jail and heavy fines.

Those flowers at the bottom section of the dress that are linked together are what we call "sampaguita" (a.k.a. Jasminum sambac). The sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines. Filipinos string the flowers into leis, corsages, and sometimes crowns. These garlands are available as loose strings of blossoms or as tight clusters of buds, and are commonly sold by child vendors outside churches and near intersections. They are usually placed on religious icons, altars, photographs of the deceased, special guests and on occasion, graduating students as a form of bestowing honour, veneration and accolade.

I really enjoyed making this, because I was able to learn a bit more about the Philippines. I may or may not make this a new project where I design dresses inspired by the symbols of a specific country. *Is thinking about doing one for Canada, but our symbols are (no pun intended)*
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This is the background I made for my animation channel ([link]). Enjoy, and remember to subscribe if you have a Youtube uwu
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love is giving someone the power to destroy you but trusting them not to.
i've seen this somewhere a while ago and it sticked in my head...
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All copyright goes to me (c)
Please comment and favorite thx :)
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Mortal Kombat Original Creation: Artica

Well Deviants this is the FINAL print of My beautiful Cryomacer Assassin for a while. Well just for a weeks. I have another small project I want to work on.
Then I will come back for The Series of Prints Called

"Artica x Snoh".... That would be a Six to Eight print series featuring the both of them in poses and sparing.

The Kanji Reads:

"Pretty Ice Woman"

Let me know how I did on my last print of her

Up Next............ Three Prints of my FEMSHEP from Mass Effect 3 be on the look out!

Mortal Kombat: Nethereallm Studios

Artica: Killacam1982


Birthname: Ari Antinette Upshaw

Given Name: Ling Han

Hight: 5'4

Age 29

Measurements: 34D, 30, 44

Along with Brittany's mother Ari's mother was also another one the few employees jobs that were outsourced overseas to China in the early 1980's. And Just as Brittany's mother was pregnant, so was Ari's mom. But her mother worked for a different company on the other side of town in a middle class neighborhood.
During these times the native Chinese didn't care for the few Americans Taking there jobs. Although it was not a choice for those that had to leave America just to have a job. The hostile citizens were a small bunch, but they were violent. Most of them ex cons or just random criminals.
Things got really out of hand at one of the rallying in front of the corporate buildings. During the that building was attacked by a small group of terrorist, who really didn’t even care about the Americans or the Chinese, they were actually neutral. But these terrorist instigated the hostile citizens. While they were distracted the building was bombed. Killing all inside. One of those killed was Ari's mother, Who later died, but the infant inside was spared.
As Ari grew up she was bounced from many foster care homes until she eventually ended up in a permanent group home around the age of eight. These were trying times for her as she was one of only two Black children in the whole home. The other being Brittany. And she also was very pretty. Which the Chinese boys loved. She was so exotic to them. With the white hair and Grey eyes. But this also led to a lot of agruements and bullying. Ari was very shy and kept to herself. And with her being a bit shorter than the other girls made her an easy target especially since all the girls were jealous.
During Phys Ed at the group home she got into a fight with a boy who touched her butt. She then realized how mean boys can be. She was enraged and beat him to a pulp. He ran and told his sister. Who tried to fight Ari. Again Ari one that fight too. From then on she became a bit of a fighter but still kept a positive nature and very quiet. Brittany on the other hand dominated the boys. With her being so tall, and also beating boy severely because he pulled her long hair.
During these little “School Yard Skirmishes” A Chinese couple was visiting the home. They were looking for two daughters to adopt as they couldn't have children themselves. They chose the only two Black children who were Ari and Brittany. Not just because they were black, but because they showed that they had natural fighting abilities at such a young age. Probably because they were so different they had to fight all the time to defend there selves.
As they adoption was finalized, the couple brought Brittany and Ari home. Which to there surprise was above a dojo. The lead instructor of that Dojo was Named Kau Liang. Whose code name was Sub-Zero of the historical Lin Kuei clan of Assassins Sub-zero opened this dojo to train “Special” kids to defend themselves. He Deliberately chose kids who were from troubled homes or abandoned. But he never wanted to adopt any of them Until Brittany and Ari.
As time grew the two girls trained together and with the others. But they weren’t welcomed in so easily. Many of the kids felt they had favoritism because they were Sifu's adopted daughters. And tempers flared on many occasions. More so on Brittany's part that Ari, as she kept her postive calm nature. She always seemed to calm Britt down. Even times they would fight against each other due to there different personalities.
Brittany and Ari were like this all during there child hood into there teens. Over time Ari became a better fighter than Brittany. Not because of pure skill. But the ability to stay calm and focus. And with that calm nature her training became easier. Much to Britts' chagrin. She didn’t hate Ari she was just curios on how come she came better at hand to hand combat.
One night as Ari was sleeping, she woke up duing her sleep many times. This happened on several occasions. With head aches also. During training. She fainted several times. Her blood pressure stayed low. But she never had a fever. Actually her temp always stayed colder than normal.
A few months went by and her sparing partner noticed that her punches felt harder than normal.
During this match one of the students was in Ari's grasp as a victim of a choke hold. The student said her arms were Ice cold. She was kind of scared but she noticed that she hardly sweated any more and when she drank any type of liquid, it stayed cold. Even when hot!
Sifu Lang notice this “Change” with this and her vastly improved combat skills, he decided put her to a test. He himself would train her sometimes out deep into the woods behind the dojo. During a session while Ari was resting and eating he snuck up and surprised her with a choke hold........ Then something extraordinary happened. She was startled... and her food. FROZE!. Sifu then knew that somewhere deep in her family tree she has Cryomancer origins. From then on Her gave her the code name “Artica”
Not just for her suburb Ice controlling skills, but also for her beautiful white hair. Her hair was called white as the polar ice caps of Antartica, and eyes as grey as they sky over it.
From then on she went on missions with Sifu Sub Zero on solo assassinations of targets, who she knew nothing about. But on day Artica got tired of carrying out missions on people not knowing what they did. The only thing she was told they were “Evil” and threatened piece in the smaller towns in China. As she became older, during her free time she would watch American television channels with her adopted sister Brittany. The both of them wanted to know more about there birth culture and became restless with the Eastern life. And also who were they real parents and their killers. Brittany wanted revenge. Ari just wanted to meet her birth relatives.
At age eighteen Brittany had left the school with Sifu's blessing so she can “Find Herself”
Sifu also asked Ari to “Follow” her. Reluctant in his request she didn't mind traveling to the West to experience her true background while trailing her “sister.” Because Artica knew what Brittany was up to; Revenge. With her brash personality and sheer strength she knew Brittany may find herself in some trouble.
From then one spending her Adult life in America. Ari began to blossom. And she also learned of the grim slaying of her mother way back then from a old news article. Two things came to mind. She knew where to find Brittany and she might be in danger. Because the old news cliping had the name of the small terror organization responsible for the American killings in China in the early 1980's. The name was the Black Dragon!
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I wanna be the very mesh
that no one meshed before

to have members stay impressed
to modify things some more

I will Google across the web
searching far and wide

for Blender doesn't understand
when it crashes I die inside

Po'Canines , gotta mesh them all.. x_X
** On that note it's time to go to bed...~

Part of a Model Project here- [link].
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EDIT: I lost the files for good. Link has been deleted. Great. ;_;
:star::star::star:EDIT: NEW LINK: [link] IT DOES WORK NOW :D:star::star::star:

Nothing here, the stuff that was here was outdated since the 1.04 patch of feral heart (yep! I played since patch 1.03 I think, around 1 and half a year ago.) So, I deleted it >D

And that cute Kaito above has no reason to be here. It's. Just. Cute.

---My Tutorials---
[link] - Objects
[link] - Maps
---Check out my maps! (Newest to oldest)
[link] - NoReturn+TransparentWorld -NEW
[link] - YAY Map
[link] - Sarmera map
[link] - Magicland map
[link] - colourLife map
[link] - plantlife map
[link] - wowmap map -YOUR HERE
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I did a (FAKE) Pose in Blender. Possible Combat move?
Would be nice...

Just to let you Guys know, the Work on FH still goes on and on.. and on.. aaannnd.. on... lol

Model (c) KovuLKD
Texture (c) by me.
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all sketches inspired by my pet cat.
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Erm, yes, I've been working at this style for a bit lately, and finally decided to scan it in. It was for something in Language Arts class.

There's a wing and a miniwolf hidden in there. Go and find them ^^ Also, I took the liberty of putting my watermark at the bottom and not ON the tattoo itself. However if anyone steals/uses/traces this I will very quickly put my watermark on the picture and that will not be happy.

Art (c) ~Nocturnax
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