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An awkward interaction between Discord and Luna.

Check out the spinoff prequel here- Candy Mare: [link]
Another spinoff comic here- A little too sweet [link]

I would like to thank Equestria daily for featuring this to their comic section.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust. Please support the official release.
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Rainbow Dash is always the victim of the wingboner jokes. BUT NOW: THE EISCREAM LICKS BACK!
One more reason why alicorn Twilight could be bad. Being a princess can be hard. :)
Beware! Beware! I already see the rising of the Twidash fans! The double wingboner jokes are coming!
And where did Rainbow gets that picture? Well feel free to imagine it. :)

I know, I know, it's lame, that I don't have other thing to do in Hearths and Hooves day, than uploading a wingboner joke comics... But I least I do something! :)

Tumblr version: [link]

MLP:FiM © :iconfyre-flye: / :iconhasbroplz:
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My eyes! These hole-riddled limbs do nothing!

I went into the season 3 premier with a lot of reservations. Chief amongst them was that the Crystal Empire wouldn't amount to much beyond the obvious toy sale pitch.

Watching the teasers didn't help. When Celestia explained the Empire's power, the first question that popped into my head was why Equestria would need such a thing. Just send Pinkie Pie on a country-wide tour. You'd go deaf from all the parties!

But I watched the premier and enjoyed it. While not my favorite episodes, they were well done and I enjoyed the world building. And after some reflection I answered my own question while establishing a bit of headcanon and the premise for this comic.

Special thanks go to :iconbeckiergb: and :iconjessicat0: for their excellent stain glass windows. All other backgrounds are products of my own vectors.

Special fonts come courtesy of fontspace.

This will likely be my last comic of 2012. Which isn't saying much since 2013 is only a week and a half away. Still, I'll think back on this year as when I entered the MLP community as a comic artist and was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement of the fan base. Thanks for everything and happy holidays!

Update Dang, those folks at Equestria Daily work fast. I was going to submit this when I got home, but I find I've been featured with several fun comics. (I'm hoping I'm one of the two comics that made Sethisto laugh aloud).

Thank you to all the folks who posted comments and added this to their favorites and collections. It's a real treat!
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What if, instead of creating her own friendship magic to solve the problem of Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell, Twilight took the easy way out and just kept casting it until the ponies' cutie marks were on the right way round again? Well I guess Princess Celestia would be all like "TWILIGHT I AM DISAPPOINT". 'Cause that's kinda the magic equivalent of "solving" a Rubik's Cube by taking it apart with a prybar and reassembling it.

(Actually, the episode implies that the spell mixes the Elements of Harmony randomly instead of just cycling them, and there's actually a 119-to-1 chance against the spell actually putting them all the right way round at any time, but I ignored that because that would make the cartoon waaaaaaay too long!)

EDIT: Hiya, Equestria Daily!

EDIT 2: For the record, I loved "Magical Mystery Cure", and no I don't seriously think Twilight should have done what she does in this cartoon. It's just a joke, people. :}

EDIT 3: That means I DON'T wanna hear about how you thought the episode should have gone this way because it would be sooo much better than that dumb ol' "Twilight gets to grow awesome wings" ending. Keep it to yourself!
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:iconsupdawg-plz: :iconsaysplz: "Yo Dawg, I heard you like pony comics with Celestia and Luna, so we put a pony comic with Celestia and Luna in your pony comic with Celestia and Luna!"

I'd like to imagine that the Discord is now having to stay with Celestia and Luna, and trying to find ways amuse himself without world-bending chaos.

I have to say one upside of being inbetween seasons of ponies is that I won't have to rush to get comics out before an episode (that may throw the whole idea of the comic out the window) airs. Which is something I've found myself having to do a lot this season, thankfully though I had this one out more than a week before the season finale.

I'm curious to know what everyone thinks of the style I used for Discord's comic, because if I started doing my own style it would be very similar to that. I like it, I think it's in a way both show accurate and artistically styled (but then again I'm very biased on this, lol). Not that I'll be changing from what I do anytime soon, it was mostly just a fun test for myself.

Don't ask me why Luna is eating popcorn, because I don't know why she is. It's just the way my brain imagined it when the idea popped into my head and I trust my brain to tell me what is and isn't funny, it has only betrayed me a few times when it comes to humor.

New shortest comic, YAY!

Also... spoiler warning on the twilicorn (but who hasn't seen or heard of that thing yet?! I mean I avoid spoilers and I found out about it less than one hour after reveal.)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic© and it Characters both belong to Hasbro©.
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Ah, Alicorn Twilight (or Twilicorn, if you will).

I know that this has been a divisive subject amongst fans. I myself ran through the gamut of reactions from frustration to acceptance. But in all of this I fear we've lost sight of one of the main issues:

What will become of Applejack's farm truck? I just don't know! :(

This comic is my own way of venting over the recent announcement for the season finale. I won't have a solid opinion until the episode has actually aired, and I am hesitant.

The only thing to do is enjoy Games Ponies Play, and then see how Magical Mystery Cure goes. And remember that out of all the oddities that can come from a toy-driven show, nothing (not even Twilicorn) is quite so odd as Applejack's farm truck.

Hang in there, everyone! I hope you enjoy the finale and this comic!

Update: And now my madness can spread through the fandom! Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts, your input, and your laughter. Whatever the episode's outcome, this is a highlight for me.

True story: For my birthday in 2011, my friends got me Applejack's truck. It was more of a joke since, as goths, the idea of anything cute or fun causes them physical pain. I had never seen it before, but my mind conjured a dozen questions. These included: Where would ponies get fossil fuel? Does it run on magic? If so, how does she fuel up? How does she steer? Is it stick-shift? Who the heck thought this was a good idea?

That is what it's like to be me.

The truck sat unopened on my shelf for about two months before I decided I would never be an MLP merchandise consumer and I donated it to Goodwill. If people enjoy it, good on 'em. It's just not my thing.
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Well, I wouldn't sleep too, no matter how "reformed" an evil guy could be :paranoid:

:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsays3plz:I'll leave the Elements of Harmony with you, Twilight. Just in case.

WOW! Even Celestia knows it.
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-- Sequel: [link] --

Second panel PNG: [link]

I've used american date 12.03.xxxx as Twi's birthday. Sweet and Elite air date.

Thinking the joke is bad? Check early sketch of this comic if you want to see bad -> [link]

[If you want to express your opinion about alicorn Twilight and/or season finale go to my journal [link] and tell me.]
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Art by :iconcsimadmax:

With Twilight now a princess, she is able to do whatever she wants as royalty. But what happens when another princess lay claim on what Twilight wants?

Any comments?

Part 2:…

Part 3:…


IMShadow007 has created a comic dub of this here:…
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Like so many others, I assumed that the Canterlot Wedding encore would feature a season 3 announcement. I'd been working on this piece for a while and thought, Oh crud, this is a pretty timely comic and it wonít be as funny if I donít post it before the new season starts. So it became a rush job.

Well, the Hub got me good on this one. But in some ways I think the lack of an announcement adds to the punch-line. There's little point in complaining, and plenty of life to live before the new season starts.

Plus, don't interrupt Twilight's reading time, or she'll prank you something awful.

And now for some credits:

All character colors (except Pumpkin Cake) are based on guides by :iconkefkafloyd:.
Rainbow Dashís name font is courtesy of and their Breezed Caps font.
Likewise, Pinkie Piesí dialog is the Porcupine Pickle font. Yes, Porcupine Pickle.
:iconredheadstock:ís Light Beam Brushes added extra punch to the Sonic Rainboom.
"Elder" Twilight's colors are based on a commissioned piece by :iconpalestorm:.
And if you look at the second-to-last panel, you may see :iconqtmarx:ís Library Vector as a background.

Thanks to these folks for helping make this comic possible. Hope everyone enjoys!

UPDATE: Thank you Equestria Daily! I not only get to be featured with two more excellent comics, but I also get to enjoy a wellspring of supportive comments from the fan base! I appreciate all the encouragement and the constructive criticism.

I neglected to thank :iconerockertorres:, who's background vector inspired my design of the planet.

Thanks to all for the favorites and comments. I hope future comics will continue to impress!
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