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....what is....consistency? :iconshadowedplz: fff what kind of title is that, anyways?! OTL

I had the sudden urge to draw cakes after baking cookies yesterday . __ . lawl I don't even know what the cakes are called - 7 - ...well. maybe the cake roll, but that's it. orz

And who else would I use for such a manry theme?:iconaboishappyplz://slapped's Dai from HS101, peeps - v -;

thanks for viewing...and eat cake!:iconhappyskipplz:

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EDIT: I have been dissatisfied with this, and decided today to paint over it. Their faces are different now, especially Sebastian's, but I'm much happier with it. I also got rid of the logo in the corner, because I plan on selling this as a print and wasn't too sure if it was legal or not. Better safe than sorry. Changed the title too, because the last one made no sense.

In case it's not noticible, Ciel is licking cake off of his fingers, and Sebastian blood. This somehow seemed a much better idea in my head. But oh well.
This is a -happy late birthday Ciel/Merry Christmas guys/I haven't posted anything in much too long- thing.

Comments please? I've been experimenting with...stuff.

time: many days
Ciel et Sebastian et cake belong to Yana Toboso
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Shaboodles everyone.
Alas, my 6-day drawing project is finally complete. In the spirit of the new change and look to my profile, I figured that it was about bloody time that I introduce all my peeps and peepettes here on DA to some very special characters.
Some of you might recognize one or two of them because they’ve made cameo appearances in a few of my other squiggles. The rest of you might not know them at all. But that’s alright. I can assure you folks that by the end of this drawing, you will know exactly who these characters are.
Because they’re my characters. More specifically, they’re my babies. My mascot babies to be exact, drawn in my own Realiroo style.
So let me introduce you guys to them.
From left to right, you've got---->Sugar, Candy, Splat, Castell and lastly Moink.

Now these characters have been with me since the moment I started my journey towards artistic improvement and the development of my own original style. They’ve been with me since I made the resolution to stop trying to draw like other artists and create drawing style unique to me. I’ve seen so many other artists have their own original character or characters so I figured that it would be cool to jump on the OC bandwagon and thus created my own little string band of colourful little characters---characters who not only represent my artistic vision and personality but just simply scream me, LittleMissSquiggles, from the very instant you see them. Or at least that’s the type of reaction I hope to achieve for them.

These guys are my mascots. Although I had originally intended to have only one character, that's kind of impossible to do especially when you overly creative mind like mine that unconsciously likes to spawn multiple characters when it wants. So in the end, one character eventually became two. And then two spawned another two and one thing led to another, and WHAM BAM SHAZZAM! I end up with five mascot babies XD.

Wow! If childbirth worked like my imagination then I’d be tripping on more kids than Batman. :trollface:

But all jokes aside. Yes I’ve got 5 mascot characters. 5 mascots who I love and just simply adore because they’re my babies. They came from the uncharted world inside my overly creative mind so what’s not to love about them.
5 mascots who I honestly need to draw more of. For shizzle, there needs to me more mascot baby time.

Sugar, Candy and Splat have already appeared in two of my comics before such as LOK The Squiggle Comics: Tahno Is...A Man-whore and Shady Squiggles: Racing Games.
Castell is the only one that I’ve never drawn before (since she’s far too innocent to appear in some of the crazy shit that I make up) and of course, everyone knows Moink. Anyone who has every skimmed through my gallery or bothered to read my comics must know this adorkable cow-pig. As a matter of fact, Moink is by far my most recognizable character since I draw him more that I draw my other mascots.

But gosh. In all seriousness folks, I need to draw my babies more.
But at least with this squiggle art, it’s a decent start. Here are all my babies in their new 2013 outfits.

But don’t just look at them.
Gaze at them for hours.
Ogle their cute personas and nicely coloured outfits.
Burn their fat cheeked little faces into your memories.
And most importantly of all, remember their names.
Because who knows, you might be seeing more of them in the long run if Squiggles would stop being so shy and lazy about drawing them .

All in all, I hope you guys like my babies. Until next time, toodles my pretties.

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**wanted to update for my new watchers to read. Since this isn't in the main featured gallery.
P.S. I've gained weight a bit now. So I will start doing this program again xD

Other tips:

-I ate all of my meals just that sometimes I ate my special menu instead of other food (The menu is in the comic) I did not starve myself. My body needed energy.
- I did not drink soda. Try green tea, it's much better. Even the sweeten one is still healthier than soda. Diet coke is NOT diet.
- I avoided deep fried foods. Try grilled or boiled. Much better ^^
- Fish is better than pork and beef. Chicken is okay as long as it's not fried.
- I avoided sugary snacks.
- I drank a lot of water after meal so I wont feel like eating snacks.

Best snacks to be eaten when you are on diet.
- Fruity Popsicle instead of ice-cream. They are normally around 50 cal. while ice-cream are more than 130 cal.
- Popcorn (not the buttery ones) They're normally 100 cal. per bag and I rarely finished the whole bag. Half of it was as much as I could go.
- Green apple (Gosh..those are good)
- 1 cup of soy milk (Not really a snack but it was enough to keep me full and I had to skip the whole meal cause I was too full. 1 cup of soy milk is about 80 cal.)
- Dried fruits (totally low fat)
- Seaweed (this helps burning calories too and seaweed is good for those who have thin hair. It helps with the hair growth same with soy beans ^^)

Good luck to you all. It's good to stay healthy.
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Ultima Lacrima
lineart [link]

used a quote:
'It would have been nice if my capture lasted a little longer... Farewell, Rangiku. Sorry...'

Bleach manga; chapter 178, page 09
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i know it's kinda early....but Happy Single's Awareness Day!!! (or if you prefer, Happy Valentine's Day!)
yestertday, i was in the middle of sketching out one of my typical cutesy-mushy pics to celebrate said holiday but ended up changing my mind.
Valentine's Day can be a bittersweet holiday for a lot of people, myself included. in my honest opinion, i sometimes end up hating it....but that's a typical response from someone who's always been single.
so i ended up sketching this out. it never fails, my work improves when i use my heart to draw rather than my brain.
to be honest, i've been single for so long, i'd probably end up picking Grimm over an actual guy anyway (no offense to you guys). after all, plushies and dakimakura make wonderful snuggle buddies. and hell, a girl can dream.

damn, i didn't mean to be depressing, but i tend to get this way during this holiday. but i do my best to continue to be optimistic *takes a bite of chocolate*
but, to those who have someone to be with on the 14th, cherish them and spoil them.
and to those who don't (like me).....chins up. there's always next year! :dummy:

i love you guys! have a fun holiday!! :iconfeerlinloveplz:

my cartoon self is mine (and Grimm's)
Grimmjow belongs to Tite Kubo
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My friend was questioning the amount of skin tones i have.
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Happy Valentine's Day!!
I went all out for the first time and splurged on art haha
Started drawing these up about last week and rushed to get them done!
Glad it's over with (Phew)
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Oh yay, a title with alliteration.

Was inspired by a friend of mine who likes food a lot.
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