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So there it is, my year of baking and food photography summed up in 12 photos. A hard task considering I have uploaded over 100 photos this year alone! That is a heck of a lot of baking!

I have been officially baking for two whole years next month and this last year has been my most inspired year to bake and photograph mostly thanks to you guys, all your comments and inspiration has done wonders for boosting my passion to bake and photograph, confidence to experiment and creativity to turn something so simple into something beautiful.

As you can see chocolate is a very big feature in my gallery, I just love to work with the stuff, you can do so much with it, the possibilities are endless. Of course I had to have some Oreos in there somewhere as well as after all Oreo's is what got me into baking in the first place. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn but for me it's the journey of learning that I best enjoy.

Jan: DevianTART [link]
Feb: Cheesecake Chocolate Cups [link]
March: Chocolate Pastry Creams [link]
April: Oreo Pizza Slice [link]
May: Oreo Nutella Tarts [link]
June: Cool Mint Oreo Cheesecake [link]
July: Terry's Chocolate Orange Cupcakes [link]
August: Cheeky Summer Fruit Salad [link]
Sept: Upside Down Peach Cake [link]
Oct@ Banana, Walnut, Rum and Chocolate Cake [link]
Nov: Chocolate Heaven [link]
Dec: Festive Bark [link]
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 It is great to compare this years summary of my baking and photography to last years! What a difference a year makes!

:bulletgreen: January: Chocolate Love Pots…
:bulletgreen: February: Orange Cakes…
:bulletgreen: March: Easter Dinosaur Egg Cookies…
:bulletgreen: April: Rainbow Cake Slice…
:bulletgreen: May: Strawberry Trifle (+recipe)…
:bulletgreen: June: Strawberries and Cream Cake (+recipe)…
:bulletgreen: July: Fresh Mint and Chocolate Cake…
:bulletgreen: August: Blueberry Sauce…
:bulletgreen: September: A Piece Of Cake…
:bulletgreen: October: Spider Web Cupcakes…
:bulletgreen: Novemeber: Blueberry Cheesecake…
:bulletgreen: December: Ginger Cupcakes…

2012 Summary Of Art…

Facebook Page

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Happy New Year and thank you to everyone at DA for all the inspiration, tips and advice i have received over the years and in particular over the past year since i really got into baking, photography and polymer clay making, i love you all and would not have come so far without you all :heart:

strawberry conserve and custard tart. I have been asked a few times why i made it red and not green, well a few reasons really. Firstly i am new to piping frosting so did not want to ruin it. Secondly i thought red would stand out better. Thirdly, my kids were going to eat it so i did not want to add too much sugar to it as a sugar high 4 year old and almost 2 year old is not so fun to deal with :giggle:

As for the design, I don't have a printer so could not print off a stencil for this which would have been so handy. Instead i had to shape it by hand with a very sharp knife using the poster tube i received from deviantart (i bought a print for a friends christmas present) that has the DA symbol on as a reference.

Oh and thank you DA for completely embarrassing me by posting this on both Facebook and Twitter! not used to all the attention! :blush:

food gallery [link]

my recipes including oreo truffles, cake balls, mini apple crumbles, pizza, honey and ginger cheesecake, trifle, cake and cookies [link]

my Etsy store [link]

Thanks to :iconcapnskusting: for the bad pun name :) i salute you for your quick thinking sir!

EDIT: I never thought i would be saying this but thank you for the DD! and thanks for all the lovely comments, i do read them all and i really do appreciate all your feedback more than you know, i feel very honored :glomp:
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I made this yesterday. It's Rilakkuma in lamb suit. It was the first time I don't want to eat it. Maybe it's too cute.
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I made it yesterday. It's so cute!
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I spent my entire Friday afternoon turning yellow bunny peeps into pikachus! :D This could have been posted for Easter... But, since stores are selling them now I might as well post this now! :3

What Are Peeps?! ( I get this question quite a bit)
Peeps are Bunny or chick shaped marshmallow covered in colored sugar! :D

How TAILS are made!!! (I've been asked a few times...) A mild cheddar that has been aged for 3 months. lololol jk!!!
I made the tails out of white chocolate and yellow food coloring. Then I dipped the end in normal chocolate. :) I made a small hole behind the peep to push the tail in w/o breaking the chocolate.

Cheeks are made with food coloring. Paint them on or else the color will bleed.

Ears can be dipped or painted on with chocolate. (This way is a lot less messier.)

Pictures of the work in processes!! [link]

Have questions or having trouble with making Peepkachus?! Ask them here! [link]

Another great idea, if you're planning to make some of your own, is putting them in plastic eggs that you can design to look like poke balls. :)

Have Fun!!!

:iconomnomnomnomplz: Mouth full of Pikachu.


Front Page?!
Thank you so much peeps (as in people lol). I'm happy for the rest of my life now.


I cleaned it up a bit. :)
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It almost being Halloween I thought this photo of my family taken on my wedding day, Halloween 2012 was an appropriate ID for this wonderful time of year.

So yes this is my family, from left to right, my grandma (her birthday is also Halloween!) My eldest daughter Sarah, my husband Carl, me, my dad and my youngest daughter Sasha.

Photo taken by Justin Krause, he is based in the UK but also does wedding photography overseas…
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Today is my birth day~ Yay! Yay! This is my birthday party for this year! (Thought I never have my own birthday party even once. Lol!)
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I've said countless times that I'm not fond of bringing religion into a conversation that doesn't include it. It would be amazing to meet more and more religious people that can truly think for themselves without needing text, and I don't know about anyone else but I never bring in anything of religious faith if I am having a discussion with someone.

Most of the time you want to ask, "Might you please get back onto track?" but it'll keep going...and going...until it just turns into a completely religious conversation that went off course from the main subject.

Sighing, you decide that alright you'll play along and be included, bringing in whatever faith you have to counter argument.
I've noticed most of the time if it's different...the other person will start complaining about it, telling you that what you're saying is irrelevant and so wrong and everything they believe in is such fucking fact that they should just be ignoring everything they say. :T

And that's why I really don't want it brought in to something that doesn't include it. At least one person isn't going to happy about it and it's going to turn into religious war fair.
In fact, one side doesn't even have to be religious. It could be any faith, including Atheism, and it will go array. Many go like this:

Christian: The bible and God said so.
Atheist: I don't believe in God so that really falls flat.
Christian: He does exist, and he said that this was wrong.
Atheist: Did you not read what I wrote? I said I don't believe in a God so the argument really does fall flat. Can you give any reasoning beyond that?
Christian: He just does exist, that's all the reasoning I need. You should believe that too because it's true. You shouldn't say he doesn't exist because I believe he does!
Atheist: :iconfacepalmplz: Fucking Christ.

Before I get a shit storm that can easily be turned around or...any religious people who have differing views could be placed there.

Bringing it in is more than likely going to cause a fucking storm, no matter which one it is. I mean, if you can at least try to be more polite and curt about it, fine, but huge descriptions of why your religion/beliefs say that you are right and why I'm going to hell for my belief and why I'm hated by people because of them is just so damn...tedious.

:iconshitstormplz: I can sense the shit storms coming from here.

Other stamps: [link]
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