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Colorful corn at a local Harvest festival...they were all so pretty :heart:
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Dorian-theme ~ A Darkly Elegant Theme

Dorian has many of its own unique characteristics. To name a couple, hovered buttons grow in size, and insensitive buttons/widgets have a diagonal pattern distinguishing them from normal or active states.
Dorian's appearance is consistent between Gtk2 and Gtk3. Gtk2 uses the pixmap-engine** to resemble Gtk3 as closely as possible.

Icons - Clarity-canus, Wallpaper(Inset) - Black(20) by no-credit, Wallpaper(Outset) - DeLoreanWall by killhellokitty

  • Gtk2 Theme
  • Gtk3 Theme
  • Metacity Themes - Basic and Retro: Left and Right
  • Openbox Themes - Default(retro-box) and Dorian-Neon *NEW*
  • Ubuntu Software-Center Theme
  • Chromium Browser Themes - Dorian and Dorian-Simple
  • Firefox Browser Theme
  • More to come...

  • Gtk3.6* works with Gtk3.8(with a few very minor image irregularities to be fixed soon)
  • gtk-engine-murrine- newer)
  • pixbuf-engine or the gtk(2)-engines package***
  • gnome-themes-standard-3.6 *(provides the 'adwaita' engine)
  • !important! Gtk-2.24.14 or lower must be installed! A bug in Gtk-2.24.15 & Gtk-2.24.16 breaks the entry widgets.(Bugzilla-Bug 695003) Arch Linux users should downgrade from the current version.

  • Ubuntu, Linux Mint, & Ubuntu derivatives:
  • 12.10 Quantal, 13.04 Raring, and 13.10 Saucy
    Add this PPA,
    copy and paste the following in a terminal:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppa sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install dorian-theme
  • Arch Linux
    Install from AUR
    yaourt -S dorian-theme
  • ALL other distributions
  • should download Dorian-Theme from the top of this page. Unzip the archive, and copy the following three folders; dorian-theme, dorian-retro-left-metacity and dorian-retro-right-metacity to /usr/share/themes/ *This theme can not be installed in ~/.themes. It will not work properly when installed within this directory!

Ubuntu Software-Center Theme Installation:
  • Backup the original folder and name it "software-center.backup":
      sudo cp /usr/share/software-center /usr/share/software-center.backup
  • Install the Dorian software-center theme (This assumes the Dorian-Theme is installed to the recomended location 'usr/share/themes/'):
      sudo cp /usr/share/themes/dorian-theme/ubuntu-software-center/softwarecenter.css /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/css/softwarecenter.css && sudo cp /usr/share/themes/dorian-theme/ubuntu-software-center/stipple.png /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/art/stipple.png
  • Start/Restart the Ubuntu Software-Center.
  • To revert the changes:
      sudo rm -r /usr/share/software-center && mv /usr/share/software-center.backup /usr/share/software-center

Xfce & LXDE Panel Installation:
  • The panel image file is located at:

Chromium Browser Theme Installation:
  • The theme file(.crx) is located at:
  • Open Chromium browser, go the the menu and scroll down to Tools. In the sub-menu select Extensions.
  • Drag and Drop the Dorian.crx file onto the Extensions Page.

Firefox Browser Theme Installation:
  • This entire theme is build using the UserChrome.css and UserContent.css.
    It is located in the 'chrome' folder within:
  • *If you previously made changes to either your userChrome.css or userContent.css, back theme up now.
  • Copy the 'chrome' folder (containing the userChrome, userContent, and images folder) into your Firefox User Profile: '~/.mozilla/firefox/userprofile/chrome/'
    *** Where 'userprofile' is XsomeNumbers.default folder.

  • <li>Alternately Create a new User-Profile specifically for the Dorian-Theme.
    To open the Profile-Manager for Firefox:
    *Important: Before you can start the Profile Manager, Firefox must be completely closed.
    In Terminal or using Alt/F2 (run-dialog) type: firefox -P
    More information on creating and utilizing User-Profiles in Firefox may be found Here

02-15-2013 The first publishing of the completed(not finished) theme (gtk2 & gtk3).
02-16-2013 Ubuntu Software-Center theme added. Text shadow in gtk2 fixed.
02-19-2013 Metacity 2 & 3 themes added.
02-26-2013 Metacity added a second theme: Retro(left and right).
02-27-2013 Metacity, fixed bugs in Retro theme.
03-08-2013 Xfce/LXDE Panel themed.
03-24-2013 Selected Entry Text changed to white. Chromium Theme added.
04-06-2013 Firefox-Theme added to package.
04-24-2013 Scrollbar and Scroll-Sliders reworked to be clearly visible. Chromium, second theme added.
07-12-2013 Openbox Themes added, a default(retro-box) and neon.
09-03-2013 Firefox Theme fixed issue with gray bar displaying across web-pages, ie: youtube
04-23-2014 Firefox Theme fixed issue with only tab bar, and changed the app-menu button to match the new-tab button.

Share your thoughts, ideas, and bugs/bug-fixes.
Your feedback is important!

*gtk3.6 is required for gtk3 applications(Gnome3 apps). If using Gnome, the corresponding version is necessary (Gnome3.6).
**gtk2 is entirely drawn with pixmaps-engine using image files, in this case predominately vector. Pixmap-engine is know to draw windows slower than other(murrine,clearlooks,etc...) engines; therefore the gtk2 portion of this theme renders in roughly twice the time as other non-pixmap-engine themes. This is not a problem or concern, Dorian's gtk2 draws its windows very fast, just not as fast as other theme engines.
***gtk2 is drawn with vector graphics(svg). Most distributions include libsvg(or equivalent) by default.

license GPLv3
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Strawberry Fields pattern! Feel free to use this as a patterned background anywhere you please! ✿♡✿ (drag’n’drop/right click to save)!~
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Quality over quantity - that's the motto of this icon pack. Modern Android icons pack contains TOP quality icons for all best launchers available on google play.

* Top quality icons for any android device
* HD resolution (even xhdpi)
* Best launchers support including ADW, NOVA, APEX, Holo, x and pro
* Icon pack is often updated
* We are open at any requests and ideas

Are you tired of buying icons that are only nice on screenshots but in reality those screens show only few best icons from pack? Tired of hundreds useless icons that repeat countlessly and are poor quality?
This is the right pack for you! Modern Android Icons contains only top-notch icons prepared from scratch to provide the best quality.

Application was tested on many launchers like NOVA, APEX, ADW, Holo, Pro launcher.
Modern Android Icons replace all default android icons and some of the most popular apps from google play store, please note that this icon pack is still growing and updates are provided on a weekly basis.
We need your support to make this pack better! Please share Your opinion with us

If you have any problems with pack or have personal request for icon please contact us via IconsFeedback [link]

Icons created on good ol' paint shop pro 9 :) I'm using it since my first computer was bought years ago and I get used to it ;)

Yay ! Daily Deviation ! :D I Never Thought This Day Would Come, Thank you !
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Mail Notifier

version Beta

An awesome app to check your email messages without opening your browser.

Operating system

Windows 7, Windows 8 (x32 & x64)

Czech | English | French | Portuguese (Brasil) | Portuguese (Portugal) | Russian
[View all languages]

How to translate Mail Notifier to your language


Thank you for all comments! :D
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here is my new wallpaper, available in widescreen and fullscreen!

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Movist BSP(S) for Movist 0.6.4 mac.

Inspiration from Katsu3477 itunes BSP.

Update v1.0 :
- add BSP2 (with bigger buttons)
- add FS2 (smaller fullscreen panel)
- add possibility to choose the style you prefer
- the tiger bug is fix
BlueWater by ~trancedman is use as background in the preview and can be found here [link]

Comments and favs are welcome.
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To download the Mac and PC icons please refer to my :pointr:Downloads Page:pointl:, where you'll find all my icon sets, my terms of use and the licenses I offer.

Woohoo! I started work on these in 2007, never touched them since, and I finally finished them! I barely ever drink, but I think cocktails look gorgeous, so I had to make my own version.

I realize of course there are many, many more cocktails out there, but in order to limit the set to a realistic number, I went by the official cocktails list of the International Bartender Association, which comprises the 65 "classics" above. I'm not excluding a "65 Creative Cocktails" collection in the future so if you don't see your favorite drink up there feel free to suggest it ;)

Unfortunately I can't activate a print in this gallery so if you want the poster, it's on my Redbubble Shop: [link]
There are recipe fridge magnets here: [link]
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It's a little cherry begging you to eat its delicious cake :)
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First animated avatar I ever did. You can use this icon for free. If icon used, please credit me in your signature, if you prefer not to it's okay. :la: I used *Zerna's tutorial. Enjoy! :meow:


:bulletblue: Drawn with Gimp-2.6

:bulletred: Animated with Iaza

:bulletgreen: Tutorial by *Zerna : [link]

:bulletyellow: (c) Sanitation :dalove:
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