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Similar Deviations
This is my new theme, its very clean and smooth :) Other color mods I relase maybe later.

Package includes:

-Visual theme "Clarity" in *.exe (not a virus heh) Theme, shell
-Four wallpaper in very high quality (1280x1024) With logo and without, all in *.bmp's

[UPDATE] 2006.08.13

-Thin taskbar : "ClarityT"
-Glossy effect : "ClarityG"
-Thin taskbar and glossy efect : "ClarityGT"
More font sizes in next update!
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This is my new project.
It isn't finished yet : (
Could U give me some hints.
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UPDATE: 16-02-2008 batch fixed
UPDATE: 14-02-2008

Copies a patched version of the interface
and overwrites the default icons in the in 7zip folder

- 7Zip version 4.57
- For now it was not possible to create a Tango interface; only Gnome GUI is available)
- There are several types of icons for Tango: rar, zip, bz2, iso, gzip, 7z, tar, cab and "split" archives.. For Gnome just the default one.

In order for the batch file to run successfully 7-zip should be placed in the default Program Files path. If it doesn't work you need to alter the batch file.

You may need to rebuild the icon cache after that to see the changes.

bledd's 7zip customization
Tango Desktop Project [link]
7-zip [link]

If you like it just say thanks.
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The Pack contains the following:

Msstyles - (By jerry8494 and Fuiun) Includes Normal/ Onyx Styles.

Miranda - (By sq1022)

StylerTB - (By Fuiun)

FF 1.5 - (By jerry8494)

IPthemes - (By jerry8494)

Special Thanks to David Lanham for allowing me to release this! It is greatly appreciated!!
Also to Fuiun for help and support. Also to jayro195 for resources. and to sq1022 for Miranda skin

special thanks to all the friends in [link] for their support all along


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I had finished this quite a while ago, but was holding back on when to release it :D Anyway, I've finally decided to release the PNG version now.

Formats avaliable for download
Radium Neue PNGs
Radium Neue Windows Icons
Radium Neue Mac Icons
Radium Neue IconPackager
Radium Neue Extras

Legal Information
These icons are copyright © and are intended only for personal desktop use. You may not redistribute or modify these icons and release them without my written permission.

Distributing these icons commercially or using them with intent for monetary gains is prohibited.

If you are interested in using these icons commercially or for personal projects, please contact me at

Copyright © 2007 gakuseiSean
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Here is little something I have been working on over the past two months. Although I have been showing off another VS called 'Bloom' on some other sites, this one I hid completely 'cause I thought it would be a good surprise for some of you. :)

Actually inspired by a few ports of OSX themes floating around on DA, but I assure you this one is different in many ways. First, it's not a port. second, my own ideas + OSX look and feel make it (humbly) even cooler.


DO NOT forget to install the included fonts before you apply the visual style

If you find the windows borders very vague use Y'z Shadow to make the windows stand out

No Mods please


Bug reports and comments are welcome

Welcome to my website [link]
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Er, yer. Ickle dark mod to the fantastic deanach. Done by the perfectly inconsistant XanDaMan.

This is pretty old but new to DA due to permission granted due to its popularity/hardness-to-find. Enjoy!
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Human for Windows

Hi, this is my first release for a visual style :dance: (and probably the last consedering the time i've spent on it :faint:) so be kind! ;P
This style is based on ClearLooks by ~schmoove, i've changed many parts to make it more similar to the current Human theme of Ubuntu. I hope you like it! :D

This package includes:

• 5 color schemes: Orange, Blue, Green, Graphite and Purple
• Compact and Full Version
• Ubuntu and Windows Flags
• xFree Cursors
• 5 Wallpaper

How-To install the Visual style:

• Patch Windows with this [link]
• Extract and copy the Human folder in C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes
• Double click on Human.msstyles or choose the style from Display Properties -> Appearence and click Apply.

How-To install the xFree Cursor:

• Right click the Install.inf and choose Install.
• Go in your Control Panel -> Mouse -> Cursors and choose xFree Cursors.

For a complete porting of Ubuntu i also suggest:

Tango Patcher by ~vertigosity :+favlove:
Human theme for Firefox
Dapper Retouched for Opera
Tango Theme for WinRAR
Tango eMule Skin by ~schluepfer

:star: Final version: 1.23 :star:

Enjoy :wave:
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Its my new theme, its KDE for XP !! Feel like linux user :) True its only skin but I like kde style, now windows look like kde.

Please comments and report any bugs! :D
Package include:

Version 0.1
- Visual Style (no shell)
- Wallpaper (*.bmp) 1152x864
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Windows Media Player 11 1.1 By Dameon

New In 1.1
1. New Taskbar.
2. New TaskTray Arrow.
3. Updated Start Menu
4. Changed Menu And Highlight Colors.
5. New Tab Item Buttons.
6. New Combo Buttons.
7. New Shellstyle Added, Created by "WolfvanWhite" [link]
8. New Styler Toolbar Added, Also Created by "WolfvanWhite" [link]
9. Updated Log Off Buttons

Contents of RAR File:
1. Windows Media Player 11 1.1 VS
2. Full Media Styler Toolbar. Created by "WolfvanWhite" [link]
3. Desktop Wallpaper

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