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The Simpson Family as seen in Simpsons Fantasy VI, in their formal attire.

Maybe they're attending the premiere party of the game or something?
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Everyone's doing their Simpsons reality photo images, so I thought I'd join in. :P

This one is set after Simpsons Fantasy VI.

HOMER and MARGE aren't any different from the show. Both are caring parents, Homer's still an idiot and bonds well with all four of his kids even if he doesnt share a common interest. Marge is the caring mother that holds the other five together.

BART is 18, and almost about to graduate from High School, that is if he's able to get a good grade in Computer Science. Bart tends to travel around Gaia with Lisa and Maggie acting as a secondary group leader. Bart usually fights with his slingshot, but is also known to use a Spear. In the Final Fantasy terms, he's a Dragoon, but he's unable to jump. (So... he's not really a Dragoon at all :P)

LISA is 16, and still the smart kid, but has some competition in her sister Maggie. Lisa travels around with Maggie in Gaia and the two are nearly inseparable. Lisa fights at first with her Sax, and later on she's given her sword, The Sisterhood by Locke and Terra from Final Fantasy VI. Lisa is also able to use Black Magic. Making her a Warrior-Black Mage hybrid. Lisa is dating Colin.

MAGGIE is also 16 physically, but really she's 9. She spend seven years trapped in Gaia, where time progressed faster than it did on Earth. Maggie became best friends with Locke, and Terra from Final Fantasy VI. Maggie has since become a computer nut, and currently works voluntarily for a package called SMF under the name ALM. Maggie fights with her namesake sword, The Maggie Blade, and later The Maggie Blade 2. Maggie had a boyfriend named Mark.

LUCY is Maggie's twin, who are kidnapped at birth and raised in a secret institute to fight. Maggie led an operation to get her out which was successful. Lucy fights with a third sword, which she dubs, The Onion Sword, because it reminds Maggie of Final Fantasy III.

It should be noted that the username Maggie has on her vest is the same name I used to use on various websites which stands for "AwwLilMaggie" and the company she works for does exist, and I volunteer there myself, so she's basically doing what I do. :P Check it out: [link]
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After a trip to Gaia, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Lucy come home to find nothing but ruination. Who could have done it, and can they set everything right?

Find out... in Simpsons Fantasy VIII: Enigma of Darkness.

Dont forget to check out my Journal for a Simpsons Fantasy design contest! [link]

EDIT: I realise that I forgot to draw Maggie's scar. :P
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The Goddess of Harmony, Cosmos.
The God of Discord, Chaos.

This is now an art jam, check it out on this link

A new Dissidia based picture, this time, named after the prequel, Duodecim.

This pic features loads of characters duking it out in an epic battle for good and evil, all the characters from my Dissidia fan pic return, some swapping sides, along with many new faces equal to the number added in Duodecim.

The old characters besides Homer did not get new artwork, not because I was lazy but because that's what Square Enix did.

The side of Cosmos is on the right, the side of Chaos is on the left.


Here are the rules:
- 1 Chaos character should defect to the side of Cosmos
- 3 Cosmos characters should defect to the side of Chaos
- 1 new Chaos character that was a secret character in Dissidia
- 1 new Chaos character revealed new in Duodecim
- 1 new Cosmos character that was a secret character in Dissidia
- 7 new Cosmos characters revealed new in Duodecim


Here's the lineup:

Homer Simpson (swapped from Chaos)
Marge Simpson (was a secret character in Dissidia)
Laura Powers
Melissa (new, created by ~Sigma-Mastermind
Nikki McKenna (new)
Skye (created by ~tigertaiga)
Eric Simpson (new, created by ~simpspin)
Laura Simpson (created by ~Gazmanafc)
Lisa Simpson
Eliza Simpson (new)
Yeardley Carbonell-Simpson (created by *JimCarreyDude19)
Maggie Simpson (created by ~Gazmanafc)
Allison Taylor (new)
Fran (new, created by =Gilson)
Monica Simpson (created by ~Maggiecute)
Ralph Wiggum

Fat Tony D'Amico (new)
Sideshow Bob Terwilliger
Chucky Burns (created by *13foxywolf666)
Gina Vendetti
Roger Terwilliger (created by *sideshowbobfanatic)
Seymour Skinner Jr. (created by ~Dark-Mephistopheles)
Jessica Lovejoy (was a secret character in Dissidia)
Suzy Simpson (swapped from Cosmos, created by ~archonix)
Dark Lisa Simpson
Dark Maggie Simpson (created by ~Gazmanafc)
Nelson Muntz
Lucy Simpson (swapped from Cosmos, created by ~Gazmanafc)
Bart Simpson (swapped from Cosmos)



Fat Tony: Pistol
Sideshow Bob: Flametongue
Jessica: Baton
Dark Maggie: Ultima Weapon
Shelby: Spraypaint
Bart: Slingshot
Lucy: Onion Sword

Homer: Shotgun
Marge: Scimitar
Laura S: Katana
Eric: Baseball Bat
Lisa: Sisterhood
Yeardley: Baton
Maggie: Maggie Blade
Allison: Sax
Fran: Rifle
Monica: Flower Staff
Ralph: Pop-o-Matic

All characters go to their credited creators.
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It looks like that Maggeena has now become the new leader of The Bart Allegiance for a certain comeback mission to rescue Bartman.

This pic is very loosely based on my Fan Fic: Bartman - The Return of Maggeena, a sequel to Simpsons Fantasy of sorts: [link]

Bart Simpson as Bartman
Lisa Simpson as Lisa the Conjurer
Maggie Simpson as Maggeena
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Concept seem familiar? It should, I "borrowed" it from the Phineas and Ferb movie. :P

Here we see Lisa and Maggie visiting their 2nd Dimension counterparts. Possibly singing. The 2nd Dimension being ruled over with an iron fist probably by an even more villainous version of Mr. Burns.

You'll notice that I added some extra features to Maggie-1, Lisa-2 and Maggie-2.

For Maggie-1 I added her teenage scar for no reason from Simpsons Fantasy VI and Simpsons Fantasy VIII.

For Lisa-2 and Maggie-2, I made them both paler, since they've never been outside much, and they're both wearing the same outfit to a certain degree, as well as being tagged, with those armbands under their sleeves.

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Again, Everyone was doing it, I just wanted to be popular.

An ageing sheet of Maggie Simpson in the Simpsons Fantasy universe. Holding her sword of course.
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A scene I wanna include in between Simpsons Fantasy VI and VIII where Maggie marries Mark.

So here's a pic of the Bridal family at Maggie's wedding. :P
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A scene soon to be in Simpsons Fantasy VIII (though Lisa will be older in the game then she is in this pic, in fact, she'll be 24)

It seems that Dark Maggie is starting to manipulate time for her own use. Hearing what happened about Virgil, she goes back to 1860 and helps Colonel Burns prevent Virgil from escaping with Mabel. In the year 2016, Lisa, Maggie and Lucy find out and go back to set things right. While Lisa holds off Colonel Burns alone with Eliza, Maggie and Lucy aid Mabel and Virgil's escape.
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Lisa and Bart fighting as there superhero alter ego.

Thanks to Sx2 for help. This episode hasn’t aired here, but screncaps and descriptions are all over the internet. ;-)

All made in Paint.NET.

The Simpsons TM and Copyright FOX and its related companies. All Rights Reserved.
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