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Happy Valentines Day Everyone! Since this is the first Single's Awarness Day in over 5 years that I have had someone to spend it with I decided that today should be special all around and I should have a delicious bento to make my day that much brighter. And what better than to have a Pokemon bento?! So anyway this bento contains:

Kissing Luvdisk (x2)
Rice, Ketchup, Nori, Cheese, and Mayo
Fried Shrimps
Heart Shaped Egg
Cherry Tomato
Lettuce Liner

I hope you all have a romantic day.... or at least one filled with chocolate!
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Looks like someone didn't get a valentine.
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This is my newest kitty, Misha. She's been with us since December, a friend of my sister found her starving on the street and took her in, but then her grand dane had puppies and became very aggressive towards her, even attacking her once. She wasn't injured, but the friend was so scared for her life that she asked us to adopt her, and we went pick her up immediately. She's been with us since, and it's been a delight!

Misha is a russian blue. For years I pointed at "gunpowder gray"* cats saying I wanted one in that exact same color, and I never knew they were called russian blue until we adopted her. When I saw her I burst with excitement, I'm sure my two furry angels had something to do with her arrival.

She's extremely playful, and she has a permanent look in her eyes that says "I'm thinking of my next mischief". She can't stand still for half a second, which makes it impossible to take photos of her xD add to that that I'm a bad photographer, so this about the only focused photo I have of her. I like it, she looks like she's sniffing the flowers :heart:

Adopt and rescue pets :dummy: they're so wonderful, beautiful and thankful!

* That color is called "gris polvora" in Spanish, which translates to gunpowder gray.
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I freaking love this cat.

Speed paint for fun. Send this to people you hate, or those who don't get the hint, or strangers! C:
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Yay! I made a Foxy one! >w<

I hope you guys like it! Bonnie is next uvu


Fnaf - scott cawthon

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Goldie: I just felt like doing it
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*Brown's OC profile can be found in my gallery.

Well, this is pretty much my response to 'Hector Dinos', an OC made by someone who, disturbingly enough, resembles a male, clinically-depressed Stephanie Brown.

Hector's profile can be found on my Tumblr: [link]
And on the Lamepokemonart blog: [link]

Whoever made him seemed to be under the impression that, if she didn't steal my art, it's not art theft. But she is still taking someone else's idea and passing it off as her's.


I, personally, do feel a slight amount of regret towards this case. Hector's creator was someone I kept in contact with not too long ago when I was a group admin for Generator Rex OCs.

She posted on Brown's profile, and, had I followed up and read Hector's profile like I should've, I would've noticed how it'd been copied from Brown's.

Contact or not, this still upsets me on a personal level - not so much that she reinterpreted my character without my permission, but that she passed it off as her own. Also, this was someone I used to know and place my trust in.

I'll be sending her a note with a link to this deviation, so as to ask for a fair version of events from her point of view.

Ultimately, however, I don't condone this behaviour and I never will. Hopefully, this deviation will make my stance on the matter clear as day.


EDIT: Well, I got a reply: [link]
I'm taking the nice, safe option of not replying to her. I'll put my response right here for you to see.

Dear whoever-you-are,
There is a reason why your username is blurred out on the original deviation. It's to give you your due of privacy from the 'friends' and 'followers' and 'white knights' that I am telling this story to.

No one is expected to go to your page and deliver any form of divine justice. This was never intended to be a personal attack against you, but against an action and practice that you have partaken in.

I understand there are people who will take my side in this matter - but I also understand that I'm, at the very least, the one who should be upset. Regardless of when it happened, you took my character and you changed a few things here and there, and then tried to pass if of as your own.

The reason why I'm only submitting this now, and not in January when I'd found out, was that I was (and still somewhat am) reeling from the shock of this blatant counterfeit. I've spent honest days wondering why this could happen, and why to me. Truth be told, had I been any younger, I might've lost my cool entirely.

No, I do NOT think settling this over notes first would be the best option. Had I simply noted you and gotten a simple apology, I would (admittedly) not be satisfied. You've done a great disservice to the practice of OC making, a disservice to yourself, and, most importantly, to our friendship. I'm upset, and I've found comfort in the wonderful people that support, love and cherish what I do.

They are not my 'followers', they aren't my 'white knights' (and I do take umbrage against you calling me 'Asian Rick Flair') these people are my friends. They are, for all intents and purposes, an online family. They are people whom I love, and whom I trust, and whom, ultimately, I feel safe crying to when I'm this upset.

Please understand, no matter how long ago this incident was, you can't simply shrug off the responsibility for what you have done as if it never happened. Finally, as a parting word, please don't blame me for 'hurting' you when you're the one who threw the first punch.

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My attempt to save Fella from teh kitteh prison! D:<<

Haha, I saw another deviant draw a Skitty for the draw-something-cat-related challenge and they got the badge, so I hope this is legit aswell ;v;

I also found it easier to draw cat-Pokemon rather than an actual cat; so go figure, I guess. xD

Also, if I ever supported a PokemonxPokemon shipping, it would have to be MeowthxSkitty. ;u; Such a cute couple~

I also tried to do round corners for a transparent bg, so I hope it worked! o:

Meowth's eye looks a bit weird, but nvm. xD

I sacrificed watching Desperate Housewives to finish this before 12 :noes:
Must go catch up now!

//rolls away to the TV

It's a little messy, but I hope you like it!>v<

Pokemon (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Moi~ ~PikaPwnge123

EDIT- OMG guys the transparent bg thing did work!!
Lookit those corners! They're rounded!!
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Something sketchy and pinup inspired for Valentines day I was gonna use for cards. Or something. I just needed to draw.

Accounting and business is slowly sucking my soul from my bODY

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