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*Brown's OC profile can be found in my gallery.

Well, this is pretty much my response to 'Hector Dinos', an OC made by someone who, disturbingly enough, resembles a male, clinically-depressed Stephanie Brown.

Hector's profile can be found on my Tumblr: [link]
And on the Lamepokemonart blog: [link]

Whoever made him seemed to be under the impression that, if she didn't steal my art, it's not art theft. But she is still taking someone else's idea and passing it off as her's.


I, personally, do feel a slight amount of regret towards this case. Hector's creator was someone I kept in contact with not too long ago when I was a group admin for Generator Rex OCs.

She posted on Brown's profile, and, had I followed up and read Hector's profile like I should've, I would've noticed how it'd been copied from Brown's.

Contact or not, this still upsets me on a personal level - not so much that she reinterpreted my character without my permission, but that she passed it off as her own. Also, this was someone I used to know and place my trust in.

I'll be sending her a note with a link to this deviation, so as to ask for a fair version of events from her point of view.

Ultimately, however, I don't condone this behaviour and I never will. Hopefully, this deviation will make my stance on the matter clear as day.


EDIT: Well, I got a reply: [link]
I'm taking the nice, safe option of not replying to her. I'll put my response right here for you to see.

Dear whoever-you-are,
There is a reason why your username is blurred out on the original deviation. It's to give you your due of privacy from the 'friends' and 'followers' and 'white knights' that I am telling this story to.

No one is expected to go to your page and deliver any form of divine justice. This was never intended to be a personal attack against you, but against an action and practice that you have partaken in.

I understand there are people who will take my side in this matter - but I also understand that I'm, at the very least, the one who should be upset. Regardless of when it happened, you took my character and you changed a few things here and there, and then tried to pass if of as your own.

The reason why I'm only submitting this now, and not in January when I'd found out, was that I was (and still somewhat am) reeling from the shock of this blatant counterfeit. I've spent honest days wondering why this could happen, and why to me. Truth be told, had I been any younger, I might've lost my cool entirely.

No, I do NOT think settling this over notes first would be the best option. Had I simply noted you and gotten a simple apology, I would (admittedly) not be satisfied. You've done a great disservice to the practice of OC making, a disservice to yourself, and, most importantly, to our friendship. I'm upset, and I've found comfort in the wonderful people that support, love and cherish what I do.

They are not my 'followers', they aren't my 'white knights' (and I do take umbrage against you calling me 'Asian Rick Flair') these people are my friends. They are, for all intents and purposes, an online family. They are people whom I love, and whom I trust, and whom, ultimately, I feel safe crying to when I'm this upset.

Please understand, no matter how long ago this incident was, you can't simply shrug off the responsibility for what you have done as if it never happened. Finally, as a parting word, please don't blame me for 'hurting' you when you're the one who threw the first punch.

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"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. accept no one's definition of your life but define yourself."

for Spirit Day c:
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Digital art
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This ad pissed me off enough I wanted to post this up. Share it if you agree.

Stuff like this pisses me off! There is so much wrong with this picture. What we have here is what is probably someone who is a size zero, holding up what looks to be size 4 jeans, her ribs and hips have been narrowed and smoothed to resemble that of a prepubescent child (who would still have more curves than that), you can see that what ribs she has in the front jut out in an unhealthy way, and the advertising of transforming your body INSTANTLY is moronic.

I'm all for being healthy and if you are naturally thin, then whatever, but this sort of pandering to a population willing to kill themselves to reach an 'ideal' that is not even humanly possible is sick and needs to stop!
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Stop debating, stop bullying.
Being gay isn't a problem.
G a y is fuckin okay.


My little submission for Spirit Day against gay, lesbian and bi's bullying.
Hope you like it dear ^w^
Thank's a lot for all that success ! Fighting against homophobia is one of my principle in life, i'm proud of this deviation and I'm so glad it had a lot of success ^^
One of my favourite songs is Born This Way by Lady Gaga for this part "No matter gay straight or bi, lesbian transgendred life, I'm on the right track baby I was born to survive". It is so true. Don't hide yourself and your set. You're beautiful just being who you are.
Okay. Second edit. I do my best to answer everyone on it, but please don't comment if you're homophobe. You are ? That's your problem. I am straight but I have much gay friends and I can't accept that. So do what you want if you're homophobe but don't comment. Hater's gonna hate, and that's all.
Third edit : I disabled comments. Too much homophobe feedback.
If you wanna react, by note.
Comments disabled by owner.
My lineart edit piece to celebrate spirit day :)

So basically I saw the spirit day thing going on and thought I'd pitch in, and one of my favorite artists DestinyBlue posted this lineart today/yesterday(idk, tired) so I thought heck why not :)

This is supposed to represent lying about your true feelings and I know that it's an issue many people my age have to face, including myself. It's hard when you think that no one will understand your feelings, or no one will want to deal with you when your whole word comes crumbling down. So you put on a smile and hold back the tears until you can't bear it anymore. I know that feeling, and I know it gets better, especially with help. Sometimes what you really need to do is get rid of the act and tell someone close how you really feel. It helps SO MUCH. Seriously, if ANYONE is thinking about taking their lives or hurting themselves or someone around them, I'm always here to talk. Don't make a mistake you'll regret forever, just talk to someone, please.

Credit for the lineart (and my inspiration) goes to DestinyBlue: [link]
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The answer is No.
That's because all cats that are microwaved either come out half alive and traumatized, or dead.

Don't believe me? Google/Youtube it if you dare.
Here's some articles to start you off..

I'm starting the summer off with an animal abuse poster and journal...

Anyway, I apologize I'm sick at the moment haha and not in the right mindset to write too much, but the fact is. If you really want to buy a pet, please sterilize your pet. Unless you're a breeder who knows what you're doing, unlike puppy mills and the like, you're just bringing lives into this world where some may end up like this.

I didn't know there were people in this world who would be cruel enough to microwave cats until just recently, and even then had a hard time believing it.
But what makes them any different than us?
Try microwaving yourself for a change, to anybody who doesn't give a care in the world.
Or better yet, just imagine your mother putting you in a human-sized microwave.

The analogy?
Someone you thought loved you turns around and tries to kill you while taking pleasure in watching you die for no valid reason.

I don't know how to express it properly--how much this disgusts me, but it happens and there's no way it's going to stop unless everyone agrees this isn't right and does something about it.

If you're some random kid or person viewing/reading this, thinking about how sad it is that a) innocent animals are dying and b) you can't do anything to help.
Well I know how you feel because that's what I used to think.
But ignoring the world's problems doesn't get anything done.

I started a group, one of many, with the intention of bringing together all efforts on dA to spread the word and inspire others to take a stand.

So that's why.. if you

Want to save these animals?
Join #AnimalAwareness to show your support for saving endangered and abused animals and contribute to our galleries to spread the awareness!
And for the record haha, I'm not even a professional artist let alone able to draw many things, and I don't even really like the outcome of this xD
But if it's moved you in anyway, then my goal with this has been reached! And as long as you make the effort, it'll count :)

Just don't forget, they're human too in a sense they can think and feel pain and worst of all, betrayal.
:) Thanks for your time!
|Other works by me|

Art © Capukat|Me
Wacom Bamboo Capture CTH 470
Paint Tool SAI: 3 hours (lost track)
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Thank you
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I wanted to upload something before Spirit Day was over!! Everybody needs to love each other. Now. Happy Spirit Day, everybody! <3

character (c) me
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We are all different but Love is the same for all.
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