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2nd- :iconf-innick:…

& thank you to everyone who participated in the voting
to view the final vote click here:…

summer is here!!!

Draw/make some kind of fanart with your favorite character(s) on the bottom side of the world. basically how most of us think of summer isn't what's happening all around the world at once. while most of us are dying in the heat, some people are experiencing their winter instead. so have your favorite character(s) spending their summer in the snow & ice. You can also use the "Christmas in July" theme that sometimes you see but it MUST include a snowy scene & not everyone gathered around a xmas tree


contest officially started january 1st 2013. so i will ONLY accept art submitted on DA after that point


1. anyone can enter this year.
2. no copying other deviant's artwork nor an official art piece that fits the theme...has to be all original created by you
3. has to include fanart characters. you can include an OC of yours, but they can not be the main focus
4. no literature. visual art only. if you want to write a small story in your deviation description that is fine but is not required & can not be the focus point of your entry.
5. no limit to how many characters have to be included. although i think more is better.
6. no nudity, gore, profanity...keep it PG-13
7. only one entry allowed, however you can change your entry selection multiple times if needed up to the closing date
8. must follow the theme

& since i can't avoid drama no matter which way i do this, i will do it the way i prefer. the judging this time will be back to polls, where you can all vote on who will be the winners. which leads to the next rule...

9. DO NOT complain about someone going around promoting themselves during the voting process. I don't see anything wrong with someone asking their friends to vote for them. To me it's no different than someone standing on a street corner with a sign telling you who to vote for during presidential elections & no one seems to think that is wrong & ban the presidential nominees for it. so whatever the outcome is will be final choice

10. be respectful of all contestants & no trolling allowed

11. any visual art style accepted. meaning 2d, 3d, pencil, paint, marker, CGI, clay, shadowbox, puppets, creative photography, all get it i'm sure


Submit your entries by sending me a note with a link to the image. It must include in the description that it is for Fanartsociety's 2013 summer contest with a link to the contest page


DEADLINE: September 3rd



offered by me :iconadrastia217:
1st- 1yr subscription
2nd- 6 month subscription
3rd- 3 month subscription
4th- 1 month subscription

offered by :iconwintercheeks:
1st- A waist up shot of anyone of their choosing, digital, fully colored, and shaded

offered by :iconmilestailsfox-fan:
1st- digital image with any Sonic official character

offered by :iconnightandkai:
1st and 2nd place winners- free commission with a Pokemon photograph with them over Skype(if applicable)...if not then a dragon eye drawing with their choice of 2 colors, the scales and the eye

offered by :iconktobermanns:
1st- a sketchcard

*if you'd like to offer prizes to winners please send me a note or comment & i will add it to this list*

**I will not be held responsible for prizes offered by others**



1. :iconinkheart7:…
2. :iconnightandkai:…
3. :iconf-innick:…
4. :iconmoonlightsenshi:…
5. :iconprincess-coco-154: princess-coco-154.deviantart.c…
15. :iconsweetcandyteardrop:sweetcandyteardrop.deviantart.…
18. :iconstormweaver-arts:0--mistress--misa--0.deviantar…
21. :iconcitywerewolf:…



theme: Draw/make some kind of fanart with your favorite character(s) visiting las vegas.

1st: :iconnorngpinky:…
2nd: :iconirrisor-immortalis: mordred-pendragon.deviantart.c…
3rd: :iconjesterry:…
4th:  :iconwhitelionwarrior: theforgivenartist.deviantart.c…



theme: Draw/make some kind of fanart with your favorite character(s) at the beach(beach party)

1st place: :icongarnetweavile461:…
2nd place: :iconembrymandre:…
3rd place: :iconabhie008: (deviation missing)
4th place: :iconcathyrox:…


2010's WINNERS & THEME WERE...(2 ended up in a tie)

theme: Draw/make some kind of fanart with your favorite character(s) on a camping trip

1st: :iconmichellescribbles:…
2nd: :iconaladdinsfan:… & :iconmyrealnameiscyl:…
3rd: :iconmeganekkoplymouth241:…
4th: :iconchococustard:…

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Welcome to Painted Portrait, a new Interview series focusing on traditional artists worth keeping an eye on.  Painted Portrait interviews aim to give the community more insight into talented traditional artists and how they came to be successful with their art.  Today we are interviewing koyamori.

Thank you for allowing me to interview you, let's start off by having you introduce yourself.

Hello there!
My name is Cynthia, and I mainly use koyamori or maruti-bitamin for online handles.
I live in Toronto and have studied psychology and biology, and am currently attending college for graphic design.

What inspires your illustrations?

Childhood nostalgia and exploration of the unknown are some dominant themes that are great inspirations.  

Bakeneko district by koyamoriabove by koyamori

What are your favorite medias to work with and why do you liek them?

My favourite medium for some time is a mix of watercolours and inks. I like them because the colours are light, bright, and often can come out with unexpected results due to paint/water reacting with the paper.

What are your tools of the trade?

Some tools I always end up using are nib pens for inking, sable hair brushes for painting, and loads and loads of watercolour. These days I like to line with Pentel's red mechanical pencil because it dissolves nicely as water is added and adds a warm tone to the picture.

How long, on average, does it take you to finish one of your illustrations?

On average, probably 2 hours. Some sketchier paintings can take all of 20 minutes, but the detailed ones take up to 10+ hours.

Time by koyamoriA whale by koyamori

What inspires your stlye, how did you come by it?

Tove Jansson who is the author and artist behind the Moomin comics/novels inspired me stylistically. Also, Igarashi Mikio who created Bonobono influenced my general philosophy in terms of themes I guess. Styles develop organically over the years, so there are definitely many more artists and designers who have influenced me, but these two would be a big part of that.

At what age did you begin painting and do you have any formal training (art school etc)?

I started to paint at 15 or 16, mainly for a high school art class. I don't have formal training, but I did tag along to a few drawing classes and life drawing sessions.

Are there any artists or other inspirations which have helped you become inspired and or progress with your art?

Since artists have already been mentioned, the other major inspiration toward art would probably be my childhood. I spent the first few years of my life in China where there was a lot of change and the countrysides were quickly being rebuilt into small cities. When I moved to Japan, there was a lot of nature in conjunction to human living, and I was exposed to the culture there.
I think having moved around a lot and seeing the different ways in which people live was a big influence.  

box of things by koyamorimuffler by koyamori

What is the most rewarding aspect of completing a work of art for you?

I enjoy the painting process the most, because it helps me relax and for that moment it's the one thing I need to focus on.

What advice do you have for other aspiring artists?

Draw as much as you can everyday.

Is there anything else you'd like to say in closing?

Thank you for reading!

fishbones by koyamorisecrets to a whale by koyamori

Previous Painted Portrait Interviews:

Scenceable / ZawArt /
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Tmnt OC Meme

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 8, 2015, 9:33 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

1) Pick and OC, get into character, and answer these questions from their POV.
2) You can add your own commentary, but put them in brackets.
3) No liars allowed; only truth.
4) Yes; you can do this more that once. ;3
5) Have fun!!

Gonna use my OC Caitlyn

1. What is your real name?

"Well my name is Caitlyn... I dont have a last name.."

2. What is your surname?

"Since I just looked up what surname is on my T-pod, everyone just calls me by my nicknames.. Which I have to write down there."

3. What are your three most popular nicknames?

"Ah, finally this is where my nicknames are. Mostly everyone calls me Cait, but my other nickname is Cee Cee... My third nickname makes me feel weird... Only a few peeps use it for me.. Its Matatonai.. Which means Unique in Japanese."

4. What is your favorite color?

"I love green, aqua, also I love red :heart:

5. What is your favorite animal?

"Kitties and Puppies!!!!"

6. What type of animal/race of human/mythical species are you?

"Well I used to be a normal turtle. Now im a mutant turtle, to be honest I love being a mutant!"

7. What is your favorite song?

"The music I listen to on my T-pod."

8. What is your favorite band?

"Band? As in wristband? Or?.... Im confused."

9. What is your favorite TV station?

"Anything I watch on tv is fun."

10. What is your favorite pastime?

"Well, I usually just practice new moves and skills and I work on my weapon skills... I also love playing games, walking around, and watchin' tv"

11. What do you want to be when you grow up?

"A better ninja than I am right now."

12. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 4-7 years old?

"I still stood with the being a better ninja thing."

13. Time to get more wacko and personal… are you intimidated?

"Well... Considering whats happening now with my bro and friends.. Ya.."

14. Who do you have a crush on / who are you in a relationship with?

"I h-have a c-crush on Raphael... H-he probs doesn't like m-me... B-but I h-hope he d-does..."

15. Are you cheating?


16. Have you ever cheated on someone before?

"Of course not! I've never had a boyfriend anyways."

17. Do you drink often?

"If you're asking what I think you're asking, NO!!! If it was what I hope you're asking... Ill go with no.. I don't drink often. If I did, it would be WATER!!!!"

18. Do you smoke often?

"I have never smoked and I never will."

19. What is your addiction? We know you have at least one.

"Im addicted to Raph! I just love being around him... I just hate him when hes mean to my bro.. Well technically Mikey ain't my bro but I consider him one..."

20. What is your naughtiest / dirtiest habit?

"Well... Whenever I am around Raph, I tend to space out sometimes if that counts."

21. What's your sex life like?


22. Have you had a recurring dream before? If so, what was it about? Explain.

"Yes.. It was more of a nightmare... I dreamt that Shredder came into our lair and attacked everyone and there was nothing we could do... I have that dream when im scared or sad... There's usually no one there to help me.."

23. What was the last dream (that you can remember) about?

"I just dreamt about how cute Raph is..."

24. Tell me something that could make you smile without fail.

"Whenever Raph's being a good bro to his bros."

25. What is your favorite thing to drink

"Water or Apple Juice or Fruit Punch.."

26. What is your master goal in life?

"TO DATE RAPH!! Did I say that out loud?"
Leo and Donnie: Yes.
Mikey: You're lucky Raph's sleeping!!!

27. What is your most recent wish?

"To seriously date Raph."

28. If you could accomplish one thing for yourself or someone else, anything at all, what would it be?

"I wish I could defeat Shredder... Or hurt him enough to make him suffer."

29. Tell me something that desire that you can't accomplish by yourself; something that someone else has to do for you.

"Once again.. The Shredder thing."

30. What is your worst weakness?

"Whenever someone says •Good Job!• because it makes me blush and feel embarrassed.. Its worse when they give me a pat on the back! I die a little."

31. What is your worst fear?

"Losing the ones I love the most... Especially Raph.."

32. Name off five traits of your dream boy/girl.

"Easy! Here it goes...
Cares about others
And he has beautiful eyes..."

33. What is your idea of the best day ever?

"Maybe Raph askin' me out or somethin'.."

34. Who is your best friend?

"Mikey! I consider him a bro!"

35. Who is your worst enemy?


36. Describe to me your most prized possession.

"I don't have one anymore."

37. If you could make peace with friends with anyone right now, who would they be?

"Donnie. We had a fight earlier cause I wanted to play with the mutagen."

38. The president announces that the world will come to an end at midnight of the next day, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Who would you want to spend the last day of humanity with and what would you do?

"I know this is stupid but I would go up to Raph, tell him how much I loved him and tell him how scared I was to tell him all of this.. Then kiss him and then jump into a volcano! A really fun volcano!"

39. What is the one thing you desire above all else as of today?


40. The UPS man leaves a box on your door when you aren't expecting any packages. You open it to find a fancy glass bottle that resembles something between women's perfume and a wine bottle. The label reads "SHALTEIR's Love Liquid." Who do you test it on and how do you sneak it to them? ;3


41. You lover / best friend is announced dead via suicide. How do you react?

"N-no... He can't be!!! RAAAPH!!!!"
Raph: What!?
"OH THANK THE LORD! Nothing..."
Raph: ...

42. You were walking alone through your local park and it's 11:24pm at night when out of the blue you get tackled from behind. What is you next move?

"I do a backflip then pressure point the shoulder for an extremely painful feeling."

43. You're having a movie-at-home date tonight. When you go to blockbuster, what are your top three movie options that you and your date would probably enjoy?

"I don't watch movies."

44. Back to reality… who are you the angriest at?

"Shredder! I can't wait to make him suffer."

45. What was the scariest moment of your life?

"When we went against Shredder for the first time and he nearly murdered us all... I could see the fear in my friends/bros eyes.. It made me cry to see so much pain and fear..."

46. What was the best moment of your life?

"Im still waiting for it.."

47. What was the worst moment of your life?

"That pain when he slashed at me... It is unforgettable.. I still have the crack in my shell.."

48. What was the saddest moment of your life?

"Seeing the fear and pain in the eyes of my friends/turtles.. Ugh I feel like all these questions have repeated answers.."

49. How do you think you'll die / how did you die?

"I'd probably die from Shredder... But i'll try my best not to die."

50. What is your "theme song" – in your opinion, a friend's opinion, or your creator(s)?

"Don't have one!"


  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: T
  • Reading: M
  • Watching: N
  • Playing: T
  • Eating: IS
  • Drinking: AWESOME
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:iconredsparklesplz: The Season 5 episode 16 and 17! :iconredsparklesplz:

Episode 16
:star: watch on Hulu :star:

Episode 17 Hetalia of the dead
:star: :star:

:iconhere-and-faraway: sent me a link to where you can pre-order the new hetalia figures. People are already trying to re-pre-sell these at much higher prices, so if you can afford the $50.00 for them now .. plus shipping... it will be cheaper than trying to buy them later.…

:iconrenntorakwolf: Has the episodes up on her tumblr here… and :iconimdeaththekid: found them on Make sure you thank the both of them for their efforts.
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Rumor has it there's a hacker on DA, hacking people and blocking our friends to make them block us! You'll then be banned from DA.

Write the same warning in your journal to protect not only yourself but everyone! Here's another warning: If I'm being a jerk, saying stuff like "Shut up," "Get lost", or "I don't want to see you on my page anymore", that's not really me. That's the hacker.

Write all of this down in your journal too!!

Please do this, it's for the safety of everyone!

Forward this message before someone gets hurt!!

Try to spread message?

Oh yes I am not sure who the persons name is but if I hear anything about it I will tell you.
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:iconredsparklesplz: The Season 5 episode 10! :iconredsparklesplz:

:icondrawing-circles: is holding a contest "Hetalia: Oh The Feels!". The details can be seen on the group front page. Check out out!

I found the sub, you're welcome

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  • Listening to: Super Junior - Be my girl
Hey guys
So yeah... I felt like having a gif spam, so... I'll spam!!! XD
I'm supposed to be studing for "couleur", but... FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!
No, no, no!!!! I won't die, not yet!!!! I have a promise to hold and we're almost done with this session!!! Yep, one week, ONE WEEK AND IT'S OVER!!!!!! :evillaugh: :XD:

Anyways... Let's get our spirits up with SuJu!!!!! KIIIIIAAA!!!!! :XD:
So... A lot of Yeteuk and quite some Mimi!!!! There might be some extra people (Ama, Val, prepare yourselves... :iconlaughingplz:) :XD: R U READY??! I sure am!!!!! :XD:
PS.: It's a long, but more than worth it journal!!!!! :XD:

First off, Yesung's cute smile. The first one, bipolar, I agree, but still SO F*CKING CUUUTE!!!!! :iconsqueeeeplz:

And again...
KIIIIIIIAAAA!!!!! :iconsqueeeeplz: KITTY OPPA!!!!! SARANGHAE!!!!! :giggle:
AWWWWW HE'S SO CUUUUUTE!!!!! TwT I love LOOLing Ye... :iconomgsocuteplz:

How about Teuki...
Hmm... Me like!!!!!
KIAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! ADORABLE!!!!! :iconadorableplz: :iconmonkeyloveplz:

I ain't done... Give it up for the baby maknae!!!!!!

Isn't he cute?! :giggle: Adorable!!!! :heart: (I told ya there will be other members here and there... :XD:)

And last but not least... MIMI!!!!! My one and only sunshine!!!!:love:
I cannot not smile when I see his face, lit up by that beautiful and luminous smile of his!!!!! :iconhappyhappyplz: MIMI I MISS YOU!!!!! :love:

Hmm... Wanna see something creepy...
I love you Chul, but you can be as scary as fuck when you want to!!!! :iconfoxcryplz:

Ok... now the real purpose of the journal... HIP THRUSTS, ABS AND ALL KINDS OF SEXY!!!!! :iconsmartyplz: :drool: :iconfangirlingplz: (Umma, if you don't wanna die DO NOT SCROLL DOWN!!!)
IF YOU'RE NOT OLD ENOUGH, PLEASE, DO NOT SKROLL TO THE NEXT PART!!!! The content is highly suggestive and has strong sexual themes!!!!

omo... THAT ASS!!!!! :iconpervplz: Who ever said Teuki doesn't have a nice butt... YOU'RE WRONG BITCH!!!! I so wanna tap that :iconfinallyplz:... ARM!!!! Moving on...
OH. MY. FUCKING. GAW... :iconnosebleedingplz: :iconimdeadplz:

But wait! There's more...

--> me... :icononisquirtplz: :iconpervplz:

• • • • • • • • BRB!!!!! I forgot how to breathe... :faint: :iconpervplz:

ARM... *breaths with great difficulty*

  • • • • Wait for it... IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAA... OH. MY. GAWWW... TOO MUCH... HOTNESS... :faint: :iconimdeadplz:

Lookie what my ghost found...

  MIAOU!!!!! :XD:
OMO... ;P

I'm gonna finnish with this...

... These shall forever be sexually frustrating!!!!!

I realize I killed a whole bunch of ELF right now, but... HAHAHAHA!!!!! You'll thank me later!!!! :XD:

Cho guys!!! Till next time, well... if any of you are still alive!!!!! :XD:
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Neko, I found this xD And yeah, it was "If Kyuhyun was your single dad"

When you ask him where children come from.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

When you get a B in math.

He'd embarrass the shit out of you every Halloween.

When you come home early... or late.

During parent meetings.

When you hurt yourself.

Everytime you ask him about how you look.

On cleaning day.

When you tell him he's too old for Starcraft.

When you have nightmares.

"Dad can I tell you something but please don't laugh."

When he meets your boyfriend.

When your teacher asks you to write about your role model.

10 years later he'll show up to your wedding... to drag you to his own wedding.

I love your appa xD
  • Listening to: Kyuhyun - Kanade
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We've won!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 9, 2013, 7:29 AM
Skin by : Im-NOT-mad

Raph n spike

That's right, we sure showed those slime bots who's boss! It was a close call too... We probably wouldn't have made it if.. Gahh... geez, Leo. Did you really have to pull a stunt like that? What were you trying to do.. scare us all to death??


Well all in all, now that the whole stupid invasion is over, it just feels great to be alive. That so-called Technodome bites the dust, and the world is safe. It's been tough... and I admit, I couldn't have gone through it all without my bros.
:iconfearless-leader-leo:, :iconthe-big-m:, :icona-way-with-machines:.. If you dorks ever change, you're in for a heck of a slapping.

But enough sappy talk, it's THE perfect time to celebrate!! 

  • Mood: Triumph
  • Watching: Mikey being...Mikey.
  • Eating: Pepperoni and mushroom pizza.
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I've decided I want to hold a design contest! This will be my first contest, so I'm hoping it goes well! ^^
Basically, I would like a new creature/character I can draw or paint or whatever, just a little guy I can love forever. I already have one, Hoot:… and I'd like one more :3 I already love Hoot forever so you can be assured I will look after the winning design! ^-^

Please remember to read my likes/dislikes below for a better chance at winning :3

First off, I will tell you the prizes. There will be 1 winner and 2 runner ups.
Premium memberships are offered, but if the winner does not wish to have a P.M. or already has a 12 month or whatever, I will give the equivalent in points.

If you would like to donate prizes, please tell me! Even if it is just a llama or a fav, let me know!!

1st Prize:

3 month Premium Membership OR 636 points
Additional 400 points
Llama and watch from me
3-month feature in deviation's artist's comments and journals from :iconadoptable-breedables:
Llama and watch from :iconadoptable-breedables:
Llama and watch from :icondocowner:
5 favorites of winners choice from :iconadoptable-breedables:
5 favorites of winners choice from :icondocowner:
Colored, unshaded image with no BG from :iconderpy--monkey:
Watch from :iconakasi33:
3 favs from :iconakasi33:
Llama from :iconakasi33:
Watch from :icona-green-dinausaur:
Three favs from :icona-green-dinausaur:
A critique from :icona-green-dinausaur:
Watch from :icontydal-wave:
Llama from :icontydal-wave:
Watch from :iconmossyyadopts:
Llama from :iconmossyyadopts:

2nd Prize:
1 month Premium Membership OR 396 points
Additional 350 points
Llama and watch from me
Llama and watch from :iconadoptable-breedables:
Llama and watch from :icondocowner:
5 favorites of winners choice from :iconadoptable-breedables:
5 favorites of winners choice from :icondocowner:
Watch from :icona-green-dinausaur:
Three favs from :icona-green-dinausaur:
A critique from :icona-green-dinausaur:

3rd Prize:
450 points
Llama and watch from me
Llama and watch from :iconadoptable-breedables:
Llama and watch from :icondocowner:
Watch from :icona-green-dinausaur:
Three favs from :icona-green-dinausaur:
A critique from :icona-green-dinausaur:


For the designs, here is a folder I have created with my current adopts:…
I like:

-Natural colours
-Unnatural colours as long as they are soft
-Large spots or stripes
-Unique creatures
-Collars/bracers (wrist ones, not teeth)
-Fresh, new, unique fur patterns
-Leopard/cheetah spots
-Zebra print
-Looooong fur, especially around the head, feet and tail
-ANYTHING space-related, such as constellations, stars, planets, nebula, super-novas, our own sun, the moon, etc.
-Gryphons, especially those inspired by real birds colours
-Humans are fine, I'd like to try drawing humans soon :3

What I do NOT want:

-Very simple designs
-I don't hate but I'd look for ones that are NOT normal cats/dogs/rabbits etc.
-Neon colours
-Lizards (dragons are ok, but I may not use it much, considering my style wouldn't work too well with dragons ^^' )
-Sparkle dogs
-Show characters, such as My Little Pony or Sonic, though I do like regular ponies or horses so if you mainly do MLP stuff, your welcome to submit an MLP style pony but I will be changing it to just a normal pony/horse :3


Anyone can enter, I won't be judging off the skill of the line art or the actual design, I will be judging off how creative it is and how I could use it, so you do not need to be great at drawing!
I prefer if you have your own line art, only for the fact a lot of other peoples line art is their species. If it is your own line art and your own species then that's awesome, or even if you actually make the line art for this you will get extra attention from me! ONLY because you are creating a unique character for me, NOT because I want the skill or whatever.

Please comment below if you want to enter and I'll add you to the list, then when you are done with your entry I will add it next to your name here ^-^

The contest begins now and ends on Sunday the 24th of December
I don't really want to extend the time so I'll just give a few weeks to do it instead :3
If all entries are in before that and no one else will be joining I'll end the contest earlier :)
And if you don't enter before Thursday the 20th I'll note you and remind you, in case you have forgotten ^-^

Please spread the word!! We want as many people to enter!!
You can enter as many times as you like!!


:icona-green-dinausaur: a-green-dinausaur.deviantart.c…
  • Mood: Optimism
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