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Feel free to fav this journal like a division it will be updated regularly :iconbunnyloveplz:
Ill be using words from my bento books that I own so when you see () that's giving credit back to the books I got the definition from :meow: I will also use bento blogs and any suggestions from DA members also linked back to by ()

♥♥♥♥ Bento Glossary ♥♥♥♥
Find the words fast using (ctrl + F)

Aburaage: Thin slices of tofu that are deep-fried.  Often used to wrap inari sushi and added to miso soup.  Also known as abur-age. (CC)
Aemono:  Cold dishes mixed with dressing.(CC)
Anko:  Sweet, jam-like paste made from azuki beans.(CC)
Anpan:  Sweet bun filled with anko.(CC)
Atsuage:  Thick-cut deep-fried tofu.(CC)

Baran: name for the plastic green decorative grass (FF)
Bento: A single-portion take out or home-packed meal, made to fit into a box, which can vary in shape and form. Traditionally this consists of rice, fish or meat and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. (FF)
Bull-dog sauce:  This thick savory sauce is like a semi-gelatinous Worcestershire with a soy zing (FF)

Charaben:  An elaboratly arranged bento box, with food made into shapes resembling pop culture icons, people, animals or characters and items from nature(FF)
Chikuwa:  Pureed and steamed fish cake shaped into a tube form.(CC)
Croquette:  A small fried food roll usually containing mashed potatoes and/or minced meat fried in bread crumbs (YY)

Dango:  Rice dough dumplings, eat with sweet or savory sauce (Panda)
Dashi Stock:  A Japanese soup stock made from seaweed or fish (YY)
Dashimaki Tamago:  A Japanese rolled egg flavored with dashi (YY)
Donburi: A dish served over rice in a bowl (YY)

Ebi fry: Shrimp fried in a panko batter (YY)
Edamame: Soy beans (YY)

Furikake:  Rice seasoning comes packaged in a variety of flavors (YY)


Hana ebi:   Red Hawaiian shrimp powder (YY)
Hana osushi no moto:   Plum vinegar powder, used as seasoning and natural pink food coloring (YY)
Hashi yasume:  Literally "chopstick rest" this refers to a specific category of ozaku. These side dishes are meant to contrast with the flavor, texture and temperature of the main components of the meal. Pickled vegetables are a common example(FF)
Haupia:   coconut pudding (YY)
Hijiki:  High-fiber versatile seaweed often stwed with dashi and root vegetables(FF)

Inarizushi:   Simmered aburaage, used for sushi (YY)

Johbisai/Joubisai: "always available food" aka your bento stash of ready made foods (pickled vegetables, frozen foods, furikake ect.)

Kanikama: Imitation crab stick (YY)
Kamaboko:  Fish cake
Katsu: Breaded fried meat rolls; similar to croquettes (YY)
Karaage: Japanese style fried chicken (YY)
Katsuoboshi: Dried flaked fish seasoning also called Bonito flakes (YY)
Korokke: Japanese take on croquettes, these are often made of mashed potatoes and other ingredients (meat or vegetables) then battered and deep fried (FF)
kyaraben: An alternative spelling for Charaben (FF)

Loco moco: Hawaiian dish consisting of a hamburger patty on hot rice topped with a fried egg and gravy (YY)
Lomilomi salmon: A salted salmon, tomato, onion, and green onion salad, served cold (YY)

Makizushi: Sushi roll wrapped in nori (YY)
Memmi sauce: Noodle soup base and dipping sauce (YY)
Mirin: Sweet rice wine (YY)
Mochiko flour: Sweet rice flour (YY)
Musibi: Onigiri wrapped in nori (YY)

Nikumaki: Vegetables wrapped in chicken and fried (YY)
Nimame: Simmered sweet beans
Nori: Seaweed paper (YY)

Okazu:  This is a word that refers to the protein or vegetables that come with the rice during a meal (FF)
Onigiri: Rice ball (YY)

Panko:  Japanese-style bread crumbs (YY)
Ponzu sauce: Japanese sauce made with mirin, rice vinegar, katsuobushi flakes, seaweed, and citrus (YY)


Rice vinegar: Vinegar made from fermented rice (YY)

Sake: Rice wine (YY)
Sashimi:  Fresh raw fish (sliced thin) served with a dipping sauce (FF)
Sato shoyu: Sauce made from soy sauce and sugar (YY)
Shichimi Togarashi: common Japanese spice mixture containing seven ingredients (wikki)
Shitake mushroom: Japanese variety of mushroom (YY)
Shimeji mushroom: East Asian mushroom (YY)
Shoyu: Soy Sauce
Soboro: A minced or crumbled meat or egg dish (YY)
Somen: Thin, white wheat noodles (YY)
Soy paper: Alternative to nori, available in a variety of bright colors (YY)
Sushi su: Used to flavor sushi rice (YY)

Takoyaki:  A spherical, fried dumpling of batter with a piece of octopus inside, typically found as street food.(FF)
Tamagoyaki: Japanese rolled egg (YY)
Tamari soy sauce: Gluten-free dark soy sauce (YY)
Tarako: Salted cod roe (YY)
Tempura: Shrimp or vegetables fried in a light batter dipped in sauce (YY)  
Tonkatsu: Fried pork cutlets, a type of katsu (YY)

Umami:  A savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes, together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. Umami can be translated "pleasant savory taste". (Wiki)
Ume-su:  Ume vinegar or also sometimes called ume seasoning, is a byproduct of making umeboshi (pickled plums) Its sourness comes from the ume plums, the bright red color from the red shiso leaves that are pickled along with the ume, and the saltiness comes from the salt used in the pickling process. (JB)
Umiboshi : Pickled plums (YY)
Unagi: Grilled and flavored eel (FF)

Usuyaki tamago: Bright yellow Japanese crepe-style omelet (YY)


Wasabi: Spicy Japanese radish ground into a paste (not the same as american wasabi which is horseradish with green coloring added still spicy) *It is less spicy if you do not breath threw your nose when you eat it*


Yakitori: Barbecued chicken scewers, usualy served with beer (FF)


Thanks to
(YY) Yum-Yum Bento Box by Crystal Watanabe & Maki Ogawa
(FF) Face Food Recipes by Christopher D Salyers
(JBCB) Just Bento Book Book Makiko Itoh
Web sites:
(CC) Cooking Cute
(JB) Just Bento
(Wiki) Wikipedia…
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Okay, I promiced two awesome artists on dA, :icontoontwins: I would give them the recipe for dango.  You all can use the recipe to your liking as well=D

Here it is...

You require the following ingredients:

1 1/3 cup joshinko (rice flour.  Or you can get rice flour and grind it, but it must be ground just enough so it's as a flour.  Any wheat grinder would work well.  Just use the electronic one.  I did it by hand and it hurts><U)
3/4 cup warm water

For Sauce:

2/3 cup water (I start out with cold water--it doesn't matter.  It's going to be boiled anyway.)
1/2 cup sugar
2 1/2 tbsps soy sauce (Any soy sause will do.  Just don't make the same mistake I did when accedently using stake sauseXDD)
1 1/2 tbsp katakuriko (dogtooth violet starch)/cornstarch
1 1/2tbsp water (i'd use this amount to help grind up the cornstarch.  Cornstarch is a solid, so you might as well use a liquid to help grind it up into a fluid before puting it in.)
*Bamboo skewers (Or, as we use, metal clothes hangers that have been cut into skewersXDD  Metal works relly well, just watch out it they get too hot>>)

Making the rice dumplings:

Put rice flour in a bowl and add warm water. Knead the dough well (or just use a metal spoon if you want to). Make small round dumplings (the size of rubber balls). Place the dumplings in a (vegetable) steamer and steam them on high heat for 10 min. Cool the dumplings and skewer them in bamboo sticks. (3-4 dumplings each stick.)

Making the sweet sause:

Mix water, sugar, and soysauce in a pan and put it on medium heat. Mix the water and katakuriko starch in a cup and set aside. When the sauce boils, add the starch mixture and mix quickly.

And then...

Slightly grill the skewered dumplings and brush the sauce over them (using a small steak brush (whatever it's called) will do).

*Makes 4 servings.

And because I feel as generous as I usually do, I'll throw in a pocky recipe as well8D


Pocky Sticks are long, skinny wheat crackers dipped in various flavored toppings, including chocolate (a stick is pictured below), strawberry, milk/tea swirl, cinnamon, almond crunch, and others, including such exotic varieties as melon.

Recipe for sesame tart pastry:

1 cup whole wheat flour
1/8 cup sesame
1/8 tsp salt
1/4 cup butter
1/8 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup soy bean jam (Or you can find a substitute.  I think we used pumkin butter for ours.)
1 egg yolk
1/4 cup water

Steps for making it:

1. Mix flour, sesame, and salt
2. Cut in butter
3. Mix jam, yolk, and water, slowly add to flour mixture
4. Roll out and freeze for one hour
5. Fit dough into mold (I am still hunting down the perfect mold, but haven't found much luck.  You may have to do it by hand.)
6. Bake, 400F 10 min

(Or, if you are lazy or are in a rush, just buy some sesame sticks or think pretzel stick and dip them in chocolate (leave about a range of an inch to a half inch so your hands don't get sticky).)

Flavors to dip it in:


1. Slice mangos and layer on top of baked shells, brush on honey
2. Layer on top of baked shell
3. Bake 400F 10 min


1. Squeeze 1/2 cup worth of orange juice
2. Add 1/2 tbs of gelatin and let stand 10 min
3. Boil, cool to egg white consistency, and pour over mangos
4. Cool pie -oh, I mean, tart - in the frige overnight.
Serve tart with fresh mint.

Chocolate...Well, just melt that oneXD

I hope I helped any, :icontoontwins:!  And good luck on making it if you do!:dance:
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Name: Faith
Birth date: July 13
Age: 19
Country of origin: Canada
Town Born in: Spruce Grove, Alberta
Religion: Nope. But I do believe in God but I am not crazy about it. Also I respect all different religions. Just don't force me to do things that I don't really want to do.
Height: 5'5 or 5'6.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color and style: Dark brown. (In the sun it sometimes makes my hair have lighter steaks. But I have to be in the sun a lot for that to happen.)
Skin Tone: I have a little bit of a tan.
Tattoos: Nope. (I hate needles. But I really want a tattoo like Revy's from Black Lagoon.)
Eye-sight: Good. I have a little bit of a hard time seeing small words far away. But I hate wearing glasses they bug me. (I don't really need them anyway.)
Names/screen-names you go by: NINJAWERETIGER, Weretiger, Werelion, Mizore, Ino, Liza, Revy, Tomoko, Konata, Nadia and Icey. xD
Explain your username: I love ninja's and I love weretigers. (I would have used werewolf but it would not let me.)
Explain your icon: Mizore from Rosario+Vampire. (She is a Onna Yuki or a snow girl.)

How would you describe your personality?
Around people I don't know: Quiet, very shy, lonely. (Although that depends on who they are if there mean I will be grumpy around them XD)
around people I do know: I talk louder around friends and family. (I sing around people I know but I am getting a little better with singing around other people.) If you are nice to me and I am used to you being around then i get a little louder. But I'm usually quiet and shy.

How would other people describe you XD?
Two of my friends say I am like Po off of Kung Fu Panda. (I make them laugh, I like Kung Fu, Food and goofing off.) It is not really fun for me. (I like Po but still...) Then almost all my friends say I am like Mizore. (I had a very bright yellow shirt on and all the people in my class did not know where I was even though I was right beside them.) This is what I said and what they said. (Then I said I am here. Then they all say what the where did you come from? Then I said I was standing here the entire time.) When I was younger I was more like Liza Wildman from Princess Resurrection. Or Ino Yamanaka from Naruto.

Are you Afraid of anything/have any phobias?
Roller coasters and needles. (It is weird because I am okay with knifes and swords but I hate needles.)

What's your favorite physical feature about yourself?
I don't know.

What's your most hated physical feature about yourself?
I don't want to say...

Do you have any physical disabilities/ailments?
I have something called a twisted femur. Inward twisting of the femur so that the knees and feet turn inward. Mine is not very bad but when I was little I was pretty clumsy I would trip or fall a lot. Because of that people some people made fun of me. All it does is make me limp a little and everything looks normal but my knee is a little weird. (So I can't jump over hurdles for track and field. I also can't side cross legged at all. I know I have tried.) I can be fixed but I would have to have surgery and I do not want that. I used to side like this…. (I know it looks very weird. I don't like that I can sit like that and everyone else can sit cross legged....It hurts for me to sit like everyone else...

Do you have any SPECIAL/FREAKY Abilities 8D?
I have very very good sense of smell. (I hate it I feel so different from it.) I also have very very good hearing. (I also hate that it also makes me feel so different.) I can howl like a wolf. Almost every that has heard it says it sounds like a wolves.

Do you have any allergies?
Nope not that I know of. (But I got very bad stomach aches from dairy mostly when I was little. I get stomach aches sometimes from it know but no where as bad.)

Are you the first, middle, last, or only child? And who are your siblings?
I'm the youngest. I have tow older sister's and a brother. (My brother and sisters have there own houses and one of my sisters has kids and my brother has kids.)

How many cousins do you have? Big family?
I only know four cousins. (But I have lots of other family members that I have never met.)

Do you WANT to have children? If so how many?
Nope. But I don't mind adopting 2 or 3 kids.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?
Pet Groomer, Police officer (Once). Vet. (But now I would probably would cry if I saw any animal hurt or sick. Even if I am the one helping them.)

What is your dream job now?
Selling my art as a artist or a singer or both.

What are your current responsibilities?
College. (I need to get a job.... But I don't like to take orders from bosses.)


What item of food would you eat the most of?

What is your favorite flavor ever?

Do you like Meat?

What do you usually eat for Breakfast?
I used to eat waffles. Cereal and now I have a smoothie for breakfast. (I know it is a little odd. But it is yummy and healthy.)

What is your favorite dinner meal?
Spaghetti, ribs, seafood, any Japanese, Chinese, Italian or Mexican.

What cuisines do you like best?
Japanese, Italian, Chinese and some Mexican but if it is spicy then no.

What foods do you HATE?
Olives, anything that is spicy, cheese.

What food can you not resist?
Candy, blueberry or any other fruit. Ribs and Potato salad.

What would be your last meal?

Do you like any 'freaky' food combinations?
Spaghetti Taco's. It taste good. (I tired it when my niece had her birthday.) And anything that tastes good together.


What is your general fashion style?
I don't care! I just go to the store and get a shirt that is either plain with one solid color or one with a wolf, eagle, panther, tiger, bear, dragon or werewolf design. (I am very picky.)

What item of clothing do you wear the most?
Jeans and T-shirts.

Pants or skirts/dresses?
Pants. (I hate dresses and skirts.)

How much of your skin do you like to show/cover up?
I cover up as much as I can cover. I mostly wear shirts that are short sleeved. (Even in the Winter.) Like this…. I have a shirt just like it.

What items of jewelery do you wear most?
I hate everything but necklaces.

What item can you NOT leave your house without?
My drawings. (I have a bad habit when it comes to my drawings I will never leave them. But I only bring the ones I am working on.) If I brought all of them I would need a big truck.

Hair up or Hair down?
I like it down. But if I have no chose I will put it up. (But I hate it.)

~* Life Style*~

What time do you usually wake up?
7 AM so I can mess around on DA and watch anime before school. Whenever on weekdays and day I don't have school.

What time do you usually go to sleep?
School, College, sometimes at 10:00 P.M to around 5:00 A.M. xD (I need to go to bed earlier...)

How often do you bathe/shower?
I weird question but every day.

Do you exercise regularly?
Sometimes. (I lift weights or practice my Taijutsu/Ninjutsu.) But I am pretty lazy.

How often do you go out drinking?
I don't drink (I might try something one day.) But I doubt I will like it in anyway xD

What do you do most in your spare time?
Draw go on DA, play video games, watch anime, read manga, play with my dogs go swimming at my cabin.

Name your hobbies:
Drawing, gaming and rock collecting.

How many pets have you had in your life? (not including farm animals/live-stock)
3 dogs, lots of fish, a black rabbit named Angel here is the weird thing I didn't know he was a guy and I gave him a girls name. (I would say my brother and sister's pets but there not mine.) But I will list them anyway. My brother had a dog and sadly she died from lung cancer. (Weird thing is that no one in my family smokes.) I cried a lot after my mom told me... She was like my puppy I grew up with her around me. :( Her name was Artemis. She was 9 years old and she was a Britney Spaniel she looked like this…. She was actually named after Optimus Prime. Then my brother got a new puppy her name is Blossom she is a labradoodle her is a picture of her.…. Scroll down a little and you will see the picture on the left side. And my one of my sisters dog also died. (I think his name is funny and I have no idea why my sisters husband named him Barney.) But he was old But I also cried when he died. this is what he looked like this…. Then my other sister has two dogs one is named Charlie. This is what he looks like this…. Go four down and you will see what colors he is. (He is crazy about dog toys.) Next his little brother Rory. (His name means red king. And when he was very little he could make a sound that you would think would coming from a bird. He also acts like a woodpecker when he licks.) This is what he looks like this…. And one cat my sister that now has Charlie and Rory use to have a black cat named Luna after the cat on Sailor Moon. (Anyway that was to much..... Sorry if this part was to long...)

How many houses have you lived in in your life?
2 but if you include my cabin then 3.

What sort of 'vehicle' do you own?
I don't have a car and I never want one.

What's your current job?

~*Your Favorite-?*~

Color(s): Anything but pink, brown and grey. (I am okay if brown or grey is on a animal but if it was the color of my room I would go crazy.)
Animal: Wolves, Tiger's, Bear's, Shark's, Snake's, crocodile, Lizards, panthers and bat's. (I love a lot xD)
Season: Fall and Winter. I am okay with summer but I hate the heat.
Scenery: Night time with a full moon or sunset.
Plant/flower: Carnivore plant like Venus flytrap and Cape sundew. I also like Pansy's, Lavender, Snap Dragon's and Hibiscus. But I don't like the ones that are colored pink.
Sweet/treat: Lot's...
Games: To...many...can't...say...them...all...
Sport: Soccer, Basketball and Badminton.
Shop: I go to bookstores. Video Game/movie stores,  art stores and any store that sells stuff to do with wolves, dragons, werewolves or anime/manga.
Brand: To...many...
Cultures: Mostly Japanese, Chinese or Mexican.
Towns/City's: I like lots of places.
Style of music: Rap, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and anything that is Japanese or Spanish.

Favorite Songs: Too...may...can't...say...them...all...
Favorite Movies: Far...too...many...
Favorite TV shows: Far...too...many...
Favorite Anime's: To...many...too...say...
Favorite Books: Changeling. (By Steve Feasey.) Dragon Keeper. (By Carole Wilkinson.) Wereworld. (By Curtis Jobling.)
Favorite Ships/Pairings: I don't care.
Favorite place to Holiday/visit: Mexico, Dominican Republic.
Favorite place to relax/feel free: My Cabin, my room or my computer room.

~*what's the last -*~

Time you laughed: Today at college. One of the guys in my class loves to make everyone laugh. (He is the class clown.)
Cried: Not that long ago....
Screamed: I don't know a few weeks ago.
Shared: I share my stuff almost all the time. (But I need to trust who I share my stuff with.) Unless it is food. (But if someone is hungry I will share.)
The last person you talked to: My mom.
Person to call you: My friend.
Person you yelled at: No one today. (I would yell at all the idiots that hurt others or are just being meant to animals, people or both.)
Person/pet you told them you loved them: My dogs.
Time you acted childish: All the time. (But if there is danger or someone being bullied I will be serious.)
Food you've eaten: Rice.
Book you've read: Manga, both Naruto and Rosario+Vampire.
Shop you entered: I don't know.
Thing you regret doing: When I was little I was not paying attention with my toothbrush and toothpaste instead of me putting toothpaste on my toothbrush I put hand soap on it. Then I was not looking and I put the toothbrush in my mouth and all I say is yuck! (I was not being very smart...)
Thing you watched on TV: American Idol. (I was eating supper and watching it at the same time.)
Comment you squee-d over: Nope I have never done that before.
Person you mentally hugged: No one.
Thing you wrote? (other than this meme): My science test. (When I was in college.)
Thing you drew: Kisame. (I just finished him today.)
Thing you read: Rosario+Vampire and Naruto manga.

~*Can You-*~

Do a handstand: Nope
Raise one eyebrow and not the other: Yes.
Dance: Yes. (Everyone I have meet says I am very good at dancing.) I do Hip Hop dancing.
Sing: Yes I also rap.
Whistle: Yes.
Cook: Yes. (I am not the greatest at measuring though.)
Speak a different language: Yes I can speak Japanese, Spanish a little Chinese, a little Latin and one word in Russian.
Do any magic Tricks: No. (But I would like to learn a few easy ones.)
Put together DIY boxed furniture: What?
Use Power tools: Yes. (But only a scroll saw.)
Write a Resume: Nope. (I would destroy it.)
Rollerblade: No.
Skateboard: No (But I would love to learn.)
Ice Skating: Sadly no. I because of my knee I can't...
Skiing: I used to. But my sister fell and broke her wrist snowboarding and I guess that made me nervous skiing or snowboarding.
Snowboarding: No. (But I want to learn.)
Surf: No. (I also want to learn to do that.)
Navigate: Yes. I know which way to go at night time and in the morning too.
Survive in the Wild: Yep! (I learned most of it from my cabin and from a book that I have.)
Survive without your cell phone: I don't have a cell phone. So yes.
Survive without your internet: Yes. (But I would be sad because I made friends will all of you.) If I meet any of you one day then maybe.


What are you wearing right now?
Black shirt with a gold Japanese dragon on the back of it. Jeans and my opal necklace.

How do you feel right now?
Okay I guess.

Did you brush your teeth today?
Duh. Why won't I? My sister is a dentist assistant I have no choice.

One RANDOM fact about you: I only share this with my friends I was adopted. My real mom was to young to look after me. And my real dad I have no idea where he when he could have left my real mom but I am not sure.
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:iconredsparklesplz: The Season 5 episode 5! :iconredsparklesplz:

Subbed for your enjoyment...

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Thank you, feminists, for making men scared to commit and raising divorce rates along with having divorce favoring women: 
One by One Men Are catching On
Where did all the good men gone?

Thank you, feminists (specifically Anita Sarkeensian), for complaining about female roles in videos games, especially the damsel in distress, that really didn't bothered anyone, EXCEPT for feminists who think men was secretly oppressing them by using the fun little technology called video games. Also thank you for failing to realize that there's already serious females characters like Anya (Gears Of Wars), Bernadette (Gears of Wars), Samantha (Gears of Wars), Sonia (Resident Evil), Lara Croft(Tomb Raider) and so many others. Oh and thank you Anita for lying in the name of feminism---> Anita- BUSTED And another thing, whatever company or person makes a game with a helpless female or any female that you'll somehow find offensive, it's THEIR game. They worked hard to make it and they made it for to make money and express their ideas and stories. You can't just come along and tell them how it should be done when it was their idea in the first place. That's like forcing an artist to draw what others want despite their feelings and not what they want!

Thanks for making yourselves the laughing stock of A LOT of people, including other females---> Bill Mahrer vs Feminism and oh no, it does not upset men that they have do whatever you say or you'll yell sexism and take away everything from them just for having their opinions and their own minds and for being men. Oh and don't worry no man goes through the years of college and universities to get the jobs they deserved. They simply got the job because men are best pals and they're immediately going to get hired because of their gender instead of how they qualify for the job based on how much they studied for to get that job in the first place.

Thank you, feminists, for thinking your suppression is just as bad as the women in the Middle East.

Thank you for lying about feminism being about equality, yet only to embarrass yourselves later and people find out what you're really doing:

Feminist Gets Owned  This video also proves feminists can't stand the idea of men being happy because notice how things got tense when it was mentioned that men get happier as life goes on. Men are happy because they aren't married to a feminist holding them back and causing problems for him and they deserve it because they did nothing wrong, except broke the number one law in feminism, he was born a male.

Feminist Hypocripsy Oh and thank you for tricking girls into victimizing themselves even when the boy did absolutely NOTHING. Oh no, you're walking down the street and a man is checking you out and haven't laid one damn finger on you. Staring does not count as sexual harassment or assault. Unless he lays a hand on you and try to have his way with you that's sexual assault you can either scream and cry for help or literally knock his lights out. Also just because of this one man or a couple of others harassed you, you shouldn't say "All Men Are Pigs", grouping them together because guess what? All women are now considered bitches because of feminism.

Thank you, feminists, for thinking every female character from books to video games to movies represent you and is secretly oppressing you. Also thank you for crumbling America apart along with it's other issues:
Females Unhappy
Feminism A Lie

And most importantly thanks for ruining the true meaning of feminism. I saw a movie once where feminism had a reason to exist and had a reason to be needed. I even read stories on how brilliant women like Susan B. Anthony, Abigail Adams, Fredrick Douglass (a male who helped with the feminist movement in the early 1900s), and other brilliant feminist supporters helped women get treated like people and that was it. Now feminism is where feminists think they should treated like Goddesses, but a lot of help that did ya. A great woman who was a feminist herself (sorry can't remember her name at the moment), once said, "I don't ask women to control men, but to know how to control themselves."

I am a female myself and instead of blaming men for my problems I blamed myself. For example, I use to always allow African American males to talk to me anyway they wanted. They smacked my purse around, called me bitch, stalked me, and so much more. I was scared to speak back and just stayed quiet. Now I could of easily turned into a uptight female chauvinists like feminists and said, "All men are rapists and bullies!", but my friends convinced me to stand up to them. The day came when I actually told them how I felt about each and every one of them. I said my opinions about them so loud it could be heard down the whole hallway! After that rumors went around and basically their reputations was destroyed because of what I said. Not only that, they got called to the principal's office and here's the most shocking part. I would of never done ANY of that and none of that would of happened if it wasn't for my MALE friends. They taught me to say what's on my mind and don't be scared.

Now here comes the part where you sit there continue to pretend feminism represents equality when I supplied plenty of information and facts that prove it isn't. Also I've experience it first hand as a female, but this is another story. And if feminism really represented equality then why are men committing suicide, why are men making these videos and ranting, why are divorce rates going up, and why are feminist still basing things on feelings and not facts?! So I support equality without feminism being mentioned and friendly male dominance. Also just because I support male dominance I do not expect the man to do everything for me unless he wants to. If feminism was a woman who broke in our house and tried to kill my husband for being born a man and kill me for committing to a man instead of expecting him to fight for me, we would fight together, and if she has him trapped and tries to stab him or shoot him, like the human being I am I would gladly take the stab or bullet for him IF I had no other choice.

Also to finish this entry please men, stop mixing all of us females with feminists. It's sickening that you would compare innocent females, who had nothing to do with the issue, to the female creatures who create problems out of EVERYTHING. Just as it is sickening as that some feminists think every male is a rapist and secretly oppressing them. There are still enough females like us who don't mind a man being up top whether money-wise, size-wise, or anything-wise. The important thing is your are human just like me and we can live in harmony as long as one don't threaten the other.

If I hit you first, you have the right to hit me back because I hit you first. Blush If you're, the mood...then I might be in the mood and if not you can try to convince with some rough persuasion. I'm not going to get mad if you make the first move, but if I'm really not in the mood then try to be understanding. Anyway the idea is modern feminism threatened men and that's why we are like we are today, filled with disharmony and women becoming unhappy at the age 48 and as life goes on they become even more unhappier because they choose to be a feminist. I really hope this problem is resolved and you know what?...I have this feeling that Mick Romney should of won the election and all this would of been avoided....Please don't hold it against me.

If a feminist has oppressed you in anyway whether you are male or female please speak your mind. You are not alone and take any opportunity to fix this problem. I hope to help this problem resolve as well. If anything feminism is base on some different females who had a rough life and decided to take it out on men, taking the cheap way out and yell sexism instead of honorably working their way up like men had. Like a venomous snake they spread their poison to every woman, but they didn't get to all of us.
This piece of writing is based on what has been so far as the results of feminism in America. This took me awhile to piece all together, but I managed to get it just right. I have this feeling that there was actually nothing wrong with men being the dominant race before feminism came along and broke them down. If you ask me it was a feminist who made it seem like women were weak. Men didn't say a thing and if they did then just that one man or a couple would be considered jerks. That's it and you can move on with your life.

If you're a feminist who believe in equality then that's good, but there's too many bad feminists who think they're the good guys making feminism a good thing when really it's the worst thing to of ever came to Earth. Feminism right now is basically like a spoiled brat, the more you give to them the more they want more, more, more. Someone need to do this to them---> slap . I'm not saying this to be mean, but I am basically speaking the truth. If you scroll through the comments of the videos I provided you will literally see how people feel about feminism and how it's pushing men to their limits where they're literally going to back away when a girl says, "Feminism has done so much for us and...." The girl sees the guy is walking away and if she's a feminist she'll think she's being oppressed and not being heard just like this--->

I know this is going to sound corny, but believe it or not men and women need each other and me personally I have plenty of reasons why a man should be dominant, but not to the point where he's abusing the power. I'm not a super religious person, but sometimes my heart pounds to it's fullest whenever I remember the story of Adam giving up a rib to make Eve. I rather not go into detail why, but that's just the reaction I get from it.

Believe me the main concept that all women, including feminists, should realize is that men know we exist and know we are people. Otherwise, do you think they wouldn't of gone through with allowing feminism and allowing females to speak their minds? They could of easily gone Hitler on every last female and set an example of what happen if we rise against them, but no, they didn't. They just sat on a chair and heard what feminists had to say without laughing or mocking them. Now because of what feminism is doing some men are scared to get off that chair. :unimpressed: revamp Hey, thanks again feminism.

Please, feel free to share what you think in a rational way.

Also feel free to spread this journal and it's words on any website that you know is full of people who are tired of feminism. Just be sure to mention my username and mention I'm from deviantart. I really want this to get around and to prove that not females are on board with the feminist movement. Feminists complained about men being sexist YET now that things are beginning to reverse they are doing the same thing! So please spread the word.
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A notice to creepers and peepers

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 6:22 AM

I dont know what the hell has happened in the past month, but I have to say, what I have seen has pissed me off.

This is an Art site.  A community filled with artists, both the established and aspiring artist and the art lover.  I came here to this site, to learn, and to meet other artists.  We inspire each other, we are learn from each other.  We are a community of artists that share the same thing, the love of art.

That being said, I am so sickened of late of all the stories and all of the creepers and peepers out there.

In the past month, I have seen so much here on DA that it truly sickens me.  I have been approached by strangers, my friends have been approached by strangers, all looking for some adult action.  What's worse than that, is that I have found out that not one, but two artists, whom I admired and respected for a long time, were nothing more than predators.  Stalking and trolling DA looking for their next piece on the side.  Befriending artists, only to find out they were trolling for their own personal sick and twisted jollies.

That seemed to have started the ball rolling for every single fucking crazy nut job perv out there.  Not just for me, but for my friends as well.

Daily, I am being noted by my female friends of how they are being approached by one creep after another.  The worse part is that they are not even trying to hide it anymore, they are becoming more and more blatant and obvious and its getting on my nerves.

The really funny ironic thing is that Nick had told me a long time ago, that this site was the absolute worse, that this site had more adult hook ups than any other dating site out there.  I didn't believe him as I had never seen it.  Don't know what the hell happened in the past month, but the creepers are just coming out of the wood work from every single direction.  Now, that's all I see.

It has become increasingly obvious that this site is turning into some kind of trolling for perverts and lonely men, looking for some action.  Everyday my female friends tell me of a different person on this site, pretending to be friends, pretending to be artists, when in fact they are nothing more than creepers.

It pisses me off the most, when these "men" and I use the term very fucking loosely at this point, turn their attentions on the unsuspecting, the vulnerable, young women, some of which are minors.  

It disgusting and piggish and downright twisted.  MINORS.  

There are ALOT of minors on this site, and the adults here should not have to be told how to conduct themselves around children.  You shouldn't have to be told this.

Look, I am certainly no saint and I won't be winning any kinds of awards for my behavior anytime soon, and far be it for me to deprive CONSENTING ADULTS their OFF SITE personal fun, but seriously, there is a line you don't cross and crossing that line with minors is an absolute big fucking NO-NO.  I don't care what country your from, it's illegal in every country out there.  

So here's my message to you creepers and peepers

If your looking for some action, some sort of pervy twisted nasty shit, get the fuck of DA.  This is an art site, not a fucking porn site.  This is NOT a dating site.  If your looking for that sort of thing, go to adult friend and get the hell out of here.

Another thing, there is a HUGE I mean fucking HUGE ASS difference between artistic nude and porn.  Posting photos of your whacking and putting yourself in all kinds kinky twisted perverted, dumbass poses, does not make it art.

Get your sick asses off this site, and if your one of those creepers who watches me, better un-watch me now, because I will make it my mission to expose you.

Just fucking saying

CEA UPDATE: Clarifying the Definition of PornThe official definition of " pornography " has been modified at several points over the lifetime of deviantART in an attempt to bring greater clarity in the wording used however portions of the community have demonstrated a tendency to be confused on the exact definition and continue to report things which fit their own personal viewpoints; today we attempt to clarify things.
The official policy for deviantART prohibits the submission of pornographic works. While the community as a whole, with few exceptions, agrees that this policy is required there are many who demonstrate a marked misunderstanding of exactly what is and is not defined as " pornographic " under the current policy. This misunderstanding often leads to many reports being marked as invalid due to the deviation not being officially considered to be pornography and dissatisfaction tends to lead to some community members attempting to explain the outcome by maligning the staff or speculating that deviantART

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So, we're about to enter a new mission soon.  One that has a new theme: "sacrifice"

If you're interested in competing to have your icon be the next icon for this group, please leave your entry here!

Bonus points for having Micle (Grand Kec) and one of the yellow-eyed Zoroark from the current story... unless you have a better creative vision, of course! Animated is preferred.  You can make neat little small animations with Photoshop, or even put images into Flash to make them.  A good tip is to make art 3-4x larger than it will be in the icon, but don't get too detail heavy.  Constantly zoom out to make sure it looks good.

Only requisite is using the logo from the doujin and current avatar:…
It can be in any color.

Time limit is: when I find one I really want to use
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* This is an all Kpop journal,so if non kpopers hate it then don't read. Thank you~*
*Long journal @^@ and credit to all images used here as there not mine*

Hello guys,sorry I have not uploaded for so long ;^;

Its that time again where I'm going to post and talk about a KPOP comeback~ This time this is my first girl group comeback as a SONE.. You guessed it,Girls Generation or SNSD are coming back with there fourth album "I got a boy" (Of course I will edit this journal during the days )

Soo with out any further or do here is what I got to post and say about the girl's Teasers and other news,Enjoy ~~

Soo since the holidays are over,I needed to update alot of stuff on here ahah.
The rest of the teasers are out and as there is alot Im going to show the main ones and put links at the bottom of the other images of the girls ~

So here we have all the girls XD *in order of Hyoyeon,Seohyun,Tiffany,Sunny,Taeyeon,Yoona,Yuri,Sooyoung,Jessica*

Also two teasers came out today,theres a drama teaser and dance version.
All I can say is,the drama one is cute and Hyoyeon is epic aha and the dance,OMFG ITS SWAG AND AMAZING. It made me go like

Also I like to present the "most hair colour change" award (LOL) to my Ultimate female bias SUNNY BUNNY :D In the whole I got a boy teaser's she has had not one but THREE or four aha hair colour changes,Pink,Green,Purple and her teaser image. I just wanted to point that out cause I thought it was interesting and funny. Great job Sunny heh :heart:

Here are the links to that and,Im keeping Dancing queen so that you can watch it again ~

Also there's finally more description of what the album will look like, It is amazing also made me shocked.
It looks so creative.

*Photo from Ebay Seller*

So this album has ten versions of the CD,one of the girls (like in mr simple,sherlock etc) and a group cover. Each photobook in this album are different and I also herd that,the cover you get the photos you have in the book,for example. If I got myself a Sunny cover,I will have a Sunny only photobook,hope that made sense aha. Though thats what I herd,will not know for sure until the cd comes out.Which is the 3rd of next month so,next week ~

If you want to order a copy here is where I get them from.…

And since Yesaisa likes to send out random covers.. If you want one of your Bias or the one you like,I would suggest ebay,for all you happy flowers out there,your most welcome ~ XD (this is where I got Kyu's Mr simple ver A from)…

And finally promised here is the rest of the girl's Teasers which are so cool~ (there are group ones but I dont want to makes this any longer than it is sorry ;^; )










I hope you enjoyed this update,and will be my last with the teasers im afraid,thou I will make a journal about the MV like I did with SF&S and Spy I think. So I hope you have a nice day and sorry it took so long to update, remember there comeback is on new years,and the album is the 3rd of Jan. Have a nice day my flowers ahaha bye :iconsaranghaeplz:

  • Mood: Love
  • Listening to: Music thats Asian *tehe*
  • Watching: The dancing Queen and now Mr Taxi Jap SNSD
  • Drinking: Water
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Current Roles
    Gray Fullbuster in "Fairy Tail (2014)"
    Guren Ichinose in "Owari no Seraph"
    Koujirou Shinomiya in "Shokugeki no Souma"
    Sairaorg Bael in "High School DxD BorN"
    Ringo Tsukimiya in "Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love Revolutions"
    Yuuichi Jin in "World Trigger"

Upcoming Roles
    Upcoming Roles Basara Toujou in "Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst"
    Basara Toujou in "Shinmai Maou no Testament Burst OVA"
    Basara Toujou in "Shinmai Maou no Testament OVA"
    Guren Ichinose in "Owari no Seraph: Owaranai Seraph"
    Keisuke Takahashi in "New Initial D Movie: Legend 2 - Dokusou"
    Kyohei Kadota in "Durarara!!x2 Shou: Watashi no Kokoro wa Nabe Moyou"
    Rikio Kamamoto in "K 2nd Season"
    Tetsurou Kuroo in "Haikyuu!! 2"
    Youhei Mashiba in "Working!!!"
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Charles snippy: TRANSFER

Sat Feb 11, 2012, 5:33 PM

ENTRY: 377:

For several months of torture, the Directorate kept me in their offices, making me file paperwork on their "test subjects", all while I kept sending applications to the "Dead Zone tourism" branch, to get away from towering cubes of the Directorate, away from cities and transmitter towers that were slowly frying my brain.

Centuries of industrial pollution were inevitably changing the biosphere of our world and the Directorate knew it better than anyone, yet they did nothing to stop it, profit had to be maximized, production had to be increased, customers had to be satisfied. Holes in the ozone layer, irreversible changes in the atmosphere, radioactive fallout, wild-life mutations, the days growing darker and the sky turning black - none of this mattered to them.
These changes must have been so gradual that no single generation was able to protest it.
Everyone was happily, playfully, and joyfully ignoring the world outside of the protectorate city Domes and Directorate Cubes. Why bother with the environmental damage reports when the latest celebrity trends are so exciting?
Mercury in the atmosphere?
Pff, Fred Mercuro X just released his latest album available for download straight into your brain!
Satisfied and spoon-fed by ANNET 24-7 people begun to forget what the outside looked like.

The Directorate sold the Dead Zone as "Entertainment" and great fun was had by all, exploring ruined landscapes and documenting "strange beasts of the wastelands" on your mind-pad.

ENTRY: 398:

My transfer is finally approved! Such Joy.
Ironically, my only relief from my daydreams and nightmares is the Dead Zone. There are no ANNET transmitter towers in the Zone, except for the mobile transmitter in the All Terrain Vehicle, but it works like ass and the tourists whine about how they can't constantly mind-text to each other and have to resort to the "outdated" methods of "moving your lip muscles to communicate".

I will show you the World.
Scorched earth, shattered splendor.
Tell me, tourists, now when did
You last let your hearts decide?

I can open your eyes
Take you wonder by wonder
From the mountains of garbage,
To the glowing green seas.

A whole new world
Where the dead cities sleep.
We shall visit them now,
On an all terrain vehicle ride.

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