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I decided 2 make a tutorial!!! :D
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i wanted to make a personal JD
so i did Echo
i might make more of my other characters as well sometime i don't know yet

art and Echo *Echo-the-half-cat


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UPDATE:added arms and changed the skin

so basicly a mob idea for minecraft.
name: Mandrake
mandrakes are passive.
during the day mandrakes sleep underground,leaving only thier leavs sticking up.if you pull one up it would emit a loud shrieking sound,the sound would stun you for 3-5 it time to either run away,or reburry itself.
at night they scurry about,if you aproach them,they run away.but if you get too close they shriek,again stuning you anywhere from 3-5 sec.
when killed they drop mandrake root,which is used for two things
one a cream colored wool dye.and
two a potion.that when its thrown can stun mobs and other players.

made using Techne and
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Simple sketching with one brush. Photoshop CS5
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You see now why I don't draw animals ;w;

Amallthia and Do Svirdanya (До свида́ния) :3 His name is Russian for "Good Bye" ^^ I originally wanted a white wolf, but once I got him, I refused to let him go, I got so attached XDDD
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Merlene VS Apple Machine
Zaquard's Apple & Shoe (2010)

This character has a role in my scenario which is remixed with 'Cindrella' and 'Snowwhite'. The personal project is for game-related content planning and job. :-) You can see more on my deviantart page and the promotion site : [link]
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Workshop link:…

revised concept for burning lotus, got 2 choices for skirt in concept.

previous concept……
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I worked for a Finnish mobile device gaming company, Westart Productions, to create the WARPETS. In a futuristic world, monster fighting reigns supreme! The game will be released for iOS and Android platforms.


I think my childhood loving Aquilamon influenced the result of this particular one. XD Check out my Tumblr for more art:

:star: my art tumblr :star:
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UPDATE:Speaking of Mobs the Ghast will be part of Minecraft Mobs 2 with,Blazes, Cave Spider, Wither skeleton and Possibly the Magma Cube or maybe the place in the Sliverfish.Later I'll maybe do the Enderdragon along with HeroBrine and Witch or before that do the More neutral group you know like the Wolf and Pigman just so I don't leave anyone out that group includes the Iron and Snow golems,so wish me luck:OMG look at all the views thus far wooo!

Zombie,Spider,Skellingtin,Slime,Creeper and Enderman belong to @Mojang
Art done by me
Edit note the spider is the way it is because I couldn't remember what it looked like and the reason why the Skellingtin has no feet is well IT WAS THE MOST PAIN IN THE ___ THING IT WAS and I don't like drawing feet, ok.
P.s. if I get over a 100 views on this I'll do part 2,ok?

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Another sprite edit showcase. I still didn't make any sprite here. And I'll give a llama to whoever knows the guy driving MK1 Sub-zero into Raiden and also for knowing what Stryker is saying.

Reasons why multiple ninjas:
Ermac - placed a certain number of souls in another body
Reptile - Saurians
Chameleon - another saurian with the same ability
Scorpion - Shirai Ryu clan member
Sektor - Tekunin clan, every cyborg 'cept Cyrax and Smoke are tekunin
Noob and Smoke - Brotherhood of Shadow
Actually I forgot there was already another Chameleon, Ermac and Smoke so I thought of these lame excuses.


Blaze - :iconmethados:
Reptex (green cyborg) - Reign
Smoke MKD- Ahmedov Valihan
Reiko - Wa-rning
Liu Kang - Len
Johnny Cage, Scorpion MK2, Blood effects - MK warehouse
Jataaka - ACEkombat
Flame - neco
Ermac Kicking - Sub-zero th7 mk
Quan Chi - Dantos
Kai - Lukmac / LukiLucMac
Reptile MK4 - ArellonX/Xclusive
Sub-zero MK2, Sub-zero MK1 - Minakata Moriya
Kobra -
Tarkata w/ hair - shinfuuma
Tremor - ArmanD
Mileena, Hornbuckle - Liquid Jake
Kia, Magnectro, Roof design - (author unknown)
DC - Reu (R.I.P)
Jade - JediTommy8
Chameleon (multi-colored) - ESFAndy011
Deathstroke - Polyakov Peter
Jackie Chan, Cammy - Tëma '08 / tem(A) 2008
Jago - Shift b is B
Glacius - The_None
Riptor - Dr. Your Mom
Guile - Mauteck
Akuma, M. Bison - Jessica Smoke
Ryu - NRF
The Dead (the zombie on bottom floor) - Kazmer13
Ken, Fujin, Kitana - Simpliband
Darrius, Shang Tsung - K1LLKANO
Theizen - Sannamy,reptile
Pulsive (purple cyborg), Scorpion MK1, Reptile MKII - Reptile
Jax, Sub-zero UMK, Sheeva, Sektor w/ Pulse Blades, Chameleon w/ sword, - Frozenworm
Scorpion UMK, Shao Kahn, frozen ninja - Bleed
Suijin (water goddess), Shinobi Sektor, Propagator - borg117
levitating Ermac, bisected lin kuei - Fedegita
Onaga, Motaro, Raiden, Kenshi, Nightwolf - Arctic
Kano, Kintaro, Sonya, Kung Lao, Kabal, Baraka, Rain, Reptile, Cyrax, Goro, Noobs - MK Project team
Stryker, Lin Kuei Grandmaster, Smoke ninja, 2 Monks, white tarkata, Centaur, Stairs and walls, dragon egg background, large buildings in background, Hammer prop - Tetra_Vega
Soul Chamber bg, Dorfen bg, Roof bg - Ratonmalo

Also, yeah, I'm not quite good at titles
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