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darkness is cancer of the imagination.
it can mutate into anything. nothing is more frightening than that which the imagination can conjure.

sometimes the dark is enough to be afraid of..

9"X12" watercolor & colored pencil
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Master of puppets and child manipulation
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Yeah, Im a sellout and totally wanted to do this for the shirt.
but I figured it works, sortve. lol

"You can't soar above the clouds if you're under the influence" a line I came up with on the fly, and it's true. My mom could've gone so many places with her work ethic and attitude, if she hadn'tve let alcohol get the better of her when she was younger. Now it rules her life, and it's clipped her wings.
Alcohol took my uncle Leroy from all of use too, it clipped his wings and kept him from ever reaching the clouds while he was alive, it broke down his body till it couldn't take it anymore. So I've vowed to never let Alcohol or drugs clip my still growing wings, because I want more than anything to reach up and touch the sky.
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Well here's another way of looking at things...

... and another [link]

Which do you prefer?
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I did this drawing as a little kid; I've always loved art and wanted to grow up to be an "artist". As you can see in the first one the rooster is singing to the fox in his most beautiful cock-a-doodle-doo and they are happy and friends, as everything in the animal kingdom is when you are 7 years old. In my present piece my childish oblivion is now the reality of as the fox sings to the rooster, his true nature and intentions are revealed.

-I'll give a stick of bubble gum to whoever can figure out the song :)

Unfortunately when I finally was ready to submit it, I realized of course that my childhood piece was not submitted on deviant art. I can only hope this does not disqualify me from the contest...I really want that hoodie
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The old piece was made in 2012, April 6th and I finished the new one in September 30th.

I was almost giving up of doing this 'cause I started drawing this in the last week of the contest and everything went wrong for me: the weather was dark (because of the rain) and I couldn't see rightly, half of my house was without electricity, I accidentally crumpled the paper and had to make another drawing, I spilled water on my drawing, and after all, I got sick! Holy crap, I will never let things to do at the last moment again! :angered:

But although it was not that fun to do, I've learned a lot of things about eyes and now I feel more confident to draw them.

-> Old piece [link]

-> New piece [link]
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Photo, editing- me
Model- Bianca
Taken spontaneously while looking at headphones in Sony Plaza during a trip to NYC. I made the picture black and white in iphoto and then later i added the colors in photoshop. It took me like two hours to get her hair right and I'm still not happy with it but whatever.
And YES she is wearing a My Chem shirt. They're our favorite band. Like we know EVERY word to EVERY song. We're lame. But then again we also know every word to every Escape the Fate song and we know a lot of Bring Me The Horizon and stuff like that.
This picture is like the epitome of me and my friends. Band tee- check. Headphones- check. Bright colored hair- check. (although that's specific only to me and not even anymore because the dye faded and it turned blonde). Dorky thumbs up- check. Eyeliner- check.
The seniors have ordered all the freshmen to dress up as "goths" for halloween. The theme is based off me and my friends. They told us that. Their words were, apparently "Like those kids who wear all the eyeliner."
We don't know if we should be offended or honored.
At least we've gone down in school history.
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couldn't decide on who to draw.... so i drew damn near everybody........
got inspired for this by a comic that Adam Warren did...... referenced that to help
create this scene.......

(left to right, top to bottom)

Plastic Man
Dr. Fate
Bouncing Boy
the Creeper
the Flash
Wonder Woman
the Question
Green Lantern
Beast Boy
Mr. Terrific
Martian Manhunter
Captain Atom
Wonder Girl
Captain Marvel
Wonder Girl
Power Girl
Black Canary
Blue Devil
Green Arrow
Bibbo Bibbowski
Ambush Bug

37 characters........... never again........
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16"x20" charcoal on illustration board

She used to scare the crap out of me when I was a kid.
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