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My contest entry for the Paper Heart Movie Poster Contest.

I guess the big question for me to answer now is, 'what does love mean to me'?

Well here is my perspective:

Genuine love is finding that one special someone out of a vast ocean of people. In the end we are all just fish swimming aimlessly hoping to stumble upon the one that we'll spend the rest of our lives with, come high or low tide. Collaboration of the two minds not only outsmarts just the one, but it also assertively fools the mind into knowing that your heart is no longer a single entirety, but instead a separate piece that has now found its other half.



When I found out about this contest, I undoubtedly had a number of ideas flowing through my brain. Luckily I had a piece of notebook paper nearby to brainstorm my idea(s)...which eventually was drawn, colored, cut out, and then cut in half into what you see silhouetted in the photo up above. lol :XD:
But no, really I brainstormed a lot. At first it was going to have something to do with chemistry class (cause I'd use some wordplay between the love chemistry, and the high school course where people sometimes pay attention more to the sweetheart in your lab group versus the actual assignment ).
However, I stuck with my idea with the fish and finding that one significant other to love. And believe it or not, the idea that I had come up with for the final product actually looks pretty close to this (haha cause usually all my ideas that pop up in my head NEVER come out as good on paper). Anyway, as soon as I settled on the heart design I made, I told my boyfriend ( :iconwhiteoutmouse: ) about it. He was pretty eager to help me out, and that made me even more intimate with the contest notion. So what I did was meet up at his house and we borrowed his brother's camera in order to take a few snapshots outdoors. I knew nothing about his camera on how it works on bright sunny days (and neither did my boyfriend at first) so we shot a few for the hell of it and hoped for the best. Turns out the settings were correct without much dial fiddling, and from the digital previews everything looked sweet. Truthfully though, the best sky shots were taken out in his yard as we sat down next to each other on the grass. :cuddle:
Lastly, I doctored up the pic I liked the most in Photoshop, added the title and BOOM I'm finished. It was a lot more work than it may seem folks. Really. But I'm satisfied. :D

More detailed image of the drawing --> [link]


Love symbolism incorperated in this pic:

:bulletpink: The paper heart: obviously reflecting the title. It's cliche, I know. But it works.

:bulletblue: The notebook paper: The paper material I used for the heart I thought would be most fitting is notebook paper. Why? Not just because it suits the appearance for the movie since it seems like a typical doodle-drawn style used for indie films, but it symbolizes the stereotypical high school sweetheart admiration (ex. where one would pass a piece of notebook paper around in class to ask if they "like" them or not ) that we once witnessed. And also because people usually associate notebook paper with school anyways. So that's a given.

:bulletpink: Fish: according to most symbolism, fish represent Eternity (an eternal relationship with someone), Fertility (cause what else are you guys going to do when you settle down? :eyes:), and utmostly Happiness.

:bulletblue: Fire coral: That yellow looking stuff you see in there is not the seaweed. (I tried to make it look as much as fire coral as I possibly could without breaking the simplistic style I originally intended). But yeah, break the work apart, and you get Fire which symbolizes the ever-burning flame of a long term relationship.

:bulletpink: Bubble hearts: (This was going to be an idea I would later edit out, but it seems okay for the moment) They represent love (durr) but as you can see they also look like bubbles (cause they're under water...hurr :dummy:) and as they move to the top, they merge. This represents communication, and the merging of the loved-ones ideas to create a collaboration of the two (this recollects back to my quote up top about how two heads are better than one ).


Anywho, I've typed enough. Good luck to everyone entering in the contest! :handshake:

:hug: P.S- I love you so very much Jason, now and forever. :heart:
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Edited some stuff like.. lots.. ^^

no comment.. because its so bad.

used: photoshop.

reach out.

want to know more? read here^^:
the title for the competition was good vs evil.. i tried to think of something that wasnt used so much, or wasnt even used.. i had many ideas woking with the word opposites, but then many of these were already used.. then something came into my head.
good vs evil = a war between two sides, who has won?
white vs black. either way you can say that they are opposites, but also similar..(colour wise, they are both classed as "not a colour")
Reach Out</b>
Evil Reaches out to the Good
Good Reaches out to the Evil

This part i know some/many may not agree with me.. but feel free to interpret your own way^^
Evil.. wants to become good.. so they try and reach out to whatever kind of "light" they see
Good.. People who have good in their hearts, wants to help people become good, they/i find it hard to see someone lost in darkness, so you reach out to them.
Reach Out</b>
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Mixed Media: a piece i did with both photoshop and vector items. when i first started with any type of digital coloring, i really had no clue what i was doing. also i had not a clue about true anatomy, or at least a better understanding. i was starting my third year of college when i made the first version. i was testing the waters so to speak. in fact this was only my second time using either illustrator or photoshop. i was also totally afraid of color. ^^; even my colored pencil pieces were light. during my next two years, i came in contact with the most awesome of professors who took the time to teach me about adobe programs. she even kept me as an intern for a semester. ^_^ i owe all i know compter wise to her, and my better understanding of anatomy to a professor who once worked for disney.

"from the bottom of the sea I'll wait. to bring your final breath to boil, i'll kiss you quietly. embracing eternally beneath the tides, for they are darker than my heart, which you have pierced most fervently. do love me for my intentions, and justly so will i love you for yours..."

Just a little something I wrote to go with the idea. This will be my submission for the "Kick Your Own Ass" competition. ^_^ the idea, is that these two are lovers of the moment... a man, thrown to the sea has come to what he believed the end of his life... that final spark is what defines him, and with it a new love so unyielding that her response is immediate. a love that saves and wants no other...

P.S. i'm so full of cheese right now...

old version: [link]
new version: [link]
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This is a painting I created based on a more literal interpretation of a friend's dream, which is quoted below. I really wanted to capture the overall mood and feeling of a dream world, and at the same time how it could almost certainly exist here on our plane, there are just little weird things that can only exist in dreams to throw you off. This was quite a challenge for me but it was a very fun piece to create. Thanks to wacom and deviantart for running such a fun, creative contest!

"I was living in an
arctic tribe showing a few of my foreign friends around. I didn't
realize I was a princess until the end of the dream. I lit candles in
this one room full of workers and told them I would be back shortly.
On my way out a large jolly fisherman stopped me to show me how I
could make cream cheese out of various fish innards. He mashed them up
and we went outside where the scene turned marsh for just a little bit
of time. I saw a duck prancing around, almost flirting with me and she
spread her wings to fly but didn't move, so I picked her up to help her
and when she tried, she fell onto the ground. Her wings were so
vibrant red and seemed to turn into fabric as she tried successfully a
third time to liftoff. The scene turns back into the arctic/forest
combo from before. I was preparing the village for something like an
attack( I didn't know what but that was the overwhelming feeling). I
put my human friends to bed, blew out the candles that were left and
went to hide in a wooden box outside one of the huts. I was breathing
heavily, praying that my visions of polar bears( these were occurring
all throughout the dream) would be true and that they would come to
save us. Something suddenly was turning my box over and eventually
smacked me out of it. I looked up and it was giant moose who demanded
food. I asked him if he would like these red flowers/mushrooms I had
been growing and he became livid and started to attack me. Then I
heard a loud voice "WHO DARES HARM THE PRINCESS?!" and I felt relieved
thinking it was the polar bears. However, the voice was of one of
three white flying wolves who I thought were just legend. They
thrashed around as they flew in the air to attack the moose and ripped
him apart, spilling his blood all over the hut and my flowers. I
thanked the wolves as we retreated into a cave where they could
replenish their energy, and they told me it was fun and they would
like very much to kill again."

Painted in Photoshop CS4 with a wacom tablet :)

Edit: Yes, I do realize the theme of the contest, in detail, is to depict your own personal dreams for the future. I think that is a very loose concept, however, and being as how I have always dreamed of dream worlds and fantasies, thought this would be a great project. Also I one day dream of becoming a great digital painter and illustrator, so is process really the dream that brings you to that end? I'm not sure, I just personally believe the theme 'Dreams' is a very open ended one, not to be pigeon-holed into only our 'realistic' futures.
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I used MS Paint to edit this. For Halloween Contest 2009.
I hope you like.
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Second entry for the contest ^^
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Good vs. evil?
I would like to ask you a question, who decides “who is evil and who is good?”
As example is just God vs. Satan, Heaven vs. Hell, Angels vs. Demons… etc.
My concept is “Predator vs. Prey”.
With this image I would like to introduce you the real evilness. Nature sometimes is shocking, with its animals and plants, in this image the evil creature is that plant.
Predator “Birdie” is on a hunt in a forest, but what is that? A berry, what a beautiful berry…
And now the predator became a prey. Life is cruel… evil vs. good.

Thanks for viewing.
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We are our own worst enemy.

I wonder what people think of me...

Evil: as if they care
Good: they always do
Evil: you're not unique, copycat!

But I just like to draw things and stuff.

Evil: you're not even original!
Good: at least you enjoy what you do

Right... :)

Evil: but you won't accomplish anything in life with drawing

Oh... :(

Evil: you suck major a$$!!! hahahaha
Good: that's not true. You can draw and create things lots of other people will never be able to do.

Could be... but what if-

Good: Shush! Don't bring yourself down like that. You're making yourself sick. :no:
Evil: but you already are
Good: you know what I mean
Evil: sure, as if talking to yourself is healthy

I'm losing my mind here...

Evil: Mission accomplished
Good: Stay strong...

No matter how secure someone may seem to be, there's always one person who can make you the most insecure and weakest person on the entire planet... And that person is you.

I've had a lot of self esteem issues. It made me doubt about who I am. About what I can do. It makes me feel sick.

Luckily I got a lot more stronger and don't give a crap about what people think of me, but still... there will always be someone who can make me feel bad. But I try not to give in. :)

(That's why I always try to stay optimistic and make other people happy as well!)

Anyway, there are symbols in this drawing that represent good and evil. Or at least it represents opposites of things. Good can be evil and vice versa if you don't know how to handle these things in life.

I tried to colour the drawing but yeah... I'm not very good at that :hmm:

And it was weird drawing myself differently x) but that's another story. I've had enough of myself for now lol.

Stuff used
  • 2H, H, HB, B, 2B 0.5mm mechanical pencils

  • tissue and tortillions for blending

  • my own pictures

  • imagination

  • kneaded + pencil eraser

  • A4 Hahnemühle Nostalgie sketchbook paper

  • Photoshop for coloring :noes:

  • Time spent: too much! I don't like drawing my own face xD
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    This is my entry for Wacom's Contest: Bring Your Vision to Life.

    I used Lolita & Gothic as Good & Evil.

    Once upon a time, the fortuneteller of Lolita Queendom said that the queen have pregnant a marvelous daughter. She can see the future and the queendom will be good under her command. It's really a good news for Lolita Queendom, but really a bad news for The Gothic Queendom. So that, when the baby is born, the maid, who is a spy from Goth, kidnap her and bring the baby to Gothic Queendom. They want to grow up her and make her their queen to against the Light (Lolita).

    The queen knowing it, and she can't bring her baby to her queendom again if the Dark (Gothic) have kidnap her. So, in secretly, she clone her baby from the baby's hair that she got. And after 9 months later, the baby born same as the baby she born 9 months ago. But, unfortunately the queen died after the baby born.

    And after 20 years later, they both become an amazing queens with beauty and charisma. But, one thing they can't do is defeat their queendom's enemy. It's because they just fight with herself. What she will do, the other will know it, cause they are clone.

    so.. there will be no dark if there is no light

    Sorry for my terrible English >.< but thanks to read my story. I like to make story when I draw something. But I think this is a LOL story haha..

    Sketch on 75x55cm Canson paper: 3 days
    Coloring with poster color: 6 days

    Hope you like it :D
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    LOL :3
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