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current features, i haven't gotten her eyes or markings in yet, but i like it enough to share it :)

ZBrushCentral Sketchbook: [link]

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Whole process (modeling/texturing) in blender 2.63a.

Based on fantastic concept by Gimaldinov
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not my finnest but I needed one quick I think is not that bad
Render by:iconxxdevilrena:
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This is Shiro Kuroine she is Naomi Kagome's BEE EFF EFF.

Likes: Naomi Kagome, being alone, Black/White (Ying/Yang)
Dislikes: Akita Neru, yellow,"perky" characters.

Shiro Kuroine description:

Shiro Kuroine is your definition of "Goth". She hates bright colors (YELLOW) but she always knows how to have a good time. She has a snobby attitude but can be really sweet and gentle once you get to know her (Therefor, the heart on her hair). She despises Akita Neru because of her color (YELLOW) and because she believes Neru was "Copying her hairstyle" with the ponytail. This is why Shiro has her ponytail on the opposite side as Akita Neru.

Model (C) Shikuo

LAT - Lat Miku - Base
CarrieDenyes (YT) -Miku Hoodies - Shoes
Google Sketchup - Heart
:iconakasuna-no-yuki: - Yuki Kazetani - Hat, shoulder bands
:iconjessiemp4: - file
:icondjwind: - Lat Kitty'er - Bow
ALL FILES ARE USED LEGALLY. (Had to ask for some files; but got the O.K. :3)


This model is an original (unique) idea and is NOT (to date) an UTAUloid OR a Vocaloid. This model has a first and last name: Shiro Kuroine.

Use of this model:
You may use this model in MMD (MikuMikuDance) to create poses or motion data. You can use her only for non-profit (entertainment) uses.

Model data (.pmd):
Do not re-upload this model data ANYWHERE. If you wish to allow others to download; link back to THIS page and be sure that they read ALL the rules.

Editing rights (PMDE Editor):
Do not edit this model in ANY editing program (Including PMDE editor) without permission from me. Any unauthorized model edits that I see will result in termination of the public distribution of this model data. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO EDIT HER, PLEASE JUST ASK ME FIRST!

To download this model, you must agree to these terms of use. Violations of these terms will result in cancellation of the redistribution of this model data (.pmd) files. To download, note me (or leave a comment and I will note you) and I'll give you the link, and the password. DO NOT give the password OR the link to ANYONE. If they ask for the model, link them back to THIS DEVIANTART PAGE. NOWHERE ELSE!

Thank you for your time in reading the rules.
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Graphic User Interface for a work in progress visual^^ It's my secret little project that I've been neglecting for a little while. I can do the visual part of a VN but the novel part is especially hard because I'm not much of a writer. Plus unlike my Lunar Lotus Festival game it's made using Ren'Py which is a program I'm totally unfamiliar with. So right now I spend more time reading tutorials and writing the script than working on art assets. I'll probably have to end up looking for some help with fleshing out some of the written parts so the story isn' know, horrible. So if anyone is interested in writing or wants to know more about the game let me know.

Welcome to Clearwater Crossing, a small seaside town full of rustic charm and southern hospitality. Abigail Bartlett and her family have called this town home for the last 100 years. It’s where she grew up and plans to settle down one day. Now that she’s finished with college Abby begins making plans to start her own graphic design company near the boardwalk. Clearwater Crossing has always been considered a historic area but over the years it has begun to lose money as well as residents. Where once the shops were vintage and charming, now they’ve begun to fall in a state of disrepair; many of the once bustling shops have been boarded up and left abandoned. Fearing that things will only get worse the towns people struggle with trying to hold on to the peaceful life they once knew.

A big urban development company, The Monolith Property Group, moves in with an offer that seems too good to be true. They want to buy out the remaining business owners then tear down the shops to build a mall in hopes to boost the economy and bring in a younger generation of buyers. With no money coming in, the town is on the cusp of accepting their offer. Outraged over their disregard for small business owners Abby wants to petitions the city to recognize the area as a historical landmark. Calling her bluff the Mayor offers her a challenge: She has one year to fix the buildings and find tenants who’ll be willing to open up businesses. Faced with such a huge responsibility Abby isn’t sure if she has what it takes and begins questioning if it was wise to get involved at all.

The goal of the game is to find tenants, make upgrades to the property and earn income before time runs out…or not. Whether Abby chooses to help the town improve or focus on her own career influences her role in the story and how others interact with her. You're free to play the story however you like.

• Four month timeline in game(Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)
• Seasonal outfits for all main characters(5+ each)
• Get income from tenants or do freelance graphic design to earn money
• Monthly festivals, birthdays and events to attend for each character
• Dynamic Environments: World evolves based on your actions
• Multiple date locations
• Romantic and Friendship endings available
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I've been making this model since this summer. Today I was browsing at some old unfinished projects and I decided to complete this model. Very satisfied with the result. The texture looks good even on lower resolutions, and I can easily make a lod for that.

If you have a suggestion, or some criticism, please write down here. I'm always happy to hear some feedback. Thank you :)
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edit: PPL YOU'RE INSANE thank you so much for a lot of interest ;v; :glomp:

1.1 UPDATE -…

If you want to use this model in other programs, I think you have to ask TomitakeP (original modeler), as I don't know if s/he approves of it ^^; S/he is the creator of his suit and body, I only edited the model and added the head. I don't know any contact to TomitakeP though, but from my side I fully approve of editing and distributing :D. Thank you for the interest, I really appreciate it! :heart:

Here is .obj file -->… you have to fix materials yourself to make it look good in other programs

I was bored today and I really wanted to have a Slenderman model... So I made one :giggle: I hope you like him!


stock photo:…
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Wipeout 2048
The birth of Anti-Gravity Racing

The year is 2048. It's over a decade since Pierre Belmondo shattered scientific preconceptions by unveiling to the world's media a working anti-gravity generator that didn't just fashion its own laws, it defied almost four centuries of belief. Science fiction became science fact. Belmondo had not only goaded the gods; he had, in a single moment under the blistering heat of the Nevada sun, reinvented physics. Through its inception, the sport of Anti-Gravity Racing emerged, and with it, the inaugural Anti-Gravity Racing Championships (A.G.R.C.).

Now for the first time ever, five teams take to the starting grids on the streets of Nova State City in a bid for glory. Welcome to the future of motorsport and the birth of ballistic racing. The future of racing is here RIP gravity.

In Wipeout 2048, each team has four 'classes' of ship:-

Speed class..........(Fast, made for racing, but at the expense of strength and fire power)
Agility class...........(Improved handling, but at the expense of some speed)
Fighter Class.........(Can withstand a lot of damage, and carries a lot of fire power, at the expense of speed and handling)
Prototype class.....(The teams test machine... where they can develop their strengths for future seasons)

My main role on Wipeout2048 was ship designer \ modeller however, I also helped create the ship effects, such as ship shield, leech beam, engine flares, damaged versions, holographic ghost ships and alternate liveries. I also assisted with shader creation, and various design ideas throughout the games development cycle.

Trailer for the game: [link]

please note:
The model above is the in game Psvita model \ texture res, and isn't really meant to be rendered in such a way, which is why things may look a bit 'low res' in places!

More examples can be seen at
Images copyright - Sony Computer Entertainment - 2011
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Hi there everyone!! My design had won guest Zain's Judge Pick.
Thanks for support. I glad you like my design.  

You can check it in there're many awesome TShirt Designs in Online Shop.…

Wallpaper 1920x1080 here!!…

" I’ll sing a song with melody you gave to me. So wondrous, every note in every key. My voice is yours, so let my heart carry the beat. Forever long. "

Inspiration From Song : Melody.ExE
Design by : Krit Parnsanay
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Wacom introus4

Thanks everyone!
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Vocaloid Miku and Leek-chan
Leek-chan – design by me.

~some experiments with the designing~
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