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I stand in a field, as a child,
A simple flower, i hold in my palm,
A symbol of how easily something can be crushed or blown away,
Nurture this beauty and sigh away my pains,
A lotus, the soul of my love,
I hold in my hand.

As i contemplated these thoughts,
A Angel made itself known, walking in, with no halo or holy father,
Suddenly i felt insecure and stupid,
A boy in love with a flower.

It approached me and took my hands in its palms gently,
An angel maybe but a woman i was sure,
She possessed soft hands like small pieces of stroking silk,
Encasing my hands so they formed like fists.

A panic, i fell into fear as i began to crush my love, my flower,
Anxiety and pain, my heart began to cry and so did i,
She smiled and opened my hands palm up to show me,
The flower was still there and as perfect as uncrushed.

I awoke from this dream, a man,
I realized the flower was my love and my hands the rest of the world,
The hands are unable to crush what i love,
Love is something more, something untouchably strong,
As i studied my dream and its meaning,
I realized i was holding something in my arms,
The flower, the angel, the woman and my love.
A poem i wrote with the idea of love that you share with one person and the worlds effects on it.
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  I can get in your head without thinking.
         I can make you cry without shedding a tear.

I will make you scream in horror, but I have no fear.
   I can make you run without even moving.

  I am the master while you are only the student.  
         I am the royalty on the throne while you bow down.

                I am still deadly, without a heart.
             I am the darkness that surrounds you, light.

     I am lifeless, while you are lively.  
    I feed off of the anger and sorrow that escapes your grasp.

            I am the one hiding in the night.
                 The shadows that follow you.
                         Your own..reflection.

                 I am the lies in your truth.  
                          I am the air you breathe.
                                   I am the fire in your veins.

     I am the terror in your eyes.
           I am the blackness in your mind.
                     I am the darkness in your heart.

      I am the laughs of mockery that roam into your ears.  
                          I am the biggest mistake in your life.

                                            I am.. You.

                                            I am. Death.
Yeah. No idea where this came from. >.>...
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Once again, my friends put me to the challenge of writing a comic. This time, my take on a Red Robin #1, should DC finally give Tim Drake his own title.

When Red Robin goes home to Gotham for a visit, he becomes involved in one of Batman's cases, and crosses the path of a teenaged villain who is smart as him and infinitely more vicious.

And yes, I decided that Steph should be mentioned, in this case as "missing."

Damian, alas, is still dead for this story. So to answer a possible question, this would be WAY before my idea of how Damian should come back would occur.

I also brought in my version of the Narrows from Batman Begins

This is purely a fan's work; unless DC wants to buy it XD

Red Robin/Tim Drake et al belongs to DC Comics

Story belongs to me

Preview image by Brett Booth


EDIT: I'm well aware there are some spelling and grammar errors. Once CeltX stops being weird I will post an updated PDF

EDIT 6/3/13 Temporary PDF of version done in Word uploaded with spelling/grammar errors fixed

EDIT 6/4/13: Corrected CeltX PDF uploaded, further corrections, Titus added in as cameo
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I cut my wrist tonight,
just to feel the pain.
I pressed the blade so deep,
the blood fell like rain

I watched it flowing fast,
down onto the floor.
My life started draining,
untill of me there was no more.

I awoke into darkness,
with pain inside my chest.
There sitting beside me
were those who failed the test.

What have I done for this!?
I cried out in shame.
whispering from beside me said
there was only me to blame.

now I am lost to the night,
of which I will never rise.
and whispers in my heart,
all the lost souls cries.
please do not judge me, as this is in somewhat how I feel.
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Artemis ran her fingers along the red shiny paper. She couldn't help smile, even though she didn't like Wally, she couldn't be the only one not getting him a present.  His Birthday was coming up and the team was busy planning a surprise party.

She smiled, she was sure he'd like her present. She could just picture his smile, stretching from his tanned, freckled cheeks. His eyes, green like emeralds, illuminated with joy.

Then she began to doubt her self, what if he didn't like it? What if everyone else had something better? What if megan got him something martian, how could she compare to that?

Artemis wrapped her present, carefully folding the paper she'd bought earlier. She saw the bright red paper and it immediately reminded her of the speedster, the way his costume left a blur of red and yellow behind him as he ran.

She finished wrapping the present and was just about to leave when she looked In the mirror. She didn't look very party-ish. She took the green hair piece out and went to her closet. Hmm...jeans, jeans, sweat pants, jeans and one lonely one piece suit she bought in the sale a while ago.

She pulled the denim play suit on and looked in the mirror, it was tight and strapless on top, with laces down the back to adjust the waist size. She then quickly pulled her converse on, applied some eyeliner and lip gloss, and then put a gold arrow bracelet on ,so she still looked like artemis.

She then grabbed her present and the card she selected earlier. It was a funny card with a cute monkey on. And inside it said 'Happy Birthday Idiot' she felt it was appropriate.
She wrote in it the simple paragraph; 'To Wally, Love Artemis x' she was worried the Love, and the X was to much but when she took a peep at Megan s earlier it had like 5 'XOs' so she decided not to worry.

She arrived at mount justice and megan was taking a tray out the oven.
"No! " She complained.
"What's up?" Artemis asked.
"My cupcakes, they're the second batch and they're burned again."
"Want me to help?" Artemis was feeling un charecteristly friendly.
"Oh that would be amazing!" Megan beamed, "I will blow these balloons up, while you make the cupcakes." She pointed to an array of yellow and red balloons on the living room area.

"Ok, I can do this" Artemis told her self. She carefully read the ingredients before deciding to make her own recipe that she remembered her mom taught her.

The smell was like pure heaven when they came out the oven. Artemis carefully iced them, she first spread the yellow icing on thick, before gently creating kid flashes logo out of white and red icing. She was very impressed with her handy work.

Megan had finished the balloons and came over to admire Artemis' cakes. "Oh, wow!" Said megan chirpily "These are simply adorable!"
"Anything else need doing?" Asked Artemis.
"They're is plain sign, can you write something nice on it for Wally? While put the streamers up?" Bet you can't guess what color the streamers were?

Artemis was good at art so making this sign was a piece of cake. She write out ' Happy Birthday Wally' in large red letters. Carefully out lining it in yellow.

Robin and Aqualad arrived placing there not so neatly wrapped presents on the table. Superboy emerged from the hall holding a parcel and card with 'wally' written in messy handwriting.

"Ok, Wally will be here in a minute, so are we all ready?" Said Megan.
"Yep" said robin. The team waited a good minutes or two before they heard the computer annoce kid flashes arrival.
"Hey guys, guess who's birthday- Woah!" Wally gasped. They all ran up to him, Artemis ran fast at first but slowed her self down, so everyone was in front of her.
"Surprise!" Said Megan.

"Happy birthday Wally!" Said megan handing him a small package.
She opened it and looked at the small object for a minute.
"Umm... What is it?" He asked.
"It's a martian game," she explained "just push this and-" The once small sphere now appeared to be bigger and had various lights on it.
After megan explained the game to Wally, Robin gave him his present, it was a small,freakishly accurate kid flash doll. Robin tried to stifle his laughter.

Aqualad then gave him an Atlantian box and superboy had gotten him a bear with a balloon saying 'Birthday Wishes' on. "Megan chose it" he explained.

Artemis held her present and card close to her wrapping her arms around it. Wally walked over smiling like the fool he was. "Is that mine arty?" He asked. Artemis' confused expression changed to a smile, "yes but you can open it later, umm...come see the cakes now!'' She dragged him over.
"Wow Megan these are amazing! Look at the detail on the bolts!" Wally beamed.
"Thanks, but I didn't make them Artemis did"
"What? Arty? No? What? She? Bakes?"
Wally looked really shocked.
"Yes, she bakes, and she bakes well." Artemis said shoving a cupcake in Wally mouth.
Wally tasted it and looked deadly serious. "This is the best cupcake. In the history of cupcakes" He then scoffed about ten more before Artemis dragged him over to the sign she made.
"Like it?" She asked.
"You made this? Woah, I'd had never thought you'd be the one to be so involved with all this, I didn't know you cared?"
"I just like partys" Artemis said.

After the food, several dance battles which included Artemis and Wally competively dancing to 'who dat girl' the team were finally ready to call it a night. Megan's powers had the place tidy in no time and with Wally's metabolism there was no leftover food.

Everyone except Wally and Artemis went to they're rooms.
"Now, Please can I have my present? I'm dying to know what it is!" Wally walks up to Artemis.
"Here,"  she said Handing him the card and gift, "you probably won't like it" she mumbled.

He carefully unwrapped the  paper and revealed a shiny red frame with a picture of kid flash running, the water colors made for an excellent trail. And at the bottom it said 'Don't ever slow down - Arty x'

"Wow," Wally looked genuinely happy, which of course made artemis happy. His reaction was just how she pictured it. "Arty, this is amazing you made this?" Artemis nodded and smiled."This is one of the nicest things anyone had ever done for me." "I'm glad you like, I thought you wouldn't, it's not some cool floating martian game is it?" Artemis looked down. Wally put his hand under her chin so she looked up.

"It's something so much more special" He placed his lips on hers and kissed her. Slowly and sweetly.

They broke apart and she smiled sweetly. "I'll except that as a thank you."

Wally took Artemis' hand and led her to the bedroom, where he placed the frame on the wall above his bed.

"It's perfect."
One-shot i made a while ago. Very Sweet, this one.
Felt like some 'Fluff'

And I Promise I will Upload the next chapter to 'Party' And 'Secret Identity' Soon.
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Day Three: Crush
Title: Robin's Girl Advice
Rating: K


The speedster's voice echoed through the cave, causing Artemis to miss her target, Superboy to accidentally crush another trash can, Kaldur to blow up the microwave, and poor M'gann's souffle to drop. Robin, meanwhile, was sitting on his bed testing his own hacking skills. He heard Wally all the way from his room, but he wasn't really surprised. He was going to find out eventually.

Wally stomped through the doorway, letting the door slide shut behind him. Was it just him, or did the door just slam?

"There's a new invention, Wall-man. It's called knocking," he said dryly, never taking his eyes off of his glove computer. The young hacker was so close to breaking the last few firewalls of the JLA's main database, and he wasn't about to let his easily offended best friend prevent him from achieving his goal.

Wally ignored the joke, instead choosing to continue his rant.

"Dude! Remember me? Best friend? The world's most famous ginger?"

"You're not Ron Weasley."

"What-Oh you know what I mean!"

Robin sighed and continued working on his hack.

"Just tell me what you want, Wally," he said, glancing up at his friend. Robin could've sworn he saw his friend's eye twitch. He was seriously pissed off about this.

"What I want is an explanation! Why did my so-called BEST FRIEND not come to ME for advice about a GIRL?!" Wally cried, waving his arms about wildly and pacing back and forth. The ginger did this so often Robin half expected there to be no more carpet in that particular area. He just sighed, and pressed more keys on the glove.

"And you want to know I went to Kaldur instead," the tiny bird finished.

"Well DUH!"

Robin allowed for a moment of silence to gather his thoughts and for Wally to calm down. He watched as the speedster's anger faded, being replaced by hurt and slight betrayal. Now Robin felt bad.

"I'm supposed to be your go-to guy, Rob," he said softly. "You always say I'm like a big brother to you, so I thought..."

Robin considered this for a moment, and shut off his screen. Some things were more important than proving a computer wasn't unhackable. Like assuring his best friend that he was still his best friend.

"You want to know why I went to Kaldur and not you?" he asked.

"Yeah. I mean.....did I do something? Make you mad? What?" the speedster asked, running his fingers through his hair. Robin shook his head.

"No, nothing like that," he assured.

"Then what?"

The little bird sighed. This wasn't going to be easy....

"I...didn't think you'd know what to do," he explained. Seeing the redhead's mouth drop open in offended shock, Robin quickly explained. "I mean...yeah, you flirt a lot, but when you actually like a girl you have no idea what you're doing."

That didn't help.

"What?! Come on, Rob! I'm this close to getting M'gann!" He held up his thumb and pointer finger a fraction of a centimeter apart. Robin just rolled his eyes.

"I'm not talking about her, and you know it."

"Black Canary? I mean, come on man, she's hot but Green Arrow would-"

"Wally!" Robin exclaimed standing up. "We both know who I'm talking about, and it's not M'gann or BC, any of your stalkers-"

"Fangirls," Wally corrected.

"-stalkers or some random pretty girl at your school who you claim smiled at you!"

"She totally did, man!"

"Whatever." The thirteen-year-old crossed his arms in a way that reminded Wally disturbingly of Batman. "I'm talking about Artemis."

Wally stared at the boy for a moment, his green eyes boring into Robin's skull. Robin stared right back, daring him to deny it. Of course, as the meme said, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

"Are you CRAZY?!" Wally cried out suddenly. "ARTEMIS?! Where in the heck did you get the idea that I have ANY feelings for her?! She's obnoxious, rude, insulting, vicious..."

Robin zoned out for most of this. Wally had a whole list of adjectives used specifically to describe Artemis. Sometimes Robin wondered if his friend even knew what half of the words meant.

"....cruel, sadistic, spiteful, demonic-"

Finally, Robin had enough.

"See? This is exactly what I mean," he complained. "It's completely obvious you like her, but you're so scared that you pretend to hate her!"

Wally stared at him incredulously. "I am NOT scared!"

"Yes you are!"

"Why on EARTH would I be scared of Artemis?! Well, besides the obvious, I mean."

Robin threw his arms in the air.

"Because you like her!" he cried. "I've known you for three years Wally, and if I know anything about you it's that you're a flirt, but you have no idea what you're doing when it comes to actually liking a girl. You've never liked a girl the way you like Artemis, and it terrifies you! So what do you do? You go around trying to convince yourself that you hate her! Well newsflash, Wally! It didn't convince the rest of us!"

When Kid Flash didn't say anything, Robin knew he had hit the nail on the head.

"Want to know what Kaldur told me?" he asked softly. Wally shrugged, which Robin took as an affirmative. "He said that even though I was afraid she didn't like me back, I should still go for it. Because what if she did, and I never took the risk? I would be missing out on something pretty freaking awesome."

Wally took a moment for the words to sink in. Robin was right, of course. There was no denying that. And it did seem like Kaldur knew what he was talking about. He noticed Robin's slight grin. Wait a minute...did he look...dreamy?

"I'd like to stay and chat more," Robin said, grabbing his backpack. "But I've gotta change and get back home. I promised Babs I'd meet her at the movies at 7:00, and she'll kill me if I'm late."

Wally snapped out of his fog and stared at Robin.

"Wait a minute....Babs Gordon?" he asked incredulously.

Robin grinned. "Yup."

"The commissioner's daughter?"


"You asked her out?" The speedster tried to hide his growing smile.

"Actually, I asked her to be my girlfriend," the Boy Wonder stated proudly.

Wally's eyes widened. "And she said yes?"


Wally paused for a moment. "How old is she exactly?"


A broad grin began to take over Wally's face, and he slapped his friend on the back.

"Older woman! Way to go, buddy!!"

Robin laughed his signature cackle.

"You do know what this means, right?" Wally gave him a questioning glance, causing Robin's smirk to grow. "It means that I can hold this over your head for all eternity."

Wally groaned. He knew his friend would make good on his promise.

"Unless..." Robin smiled devilishly, placing his hands behind his back. He looked like a six-year-old girl with a secret.

"Unless....?" Wally asked nervously. This wouldn't be good.

"Unless you can admit to me that you have a crush on Artemis," he declared. "And mean it."

Wally blinked. "You can't be serious."

"As serious as Batman."

Oh man he totally meant it.

"Say it or I'll never let you live it down."

"But I-"


Wally jumped back a few inches at his friend's threatening tone. What would it be? Eternal taunting that his thirteen-year-old best friend got a girlfriend before he did, plus the knowledge that he couldn't admit something as stupid as a crush? Or some light teasing and an "I told you so" from the Boy Wonder.

"Okay, fine," he groaned. "Ilikhrrr....."

"What was that?"



"FINE! I LIKE HER OKAY?!" he cried.

Robin's smirk turned from devilish, to downright evil.

"You know you don't have to yell," he said mischievously. "I think she can hear you just fine from right there."

Wally's eyes were as wide as saucers as he turned around to see the door wide open, and Artemis standing there mirroring his expression.

"Have fun you two!" Robin called as he ran down the hall.

A demonic cackle echoed through the corridor.
Oh Robin you sly dog you. ;)

I know this isn't exactly focusing on Spitfire, but the idea came to me as soon as I read the prompt and I HAD to write it. I've actually been working on this one since Thursday. Hope you enjoy!
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You sit on a bench in front of a small diner. This is the fifth time Dick has been late and you know the reasons why. You sigh as you stare at your phone screen, hoping that a text message or a call may come in. But nothing. It's seven-thirty and he should've been here by seven. You shake your head, having no hope that he'll come. You stand up from the bench, sliding your back over your shoulder. You knew the dating Dick would be hard to manage, but it always seem to disappoint you.
You start heading for your apartment, maybe somehow you'd bump into him on your way.

Just then your cell rings, a course of excitement jumps through your body. You quickly look at the screen and see that it is in fact Dick. You click the answer button and put the cell to your ear.
"Got caught up again?" You asked over the phone.

"Sorry, [y/n]." Dick says. "You know Bruce, he's always hard on me."

You let out a sigh and brush your fingers through your [h/c] hair. "This is the fifth time." You say with an agitated tone. "How does he always know when to mess everything up?"

You hear a small laugh that you love so much and can't help yourself but grin. "Yeah I know." Dick said with a sigh. "But uh... what are you doing?"

"Starting to head home." You say feeling a pang of guilt. "I figured you weren't going to make it again." The other end of the phone got quiet, really quiet. You pull the phone from your ear and see if the call dropped, but it's still connected. You put the phone back to your ear and say
"Dick? Are you there?" You wait for your response, but it stays silent. "Dick, stop messing with me." You say aggravated but you still smile anyway.

You feel arms gently wrap around your waist with the crinkling sound of a bag. "Yeah, I'm still here." Dick's voice comes from behind. You smile widely, putting your phone back into your pocket.
Dick's chin rests on top of your head and he grips flowers in front of you.

You hold onto his arms on your waist, closing your eyes with a smile. He always knew what to do to make you smile. "Hey." You say at last.

"Hey." He echoes back. He kisses the side of your head and bumps the flowers on your nose playfully for you to take. Giggling you take the flowers and spin around to him. His arms still wrapped around your waist. "Told you I'd make it." He whispered as he leaned his forehead onto yours.

You give him a smile and place your free hand onto the side of his face. "You're late." You say jokingly. He huffs a small laugh and presses his lips to yours. You felt surprised but couldn't help but kiss him back. He pulls away gently, breaking the kiss.

"Still mad at me?" He asked giving me an innocent look in those perfect blue eyes.

"Wasn't mad with you in the first place." You say kissing him again.
Here's a small one that I decided to make. I will make bigger ones in the future, but in the mean time I hope you all enjoy this one.
                                                                                                                                                                                       ~Heart Trinity

Edit 5/9/15 - Oh my gosh!!! A little over 420 views and 21 favorites?!?! That is AMAZING! Cheerleader  Thank you all so, so much! I'm so happy to see people are enjoying this! I really need to make another one of these (the Dick Grayson x Reader fanfics.) Oh I could just hug you all! You're all amazing!~ Heart  :D Tackling hug 
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-"You're a writer, aren't you?"

Those were the first words she spoke to me.
At the time, I was packing up, getting ready to leave the library.

I had another long day, spending the majority of my free time at the library, loitering around on my laptop,
Staring at my open wordpad as I contemplated about what to write about.

Just as I was readying to leave this girl, out of nowhere, asks me if I'm a writer.

-"I like to think I am."-
That's the only answer I could give her.
I had taken up writing as a hobby,
But no matter how hard I tried, all of my work felt underwhelming.

Could I get you to help me write a poem?
If that is too much trouble than anything else will do too."-

She starred at me with her big blue eyes,
Long golden hair,
Holding her hands together at her chest -
She was quite pretty at that,
Making me question why such a person would come up a complete stranger such as myself, and ask for something so absurd.

-"Why do you need something like that?"-
That's truthfully all I wanted to know.

-"I'm in love" she replied.

-"I have been looking on at a boy from a far for a while now,
 Though I haven't mustered up the courage to talk to him yet.
 Much less to tell him how I feel.
 That's why I want to give him my feelings in writing."-

-"So write him a love letter.
  You don't need something as cliche as a poem."-
I replied in a rather irritated tone.

The last thing I wanted to do was get involved with a random girl like this.

-"Well, I have never been able to put my thoughts onto paper...
 Also, he is a writer so I think he would probably enjoy something as cliche as a poem...
 Please, I need you help."-

I could only wonder what kind of fool she was. Going through such trouble for someone she barely knew.

-"I can't help you." I reply.
"I'm a horrible writer, and I don't know the first thing about love, so I don't think I can be of any help to you."-

I couldn't even come up with an idea after spending hours on end staring at a blank screen.
I'm a pathetic writer, so I was just telling her the truth.

-"It would be best if you found someone else."-

She grew silent.
Guessing she finally understood,
I put a strap of my backpack on my right shoulder, and start walking towards the stairs leading down towards the exit.

Behind me I hear a faint plea spoken:
 I need your help!
 It has to be you!

When I turned around I found she had almost brought herself to tears.

I took a look at my watch.
(There was still about an hour and a half until the library closed not to mention it was Saturday evening so the library was practically empty.)

-"Fine. I'll help you until the library closes, and then that will be it.
 Also, I warned you I'm an awful writer, so don't expect too much."-

The sadness on her face disappeared.
It was replaced by an enchanting smile like none I had ever seen before.

This girl...
I wonder what kind of guy she is writing this for.

But that was an irrelevant question.
In truth I could only be considered a messenger -
Trying to get her feeling's through to whoever was going to read what we were going to write.

She chose a poem, despite me constantly telling her that I was no poet.
But her reply was always:
-"It's going to be alright, we'll do it together."-

So we started -
She spoke her feelings, and I wrote them onto the empty text document.

Her words were thought out...
They were powerful...
They even rhymed...

She either had no idea what she was doing, and got lucky or she was really gifted.
Having told me she had no prior experience, I could only assume that here I was writing a true blooded poets words down.

Time flew by in what seemed like an instant as we completed the poem under an hour.
After which we edited it together.

Once it was finished, she asked me what I thought about it.

-"I don't understand poetry...
 Nor do I understand romance much less such feelings of hope and love..."-

She remained silent.

I sent the finished poem to the email she had given me and packed up.
She still remained silent.

Were my words really that sad...
I could only wonder.

The time for goodbyes came as the library made it's last call
-"I wish you luck."-
That's all I muster up to say.
After which I walk away.

I start heading down the stairs.
I knew I probably won't be seeing this girl ever again.
From the top of the staircase I hear her yell:
-"Thank You!
 I hope you come to understand poetry and love some day!"-

Her last words caught me off guard.
I sigh.
-"Truly quite the peculiar girl."- I couldn't help but mutter out.

Still, I thought about those final words all through my walk back home.
Finding myself rather depressed for some reason.
Once again, I told myself it didn't matter
And so time went on...

A week passed...
I once again found myself at the library.
Staring into my empty wordpad,
Wondering, why I even bothered with writing.

I grew mad at myself,
For some reason that girl came to mind -
I couldn't stop thinking about her, and wondering how she was doing.
Most of all I was wondering if that poem had been able to relay the message of love.

-"Probably not..."-

After all, it was the fairy tale thoughts a delusional girl written by a worthless writer.

Another half an hour passed by in contemplation, after which I decided to give up on writing as a whole.
The world had no use for another writer, much less someone like.

At that moment from the corner of my eye, I noticed someone approaching.
I turned and saw that it was the girl -
She stopped right in front of me and held out a letter with both hands.

All she said was:
-"Please read this."-

As I was opening the envelope I couldn't help but ask:
-"What happened? Did you give him the poem?"-


I couldn't stop myself from asking the one question that ran through my mind:
-"Did he like it?"-

She didn't reply.

She just stood there eagerly watching my interactions with the envelope.
I had finally managed to open it.
Inside there was a neatly folded sheet of paper on which something was written.
-"What is this?"-

-"...My feelings..."-
She timidly replied.

 Feelings of gratitude, eh?
 The thank you you said last time was more than enough, and anyway I thought you couldn't write your own feelings on lett..."-

I cut myself off as I started reading what was written on the page...

 Why is this in here?"-

(...It was the poem we had written on Saturday...)

-"You wanted to know whether or not I had given it to him...
 Well, I just did."-

At that moment it seemed as if time had stopped flowing.
I felt overwhelmed by something I had never experience before
My head became foggy...
My heart raced in way like never before...

For some reason as I read this familiar poem,
Every line seemed to set off a different emotion within me.
Reaching the ending, the world felt steady once more.

She was looking at me with her blue eyes,
Timid as ever.
As if anxiously awaiting an answer to the question whether or not her feelings had gotten through...

I had lost all trails of thought, as the world seemed different than usual...
I didn't know what to do...
Finally, words escaped my mouth based not on pure rational thought, but emotion:
-"It is beautiful...just like you."-

As soon as I finished speaking those words she hugged me.
For the first time I felt my cold soul had fill with warmth.

-"I have always looked on, and dreamed of writing a poem in which I could tell you how I feel...
 This is the poem I wrote with you, for you."-

Yet again, her words had woken me up to the world.
At that moment I thought back to the decision I had made earlier, and thought that

Another writer in the world might not be such a bad thing...
A revelation I chose not to think about at such a moment.

I had already decided to take a break from starring at empty wordpads all day.

At that moment I had chosen to start "writing a story" with the girl I love.
Okay, if you have read any of my other pieces, then you know that this is a huge departure from my usual "dark" writings. We are talking ROMANCE from the very same guy who has a knack for giving everything a rather twisted ending.
Truthfully even I was a bit surprised when this piece first came to mind.
At first I was thinking of not posting this at all, but I do want to show the readers that i'm not just a morbid writer.
I don't even know if this is any good or not.
I really have no idea what kind of reaction to expect, so if you feel like it, please drop a comment with your thoughts.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!
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Robin chuckled under his breath as he stared down at his computer, catching the attention of the speedster that was walking into the main room of Mount Justice from the kitchen with a plate of hotdogs.

"What're you laughing at?"

The Boy Wonder's smile grew a bit as he typed out something on his laptop, "Just IM-ing with a writer."

"Someone famous?" Wally asked, speeding over and staring down at the screen.

"Nah, just one of those annoying people that write stories about us. I was discussing their OC's."


"Where they create their own character, usually a girl, and make them fall in love one of us."

"Please don't tell me you're reading about another Mary Sue they've randomly paired us with?"

Robin replied with a hidden eye roll, "Oh please, if I see one more incarnation of Batman's inexistent daughter, that I apparently fall head over heels in love with, I'm going to throw up."

Kid Flash sighed in relief and grabbed the remote before sitting next to his best friend on the couch they had recently had to replace due to Superboy accidentally throwing it through the wall, "So are you giving them any good advice?"

"Heck no. If I said a word they'd bad mouth me and then get me banned from the site."


"Well, I would hack it and get back into the system of course, but it always happens."

Wally sighed and turned on the TV, seeing a music video of some rock band screaming lyrics he couldn't even make out.

Another chuckle from his friend made the speedster turn back to Robin, "Are you telling those giggly girls you're actually Robin?"

The young scoffed and shook his head, "Nah, just talking to a random author, anonymously."

"Did she make a reincarnation of Batman's never-gonna-exist-daughter?"

"No she actually made guy OC. Very rare, unless you count the villains people come up with."

"Ask her if she'll make a girl OC soon," Wally suggested as he swallowed a hotdog and started surfing the channels.

Robin shrugged, "OK."

The response was immediate, "Yep, she said she will."

"Any relation to our immediate families?"

Wally's question went unanswered as the hacker just stared at the response that was being typed up.

"Yo, Rob. What is it?"

Robin began laughing.


The younger just kept laughing.

"Come on! Tell me! What'd she say?"

The younger hero just turned the laptop towards his friend.

The response:

Are you kidding? We do not need more superwomen in these stories! If I were to create a female OC, as cliché as it is, she'd be a 47 year old woman who protected Interstate-75 with a weird ability to climb the air, and have a strange obsession with mismatched socks.

Wally laughed, "Ah, that's a good one. Think that woman really exists?"

Robin turned his laptop back towards him, "If she does you'll have your work cut out for you."

The speedster put down the remote, eyes wide in curiosity, "Why?"

"If this woman protects Interstate-75, she's either going to be really fast, or an awesome race car driver."

"See, it is cliché, a female speedster!"

"Well, let's ask," Robin suggested, typing up the question on the chat session he was in.

Response, once again, was quick:

Oh heck no, there's already three speedsters out there we know of. I would never curse the world with another Kid Flash.

"Hey!" Wally protested.

"Apparently the woman just stays in one place. Ah, this is perfect, this means that this woman has no life," Robin deducted.

The comm system spoke up at someone arriving, but the announcement was drowned out by the sudden stream of static from the television.

"Great Kid, how'd you break the TV this time!" a new voice spoke up.

The guys turned and spotted Artemis walking towards them.

"Tough day?' Robin asked, trying to be sympathetic.

"You don't know the half of it! Give me the remote!"


Robin sighed as the two began a yelling match and he noticed Kaldur and Batman walking in behind the archer. A quick and silent conversation with his mentor made the Boy Wonder type out a goodbye on his online chat before closing his laptop. He got to his feet, walked to his mentor's side and said a quick bye to Kaldur who was already holding a hand to his head in response to the fight in front of him. As the Dynamic Duo walked away Robin shouted back only once.

"Get a room you two!"

Once the Dark Knight and his protégé were in the air in the Bat-jet Batman finally spoke up, "They'll be married."

Robin rolled his eyes, "Totally. So what's up?"

"The League got a bulletin about Lex Luthor readying bombs to blow up an abandoned warehouse."

"And I'm guessing Superman's already there and there warehouse wasn't exactly 'empty'?"

A nod.

"And the problem?"

"Luthor was stopped before anyone arrived."

Robin blinked behind his mask in though, "Maybe it's a new hero."


"That or Lex stood a woman up and she wanted revenge."

Batman stared pointedly over at his partner.

"It could happen!"

There was a duration of silence for three seconds.

"So where is this supposedly 'empty' warehouse?" the younger hero asked.

"Tifton, Georgia, next to Interstate-75."

Robin's jaw dropped and he fell into dumbstruck silence. It was silent for a whole three minutes and the Bat turned to his partner, concern carefully concealed but no doubt there.

Then Robin started laughing.

"Should I ask?"

The Boy Wonder waved his hand dismissively, still laughing "It's just, Holy IRONY Batman. Just step on it. Remember 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' Kay?"

The Dark Knight stared for ten, full, drawn out silence seconds, before he turned back to the radar on the panel in front of him, "Sometimes I wonder if-"

"There it is!" Robin reported, pointing down to five lines of traffic being backed up due to a large hole in the street, Superman was below, trying to think of how to fix the road and fast, angry drivers were already yelling curses.

"Let's go!" the Boy Wonder cheered, jumping up from his seat excitedly.
This how I introduce an OC. So discrete that they never actually appear at all.

This was an old practice when me and my BFF :iconchainedtoinsainity: were writing a Young Justice story. I liked comics, she liked the cartoon and we wanted to see if we level it all out and could successfully write a story.
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Jaime was not getting his picture taken. He could put up with the rest – the baubles, the tacky tree, the never-ending smiling, and the general Christmas cheese. Wasn't that enough? His mother never made him do this kind of crap, and this would admittedly be the first time in over a decade that he'd had to buy someone a present for the twenty-fifth of December.

There was no way he would allow a photo floating around of himself looking like this.

"Ay, Jaime, you look like such a loser!" he could hear his sister cackling, their aunt biting her lip to keep a burst of giggles contained.

As for his friends – well, the flush on his cheeks proved that he didn't even want to think about what they'd say.

But the smile on that face, as cheesy as it sounded, when he (finally) left his bedroom made his insides turn into something pretty similar to the drinks in Bart's hands. His big grin held not a single dash of smugness, only warm adoration, and once he pried his gaze away from the giant white snowflake, all the blood went straight to Jaime's blushing face.

"Does it fit?" the redhead asked eagerly.

Okay, so the armpits were a little itchy, the neckline was too close to his throat for comfort, and the wrists were going to scrape him raw. Despite this and more, Jaime couldn't have brought himself to tell Bart the truth even if he'd wanted to, so with a nod, he replied, "Sure does – lucky me."

There was no twitch in Bart at the sarcastic flick, though. He stared some more and chewed on his lip in the pure excitement that was one vibration off of an explosion.

Fidgeting from beneath the intensity of Bart's glee, Jaime inhaled the far-away scent of chocolate.

"Can I have that?" he asked, reaching for the blue mug. He could only assume, since Bart had such an obsession with matching their cups and plates to their vigilante personas.

It was a half-assed attempt at hiding his sheepish expression, cheeks a subtle, sweet pink that looked far more innocent than Jaime thought was possible. This was nothing, however, in comparison to the horrendous red wool Bart had chosen to make Jaime's new Christmas sweater from, along with some green that was a tad too far on the yellow-tinged side to be considered a pine-tree tone.

And the snowflake. That final touch that Bart was ridiculously proud of was bright enough to light up a room (or clear it). It was by far the most embarrassing thing Jaime had ever allowed on his chest, no competition. It had taken him so long though—a full two minutes—not to mention the copious amounts of patience, rare in Bart like a smile from Red Arrow. The Scarab may not like it, and Jaime definitely wasn't crazy for the garment, but it was made with love by his boyfriend and that was reason enough to put up with the whole thing.

The fabric is rough. Wearing it on your person will certainly cause irritation. Remove, remove.

Sometimes Jaime wished he was flexible enough to elbow the stupid—Not stupid – artificial intelligence coupled with physical abilities far beyond that of any mammal prove sufficient during battle—machinery on his spine.

Pompom bouncing as he rushed forward, the grin on Bart's face did not wane in the slightest. Reacting to the sudden movement, the Scarab panicked, but Jaime was determined to teach it that, no, the Scarab could not do what it damn-well pleased, especially if it involved harming anyone.

Harming Bart.

Bart, who tugged the hem down and adjusted his creation, unaware of the dribble of hot liquid that had sloshed over the rim in his dash. Jaime distracted him from the item of clothing by pointing out said dribble. Without so much as a glance, the redhead licked it from his fingers and dragged Jaime though to the living room.

"So, we've got the home-made sweaters, what's next on my list?" Bart asked in delight, scooping up the paper. "Ooh, my favourite one! Cartoons!"

Ah, finally something that lacked a need for effort. Tuesday mornings spent in front of the TV were not uncommon in the Reyes household, and were apparently not shunned in the Garrick household, either, even on Christmas day.

Christmas special after Christmas special rolled onto the screen. Jaime recognized most of them, but his laughter shot through despite it, because Bart found them so hilarious he was near tears.

And if he had to pick his favourite thing about Bart, it was his laugh. The way his eyes would crinkle at the outer corners, brows pinching together, his mouth an open grin. If you really got him going, he would throw his head back and howl to the ceiling until his lower lashes were damp. Sometimes Bart would snap his gaze at Jaime—"Did you see that? The mouse totally just owned Tom!"—and Jaime would flush a colour that he really didn't want to flush. A smile appeared even over the fiery burn of embarrassment. Had he been watching?


Had he been watching the TV?

Not exactly.

A bear wearing a suit told the boys that the Christmas Special cartoons were over, but to come back at six in the evening to watch Arthur Christmas. Bart wrote that down.

"Alright," he murmured to himself. "Done that, done that... Oh, here we go!" He jumped to his feet. "There's another thing I want to try."

With that, Jaime's hand was firmly in Bart's, yanking him from his warm spot on the sofa and leaving barely enough reaction time for the mug of now-cold chocolate drink to be set down. Thankfully he did not miss the surface of the beautifully-crafted table, but the dangerous clunk rang in his ears.

Not even a minute later and it was blood roaring in them instead. That uncomfortably-familiar feeling scorched his face as he was brought to a halt in the doorway, and Jaime did not dare cast his eyes to the top of the frame.

"What was that thing you wanted to try, Bart?" he asked, voice hiking up at his boyfriend's name.

One corner of Bart's mouth cocked, matching the brow that lowered in some kind of a teasingly-seductive smirk. Jaime's shoulders bunched up in his shyness.

"Pretty last-minute, but I found it easily enough," Bart shrugged. "Blutacking it there was probably the hardest part of my ordeal."

Jaime's gaze flickered up. He knew it was nothing to get overly nervous about (not that his heart knew that, judging by its pulsing that was practically the definition of erratic) because it was just kissing, and it wasn't like they hadn't done it before.

Somehow (blame it on the Christmas spirit and the scent of fruitcake) Jaime knew this was way different from the steamy make-out sessions he and the speedster shared. This would be special – Bart's first Christmas kiss. Oh, the pressure, the pressure...

"Well, are we going to just rock back and forth on our heels, or are we going to get on with it?"

Jaime just smiled. Bart returned it, hands finding Jaime's beltloops, his bottom lip pinned between his teeth. With one final moment for Bart's eyes to dart to the mistletoe and for Jaime to psyche himself up, the two gravitated towards each other.

They met halfway, and Jaime's mouth already scantly opened. Bart pressed his lips against Jaime's before he drew back (though barely). Bart's eyelashes were drooped low as he leaned in again, parting his lips as he felt Jaime's fingers dig into the small of his back, silently urging him on. Responding, Bart held Jaime's face in his hands, jaw resting in his palms, and turned his head, giving them both a better angle to work with. The tip of Jaime's tongue brushed the bumpy, sensitive area behind Bart's top teeth when he got the chance to do so without straining. Bart froze and gave a full-body shudder, then ended their kiss.

"Oh, sorry," Jaime heard himself huskily splutter.

Bart's eyes widened. "Sorry? For what? That was crash!"

Jaime's grin came back. It was okay. It was just Bart, just a kiss. He hadn't stuffed up.

"In that case, merry Christmas," he laughed.

With a coy wiggle of his hips, Bart snickered. "Okay, it was good, but that'd better not be the only thing you got me."

"I guess it's time to move onto my favourite part of Christmas. None of that family's-all-that-matters stuff – I used up, like, hours of my life looking for your present, so if yours sucks then I'm going to keep them both," warned Jaime.

Bart tilted his chin up proudly. "No danger of that," he said matter-of-factly. "But, uh, if you don't mind-" He leant his pale forehead against Jaime's. "-I'd like to get to know this tradition a little better."
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