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This is a fan art for the comic "IB" made by :iconinvader--zim: and :iconinvader-neo:

I saw that a lot of the fan art for this comic was Zim, so i decided to do a pic of Dib. He looks so pale though X3

Whatever, i hope you like it :iconinvader--zim: and :iconinvader-neo:!
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after reading the fan fic IB by :iconinvader--zim: i had to draw this. ^^
i loved everybit iv read so far and cant wait to see what happens next and im sorry i know Dib was holding a cleaver but i dont know what that is or what they look like and i was at school so i couldnt exsactly look it up ^^; ANYWAY! i hope you likez it ^^ :iconbegplz: im getting better at drawing
fanfic: [link]
To: invader--Zim
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"Zim bared his teeth to him, tugging on his arm. "IB!! ANSWER!!" He screeched at him, still seeming to be wanting an answer to the garbled sentence he had spoken at school that was still to this point, unable to be identified."

Just a doodle from and RP I am doing with :iconinvader-neo:

It's.. so damn creepy but I love it.

Was gonna keep this between us but I wanted to upload here too C:
Most of you won't care about this!
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ALl of ya'll with your IB art has given me the dire need to draw something related to it.

Just something quick while working on chapter seven. XD It will be up tonight. I was just procrastinating some.

I guess Dib is about to experience some 'insane' lovin'. AM I RIGHT?

That's all I have to say. Nothing too special here. I actually don't like this very much. XD

Damn I forgot to tear Zim's cloths...


Okay I fixed it.. Now to work on IB. ;___;
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Zim looked up at him and frowned as he continued to hold his arm shakily. He pressed his forehead into Dib's hand and closed his eyes as he seemed to almost communicate this silently with Dib, and it was pretty clear after a moment of thought what it was. "I was looking for you." It was an obvious, unspoken response.

I know this picture doesn't exactly fit the words above but this is what I ended up drawing. XD AND THAT'S NOT WHAT ZIM'S EYES LOOK LIKE RIGHT NOW BUT IT LOOKED WEIRD WITHOUT THE LIGHTER ORBS. D:
It was inspired by that post in an RP with ~Invader-Neo. Things are going from creepy to incredibly emotional and cute. ;u; I LOVE IT.

Anyways, I know. This isn't really creative but I am tired. I promise you guys I will try new things. xD I just had to draw SOMETHING this weekend so I felt productive.

Hope you like!

Edit I forgot my watermark...
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Chapter Eight

Dib’s hurried pace soon slowed to a steady walk as he got closer to Zim’s base. He delayed getting there as he was both afraid and nervous of what he may find here. He actually started to second guess if this was the best thing to do, but he arrived before he knew it. Once it were visible across the road from him, Dib stopped and stared at it for a short time. He drew in a deep breath, whispering unsure words of encouragement before starting closer towards it.

Zim's base looked pretty similar on the outside, except for where his gnomes keeping his house protected had been destroyed. Though, it did seem to have an eerie aura around it which was something that hadn’t been present in the past.

Dib had made it to the front door now, staring upon it as if there were something fairly interesting about it. In reality, he was just preparing himself for what he was sure would be a quite shocking sight. Finally, he pushed the door open and flicked on the lights with the switch on the left wall.

The house was, no surprise, a total wreck. The scary monkey picture had been yanked down and broken on the floor, the TV itself had even been overturned and the screen shattered. And, lying there on the couch, was Gir's body. His left eye was cracked and his normal light blue glow had dulled grey with no life, not to mention his metal abdomen had been split open violently.

Of course, the sight shook the boy and made him feel quite uneasy. A place that used to be so full of life and energy was now a complete disaster, torn apart by the hands of its owner. Dib closed the door behind him, walking deeper into the living room and even tripping over some of the debris that lay scattered on the floor.

The first thing he walked towards was Gir. As he stared down upon him, he couldn’t help but feel remorse for the little robot who had always been so loyal to his master, even if he never did to anything right. The little SIR unit had also been so cheery and carefree too. He knew how to take in the pleasures of Earth and make lemons into tacos when times were stressful, whether it turned out to be helpful to the situation or not. He'd even willingly help Dib and his sister before, almost like an annoying little brother of Zim's.

Dib gave a small smile in his memory, almost wishing that little robot was here now to help lighten up this darkness he was in now. After a minute or so, he moved on steadily towards the kitchen.

The living room looked no where near as horrible as his kitchen, where there were more heavy objects to be messed with. The refrigerator was flipped on its side, the door on the oven and been yanked off and thrown to the other side of the kitchen, even the table had been broken down into splinters with the wooden chairs as well.

The elevator, disguised as a toilet, had been smashed in and looked like it was non-operational. Upon further inspection, the little panel that had carried the sane Irken up and down before this incident was present and seemed sturdy.

After spotting the panel, Dib carefully worked his way across the littered kitchen, tripping clumsily a few times across the foliage.  Once he had made it to his destination, he looked behind him quickly as his paranoia had sprung on him again. There was no one now. No demented shouts or gurgles. He was alone, for now. With that, he proceeded on to the panel which took him down to the depths of the Irken’s lab below.

The computer seemed to be active, but was silent now as if in fear as well, though it was unfeeling like the maniac Irken. The lab below... there was no telling how much of that still stood.

The panel gradually came to a stop as it came to the lab entrance. The first thing Dib did was search for a light switch since it was pitch black. After much difficulty and bumping into several things, he located it and switched it on to illuminate the expansive room.

And once it was on, he could see an oddly normal lab. There seemed to be not a thing out of place in the expansive room there was present. Nothing out of the ordinary, and that alone was enough to make it the most suspicious room in the house.

Dib blinked a few times as if he believed his eyes were playing tricks on him. After so much destruction on the floors upstairs, how could Zim have just left this one alone? Dib walked deeper into the lab, glancing at the large monitor before him. He paused, simply staring at it through narrowed eyes as he could feel a sort of awareness coming from it. Finally, he proceeded down the hallways, taking quick glances into each room as he passed.
Things were as they were, nothing out of the ordinary. That was, until he got to the last of his transmission rooms.

It was still pretty neat, but the wall opposite of the large monitor was painted with words. ‘LIES. LIES. LIES. LIES.’ It was painted continuously in a chilling familiar translucent pink. There was a small gap of no color before it started again. ‘DIB'S FAULT. DIB DID THIS. DIB. DIB.’ About halfway through though, he seemed to have gotten more disturbed as the painted letters were very shaky and jagged, and the word had been altered slightly. ‘IB. IB. IB.’ Over and over and over again.

Dib’s body shivered violently at the sight, that terrifying name echoing in his mind now as if the Irken were here with him now, screaming at him in his demented ways. He approached the wall stiffly to get a closer look as if to convince himself that this was Zim’s blood painted on it. He began to inhale sharply now, trembling where he stood as his mind tried to figure out what exactly he had done to Zim.

Whatever had happened had been so monumental, so horrifyingly scarring that it had quite literally driven the Irken to the point of insanity. Just the idea of him sitting there for hours on end, painting the walls with blood in a shaky sanity until all of that sanity had finally snapped away and left nothing but what he was now... It had to be a nightmare.

Stiffly, Dib sat on the floor in front of the wall as he examined every inch with the horrifying image of Zim painting with his own blood. He wasn’t sure whether he felt remorse for the Irken, seeing as how he had gone through such scaring events, or angry with him that he targeted him for something that didn’t seem to be his fault.

Zim blamed him for whatever happened to himself, and he had driven himself to the point of insanity believing it. Now, he was out for closure and revenge. He was out for his IB.

Dib nodded grimly to himself, silently accepting his fate. Zim wouldn’t stop his attacks until either he fell dead or the boy was murdered for whatever he had done. He wouldn’t attempt to leave since in a way, Zim almost seemed to fill an empty void inside of him. No one would even stand near him now. The only one who would approach him was Zim, even if he only truly wanted him dead.

Dib remained frozen as he stared at the wall for several more minutes. Finally, he stood, turning slowly and walking out of the room, giving the chilling scene one more glance over his shoulder.

The terrible room was left alone, though the little blinking box on the corner of the transmission screen had been left unnoticed. The lab still seemed to be strangely normal, which made it even eerier compared to that one room.

After a slow walk, he had made it back to the main room. He approached the main computer and stared up at the bare screen once more, squinting his eyes at it slightly.

The expansive screen was still as grey and blank as ever. Whatever information it may hold on the subject, it was not releasing to the human.

Dib frowned and walked towards the control board which lay below it. He studied it a moment, but since everything was written in Irken it was quite difficult to decipher what button did which command. After a pause, he reached for a few red buttons, staring up at the monitor as he did so.

Slowly, it hissed to life and displayed a black monitor. The computer was still not speaking up though to make a comment, just letting him try and figure it out.

Dib acked in annoyance and went back to erratically press on the buttons in front of him. Knowing Zim, he would usually make a video ‘journal’ after a failure or just when something wasn’t going to plan. This computer had to be hiding something now, which only heightened the boy’s eager need to access the computer’s files.

“Could you at least tell me how to access the files on here?” He growled impatiently.

The computer still didn't respond to his words though, which made Dib sigh heavily.

Finally, the cursor on the screen began to move on its own to obey Dib's wants. It clicked through a few files before hovering over one, waiting for Dib to do the final click, as if not wanting to access those horrors.

Dib peered at the screen for a moment, his eyes fixated on the file titled with Irken letters. He seemed to be almost dreading this as much as the computer now, his hand hovering over the yellow button that he knew would access the file. Finally, he gave it an unsure push.

Immediately, it opened to a log that seemed to last for quite a while by the amount of time on the video.

“September 2, my Tallest seem to be most unhappy with Zim's progress." The sane Zim spoke, looking annoyed. "I would have destroyed this stupid mud ball sooner if the stupid Dib-stink would stop getting in my way! I will destroy him! Logging off, Invader Zim."

There was a short static before the image reappeared with a more distressed and nervous looking Zim.

"September 14... My Tallest seem to be.. playing tricks with Zim. They're trying to tell him his mission is just a fake... b-but he knows better... they're just trying to motivate him to work faster.. heh... m-my calls don't seem to be going through either..." He bit his lip a moment before trembling a little. "Logging off... Invader Zim.."

There was another static break before he reappeared, huddled in his chair and hugging onto his knees. It was dated September 29th.

"W-Why... Why are they not answering Zim? They could not have been serious... they are ignoring me... I don't want to be ignored... I can take over this planet... I really can..." He trembled as he spoke, rocking a bit in terror. Their was another static break before it came back dated November 4th.

Zim was on his knees on the floor, gripping onto his lekku. "WHY?? WHY WON'T THEY LISTEN TO ME?! I CAN BE AN INVADER!! I CAN TAKE OVER PLANETS!! I CAN TAKE OVER THIS PLANET!!" He screamed to no one in general. Their was another break before it came back to November 18th. Zim looked pretty hollow and weak at this point, and the room had changed. He exhaled weakly as he leaned against the wall.

"I..lies... they're just.... unhappy with Zim... so they lie to him... they wanted the planet quicker...." He spoke, sounding very deranged and trying to convince himself. His hands were bleeding as he smeared that word into the wall. "The Dib....he... he is the one stopping me...

Once the videos had stopped playing, Dib stood with his mouth parted slightly in shock. Seeing the Irken go through months of mental torment in only a few minutes hadn’t been the most pleasant thing to see. His head looked downward now, whispering to himself that this wasn’t his fault... The fact that Zim’s mission was a lie surprised him as well at the very least.

Zim’s emotionally and mentally hurt body had found a way to throw blame onto him though. And now he had decided that eliminating Dib would make things suddenly okay once more.
GUYS. Yes. I am aware that there is a game out there called "Ib". Please stop telling me that. DX I love you guys but oh my gosh. XDD

So yes, here is chapter eight. It was going to be longer, but I like torturing you guys with cliffhangers. :heart:

Vague preview image is vague. I dunno, just kinda started drawing. This one really doesn't relate to the chapter.. But I guess it does. XD You decide.


Uh.. That's all I have to say.. XD

Image is mine.
Story belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I.

NEXT- [link]
PREVIOUS- [link]
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Forgive me for drawing another picture with the theme of insanity, but I had a dream about a scene in particular with Zim burying Dib alive. It was very vivid when I woke up the next day so I had to draw it. e_e

Anyways! Wanted a Halloween picture. I plan on doing another with a bit more humor since this one is a little sinister. xD This was also inspired by "IB" as you can probably tell.

Tried to add some humor in the tombstones. XD If you don't find them funny it's fine!

I hope you guys enjoy it. :3 If this is settling, Zim was just messing around and trying to scare Dib. And that cleaver is rubber and the blood is ketchup. I would never in 100 years had either one of them kill the other off! D:
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Chapter Nine

After several minutes of just staring at the computer in complete terror, Dib turned to the platform and headed towards it. He shut off the lights on his way out, the computer’s bright monitor illuminating the room now. His head turned to look back at it, nodding once as if to thank it before stepping onto the plate in front of him. The platform rose again for him to take him back upstairs into the wreckage. Now he had an answer as to what happened and why Zim was behaving like he was. The better question was, would he regret seeing that though; seeing the complete self-destruction of his now former worst enemy and now current worst nightmare?

The thing that made seeing that video so traumatizing was that he had actually grown to some what care about Zim. Yes, they were enemies both out to stop each other at every turn, but before Zim, he didn’t have a reason to get up every day and go to school. Zim was everything he had always wanted; an alien that had found its way from the depths of space to his own planet, proving that everything he had ever believed wasn’t a lie. The Irken had always been so lively and quite the animated character, even if he was an egotistical little bastard at times. Now, he was just a hollow shell of insanity out for the boy’s blood.

And in the process of trying to destroy Dib, he, intentionally or not so, was destroying himself. Everyday he seemed to be more and more injured and screaming and choking more often. Eventually, he was destined to lose his Irken all together.

The thought of losing Zim had actually sparked a bit of sadness in Dib, even if he was causing him unbearable amounts of mental and physical distress

Zim would always be there... He just had to be...

How much longer would the Irken last in the state he was in? That was the toughest question to find an answer for. He had been deteriorating for days now, and still continued on with a slight limp in his step. Eventually, he would be practically dragging himself down the sidewalk trying to get to Dib just to weakly bat at him.

The desperate wish to save Zim rose him him now; to keep him from meeting his demise and help him recover from this deranged state. He had to look out for himself now as the attacks from surely wouldn’t stop anytime soon.

At this point, all he needed to do now was outlast his enemy. If he could outlive him, he could survive and perhaps scrape up the pieces of his sanity.

Of course, this wasn’t plausible in Dib’s head. Even with himself safe after the Irken’s death, he would still feel mental torment of being constantly isolated and alone. No matter where he went, people would still look upon him as an outcast; just the ‘insane Membrane kid.’

The only other implausible idea would be to try and fix him. Try and get that sanity to come out of him; to find that lost and alone Irken that was trapped in the insane shell that he could no longer control. But, would they ever be the same after such trauma, even with Zim’s sanity restored? The likely answer was very obvious; no, they would both never be the same. Zim would still have been abandoned here and in denial, and Dib would always be scarred by the Zim he had dealt with in that state.

Dib’s mind was  at a conflict now. One part of him wanted to save him and the other just wanted him gone. It wasn’t an easy thing to have on one’s mind, but in all of his confusion he knew he didn’t want the other dead.

There was suddenly a loud screech behind him, sounding terrified and enraged. It was apparent that Zim had awoken and managed to limp his way home, only to find his target present there.

Dib’s body tensed at the inhuman tone as he knew exactly who its source was. He looked slowly behind him to see the other standing in front of the door in the living room, his blank eyes staring directly at him.

Zim slowly began to grin wildly. "IB..." He forced gruffly. "Kills...." He spoke lowly, as he outstretched one arm for him.

Dib looked forward ahead again as he considered his options now. He almost wanted to try and talk to the Irken even though he knew it would get him nowhere. He went against his better judgement and turned to face the other full on, approaching him slowly with his hands up in submission. “Zim..” He stared as he went forward. Once he had gotten close to the other, he grabbed him firmly. “I know what happened.”

Zim screamed as he drowned out his words with his terror filled voice. He was very startled from Dib's firm grip on him. He struggled with a wild screech, wanting to get away from the other.

Dib winced at the ear piercing wail but kept his grip. "I can help you!" He squeaked desperately, practically losing himself again with the deranged Irken in his grasp.

Zim continued to thrash and scream though, not seeming to hear him at all. He was just more deranged and panicked with him clutching him.

The screams shook the boy, eventually causing him to part himself from the Irken so the screams weren’t so close to his ears. He looked up after a moment as he expected Zim to lose his balance and fall flat on his face.

Zim did stumble a bit, but caught himself on his torn couch and a hiss. He turned back to Dib with an enraged wild look, panting heavily as if he had run a mile. "IB... IB..."

Dib backed up to the wall and wrapped his arms over his chest as he examined the other, then his eyes met the small amount of light coming from the cracked door being Zim. He could run, but for some reason he didn’t want to now. If anything, he seemed to be shutting down as remorse still filled his mind.

Dib’s body jolted with a violent shiver, then he spoke quietly. “Zim?”

Zim's limp lekku quirked forward as that menacing grin returned to his face. "IB." He replied to his name, sounding almost excited at Dib's state and remembrance of his name.

“I’m sorry...” He continued, looking back up at the Irken’s twisted expression.

Zim parted those jagged teeth with a low hissing sound of the air rushing from his lungs. Saliva and blood dripped from those sharp razors, looking ready to devour his IB alive.

Dib whined at the sight of the terrifying teeth, raising his hands over his face slowly in defence. “N-no..” he pleaded.

Zim just stared at him with those wild and frightening eyes as he kept his claws flexed and curved a bit like a cartoonish dinosaur would have. He kept approaching him like one as well, seeming very determined to show no mercy.

Dib took a shallow breath as he examined the Irken's stance. The boy his lip and curled himself into a fetal position as he prepared for the pain he was expecting to endure.

Zim growled as he got onto all fours after a moment and narrowed his eyes. He approached Dib a bit slower, as if noticing his strange behavior. He hissed and clawed at his shoulder, recoiling back to see what would happen.

Dib looked up slowly at the other’s touch, raising a brow almost in confusion since he had been expecting something more painful that that. He didn’t say anything in fear of provoking him. He just simply stared at the other.

Zim still continued to growl and bare his teeth to him viciously, but seemed put off by Dib's terrified demeanor compared to how he had been either fight or flight recently. He continued to sway unsteadily on all fours, staring wildly at Dib.

Dib’s eyes narrowed a bit at as the other glared at him as if doing so would make the terrifying expression disappear. He remained very still as he didn’t know what to expect from Zim now.

Zim cringed away from him as he looked up at him, screeching in outrage as if Dib had somehow offended him. He pounced forward and slammed him back by the shoulders as he practically screamed in his face.

Dib screamed at the sudden attack though he fell silent as he made contact with the wall behind him. He turned his head to the side and ducked a little to avoid the sharp teeth that were dangerously close now..

Zim brought his hand up in a readied clawing position, swiping it down and crashing it on the side of his face. His glasses were knocked off and skidded across the smooth floor out of reach to Dib.

Dib’s mouth gaped at the stinging pain almost as if he were trying to cry out, but he just couldn’t. Crimson blood seeped from the deep cuts and ran down to his chin ever so slowly, creating long thin streaks down his face. He squinted through his blurry vision now as he searched desperately for his glasses now. That, however,  wasn’t too important to him now.

Zim screamed as well, startled by the others unexpected shriek of pain. He grabbed him by the front of his shirt and began to shake him violently again as he simultaneously ripped the already tattered fabric. "IB!!"

Dib stiffened his body to try and prevent his head from beating against the wall once again, though it had about once or twice. He only let out small whimpers, but he remained relatively quiet as he waited out the attack despite the pain.

Zim was not about to let him go again, and he made that very clear by the depths of his claws in Dib's arms. He just screeched and thrashed Dib around in a jerky, uneven and unsteady way in pure temperamental insanity.

A loud squeal finally escaped Dib’s throat as the claws struck him as it only added to the discomfort from being thrashed around so violently.

Zim continued to thrash him around for a while as he screeched, frustrated his hands wouldn't tear him apart. "IB!!" He screamed, choking as flecks of blood splattered onto the human's face. The Irken had paused his thrashing now, panting shallowly as the blood dripped from his bottom lip.

Dib breathed unevenly now as Zim stopped, his left eye opening slowly to see the Irken with translucent-pink liquid dribbling from his lips. This would have been a perfect time to run since it seemed he was losing his strength.He still remained, completely still in the other’s grip and  watching him through widened eyes.

Zim made that gurgling sound again as he coughed up more blood. It became apparent that the gurgling sound all along had been him choking on his own blood, even at school when he had started losing his mind about a month previously.

Realizing this made the boy shudder as more blood continued to stream almost endlessly from Zim’s lips, creating quite the horrifying sight. He made the decision to part himself from Zim’s grip and push him off of him, which sent the Irken flying back onto the floor. He lept up and rushed towards the door, reaching out for it and opening it halfway before pausing to look back at the gurgling Irken behind him almost in pity.

Zim had collapsed onto his side where Dib had carelessly tossed him. He clawed at the floor as blood still trickled in a thin stream from the corner of his mouth to the scarred floor, eyes staring blank and dead at the overturned TV as he gasped like a fish out of water. One hand inched forward, just above his head, as if he were trying to reach out to Dib; physically and subconsciously trying to reach him.

Dib groaned and closed his eyes in a brief pause to collect himself, drawing in a deep breath. He turned and closed the door to a small crack again before approaching the other slowly, standing over him a moment before allowing himself to sink to the Irken’s level. He outstretched a shaking hand towards Zim’s body and pulled hiim into his arms, lifting his head a bit it a bit to try and rid him from the choking. “Z-Zim..?”

Zim convulsed a bit in his arms, but for once it was due to the massive stress he had been putting on his body to keep moving at the condition he was in. When his head was tilted up enough, he gagged a bit and choked up a mouthful of blood. He did not possess the strength or mentality to spit it out though, letting it pour from parted jaws and drip onto both his shirt and Dib's arms.

Dib whined as he came to terms with the fact that the blood had to come out. Zim being unable to spit it out could result in him suffocating and ultimately his demise, which he already decided couldn’t happen. He looked up now and scanned the dark room through narrowed eyes for something he could use to remove the liquid from his throat. His eyes ended up landing on a filthy straw not too far from his reach. A chilling idea filled his mind now as he stared at the straw through strained eyes. Within a moment, he had reached over and grasped it in his hand, his body progressively shivering more severely as he started from the straw and back to Zim. Then, without hesitation, he stuck the straw into Zim’s parted mouth and began to suck the other’s blood from his throat. When his mouth was full, he would empty it on the floor with a scream of pure terror and agony before repeating the process about three more times. By that time, he threw the straw down and squealed in trepidation. Some of the other’s blood had began to trickle down his throat, leaving a scaring taste in his mouth.

Zim tensed his body as he felt him shove the straw down his throat. He convulsed weakly as Dib sucked out the blood. By the time he pulled away completely, Zim was gasping heavily for the air he had been deprived of for a while.

Dib only stared blankly down at the other as small beads of blood continued to trickle both out of his mouth and down his throat. He was barely phased by the fact that Zim could breathe now as the horror and shock of what he had just done seemed to keep him frozen there for several moments.

Zim was resting weakly now, though he was far from thankful or even responsive. Those blank eyes still stared off without focusing even for a second. He still gave small sounds like his vocal chords couldn't stop the shrilling high pitched sound that made them smack against each other rapidly.

Dib hardly flinched at the sounds as he continued to stare blankly himself, his jaw still hanging open as he panted very shallowly.

Zim didn't have the energy to try and maim the human again, though his claws did weakly flail at him. They did nothing more than leave annoying prickles on his skin. He soon just went completely limp in his arms, head lolled back as he weakly gasped. "I..b.."

Dib’s only response to this was to look down at Zim almost with a faint expression of annoyance towards the other’s claws on his skin. He simply sat there with the other held loosely in his arms, waiting for the other to pass out which he was sure would happen soon. A small, disturbed smile creased his lips now as he watched Zim.

The blood was dried on his green cheek and jaw, the same blood that Dib had been sucking out from the back of his throat. Any other person would have gotten violently sick and at the very least vomited, but the boy appeared just as intermittent as Zim, but in a separate way.

After about five minutes or so, Dib was finally able to bring himself to move his limbs again. He worked the Irken out of his arms and back down on to the littered floor beneath them as he figured Zim would be alright for now. With that, he unsteadily pulled himself from the floor and walked mindlessly towards the door again. He almost seemed unaware of what his body was doing though.

As he approached the door, he opened it halfway and turned his head stiffly to look back at the Irken on the floor before finally heading out of the eerie base and towards his own house which held its own set of horrors now.

Zim did not follow him this time, or even make any hissing sounds on his way out. For now, it looked like the disturbed human was safe from the alien. That, however, did not mean he was safe from the attempts to destroy him.
Ohhhh isn't this just the most joyous thing you've ever read?? :iconimhappyplz:

This one took longer for Katt and I to edit because we were on a skype call and we got distracted... A lot. XD BUT IT WAS FUN. ;-; But, I didn't proof read the rest of this before uploading so sorry for badly written parts or grammar errors. XD

Now I am off to bed. I think I will be uploading these only a couple times a week because it seems that is what time will allow for now. Sorry ya'll. D:

Image is mine.

Story belongs to :iconinvader-neo: and I. :heart:

PREVIOUS- [link]
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Chapter Eleven

Upon arriving home on that quiet, eerie night, Dib was relieved to find that no insane Irken had followed him. He was alone now, and he had the feeling he would have a peaceful night in contrast to the others he had experienced.

As Dib had made his way into the house and up to his room, the lingering smell of day old blood hit him. It wasn’t quite as harsh and foul as the pile of junk found in Zim’s closet. However, it was enough to make the boy groan in both agony and nausea, but the smell didn’t seem to stop him from hobbling to his bed and allowing himself to collapse upon it.

At least he was safe for now, and tonight would be one of the only nights open for him to sleep without much worry. Zim was still too weak to come for him, and the computer was keeping him indoors for tonight.

As Dib lay on his bed with his eyes pealed wide open, he felt himself almost grow drowsy as time proceeded. He even fell into a deep and much needed sleep within fifteen minutes or so. Thankfully, he wasn't disturbed at all through the night by visits or near-death experiences. Just calm sleep—maybe ridden with nightmares and uncertainty—but sleep nonetheless.

Dib had fallen into such a deep sleep that it felt like only minutes went by before his alarm clock was heard blaring in his ears from the nightstand beside him. He jumped awake, grumbling a bit as he reached over to slam the ‘off’ button on the top of his clock.

Dib’s eyes took a moment to adjust to the light that was filtering into his room from the window. After he was able to fully open his eyes, he looked back to his nightstand to see that there was a message flashing on the message machine, alerting him to a missed and probably important call.

The boy squinted at the blinking light for a moment before reaching for his glasses, which were still smeared with blood, and placing them on his face. He sat up now and pressed the blinking light, then waited for the message to play.

"This is Doctor Gaul's office, calling to confirm Dib Membrane's appointment with us at two forty this afternoon. We hope to see you with us today!" A cheery woman's voice spoke through the recording.

Dib let out a tired yawn, letting himself fall back lazily on the bed. He had decided that he wasn’t going to school since the appointment would cut into class anyway, and he didn’t want to risk encountering the alien today. Though, something told him Zim wouldn’t be there either that day...

It wasn't even certain if Zim would have gone to school after last night. It was a miracle he even got himself to the door of his own base every morning the way it was.All there was to do now was wait nervously until the time came around for his appointment.

Dib found himself wondering about Zim now as he lay staring blankly at the ceiling. He wondered what the Irken was doing now, or how well he was doing for that matter. The thought of losing him still created some discomfort in the boy’s already disturbed mind which caused him to let out a small whimper.

Any day the Irken could simply collapse and never move again, at least at the rate his body was deteriorating at. He was becoming ill, choking on his blood, and even harming himself out of this insanity.

Dib was able to force himself out of bed now and stretched before heading lazily towards the bathroom. Once he pushed through the cracked door and flicked on the lights, his reflection in the large mirror over the sink caught his eye and he took this time to fully examine himself for the first time since this all began.

The boy’s once clear, pale cheeks were now red and scarred from where the Irken’s sharp claws had run deep into his flesh. His hair was quite the mess; his once perfectly formed ‘scythe’ lock atop his head now a matted mess. Despite the deep sleep he had the night before, his eyes were plagued with dark circles under them; they had to be from the constant stress and paranoia though. Finally, he examined his clothes. His shirt had practically been torn to shreds at the hands of Zim and large spots of blood stained the fabric.

Of course if he were to show up at the psychiatrist office like this, they would probably instantly commit him. It would probably be in best interest to at least clean himself up and look a bit tidy.

After taking a long look at himself and breathing a heavy sigh, Dib turned to the shower and turned the water until it was nearly at a boiling point. He stripped his clothes off and hopped in rather eagerly since he often took hot showers when he was under much stress. It was definitely much needed and appreciated today.

No one was there to disturb him either while he showered. Gaz was at school, Professor Membrane at work always, and Zim wherever he decided to go.

For once in the last few days, Dib wasn’t thinking or worrying about Zim. In fact, he wasn’t thinking of anything at all really. He allowed his mind to go blank as the warm shower and the sound of the running water relaxed him greatly.

After about twenty minutes, he finally emerged from the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist and he headed back to his bedroom. He headed to his closet first to pick out some clothes before a small box hit his forehead before plopping onto the floor. He bent down to grab it before realizing this was the box that held all of the pictures of Zim he had collected over the years. He quickly dressed himself before sitting cross legged on the floor with the box in front of him, taking a deep breath and opening the box and sifting through the years of history within the photos.

The alien looked so different in his photos compared to how he looked now. He was bright eyed and loud, eyes a blazing crimson filled with fierce determination and persistence. His skin was an almost pretty jade color with his demeanor always proud and tall. It was shockingly horrible how different he looked now...

Eventually, after hours of just sitting there and doing nothing, 2:15 came around. Dib decided to head out at this time so not to risk showing up late. He gave the photos one last glance where they sat on the floor before making his way out of his house to face the stares from people he was sure he would receive as he made his way to the office.

The office wasn’t too hard to find, in fact it was along the route he took on his way to school. He hesitated to go inside though, staring up at the door as if it were judging him as well now. After much disputation, he pushed through the doors and crept inside almost like a frightened child might do.

There were a couple of people sitting on seats, some looking more disturbed than others. The nurse behind the counter was taking patients and new patient's information with a large practiced smile.

Dib remained quite upon observing this and slowly made his way to an empty seat in the corner of the room. He wrapped his trench coat around his body defensively now as he stared at the others in the room.

The patients all kept to themselves, looking about as nervous as Dib did. Some rocked back in forth in their seats, while others cried quietly to themselves. The nurse called his name with a sweet smile, seeing he was quite young.

Dib jumped slightly at his name, quickly standing and heading towards the front desk with a weak smile as he tried to appear friendly. He wasn’t sure why he was so nervous here, but he hated the fact that he was acting so much like a three-year-old.

The nurse smiled sympathetically. "I just need you to fill out a small clipboard really quick before you go back to Doctor Gaul, okay hun?" She spoke, hoping to soothe his nerves.

“Yeah.” Dib replied quietly as he took the clipboard and retreated to his corner, avidly filling out the papers. After five minutes or so, he returned to the desk and waited for the woman’s acknowledgement before doing anything more.

She smiled and took it from him with a soft 'thank you' in reply. After he went back to his seat, it only took another ten minutes before they called him back to see the doctor.

Dib stood, again, and walked hesitantly towards the doctor’s office towards the back of the room. He paused in the doorway of the doctor’s office though, again waiting for some kind of acknowledgement.

A slightly grayed man sat at a desk, sifting through papers. He looked up and nodded his head a bit to him. "You must be the Membrane kid.."

Dib scowled a bit at this before speaking. “Yep.. I’m Dib.” He asserted as he wasn’t quite fond of being called ‘the Membrane kid’.

"Please, come take a seat." Dr.Gaul spoke, motioning to a couch across from his desk. "We've been yearning to get you here for years now."

Dib walked inside and sat stiffly on the couch that was being motioned to. “Of course. I’m sure my father has told you all about how ‘insane’ I am.”

"Yes yes... but from what your father told me, you think there's an alien after you?" Dr.Gaul questioned, raising a brow. "Tell me... does this sound rational in your mind?"

Dib crossed his arms over his chest and sighed deeply before replying again. “Of course it doesn’t sound right to you people. But why would I lie about an alien? Something I have been studying my whole life! And you think I would actually lie about my life being in danger? I’m not that desperate for attention.” After a quick pause, his eyes flicked back up the doctor as his hands uncrossed and pointed up to his scarred cheeks. “These scars are from that damned alien!”

The balding man held his hands up innocently, not wanting to rile the insane child up. "Now now, I never called you a liar. We have a thing for this called schizophrenia where you see things that others don't. This 'alien' that you're seeing may just be a manifestation of your fears and anger that has taken life to you." He replied. "The scars? Marks your skin has made as a result of your brain convincing you so hard that there was damage inflicted by this figment, that it actually caused the skin to become wounded. That, or you do them yourself without being aware of it during these attacks as a way of also showing that your mind is controlling this figment, and therefore controlling the pain."

Dib shook his head in a silent denial of everything Dr. Gual had just told him. “This.. This isn’t schizophrenia.. This is real, doctor. Just.. no one is around when he attacks. He waits until I am alone. But he attacked my teacher!” Dib’s ramblings slowly came to a pause again as he looked almost desperately at the doctor. “Do.. do you really think it’s in my head?”

Dr.Gaul sighed and leaned back a bit in his seat. "Dib, I've dealt with many cases like these. All of them sound almost identical to yours, with the details tweaked of course. My point is, I do believe that this is nothing more than a mere delusion you are having. There is no alien Dib, there isn't anyone out to get you, this is just in your head. And I'm here to help you smooth that out, and make this projection your brain is making go away."

Dib leaned back in his own seat as well, looking down almost in devastation at the thought that this could actually just be in his head. Everything the doctor had suggested seemed plausible.. But the thought that Zim might have actually just been an illusion through all of these years was horrible to think about. “But... My class.. They saw him attack my teacher.. They saw me stop him.”

"Are you sure Dib?" The doctor questioned. "Are you sure they didn't see you attack her? Perhaps you saw this alien... but if you are controlling him with your mind.. then perhaps it was actually you."

Dib’s head sprung back up now to stare Dr. Gual in the eye now. “No! I would never just attack someone!” Still, Dib paused some more as he thought through everything that was going on in his head now. “Well... What do you suggest we do then?” he mumbled.

The doctor smiled when he saw he was willing to work with him. "Well, there is some medication that should stop your brain from producing this fake image." He explained. "It should calm your nerves as well."

“I see.” Dib replied shortly at the much dreaded thought of medication.

The doctor nodded his head a bit. "Just give it a try..." He convinced. "They will help your mind get better... you can be part of society."

Dib simply nodded as he brought his knees up to his chest, much like he did when the terrifying shadows of Zim had haunted him a couple nights ago. “So, when do I get it then?”

"As soon as I write the prescription and send it to the nurse. She'll get it all there for you." He replied. "Now tell me... how long have you seen this alien?"

Dib closed his eyes for a moment as if struggling to remember this information. “Five years I think. But he wasn’t insane until a month ago.. He started attacking me a couple days ago though when I approached him at lunch.”

The doctor hummed as he began scribbling on a notepad as he listened. "So... you've seen him for five years?" He concluded. "Has anything particularly tragic or upsetting happened within the last month or so that might have triggered this change?"

“Uh.. He was sent here to ‘conquer Earth’, but it turned out that his mission lied and his leaders actually banished him here. He blamed it on me since I was the only one who knew about his plans and stopped all of them.”

The doctor was quiet for a moment as he continued to write. He finally set his pen down and looked up at him. "So, what I'm hearing is you feel that the world has robbed you of something, and you feel that your 'mission' here in life is a big waste and you feel like the world is cheating you of something. And you blame yourself subconsciously because of your differences."

Dib cocked his head a little at this. The doctor seemed to have an explanation to shut him down about everything and he found this to be quite annoying. But, he kept his opinions to himself. “I guess so..”

The doctor hummed and nodded a bit. "How are you liked in school? Do you have any friends? Are you bullied?"

Dib sighed as he stared out of the window behind Dr. Gual, replying in a rather monotone voice. “I stay quiet and I have no friends. Yes, I’m bullied sometimes, but not nearly as bad as it was in the past.”

"Are you physically bullied ever?" The doctor questioned. "How's your home life? Is it happy? Have both your parents? Any siblings?"

“I’ve been beaten up a couple times in the locker room by this one kid...” Dib paused as he considered the other question, the let out a sarcastic laugh as if the answer should’ve been obvious. “My home life? I never see my father, my mother is dead and my little sister hates me.”

He frowned a bit as he wrote this down. "Are you depressed then? Do you feel sad a lot?" He questioned, as if sympathetic for him.

Dib nodded slowly, letting out another sigh. “Yeah.. I guess so. I am lonely and quite sad most of the time..”

"Do you think maybe your mind created this alien as a way to keep your mind and time occupied so you wouldn't feel so lonely? And the more you believed it and sought after him, the more real and more personality he began to have?" The doctor questioned, almost putting a challenge to what he thought.

Dib’s eyes wandered back to the doctor now, raising an eyebrow slightly. “I guess. And I’m scared that I’m losing him, even if he is trying to kill me..”

The doctor handed over a box of tissues to him. "I think you're worried of losing yourself... I will do my best to help make you better..." He assured him.

“Thanks then..” Dib replied, though he sounded quite resentful. “So can I go then?”

"That's up to you. I'm paid for the full hour, but you're free to leave and consult the nurse if you please." He replied as he handed him a prescription pad. "Just hand this to her. You'll need to take three at a time twice daily."

Dib frowned as he found this to be quite a heavy dose, but he didn’t argue or say anything against it as he reached for the paper. “If you don’t have anymore questions for me I guess I’ll go..”

"Well, unless you want to tell me a little about your history and where things started going bad, I really don't think just asking you questions will suffice." Dr.Gaul replied.

Dib shrugged and relaxed back into the seat, looking back towards the window as he drew a deep breath. “Everything was fine before Zim lost his mind. In a way, he gave me something to live for since I have waited my whole life to meet an alien..”

He hummed softly at that and frowned. "So you've named him?" The doctor commented. "Zim?"

Dib perked up a little almost surprised himself that he had mentioned the Irken’s name. He opened his mouth a little and let out a small breath, carrying with it a couple words. “Yeah... Zim..”
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Chapter Six

Resolve came in the form of first sunlight beaming through the shattered hole that was at one point a window. It immediately melted away the shadows and extinguished the coolness that the night had brought. Everything was completely visible now and revealed to the paranoid human.

However, even after the sun had come up, Dib took a while to convince himself that there wasn't actually anything there, and that it had all just been a crazy delusion in his head. After several more minutes of watching everything around him, he had finally convinced himself that he was alone now, which actually relaxed him and made him realize how tired he actually was. It was too late to try and sleep now though since he had to get ready for another dreadful day of school.

He didn't try too hard, though, as he decided to stay in the bloodied and torn cloths from the night before and only ran his hands over his hair in an attempt to smooth it out. He was far too tired and stressed to be concerned about how he looked anyway.

Eager to get out of his room, Dib left in favor of heading out towards the kitchen. As he reached the kitchen, however, he stopped in his tracks as his eyes met the cleaver on the kitchen table, which was still stained with Zim's blood. He stared blankly as the events from the previous night played out mercilessly in his memory the longer he stared at the soiled blade.

Zim would be there at the school as well, waiting for him and wanting to attack his precious IB again. It would probably be in best interest to take a weapon that could be concealed for protection. Zim was certainly not going to hold back on him, after all.

Dib made the conscious decision to grab the cleaver in his hands, bringing it close to himself as he examined the soiled blade for a moment. He looked over his shoulder to make sure no one was watching him before opening his jacket and slipping the cleaver into the deep pocket on the left. He felt safer having some form of weapon in his possession rather than going to school completely defenseless, for he knew Zim would attack him as soon as the opportunity struck.

Dib left the kitchen now, making his way towards the living room couch and waiting anxiously for the time to head off. He wasn't looking forward to encountering Zim at all since he was so drained of energy...

School time rolled around soon enough, and children were walking up the sidewalk toward the building that lie only a block away. Zim would be hobbling up there as well, maybe a bit late as he had been a few days.

Since Gaz hadn't made it downstairs yet, Dib came to the conclusion that he would be walking to school alone today. He didn't mind though since he assumed she would only give him hell about waking her up in the middle of the night. With that, he headed out of the door hesitantly and started down the sidewalk towards the school. He kept his head downcast to avoid looking at anyone, and God forbid talk to anyone.

The school hallways were congested with gossiping teenagers, who were creating an obnoxious amount of noise with their loud voices and shrill laughter. Some had even pointed to Dib and made remarks about his appearance which drew a few laughs, but he didn't care too much. He only cared about getting to class early with the hope that he would have some time to rest before school started.

People gave him looks of distaste as he passed them, just seeing him as that crazy Membrane sibling that no one liked. The classroom was currently empty of all life except for him. There had yet to be a sign of Zim either.

Dib meandered into the room feeling a bit pleased with the empty classroom. He plopped down into his desk and allowed his head fall onto the table below him, eyes closing due to the amount of exhaustion he was suffering from now. He was able to get a few minutes of peace and quiet before he would be forced to endure the rest of this day, which was sure to be dreadful.

Soon, more kids began to trickle into the room as class time grew closer and closer. Just as the teacher started to close the door to start class, a loud BANG sounded from it and silenced the class. Zim stood there, eyes wide and blank with his arm messily wrapped around his tattered sleeve. His other arm was outstretched, hand planted firmly against the door to keep it ajar. The teacher glared at him as he just remained there for a full minute before finally hobbling to his desk.

Dib was snapped abruptly from his light slumber at the sound of the bang, though he kept his head down on his desk. He knew exactly who was there without even having to glance up at the door.

Zim looked dead at him though as soon as he sat, his eyes locked on him in a creepy stare. Even a few of the students were a bit unnerved at the strange green kid's vacant, unblinking eyes. No one said anything though, just letting Zim do whatever he pleased if it kept him focused on Dib and not themselves.

Dib could almost feel the haunting eyes boring into him as he lie motionless on his desk. His breathing picked up significantly into a mild hyperventilation, causing him to let out a very quiet whine before feeling a hand jabbing him in the shoulder. He jumped in his seat and snapped his head to look at the kid behind him with a scowl. "What?!" He whispered.

The other flicked his head towards Zim. "Dude, he's staring right at you."

Dib's expression turned vacant and hollow as he slowly sat up and stared straight ahead, never allowing his eyes to drift off towards the direction of that mindless monster. Only the green skin was visible in the corner of his eye now.

Zim never looked away, even as Dib went out of his way to avoid looking at him. At times, small gurgling sounds came from him as he had trouble taking turns between breathing and swallowing.

The sounds were unnerving, but Dib kept his composure and continued to stare straight ahead at the white board. Besides, if Zim was planning to attack, perhaps people would finally believe that this wasn't all in his head; there were plenty of witnesses after all.

Zim stared at him continuously, eyes wide open. "..IB." He spoke slowly, causing a few people to look at the deranged student. He was still staring dead at the human he had called to, expecting an answer or at least a look by how his face strained.

Dib didn't provide him with a reply, still looking straight ahead.

Zim's expression soon darkened more as he strained that grin on his face until the corners of his mouth looked as if they'd begin to split. "IB... ANSWER!!" He shouted, making the entire classroom fall silent in frightened surprise at his outburst. They in turn looked to Dib, as he seemed to be wanting him in a way.

Along with the eyes of Zim on him, Dib could feel the eyes of every student in the classroom upon him now. With great hesitation and debate, he finally turned his head to face Zim. He felt himself being to shiver violently as he examined the strained expression on his face.

"Zim.." Dib whimpered quietly.

Zim gave that wide grin as he met his eyes, his strained angry appearance turning wild and insane once more. "IB..." He answered back to his name.

Dib's eyes widened at the chilling grin, his mouth gaped slightly as if he were about to say something, but he could form no words. The students and even the teacher watched the exchange intently, both with great confusion and fear.

Zim continued to smile insanely at him as the he looked as if he were going to speak up to him. "IB..." He spoke again, gripping hard onto his desk as it seemed to be a struggle for him to remain sitting there.

Dib slowly positioned himself to leap out of the desk at any moment as he could sense a fight coming from Zim at any moment now. He muttered lowly to himself as if formulating some kind of plan to escape.

Zim seemed to be really struggling to stay there too, and class had only began. All learning that they would have been doing had halted though at the strange events that were unfolding between the two. "Tallest... IB fault..." He spoke quietly, grin straining even more almost painfully on his features.

Tallest.. The word, and the context it was used in, made no sense to the boy. Dib shook his head slowly as he tried to figure it out, but nothing came to him. "M-my fault?" He choked out suddenly.

Zim finally stood from his seat at that, the metal chair flipping over and clattering loudly as it hit the ground. "FAULT!! IB!!" He shouted, the rest of the class wincing at the deafening clatter of the chair and the fuss that the strange kid was creating.

Dib had winced along with the rest of the class at the loud sound. He stood now and leaned towards Zim, as if he were getting ready to launch his own attack on him at any moment. "What the hell did I do, Zim?!" He squeaked out in panic.

Zim seemed very upset with him now though as he panted unevenly. He weakly began to hobble toward that side of the room now. "Kills..." He forced out as he raised his undamaged arm to make another weak grabbing motion for him.

At this, the teacher finally stood and slammed her hands on the desk in front of her in outrage. "Zim! This behaviour needs to stop right now!" She warranted in a booming voice.

Zim tensed up and came to a halt as he heard his name from her lips. He turned sharply to her, eyes wider with raging malice and insanity. "AWAY!!" He shouted as he looked ready to attack now at the teacher obstructing what he had been sharing with Dib.

She didn't seem to be taking him as seriously as Dib and the others were as she continued to speak boldly towards him. "This is ridiculous! And you're becoming more of a pain in the ass than you have been before. Now, pick your desk up and SIT DOWN!"

Dead silence fell over the class now as their attention turned to the teacher. Even they knew she had made a mistake...

Zim twitched his entire body once from rage that had seized his entire body, claws flexing at his side as he bunched his muscles up. "KILLS!!" He screeched before using the momentum built up in his bunched muscles to leap from his spot and tackle the teacher back. This action left the class speechless, compared to the normal 'fight!' chant they usually took when something similar happened.

Ear splitting cries could be heard from her as Zim mutilated her body and tore into her flesh, making some of the other students cry out as well. Dib sprinted towards the desk and vaulted himself over it to find the horrifying mess of flesh and blood before him. He fought through his terror though and reached down to grip Zim tightly by the waist, pulling his body firmly to try and dislodge him from the teacher's body.

Zim continued to screech as he was bent on shredding the elder woman that was under him. He screeched and flailed his limbs as Dib grabbed onto him, wanting desperately to get free from him. "AWAY!!! AWAY!!"

After the woman had practically been torn to shreds, Dib was finally able to pry the Irken off of her. He yanked him up on pure adrenaline and slammed him on the ground under him. Dib straddled him and pinned him to the filthy ground, struggling to keep him in his grip as he thrashed around.

"Stop.." He growled in a weak command, but those dead eyes seemed to distract him out of his right mind.

Zim panted heavily, as if about to begin hyperventilating in terror. His hands were once again coated with blood, but not Dib's or his own. "IB..." He spoke in a quivered voice, eyes staring straight through him as they could not focus.

Dib could feel his 'fight' instinct grow strong again after seeing the other in trepidation. He smiled a little, though this wasn't an inviting friendly expression. He pulled his leg back and rammed his knee into Zim's midsection mercilessly.

"You're still pathetic.." He hissed through gritted teeth, though he was sure he would regret being this bold later on.

Zim choked and wheezed automatically as he pressed into the sensitive region of his spooch. He screeched loudly as he convulsed heavily and tried to rip his hands away to get the human off his body. He had enough sense to realize he was dangerous to his current being.

Dib's expression hardened as his grip tightened on the other's wrists to plant him tighter on the ground, leaning down towards Zim's face now. "Useless.. Is that what yout Tallest called you?" He spoke with the built up frustration and agony he had been feeling towards the other since this had all began.

Zim screamed immediately after that, thrashing even harder as he snapped at his face. "NO!! NO!!" He thrashed, those tears flooding the corners of his contacts and burning below his eyes.

Dib only moved his face out of Zim's range, squeezing the wrists a bit more harshly now. This was sure to end disastrously for him later on, but for now he was too focused on getting even. "I'm sure they did several times." He sneered spitefully.

"NO!!! IB!!" Zim screeched, baring his teeth at him in rage. "IB..FAULT!!" He continued to accuse forcefully, thrashing every which way to try and break free. "RAAAHHH!!!" He roared loudly in frustrated insanity.

Dib had finally come to the realization that he had pushed the other too far now as his smug attitude quickly faded into one of dread. He sprang off of Zim and dashed out of the door, spriting madly towards the back exit. He was delayed though as he ran right into another teacher, who scolded him for being out of class now.

"Please, I have to get away from Zim! He's going to kill me!" He pleaded as the man began to escort him back to his class.

"Yeah, yeah. Good excuse." The man muttered sarcastically, obviously unconvinced.

Down the hall there was the echoing of scraping nails on the chipped painted walls. "IB!!" His voice came after the scraping of nails, very persistent on his attempts to rid himself of the human. It was as if he were calling out to him almost playfully, yet obviously deliriously out of bloodthirst.

"T-THAT'S HIM!" Dib screamed and jerked himself out of the man's grip, continuing his original path towards the back door.

The sounds of scraping nails got quieter, but Zim was still undoubtedly giving the chase. The determined psychopath seemed to truly want nothing but bloodshed now.

Dib seemed to miscalculate where exactly he was going as he ended up at the playground now. He cursed to himself as he steadily made his way towards the back field where a rather tall chain linked fence stood. He eyed it for a moment before glancing over his shoulder to see Zim standing in the doorway now. Even from a distance, the blank eyes were just as terrifying as they were up close.

The Irken's hands were gripping either side of the door frame, seeming to be keeping himself in balance with the cheap wooden frame. His jaws parted in a demented smile, as if delighted to see his prey again and cornered. "IB..." He croaked weakly as he widened his eyes impossibly more and hobbled down each step like it were an extreme hurdle he was overcoming. His eyes never left the pale form of the teen soon-to-be murder victim, seeming to imagine the color of his innards in those solid colored eyes. One arm reached forward again, as if to snatch away the very distance keeping them apart as he began the slow trek toward his prey to give a sure to be killing blow.
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