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Enlightenment Radiance Theme
Here's a port of the GTK Theme Radiance, light theme used on Ubuntu.
These theme is complete with full Elementary widgets integrations, so enjoy your E19 with one unified look for GTK, EDJ and ELM applications!

How to use it
Extract the file zipped and copy it on your home directory: ~/.elementary/themes
Select with Theme Selector Radiance and Enjoy the Theme!

Where's the "Lot of Colors"?
Radiance Theme is cool, but maybe you don't like it.
This theme looks good with a lot of GTK themes like ZonColors and a lot of Murrina themes.
You can change your color scheme with Settings -> Look -> Colors!
For example:
  • Border Frame allows you to change the color of border title and toolbar
  • Border Frame Active change the gradient that appears on Selected windows. If you try a dark border, I suggest you to set Border Frame Active Alpha channel to lesser values.
  • Border Title and Border Title Active are generally to change if you change border title.
An example of Ambiance version:

Unfortunately Elementary widget doesn't be affected for the change with Enlightenment's Colors Manager, so you can change more deeply your theme.
Super Radiance Pimp!!!
Extract the sources of the theme doing this:
  1. Open a terminal
  2. Type edje_decc ~/.elementary/themes/Radiance.edj
  3. In your home directory you will find a folder named Radiance, go inside and ope with gedit, nano, mousepad or your favorite text editor the file named radconf.edc .
Here you can change the color value as you want.
After that, open a terminal and type edje_cc ~/Radiance/default.edc -o ~/CustomRadiance.edj
You will find on your home directory CustomRadiance.edj, your new theme with a lot of colors. Move it into ~/.elementary/themes folder or use Theme Selector -> Import!

At the moment the theme looks pretty good with themes not dark, with light window's colors and dark foreground.
I'm working of a version for dark themes that makes also GTK Ambiance theme pretty good.

If you find something wrong, please report here in a comment or search me on Bodhi Linux Forum (I'm Duma).

Enjoy this theme and enjoy Enlightenment!
  • 7/4/2015: Fixed tons of ELM bugs: Genlist widget, Pane Widget, Scroller Widget (the tabbed widget of Jeff's ElmExtension) and much more!
  • 17/2/2015: Fixed ELM Button icon (ePad tab now works great!) issue and toolbar item issue
  • 11/7/2014: Updated theme with the commit d15a411ce0d1da698c663284103e6cd32bbd2375 and redesign ELM Bubble and ELM Notify widgets: now it's more readable their content
  • 4/7/2014: Fixed ELM Genlist widget, now it is selectable. Epour should working good now (thanks kuuko!)
  • 2/7/2014: Fixed the strange behavior you get when restoring a minimized window in latest E19 build
  • 19/6/2014: Added Init group (the initial splash screen) and Modal Window Border group, fixed minor things
  • 19/5/2014: Have you seen in the past ellipsis (the three annoying dots) instead regular text? Fixed all the part!
  • 7/5/2012: Correct minor bugs on Elm Genlists Widget and [T1214] bug from phabricator
  • 6/5/2014: Removed all .svg pixmaps: now it is decompilable; correct minor things
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If you are using Gnome 3.14, download the 3.14 version of this theme here

The GTK3 theme supports Gnome 3.8, 3.10 and 3.12, but the Gnome Shell theme only works on 3.10 and 3.12. Also the tabs you are seeing in nautilus, gedit, etc. are only for Gnome 3.12 due to the reworked tab system in this version.

A Chrome/Chromium theme is included.

Get the absolute latest version at Github


gnome-themes-standard package for the GTK3 theme. Murrine and pixbuf engines for the GTK2 theme.

For installation instructions please read the included README.

Other Info

Wallpaper: bridge by FknvermiLLion
Check- and radioboxes are from GTK3+Gnome Shell - Faience by tiheum
Icons used in the preview:
White-Pixel-Icons by darkdawg plus some additional icons i made with inkscape
Folder icons are recolored elementary Icons by DanRabbit

Licence: GPLv3


Initial release

Gnome-Shell: Fixed ibus candidates list
Gtk: Added tab styling to the dark theme
        Proper chromium frame colors
Added alternative metacity theme (buttons in maximized window are now visible)
Minor bugfixes and improvements

Nicer tabs
Improved assets
Unity window decoration support
bug fixes
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This theme is inspired with google sites,so all credit goes to google.
Package contains gtk3,gtk2,gnome-shell,cinnamon,metacity,unity,xfwm4,openbox and emerald theme.
To install themes, extract archive and copy folder +1 to /usr/share/themes.

Requirements for gtk3 theme is gnome-themes-standard and gtk-engine-unico.
Requirements for gtk2 theme is gtk-engines and gtk-engine-murrine.

18.03.2013. - some bug fixed and many improvements,added gnome-shell and cinnamon themes
25.03.2013. - some more improvements(mainly sidebar),and bug fixes
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The Bodhi Linux Theme
An E17 theme inspired by the Bodhi Linux Forum layout for Bodhi users.
Hope you can enjoy E17 and this theme.

Changelog 12/03/2015:
E19 version with full ELEMENTARY SUPPORT!…

Changelog 5 gen 2015:
Yunn has made a great work and now the theme is also AVAILABLE FOR E19, download instructions here:…

Changelog 15 apr 2013:
GTK THEME on Beta, find it here:…

Changelog 9 apr 2013:
Avaible a Composite Free version of the theme

Changelog 4 feb 2013:
fixed colorslider issue and toher minor things

Chagelog 25 mar 2013:
Everything module now correctly colored
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This is a 1:1 conversion of malys' "uniblue" icon-theme [link]
Blue icons are converted to a neutral light grey, but I conserved most of the other colors and neutral icons.

Works best on dark backgrounds, but visible on white, too.

Check also [link] for pidgin-tray-icons!

## License is GPLv3##

2012-5-24: v0.2 - is now final release (directly hosted on dA, no further updates, u r welcome to take over developement - tell me and I'll add a link here)
2012-1-1: v0.2 - revised a few icons.
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DeLorean-Dark-Themes-3.8 ~ Join the dark side
Icons - F-Dark(Faenza), Wallpaper(inner) - OTF_Dark_Grunge_09 by "nobody"
Based on the Adwaita Theme.

DeLorean-3.10_alpha Link,
Stripped version of DeLorean available here: Link,

This, the latest incarnation of the DeLorean-Dark gtk theme is a departure from its predecessor; in the use of both light and dark coloring. Strong contrasts and rich textures makeup the essential elements of this unusual "gray-scale" theme. This dark theme includes a secondary and complete "dark-er" Gtk3 theme. Bear in mind; the metallic background image and the some-time-excessive css design make this theme heavier than most. Therefore it is not advised for use with older computers.
Ideas and experiments from my Dorian theme and the base concept of the earlier DeLorean themes have been brought together here as DeLorean-Dark-Themes-3.8.

Theme folders are numbered 3.9 as of version 08-27-2013. Currently the package is numbered as 3.8. I apologize for the confusion.

  • default(Blue) Theme
  • G(green) Theme
  • P(purple) Theme
  • R(red) Theme

  • Gtk2 Theme**
  • Gtk3 Theme* dark-"er" theme included.
  • 2 Metacity/Mutter Themes (2 & 3) default steel, and carbon.
  • Chromium Color Themes
  • Ubuntu Software-Center Theme
  • Xfwm4 Theme
  • Xfce-Notify Theme
  • Xfce4-Panel Theme
  • OpenBox Themes
  • Eclipse Kepler/Juno Theme available here.
  • LXPanel Theme (broken in version lxpanel-0.5.10 thru ?. Instead use 'lxpanelx' as a replacement).
  • Unity Panel Themes

  • gtk3-3.8* (gtk3-3.6*)
  • gtk-engine-murrine->
  • pixbuf-engine or gtk(2)-engines package***
  • gnome-themes-standard>=3.8*(3.6*) provides the 'adwaita' engine.
  • gtk-2.24.14, or >=gtk-2.24.18.
    gtk-2.24.15, gtk-2.24.16, and gtk-2.24.17 have a bug that breaks the theme entry widgets. (Bugzilla-Bug 695003) Bug fixed with version 2.24.18 and up.
  • Evolution Mail Client(if used). Version: 3.8.4-1 is fully themed. Other versions may or may not have issues.****

  • Ubuntu, Linux Mint, & Ubuntu derivatives:
  • 13.04 Raring and 13.10 Saucy
    Add this PPA, PPA may take several hours to sink new package updates. Please be patient.
    copy and paste the following 3 lines in a terminal:
      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:killhellokitty/themes.ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install delorean-dark-themes-3.8
  • Arch Linux and Manjaro
    Install from AUR
    yaourt -S delorean-dark-themes-3.8
  • Other distributions
    Download DeLorean-Dark-Themes-3.8. Unzip and as privileged user copy the following four delorean-dark-theme-*-3.9 folders to /usr/share/themes/. This theme will not work properly when installed to ~/.themes.

Dark Theme; how to make it default (works in Ubuntu also):
  • Install Gnome-Tweak-Tool. Other tweaking tools such as Ubuntu-Tweak do not offer this option.
  • Open Gnome-Tweak-Tool and select Theme in the sidebar.
  • Turn on the slider that says: Enable dark theme for all applications. (only works with Gtk3 applications)
  • LOG-OUT, and back in. Thats it.

Ubuntu Software-Center Theme Installation:
  • Backup the original folder and name it "software-center.backup":
      sudo cp -a /usr/share/software-center /usr/share/software-center.backup
  • Install the Delorean-Dark-Themes-3.9 software-center theme (This assumes the Delorean-Dark-Themes-3.9 is installed to the recommended location 'usr/share/themes/'):
      sudo cp /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-theme-3.9/Software-Center/softwarecenter.css /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/css/softwarecenter.css && sudo cp /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-theme-3.9/Software-Center/stipple.png /usr/share/software-center/ui/gtk3/art/stipple.png
  • Start/Restart the Ubuntu Software-Center.
  • To revert the changes:
      sudo rm -r /usr/share/software-center && mv /usr/share/software-center.backup /usr/share/software-center

Xfce & LXDE Panel Installation:
  • The panel image file is located at:
      /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-theme-3.9/gtk-2.0/panel-background/*panel-size*.png and opacity.

Unity Panel Themes: Unity(default), Unity-Neon, and Unity-Simple
    To change panel theme:
  • As privileged user, using your prefered text editor(gedit, geany, nano...)
    open the file at '/usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-theme-(color version if any, ie: R)-3.9/gtk-3.0/gtk-main.css(or gtk-main-dark.css, if using dark theme as default.)'
    For example choosing the default(blue) theme type in terminal:
    sudo gedit /usr/share/themes/delorean-dark-theme-3.9/gtk-3.0/gtk-main.css.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page.
    and locate the 3 theme lines:
    "at_symbol"import url("unity.css");
    /*"at_symbol"import url("unity-neon.css");*/
    /*"at_symbol"import url("unity-simple.css");*/
  • Uncomment/Remove the slash and asterisk from before '"at_symbol"import' and after 'css");' for the theme you are selecting.
  • Next Comment/Add the slash and asterisk before '"at_symbol"import' and after 'css");' of the previously selected panel theme.
  • Save and Log-out and back in again.

Long Term Issues Resolved: in this version (3.8/3.9):
    Evolution Fixed issues with unreadable text within message-lists and emails. OpenOffice/LibreOffice text-entry's and drop-down-menus are all clear and readable(thanks Adwaita Gtk2 theme designers) Chromium URL-bar and text-inputs are clear and readable. Spotify and other non-native apps have clear and readable text within text-input & search areas.

06-22-2013 Fixed Metacity2 (for ubuntu users-it was broken).
Minor fixes on Metacity3(gnome-shell users).
Fixed scale-slider colors, so that they match each colored theme.
Uploaded to PPA for Raring and Saucy.
Uploaded to AUR.
07-04-2013 New Metacity theme (Carbon-Fiber) added to replace the earlier sketch. Two more Metacity themes should follow in the future.
Added fix for Nautilus pathbar buttons in Ubuntu.
Unity Theme added.
Ubuntu Software Center reworked and fixed.
07-06-2013 Color Themes Fixed. In the last update the colors were all replaced by blue in gtk3. Fixed now as well as cursor colors.
07-09-2013 Openbox Themes redesigned and improved. Includes 4 themes in default(blue), green, purple, and red.
07-23-2013 Xfce4! Many changes and new features for the mouse.
New Xfwm4 Theme.
Xfce-notify theme added.
Xfce4-Panel redesigned to match the xfwm4 theme.
08-02-2013 Dark-Theme added to Gtk3. This is a work in progress; with the current working snapshot included within the theme package.
LXPanel theme completed. Specific fixes for this panels appearance.
Eclipse Kepler/Juno Theme added to the collection and small changes to Gtk2 to improve its appearance. LibreOffice's drop-down-menus are affected by this change. Inform me its this is a problem.
08-27-2013 New Version 3.9! (package is 3.8, with 3.9 inside).
Fixes are to numerous to list.
Many changes in design from buttons to sliders and many more.
Completed Dark-er theme (default for apps Totem, EyeOfGnome, Documents). Can be used as default Gtk3 theme.
For those that were wondering why the base color of this theme was lighter than that of its predecessors; I needed wiggle room to create a usable dark theme for an already dark theme.
I will replace the preview images soon and begin work on getting the Gtk2 theme to match.
08-31-2013 Unity Panel. Added 3 panel themes. And hopefully squashed a bug when hovering over unity panel item.
09-02-2013 Version is labeled 09032013 due to file oversight.
Ubuntu Software Center Theme updated.
Unity Panel Themes polished.
Unity Volume/MusicPlayer menu themed.
TreeView Row Items error fixed, that caused white boxes to be drawn around individual rows.
XChat fixed input text color.
Fixed no-color within views. Example is AWN settings manager.
09-03-2013 Version is labeled 09042013 due to file oversight.
Changes that weren't properly added from above version have been amended.
XChat fixed input text color.
Fixed no-color within views. Example is AWN settings manager.
09-04-2013 Changed to instructions for installing Ubuntu Software Center. I have tested it, and it is working.
09-12-2013 Gtk2 revamped. Including many fixes.
Firefox text color with same color background issue fixed. Entry widgets(url bar) cleaned up.
Check/Radio Buttons rebuilt for Gtk2 & Gtk3 all color versions as well as Dark color versions.
09-13-2013 Replaced missing image files(color versions) from previous vers.09122013(double checked).
Themed FileChooser for Gtk2.
Chromium, fixed URL-bar color bug introduced in last update.
10-04-2013 Numerous Fixes!
New default Metacity/Mutter Theme; seamless metal.
Previous Metacity theme has been improved and is included as delorean-dark-theme-carbon-metacity.
Mate: the panel should now be fixed in additon to caja theming.
Chromium: new colored versions included within each theme folder. Drag-n-drop the *.crx file onto chromium.
New Stripped version uploaded as separeate theme. It will be added to the base delorean theme by vs3.12.
10-08-2013 Fixed text selection bug.

Share your thoughts, ideas, and bugs/bug-fixes.
Your feedback is important!

*gtk3.6 or gkt3.8 is required for gtk3 applications(Gnome3 apps). If using Gnome, the corresponding version is necessary (Gnome3.6-3.8).
**gtk2 is entirely drawn with pixmaps-engine using image files, in this case predominately vector. Pixmap-engine is know to draw windows slower than other(murrine,clearlooks,etc...) engines; therefore the gtk2 portion of this theme renders in roughly twice the time as other non-pixmap-engine themes. This is not a problem or concern, DeLorean's gtk2 draws its windows very fast, just not as fast as other theme engines.
***gtk2 is drawn with vector graphics(svg). Most distributions include libsvg(or equivalent) by default.
****Evolution Mail; The css theming(which makes evolution completely usable, and everything visable and readable) only works starting with version 3.8.4-1. Later versions may again change what and how it is appears by this theming. Got to love gnome3.

--Thanks killhellokitty

license GPLv3
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Ok so I did some basic modding to this conkyrc file. Changed the font to Antipasto and fixed the offsets to work with the new font. Also edited CPU usage for dual core CPU's and lastley added arch info as well. Also colors have been changed as well.

Original conkyrc Gotham - Conky config by :iconpsyjunta: [link]

Please let me know if you have any questions.

How to use:
1: Unzip downloaded file.

2: Copy font file to your .font folder in your home directory.

3: Re-name conkyrc to .conkyrc and copy to your home folder.

4: Press Alt+F2 then type conky to start!

NOTE: For the single core version download here: [link]
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An updated (and hopefully improved version) can be found here Adwaita-Dark-3.14-rev.2

Dark gtk2, gnome shell theme & metacity that closely matches Adwaita Dark 3.14. (3.12 version here Adwaita-Dark-3.12-rev.1 )

In Gnome 3.14 the gtk2 must reside in the Adwaita theme folder, at least that's been my experience.

Ok, there seems to be some confusion about how to install & use this gtk-2.0.
1. If you use gtk3 3.14 it must reside in the /usr/share/themes/Adwaita folder. (Take it up with the people who wrote that code).
2. You can remove the existing gtk-2.0, or rename it to something like light-gtk2 and place this one in its place.
3. You can use links & have a directory called light-gtk2 and name this one dark-gtk2. Then you can just use (from an admin terminal) ln -nsf light-gtk2 gtk-2.0 for the original Adwaita gtk-.20 and ln -nsf dark-gtk2 gtk-2.0 for this dark one.
4. There are many ways to go about it, you can figure out the one that works for you.
5. If you use the ~/.themes shortcut it will probably not work correctly.

Unless you recompile the gtk3 in 3.14 pointing gtk.css to gtk-container-dark.css I don't know how to get the gtk2 to use the dark metacity window border.  In 3.12 you can just use a text editor to tell gtk.css to use the dark widgets (or copy gtk-dark.css over gtk.css).  Another alternative is to hardcode the colors into the metacity.  I had partial success doing that, but there is a bug in some color changes I made. *see change log 10.5.14

I have included the necessary resource files for 3.14 & 3.14.1 if you go the compiling route.

Anyway, if you have questions or positive comments/suggestions feel free to make yourself heard.

Almost forgot, this is a revision of my Adwaita-Dark shell theme taking some styling cues from what I did with Yeti.  I think I like this version more than the original.

Change log:
Updated to
Did the arrows again, better match to gtk3
Worked on gtk2 entry borders
Still looking for a solution to the white text shadow on some insensitive/disabled text.  Help!!!  =)
Did quite a few revisions to the image assets, primarily arrows, but touched on others as well, slider background, notebook.png & more.
Also tested gtk2 on 3.12 and it looks & works well.
Included a modified elementary metacity with hardcoded colors to match this theme & approximate Adwaita Dark
Couple minor shell improvements
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GTK Theme+metacity+2 Emerald

AnimaNera is a mod of the Cobra-blue theme. Credits to wulax!

Emerald Theme in Screenshot BlackRain(Darkside port):[link]

Icons LaGaDesk-BlueNight 1.3.5:[link]

Wallpaper Gnome Machine by *monkeymagico:[link]

Font Zero_Threes :FONT:[link]
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This theme is combination of my Colors and Silent Night gtk2 themes with some extra touch.The suite contains following themes:

-GTK3 (three versions)
-GTK2 (three versions)
-Gnome-shell (two versions)
-Metacity (two versions-right and left side buttons)

To install themes,unpack archive to /usr/share/themes or ~/.themes folder.Unity users have to use Ubuntu-tweak to set OMG_Left_Buttons theme for Window theme.

Gtk3 themes requirement:
gnome-themes-standard package

Gtk2 themes requirement:
- GTK2 engine Murrine
- GTK2 pixbuf engine

- 01.01.2013. - GTK3 theme updated to gnome 3.6
- 22.01.2013. - bugfix release
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