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The semester is over! This is my final project for my junior animation workshop class. It was our interdisciplinary project, where we had to find someone from another major and work with them to create something. I got one of the dance majors of my school, Shelby Joyce, to volunteer her dancely abilities.

A few weeks later and a mountain of wrist pain later, this is what I've produced.

Hope you like it!

Mediums - Flash & After Effects

Music is from the Newground's Audio artist RyeGuyHead - [link]


Commission Info
Facebookins page
My Youtube Channel
My Etsy Store
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Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Graphic Design Department, 2010.
Made with Blender 2.49b and Yafaray.
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The Lighthouse Girl was an 8-month project between me and :iconblvd-square:, with music by :iconwinterwind-ns: . we made it almost 2 years ago but couldn't put it up because it was on a festival run. but now we can show it so here it is!

official site
vimeo link

animation: flash
backgrounds: photoshop
post: aftereffects

credits below
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Reblog on Tumblr

You can find this on Vimeo here

Try to view it as 720p? :D thanks guys~ For the biggest resolution, i could only upload it onto vimeo (dA had trouble converting my big resolutioned file)


So here it is xD;; my final year thesis. I hope you guys will like it :).

Music composed by Paul Levasseur for this film.
You can find Paul's bio here:…

i'm really nervous about uploading it here Dx don't judge me too harshly~~ Hope you guys like it >A<

If you want to download this, note me privately and i will send you a link to a private mediafire. I don't want this uploaded anywhere else by other people. Thanks :).

pps. The reason this was very short was because our school had a 1 minute cut-off limit this year for Industry Day, so we either had to cut our story into 1 minute anyways or we could just make a 1 minute film :3. That said, it still took me around 4-5 months of slaving away though "orz.

Here's something that might answer some of your questions regarding the process
Painting Fish - Step by step/tutorial by Qinni

my other works:
Nature by Qinni The best companion by Qinni A Mermaid's Wish by Qinni Painting Fish 2 by Qinni
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