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Descent into the Void: Chapter One
Loki: Descent into the Void
The Winter Solstice had fallen on Asgard, and as such there had been much merriment in the past days. Every night without fail, a banquet would be served in the Great Hall of Valhalla and everyone was welcome, peasants and royalty alike, to come and partake.
It was a joyous time, when stories were told and ale was guzzled to the point of extinction.
The festivities were that of legend. Every man, woman, and child was happy within the warmth of Valhalla, save one.
This particular man walked through the deserted streets of Asgard, with only one thought on his mind. He had to get away. . . He had to leave, for the sake of all those merry-makers, and his sanity.
The man had no idea where he was going, but it didn't matter, as long as he got away from the person that had caused his pain.
Loki stood at the edge of the city of Asgard; his shoulders bared high in the blizzard, despite his low spirits. The sense of betrayal filled him to the brim, making his hands sh
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Be Mine Loki x Reader
Loki stared at the enchanting blue stone as it glowed within his sceptre, the colour of his eyes intensifying as he absorbed the tesseract's radiating waves.  He breathed deeply; the stone's essence was intoxicating.  His heart rate increased in anticipation of finally putting his plan into action.
Big Ben struck the half hour.  Loki changed into the clothing you gave him for his "birthday", whatever that was.  He needed an empire to rule, not uncomfortably irritating fabric against his regal flesh.  Steady on, Loki.  Tonight, everything changes - everywhere.  He didn't bother to check his appearance before he left the building.  He felt he looked foolish, and longed for his own vestments.  Yet, if it were not dressed as such, he may not have the unfailing confidence to move about as he pleased throughout this pathetic realm.
Loki winced slightly at the scent in the London evening air.  The sooner he ruled Midgard, the sooner it
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Descent into the Void: Chapter Two
Loki: Descent into the Void
Chapter Two: Changed
Sif waited, as she had done for weeks, waiting intently for the man who stood before her. Every word he spoke to her now-a-days was an anchor to her shattering world.
"What news Heimdall?" She asked anxiously for the third time that afternoon.
Heimdall, Gate Keeper of the Bifrost remained silent for several moments, his strange colored eyes staring off into the distance, seeing the goings on in Midgard with a well-trained mind.
"Heimdall?" She asked once more growing antsier with each passing second that he didn't answer her.
"I must see events before I can recount them, Asgardian." He said calmly, not bothering to look at her. "I will tell you what I see, when I have seen it."
Sif sighed but decided to show the proper respect towards the Gate Keeper. "I cannot stay; I have an audience with the All-Father."
Heimdall nodded, "I know of your inquiry to the Odin, Asgardian."
Sif wanted more than anything to stay, but she didn't want to risk
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Descent into the Void: Chapter Three
Loki: Descent into the Void
Chapter Three
The small band walked through the palace in silence, an uncomfortable unease filling each of them individually. The only exception to this feeling of turmoil was the prisoner.
Loki walked with his head held high, his eyes locking on and condemning all those he passed.
It seemed that news traveled quickly in Valhalla, for within a handful of minutes, the group was surrounded on either side by curious Asgardians, dying for a peek at the treacherous Son of Odin.
Loki looked ahead, as if no one was there, ignoring the whispers and fearful glances his presences were garnering. The God of Mischief had no time for such small minded beings. He was of royal blood and though his blood father wasn't the most honorable creature, he could be proud of the frost giants' conquests and leadership.
When the crowd grew even larger than before and the way to the Court of the All-Father was successfully blocked, Thor finally lost his temper. The God's happy demeano
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I've seen a lot of you writing stories and drawing pictures about Loki, and are unsure if your version of Loki is accurate to the movie's portrayal of him. So to help you guys out, I'm going to give you a brief outline of his character using my own character analysis method, starting from his most obvious attributes to those that can be associated with someone like him.
Here's how it goes:
I present something that Loki does quite often (such as looking down on others). Then I present the reason that he does this (he's always been looked down to). Lastly, I give the solution HE used to solve this (to see himself as above, if not equal, to others).
Get the idea? Alright. Let's start with the obvious ones.
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Come back, brother (Short fanfic)
Thor pushed back his red cape over his shoulder, sighing silently. He traced his finger along side of the wall. How long since he has he been gone? He could hardly remember, it still broke this man emotionally. He shook his head silently, his feet clapping silently against the ground. He always hopes his dear brother would just appear or surprise him or something.
Nothing, days passes, nothing, no sign of him, no hint, no hope that he is hiding somewhere. He finally just sat down onto the abandon part of the halls that anyone barely walks. He closed his eyes, lifting head up trying to not to break into tears. It was eminent that he is about to collapse.
The voice, he didn't want to open his eyes. "Brother?" The young voice said. He swallows. He didn't answer. "Please talk to me, I am here, look." The voice sounded like Loki. He opened his eyes, seeing a transparent figure of his brother, teen probably close to adulthood. "Loki..?" He said with a frown. He felt something cold on his han
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I Am Loki
I am the outcast of my family.
I am the second child, the one not regarded.
I am always doubted, never trusted.
I am the one who is looked down upon for being different.
Between my brother and I, I am the one that thinks things through.
I am known to get what I want, because I do what it takes.
My brother is well known by nearly all
And praised by many.
People know me to tell me the grandeur of my brother,
As if I do not already know.
Little do they know that I have more to offer.
I hide my feelings for fear of getting hurt.
I have built a wall to protect myself from pain.
I will not admit when I am hurt, for jesting is all they will do.
For this I am deemed uncaring, because uncaring is what I am
If I do not wish to show how I feel.
I am the one that people question,
I am the one whose reputation is dark.
I am a mystery that people fear to search for the light of.
For they think I am truly wicked.
But am I wicked? Not in my heart.
The fašade I have built is what people see.
And so it
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Descent into the Void: Chapter Six
:bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: Loki: Descent into the Void :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen:
Chapter Six: I Do Not Love You

Sif had never felt as uncomfortable as she did now, with Loki staring at her with unblinking eyes. At first the woman had tried to look back at him and smile, but his gaze was far too intense for her to hold it for very long. So she had settled for closing her eyes pretending that she was 'resting'.
After they had left the Court room, a guard had escorted them to a small room that was connected to the Royal Chambers, where they were left to wait.
It had been almost an hour since they had been left alone, and had done nothing but stare at the woman who sat in the corner with her head in her hands, eyes closed in a silent prayer of strength.
Even after she had finished her prayers, Sif didn't open her eyes. Sif wasn't sure she could face those penetrating green orbs again so soon. She needed time to think, to regain her composure
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Winter Into Spring - Ch. 1
Chapter 1: Eksil av en Prins ~Exile of a Prince~
He already knew what the verdict of this trial was. Everyone knew it, so in honesty the entire trial was nothing but a huge waste of time.
The raven haired prince was fully aware how the people of Asgard glared at him, how they whispered among themselves as the trial continued. About his actions against Midgard, about his true heritage as the son of Laufey, about everything they could gossip and mock him for. Not that he cared anymore. The people of Asgard never truly accepted him. Even when they didn't know his true lineage, they never accepted or treated him the same as Thor. As the trial carried on, pointless though it was, the citizens of the Eternal Realm were either silent or whispering amongst themselves about the deeds of the silver-tongued prince, some commenting that they knew he would end up where he was now. Thus Loki knew many of them were even glad when the verdict was finally read, finding him guilty of all
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Loki and I Know It (Sexy and I Know It parody)
This is a parody of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It." I suggest playing the song while you read this.
(Yeah. Yeah.)
When I strut on by, Fangirls be like "damn he's mine"
I step to the beat, Thor's thunder is totally sweet, yeah
This is how I roll, reindeer antlers outta control
Hu-mans were made to be ruled
Better watch out, 'cause Here I go, yo...
You'll Kneel before me
You'll Kneel before me
You'll Kneel before me
W-W-Without doubt
When I walk into Asgard,
This is what I see (okay)
All the Gods stop and they glare at me.
My skin is turning blue and I ain't afraid to show it-
(show it, show it, show it)
I'm Loki and I know it.

I'm Loki and I know it.
When I invade Earth, police just can't fight me off
and when I'm in Germany,
The Avengers just can't resist me. (what)
This is how I roll,
come on Iron Man
It's time to go.
I'm a film star, baby, don't be nervous.
Armor and cape, but I still get service.
You'll Kneel before me
You'll Kneel before me
You'll Kneel bef
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Descent into the Void: Chapter Four
Loki: Descent into the Void
Chapter Four
The Celestial City of Asgard was as silent as a tomb.
This was odd, for the sun was still high in the summer sky, but the streets were empty of all life and the shops were closed.
If it had been a holiday or one of the Solstices, this would have made sense. But it wasn't a holiday, nor was it a Solstice celebration. It was a regular day to be sure, or at least it should have been.
Frigga ran through the deserted courtyards of Valhalla, her skirts blowing frantically in the midday winds.
The woman could only think of several times in her countless years of living where she had moved so fast.
In her youth, the Queen had been a ferocious warrior and had fought many glorious battles before she had decided to settle down with Odin and her two sons. On the battlefield Frigga had been a cunning, agile fighter, but her past moments of adrenaline were nothing compared to what she felt now.
Loki's life was in the balance. If the young God was found guilty
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Concealed Solace
Loki leaned against the wall in one of the many corridors filling Asgard's Royal Palace, his head tilted downwards and his eyes focused on the floor as his mind drifted off elsewhere.Thor had just been banished and he considered how to carefully inform Sif and the Warriors Three, after all he didn't want the blame shifted to him.Concealed in the shadows he felt like he could have some time to think about the events which had just transpired.
Loki was distracted from his thoughts as he heard a door open, looking up quickly green eyes clashed with brown ones and for a moment each remained still in the corridor. Sif wasn't quite sure if it was Loki she was looking at, she took a few steps closer to the outline of the dark haired prince hidden in the shadows and smiled slightly as she recognised his face "Loki..what are you doing here by yourself?" she asked.The expression across Loki's face looked more serious than usual for the normally mischievous trickster.
Loki decided it was best to
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From Hill to Sea: Short Story
:bulletgreen: :bulletblue: From Hill to Sea: A Short Story :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:
By: Lyn Tarnisis Harkeran
I sit on my window seat, observing the rolling hills and beautiful dells that I now call my own. It is such a lovely place, my Ireland. So green and lush and so very gentle is this place to my senses; almost as if it was made for me and me alone.
I watch the birds in the brilliant blue sky, fly in their formation and wonder for the millionth time how it would be to fly? Up and away in the air without a care in the world! Soaring so high that the sun touches your very soul, and diving so low that the fish can see your belly as you pull up at the last second. Oh how would it be to fly!
The shores of the nearby sea call to me and I would go, if I could. But I made a promise I must keep. I promised to stay within the house and I will honor my end of the bargain. As I have done since I first made it. Though it is quite boring to stay cooped up in-doors when it is such
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Descent into the Void: Chapter Five
:bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen: Loki: Descent into the Void :bulletgreen: :bulletblack: :bulletgreen:
Chapter Five: A Spoken Plea

Loki stood in the center of the Royal Court of Asgard, but in truth he was a million miles away. There was only one thing on his mind at that moment. A simple, yet terrible fact that was slowly eating him alive.
He had failed.
Though it had been a hard thing to admit in the beginning, Loki now knew without a doubt that it was true.
The God had finally held his destiny in his own two hands; his dreams had been within his grasp! But he hadn't been strong enough to defend his dream. Loki hadn't been strong enough.
Alas, everything always came down to strength is seemed, and it was a fact that strength was a quality that Loki had never naturally possessed. Because of this, Thor had beaten him . . . again.
Loki didn't have to listen to his trial to know the outcome. He would be condemned and killed; though the young God would have preferred his d
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Dipping Into Reality
The glittering halls of Asgard did nothing for Thor's temper as he, for the hundredth time, flipped a table on it's face, scattering food everywhere. This time, the topic of his anger was his brother, Loki. The fool had to go and be reincarnated as a mere Midgardian...all to escape his punishment from Odin. Those would be years…YEARS he would not be able to see his brother…to touch him…to…he had to purge such thoughts from his head. He suddenly stood and calmly walked all the way to Loki's bedroom. He lay in his brother's bed, taking in his scent for what would be the last time for a while. He closed his eyes as began to disintegrate into small molecules in the air. No. He would be the one to teach his brother a lesson this time, Odin and Frigga be damned. He would not let them kill his beloved brother.
The year was 1981 and the cold February breeze intruded on the infant boy's face, inciting small sneezes and cries from the wee babes of nearly a few hours. "Shu
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Mommy's Boys part 1
                                Chapter One:  Somewhat Normal Brothers
It was a normal day at the down-town muesem, tourists and students going on end of the year field-trips piled in and poked around looking at paintings, fossils and displays. Some people weren't muesem-types but Mr. Ultor a middle-aged, 7th grade english teacher at Lincoln Middle-school most definatly was. In fact he took his students there almost every-year for their final field-trips. Unfortantly for him, he was always too busy trying to keep his students in check to really look at anything.
"Peter spit out that gum! Rachel pay attention! Cindy don't wander off! Jake! Thomas get away from that it's priceless! Dear lord help me, I SAID SPIT OUT THAT GUM PETER!" The balding-man barked at his class of 20 only to be ignored.
Betty Trueman(One of t
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Loki X Reader (Chapter 2)
     You roll your eyes at Loki as you walk into the kitchen, "nice try but your not snogging with this girl" You growled as you opened the fridge door looking for something to eat.
Loki got up off the couch as he walked over to you, he wrapped his arms around your waist as you suddenly turned around and punched him in the face, Loki fell backward as he groaned holding his nose in pain.
You couldn't help but laugh a bit as you quickly kneeled in front of him, "I'm so sorry, automatic reflexes" You smiled innocently as you grabbed a cloth putting it to his nose.
"Bloody hell, you didn't have to punch me..." Loki groaned.
You sighed helping him over to the couch, "if you didn't like me you could have just said so" Loki mumbled.
"Like I said automatic reflexes..." You sighed.
"But apparently The God Of Mischief can't take a punch" You laughed as Loki gave you a slight glare.
"What? It's true" You said.
"Well it bloody hurt, I can tell you that" Loki said as he removed the c
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Prologue [Loki X Reader]
You sat on your bed wishing one day you could go to Asgard, but you knew you could never ask Thor such a question. A simple Midgardian like yourself could never set foot in such a beautiful place where gods and the All-father himself roamed. You stood slipping a baggy knitted sweater on as you sighed walking downstairs and into the kitchen, you poured a cup of tea as suddenly you heard the doorbell ring. It was nearly midnight and you wondered who could be knocking at your door at this time of night. You sighed grabbing your tea filled mug and walking toward the door, another knock came at the door.
"I'm coming! I'm coming!" You shouted rolling your eyes.
You unlocked the door opening it, "Thor I swear to all of Asgard if you want poptarts just go to the store and buy some..." You yawned a bit as suddenly you saw Loki standing just feet away from you.
You looked at Loki slightly confused but rolled your eyes shutting the door and walking back upstairs.
Loki knocked on the door once mor
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Loki X Reader - A Shoulder To Cry On (one shot)
You sat in Loki's room waiting for him to arrive, You were sitting on his bed in your beautiful  blue goddess-like gown, it was rather revealing but you were in Asgard, a women with such maturity and beauty had to wear something that showed off her sexy slim body. Your hair was long and pulled back into a long braid, your stunning eyes sparkled in the moonlight.
Another hour had passed as you stood pacing the room and beginning to get worried.
Suddenly Loki walked into the room, he looked beaten up and sad as you slowly walked toward him.
Loki looked down sadly as you gently lifted his chin looking at the cuts and bruises on his face.
"Loki what happened...?" You asked softly as Loki gently grasped your wrist putting it down.
"I am fine Lady _____" Loki muttered as he walked over to his bed sighing, "damn Thor! And the stupid Avengers!" Loki shouted angrily as he grabbed a vase of flowers smashing it on the ground in anger.
"Loki..." You sighed as you quickly grabbed a cloth and b
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Loki-x-Reader: Hero to Villain
:bulletblack: Loki-x-Reader: Hero to Villain :bulletblack:

Your hands were shaking, but you didn’t notice. Your head was cocked to the side- showing how unstable you were- but you didn’t care. And all this indifference showed in your eyes as you stared down the man who stood opposite you.
You had been building towards this point for nearly a month now.  Countless things had brought you to this moment: climatic point after climatic point, driving you closer and closer to the edge until you had finally snapped.
It had started when you had been treated unfairly, with inequality and condescension. And it had escalated when your boss had told you of his plans to let you go at the end of the month. This wasn’t due to a bad work record on your part, or a lack of personal effort; but rather the need for the company's ‘expansion’.
“It’s nothing personal, (F/n),” the pompous man had stated with a grin. “It’s ju
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The 12 Days of Hiddlesmas
The 12 days Hiddlesmas
On the 1st day of Christmas Hiddles Gave to me. A Mustache named Wendy.
On the 2nd day of Christmas Hiddles Gave to me. 2 cans of Peanuts and a Mustache named Wendy.
On the 3rd Day of Christmas Hiddles Gave to me. 3 Kneeling bitches 2 cans of peanuts and a mustache named Wendy.
On the 4th day of Christmas Hiddles gave to me. 4 cups of Decaf 3 kneeling bitches 2 cans of peanuts and a mustache named Wendy.
On the 5th day of Christmas Hiddles gave to me. 5 Tesseracts 4 cups of Decaf 3 kneeling bitches 2 cans of peanuts and a mustache named Wendy.
On the 6th day of Christmas Hiddles gave to me. 6 Quims a Mewling 5 Tesseracts 4 cups of Decaf 3 Kneeling bitches 2 cans a peanuts and Mustache named Wendy.
On the 7th day of Christmas Hiddles gave to me. 7 'staches a twirling 6 Quims a Mewling 5 Tesseracts 4 cups of Decaf 3 kneeling bitches 2 cans of peanuts and a mustache named Wendy
On the 8th day of Christmas Hiddles gave to me. 8 Hulks a ragdolling 7 'staches a twirlin
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Into Eternity: Loki-x-Reader
:bulletgreen: Into Eternity: Loki-x-Reader :bulletgreen: 

It was nearing midnight, but you had no intention of going to sleep. You had wandered earlier that evening from the safety of your house- as you had done every night for several months- and gone to the one place where you knew you could enjoy some peace and quiet: the glade.
The glade was a secluded park with countless trees, a bench, and a small path of water that carved its way freely across the land. The park wasn't a secret by any means, but it was a place where you could go when you needed to think without the rest of life’s interruptions. A place where silence always ran supreme and all noise seemed to fade out of existence. It was your favorite spot, and you had been sitting on the lone bench for most of the night.
Wearily, you lifted your red-rimmed eyes to the heavens above you and looked to the moon. You stared at its simplistic beauty as if entranced, taking in the silvery rays with someth
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No More Illusions
He stands in his armor at the top of Stark Tower, the golden color of his helmet shining in the sun as his green cape flutters in the wind. Taking in a deep breath, I resolve in my heart to do what I must and enter the glass doors at the bottom. Chituri pour forth from the hole in the sky, urging me t to run as fast as I can, my chest heaving and lungs burning. I don't know what I'll do once I reach him. But I must stop him. I must.
Because I'm human, and I won't let even the man I fell for destroy my world.
I run to an elevator, slamming my fingers against the buttons that will take me to the top floor. Leaning against it's walls, I breathe in deeply and close my eyes, remembering.
The first time I saw Loki was about a year ago. He came to earth dressed as a normal human. Indeed, I had no idea he was from another world. Such things only occurred in fiction. Or so I thought. I was a scientist, having been taught by Erik Selvig when I was younger. Once I was introduced to Loki, I
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