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You watched happily as Arthur paced up and down, his eyebrows twitching in irritation. It was a rare state that you’d found him in, especially as neither Francis nor Alfred were around.

“What’s eating you?” You murmured, gazing as he made a sharp turn before he hit the opposite wall.

Arthur shivered, chewing his lip as his hands clutched at each other. “Just something unimportant love.”

Rolling your eyes, you pushed your cheek into the palm of your hand. “If it was something so unimportant you wouldn’t be pacing, would you now?”

He paused for a moment, a disgruntled look on his face as he realised you were right. Then he sat himself next to you, the sofa’s cushions shifting under his weight. You nudged closer to him and snuggled into his neck, your arms around him.

“Now what’s wrong eh?” You muttered, nuzzling into his jaw. “You can tell me you know.” The blond tensed, one of his legs now jiggling up and down. He dragged a hand through his messy hair in frustration.

“We’re out of tea.”

You blinked. Was that really what had gotten his panties in a twist? What started off as a chuckle turned into full-blown laughter that had you collapsed onto him. He blushed and stuck out his bottom lip.

“Tea’s serious business!” That only cracked you up more and you gasped for air, holding your aching sides.

Gently he stroked your hair as you took advantage of the fact that you were lying on his lap and hugged his stomach. Still giggling slightly, you sat up and pecked his lips. “Still tea can’t be that important. Or are you that addicted to it?” You teased, poking his nose once.

He pouted and looked away from you. “I just like it okay.” He said gruffly and you grinned, settling yourself more comfortably on his lap.

“Let’s put it like this, would you rather have all the tea of the world or me?” You knew it was an evil question to ask, but you felt like teasing him. For once he seemed quite

conflicted and he stared at you in distress, his brows touching each other on his forehead.
You scoffed in disbelief and tried to climb off him. His arms wrapped around your waist and he pulled you back against his chest.

“I can’t believe it...” you muttered to yourself. True you’d asked the question first, but still you didn’t think that tea, of all things had a space in your boyfriend’s heart.

“I’m joking of course.” You looked up at him with wide eyes. “You mean it?” Nodding and smiling warmly, Arthur rested his forehead on your shoulder. “Nothing could ever compare to you love.”

Feeling so indescribably warm inside, you hugged him back. “That’s so sweet of you!” Blushing, he huffed slightly to cover his embarrassment.

“But not nearly as sweet as you, my love.”
Heh heh heh......
We have no more tea TT.TT

Uhum, anyways, I apologise if I'm bombarding you with Iggy ^^"

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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A lie detector. A bloody lie detector. That’s what he bought me here for?! Arthur slammed his hands on the table. “Alfred, enough of this! This is ridiculous!” It was bad enough that the American’d dragged him to one of his infamous parties, but this was just plain stupid.

“C’mon dude, it’ll be totally fun!” He shouted, pulling Arthur back into the throng of people. “’Kay guys! Now’s the time we’ve all been waiting for! Time to hook Iggy up to the lie detector!” Arthur growled as the crowd cheered.

You frowned, as you were one of the few that actually got along with the Brit. “But he clearly doesn’t want to!” You called, feeling a large number of eyes trained on you. Arthur smiled gently, he liked you most out of all the people here.

You were nice to him for one, but also considerate, kind and funny. In short he adored being around you. Alfred brushed off your comment. “He’s got a choice! Either get hooked up to the machine or buy us all drinks!”

Gilbert and Mathias both cheered loudly, raising their mugs off beer. Arthur winced, those two alone would drink until it was physically impossible to drink more. “Ugh, I’d rather have the lie detector.” He muttered, rolling his cuffs up and sitting next to the machine.

“Gotchaa~” Alfred sang as he placed several wires on Arthur’s temples and several around his wrist. “So how is this going to work anyway?” Arthur asked, hoping it would be one of those toy things that would guess when you told a lie and then beep.

Unfortunately for him, this one could actually tell when a lie had been told based on how fast the heart beat, whether or not the pupils dilated and if the body-heat increased.

Alfred grinned, not answering. He merely licked his lips and switched it on. “Everyone with a question line up and take it in turns!”

Very quickly, as loads of people wanted to torment the Brit a single file was formed and the game started.

Most of the boys wanted to get him to admit his darkest, most embarrassing secrets, but as they were only allowed one question each to speed things up they often couldn’t make him spill the beans. The girls on the other hand wanted to know more cutesy things about him, things like if he had a crush.

“What colour is your underwear?”

“What the-!” he sighed, a retired look on his face,” blue.”

“How many girls have you kissed?”

“None.” He blushed a bit.

“Do you have anyone you like?”

He turned bright red and stammered a ‘no’, jumping when the lie detector beeped loudly. “Iggy, even if we didn’t have the machine, we’d be able to tell you’re lying.” Alfred said condescendingly.

“Okay fine! Yes I have got some I like, what’s it to you?”

“Who is it?!” He gulped and shook his head, the very tips of his ears burning red.  “Tha-that’s none of your bloo-bloody buisness.”

The people crowded around him exchanged a mischievous look, each person wearing a sly grin. “Is she in this room?”

Realising that it was pointless to struggle, he hid his face in his hands and nodded. Even with his face covered, everyone could tell he was bright red. Now it’d just turned into a giant game of guess who.

“All girls get into the middle of the room!” Someone shouted, ushering them all to stand in a big group. “Wait! We are assuming this mystery person is a girl right?”

Arthur growled. “Of course she is!”

“Has she got (h/c) hair?”


“And what about her eyes? Are they a (e/c)-ish colour.” He sank lower in his chair. “Yes.”
Only about a quarter of all the girls were left and you found yourself surprisingly still surrounded by the squealing girls.

“You’ve known her for a long time? And you get along with her well?”

He looked at his feet. “Yes. Though even if she does know about my crush on her, I doubt it’ll lead to anything. She’s far too good to me in any case. Even if we just stay the way as we are now, I feel incredibly lucky.”

You bit your lip, feeling the flame of jealousy spring up in your veins. Whomever Arthur was talking about, he obviously thought very highly of her. And by the way the corners of his mouth were turned up and the blush on his cheeks, you could tell that his feelings for her were more than an infantile crush.

The people around him all ‘aww’-ed, not knowing the bossy Brit had a side like that to him.
But of course Alfred chose this moment to voice his suspicion.

“....It’s (y/n), isn’t it?”
Both you and Arthur went bright red, pretty much the equivalent of saying ‘yes’. Rubbing his hands together, Alfred smirked. “Guys, change in plan.”

A group of girls got hold of you and dragged you towards Arthur and after he was removed from the chair, you were strapped in his place.

“So tell us (y/n), do you like Iggy?” Alfred asked, a squirming Arthur in his arms. You tried to stand up and run for it, only to have yourself pushed back. “Wh-why would you even suggest such a thing?!”

“Because it’s obviously true.”

You turned in your seat, pulling your knees up to your chest to bury your face in them. “.....And if I said that I did?” You mumbled, though the momentary silence in the room allowed everybody to hear your confession loud and clear.

A volley of cheers and claps erupted, several pairs of hands disconnecting you from the machine and pushing you towards Arthur.

He was also shoved forward and the two of you met each other in the middle awkwardly. “So err....” He trailed off, his face crimson as he glanced at you. “Yeah....” Even though your gazes locked only for a moment, you immediately caught on.

After gulping, his green eyes darting towards the door, the two of you sprinted towards your exit, slamming it behind you and running down the street, your coats half hanging off of you.

“That was interesting night wasn’t it love?” Breathlessly, you nodded and grinned at him. Then you saw a double meaning behind his pet name for you. “Am I really your love?” You asked, hoping for an affirmative answer.

He blushed and looked straight ahead of him. “Only if I’m your love.”

The wind racing through your hair, you stopped, leaping straight at him so he fell backwards. “Of course you are! And you don’t need a liedetector to check it!”
Been hanging around on my computer for a while now

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, comments are as always appreciated!
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“So that’s the situation.” You groaned, rubbing the heels of your hands into your eyes. Arthur just had to try out that new spell of his didn’t he? He should have learned by now surely that they always failed!

He’d gone and done it now though, the twerp had somehow managed to reverse time on his body and as such was back in his younger days. Unfortunately, his mind had gone as well, which meant he was stuck as a pirate captain in these modern times.

Alfred had called you, asking if he could drop the pirate off with you as he knew you had a way of dealing with Arthur. Sighing you dragged a hand through his hair. “Whatever, can you even get him over here without him slicing you up?”

Alfred gulped. “I hope so. See you soon.” With that he hung up and you threw a gaze around the room. It wasn’t that untidy, but you started straightening the place up anyway. Who knows how he would react.

“Unhand me you dog!” Arthur squirmed against his bonds, his emerald eyes wide as he looked this way and that. “What the hell is going on?!” Alfred sighed and pinched his nose, bouncing him up higher on his shoulder.

“Just calm down dude and-“

“What the hell is a dude for heavens’ sake!” The American slacked a sigh of relief when he saw your house coming into view. It would’ve been easier to drive, but since Arthur was making such a fuss, he figured it would be safer to just carry him.
“Now put me down!!”

Alfred knocked on your door, using both his arms to keep the squirming Brit steady. “Is that- oh Arthur, what have you done to yourself?” You murmured, standing in the doorway.

The blond twisted around, wanting to see who was addressing him so familiarly. “Who do you think you are, you-“

He broke off the moment he got a good look at you, his jaw dropping. Alfred realised he was calm and set him on the floor gently, his gaze flickering uncertainly between the two of you. “Well, come in then.” You told them, turning and making your way inside.

“I say, who’s that lad?” Arthur asked under his breath, not completely certain you were a boy. But you were wearing trousers so you had to be. “Actually, that’s (y/n) and she’s not a ‘lad’, she’s a chick.”

Arthur frowned. “She’s a.... chicken?” Alfred groaned and let his head fall in defeat. “No, she’s a girl.”

“Well, why didn’t you say so sooner, you buffoon.”

After a couple of days, you’d managed to get Arthur somewhat used to his surroundings, though he wasn’t left anywhere near anything he could hurt himself with. The mixer and oven being a couple of these for example.

You didn’t know where from, but he’d managed to get a low-cut shirt from back in heyday, his tight trousers complementing his long legs nicely. He was on barefoot most of the time as you’d confiscated his large boots after he’d trudged mud all over the floor.

Currently he was cussing at the TV. “What?! That’s not a woman, that’s a whale!” You’d figured out that he enjoyed those makeover shows the most as he certainly conversed with the TV the most.

“She looks horrible like that, take that stuff off!” Taking the screen in his hands, he tried to swipe at the images on it. “What are you doing Arthur?” You asked, leaning on the doorframe as you watched him.

He blushed and extended his forefinger at the screen. “That stuff on her face...” he started. “It looks horrible, can you make it come off?”

“You mean makeup?” You asked, tilting your head to the side as you came to sit next to him. “Y-yes.” He said, looking at his feet as you shook your head. “It’s just the TV, I can’t change anything that happens on it.”

“What kind of sorcery is it?! It’s the devil’s magic I tell you!” He stood up and started to advance towards it before you gently took hold of his wrist and pulled him back down. With your other hand you turned the TV off and then patted his head.

“Don’t worry, it can’t hurt you, you know?” He straightened his back, his expression proud. “Are you forgetting that I’m the captain Kirkland? Or are you really just that dumb?” His insult hurt and you bit your lip. He could be such an arse at times!

Arthur chortled loudly, until he saw the look of pain on your face. “God, love, I’m, I didn’t mean to-“ Standing up, you waved his apology off with a sad smile. Even if he was an arse, he could still be that Iggy you knew and loved.

Wait. Loved?

You turned red as you realised that in fact you did have quite the crush on him. As you wiped the counters down, you thought about your feelings for the Englishman. Yes, he could be mean and say things he didn’t mean to, but he could be so sweet as well. Even if he was a pirate now...

Looking up at him, you now figured out he was in debate with the radio. With a sigh, you went over to him to pry him away from it.

So what was the deal with you? You’d liked Arthur even before he’d returned to his pirate ways, no? What was the problem then? Sighing again, you stared up at the moon. “What’s all the sighing about?”

Arthur came to sit next to you on the roof, tilting his head towards you inquisitively. “Nothing much really.” You answered, leaning your head back to stare at the stars.

It was his turn to sigh now and your turn to ask him, so you poked his side with your foot to gain his attention. “What’re your sighs for?”

He rested his chin on his arms, looking out over your city that never seemed to be completely asleep. They were always twinkling little lights on somewhere. “I want to go back to sea love. I miss the feel of the waves against the hull, the unsteadiness of your legs on land when you return after a long time.”

He closed his eyes and you could almost see and feel what he was describing for you. “It would be hard to live as a pirate in this day and age, but you know if you want to, you can.” He looked up at that, a hopeful glint in his eye. “Really?”

Chuckling lightly, you nodded. “If you put your heart into it, you can do anything you want.” Arthur leant forward. “Then I’ll tell you something.”

Not knowing what he was getting at, you smiled and shifted closer to him. “Tell me.” Softly, he reached up to cup your cheek, his green eyes piercing yours. “You’re the only thing, that’s keeping me from leaving right now.”

With that, he inclined towards your stunned form, kissing your lips tenderly. When you still didn’t move, he drew back with an embarrassed blush covering his cheeks. “I’m sorry love. I’m sorry, I-I’ll leave now-“

His eye widened for a moment before they closed, enjoying the sensation of you tugging him back by the collar to kiss him again.

Arthur looked at his hands for a moment, then felt around his face. “I’m still the same aren’t I?” You nodded once, slightly confused. You’d explained how he’d turned himself back into a pirate when he’d first started staying with you as you and Alfred were desperately trying to find a way to break the spell.

It was at that point that the American had teased you about a true love’s kiss.

“Guess the spell’s too strong for a kiss to break it....” He muttered under his breath, then shot you a smirk. “Maybe some more intimacy would work.” Teasing you with a cocked eyebrow, he guided your lips back to his.
Hope I did it all right~

Iggy won the poll and I wanted to write him like this so.... CX

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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“Arthur...?” you said as you opened the door to his room with a slow and loud creak.

You could hear loud thunder noises

“A-Arthur” you said, the light from the lightning flashed light through the window.

He could see your watering eyes.

“What is it,love?” he asked in his usual North London accent, which always seemed to calm your nerves.

The thunder crackled and on cue you whimpered,

“Love, are you scared of the thunder?” Arthur asked half asleep; sitting on his queen sized bed.

“ not that.” You said staring in to the dark room, the moonlight that shone through the window helped you see.

“Come inside and tell me.” He said rubbing his eyes sleepily; He looked like a child with not enough sleep.

“I had a really bad dream and this weather is not helping..” you said as you slowly walked over.

“Come here,” he patted the spot next to him on the bed.
You took a seat next to him and hugged him.
Now the gentleman or just man in this case was awake and blushing.

“W-would you like to sleep with me tonight” he said turning his head away to hide his blush.
‘Or maybe you just wanted to stay with him until the storm was over’ he thought to himself.

“Or-“he was about to say something as he looked at you but you had fallen asleep or at least he thought you were.
You shifted closer, closer to the warmth, unconsciously wrapping your arms around him.
He instantly tensed and blushed at your actions but then slowly moved into a comfortable sleeping position and pulled you even closer to him than you already were.

“_____...I-I love you” and with that he kissed your forehead and thought to himself that he will tell you that himself in the morning when you were awake.

It was your turn to tense up at his actions,

‘what? I never said you were asleep’

“I love you too” you soon replied.

“Y-you..! You’re a-awake!?” He asked shocked

‘Mmh’ you nodded sleepily; the memories of the terrible nightmare were gone.

“Y-you G-git!” He said pushing the spare pillow at your face,

“Go to sleep!”
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My other latest xreader is Americaxreader .:That Encounter :. Feat. England : [link]

This is a Short reader insert(xreader), well what can i say...i wanted to write something sweet and i came up with this~!
Thank you For Reading!
Comments are appreciated!


NOTE!- I DON’T own Hetalia or Arthur/England, they belong to the rightful owner!
I OWN the story Plot.
You belong to England!(or Russia!.. okay okay you can always belong to yourself.)

Me: Seeya you next time reader-tan!
For more of my xreader (reader insert) work: [link]

EDIT: Woa!! you guys ! thanks for All the Favs, each one makes me smile thank you!~
England:I-i am shocked, Do you guys l-love me that m-much? ////
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"Bloody hell!" An angry British man yelled.
"I-I'm sorry!" A [h/c] haired girl yelled.
"[Name] do you know how long it took me to get enough money to buy this!?" He yelled, holding up his laptop.
"N-no....but I said I was sorry! It was an accident!" You yelled back.
"How the bloody hell do you accidentally break a laptop screen!?"
"B-But I was us-"
Arthur sighed and started rubbing the bridge of his nose.
"You know what, [Name]? Maybe you should just go home."
He glared at you.
"I said go!"
You stepped back with wide eyes as you stared at him in shock.
You stomped to his door.
You turned around towards him with tears streaming down your face.
He looked at you with wide eyes.
"Don't ever call me! Don't talk to me anymore, you stupid asshole! I hate you!" You yelled as you slammed the door.
Arthur put his hands in front of his face and fell to the floor.
"What have I done?"


The next morning you woke up with tear stains on your face.
You went to look in the mirror and gasped.
"Well I can't go to school looking like this."
You turned the faucet on and grabbed a towel.
You threw water on your face then dried it.
"That's better."


"Later mom!" You yelled as you opened the front door.
"Bye sweetie, see you later~ Oh! You should invite Arthur over since we're having his favorite tonight."
"Yeah, mom. I'll tell him." You said as you closed the door and started walking.
"Not. I'm not talking to that jerk."
"Is that what you call me when I'm not around?"
You turned your head and saw Arthur walking beside you.
You huffed and kept walking, ignoring his very existence.
He sighed.
"[Name] we need to talk."
You kept walking, but a little faster.
"[Name]!" He yelled grabbing your wrist.
"What!?" You yelled back.
"We need to talk!"
"There's nothing to talk about!" You yelled as you felt tears about to fall.
Arthur looked at you wide-eyed.
"Let me go." You pleaded.
He slowly let your wrist go, still looking at you with wide eyes.
When he let go you ran the rest of the way to school.
He watched as you ran.


"Come on, [Name]! I'm so hungry!" [B/F/N] yelled.
You laughed.
"Okay! Okay!"
[He/She] smiled, grabbed your arm, and started running to cafeteria.
"So what are you going to get, [B/F/N]?" You asked as you both got into line.
"Oh! I'm getting a pizza,a hamburger, fries, cheeseburger, chicken sandwich, and some chocolate milk!"
You looked at [him/her] with wide eyes.
"Whoa! You eat like Alfred!" You yelled.
"'Cuz he's my bro! Not really, but you know what I mean."
[He/She] looked behind you and grinned.
"Speak of the devil. Hey Alfred!" [He/She] yelled.
You turned around and saw Alfred......and Arthur.
"O-oh! I forgot [B/F/N]. I have to take a make-up quiz for Mrs. Jackson's class. I'll see you later." You said as you ran out of the cafeteria.
"Okay. Later, [Name]!" [He/She] yelled.
You ran past Arthur and you both looked at each other in that split second.
"Hey [B/F/N]! Where did lil dudette go?" Alfred asked.
"She said she had to take a make-up quiz for Mrs. Jackson." [He/She] answered.
They all shuddered.
Alfred and [B/F/N] laughed while Arthur groaned.
"Vhat's up?" Gilbert asked.
"Hola~" Toni said.
"Bonjour~" Francis said.
Arthur looked at Francis and started laughing.
"F-Frog Face! W-What h-happened to y-your face!" He laughed out.
Francis groaned as he rubbed the purple bruises on his nose and forehead.
"Did someone finally have enough of you?" Arthur asked still laughing.
Toni, Gilbert, [B/F/N], and Alfred started laughing.
"You seriously don't know,dude?" Alfred asked.
Arthur calmed down and started wiping the tears from his eyes.
"Know what?" He asked.
"Francis grabbed [Name]'s breast yesterday and she smacked him across the face with a laptop!" [B/F/N] laughed out.
"Si! The screen cracked, too!" Toni also laughed out.
Arthur stood still for a moment.
"Bloody hell!" He yelled as he ran to the cafeteria door.
"Dude, where you goin!?" Alfred asked.
"To find [Name]!"


You were sitting outside in the school's garden.
"It's a good thing no one comes here but the gardening club." You said as you watched them walk off.
You sighed.
"That stupid jerk. I was just trying to protect myself! I didn't mean to break his laptop. I really was sorry." You said as you started tearing up.
Arthur stood behind you shocked and guilty.
He wrapped his arm around you shoulders.
You scresmed and tried to get away, thinking it was Francis.
"It's me, love."
You calmed down, but still didn't say anything.
He laid his head down in the crook of your neck, causing you to flinch and  blush.
"I'm sorry. If I'd just listened to you....I would have known you broke my laptop to protect yourself...I'm so sorry."
You smiled and brought your hand up and rested it ontop of his head.
"I forgive you, Arthur."
He looked up and smiled at you, causing you to blush.
"You know Arthur, I know you were really mad at me, and I don't blame you, but it really did hurt when you yelled at me......I thought you hated me...." You said as your smile was replaced by a tearful look.
Arthur grabbed your face with both of his hands.
"No! [Name], I'm sorry I made you think that, but I don't hate you!"
His face turned red as he rubbed his thumbs on your cheeks.
"I love you. I'm so sorry I yelled at you. I was blinded by anger and when I saw you crying, I felt so guilty that I made the girl I love cry."
You smiled at him the started laughing.
"I love you too, Artie~!" You replied as you held onto his arms.
He smiled then crashed his lips onto yours.
You both were happy until....
You both jerked back to see the Gardening Club cooing and throwing flowers at you.
You looked at Arthur then started laughing.
"Well this is memorable." You said.
Arthur smiled and hugged you.
"I definitely won't forget it." He said, kissing your cheek.
Request for :iconkushamisaru:

Hope you enjoy it~
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"Aww, aren't you just the cutest thing?"

 Arthur Kirkland watched you snuggle with the cat, green eyes narrowed. He could see why'd you dubbed it as FranceCat; after all, that cat was a fluff ball, just like Francis's "sexy" hair and, also very much like France, this cat seemed more than happy to cuddle near some.....Intimate areas.

To anyone else, it would have been rather amusing to see the Brit's face turn bright red as glowered at the smug, fluffy cat. Arthur, however, was less than amused. "You really are cute!" You cooed, scratching the cat's ears and ignoring your boyfriend's silent hissy fit. "Why don't you sleep with me tonight?"

 Arthur's eye twitched. That was it. This cat could mock him, even hog his girlfriend on a day Arthur planned to spend with you, but to take his place in your bed, the one place he had to look forward to at this point?

That. Bloody. Cat's. Gone. Too. Far.

 The cat had to go, Arthur knew that much. He then had an idea. "____?" He adressed you, smiling. "Do you think you could go grab the 69th research book in the library? I need it for some paper work."

 You put down the cat, smiling. "Sure thing, Arthur." You stood up, stretching briefly before going, leaving Arthur and FranceCat alone, a fact the cat didn't seem too happy about.

Taking advantage of your absence, the Brit grabbed a scone off the silver platter resting on the coffee table, setting the so called food down in front of the disgruntled cat. "Eat up, you bloody cat."

 FranceCat was either very hungry or very stupid, because he began to devour the scone without hesitation.

 Arthur grinned maliciously.


"What the hell happened to FranceCat?!" You shrieked. The poor cat was puking his guts out in the cornor, looking just a little less smug.

 Arthur shrugged his shoulders, trying not to smile. "I don't know, love. Must have been something he ate." Arthur laughed at his little private joke, much to your confusion and FranceCat's annoyance. 

Ah yes, victory was sweet.

..........*shot for 69 joke* XD
This was kind of based off this: [link]
Actually might end up making a Jealous!CountryXReaderXNeko!Country series......
Comment, please!
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England was acting rather strange, and by 'strange', I mean even weirder than him talking to his supposed magical friends. It was as though he was suddenly trying to avoid you, which was unusual since you had been dating for six years. Whenever you tried to talk to him, he would ramble on about some excuse to leave or simply just head off at a different direction. Sometimes you could even feel his presence lurking shyly behind walls, as if he wanted but could not for whatever reason talk to you. This behaviour annoyed you; where was his gentlemanly side?

So one day as you were sulking around on the couch, you received a call from your British boyfriend.

"Hello, love," you heard his voice on the other side, making you realize how much you missed talking to him. However, it wasn't enough to soothe the anger that was boiling up within you.
"What do you want?" you asked bluntly, absentmindedly twirling a few strands of your (insert colour) hair.
"No need to be so rude, young lady. I-I just wanted to ask you... if you wanted... to have dinner together," he stuttered.
You paused for a while, mentally asking yourself how he expected you to be so normal after he practically ignored you for two weeks. You finally replied, "Arthur, you've been avoiding me for weeks! How do you think I feel?"
He sighed, knowing how badly he had been treating you. The former pirate said softly and earnestly, "I'm sorry, ____. Please let me make it up to you?"
There was silence, until you spoke, "You're not cooking, are you?"
You giggled as you heard him growling into the phone; he hated being made fun of, but you just couldn't help it! He was adorable when flustered. England said in an up-tight manner, "My food is perfectly fine! But, no, I was planning on taking you to a high-class restaurant! So, ____, would you like to. Go. Or. Not?"
You were practically rolling off your couch, trying hard to stifle your laughter. You could envision his appearance right now; his cheeks would be pink from embarrassment and his bushy eyebrows furrowed as he grew impatient with you.
"Pick me up at seven."

It turns out that England had booked a reservation at an Italian restaurant, which made you delighted for you loved their cuisine. As you walked into the restaurant, you took another glance at his attire. He was decked out in a simple but classy black tuxedo, while his blonde hair was still in his messy state. You noticed an unusual bulge at his pocket, but immediately brushed it off. It could be anything; you didn't need to think too much into it. You noticed that although he was the one who asked you out, he was acting really fidgety and nervous.

"England, what's wrong?" you asked when you caught him staring at you. The second your (insert colour) eyes met his emerald ones, he pretended to be engrossed with the menu instead. Feeling the intense pressure you were giving him, he placed his menu down, reaching over and allowed his large hand to caress your cheek.
"Sorry, love. I was just admiring how beautiful you look," the British man said sincerely, a hint of pink dusting his cheeks. You smiled and shyly bit your lip, leaning into his touch. You loved how romantic he could be.

"Ve~ ____ and-a England! Are you-a on a date?" a familiar chirpy voice said near your table. The two of you turned to see Italy smiling with a notepad in hand.
"Italy? You're our waiter?" you asked in a friendly tone. England, on the other hand was unhappy with this intrusion, but tried to hide his discomfort.

Being Italian, it was natural for Italy to be extra friendly and flirtatious towards pretty women. As he set your food down on the table, he said, "Here's the-a pasta for the bella ragazza*~"

You let out a cute laughter, complimenting him, "Aww, you're so cute, Italy!"

That made the obstinate man grunt loudly, which practically scared Italy away. You looked at him quizzically.

He blushed heavily, saying rather accusingly, "You can't say that!"

Registering what he just said, you chuckled and leaned forward, teasing him, "Jealous, love?"

England could feel his cheeks get even redder, clearing his throat as he reverted back to his gentleman-mode. "No, I just think it's inappropriate."

"Well, I think of him as a younger brother, and if he's 'adorable', then you are 'extremely handsome'," you said sweetly, watching with amusement as he tried to shrug it off. He fitted that Japanese term perfectly - 'tsundere'.

The dinner went on well; England would talk and discuss with you on recent events, while he in return listened attentively to the stories you told him. You liked this intimacy you had with him- he was the only person you could feel so comfortable around. However, you noticed that he would occasionally reach down and fiddle with something in his pocket, yet whenever you were going to point it out to him, he would quickly avert your attention away. What exactly was going on?

After the meal, England brought you to the park, specifically the gazebo. The lights were dim and you had a beautiful view of the large pond, the moonlight glistening and reflecting marvellously against the water. The flowers surrounding the both of you and the graceful white swans swimming around made the atmosphere extra romantic, letting you smile warmly as you appreciated the scenery.

England seated you down but walked to the other side of the gazebo, his back facing you. It sounded as if he was mumbling to himself, probably having a conversation with flying mint bunny or one of those creatures. You could see him take a deep breath, his shoulders slumping as he exhaled.

"____," he finally said after a long while. You sat more upright, feeling tension build up from the seriousness in his tone. You remained silent, prompting him to continue, "I had spent the most wonderful six years of my entire life with you, and umm, I'm not sure how to say this..."

You studied his body language, noticing how he was shuffling about and rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. His green eyes were cast down, making you wonder if he was guilty of something.

"Uhh, well, frankly I didn't know it'll be this hard to say this..." he said more to himself, turning aside to allow him to think of the correct words. This was odd; he was usually blunt or sharp-tongued in his speech. You stared at him with the most confused facial expression you had ever pulled off. He eventually faced you again, his back straight like a good-postured English man he was.

"____, what I'm trying to say is... I can't or don't want to call you my 'girlfriend' anymore."

That sentence hit you with realization. Was he breaking up with you? That's the answer, right? It would explain everything: his constant distractions, him avoiding you... He probably just lost interest in you, and despite having Shakespeare come from his country, Arthur Kirkland himself had no experience with women! It was quite likely that he decided that taking you out for a nice dinner was a good way of ending a relationship on a high note.

You hung your head and shifted your body more to the other side, trying to shy away from him while resisting the tears that threatened to spill out of your (insert colour) orbs. You weren't one to cry over breakups, but this man was the only person you had ever loved so much. It took so long for him to finally ask you out for a cup of tea, and it felt horrible having to throw away this relationship you treasured so much. You clung onto your dress, attempting to hide the quaver in your shaky voice, "A-Arthur... if you want to break up, then... a-alright, I suppose..."

The response from him was so unexpected and loud that you even jumped a bit.

"Bloody hell!! You can't break up with me now!!"

You whipped your head to his direction, gasping as you saw him on one knee, with a tiny box in hand that contained the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. His face however was of disbelief, which actually matched yours. Anybody who walked by you two and saw your expressions would've thought you were mad.

"Y-y-you were going to p-p-propose?!" you practically shrieked, your heart raging in your ribcage. Your hands covered your mouth, while your eyes were fixated on the jewellery.

"W-well, if you don't want to marry me, then see this as a proposition to unite Britain and (your country/state) together," he said, looking everywhere except at you. Your jaw dropped as he said that, scoffing at how silly he could be, "You can't say that!"

He looked down and sighed, taking it as a sign of rejection. Just as he was about to close the box, he was hurled onto the floor and attacked with kisses. He took a while to adjust and quickly kissed back just as passionately, wrapping his arms around your waist.

You pulled a few inches away, beaming as you whispered, "Yes, I'll marry you. Not England, but you, Arthur Kirkland."

The blonde man smiled as though he was the happiest being on the planet, slipping the elegant ring onto your ring finger with pride. He leaned up and mumbled against your lips, "I love you, ____."

"I love you too~"
W-why is the deviantart format different?? D:
Anyways, here's an EnglandxReader oneshot, I felt bad for not publishing for so long, and I thought the idea of England having troubles getting his feelings across was pretty cute and funny :iconemocorner-iggy-plz:
I'm having exams now, argh, I'm scared! I should be studying instead but... :P
I don't mind getting any constructive criticism, really I don't! I hate those moments when I want to point out some areas to improve in some fanfics that I read, but think that I'm too harsh and just chicken out. I dunno, I feel as though most people don't want to hear those stuff :/
*bella ragazza= beautiful girl
Tsundere= cold at first, but sweet after the person warms up to you (I don't know why I'm explaining this, every Hetalia fan should know this 0.o)

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Edit: Removing my preview images, as although I said I didn't own them and linked it back to where I found it, I don't think that's 'getting permission'
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"Oh, my, I'm terribly sorry, (Name)," Arthur apologized.

"Pfft~! You were trying to make me into a little kid?" Francis pondered, trying to keep himself from laughing. "Oh, Artie, I didn't think you were "


"Arthur-san, maybe we shouldn't speak such vulgar language in front of (Name)-san," Kiku suggested, trying to calm down the British man. Arthur looked over to (Name) who had her ears covered by Feliciano and looked around curiously at the two men that she couldn't hear.

He sighed as Feliciano took his hands off her ears. "I guess I was lucky. I was looking at the wrong spell. The original idea was to turn this . . . freak of nature over here into an actual frog. (Name) didn't have to suffer that, so that's good to hear." Arthur picked the little girl (who looked much younger than his younger brother) up into his arms. "This was my fault, so I guess I'll take care of (Name) until this spell wears off."

"And make her suffer that horrid thing you call food? I think she would be better off with me!" Francis laughed. Arthur snarled at the man in response.

"Ve~ maybe I should take care of her!" Feliciano chirped.

"No, no, as I said it was my fault, so it should be my responsibility." Arthur looked at (Name), whose face donned a smile, making him smile right back. "So, if you don't mind, I'll excuse myself and go home."

Ludwig nodded as everyone else finally decided to tune into the discussion.

"Alright, that should do the trick." Arthur help up the small, (Any Color) t-shirt that Peter used to wear that he tailored to fit (Name). It would look more like a dress on her, but as long as she wasn't tripping over the cloth, it was fine. There was also a pair of shorts that you couldn't see that he also tailored. He got up from his seat, and walked into the living room, where she was watching a little TV. "Could you get up for a minute, (Name)?"

She nodded in response as she hopped off the couch and on the floor. Arthur chuckled as he replaced the large clothes she was wearing with the new tailored shirt.  He put the large t-shirt into a bag that had her other large articles of clothing (it was
embarrassing for him) for when she returned to normal.

"How does it feel, love? Do I need to change anything?" he asked, kneeling down to her eye level.

"No, everything is fine! Thank you, Mister Arthur!" she said, still smiling.

"You don't have to use 'Mister', (Name)." It seems the spell also affects the way she thinks . . .      

"So I can call you Arthur?"

"That's more than fine." The British man gladly returned her smile. "Is there anything you want to do?"

(Name) stared at him for a second before asking if they could draw. Arthur brought out some paper and colored pencils and markers.

"Hello, Iggy!" he heard someone shout out as the door swung open while the two were drawing (mainly Arthur helping her draw). Peter Kirkland came out, as cheerful as he always is every day. The little boy saw (Name) and his grin grew wider. "Arthur, who is she? She looks like she's 4 years old. Where did she come from?"

"Peter, you know (Name), yes?" he asked, getting up on his knees while (Name) looked at the boy with curiosity.

"Of course I do! She's really nice."

"Well, I accidentally cast a spell on her, and she shrunk into this age. Until the spell wears off, I made it my responsibility to care for her."

"Can I play with her too?"

"Sure, you can. I was planning on going out for a minute to buy some food for her. Can you play with her until I come back?" Arthur asked as he stood up.

"You can count on me!" Peter saluted to him as Arthur made his way to the door.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, love, okay? Peter will take good care of you until then. See you later."

"Bye, Arthur! See you later!" (Name) jumped up and started waving to the British man. He gave a smile before leaving out the door. "What do you wanna do, Peter?"

"Let's play Hide and Seek!" he chirped as they began to choose who would go hide and who would go seek.

"(Name), Peter? I'm back," Arthur called with bags of store bought sandwiches and other groceries in his hands. "Hello?"

He heard the TV playing in the living room and he walked there. On the couch, he found both the children napping with their heads lying on either of the arm rests. Peter was sprawled out with a leg hanging off the edge and (Name) curled up into ball on the other side. Arthur chuckled as he put down the bags at the kitchen table and brought out two blankets from the storage closet, covering the two.

He turned off the TV and headed back into the kitchen to put away the groceries. After Arthur placed the sandwiches into the refrigerator, the door made a light slam. He was finally done with that as he sighed peacefully.


"GAH!" Arthur cried. He turned around to see none other than Peter Kirkland holding the phone in one hand and a spatula he grabbed from the counter in the other. "Peter, what are you doing?"

"Oh, it's just you, Arthur. For a second I thought you were a stranger who broke into the house." He wiped sweat from his forehead and placed the spatula and phone back where they were. "No worries, (Name), it's just Arthur!"

(Name) came through the door as she happily ran to Arthur and gave him a big hug. "Welcome home, Arthur! Peter and I had a lot of fun while you were gone~! We played Hide and Seek, tried to make a house of cards, and we watched TV!"

He laughed, "It seems like I missed out on a lot while I was gone. Well, after all that, you two are probably starving, right?"

"Yes, what are we having for dinner?" Peter asked.

"W-well, I didn't think I should cook for you, so I just brought some sandwiches from the store. Shall we eat, then?"

Peter and (Name) nodded eagerly and helped set the table. Arthur placed the sandwiches on three plates just so it looks presentable. They finally sat at the table, eating, talking, and laughing. It was like they were a whole family.

That Night . . .
"Well, you look tired, love," Arthur said, looking at the little girl who curled up on the couch again. Peter already went to bed (with a little reluctance). "C'mon, it's time for you to go to bed." He picked her up, and traveled into his room (the guest room was dusty, so he would just sleep on the couch). With care, he laid the little girl onto the bed and covered her with the blankets. "Good night, (Name). Sweet dreams."

". . . Arthur?" she asked with a quiet voice.

"Yes, love?"

"Can you count sheep for me*?" (Name) asked with a little hesitation.
He smiled warmly and gently replied, "Sure, I can." To make himself comfortable, he actually lay next to her and counted a couple of sheep. By the time she fell asleep, Arthur did as well, but not before kissing her forehead subconsciously.

"W-Wha . . .?" (Name) muttered to herself ask she got up from her sleeping position. The clock said it was around two in the morning. She looked beside her to find Arthur sleeping with the peaceful look on his face that she rarely saw. She looked down only to realize that she returned to normal, but had no clothing but the tailored clothes, which was too snug for her taste.

(Name) got up and grabbed the drawstring bag in the corner and put on her regular clothes. "Well, that's better." She yawned as sleep began to overpower her again and she walked back towards her place in the bed drowsily. (Name) took one look at Arthur before dozing off. "Good night, Artie."

Arthur forced himself to get up, tiredly rubbing his eyes. "I must've fallen asleep. But at least (Name) was -- Since when did she return to normal!?" He found himself right next to a normal aged (Name) sleeping calmly beside him. Arthur sighed, "At least she's changed into her clothing."

"Oh, good morning, Arthur," she said, getting up from her resting positioned. She didn't seem fazed by the fact she was right beside him in the bed.  

"Good morning, (Name). I'm glad to see you're back to normal." He gave a little grin.
"Yeah, thanks for taking care of me yesterday. I'm really grateful that you could put up with me. I wasn't annoying as a kid, was I?"

"Oh, not at all; In fact, you were quite enjoyable to be around. But even so, you're personality never even changed from when you were a kid to now. And I have to admit, you were a very cute as a little girl."

She laughed. "Yeah, what happened to me now?"
"Well, that answer is simple, love. You became a beautiful young lady."

(Name) smiled as she took his hand to go downstairs.

"Perhaps I should change you into a child more often," he joked on the way down to the kitchen.

"Don't even think about it, Artie," she giggled.
Yeah . . .

*Guess who's been listening to Resting with England?

So who do you think I should do next?

Prologue: [link]
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He was late coming home, again. He had even texted you telling you he was about to leave over three hours ago, and then he had texted you back ten minutes later apologizing for the tardiness he knew was going to come. Arthur's boss had been doing this more and more frequently it seemed, you were beginning to let yourself think you never even got to see him for more than an hour at a time, and that alone could hurt even the closest of marriages.

You sighed, shaking your head and letting some strands of your (h/c) hair fall in front of your face, resting your palms on the cool surface of the mattress. You had stayed up waiting for him every single night this week and it was taking a toll on you. Perhaps you would just lay down for a quick nap, shut your eyes for just a moment to regain just an hour of the sleep you had lost this previous week.

Slowly you lowered your body down, relishing the way the mattress seemed to hug your body close to it, enveloping you as the comforter warmed your body. Normally you would have smiled, but without Arthur's warm body there to curl up next to, all you really managed was a putout sigh as you let your eyelids close over your (e/c) irises, hoping that when you woke the circles underneath your eyes would have disappeared.
It was only about half an hour after you had fallen asleep that Arthur's key slid into the lock of the front door. You, of course, didn't hear, or you would have jumped up to meet him with a large hug as he opened the door. It was almost a ritual by now.

Whenever he got home late you would hug him tight, loving the way how even though he was exhausted, he would hold your body securely against his, and then you would peck his cheek, maybe his lips, and then go and make him some tea to relax him. Sometimes you would even curl up on the couch afterwards, watching Doctor Who or Sherlock as you leaned up against him, physically feeling him unwind after a long day. Then you would go to bed.

Needless to say, whenever the door was opened and you weren't there to greet him, Arthur Kirkland was rather surprised.

"(Y/n)?" he called, stepping foot into the house, letting his emerald eyes dart about the area. He could find you nowhere in the nearby area. His large eyebrows furrowed together in slight confusion.

His briefcase was set down on the floor as he locked the door behind him, throwing his key onto the table, not really bothering to care about where they landed. Your name again left his lips, his accent, thicker than usual because of his fatigue, coating the single word.

He looked in the kitchen, the living room, even the porch outside. As he walked back into the living room, it suddenly clicked in his mind where you were. On the armrest of the couch, there was a half-cup of now-cold tea left. You must have fallen asleep... you were never one to just let good tea go to waste.

Quickly, he headed back towards your shared bedroom, finding you sprawled out on the bed, your hair fanning out on the surface of the pillow your head rested on, a leg protruding out from underneath the blanket that covered your body. Small moans left your lips as you tossed your head back and forth, and suddenly Arthur felt a pang of guilt.

Slowly, as not to wake you, he made his way over to the bed, sitting down on the edge and brushing some hair back from your face. It was because of him you were like this... You would stay up late waiting for him, and he knew you were tired, yet you would always make him his tea and always wore that sweet smile of yours so as to dismiss any worry he might of had beforehand.

As he continued to move back pieces of your hair your breathing began to slow down and the turning of your head ceased. Eventually, a slight smile even turned up your lips and a sigh escaped your lips.

"Arthur..." you mumbled, not opening your eyes, your body too lost in the recesses of sleep.

When he saw that you were more peacefully asleep he couldn't help but smile. Checking the time he sighed, looking down at his shoes. He had to put a stop to this. He had promised you when you had agreed to marry him that he would not let his work ever get in the way of your relationship, that you would always come first, and here you were, exhausted, and all because of his workload.

With an air of determination, Arthur stood up, walking out of the room as he dug his hand into his jacket pocket, pulling out his cell phone and dialing his workplace. He would make it up to you...
You groaned as you slowly woke up, although your eyes remaining closed. You didn’t want to open them so that any light could enter your eyes, that would surely wake you up and you weren’t so sure you wanted to be woken yet. Drowsily, you moved your arm further around this... pillow? No... body. You opened your eyes, looking up. Arthur.

You smiled sleepily as you looked over his face. Strands of his shaggy blonde hair hung in his eyes, his expression peaceful. Your gaze wandered further down, to his exposed chest where light muscles were gently sketched into the skin. Hugging him gently, as not to wake him up, you let your body mold to his, relaxing. You loved waking up before he had to go to work, seeing him this calm was somehow soothing to you.

Although, everyone had to wake up eventually, and wanting to know just when you had to, you shifting your body, turning your head to look at the digital clock on the bedside table. 9:00! Your eyes widened. Oh, God. You were both late for work.

Hating yourself for waking him up, you forced yourself to gently shake his shoulder. "Arthur... Arty. You're going to be late!" You didn't want him staying at work even later than usual...

Slowly, his eyes opened, his foggy green eyes looking down at you as one of his bushy eyebrows shot up. "What?" he said the word slowly, confused, his mind obviously still in the rebooting phase.

"It's nine in the morning!" You made a move to get up, but found yourself pulled back to Arthur's bare chest. Looking up, you found a small smirk on his face.

"Love, I called in. I'm staying home today..." one of his hands came up to brush your hair out of your face before he cupped your cheek, running his thumb across your cheekbone. "I told you... when we were married... that you would always come first, and then I come home and you are simply exhausted and just because you stay up for me. We both needed a break..." he spoke gently, softly. The effects of the morning still evident.

You couldn't help but smile, both at his words and the gesture he had made just for you. You reached up, touching your fingertips lightly to his cheek, causing your ring to spark in the morning light that managed to come in through the curtains. "Arty..." you sighed out happily, raising your head up to kiss him gently.

One of his palms skated down your sides, pulling you gently to his warm, bare chest as his lips moved against yours. Even after you had broken your lips apart, just one look into his deep emerald eyes let you know that today would be a stay in bed day, and you had to say that you were looking forward to it.

“You are beautiful, (f/n) Kirkland...”
Well I posted that journal offering requests and such but then I wanted to take a break and write something I wanted to~ And England is my favorite character so...~
Basically, this whole scenario is what I think about whenever I am laying in bed at night and I feel lonely... It is just nice to think about curling up with someone, y'know~?

Hetalia doesn't belong to me~
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WARNING: I swear in this. Get over it, the whole world swears all the time. As I once made an Italian say, “Swearing is good for the soul.”


“Ignorant fool!”

“Prissy aristocrat!”

“Filthy bitch!”

“Black sheep!”

“Anime freak!”

“I take that as a compliment, stuck up bastard!”

“At least I’m civilized, arse!”

“Well, your language begs to differ!”

“Guys, guys, calm down and listen to the hero’s awesome plan!” America interrupted you and England’s bickering.

But both of you turned to him in a rage and yelled, “FAT ASS!” which effectively sent him away to sulk.

I guess all of you must have been pretty boring, and with you taking care of fighting with England, France was dozing off before you screamed. He groggily opened his eyes, calling out, “I disagree with all of you.”

“SHUT IT, FROG!” you and England yelled again, only making you more mad at each other. In fact, you were so pissed you turned to him again, hollering, “STOP DOING THAT!” But of course he joined in on that exclamation too, and now you were livid.

Shrugging off your jacket, you threw it at Feli. You decided to call him that since you had actually met Romano first, and it just got confusing. “That’s my favorite jacket, Feli. Keep it safe.” You stood, now just in a camisole you didn’t care about.

“What are you going to do? Fight me?” England sneered, before you threw a punch at him that he ducked in surprise. “What the hell?” his green eyes widened, while your (e/c) ones just narrowed.

You glared at him, actually wanting to kill him, “What the hell do you think?”

“I think you’re crazy!” England yelled, dodging once more.

You laughed in his face, “Oh, I’m the crazy one? You’re the one that believes in magic and flying rodents!” That made him mad, and he actually threw a punch right back at you. “‘Bout time you got some balls, black sheep.” you said, catching his fist in mid air while he looked back at you, impressed with your strength.

“Angleterre!” France started to scold England, “You’re a gentleman, n’est-ce pas? How could you try to hit a lady?”

England winced as you started to crush his hand in your own. “That thing,” he spat, “might be female, but it is no lady.”

You scoffed, “And you call yourself a gentleman? You’re just a bitter, rude, old man!” Taking your other hand you grabbed his arm and flipped him over, making him land on the floor with a thud. “And I can still take you.” you said, stepping down on his back as he tried to get up.

“But I can always bounce right back.” he said, taking advantage and grabbing your boot. Giving your leg a hard yank you fell to the floor beside him, and he had you pinned. Not that you weren’t still fighting, but when angered he was strong.

France was smiling down on you two, however, and said, “Will you two stop releasing sexual tension so we can talk?”

“God!” you exclaimed, “Why is everything about sex with you?!” Your anger was now directed at France, but England had just realized the position the two of you were in.

A blush spread across his face as he tried to get off from straddling you, and he tried desperately to not look at your now slightly torn tank top, with one strap hanging off your shoulder. When you saw the blush on his face, a look of confusion crossed yours, before you realized what had happened. Luckily, most of the countries were unable to see the two of you, and Feliciano was on the other side of the table. England sat on the ground, still in disbelief, while you stuck a hand up and called, “Feli! My jacket!”

“Si, bella!” Feli said, the jacket smacking into your hand. You slipped it over your shoulders, and smoothed your hair back. You got back into your seat, and acted like nothing happened.

In reality, all the countries had been wondering when you would snap. It was obvious you and England despised each other, and you weren’t the type to let those sorts of insults go easily. But you two had obviously gotten something out of your system, because now you sat quietly.

But England’s mind was racing.

Was France right? Wait, no, France is never right! I would never like _____ in that way! She’s so-so- perfect... Feisty, bold, but also sweet and kind... Stop that! You know she hates you!

Then what’s the harm in thinking about it?

Of course, you were reeling as well.

Does England like me? No! Of course he doesn’t! He hates me as much as I hate him! But... do I really hate him? Yes, he’s mean, bitter, grumpy, interesting, kindhearted, deep, sexy... And, oh lord, that accent... I could die... Stop that!

But why was he blushing after he pinned me? Why would he even think of me like that? Was it France? Yeah, he was probably just flustered by France...

You were snapped out of your thoughts by France getting up as one of the last to leave the room. He said, “Au revoir, lovebirds~” And it made you cringe. Then you looked up. You were alone with England.

About to get up and leave, England caught your sleeve, not catching your eye. He inquired quietly, “_____, why do you hate me?”

You stared down at him. Sure, sometimes he pissed you off, but it was mostly that he was so alone and wouldn’t let anyone in his life. Just because you’ve been hurt in the past doesn’t mean you can push everyone else away forever! If you hadn’t started off on the wrong foot (which neither of you could even remember anymore), you probably would have been close with the old sod. His history was fascinating to you, and you despised all the same people. So you stared back at the man, revealing such hurt in those green eyes that refused to meet your gaze. “I don’t.” you told him. It was the truth. You really didn’t hate him, but you know how feuds escalate, right?

“What are you talking abou-” he started to ask, but something came over you. Stopping him mid sentence, you smashed your lips down on his, threading your fingers in his hair and earning a small grunt of surprise that made you smirk.

You broke away, and straightened back up. “I said, I don’t hate you. I never really have. You irk me, but nothing more than that.”

There was a little lopsided grin on his face, “What just happened?” England looked like a child expecting to go to get his dog euthanized, who just found out instead he was going to Disneyland. After expecting something horrible, he almost couldn’t believe that something so amazing had happened.

Fortunately for him, you had no trouble reminding him. You leaned down again, and whispered, “This.” You kissed again him, softly this time, but squeaked as he gained control and pulled you into his lap.

After a while, the two of you broke apart and stood. England blushed a little and turned those deep green eyes away from you, but you promptly turned his face towards you. “What’s up?” you asked, staring into those endless orbs with your own (e/c) ones.

“Well, I was kind of wondering if you might like to join me for tea now?” he said, rushing through it.

You grinned, and laced your fingers with his. “That sounds lovely.” The two of you exited the world meeting with an entirely new light on things.

~Extended Ending brought to you on the wings of the flying mint bunny~

“Lemme see those binoculars!” America whined as France stared out the window of the McDonald’s. I swear, those things pop up everywhere America goes! It’s like a damn plague...

He adjusted the focus then chuckled, “Ohonhonhonhon~ It looks like a certain American owes me some money!”

“What?!” America said, finally snatching the binoculars, “Damn, how did you know?” He zoomed in on England and _____ leaving the meeting, hand in hand.

France just got a pervy look on his face, “Silly American, the French know everything about love!”
Herp derp. Well, I haven't posted anything in forever, have I? So have some Iggy... I'll try to ignore my writer's block and actually post some shiz. And get around to all those requests I seem to be ignoring...


:iconenglandplz::iconsaysplz: Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz, but you either knew that, or don't care, right?

:iconone-with-russiaplz::iconsaysplz: You belong to Mother Russia, da?
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