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Similar Deviations
Just re-submitting with her design, so I didn't still have that test design up.
I'm keeping this one as my main sona I've decided. ^^; I really couldn't give her up.
The other design I'm still using as one of Blue's alterations, so you'll still be seeing lots of her!

Also, I took off all the extras I had added to her face because it was just kind of too much, and I knew I'd get sick of all those marks eventually.
I might still add a few back, because I did really like them, but like I said, it was just a LOT going on on her face.

The brown head fluff and the blue in her ears are never coming back, so like, just chill about them people, I'm not adding them back. XD
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One of :iconbirchwing:'s commissions.

My dog stepped on my laptop while I was drawing this and messed up a bunch of the settings on PhotoShop, I fixed most of them but there was still one weird thing that I have no idea what to do about, so I couldn't quite color correctly.
So I'm sorry the flames don't look very good. ;;
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My half of a trade with :iconpenguln:

Sorry for taking so looong. ;w;
The lineart of this was kinda old, so it's not really what I even draw like anymore. kdjfklsd
Hope you like it thouuuugh! owo

As always, I'm sorry for my wiggidy-wack shading.
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A b-day gift for =Fuchsianess

It's not as great of a thing as I wanted to make her, but I kinda took it as an opportunity to experiment just a little.
Which is why the shadding is a bit all over the place. XD

Also, I see some mistakes that I fixed, but DA hates me and wont let me edit pictures, sooooo, I guess those mistakes are staying.
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Blue, you ment to try much more on this picture then you did, didn't you?


Yes. owo

Any-hoo, yes, I am lazy.
Which is sad, 'cause I did like this pic. XD

Chey-terd, I drew her face too fat, and eyes too small.
And I all together forgot to shade their eyes.

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One of :iconbirchwing:'s chibi commissions.

In hindsight I probably should have gone to sleep rather then drawing this.
I was having horrible trouble drawing and color. And I'm having trouble tryping this right now. :I
Being sick and tired sucks. ddfjsdklf

Trying to get my mind off the Trigun manga. I'm in such a weird calm right now after that.
I mean, I just finished one of the best things I've read, the heck to I do with my life now?
*lays head down*
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Miroku and Bluuuue. owo
I'm going to talk a LOT here, I'm sorry. X'D

Okay, so like, Miroku, he's my baby. I've had him for years and year, far longer then I've had Blue.
He's my oldest character I have, at close to 9 years old. There's actually a long story there about how for maybe a year 1/2 I wouldn't concider him a character, but I'll explain that later in an "Ask Blue", since someone asked about my oldest character.

But yeah, he's gone thru many changes, many personality shifts, many back stories, had a mate and kids at one point, he's just, he's gone thru a bunch in my years of drawing.

I would say he's the character that means more to me then any other character I own. By a long shot. Not /as/ much as Blue, but very-very close.

For a time, before I made up a fursona, (and before I even knew what a fursona was), he was basically like my fursona. Even after I made Blue, I still mainly used Miroku to express how I felt for quite a while, till Blue grew on me. When I was sad, happy, excited, whatever, I drew Miroku.

And once I became comfterable using Blue as more like a fursona, Miroku was a character that I would still always draw. And I would draw him with Blue quite often to comfort her and myself, when I was feeling down.

And then one day, I slowly started to dislike Miroku. I had him forever, I constantly drew him, and then one day, I moved on. I began to love my other characters more, and slowly Miroku was left in the dirt. And I tried so hard to love him again, but I couldn't. That's when he got the design he has today, (not the brown one), and I decided that everything he had done before that was just gone. I deleted his siblings, his kids, everything, I started over. I didn't even want to look at him anymore with his old design, so I changed him, just so I could stand looking at him. And it always made me sad how I could no longer stand him. You know, like when you over listen to a song you love, and then you can't stand it anymore? That's how it went.

He's never again became a favorite of my characters, but even today, I still love him so much, because of what he used to mean to me.

Infact, the reason he's still around today is probably mostly in thanks to Vindicated. I would have never gotten rid of him as a character, but I'm sure I would have never really drawn him again.

Yes, he did start as a fan character of Inuyasha's Miroku. But he quickly developed his own character, and even though I kept saying he was a fan character when asked, he really wasn't to me. Over time it began to bug me when people would say he really wasn't my original character. Because he was mine. He ment so much to me. Even after he wasn't my favorite character anymore, he always ment so much to me that of corse I concidered him mine, and not just some rip off an anime character. Okay, so my favorite anime character in existance, but still, my Miroku, and the anime character Miroku were different beings to me.

Dear lord, look at that wall of text over some lines and color I call a character!
I'm a lonely tard, I know.
ldjfskl I could go on forever about this stupid, purple fatty, but I shall stop now. ;;
Any-hoo, sorry about anatomy or anything like that, this was drawn pretty quick inbetween working on commissions.
*Goes back to sewing*
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:iconflashlighthusky1:'s commission.
She wanted her character, Blue and Fuchsia.


This pic, I'm actually so overly proud of. ;w;
That's my favorite background I've made. :'3
And one of the first backgrounds I've made in nearly 9 months that I like. XD
I think I'm getting back into making decent background. O:

Also, Blue looks like she's missing a leg, that's because in the sketch her leg fit right behind Flash's and it looked normal, now in the finished it just looks like it's missing. XD
I ment to draw a bit of paw sticking out, but forgot, but I hope we'll live without it. ;w;

Shadding is a bit messed up, we'll also have to live with that.
Because like, I can't shade, oh my gawd.

And lastely, Flash doesn't have pupils because I couldn't get them to look right without making her look cross-eyed.
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I'm in such a Trigun obsession right now. @w@
The anime is amazing.
The movie is amazing.
The manga is over the top amazing.
Just, oh my god. *cries*
It's been so long since I've had a Trigun obsession, it wasn't since like, my first year of high school. But now it's back a million times stronger and I love it.

Clothes from the movie, because I loved Vash's clothes in the movie.
Hair like the manga because I loved the bit of black in his hair in the manga. :'3 Evenifit'snotagoodthinghishairwasturningblack

The anime is amazing and will forver be on my top five list, but dear god, the manga is amazing. 8U It really blows the anime out of the water. The manga is definatly my second favorite manga ever, hands down, it's amazing.

Shadding is a little messed up on this. >> I never notice my mistakes till after I've already uploaded a picture. XD
His glasses are just a bit wrong, but it doesn't really matter~~~ (And I was too lazy to fix 'em)
And for those unfamiliar with Trigun, their planet has two suns, so that it ment to be like that. <3

By the way, I'm horribly sick right now, so I'm sorry for not working on any art trades or commissions, I'm just not felling the greatest, so working on my own personal art is just easier at the moment, I'm sorry. ^^;
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Re-submitted because I forgot to put up the transparent version. XD

Oh look, it's Blue. owo

Soooo, I guess there are now three Blues? The two old ones and this one here. 8C
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