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Similar Deviations
Made this plush like, a year ago. XD
(A little over a year actually)

Finally uploading her.

I've made a couple circle plushes before, (never uploaded), I've always really liked them, and have thought of offering commissions for them. These are pretty small, just a bit larger then a hacky sack. I also have even a smaller version for keychain size.

I call them Derps. c:

When plush commissions open I might take these, I dunno. owo
Commissions are closed at the moment though. <3
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I've been on a Trigun kick lately, so had to draw a Blue-Vash. ;U;
Vash cosplays are always my very favorite ones to see. His clothes are just :heart:
And seeing people in them is like lkfjdkfsd :heart::heart::heart:

Kinda don't like the shape of her face here. >A>
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I recently, (like, three days ago), FINALLY figured out how to properly thread my sewing machine, so to test it out, I made a Blue bag. :>
I've wanted to make little backpacks like this for flippin' years, but without a sewing machine it was far too much work to hand sew them. But I'm finally making them, and just djflskdl this one came out so cute >w<

This was just a very quick test, so there are so many flaws I can't even begin.
The finished bags will have straps, to make the bag actually usable. I just never planned for this one to be usable, and I'm just going to end up tacking her to my wall. :>

I likely wont be taking commissions for these, and will mainly only make and sell pre-made ones of animals, pokemon and ponies.
Some commissions for them might be taken, but only for very simple characters.

Insides will be lined, and I'll have a bunch of different inside patterns to choose from. :> You can kinda see this one has a blue/white plaid-checker inside.

So, no, not open for these right now, likely wont be for a while.
But I likely will make different pre-made ones.

I bet no one would notice if I didn't say anything, but I made her nose blue instead of black. Oops~~~
Also didn't add her tail dot, or beauty mark just from not giving a fawk.
Again, test pattern. c:
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I'm in such a Trigun obsession right now. @w@
The anime is amazing.
The movie is amazing.
The manga is over the top amazing.
Just, oh my god. *cries*
It's been so long since I've had a Trigun obsession, it wasn't since like, my first year of high school. But now it's back a million times stronger and I love it.

Clothes from the movie, because I loved Vash's clothes in the movie.
Hair like the manga because I loved the bit of black in his hair in the manga. :'3 Evenifit'snotagoodthinghishairwasturningblack

The anime is amazing and will forver be on my top five list, but dear god, the manga is amazing. 8U It really blows the anime out of the water. The manga is definatly my second favorite manga ever, hands down, it's amazing.

Shadding is a little messed up on this. >> I never notice my mistakes till after I've already uploaded a picture. XD
His glasses are just a bit wrong, but it doesn't really matter~~~ (And I was too lazy to fix 'em)
And for those unfamiliar with Trigun, their planet has two suns, so that it ment to be like that. <3

By the way, I'm horribly sick right now, so I'm sorry for not working on any art trades or commissions, I'm just not felling the greatest, so working on my own personal art is just easier at the moment, I'm sorry. ^^;
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Just re-submitting with her design, so I didn't still have that test design up.
I'm keeping this one as my main sona I've decided. ^^; I really couldn't give her up.
The other design I'm still using as one of Blue's alterations, so you'll still be seeing lots of her!

Also, I took off all the extras I had added to her face because it was just kind of too much, and I knew I'd get sick of all those marks eventually.
I might still add a few back, because I did really like them, but like I said, it was just a LOT going on on her face.

The brown head fluff and the blue in her ears are never coming back, so like, just chill about them people, I'm not adding them back. XD
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One of :iconbirchwing:'s chibi commissions.

In hindsight I probably should have gone to sleep rather then drawing this.
I was having horrible trouble drawing and color. And I'm having trouble tryping this right now. :I
Being sick and tired sucks. ddfjsdklf

Trying to get my mind off the Trigun manga. I'm in such a weird calm right now after that.
I mean, I just finished one of the best things I've read, the heck to I do with my life now?
*lays head down*
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:icondeikitten:'s plush commission.
She's actually not as light yellow as she looks to be here btw. >w<

Not the most flattering views of her face, but she actually came out really adorable. :heart:

Entirly hand sewn.
Made of fleece.
Stuffed with plastic pellets and poly-fill.
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:iconcrisisangelwolf:'s commission.

The fact that I finally finished this makes me so happy I want to punch someone in the face. :I

I think I redrew this picture about six times.
Three times from computer crashes.
The rest from just not liking how it was coming out.

Some of them only have four fingers on a hand 'cause I referenced a billion pictures and at some angles they really only looked like they had four fingers.
But it's also half on me just not knowing how to draw hands.

But, I'm kinda happy with how this came out, simply 'cause it's a lot different from what I normaly draw.
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:icongailagj:'s plush commission.

Okay, this plush, just... Holy crap. It's the most time I've ever put into a plush. So many details and markings and klfkjglkfs.
I've made plushies twice her size and taken less then half the time. XD

And I even managed to slice my finger open with the scissors and bleed all over the join because of her. BC (Just happened today while finishing her up)

The angle the first picture is at makes her head look huge, but it's not /that/ over sized in real life. XD Maybe just a smudge, but not to what it looks like here.

This gall is 100% hand sewn.
Made of fleece.
Eyes made of layered fleece.
Stuffed with polly-fill and plastic pellets.

She's my favorite plush I've made, even if making her murdered my finger. :heart: I'm so over pleased with her.
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Sorry for blurry photos, I own the worlds worst camera.

I finished her about a week ago, finally got around to uploading her. :heart:
I'm just so proud and, just, oh meh gawd. ;A;
Mein baby. :heart:

Her front paw pads are adorable, one of my favorite things on her.
You can see them here:

Every detail Blue has I included in the plush. Her paw pads, the paint drips, the number "5", the hole in her ear, floppy ear, everything.
And if you can see, I've added freckles to Old Blue's design, so those were included here.

I'm a retard and forgot to stuff her tail before attaching it, but we'll live.

Her nose isn't crooked, I just didn't adjust it right after stuffing her and didn't notice till the pictures were taken, (and we all know how lazy I am with re-taking pictures). I've adjusted it though, so her nose isn't wonky now in rl.

Still some slight changes need to be made with the pattern, but as of now I'm very pleased with it enough to call the pattern I have finished.
After I finish what I have of plush commissions I'll likely open some for this pattern.

Entirly hand sewn.
Made of fleece.
Sits at 8 inches tall, 10 inches if you include her ears.
Stuffed with pollyfill and plastic pellets for weight.
All details were hand stitched on, no glue or paint was used.
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