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May 2014 Traditional Art DD Round-up:iconartbycher:
Features by ArtByCher

Girl with drops by PiskunovSergeyToucan by NeoRikeWings by Dark134Ritual of Growing3 by volkano-artThe Clash by JJKAirbrushDrawing pencil- Woman Nude Body Act (Daily Deviat) by byMichaelXWaiting Room Of Souls by Monica-BlattonRain Man (Barn Owl Painting) by EsthervanHulsenChrysler through the viewfinder, acrylics by SimzzzzBloom and Doom by dremaWorking For The Rat Race by bryanhibleMoon's Daughter by Catalina-Estefanwhite kimono and cranes by RINrumiKAOn The Island of Our Blessed Mother by chriskoehlerKENZO ..... Oil Painting by AstridBruningTales From the Forest 2 (the light side) by nikoxilI feel asleep beneath the flowers by LindoArt
Features by jane-beata
Girl. Sketchbook by sashajoeLeda-Valentyne O.S. - You can't cure my Illness by Calicot-ZCPlease stay by my side by HellobabyMy Pink Coat by beckymillerartistDoubt by OlgaKalinovskayaAnticipation by ShastinaHell-NThe Oracle by matthughesThe Swan Nebula by timwetherellDanae by AncaXBreFar Away by andrianartThe End of Forever by DonatasLTSpirit in Playful Mood by jacintojcElephants by Lukas1212Please Stay by thinhnguyenartSUNSET MEADOW by Kasia1989Delicate Harmony by SKMOONBlind Man's Bluff by NataliaRakSacrifice by ascenciokKa-Bloom! by HesterTatnellFantasy Pond by GrimDreamArtSummoned by JynetteTignerZada and Luis by Chucky-tanPara ascender hay que entrar - 2009 by andresbestardmaggio3 Tarot Inks by golden-quinceElizabeth by MonaParvin'The winter' 2014 by Vladimir-KireevSunny Day by MKhankovaGrit by MJWilliamI Can Feel a Nightmare Coming Tonight by miimork:thumb45462996
May 2014 Traditional Art DD Round-up6 months ago in Personal More Like This
Featuring Favourites XXVII

Thorin Oakenshield by FinngualaRadagast by kehchoonwee:thumb347032663:Bofur by TatharielCreations:thumb351432304:
Radagast and Company by Paperflower86At Your Service by Kinko-WhiteSmaug the Golden by Kinko-WhiteGandalf the Grey by panos4657
Sherlock by KatePowellArtAn apology by FantaasiatoidabSherlock playing the violin by MelniaThe Woman by AlessiaPelonzi
Professor James Moriarty Andrew Scott by eLfankaSketch Exchange - Arahiriel by KumagorochanJim Moriarty by ChicoBlueSherlock by BrainfruitEVERYTHING by A-Little-Night-MusicMartha Jones Doesn't Look At Explosions by onegemini
2012-12-25_benedict_cumberbatch_cop by HollywoodieI Owe You a Fall by N0rkssherlock by Sampl3dBeansSherlock by eLfankaMIND THE GAP by aidadada
Broken Mirror-Preface by ymymyBrothers by WuLiao-YuziSHERLOCK by lordofthepiratesVamp!lock for Petratodd by SempaikoSherlock's tears by 403shiomiFairy Tales by kimberly80Doctor who: Clara on Daguerreotype by DameEleusys
Sherlock Colors by EatToastVerita lux mea by A-Little-Night-MusicThe Omnivorous Reader by RileyStarkSherlock : Animated Series by Angela-T:thumb355181631:Thorin by art-imaginations
depressed Castiel by Gregory-WelterAnd then you got to wake up by ellaineHouse Stark of Winterfell by RandySiplonHouse MD by GrrrenadineCaptain Jack Harkness by bronze-dragonriderAllons-y! by gracifer
King Moriarty by dongomSketchbook: Cat (2) by CheshindaThe girl who waited by kleineHerzMitchell (Aidan Turner) by thewholehorizonSnow by Loga90
the timelords by littleulvarpond by littleulvarThe First Doctor - William Hartnell by The-Art-of-Ravenwolf:thumb3563619
Featuring Favourites XXVII2 years ago in Personal More Like This