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I blame ~SakeVanHelsing for making me draw this and then ~KigerwolfRD for making me post this >U
I jumped in the bandwagon of the Sharkdogs. SHAAARKDOGS :dummy:

For italians only, questo un vero PESCECANE! (cit. of ~Frikballak )

He is my new bby because he's awesome and he's a dummy :dummy: I tried to make rather realistic-ish paws, a style I rarely (well, most likely never) do because I don't think they fit with my drawing style but in this case they did. I'm also happy about the shark tail. I tried many times to draw sharks in the past but failed miserable *sighs* is this maybe a hint to tell me to try once again? Who knows.

:bulletblack: His canine breed is something like a Borzoi/Greyhound mix. I was originally going for a Greyhound but some features weren't typical of the breed so I opted for a mixbreed. He's probably very tall compared to other Sharkdogs and rather fluffly.
:bulletblack: His fur doesn't get wet. It works like the Geese and Ducks' feathers, it's soft at the touch but underwater they don't get wet, the water slips away. When he swims, the thin flesh between his toes expand and his paws becomes webbed. He swims mostly with his tail, as crocodiles do but used the webbed paws to, for example, chage direction. On land, the paws are normal dog paws.
:bulletblack: That purple scarf that he wears gets wet underwater, is no special thing. Tai found it after a storm in the beach and took it with him. He thinks his colours go along well with the scarf's, thus he is never seen without it. He treats the scarf like if it was a living person. The scarf, however, doesn't have a name.
:bulletblack: His chewed ear is the result of an attempt to get a fish from a bigger shark. Tai was still a pup at the time and didn't understand the danger he was putting himself into. He was hungry, he saw fish's meat pending from a bigger shark's mouth and he tried to get a small piece of it. He was fast enough to get away with losing only a small piece of ear. He never tried to do that again.
:bulletblack: His shark half is based on this beautiful baby [link] the Blacktip Reef Shark. I tried once to make a character out of it but, as I said, I failed miserably. Looks like now I made it, even if the character is not completely a shark. If you're wondering why he's not a brownish grey but a blueish grey, it's probably because of the dog breed. The Greyhound half gave those colours since the original pelt was a silver shade thus giving the Sharkdog this specific shade of grey. Teeth are shark-like in multiple rows.
:bulletblack: He is not aggressive or bad, on the opposite, he is a baby inside and adult's body. He's goofy (mostly due to his size) and very curious. When he sees someone, instead of being cautious and suspicious, he'd rather run towards it and act like a hyper puppy. He's very naive and sometimes can't tell if what he's doing is good or bad (munching someone's leg just because it looks fun and not because he's hungry is bad but he does not get it because, for him, it's just a game).
:bulletblack: he probably lives in a place like this [link] a little sandy island with few palms on it in the middle of the ocean (or at least, far from crowded places), with a reef that keeps the water around the island low. He doesn't like deep water and rarely goes past the reef. Seeing all that emptyness and darkness scares him and he prefers the low and clear water. Even if he lives in an isolated place, like it was said before, he is not scared nor cautious about strangers.

And that's all :dummy:
For the name, well, I was watching Heartland :I so, yah, that's where the name comes from.

everything (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:

Check out these awesome two Shakdoggies :la: Anthem (who started it), Amond and the new arrival Barracuda/Tank!
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Rory's father had never been the perfect father figure. He was often away, he was often too busy to take care of his only son. Sometimes, even small mistakes like letting the food fall down by accident or munching the meat too loudly were valid reasons for him to yell. He was a rock, a mountain, too far and too high for a puppy to climb. However, there were times that the Anatolian mutt remembers brightly.
Memories that he keeps so secretly in his heart that he doesn't share them with any soul, not even with his mother. There were times, rare yet precious, when his mother would stay at work late, maybe for an emergency and Rory was left alone with his father. The puppy didn't know what to say, he usually felt comfortable with his mother, she was caring and kind. But then, the big Anatolian Sheperd would lay down and call his son.
"Cm'ere kid. Let me tell you something."
Rory was nervous at first. The first times he feared that his father found out that he did something wrong and that was a good excuse to yell again now that his mother was away. All his fears would soon be gone, since the purebreed Sheperd only wanted to share stories that his father and grandfather shared with him. Tales, events that happened long ago and, when the puppy was starting to get tired, he would made up everytime a new fairytale, probably based on real events that maybe he lived in his younger days.

Rory would fall asleep curled up on his father's chest, so soft and warm, so safe. Not even an earthquake or an army of Infected Dogs would make him shiver for fear during those moments. They were father and son's secret.
The night before the Anatolian Sheperd was infected, he was alone with his son again and called him, like all the other times. They laughed. They had a good time. The Heavy Scrapper didn't know why but he had a bad feeling. Even when his mate returned back, he didn't want to carry his sleeping son to where he used to sleep. He let him rest on his chest and he hugged him tightly before he left the next morning. He wished he could spend more time like that with Rory.
He wished to see his son grow up.
Oh, he had to teach him so many things. But he knew that puppy was strong. He knew that puppy would make him proud.
Even when his mind was so blurred and messed up because of the Infection, one memory was still clear, one memory was still fighting to not be erased.
And when his time came, even if he was now a mangy beast, he knew that son he had so much neglected would never disappoint him.


FUCK. I made myself cry ;n; now I feel bad that Rory's father had to die. Shame on me :C
But have a puppy Rory! C8 awww look at that cute little face!
NOW DIE OF CUTENESS!! :evillaugh:

everything (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:
:icontheir-dark-eden: (c) :iconfalconicide:
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A drawing for :icontheir-dark-eden: because Rory needs some love :I

Things weren't the best at the moment. Rory didn't want to get back home, not now, not yet. He needed some time for himself. It had been a year that his father died, a year that Rory saw with his own eyes what this infection is able to do, how it's able to grab even your loved ones and throw their souls into this poisoned pool, making them become something that is far from how they used to be.
Yes, his father knew the risks, he was a heavy scrapper, he knew that he could meet some infected dogs. But Rory, as naive as he was, since his father had always come back home safe and sound, thought that his father would never get infected, maybe it could happen to someone else but not to him.
His group returned to the Eden earlier. Rory didn't see what had happened, he only noticed that the Physicians, his mother too, were called. Well, at least thanks to his mother he would know later what had happened, even his father would tell him. No, not this time. His mother wasn't getting back home. He was hungry and was taught to wait for his parents to eat. He knew where the Physicians were so, he decided to go and find his mother, to ask her if he was allowed to eat even without her. The dogs he met looked weirder at him, pity was in their eyes. He didn't understand. Someone even told him "I'm sorry, kid." but...why? His heart started to pound heavily. A bad feeling sent a chill down his spine. He saw his mother. He saw his father, sitting, trying to hide a hind paw, shouting. His father rarely shouted. His mother was crying. There was some blood around. Rory wasn't stupid, he connected the blood to that hidden hind leg and, once he was able to see the paw, he also saw a deep bite. There was no reason for the Eden dogs to bite the big Anatolian Sheperd. There was only one source for that bite: infected dogs.
Oh, Rory shook his head, trying to send those memories away. He didn't want to remember how painful it had been to see his father turning into a monster. No, he had always been closer to his mother, but his father looked like a stone, something far that would never break and seeing how that mountain was disgustingly falling apart was like living one of his worse nightmares. And his mother couldn't handle it all, a part of her breaking too.
The Anatolian mutt sighed.
There were enough problems to bring back those old ones. He and Aidan were running low on medical supplies. Overseer Arianne had to know about this.
Rory got on his feet and walked away. His mother would be wondering where he was.


Yeah, I wanted to do something with Rory because I don't want to neglet him. I was watching Super Size Me yesterday evening with my mother and doodled this down. Sorry for another depressed drawing, this time I'm not venting but I'm just showing how Rory feels xD indeed that place is not all butterflies and flowers, right?

Rory and art (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:
Textures (c) :iconek-stockphotos: [link] and :iconethenyl: [link]
Aidan (mentioned) (c) :iconkinnycole:
Overseer Arianne and :icontheir-dark-eden: (c) :iconfalconicide:
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-'Cause my heart stops without you
There's something about you
That makes me feel alive-
Honey and the Bee-Owl City

Latelatelatelatelatelate Valentine picture for Valentine's day ;n;
I..uhhh...I wasn't very fond of this drawing. I wasn't willing to finish it but then, today, I opened the almost-finished-PSfile and I tried to make it look decent. If I still would't like it, I was going to delete it. But then, I was able to make it look pretty nice and so *poof* here it is!

Hammy and Aderyn because I can :dummy:

everything (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:
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This time I've re-drawn his body shot and the mask headshot, mostly because I hadn't kept the .psd file with his original application like I did with Voyager and so, I had to draw everything again. No big deal, it wasn't that hard to do. Nothing changed in the bio but his parents' names, since now they are named and not some random dogs with no names Lol


TDE Stamp by Falconicide
Skelts: saske-italian-wolf.deviantart.…
Status: Healthy

Name: Robert (always called Rory)
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd mix
Gender: Male
Rank: Physician

Personality: [Curious] [Cowardly] [Positive/determinated] [Friendly/cheers up others] [Uneasy/awkward]
curious like a pup, Rory loves to learn new things and he loves it even more if he can share what he had learnt maybe with his family or with his closest friends, he usually has a way to tell things that makes you like them even if you don't because he uses such a passion that cannot be ignored. Even if he likes discovering new things, he has some phobias and fears that may freeze him, making him look like a whiny pup, when he's not; it's mostly his mother's fault that he became this way, since, after his father's death, she started to tell him how scary and dangerous was the world outside Eden, which is true, but there was no reason to scare a pup this way; but, even if he's scared, he'll do everything to try to get back to normality, since he knows those childish fear doesn't have to stop him. Apart this little flaw, Rory is a positive and determinated dog, friendly even with strangers, if he sees they're not infected or dangerous (of course) and he tries his best to give a hope or to cheer up someone depressed, as he did with his mother. If he knows he has to do something important in front of someone who's rather new to him or he has to show his abilities to dogs with a rank higher than his, he gets uneasy and, before completeing his work and knock out himself from the nervousness, it looks like he has no idea of what he's doing. Overall, he's a dog that will never betray you and, even if he's not the bravest warrior, he'll still try his best to protect the ones he cares for.

born as the only pup of the litter from a Physician, Adelee and a Heavy Scrapper, Theron. Since the beginning, he liked a lot his mother's job as a Physician, since the mixedbreed female used to tell him what she did during her day and he had always been fascinated by it. His father, a pure Anatolian Sheperd, was bitten during an incursion of Raiders when he was out with other Heavy Scrappers and Hawkers and died shortly after. Rory's mother had never been the same since then. She retired from her job to stay close to her son, to protect him from everything even if the Eden was a safe place. The Anatolian mix was even more decided to become like his mother, he wanted to avoid other dogs' deaths and he wanted to know why did his father end up such that way. His mother didn't approve his decision, she would have liked him more to be a Vendor, a Propagator or a Mask Maker but he didn't listen and, once he reached the age of 1 and he got his mask, he followed his dream to become a Physician. His mother barely talked to him after that but, slowly, he gained her interest and vitality back again and she kind of returned to me the mother he had always loved. He liked to be able to share his Physician experiences with her, getting some advices and suggestion that might help him in the future. He is aware of his phobias and nervousness problems but has never shared them with anyone. He is glad to be able to do his job though, without them stopping him.

Strengths: [Determination] [Size/strenght (although he never "tested" it)] [Speed (he has a slim body)] [Quick reflexes (due to his fears, like a bunny)]
Flaws: [Rarely stops talking if it's something he likes] [Stubborn] [Phobia of heights/small places] [Sometimes his awkwardness doesn't let him focus]

Likes: [Making his mother smile] [Sharing informations] [Eating] [Knowing new things] [Listening to what older dogs tell (tales)]
Dislikes: [Being judged negatively] [Raiders/infected dogs] [Eden dogs' deaths] [Being in the middle of attention] [Rude dogs] [Being useless] [Being sticked as a Mommas Boy]

RP example:
Evening had come and Rory was heading to where he and his mother stayed. He wasn't tired but the idea of laying down with his eyes closed was appealing. It wasn't his body that was tired. He was young and energetic, he didn't do any run or anything tiring. No, sometimes he knew that it was his mind to be tired. His soul. Sometimes, seeing how a dog ended up after being infected really made him feel...tired. A dog that maybe you've seen while going to get some meat, while looking at what the vendors were showing and then, nothing was left of the dog. Nothing. A memory? Probably, but it would be a painful memory, kept back in the deepest parts of your mind, never shared.
But why was he complaining if he had chosen this job. Why was he complaining about seeing the devastated bodies of infected dogs. He knew what he was going through. He feared death and wanted to avoid it, not only for himself but for his friends, for his mother, for the Eden.
He did sworn that he would try to do all he could to stop it. He made that promise when the annunce of his father's death was told to the family. No dog deserved a death like that.
Rory shook his head when his mother's figure appeared and started to become bigger and bigger as he arrived. She knew that some thoughts were troubling him but everytime she asked him, he simply replied with a "No, it's nothing. I'm just tired." and, smiling, he would go back where he slept. There was no reason to worry his mother with those silly thoughts. Tonight was no difference.

:bulletred::bulletred:= Despise/Deathwish
:bulletred:= Hatred
:bulletorange::bulletorange:= Distrust
:bulletorange:= Neutral
:bulletblack:= Dislike
:bulletyellow:= Acquaintance
:bulletgreen:= Positive Acquaintance
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:= Friend
:bulletblue:= Good Friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue:= Best Friend
:bulletpurple:= Respect
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple:= Family
:bulletpink:= Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink:= Love
:bulletwhite:= Cannot Live Without

:bulletpurple: Rylynn : probably one of the dogs that Rory respects and admires the most for his knowledge and for the fact of being wise. The young dog really enjoyes the Mapper's company, especially hearing stories about the Wastelands and the older days of Eden, courious as he is and he tries to not bother or annoy the black dog too much with his many questions.

:bulletgreen:||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Guillotine : a newly met girl whom Rory already considers a friend, she says that she's not good with social skills but he likes talking with her, maybe because he is mostly the only one talking and she just listens to him, which Rory appreciates. The two also shares the same thoughts about the feeling of a family loss and are quite alike in that.

:bulletgreen:||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:||:bulletblue: Robyn : their conversation hadn't been the happiest, due to a talk about wounds and the opinion about if it is worth living on such a devastated place, not to mention their parents' deaths and some bad wounds to heal but for Rory, the young Hawker is already a friend, since she needs someone who keeps her positive, to balance her pessimism. Rory knows she's someone that he can share his thoughts without being judged as the two are more similar than they thought about family and some life choices.

:bulletgreen:||:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Mikhail : the first dog with whom Rory really vented out all his fears and worrings about his mother. The Convoy Dog is a good listener in Rory's opinion and the two will most likely become friends, since even Mikhail has some problems to interact with other dogs but he had no problems on doing so with the young Physician. The two get along just fine.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: || :bulletpurple: Mammoth : the Heavy Scrapper Mastiff was a friend of Rory's father and often visited when the Physician was a puppy, being seen as an uncle. He always tried to help Rory, after his father died and when he was about to get his current occupation but the two rarely saw each others when the Anatolian mix was accepted as Physician, due to job business. It was a hard hit to hear that Mammoth was killed by an infected dog in the Wastelands.

:bulletyellow: Jetta : Rory had just recently met the Akita Forger, giving her a hand to get back to the Forge after he noticed that she wasn't looking too well due to a serious lack of sleep. She doesn't look like a bad dog and the young Physician has probably found another friend.

:bulletorange: Kayden : the young Physician still doesn't know what to think about the Panda German Sheperd. She looks like her mind is somewhere else and she isn't showing any kind of emotions, which is hard for Rory to understand if there is something wrong with the Gate Guard or if this is just her common behaviour.

:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: || :bulletblue: Voyager : despite the young girl's attitude that brought out his darkest self, Rory depply loves Voyager as a sister and doesn't understand why she keeps acting around like if she was nothing good and so, he keeps telling her to believe in herself. Seeing how interested she was in the old Mapper's job and how happy she was when she was chosen as his apprentice made him proud, though he still has to tell her.

:bulletgreen:||:bulletblue:||:bulletpink: Hemera : met in a not pleasant situation, Hemera was the only one who helped Rory get back some stolen meat. The two began to talk and, thanks to a pair of goggles, a frienship formed between the two. Little they know about the rivalry that divided their fathers and their order to keep the two dogs separated. The young Physician finds himself to like the Technician's company. Is it only friendship it something else? IT'S LOVE, I TELL YOU, TRUST ME C<

Rory, drawings and art (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:
:icontheir-dark-eden: (c) :iconfalconicide:
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Trade with (from top to bottom):

Ugh these are ugly ._. it took me so long because I couldn't get a right pose for everyone and so, I ended up making to make a badge, at least I tried...
I'm sorry these are not what you wanted ;^; I'm terrible

drawings and art (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:
WildCard (c) :iconmokihunter:
Kitsu (c) :iconkitsune300:
Glow (c) :iconarabianlover13:
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Oh, but the place is filled with the sweetest memories
Memories so sweet that I cry
And dreams that I've had left me feeling so bad
I just wanna give up and lay down and die

Home of the Blues-Owl City

Gift for my dear ~NeftaliKanay :aww:
It's actually thanks to her that I've created the very first Saske (Nika at that time, the brown and cream wolf) and Derek. Thanks to our roleplays in the Naruto/DB universe about her, Kanay, the adopted daughter of Kakashi and (a fan made char) Elektra and me, Saske, the last Uchiha member. It's thanks to her that I could talk about my love for Naruto (at that time) and we kinda became obsessed with it! Long and nice story, really.
We wrote like 10 notebooks and many "flaying" papers about our stories. Sometimes I still go and read them again (the one I own).
She sent me a message on FB few days ago and I was actually thinking about aking her how was it going when I recived her PM. She said that she can't take off all the Naruto and Sasuke's pictures she has on her bedroom because they're too full of memories. And they look like photos of us. Me too, I mean, I'm not into Naruto that much but I still go to my manga store to get a copy of it when the new ones comes out. And I still have some old pictures too that I can't throw away.
So, this is the meaning of the drawing.
Memories. So sweet.
An older Saske and Kanay thinking about a happy day, a happy photo even during a dark moment. It still gives you a smile. Like it does to our real selves.
But you can't go back.

Saske+drawing (c)me :iconsaske-italian-wolf:
Kanay (c) :iconneftalikanay:
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guys guys
ugh this took me soooo many tries xD

I adopted this guy from :iconzappyattack:
And i just love him xD

Ridgeway loves anything to do with flight. He's also an adrenaline junkie and , if given the chance, he'd sky dive out of a plane with no complaint! He loves to have fun and enjoys a lot of laughs and, in general, a really fun guy to hang out with. He does look a bit awkward (with his long legs, slender body and weirded out ears!) but this guy can stand up for himself if need be. He'll proudly stand up for his friends or anyone who can't stand up for them self really. Respect is really big to him, and he can't stand when someone disrespects another just out of rudeness.

He's not /yet/ connected to any of my other chars, but i'm working on it xD

art (c) me
design (c) *ZappyAttack
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It's only slightly edited from last time though. I just didn't feel comfortable with her design, like something wasn't quite right, but after a much needed convo with :iconxemnas555: and a few adjustments, I feel alot better. ^^

NOTE: PLEASE if you are an anthro artist, SHE IS MEANT TO BE ANTHRO. I'mjusttoolazytodoananthroref

Fun fact: Her spots and ear tips aren't natural colors, she dyed them on.

Name: Sake Loup
Age: 14-25 (depends)
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
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_ dunno..

.. Trade with :iconfqs: <3

hope you like it c:

OC *fqs

Art ME
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