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When I saw the first pictures of the Royal Castle Friends playset featuring the brushable Princess Celestia figure, I was very, very excited! I had ~plans~. Princess Cadence, yes! Allie Way! Fleur! Lauren's ponysona! NIGHTMARE MOON!

People who inquired about the song of my people got "Muahahahaha!" in response.


It's a little harder than I thought it would be.

So here's a very quick little tutorial on how to take apart a brushable Celestia and get her wings out.
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Well, someone should create model of bigmac since a good time, so well, i've created one, is the x1.1 more bigger than a normal pony, so, now come the bad news...Few flexes could have issues, and the rig too (Well, no really, i've edited the shape of big mac) so don't expect a 100% quality model

Well, as you can see in the picture the mouth is rounded...But when you spawn it is squared...WTF? simple...Just press 1st click when you faceposing on the model and done, the face will morph c:

Thaanks a lot to :icondemon-gehog: for the amazing textures :D

I'm sure you competitor of the contest do you want kill me because i've upload it now and you have only 2 day to apply it LOL

Enjoy it
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How'dya like them apples? It's done! For reals! I'll never try so hard, and fail, to turn the phrase "Element of Honesty" into a pun ever again! (Hopefully.)

This completes my styling guides for the Mane Six. Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Rainbow Dash have tutorials as well, if you are interested.

Also, I managed to finally break my streak of making each tutorial longer than the last! This one is shorter than both RD's and Twilight's. Fist pump, indeed.

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who has waited so patiently for my tutorials, and thanks to those that haven't. You may think your cries for styling advice have been muted by the trillions of light-years of inter-tubes connecting us, but they echo throughout my mind like a horde of shrieking harpies, pushing me forward. Also, all of the delightful comments and images of your work motivate me as well. I work best with both a carrot dangling from the end of a stick in front of me and a whip at my back.

And, of course, My Little Pony, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Applejack, and the Hasbro toys are all owned by Hasbro.
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A simple pattern to make a My Little Pony style plushie.

The instructions are the almost the same than to do this plushie

There's only a small difference in the head.
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The first pose compendium is here!

Premium download includes:

... 15 body poses
... 3 wing poses
... 11 hoof poses (3 hind, 8 front)

... 16 male mouths
... 14 female mouths (3Q)
... 17 unisex mouths (front)

... 1 eye template
... 1 color palette template
... 1 biography template
... 1 read-me

Now with a special tutorial for beginners - just open in inkscape!

Available for $10 via paypal - note me!
Save 20%
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Do not post this anywhere without my permission

There are other ways to remove the hair from these ponies but this is the way I do it. I do not need to completely remove the hair because I do not rehair my ponies, I sculpt new manes using clay.

I shouldn't have to say this but I feel like need to, You are using a sharp instrument, be careful.
- Take your time, do not rush.
- Make sure your fingers are away from the blade.
- Never pull the blade towards you, push the blade away from you.
- Do not use too much force. If the blade slips, goodness knows what it will hit.

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Hi everyone, as you know, i had this model since a GOOD time...
Everyone, well...A Lot of people wants this model i had a lot of request for a download link, i started to rig this again because isn't easy trhow it to the trash to easy...So i've worked in this again...

But well...I won't create discord again because i have other things to do, so i use the ~benja020 model discord, is a very good model, so i've worked on this.
It have 43 Flexes...Yes!

Discord is a expressive creature and i tried to create a lot of expresions modes for make it with more...Life?

Sorry if i dissapointed to you about you waiting a excellent model, i feel bad for this, but i don't really like discord, i did it for everyone who wants have a discord model

Enjoy it

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Requested by Dojarol.

I used Rarity's hairstyle as a reference for the mane and tail of this OC, because Dojarol really likes Rarity.
At the same time, I wanted the mane to resemble Dojarol's IRL hairstyle and haircolor.
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Picture by ~Neoxe

Custom hair and eyepatch...

Enjoy the model
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Rion-Noire asked me about sculpting male pony's nose (check out his cute Dashie custom!)

This is just a quick explanation and one way to make a colt/male pony's nose. Since there isn't a lot of information provided here, feel free to ask questions. I know there are people out there who make the male pony's noses in a different way, this is my way of making it. You don't have to follow this exactly as it's shown. You can make the nose bigger or smaller or whatever you want.

1. Get a pony and a bit of clay
2. Shape the ball of clay so that it looks like a pill or Tic Tac
3. Squish the clay onto the pony's nose
4. Gently push some of the clay to the bridge the nose.
5. Do the same to the sides of the nose
6. Finally, smoothen the front of the nose
Not Shown: Work with the clay until all side of completely smooth and the clay seamlessly forms into the pony. You can use clay oil to do this (before the clay hardens) or sand the nose (after the clay hardens)

I took these pictures in a rush so there are a lot of things in the background. There's a Blossomforth in the back, in the process of becoming a Derpy. There's Soarin's tail and mane to the left. There's a bunch of paints and my working area (which is just an old calender I use so I don't have to scrub the clay and paint off my desk so often).

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