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“Must Twilight insist upon hogging all the fun with her little ‘licious’ meme? I may be a lady, but that does't mean I can’t indulge in a little clever rhyming now and again... Enjoy darlings!”

Animated to a recording of Tabitha St. Germain.
Music and animation by me.
Sound editing and effects by me and The Living Tombstone.

Also on Youtube: [link]

For those of you who have been asking about the programs I use to animate:

For the hundredth time I don't animate the ponies, I video tape them! Honestly, why can't anyone remember that?! :facepalm:

Still, if I were to try and animate ponies, I think the animation software I'd use would probably be Macromedia Flash 8 Pro...
I'd also probably build the puppets in the same program, but draw the backgrounds in Inkscape since it's much more user friendly than flash when it comes to drawing multi-layered images. At least that's what I've been told...
Honestly I don't know though... I've never touched a computer in my life. Spike has been my stenographer most of the time, but I never read what he's writing cause I don't REALLY? I COULD HAVE BEEN WRITING WHATEVER I WANTED TO THIS WHOLE TIME? WOW! UMM... HEY EVERYPONY!! HOW YOU GUYS DOIN?! HEY, JUST SO YOU KNOW, SPIKE IS REALLY AWESOME!! TELL THAT TO ALL YOUR DRAGON FRIENDS OK?!

My next project will probably be finishing that remix of "Proud to be a Brony."
(Teaser here: [link] )

Or a new song me and by brother BAASIK are writing. (Previous colabs include BR34CH, Dashstep, and PIRL.)

Also, Keep yer eyes peeled fer Applelicious y’all! ;-)


P.S. Anypony recognize the dress on the left?
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This animation is dedicated to Lauren Faust. Thanks for making my life and the lives of millions of others a little bit sweeter! :cuddle:

Vinyl scratch is voiced by my little sister, Susanna.
She is Rainbow Dash made over again! Tough, mouthy, and almost as insane as me! I am very happy with her voice work on this. Thanks Zanna!! :huggle:

This song was primarily written by my brother, Nathanael. I just added a few things here and there, and mixed it all together. Can anypony guess why it's called BR34CH?! ;)

OK, That's it for now... Back to Inkscape... Finally! ^^;

Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3 © HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
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I made this out of Tara Strong's little Twitter message she sent this morning. It took about five hours total. I am tired... :P

Higher Quality on Youtube!

P.S. This isn't the animation I promised.... Just something quick. Enjoy!
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This is what I envisioned when I thought of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic and Spazzmatica Polka. Basically, it's one and a half minute of showing off the "walk"-cycles I did of the main cast, which in turn was my way of reverse engineering the animation from the show. Not a whole lot else to tell about this, except that you can watch this in glorious 1080p. That's right, you can watch this at a native resolution higher than that of the show's episodes you can see on YouTube.

Now also available on deviantART.

Music is Spazzmatica Polka by Kevin McLeod (Licenced under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0)

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Applejack is best background pony.
Written and voiced by Peter New.
Also on Youtube: [link]

Heh, sorry for trolling guys, but in my defense, that's kinda what the "licious" videos are all about... Don't worry, there will be an official "Applelicious" soon enough.

The audio was recorded during the Bronyville Podcast. I asked Peter New if he had considered doing a Big Mac licious. He said he had started writing one, but had never gotten around to finishing. At the very end of the podcast, he dropped this! What I believe to be the funniest, and most clever "Licious" yet! Thanks Peter!

OK. Now for the part that only the dedicated description readers will see... If you're not reading the description, you probably won't see this. If you don't see this right now, chances are you are not reading the description....

Anyway, I'm flying to Indonesia in a few hours, and then to Singapore. I'll be away for about a week, so don't be offended if I don't get back to you right away. It's nothing personal.
I promise!

Brohoof my old description reader friend... Brohoof for the love... We have been through a lot together, you and I...

OK... That's all I got for now... Bye bye! :wave:
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Thank you to :iconbobthelurker: For the glorious Sugar Cube Corner bkg, and MLP for the awesome music!
Derpy Created in Photohop, and animated in After Effects by me <3
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Fluttershy has found you!!

Like me on facebook for updates, tutorials, and other stuff!…
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Yes, she is talking to YOU!

Longer version on Youtube:

Voice Acting by Rina Chan... Mostly... ;-)
Her Youtube Channel:

WOOOH! It's finally done!! :faint: This took WAY longer than it should have, but I'm so glad it's over! Now all I have to do it make about ten thousand more! :woohoo:

Thanks you guys for stickin' with me even though I haven't been real active of late... I love you all! :tighthug:
Which reminds me!... :plotting:

Extra special thanks goes to:
Rina Chan
Tara Strong
Steph Mahoney
Amanda Kay

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thanks for makin' me do this by being :icondashsoawesomeplz:

:icontwilightboogieplz: © :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:
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Vanity of day holds thee entwined
Driven by hubris and boiling with sin.
Masked by the sun, to truth you are blind
Slaves of the light that you may bask within.

Coolness of gloom oft reveals the truth
Safeguard against the cruel light.
Rise, Lunar Princess, bring darkness eternal.
Protect us, shrouded in everlasting Night.

Watch on Youtube! Be sure to subscribe.

From all of us here at SFS, we're wishing you a Happy Halloween and Nightmare Night! (It was one year ago today that Luna made her reappearance on the show.)

Song is Daylight's End. You may recognize it as the theme for Diana (League of Legends) during her launch week. You can get the song here: [link]

Thanks to Shadeoses and HC for rendering and vector assistance.

I'd like to give a shout out as well to *spiritto and ~Lionheartcartoon (the team behind Children of the Night) for some intuitive help on their blog, [link] You'll notice this drew a bit of inspiration from their work.
I've wanted to animate something with Luna involving Daylight's End the moment I heard it. This was my first time working so heavily with After Effects. The end result not only produced one of my favorite works to date, but also (with help from HC, one of our top vector and effects artists) granted me a lot of experience with After Effects, and Illustrator.
Snowdrop is still underway, and can be expected to have similar levels of visual aesthetic.

Also... Hot damn! 2000 watchers! Consider this my milestone submission.

Programs Used (in order of significance):
Adobe Flash CS6
After Effects CS6
Photoshop CS6
Illustrator CS6
Adobe Premier CS6

"Daylight's End" by RiotRuann
Luna owned by Hasbro
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I decided to combine Kotomi of Clannad with Octavia because she is classy that way. Standing by a windy window reciting a poem, oh <3 :3

Original Link: [link]

Software: Adobe Flash, After Effects
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