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“Ceridwen”, watercolour painting on commission.

Ceridwen is the shapeshifting Celtic goddess of knowledge, transformation and rebirth. The Awen, cauldron of poetic inspiration, is one of her main symbols.
In one part of the Mabinogion, which is the cycle of myths found in Welsh legend, Cerridwen brews up a potion in her magical cauldron to give to her son Afagddu (Morfran). She puts young Gwion in charge of guarding the cauldron, but three drops of the brew fall upon his finger, blessing him with the knowledge held within. Cerridwen pursues Gwion through a cycle of seasons until, in the form of a hen, she swallows Gwion, disguised as an ear of corn. Nine months later, she gives birth to Taliesen, the greatest of all the Welsh poets.

You can find a step by step process of this painting on my Facebook Page -> [link]
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Watercolour. Inspired by the beautiful Zoe Jakes.

[Facebook • Tumbrl • Blogspot]

Thank you for the DD! *___* this was really unexpected! Love you all :)

A few words about this painting, since so many of you are asking me about the symbolic meaning.
As you may know, Yoni is one of the most primeval forms of the goddess. She represents the origin of life, the womb or "secred temple" in Hindu philosophy, the creative force of the Shakti/Devi. She's doing a "yoni mudra" with her hands (a symbolic hindu gesture that represents the woman's vulva and the primal female energies) and behind her you can see the moon phases which represent the female fertility. In this case the antlers contribute to convey the idea of the fertile uterus (just look at a picture representing the uterus, you can actually see the "horns"). Studying archaeology I noticed that from the neolithic period (and even before, if we think about the paintings in the Chauvet Cave in France - upper paleolithic) the female archetype is frequently associated with horns and bucraniums (Marija Gimbutas wrote an interesting essay about this).
And yes, it's very Mucha-ish! I love Mucha, I've visited his museum in Prague a few weeks ago and it was mesmerizing! : )
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how do i category

whatevs tho

Things I Ship:
John <> Rose
John <3 Dave
John <> Jade
John <> Karkat
John <> Vriska
John <3 Davesprite
Rose <> John
Rose <> Dave
Rose <> Jade
Rose <3 Kanaya
Dave <3 John
Dave <> Rose
Dave <> Jade
Dave <3 Jake (don't ask.)
Dave <3 Karkat
Dave <3< Tavros
Dave <3< Sollux
Dave <> Terezi
Dave <3< Gamzee
Dave <3 Davesprite
Jane <3 ???? Lalonde
Jane <> D???
Jane <> Jake
???? Lalonde <3 Jane
???? Lalonde <3 D???
???? Lalonde <> Jake
D??? <> Jane
D??? <> ???? Lalonde
D??? <3 Jake
Jake <3 Dave (again, don't ask.)
Jake <> Jane
Jake <> ???? Lalonde
Jake <3 D???
Jake <3 Auto-responder -UNLISTED-
Aradia <3 Sollux
Tavros <3 Gamzee
Sollux <3< Dave
Sollux <3< Karkat
Karkat <3 Dave
Karkat <3< John
Karkat <3 Nepeta
Karkat <3 Terezi
Nepeta <3 Karkat
Kanaya <3 Rose
Terezi <> Dave
Terezi <3 Karakt
Vriska <> John
Gamzee <3< Dave
Gamzee <3 Tavros
Eridan <3 Feferi
Feferi <3 Eridan
Davesprite <3 Dave
Davesprite <3 John
Davesprite <> Jadesprite
Jadesprite <> Davesprite

OTP: Dave <3 John

whoops that was long
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For ~Rogue132, an IRL friend of mine who needed a bit of cheering up this week.
This is a part of a chibi comic I've been drawing for a bit, haven't uploaded any of them but I will one day XD

This is Rogue's dog, Nelly, who as a baby puppy was smaller than a piece of bread/toast.
I saw a pic from when she was a little more grown and she was barely bigger than it! XD

So yeah.
He might use it as an icon, hes using it on Facebook at the moments XD
Only Rogue132 has permission to use this.

Art @ Me, Miscomunication.
Do not copy, re-distribute or anything like that without my permission. Thanks.
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Both drawings are based off the cover of volume 13 of Fullmetal Alchemist.
I haven't uploaded artwork to DA for years since I decided it would be primarily for my cosplays, but I really love looking through "Draw this again" memes on DA and wanted to post one for myself. 

I believe that I drew the first one back in 2010. It is one of the first digital art pieces I ever made. I wasn't very good with shading and tried to draw the cover exactly in Hiromu Arakawa's style rather than my own. I also didn't really do anything with the background ._. -hides-
I've drawn a lot in between these two drawings. Worked with anatomy and just the basics of Photoshop tools as well. I'm much better at coloring/shading now. It takes me many hours to get things to look the way I want, but I feel like I've grown into a better artist and have started to develop my own style rather than just replicating someone else's style. And backgrounds...So much work, but worth it :)
I've still got a lot of improvement to do! xD

I will be selling artwork and other awesome stuff with mandokyramud at Saboten Con in a month and a half. Come find us at table 408 if you're going to be at the con :)
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My Violin and I.

Worth noting that, while I cropped and edited this image to make an appropriate ID image, the photographer is not me - I do not believe she has a profile on DA.
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I was looking through a box of stuff and found this. A very good friend of mine had done this years ago for me. She said it was me as she saw me. She would saw I was her listening angel. Always there for her.

To this day I don't see it. This person in this piture is too beautiful to be me. But I thought it would be a nice Dev ID for me. I'm still her listening angel.

If you see this and fav it. Could you give my gallary a look too?

This was done in pencil and based after a picture she saw in a book from her art school years.
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Free use!
Do not remove my credits at the bottom please!
Please :+fav: if you download~

What it looks like when being used--> [link]

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There are four girl in my family and four elements so I thought it would be fun to make us as the element we best represented.

Left to right:
My older sister JD: I picked earth for her cause I see her as our rock. She is always there sticking up for what she believes in.

Me Krys: Everyone tells me that I'd be water. cause I'm gentle, motherly, and when angered I can turn like the ocean.

My younger sister Cat :iconmaygirl96:: I picked fire for her cause she is our firey redhead who lets you know her mind.

My youngest sister Vic: I picked air for her cause she is the youngest girl and baby so she is the princess.
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Commission Me | Journal Skins

Contest entry for `GillianIvy's Thumb Snippet Contest. See the Live Version and a brief guide on How to Use.

To use, click the install button and copy the CSS into one of your journals. The image outlines are transparent (and white when hovered over) so that they can be incorporated into any journal skin without clashing with any existing designs. :la:

I'm also a big fan of clean and minimalist designs, so I decided to go with something nice and simple. :aww:

See the matching journal skin here:

From left to right, top to bottom:
Multi Thumbstyles CSS Template by `GillianIvy
Snow White and Ice Blue by ~SJohnstone
Totally pink by *the-little-boo
Pohlia moss II by ~Nitrok
find your way by *sumahli
Stripes by *the-little-boo
DBSK (동방신기) - Mirotic [Dance Version] by vietgurlhelen
Second Chances by ~JagerAiden
Wishes. by ~SissyPrincess1001
PE: How to embed things by `Infinite-Heart
Surrender by ~Lunarcircle
Tiny Droplets II by ~Nitrok
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