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Of all the places I've been, sometimes it really is hard to beat the beauty I can find in my own front yard. :meow:

Anywho, the sun came out after a full week of rain today, which means I eagerly ran outside with my camera and stayed there for several hours. Good times. :meow:

All feedback and constructive criticism is very greatly appreciated! :dummy:

more droplets:

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My verry first vexel, it was quite fun to do :D

reference: [link]

I used the "1000 Lovely Dreamers" palette


OMG I won! I can't believe it :) it's awesome

thanks to everyone :D
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Dear You (Or, Alternatively, Me) –

I worry about you sometimes.

I worry about how you are doing: who you are spending your time frolicking with, whether or not you have finally kissed someone, if you still get nervous easily. I worry about my friends in your time – are they still our friends? Or have you finally let them all go, or pushed them away, or left like we always dreamed of?

Sometimes I lay in bed in the late hours of the night, dreaming of your life. Do you remember? Do you remember staring at the dark ceiling so long it began turning red, tossing and turning, hoping and dreading what is to come? I wonder if the things I have done effect you as we have always worried they would; if they have broken you.  

You see, the truth is – and I am certain you remember this about me – I fear you. I fear you like a lightning rod fears a thunderstorm. Do you remember why I fear you so? You do, don't you? Just as I shrink away from the possibility of becoming you, so you shrink away from the possibility of becoming even older, of living even longer. This has always been a part of us, hasn't it? Even when we were a child, the prospect of time, of any ending, brought on horrible, paralyzing terror.

We have always hated endings. We have always despised the cold hard fact that everything, everything, no matter how wonderful, or stupendous, or superlative, or perfect, everything ends, and we can do nothing to stop it. And so we try not to get involved. We spend so much time and effort trying not to be caught up in things and people, because it will all end one day. Every movie, every book, every relationship, every love, they will all end, they will all burn, and there is nothing we fear more than being left in the dust because everything we love is gone.

I fear you because, for all I know, you have nothing and no one, and you have succeeded in our everlasting fight to be left alone.

You know it, I know it. As much as we wish to be spared pain, we cannot resist the pull, because we are a human being. We cannot help but to enjoy others' company, to find ourself laughing at jokes, to fall in love. But this does not keep me from fearing you, from fearing every possibility, from fearing that my decisions were wrong, that you regret everything I've ever done or ever believed in.

I am afraid that all the life I have lived will be for nothing, and we will die having done naught to make any one person's life better.

As I sit here writing to you, I find myself wondering what you think of me. It's funny. When I look at ourself five, six years ago, I'm embarrassed. We were so stupidly optimistic, so naοve to the world around us. Is that how you see me? The idiotic Lost Girl who is constantly fighting a losing battle?

I suppose it doesn't matter. I suppose there is nothing I can do. You will be whoever it is you need to be, and I will try to stay who I am, but I will change. I will change as winter turns to spring. As inevitably as we will die one day, I will turn into you.

Now for some advice. I know, I know, I am the last person either us would ever listen to, but these things need to be said. First off, never get drunk. If you already have, shame on you. It's one thing we promised ourself we would never do, and I'm disappointed that you didn't listen to me. Next, please do not start smoking. I know it is something we have been dying to try, just out of sheer curiosity, but don't. Remember our great-grandpa? I thought so.

Just one last thing before I leave you to your life, never to bother you again. Promise me something. Just one thing:

Don't forget me.

Do not forget the things in my life now that make it worth living. Do not forget the stupid memes and music, angst and feels, fandoms and friendship. Don't forget that thing, the one only you know about, the one you shove away when it gets too close. Don't forget about the betrayal we felt – a bit too often, actually – or the anxiety attacks that plagued us. But most of all, do not forget the feelings you had, the feelings you might still have, even so far into the future. They shaped me, and they will surely shape you as well.

Good luck out there.

Best Wishes,
Me (Or, Alternatively, You)
So I wrote a thing. For a contest: [link]

Which is definitely a first for me.... I was in a spontaneous mood, and hopefully I'll actually leave this up, unlike half the stuff I post and then take down because it's so atrocious.

In other news, I've about 800 words in my NaNoWriMo. XD I think I'm just going to give up, I lack any inspiration whatsoever at the moment.

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Do not copy(steal) if it's not necessary.© All rights reserved

Today is my Dog's birthday,so i baked those macarons for me :aww:

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Todos los derechos reservados ©

Featured here -> [link]

View in blue here -> [link]

To LOVE IS ALL WE NEED contest -> [link]
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For Sony's DSLR Calendar Contest

Shot with a Minolta 5D
1/160 shutter
ISO: 200

What year was this shot in? While at first glance it looks quite old, there are a number of telling clues that give away this image shot in 2010.
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Hello to everyone who is viewing this photo!
This is being entered into a contest called "beauty in everyday objects" you can enter the contest by going here [link] and it closes May 31st (entry date was extended). You can also view the rules there too and the prizes.

As for what I did to this photo. Not much to be honest. I used my new tripod with VERY low lighting on ISO 200. :D This was actually an experiment. The paper is yellow glitter scrapbook paper (you can see it in my stock), gold glitter on top, 2 gold charm skeleton keys, and a small scale tea cup with saucer. Most I did was crop it a bit at the bottom. I couldn't find the flaws in my camera so I didn't have to edit in GIMP.

Thanks for viewing!


(also, I did not add a water mark to this :D)

featured by :iconhappyjolush: here --> [link]

featured by :iconfaintsmile28: here --> [link]

featured by :iconyadiyada27: here --> [link]
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Photo (c) Me
Editing (c) Me

My 5 year-old Siamese/tabby, Sushi. :D
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This work represents the passage of time on a person and the magnitude of the shocks ..
The tiger and the green are youth and strength ..
when the time passes the color fades and cracks occur in the soul
some heals with time and some gets deeper and deeper

I loved this challenge .. it affected me in many ways and made me search for links between different things

credit : :iconstockproject:
[link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
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