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Spanish translation

Many Bronies don't appreciate this change for Twilight. Even I originally had a very strong reaction. After seeing the episode and after thinking about it a bunch, I came up with this comic. I felt that this was the best way I could express my view. It's my hope that this comic helps people who like the change realize why and helps the other people understand the whole situation. There were many more things I wanted to say, but there simply isn't enough time and I'm simply not a wordsmith.

Featured on EQD

Here's a wallpaper celebrating Alicorn Twilight.

There's a longer, unedited version of the text, I'll probably post it in a journal tomorrow.

'Change' followupThis is a followup to this comic I posted last night.
I'd like to start off by saying that I'm happy with the reaction I've gotten so far. I have yet to hear anyone say that they hated her change. I have yet to hear anyone say that they love and fully embrace it, though.
I'd also like to clarify the point of this comic a little bit too. I wanted to make something different. Something touching. Not just another entertaining comic or another circlejerk. I wanted to make people think. I wanted to change minds. I wanted to reinforce opinions people already hold.
So far, I've somewhat achieved that. We'll see how it holds up as it spreads further around the internet.
There were many more things I wanted to say about this, but it started to get too long. There was no way I could illustrate the whole thing. Not to mention would anyone read it. I think it came out as the perfect length in the end. That said, I originally wrot

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Been a while since I did a longform comic. Being a powerful Demigoddess of the Sky has its disadvantages.

-- Check out my new project, wherein Luna joins Doctor Whooves for adventures in the Tardis at
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When I first saw the "Spike at your service" episode, I already looked forward to this ending. But it didn't come, and I was a little disappointed. :( So I had to draw it! This is what I wanted to see at the end of the episode! I hope you don't mind! :)

I already planned to do this since I first saw this episode, but came so much into: Contest, the season final (and the comics for that), an illness, but at least I finished! The most hardest part was the library. That library..

When I finished it, I mostly cried with them. It was such a milestone. In my head: "Maybe, this was the last time, that I draw Twilight as an Unicorn." It made me soooo sad. I don't really want to talk about this here, I already wrote a journal about this.…

Tumblr version:…

Update: Featured on Equestria Daily!… Yay! You are awesome! Thank you!
I fixed "Yar" to "Yer" reading that this is the correct one. Sorry for that, I already feared from the AJ slang, didn't wanted to overdo it either. :)

Update: Comics dub video version :)…

MLP:FiM :iconfyre-flye: / :iconhasbroplz:
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I made this comic mostly as a gift to my friend :iconturbosolid: because I have been a jerk to him lately and I want to show him that his friendship isn't worthless to me. It is also for everyone else as a cautionary lesson, even though the comic's lesson seems obvious, you might not know you are hurting someone until it's too late. After I learned this lesson the hard way, I decided it was worthy of sending a letter to Princess Celestia.

I started this comic towards the end of December last year. I was going to finish it earlier but then I had a commission I had to attend to. Also I used simple backgrounds to emphasize Turbo's importance (he is our background guy).

The picture in the frame is a snapshot from the show (c) 2011 Hasbro
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Author: Harfang :iconwhisperer-of-winds:
Artist: Me (commando) :iconiamcommando13:

Because Scootaloo now has as much of a sister as Sweetie Belle and Applebloom... she just needs to remember that. The element of loyalty will not abandon her sister. Ever.

What is Applebloom doing, you ask? Well, she is comparing the definition of uniform continuity ([link]) with the given piecewise function. If she's going to get that cutie mark, she should eventually come to the conclusion that the function is in fact not uniformly continuous! It may be continuous, but there does not exist a single delta so that for every epsilon, (x2-x1)<delta implies (f(x2)-f(x1))<epsilon!

:iconiamcommando13: Our first collaboration... we've finally done it!
:iconwhisperer-of-winds: whooo...
:iconiamcommando13: Us, silly! We did it!
:iconwhisperer-of-winds: whoooo...
:iconiamcommando13: Seriously, Harfang?
:iconwhisperer-of-winds: ;D

Some mellow musical accompaniment: [link]

Almost forgot! Credit for the background: [link]

Made in Inkscape.

If you see any rendering errors or other apparent mistakes, please tell me.

Please do not post this image anywhere without linking back to this page.

More comics (both funny and serious) coming soon!
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I've been wanting to do this comic since the Season 2 finale, but things kept pushing it onto the back burner. I had hoped to finish it before season 3 started, but that just wasn't happening.

This comic takes place right after the Royal Wedding. I remember how floored we all were when our Alicorn-Sun-God went down. Then I started thinking about how SHE would
have felt about it. As usual, that led to lots of exposition.

I suppose this comic works as a bit of a companion piece to my Goodnight Luna comic, [link] but really it's made to stand on its own.

Now maybe I can go back to playing Guild Wars 2.

Edit: I've added the original script and thumbnails to my Scraps folder, [link] since it seemed like the kind of thing people might be interested in and it literally took me two minutes, so why not?

Edit edit: Youtube voiced version done by MindlessGonzo and IMShadow007! [link]
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What if, instead of creating her own friendship magic to solve the problem of Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell, Twilight took the easy way out and just kept casting it until the ponies' cutie marks were on the right way round again? Well I guess Princess Celestia would be all like "TWILIGHT I AM DISAPPOINT". 'Cause that's kinda the magic equivalent of "solving" a Rubik's Cube by taking it apart with a prybar and reassembling it.

(Actually, the episode implies that the spell mixes the Elements of Harmony randomly instead of just cycling them, and there's actually a 119-to-1 chance against the spell actually putting them all the right way round at any time, but I ignored that because that would make the cartoon waaaaaaay too long!)

EDIT: Hiya, Equestria Daily!

EDIT 2: For the record, I loved "Magical Mystery Cure", and no I don't seriously think Twilight should have done what she does in this cartoon. It's just a joke, people. :}

EDIT 3: That means I DON'T wanna hear about how you thought the episode should have gone this way because it would be sooo much better than that dumb ol' "Twilight gets to grow awesome wings" ending. Keep it to yourself!
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Ever wonder Why twilight has been an Alicorn recently, well now you know. Who knew.

Also, for those of you wanting to know what Pinkie is saying in the 5th panel, then here it is

"So I went to the human world, and I heard about this drink! So I was all like OMC! I should try it, and I did, and it's really really really really really really really really good! After I had about a lot, like 20, 30, 50, I thought about you! So I grabbed a few more of these things. the humans call this Red Bull. An energy drink. You should try some. I have a can right here. It might help you with you studies! maybe all night! I know it helps keep me up so I can party all night! maybe you should come over! we can have cake and stuff! But like I said! you should have some! Try it! Try it! Try it! Try it!"

Hope you guys enjoyed this ^^

P.S. this made EQD! [link]
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The newly-crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle meets a dark foe from the past. Deals, dark magic and dangerous trope savviness ensues.

This is perhaps my longest, as well as my darkest,MLP comic yet. I know a lot of folks dislike King Sombra because of how little we know of him, but personally, I find that what little is known about him is pretty damn awesome. Obsession with crystals aside, Sombra is probably one of the most dangerous villains the Mane 6 has faced yet, only beating him at the last second through on-the-fly decision-making and pure, blind luck. Hopefully season four will flesh him out further.

On a side note, any comments about tentacle rape or "I've seen enough hentai blah de blah de blah" will be deleted. Yes, even if you add "jk" at the end or stop writing halfway to say "oh no I can't say that lol I'm so ironic". I'm saying this because I want to keep the number of meme-vomiting dipshits parroting the same joke over and over again to a minimum.

EDIT: Okay, over 1500 faves and 500 comments later, I'm going to answer a couple common questions:

Q: Will you continue this comic?
A: Probably not. Even before I sat down and first sketched it out, I had planned to keep the comic open-ended as it is now. I have no plans or ideas on how to continue this, because frankly, at the moment any attempts at coming up with a sequel will just seem forced. But who knows what the future holds? We'll see.

Q: Can I write a fanfic based off of this?
A: You certainly can, as long as you give me credit. Also once you do write it, send me a link! I'd love to read it.

With that said, thank you for all the faves and comments, especially the ones sparking friendly debate and insightful thoughts.
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More or less experimental. And a little dark and a little pessimistic.
Im not sure if I'll make every future comic as detailed as this.

The words at the beginning are from MLP FIM Season 1 Episode 1… .

Edit: Added another line of text at the beginning to fix a little grammar error.

MLP Hasbro
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