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Huh, wonder what Twilight saw. Maybe the ultimate ship?

Edit: Easy, everyone. Twilight doesn't see any of Luna. There's a picture stand inbetween them! :P

Twilight Sparkle, Celestia, and Luna HASBRO and :iconfyre-flye:
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Korean translation: [link]

So, I finally decided to enter the "Twilicorn" train. This comic took a lot of time to draw, mostly because of Ponyscape, which had internal errors way too often...

Well, I hope you like this silly and random comic :)
Everything drawn by me in Ponyscape, a derivative of Inkscape
MLP, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and Applejack belong to Hasbro.
11.02 - yay, EQD! [link]
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Korean translation:

Toilet Mark Crusaders series:
:bulletblue: Sweetie Belle:…
:bulletpurple: Scootaloo: You are here!
:bulletred: Apple Bloom:

:iconabthinks: :iconsaysplz: "Well, at least she has a cutie mark..."

Poor Scootaloo. And I do like CMC. It's just... that I somehow like the idea of a pony getting an overly useless or embarrassing cutie mark :P I regret nothing.

This is the first time I used cel-shading in a comic. I hope it doesn't look bad.

This comic was made for the :iconscootalove: contest… And I won that contest!…

Everything drawn by me in both Ponyscape and Inkscape.
MLP, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom belong to Hasbro.

14/02: Featured spot on EQD!  Link to the post:…
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Korean translation:
Russian translation:…
Polish translation:…

Inspired by 'Apple Family Reunion' Episode. When Apple Bloom said her line, I was like "Are you kidding?" Then, after the song, I got a "Fridge brilliance" moment (you can check "fridge brilliance" entry on tv tropes if you have never heard of this before:… ).

Yes, I know that episode was 'eons' ago, but move to the "uninteresting fact about the comic", if you want to know why I uploaded it over two months after the airdate of Apple Family Reunion.

An uninteresting fact about this comic: I had a similar comic more than 2 months ago, but it was drawn in terrible quality (it was that time when I had nearly no idea about digital drawing), but I like the idea, and that's why I remade it.

Everything vectored in Inkscape.

MLP, Apple Bloom and Applejack belong to Hasbro

You can send it to any site/blog/booru etc, or translate into any language, but please remember to link back here (but you can't post it on DeviantArt)
Post on EQD (08/03/2013):…

:iconhappy-aj-plz: <-- plz account made of AJ's face in the last panel ;)
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:icontrixieconfusedplz: :iconsaysplz: "Ugh! Not this again..."
:icontrixiecondescendsplz: :iconsaysplz: "I know it's you, Twilight Sparkle..."

Korean translation:

If you missed that tweet, check it out here:… But we've seen an outhouse in The Last Roundup... And Rarity's suite in Sweet and Elite had a shower so it had to have a toilet I guess.

This comic is also an intended reference to (a parody of?) all those ask-a-pony tumblrs ;p

Everything was drawn by me in Inkscape - poses based on show footage.
MLP and its characters belong to Hasbro.
More toilet-related MLP comics:
:bulletred: Toilet of Destiny…
:bulletgreen: Scoot-A-Loo…
:bulletred: Apple Bloom
Feel free to send to repost this comic or translate it into any langauge, just remember to link back here (but you can't post it on DeviantArt)
EQD 25/02/2013 Featured position in the comic post on EQD, yay! Link to the post…

A dubbed version of the comic:…
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Russian translation (older version) [link]
French translation (newer version) [link]
EDIT 20-03-2013: The comic was re-made and now it's a vector. And it has more backgrounds and more shadows and better lettering. And the quality of the last three panels has been at least doubled! :iconlunadoubledfunplz: Or even Tripled! :iconnightmaremoonnoesplz: I just couldn't stand the fact that one of my more popular comics was made in bad quality. Now it's definitely better.

Featured TWICE on EQD: 06/01/13 link: [link] and 21/03/13 link: [link]
Something silly that came to me a while ago.
Courage is the best Spike.
:iconangryspikeplz: "No!"

If you want to know why Twilight has a dog now, check out this comic: [link]

The comic was created in Inkscape.

I created following vectors for this comic:
All vectors of Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage's (or Spike's) desk
Vector of the scroll
Background in the first panel
I edited and used following vectors:
Twilight Sparkle by Sulyo [link] (changed the eyes and tail)
Princess Celestia Reading - Season 2 Poster by Takua770 [link] (once without editing; twice with editing)
Library by QTMarx [link] (I had to draw books myself, though, because his SVG file didn't have them, and I had to extend it upwards :P
I used the following vectors:
Quill by ZuTheSkunk [link]
Princess Celestia's Room by tamalesyatole [link] (I had to cut the image to the borders of the page, though... object by object ;p)
MLP:FiM, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia belong to Hasbro
Courage the Cowardly Dog belongs to John R. Dilworth
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Thinking back on "Spike at Your Service":

Seeing so much wood come to life might have affected Applejack on a subconscious level. Or maybe dreaming about trees coming to life is totally normal for her. :iconapplejackmegustaplz:

Thinking back on "The Crystal Empire"
Thinking back on "Too Many Pinkies"
Thinking back on "One Bad Apple"
Thinking back on "Magic Duel"
Thinking back on "Sleepless in Ponyville"
Thinking back on "Wonderbolts Academy" #1
Thinking back on "Wonderbolts Academy" #2
Thinking back on "Apple Family Reunion"
Thinking back on "Apple Family Reunion" again
You are here
Thanks to *fyre-flye
MLP Hasbro
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:stupidme: for puns :no:

Wow is this week a hectic one new jobs and things popping up and lots of rescheduling and planning its nuts. I have not seen the new pony episode yet or continued with the title cards and my other personal projects because of the busyness :doh:. But I am setting aside a day this week just to concentrate on pony to catch up. Wait this is not a twitter or FB update lets move on.^^;

Just this afternoon while out for my daily walk I suddenly remembered a visual gag from one of my peanuts volumes that needed ponyifing so badly :rofl:. I put down my important work to get this done to a good standard. I also :love: :iconegophiliac: Woona

Hard core fans of peanuts may recognize the joke straight away because I did stylize it to look like Mr. M. Schulz. Lets just say Lucy gets what’s coming to her in the end. ;) =D

The bit with celestia I added at the last minute just for kicks and lolls ;p

This was a lot of fun to draw peanuts just like Garifled when I read them makes me laugh or at least simile just like ponies. :roll: :dance:

Until next devation LATERS ; )

Until next deviation LATERS: peace:

All drawn on Photoshop CS6 with my Wacom tablet 5

Like it:blowkiss: hate it :police: Its up to you not marmite :dummy:
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Applejack having alot of fun with her Twilight. Lol.

Well, Ihad that ideaahesago, but i neverfelt like drawing that, well, now it is done =D

I have no idea why those toyscomewith cardboardcutsof the ponies,but i wontcomplay, at leastit isonemorepony thing to have heheheeh
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More comics here: [link]

Been a few weeks since I last posted a comic, so here's one! Comic updates are going to slow down a bit for a while. With Las Pegasus Unicon less than a month away, a lot of my free time is devoted to preparations for that.

Background by: :iconthe-smiling-pony: [link]

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Etsy Shop: [link]
Twitter: [link]
Tumblr: [link]
Facebook: [link]
Non-pony Jewelry Gallery: [link]
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