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Okay, I promiced two awesome artists on dA, :icontoontwins: I would give them the recipe for dango.  You all can use the recipe to your liking as well=D

Here it is...

You require the following ingredients:

1 1/3 cup joshinko (rice flour.  Or you can get rice flour and grind it, but it must be ground just enough so it's as a flour.  Any wheat grinder would work well.  Just use the electronic one.  I did it by hand and it hurts><U)
3/4 cup warm water

For Sauce:

2/3 cup water (I start out with cold water--it doesn't matter.  It's going to be boiled anyway.)
1/2 cup sugar
2 1/2 tbsps soy sauce (Any soy sause will do.  Just don't make the same mistake I did when accedently using stake sauseXDD)
1 1/2 tbsp katakuriko (dogtooth violet starch)/cornstarch
1 1/2tbsp water (i'd use this amount to help grind up the cornstarch.  Cornstarch is a solid, so you might as well use a liquid to help grind it up into a fluid before puting it in.)
*Bamboo skewers (Or, as we use, metal clothes hangers that have been cut into skewersXDD  Metal works relly well, just watch out it they get too hot>>)

Making the rice dumplings:

Put rice flour in a bowl and add warm water. Knead the dough well (or just use a metal spoon if you want to). Make small round dumplings (the size of rubber balls). Place the dumplings in a (vegetable) steamer and steam them on high heat for 10 min. Cool the dumplings and skewer them in bamboo sticks. (3-4 dumplings each stick.)

Making the sweet sause:

Mix water, sugar, and soysauce in a pan and put it on medium heat. Mix the water and katakuriko starch in a cup and set aside. When the sauce boils, add the starch mixture and mix quickly.

And then...

Slightly grill the skewered dumplings and brush the sauce over them (using a small steak brush (whatever it's called) will do).

*Makes 4 servings.

And because I feel as generous as I usually do, I'll throw in a pocky recipe as well8D


Pocky Sticks are long, skinny wheat crackers dipped in various flavored toppings, including chocolate (a stick is pictured below), strawberry, milk/tea swirl, cinnamon, almond crunch, and others, including such exotic varieties as melon.

Recipe for sesame tart pastry:

1 cup whole wheat flour
1/8 cup sesame
1/8 tsp salt
1/4 cup butter
1/8 cup brown sugar
1/8 cup soy bean jam (Or you can find a substitute.  I think we used pumkin butter for ours.)
1 egg yolk
1/4 cup water

Steps for making it:

1. Mix flour, sesame, and salt
2. Cut in butter
3. Mix jam, yolk, and water, slowly add to flour mixture
4. Roll out and freeze for one hour
5. Fit dough into mold (I am still hunting down the perfect mold, but haven't found much luck.  You may have to do it by hand.)
6. Bake, 400F 10 min

(Or, if you are lazy or are in a rush, just buy some sesame sticks or think pretzel stick and dip them in chocolate (leave about a range of an inch to a half inch so your hands don't get sticky).)

Flavors to dip it in:


1. Slice mangos and layer on top of baked shells, brush on honey
2. Layer on top of baked shell
3. Bake 400F 10 min


1. Squeeze 1/2 cup worth of orange juice
2. Add 1/2 tbs of gelatin and let stand 10 min
3. Boil, cool to egg white consistency, and pour over mangos
4. Cool pie -oh, I mean, tart - in the frige overnight.
Serve tart with fresh mint.

Chocolate...Well, just melt that oneXD

I hope I helped any, :icontoontwins:!  And good luck on making it if you do!:dance:
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FAQ . Section. ( will update mostly everyday)

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 18, 2012, 7:51 PM

Here's a List of FAQ
If you have any suggested questions post below and I'll try to add those that is most requested : )

Basic Digital Painting Questions

Q: What tools do you use

A: I use Photoshop CS 6, and I work on a cintiq 21 UX

Q: What do you recommend for someone who wants to get into digital art?
For programs that I've used and would recommend are 1. paint tool sai, it's a very user friendly and it's very affordable! you can also try using Photoshop CS (any version) they are both great software to start with.

Q: can you recommend a tablet?

A: yes, if it's for fun, I think any wacom bamboo tablets will do the trick, if you want to be more serious with this, then I would go with any of the wacom intuos tablets : )

Q: How do you make the skin so soft?
A:it's not really a secret but I use the airbrush in PS CS 6 a lot to blend,

Q: what brushes do you use?
A: My latest brushes can be find here

Q:What canvas size do you recommend?
A: I usually paint at the minimum of 1200 pixel wide or height, I like to go up to 8k pixel at times just to put extra details : ) The bigger the canvas the better you can add details to your work.

Q:How long does it take you to paint something?

A: It depends, a portraits would take me 1-3 hrs while a full painting could take me up to 24 hrs

Q: what's you process?
A:I paint everything digitaly in photoshop. I usually just go straight with color blocking. sometimes I like to start off with a digital sketch and then paint over it.

Q:How do you paint, I can't get my stuff to look awesome ;w;

A: there's no magic that can make your drawings look awesome right away, it really takes a lot of practice, experimenting, and hard work so don't give up, and keep at it : )

That's all the FAQ for now, I 'll try to update it everyday. I still have lots of FAQ to post here, but it'd take me hrs if I decide to do it in one day, sorry for the wait guys ;w;


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Hello everyone! I’m looking for Voice Actors for my latest game, Voices from the Sea. Feel free to try the audition! Everyone is welcome!

For more information of how to join, go here:…
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UPDATE3: ENDED! Thank you all! ALL AX 2014 PICK UP INFORMATION HAS BEEN SENT OUT! Please contact me if you did not receive your email!
Additionally, all digital bonus (the wallpapers) have been sent out. If you did not receive the email or missed it somehow, please let me know ASAP. Thank you!

Normal orders will be open August 1st for any left over copies.

I decided to switch printing places last minute. While the old place was more streamlined and a larger company, I worried about their attention to detail and they couldn’t ensure a few things I really cared about because of their high volume orders. The new place is quite a bit more expensive, but I believe the quality will be higher. (Also silk-coated covers - I love the feel of them!)


Wouldn't have made it without all of your support! I've just been so busy lately - even missed my awesome bday celebration here - but I really appreciate all the love I got from all you guys <333

$27 + Shipping
Bonus Postcards
- 4"x 6" Matte finish with Spot UV coating (which looks shiny like this), rounded corners, on quality cardstock. Full-color BOTH SIDES - I worked really hard on making original new designs and they'll be absolutely EXCLUSIVE to the postcard format. Currently, they're in a set of two, but I really like the theme, so I'm probably going to design more related cards to add to the set later.
Bonus Prints - Letter sized (8.5" x 11") of new artwork not included in the book! It will be a random selection out of 4 prints! [Print #1 Preview]
Bonus Wallpaper - You'll get the download link from me immediately (within a few days after sending your order)! They are available in 2 sizes: 1900x1200, and 1900x1080.

:star:*available* First 100 Pre-Orders - You'll get an additional print (so 2 free prints!) and a personalized message from me! Please leave the first name of the person you want me to address the message to and any additional details (such as the topic, if for events like birthdays!). I will do my best to fulfill it.

:heart: You'll be getting a confirmation email from me for all orders, and it will let you know if you got in the first 100 C:

[BONUS PRINTS ADD-ON] ***CANNOT be ordered alone***
2 of 4 bonus prints are randomly selected to ship free to the first 100 artbook Pre-Orders. The add-on contains the other 2 prints. If you order this with the book, you will be receiving the complete set of 4 different prints. There is no additional shipping charge!

[free] AX 2014 Pick-up
$5 USA (Free shipping on additional books)
$7 Canada/Mexico  | +$3 for each additional book
$15 Overseas | +$6 for each additional book


I'm also having a Tumblr giveaway! To participate please reblog here!

Etude: Empress reworked by vtas Etude: Haku reworked by vtas Etude: Valkyrie preview by vtas nDS Fanbook Preview: Ghost Trick by vtas


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I was damn sick and was away , have been admitted in Hospital as well. When i came back ,  i saw my cousin used my PC and ordered 2 shirts from my DA points for me and her , and she didnt knew i had to use the points in giving prizes .

I was Upset , By the Grace of God Those shirts never arrived and i Reported to DA about it . Loving and Excellent DA staff Helped me and checked , and then Refunded my Points back to me .

Now finally i have enough points to Choose the winners .
I AM EXTREMELY SORRY ... FOR THIS DELAY , i am sorry :iconimsorryplz:

:iconcoffeeplz:The Cup Contest !!:iconcoffeeplz:

:love: :D :iconwowplz: ~What You Have to Do~ :iconwowplz: :D :love:

All you have to Do is to Post a
Photograph/Photo-manipulation/Digital Art /Traditional art of a CUP.
Note: Mugs are also Allowed.

:iconyellowflowerplz: Basic Rules of the Contest :iconyellowflowerplz:

:iconteaplz:FAV This Journal in order to become a contestant
:iconteaplz: Submit Your work and then Post a Link of Your work In the Comments Below sweetly!
:iconteaplz: The Photography/Artwork Should be taken/created After 16th May 2012.It should not be Older than this

:iconwinnerplz:---We Had to Change The Prizes due to Less Donations sadly.. If we receive more help,we can increase the prize.

There will be 3 WINNERS
:heart: 1st Winner :1 Month Premium Membership
:heart: 2nd winner : 1 Month Premium membership
:heart: 3rd winner 100 points :points:
:heart: 4th winner 50 Points :points:

:iconsweetheartplz: Little Request::iconsweetheartplz:
[Need Support & help in Points for Running Contests like these & to Increase the Quantity of Winners in This contest as well,If anyone Interested,Do Help me Out,I will be Thankful & honoured]

:iconpinkheart-plz:LAST DATE FOR PARTICIPATION IS 18th June:iconpinkheart-plz:

Last date will be 30 June :)

Example Photographs/Digital art and Photo-manipulation Features :

cup of coffee by johnberdA Vain Cup by aninyosaloha cup of love by LenaCramerThe Perfect Cup Of Coffee by KakashiMorphA cup of tea by RontarijaAfternoon Tea by BootlessInWonderlandA cup of flowers by GiuliaCPhotographya cup of tea by prismesTime to Lighten Up by Kezzi-Rose


Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 7:19 PM

Our group UnlimitedAnime-Manga has reached 150k page views! :la:
So featured here are 150 awesome works from the members of the group! Check them out & give them love!
And please :+fav: this journal so it can reach larger audience, thus giving more exposure to the artists.

Inori Yuzuriha - Sing the proof that you lived by sophie-art  FFVII - Tifa 5 by KiaraBerry  Rei Ayanami - Geofront by jatek
kurobasu: to steal a kissu by Paichi   Trade: Canada by Tannywantan   Will-O-Wisp Opening Preview by Deus-Lux
Eska by revois  Lucy From Gmg by bardiel66  Ice Cream Lolita by Chu-Chu-Panda  -The Beach- by The-Bloody-Black-Cat  Reaction of a girl in Whimsyshire by Yggdrasill-Studio
AOHC: It Can't Be For Nothing. by Fenrixion  Perfect Crime Quest || BAKUMAN by hjpenndragon  Stellar Bath by rosuuri
Obedience by NasikaSakura  Mirai by Moochirin  Mother Earth by Chewsome  Mother Nature by Reaper-Mcasaurus
I Finally Remembered How to be Me by ashoffeathers  Kiribian pic for Aiimia by Berryu  The House in the Trees by MiniRoonie

Theme 23: Cat by Nono-Rock  Human and Spirit by 20Tourniquet02  Growing Up Beside You by Eeren  one-eyed dragon king )) by shinjistar  Shingeki no Kyojin by manu-chann
Akira and Yukiya by fudianshi  It's Your Turn Now by stealthclaw96  PC Young Codex X Claus by Pingwinowa
Bottle Mail by samanae  PM by ray-en  Free! - fem!Haruka by usarei  Nayuki Minase by DarklightseekerArt
Majo Magika - The Five by Athyra  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAEPHUIER by jeusev  Bound the body,free the soul by zelka94

Currency by surrealtoons  Behind that smile... by Yachiru-RinRin  Dark And Riku - Older by Handwritten-Skull  Desperation by Kristofferson-kiniji  Let's Fishing! by Kucingila
Mer Bleue - Demons and El Caido by SonicJuice  Titan by marangai  Titan Food by Ry-Spirit
Under the Moonlit Night by MagickDream-Creation  Erza and Jellal: you may kiss the bride... by Rinoa-Light-Leonhart  Tired Demigods by Rhaylee  Just One Kiss by iDrawAnime102  Cabbage-Patch and Honey-Bunch by MilkywayScribbles
104 by idanei  Bunn Bunn~ by MuskCat  Dei by Faye-f  Ron-Kun by katsuroyasu 

Temari, the wind queen. by Aisutaiga  2013 Valentine's Day by Somvold  7 Capital Sins' Envy by dreito  Sebastian by TheSleepyRabbit  Ace in Red by FaLLenAngel1312
+Deep Sea Girl Hatsune Miku+ by Chibi-Narusegawa  Zyx 2013 by neiera  [Trade] Take a key and lock her up, lock her up... by El-and-Noxi
French braid by Lee-chan97    Aladdin (1) by ploekje13
Art Trade: God of the Mountain by Khallandra  Bashur by Ravna-Resta  Request Roku by Elsa113  UGH by TrixieLove19  TITANIA: ERZA by save00us

Toshiro Hitsugaya by TheZingar  song of passage by terragrande  Levi. Rivaille. Corporal. Heichou. (OU contest) by crazylame1
Honeydew Hug by sonnio  Green Aura by Catiminy  Mikki - Trade by xCalee  Eisa the black princess by Azula-Kurohime  Samanthie 4 by SapphieChan
Birthdayscream by Jellymii  Support Shantae! by HowlsInTheDistance  Request: Tara by MidnightArtDragon
Earth by Vexcel  Annymoon Commission by snoweffectjw  summer is miles and miles away by Ithilloth  Lumina by Anadia-Chan  Music v.2 by Lily-Fu
COMMISSION:Angel Dance. by linnil 

The Milennium Rod by Nekkohime  Holydays by Lyona-dono  You Can't Stop Me! by HerOnceWhiteWings  .satellite. by Tone-of-Echoes  CE: Happy Halloween! by amaranthadopts
Rin Okumara by animenyancat  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Sandman by EckoSlime  Shizuma and Nagisa (Falling Asleep) by AmandaPanda18
San - Princess Mononoke by Vinkerlid  Black Rock Shooter - Peace by anime-halo  Allen in Wonderland by BlissfulImperfection
[REQUEST] Charlotte by JordanSpaghetti  Free Iwatobi Swim Club by Havoc3001  Who wants to dance with Lucy by accroon  Filled With Colours - Vibe by AlmostBlueKitty  On The Prowl by CoronVirsin

Hatsune Miku by fenrich08  Pcomm: HotFireBlaze! by myumyu-myuzu  Miku (Request) by AniMaymay
Yu-Gi-Oh! Domino Card Club by Animefanka  Ayane- [OC] by Sumiko-Ein  The Anubian Goddess (+VIDEO) by SiofraTural  Traffy and Cavendish dressed up for Halloween by BittersweetHorizon
Waiting in the Rain by Yumikio-Natsuki-Yoko  Red Music by DeathGoddess231  Ichigo-Bleach by Ashaisha  Fire Pixie - Animated by spoki0  Ce - Fiorella - happy 19th birthday by Princess-CoCo-154
A Kiss of Sea Breeze - Collab by Gingersnap87  .:Struggling is pointless:. by kuro-shini  Naruto by CherryPancakeLove

Onisuu Summer 2013 Contest_Crow and Owl by kura-ou  L o v e by InkyWings-X  Jamie ~ Tonight Shall Be A Magical Knight by dathie
Link 02 by Riinku-kun  Amelia fanart for Izka197 contest by ivan1426  Medli by Opheroth  [REQUEST] Aquamarine by AtivaChan  Kirito [Gift for Parrichan] by Silver-tan
.: DrOP tHe BaSE :. by SiberiaKanoko  Monster Underneath by SeraphSancta  New ID by IokoThePanda
Alien-Babes-Attack-on-Vegas by BlissChild1  SeeYou tomorrow by Banshee-Strikes  Princess of Time by dilailah  Commission - Glaceon Frolicking About by Popokino  Mephisto Phelabulous by Lumnili

We're the...Pokemen by m1lk-n-hunny  -:SM Their First Day in Strawberry Dorm - PART 1:- by Nishihebi  Kise Ryouta by Maniac-ani  [ . . . ] by CommanderHomo  Anime Hearts by magicpotion
FP Tourney: Character Batch 2 by Jax-chan  Doraemon 100th Anniversary by jinsuke04  xandra_xolo by hana44
.:Briarkit/paw/berry/shadow GB pt9:. by WhippedBlueIceCream  Blush by Tennosei-No-Hime  Kakashi by GD-Doreen-BJ
My beloved stars by Eleatory  Cold Days by xSanrio  [P] Chun Ling by Glas-Fuchs  Yuna in Wonderland by NekoCakeArt

Art Features #10
#UnlimitedAnime-Manga has reached 150k page views! :heart:
So featured here are 150 awesome artworks from the members of the group! :D
Please +fav this journal so it can reach a larger audience, thus giving more exposure to the artists.
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Grumpy Charity Collab *1 Week Left!*

Mon Apr 14, 2014, 7:54 PM

**One Week remains! No late submissions accepted!**

**REMINDER: All proceeds go to a no kill animal shelter, I need more participants!**

The long wait is over! The new charity collab is officially OPEN!

Collabs - OPEN by iSnowFairyCollabs - OPEN by iSnowFairyCollabs - OPEN by iSnowFairy

Take a close look at my previous collaborations:

 The Baddies Project 176 by WildCharmander
Honoring our antagonists/supporting antagonists

Kirby 166 by WildCharmander
Celebrating Kirby's Anniversary

Gentlemon Charity Ball 270 by WildCharmander
Biggest collab on deviantART by far with 270 people!!

and now..

Grumpy Cat is the theme of this collaboration!! Let us honor the world's grumpiest cat and raise money for the Animal Shelter!!

For every submission I get, I will add $0.50 to the pool. That money will be sent to the SPCA right here in Swift Current. this is a "no kill" shelter and the are in a bind right now. Every grumpy cat will be for a good cause! Help me reach 200 people again! If I get 200 submissions, I will donate 50 dollars worth of pet supplies to the shelter as well! If I get 300 submissions I'll donate 150 dollars worth of pet supplies!

The rules are as follows:

  • Bear in mind, Grumpy Cat is a girl! Although I may allow genderbending if you want her to be more masculine!
  • Only 1 submission per person and effort is paramount to get accepted! Quick doodles and sketches are a nono
  • Traditional/Digital only please (anthromorphism is allowed)
  • I want a fullbody picture of this cat please
  • Grumpy Cat needs to be GRUMPY! No happy smiley giddy crap please :heart:
  • Off site participants are allowed!
  • Grumpy cat will not be wearing clothes! Very simple accessories may be allowed (comment first before doing so)
  • Please mention this collab by linking this journal to your submission
  • To submit: Please comment here with the link to your submission, note me or tag me using the mentions feature! I will collect it! You cannot use old submissions! The submission must be made for this collab only! Entries earlier than April 14th, 2014 will be declined!

  • DeviantART submission rules apply.
  • No heavy references please, I want it to be completely your own work. This applies to stock use too, only brushes, poses (non traced) and textures are permitted for stock.
  • Minimum canvas size is 800x600 or 600x800
  • Please submit using a transparent background! If you can't then on a white plain background is fine, I'll take care of the rest.
  • Remove watermarks from your submission please, that includes signatures directly on the character too. However if you want to add a signature beside your character that is fine (tho I will be clipping them off when adding them to the background!). You can also upload a marked character and send me an unmarked one separately too if you wish. I understand art theft is a concern.

To sign up, you must comment to this journal stating you will participate and I'll add you to the participants list.

Project Deadline is penciled down for July 1st! (Canada Day)

Please favorite this journal so we can bring this up on the footer! Remember, every person who promotes this journal, favorites and participates are helping the animals at the shelter!!

The next Charity collaboration has been launched!!
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All plushes are minky with applique eyes and cutie marks, unless otherwise agreed upon.

"Starting prices" are listed for all types of plushes. "Starting prices" are defined as the price for the most basic pony of that kind. I start from my base pony price and add charges according to how difficult the character is to make. Design elements that add complexity such as difficult or multicolored manes, body markings, and modifications to the basic pattern will add cost. For a full and amusing rundown on what makes ponies plushable or not, check out Nazegoreng's amazing guide here: - it truly says everything!


Starting Prices for Standard Size MARES (14 inches)
:bulletred: 250$ for unicorns and earth ponies
 Vinyl Scratch! by fireflytwinkletoes Applejack by fireflytwinkletoes Autumn by fireflytwinkletoes Pinkie Pie by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletorange: 275$ for pegasi with open, folded or half-folded wings (princess wings are extra)
Fluttershy by fireflytwinkletoes Elsapony by fireflytwinkletoes Cloudchaser by fireflytwinkletoes Derpcessorize! by fireflytwinkletoes 

:bulletyellow: 280$ for alicorn OCs that are the SAME SIZE AND PROPORTIONS as my regular ponies(i.e. regular mare/stallion type body, only with both wings and a horn).

    I get so many questions about these ponies that I will list their prices here. 
         :bulletpink: Pinkie Pie - $260
         :bulletpurple: Rarity - $280
         :bulletyellow: Fluttershy - $285
         :bulletwhite: Twilight Sparkle (wingless) - $270
         :bulletorange: Applejack WITH HAT - $290
         :bulletblue: Rainbow Dash - $325 (the mane hikes the price)
         :bulletwhite: Derpy Hooves - $275
         :bulletblue: Vinyl Scratch - $290 ($310 with glasses)
         :bulletyellow: Spitfire - $290 ($315 with goggles)
         :bulletpurple: Princess Twilight (open wings) $310
         :bulletpink: Foalsitter Cadance (open wings) $325

Starting Prices for normal bodied STALLIONS (16" to the top of the head, bulkier than mares, Dr. Whooves type physique)
The 4th Doctor Whooves by fireflytwinkletoes Braeburn by fireflytwinkletoes Sugar Rush by fireflytwinkletoes Firebolt by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletred: 270$ for unicorns and earth ponies
:bulletorange: 295$ for pegasi with open, folded or half-folded wings (princess wings are extra)
:bulletyellow: 300$ for alicorn OCs that are the SAME SIZE AND PROPORTIONS as my regular ponies(i.e. regular mare/stallion type body, only with both wings and a horn).
Note that stallions with different body types (Big Mac, Shining Armor, Snowflake, Mr. Cake, Cheese Sandwich and so on) will be priced differently.

Changelings - I do have a separate pattern for the Changeling Drone that I am quite proud of. However, the holey legs make them much more difficult than your standard pony, and are accordingly more expensive. Simple Changelings with holes, shell, wings and associated details start at $300. Accessories like armor and so on will increase the price.
The Sweetest Changeling by fireflytwinkletoes

Starting Prices for Laying Ponies (Same proportions as regular mares, 10" to the top of the head and 18" from hooftip to hooftip)
Trixie and Trick Shot by fireflytwinkletoes Flashlight by fireflytwinkletoes Laying Chryssie by fireflytwinkletoes
    :bulletred: $265 for earth ponies and unicorns
    :bulletblue: $290 for pegasi (they take quite a bit more fabric and effort to make the wings)
    :bulletred: $295 for alicorn OCs that are the SAME SIZE AND PROPORTIONS as my regular ponies.

Starting Prices for Sitting Ponies (10" to the top of the head)
Fireworks! by fireflytwinkletoes Tiara Colour by fireflytwinkletoes Dazzle Shine (Contest Prize) by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletblue: $210 for earth ponies and unicorns
:bulletred: $220 for pegasi with small, filly style wings or closed wings
:bulletblack: $240 for pegasi with larger, posable wings (open or half-folded)
As always, these are the starting prices and subject to change with level of complexity.

Starting Prices for Fillies (10 inches)
Sweet Cinnamon Pancakes by fireflytwinkletoes Autumn Oak by fireflytwinkletoes Echo by fireflytwinkletoes The Littlest Foalsitter by fireflytwinkletoes Babs Seed by fireflytwinkletoes 
:bulletred: Simple Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi: 155$
:bulletyellow: Royal Fillies (including crown, shoes and necklace): 215$
Filluna by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletgreen: 15$ charge for adding cutie marks

Princesses are BY FAR the most complicated ponies that I make. They require an awful lot of fabric, and an even more awful amount of work. I get a lot of questions about pricing, so I've finally decided to post prices here. Princesses are difficult enough that I don't really want to be making them all the time. Any alicorn or princess-type OC pony that is similarly (or more) complicated will be priced accordingly. The price given is the one I would charge for either Celestia or Luna - depending on mane complexity and level of detail for a character, the price may change.

:bulletblue: $500 for 16" princesses
CANTERLOT ROYAL VOICE by fireflytwinkletoes
:bulletorange: $700 for huge 24" princesses
Princess of the Night by fireflytwinkletoes Princess Celestia V2 by fireflytwinkletoes

Shipping for these ponies varies a lot. It is usually under $60 for shipping within North America, but the one time I sent one of these babies overseas, it was a $180 shipping endeavor.

Starting Prices AND DIFFERENT RULES for Mini Ponies
Minis will not be taken as regular commissions - I will post special commission journals when I am willing to take on mini commissions.
Bubblepop Mini by fireflytwinkletoes The Fanciest and Miniest of Pants by fireflytwinkletoes Collateral Damage Mini by fireflytwinkletoes Flutterbat Mini by fireflytwinkletoes Pinkamini Diane Pie by fireflytwinkletoes Palmtop Scootaloo by fireflytwinkletoes
  • The base price is $90, covers a SIMPLE minipony earth pony, pegasus, unicorn or alicorn in filly style (with eyes/expression of your choice)
  • The following things are extra (note me for a quote):
  • Cutie marks (which may need to be simplified at this size - i.e. one butterfly on each of Fluttershy's flanks instead of three)
  • Complicated hair, especially with many colors
  • Body patterning (which must be simple to be doable in this format)
  • Accessories
  • I will not do princesses with regalia, or any clothes (other than simple accessories) at this size because I value my sanity
  • These commissions will not be randomly drawn like my regular ones. They will be selected on a "this project interests me and therefore I will choose to do it" basis.
  • The full price must be paid up front before I start, so that I am able to work on them between other projects when I have time.
  • Shipping for minis is $10 in North America or $13 overseas.

     :bulletgreen: OCs are welcome (I love making OCs)
          :bulletblack: I will need a good clear drawing of your OC and cutie mark
     :bulletblue: Wild, difficult, multi-colored or very poofy manes and tails will add to the base price.
     :bulletgreen: Changes in pattern will add to the base price
     :bulletblue: Clothes are extra, and pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis.

     :bulletpink: Shipping to the US and Canada
          :bulletpurple: I use standard Canada Post shipping by default (2 weeks to most places in NA), tell me if you want faster shipping (more expensive)
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for fillies and sitting ponies is $15
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for full size ponies is $25, Laying ponies is $30
     :bulletpink: International Shipping
          :bulletpurple: I use Canada Post airmail shipping by default (2 weeks to most places). I no longer ship standard Canada Post Internationally - it takes too long and the longer the package is in transit, the greater the chance it will be lost.
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for fillies and sitting ponies is $20
          :bulletpurple: Shipping for full size ponies is $40, Laying ponies is $45


I require half payment a week in advance of starting your commission - I will not start the commission until your payment is confirmed!

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Fantastic Stock and Where to find it - Feature 17

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 18, 2012, 2:16 PM
:library: I’ve been making a collection of some of the brilliant stock artists
works that I have come across. It started off as stock I can’t provide
myself so I look for other peoples so I can suggest them. The way I
choose is quite odd, when I see a stock image I have an instant image in
my head of what I could do or create out of that piece of stock. The
image also has to be crystal clear and easily altered.

Anyway, Check them out, I’m sure you’ll agree, just click on their deviation.

:star: Nature :

Mountains - Cima Piccola by Sergiba green sky by Ka-Kind :thumb292899788: STOCK: Path through a spooky/ indie style forest by needanewname Cloudy Lake Stock by redwolf518stock STOCK: Winter sunset scence by needanewname :thumb294014236: Lothlorien's valleys 21 by Dragoroth-stock woman cold by studyps A morning in Lothlorien 11 by Dragoroth-stock Scotland15 by faestock wild plant 8 by Jules171 wild plant 7 by Jules171 Premade Background  1480 by AshenSorrow :thumb294155059: :thumb294155375: :thumb293965275: Nr 17 by AngeliaArt  rock stairs stock: 1 by aventris93 Nature's Carousel by Baq-Stock Nature Stock 06 by MirandaRose-Stock :thumb293338079:

:star: Architecture Int & Ex :

Spinning by AustriaAngloAlliance Bridge #4 by tizjezzme Lamp - Prague by Lauren-Lee Abbye HDR 1 by Wess4u Stairway HDR 1 by Wess4u background stock414 by Sophie-Y stock by Anschi71 Door by chrisens62 Stock 004 by Egil21 Ballycopeland Windmill Full View by ttwm-stock Dome? by Hjoranna :thumb293560046: bombed by brujo stone arch by ditney Shapes - London 2 by Lauren-Lee Lighthouse Stock by Emerald-Depths Parliament 3 by Lauren-Lee Tower Bridge 1 by Lauren-Lee garden stock 8 by Lilalria Stock 1 by Firefly-Lullaby Formal Garden 03 - Passage Way by fuguestock Angkor Wat Stock I by little-spacey Stairs 14 by yasminstock Ancient castle 05 by gargamelix Kirche by Anschi71 Inside the red building by FrankAndCarySTOCK Stone structure by FrankAndCarySTOCK Miller's Rest by AustriaAngloAlliance Old Farm House2 by NHuval-stock St Andrews3 by faestock Kirche by Anschi71 TowerStock 1 by Kreatiques-x stone building 2 by pjenz Lugubrum-stock regaleira5 by lugubrum-stock

:star: Models :

Floral Arrangement by TwilitesMuse eye stock by anylife Egyptian Stock 3 by Briar--Rose Alannah12 by Amliel stock_Nadine_16 by picmouse-stock Spartan Stock 8 by Briar--Rose Lingerie Model Stock by KristyMichelleMagnif Stock Ariel 111 by Ariel87-Stock Steampunk Random Stock: Barefoot and Tracks II by kndrwllmsn Steampunk Dreams Stock V by kndrwllmsn :thumb293304357: Shana 99 by krissybdesignsstock in the autumn forest by LadyAquariusStock Aussie bush stock43 by The-Wild-Kat Blue Faerie 4 by CathleenTarawhiti Beren and Luthien 2 by Jaymasee Candy8 by faestock pin up air hostess stock2 by The-Wild-Kat Archer 1a by jagged-eye Exotic Stock by KahinaSpirit Music angel II by AngieStock vintage lady stock3 by The-Wild-Kat Secret by faestock Schism Steampunk 1a by jagged-eye ever after sitting 3 by magikstock :thumb293967697: Hello Sailor 08 by Aurora-Dawn Hello Sailor 04 by Aurora-Dawn Stacey doll 1a by jagged-eye Medieval Princess by MawiieCooper Red Corset Stock I by DanielleFioreModel :thumb294813561: :thumb294811474: :thumb294809803: :thumb294799206: Purple Masquerade Stock by MariaAmanda Purple Masquerade Stock by MariaAmanda dance 8 by jlior
dance 1 by jlior dance 9 by jlior Birdlike 3 by stock4ever23 Japanese Inspired Stock by MariaAmanda Japanese Inspired Stock by MariaAmanda Japanese Inspired Stock by MariaAmanda LayRe Fairy 11 by stock4ever23 Evil queen by CathleenTarawhiti Stock - Gothic Longing by Mahafsoun long dress 1 by jlior Urban RPG 13 by Random-Acts-Stock Old Time Stock 21 by stock4ever23 Old Time Stock 6 by stock4ever23 Alex stock 25 by Random-Acts-Stock Alex stock 4 by Random-Acts-Stock Ifigenia's Masquerade II by CrowsReign-Stock Tanit-Isis Gothic Stock VIII by tanit-isis-stock Cyber Lolita by Kawaii-x-Stock Harley 11 by TwilitesMuse Comtesse by medusestock Demure Kimono Stock 1: Profile/Silhouette by TrueImmortality Poppy 18 by Kuoma-stock short dress 1 by jlior NIK_6930 by NikNikonov Waterfall2 by faestock STOCK:  Anastasia posing elegantly on rock by lenkaltman

:star: Texture :

light of day : 9 textures set by PannaHerbatka Package - Book - 2 by resurgere Exposed Brick by PTdesigns Texture 2 by MariaMurphyArt :thumb295087215: Baroque tea paper by Snowys-stock

:star: Objects  :

CAKE by ariana-aral Mermaid -stock- by Artelanas Airplane Toy by bhorwat Vintage Typewriter by bhorwat Oldtimer Toy Car by bhorwat candle stock pack by AletheiaFelinea Copper Lion 002 by sissorelle Ship by Hjoranna :thumb294491560: compass sundial by Minaya86-stocks Macarons 2 by ziw-monster Huge old book , with clasps by barefootliam-stock Mineral Stock 05 by Malleni-Stock Old Time III by Rubi-06 gear by Rubi-06 Equinox 7 by Mithgariel-stock clock by Livinja-Stock Tag - Key N Old Letter by Gracies-Stock Early typewriter stock - 1895 by barefootliam-stock Dark Sapphire Jewel Stock 6 by CelticStrm-Stock :thumb296091331: IMG_7941-St by DarkMoonPhotoStock Mantel Clock Stock1 by The-Average-Alex

:star: Animals :

Bald Eagle Stock 3 by HOTNStock Denver Zoo 139 Bugs by Falln-Stock Wise as an Owl by firenze-design Meerkat Stock 5 by HymnsStock Wee Snake by GraveyardCat Denver Zoo 144 Peahen by Falln-Stock :thumb292931280: Butterfly 3 by kimmy-k-stock Australian Barn Owl by 88-Lawstock North American Blackbird - Teaser Stock by Thy-Darkest-Hour Marabou Stork I by austringer Cat stock 9 by Xose00100 Denver Zoo 212 Bears by Falln-Stock Buster 14 by FreeakStock Orange Wingtip Spread by death-pengwin 140 by stock-justysiak Australian Kookaburra 03 by KYghost Flamingo A by Irie-Stock Lamb Stock 03 by Malleni-Stock :thumb294307088: Vulture 1 by Lakela :thumb295042553: :thumb295043035: Damsel fly by Zanora-zara Tufted Titmouse 00 by Thy-Darkest-Hour Miniature Horse by consideritfox :thumb295152792: White Butterfly by halfhandau JasperStock1 by BlueBird-Stock Flying eagle stock by AngiWallace :thumb295590988: Arctic Fox IV by Parides jaguar 1.3 by meihua-stock African Fish Eagle II by Parides stock_Animal_6 by picmouse-stock galapagos tortoise 2.2 by meihua-stock Macaw 002 by MonsterBrand-stock Hedgehog Stock 3 by iAmLovely Leopard Gecko 01 by LydiardWildlife Donkeys 04 by LadyxBoleyn

:star: Other Resources :

More hands... by moni158 STEAMPUNK EAR CUFF TUTORIAL by bodaszilvia :thumb293131947: Super Basic Jewelry Guide by GrandmaThunderpants Homemade macro lens by leelloor Another Winter Survived HDR workshop by wchild BOOKBINDING TUTORIAL part II by lenoki BOOKBINDING TUTORIAL part I by lenoki POLYMER CLAY Tutorial Part 2 by GrandmaThunderpants POLYMER CLAY Tutorial Part 1 by GrandmaThunderpants The Photomanipulation Tutorial-Stock Search by Printed-Shadows

Hope you like the choices. I haven’t put my reasons for each choice
because they speak for themselves. Great stock with the potential to be
greater still. That’s all for now and I hope that this will keep you all
going for a while and that the folks here don’t mind the feature.

Helena :onfire:

p.s i'll let you know if you're included as soon as i can, but it does tend to call me spam after a while.

A Showcase of fantastic stock & resources from around DA and where to find them. Take a peek, fave and follow. These good folk have a lot to offer but please be sure to follow their terms of use. Enjoy :)
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You Don't Deserve a DD

Thu Oct 11, 2012, 11:56 AM
You might deserve a Nobel Prize (pluripotent stem cells omg).

You might deserve an Olympic gold medal.

But you're never, ever going to deserve a Daily Deviation.

neuropls what is this.

Dudes, a DD is a feature, not an award. There's no objective standard that goes 'here you deserve a big prize now.' Hell, it's not even about the artist being a talented young newbie or a curmudgeonly old fart.

It's about the art.

It's about bringing underexposed art to the forefront for a whole day—yeah, as far as features go this one is probably a bigger deal than being in a journal only twenty people click on, but at the end of the day it's still a feature. Nothing wrong with getting excited over it (or peeing yourself or wondering whom you managed to piss off), but it's not exactly resume material.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way…. There's the occasional journal or forum post floating around, wondering how the hell these things get picked and, usually, why they haven't gotten one yet even though they post so much writing. And the funny part is that despite concerns being responded to at length and by a much nicer person than myself, people keep doing it. So these blogs keep being necessary. (Hi, StJoan!)

I want to say now that if you're sour grapes over never having got a DD, this isn't the journal for you. Actually, this isn't the site for you. Your attitude needs a major adjustment. Hating on someone for making you think you need to work harder or put yourself out there more doesn't make any sense. And it's not doing the community any favors when you spread your hate around and get other people to jump on the baww bandwagon.

Frankly, I don't see anyone go around claiming they 'deserve' a DD for spending two hours making a drawing with bad anatomy and inaccurate lighting, especially if they know they're just starting out in the world of drawing. (Not that there aren't well thought out ideas on what a DD is from Digital Art GMs CVs.)

I get that literature is a lot more subjective, but you need to respect the fact that anyone who gets featured has put in a lot of hard work. Maybe not into that particular piece, but into developing themselves as a writer. There's nothing stopping you from doing the same, but until you do, don't expect a thing.

But yeah, a little bit of insight: picking DDs is a lot of work okay.

There is no super-secret special tool we get to make finding awesome literature easy. It's literally the same thing you do, except since this isn't personal favorites, the criteria have to be even stricter. (Okay, fine. I'm anal about what goes into my favorites anyway. Hush, you.) And, while you can favorite stuff as infrequently as you like, it's important to get at least one lit piece featured a day, so omg hunt hunt hunt.

Sifting through every vaguely interesting piece that floats by, looking for the unnoticed gems, takes forever. WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD SUGGEST MORE THINGS, INCLUDING YOUR OWN STUFF. Even if they're not selected, that's another artist on my radar who wasn't there before! And that's a little more time I can dedicate to finding ridiculous GIFs working on community projects!

Now, there's this huge misconception that getting a feature is a game-changer. I can tell you from experience that it rarely means more watchers or even hits on the non-featured stuff. And that's how multiple DDs happen. If someone has an amazing piece with ten whole views then it doesn't matter how many previous features they've gotten, that work deserves its own place in the spotlight. (Check out each person's suggestion guidelines, there's usually something about this.)

Yes, there's a preference for first-timers—of course there is—but at the end of the day, what matters is the art. I don't get the kind of people who feel the need to comment "tl;dr" on anything more than a hundred words, but it's a lot more honest than the people who say everything sucks when they're too busy being resentful to read it. Guys, the site knows not every feature is going to get all the fans. FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Anyway, this is your open invitation to ask any and all questions about the process. I can't guarantee my answers apply all the time, but there are a lot of misconceptions that need a kick to the face and this is where it starts.


:iconbeccalicious::iconthorns::iconnicswaner: <- your friendly lit CVs!


The awesome skin is still ^pica-ae's, and the awesome GIF stash is still ^Pixel-Spotlight's. I hope you weren't expecting more of a different Doctor, =LadyofGaerdon. (David Tennant makes the best faces OKAY. ;p)

But, seriously, talk. If you're afraid of voicing an objection here, note one of us.
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