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Win my stock packs (70 stock images)!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 4, 2014, 3:28 PM
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who take place! I'll soon think about a new competition.
Winners: (1) Sarah Cross (2) Mikri Deb (3) Hello-iz Luna (4) Hettie van den Hoek (5) Kimi Löwenzahn (6) Johanna Sauer (7) Kristen Thompson (8) Kasia Drzymalska (9) Victoria Lee Woods (10) Jorddin Crawford (11) Irina Ivleva (12) Charmaine Carrillo (13) Samantha Hughes (14) Cookie Mon

Star! Star! WIN MY STOCK PACKS: Star! Star!

Watercolor - Stock Pack 1 by AuroraWienholdWatercolor - Stock Pack 2 by AuroraWienholdWatercolor Stock Pack 3 by AuroraWienholdFROZEN - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK IV by AuroraWienholdCANDY CRUSH - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK V by AuroraWienholdWINTER - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK VI by AuroraWienholdSHADES OF VIOLET - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK VII by AuroraWienholdKISS FROM THE ICE QUEEN - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK IX by AuroraWienholdGOLDEN GLOW - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK X by AuroraWienholdCOLORED GLASS - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK XI by AuroraWienholdICE AND SUN - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK XII by AuroraWienhold

You can win a mega stock pack of 70 beautiful stock textures.

14 winners will be choosen randomly.

How to join:

  • 3) fav this journal

The 14 winners will be picked from my facebook site, my pictures you share (the messages I get when you share and like my stuff; the more you share, the bigger is your chance to win).

This event ends in 14 days on September 19th.

Each day a winner will be announced. The winners get their stock packet via email.

Best wishes and a heartfelt thank you for your support!

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
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Damn. I accidently converted earnings to points and these 1713 points have been sitting in my account like... forever. Thing is... at the moment I don't want any prints and I promised myself that we'll decorate the new home only with photos, my hubby's dinosaurus painting (it's so awesome!) and some stuff I did. Plus the wall of fame with fanart I got. My subscription lasts some more months so no need on that front as well.

Anyways... usually I hate point raffles because the journal section is literally cluttered with it and I can't find the interesting stuff because of these.
But here you go. One time point give away thanks to half-wake accident conversion.

Fav the journal entry. That's important because otherwise your name isn't in the list for the winner.
No points splitting... one happy person will get all and that's it.

Winner will get picked by a number picker.

Deadline: January 24th midnight European (I'm in Berlin...) time

On a side note: Anybody who wants to donate Kulla or Chubbanimals Fanart for blank house walls is my hero. :D

On another side note:
I am part of a bigger journal entry Annie did. It's mostly for beginners and eventually interesting for some people. As most of you know I'm a chronic workaholic if I'm not a lazy bum napping on the couch so don't get scared of the answers. ;)
Should You Become a Professional Artist?Community Week
Do you enjoy art passionately and are considering doing it as your job, but have some worries such as;
        :oops: Will I enjoy it as much as a job?
        :oops: Will it be hard getting a job?
        :oops: Will I become a starving artist?

If you're like me, you're asking yourself those questions and are letting them give you a hard time deciding whether or not to pursue art professionally. My health teacher told me, as we digressed from our topic of smoking, that to know whether or not you want to do a job, you have to hear what it's like from someone who's already doing it. That's why I decided to do an interview with professional artists on dA to give me, and hopefully many others, answers to these burning questions and an idea of what it's like to be a professional artist.
Okay, well let's get to it then :la:
This is quite long so if you'd like to jump to a section, here are the questions I aske

If you have any additional questions let me know. Some people already used the option to ask me. I can't promise to have an answer for everything since I'm not an 8Ball but.... I'll try.

Happy raffle participating. And for me...  back to tea and board game tiles. Yay O_o

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: the tank blubbering
  • Reading: production notes
  • Watching: my screen and Tretel next to the screen
  • Playing: busybee
  • Eating: Tangerines
  • Drinking: Tea
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Prinack Contest! Win 3 month PM or 650 pts!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 12:42 PM

Edit: I extended the deadline to May 3rd since I'm gonna be on a trip during the week of the 26th...

So I decided to host a contest since I have a lot of points and don't know what to do them...

This contest is gonna be very simple. All you have to do is draw a picture or write a story about my all time favorite crossover couple Prinack. (Princess Morbucks/Jack Spicer)

Things you need to know!

  • Must be related to Princess Morbucks and Jack Spicer (obviously)
  • There is no specific theme. I'm giving you artistic freedom to do whatever you want.
  • I'm not judging this based on artistic skill or how well you write. It's mostly on how good your ideas and concepts are. So everyone has a chance.
  • Both drawings and writings are allowed.
  • You can enter more than one piece.
  • You must put effort into it. If you don't, you're just wasting both of our time... (that's kinda self explanatory... I'm not gonna pick a 5 minute doodle as the winner)
  • There's gotta be more than 10 contestants by the deadline, or I'm canceling the contest. So try to spread this around if you can.

How to give yourself a high chance of winning

  • Go through my gallery and figure out what kind of stuff appeals to me or stuff that I really really enjoy. Try to figure out my personality (should be easy). If you do that and enter something revolving around my interests, you'll have a really good chance of winning.

How to enter

  • Upload your entry and mention my username in the description like this "@ princesscallyie"
    but without the space
  • Or you can just note it to me.
  • There will be a contest folder at :iconprinack-fanatics: but I'm gonna manually put the contest entries in myself. Meaning you're not gonna be able to do it.

The Grand Prize

  • The winner of this contest will have a choice of a 3 Month Premium Membership or 650 :points: Just one or the other, you can't have both.
  • All other contestants will be featured in my journal for a few days....

The Deadline is April 26th May 3rd

  • (It's a just a simple contest, so I don't think you'll need more than a month. And also, that's the day of my college orientation, so I'll be very busy after that.)
  • There will be a widget on my front page as a reminder along with thumbnails of all the current entries

Okay, that's all. Good luck to anyone who enters, and if you have any questions just ask me. :la:

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Entries are due tomorrow, there will be no more extensions! Good luck!

:iconredsparklesplz:  VA CONTEST  :iconredsparklesplz:


Create a full-coloured artwork of your original character cosplaying from an Anime/Manga series.
Your illustration must have at least 2 characters.
It can be 2 original characters (or one original + fanart character).


31st of August 2014


  • You must be a member of VA to participate
  • All admin are allowed to participate, but cannot vote if they choose to participate
  • The submission must be in anime/manga style
  • No mature content
  • Full Color picture with background
  • The deviation must be created solely for this contest.
  • You may create more than one entry but only one can win.


You may submit via note to the group with a link to your artwork OR
submit your submission to the Monthly themes > 2014 >> Cosplay contest

Please include in your description that your entry was made specifically for our contest. (:devvagrantartists: :iconvagrantartists: )
As well as what characters (from what anime/manga) are being cosplayed.


:iconredsparklesplz:MODERATORS CHOICE:iconredsparklesplz:

☆ 2396 points by cenkaz
☆ 2 colored drawings by Billiam-X
☆ Full body drawing by RooRin
☆ Full body drawing by Ezyn
☆ Chibi drawing by TaSaMaBi
☆ Icon by MoeMacaron

:icongreensparklesplz:MEMBERS CHOICE:icongreensparklesplz:

☆ 800 points from cenkaz
☆ Half body drawing by RooRin
☆ Colored chibi or bust drawing by yorunaka
☆ Chibi drawing by M10N

:iconsparklyplz:BEST ATTEMPT CHOICE:iconsparklyplz:

☆ 300 points from cenkaz
☆ 100 points from nightfall16
☆ Bust drawing by RooRin
☆ Pencil Sketch by PuiMei


Judging will take place within the span of 1-2 weeks after the deadline and the journal will be updated with the results.
☆ Moderator's choice will be voted by VA Admin based on ability/success with the current theme.
☆ Member's choice will be voted by members through a journal entry after the deadline.
☆ Best attempt choice will be voted by VA Admin based on what we think put their best effort given their ability shown in their gallery.

An artist cannot win for more than one category.
All artworks will be featured in the featured folder till the end of the year.
Thank you to everyone who has donated prizes ^^

Q: Can it be a character from a video game series, turned manga/anime series? (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, etc...)
A: No, we are trying to keep away from those characters and stay specifically with anime/manga originated series.
Any questions? Feel free to comment below.
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I need a graphic designer. Work time is approximately 2 to 12 hours a week depending on current projects. This is a legit job position and I am willing to pay industry wages for your professional skill. You will be working on adult content often, so you must be okay with seeing a dick or two.

- Banner creation using existing assets
- Promotional content for digital and physical merchandise
- Logo & Web site design
- Book Template design in Adobe indesign
- Merchandise prep. (make art ready for factory/website)
- Merchandise designs. (logos, and visually appealing ways to place art together, font work)

Adobe Suite - PS, Indesign, Illustrator.

- Good figuring out new software.
- Good Self editing skills.
- Flexible from 2-12 hours a week.

- Animator, Flash knowledge.
- Artistically inclined.
- Com-positing, After effects skills.
- Bo-Staff skills.

If you are interested and serious fill out the form. I will be reviewing the next few weeks. If you are a match I may approach you immediately.


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Nous sommes Charlie

Wed Jan 7, 2015, 1:19 PM by BlackCyanide-fr:iconblackcyanide-fr:
En réponse aux événements tragiques qui se sont produits aujourd'hui, nous vous invitons à poster vos hommages sous quelque forme que ce soit par commentaire, nous les ajouterons au fur et à mesure dans ce journal.

Charlie Hebdo by x--Siegfried--x Prenons les armes by Bianca-di-Palermo CharlieHebdo by BlackCyanide-fr Je Suis Charlie by Triska je suis Charlie by JMA-13 Je suis Charlie by Qsec In Liberty's name by AlbieReo JeSuisCharlie - JeSuisUneArtiste by MasquedeLune Tribute to Charlie Hebdo by Djoz Soutien a Charlie Hebdo by Askell Je ne m'arreterai pas by GreatPeace Je suis Charlie by Anorya Encre, pas sang. by Dionee Art Freedom by Val-eithel Against Terrorism
12 people slaughtered yesterday
66 million people wounded.
This is a black day for freedom of expression
and journalism.
My thoughts for all relatives of the victims.
Against extremism, I subscribe!
Je suis Charlie by MiMiKa-Art Je suis Charlie by PhelRina Hommage a Charlie Hebdo by trallor Liberty by MetalCams Les Canards Voleront Toujours by Mohanga .7 Jan 2015..
“ I have never once in my life seen a fanatic with a sense of humor. Neither have I seen anyone with a sense of humor become a fanatic, unless he or she lost their sense of humor over something. ”
Amos Oz
.For Georges Wolinski (one of the first cartoonists i discovered that made me laugh so much), for Jean Cabut, Stéphane Charbonnier and Bernard Verlhac, and for all the others that were lost today.
For freedom of expression and the universal right to laugh at everything and anything.
For art.
Je suis Charlie by Zed187 Je suis Charlie by Evanyia NOUS SOMMES TOUS CHARLIE by NightBringer795 We are Charlie... by Isalline freedom of expression  Je suis Charlie by jbillustration JE SUIS CHARLIE by MymyArtzone No Hate, No Fear. Love. Liberty. Unity. by Calicot-ZC Cabu est mort by Gruuumsh Pourquoi se taire ? by Gruuumsh Je suis Charlie by MorghaneMestriaux Je Suis Charlie by cloudmilk I'm not Scared by Kerl-hau #jesuischarlie by Moufpik The falling drawer by CaptainKharma Nous serons Charlie by Shalinka Nous sommes Charlie by Mikukearu-Kansan Je Suis Charlie by annewipf Je Suis Charlie by Ka-Ly JeSuisCharlie by Ponchounette Nous sommes Charlie by Nerake Tragedie Hebdo. by Kapalsky Je suis CharlieJ'ignore si ce que j'écris servira à quelque chose, mais il faut que ça sorte, d'une façon ou d'une autre...J'ai trop mal au cœur pour le garder pour moi.
Et aujourd'hui, j'ai pris mon stylo, parce que, moi aussi :

Mercredi, la France a été attaquée dans ce qu'elle avait de plus précieux : sa Liberté. Liberté d'expression. Liberté d'opinion. Liberté de la presse.
Et pourquoi ? Parce que deux hommes n'ont rien trouvé de mieux que de vouloir venger des insultes faites par des dessins. Se sont sentis menacés par un crayon. Sérieusement, vous vous êtes sentis menacés par des crayons, des dessins ? Et vous avez eu besoin d'armes pour ça ?  12 morts. Parmi eux, des dessinateurs, des journalistes. Et des personnes qui, simplement,ont eu le malheur d'être là
Je suis Charlie by petit-fluffy-wolf :thumb506109936: Je suis Charlie by Ludmila-Cera-Foce je suis CHARLIE by lestatcub Paix aux hommes de bonne volonte by Helloss73 Pens are stronger than bullets by the-evil-legacy Invincible by Dark-Angel-62 Je suis Charlie by Kazuoh La Lamentation de Marianne -Charlie Hebdo- 2015. by MiharuSokushi Je suis Charlie by x-Lunatick-x Nous sommes CHARLIE by Sabinzart Je suis Charlie dans la foule    Une réunion. Des milliers de gens. Et on cherche les regards, les expressions. D'abord il y a eu le murmure, les petits groupes qui discutent entre eux, les drapeaux qui flottent, les crayons brandis. Les gens se rassemblaient sur la place et on sentait comme une attente. Comme si personne ne savait vraiment comment se comporter.
    Mes pensées faisaient échos aux leurs. Je ne sais ce que j'attendais. Je suis venu pour montrer mon respect aux victimes, pour défendre les valeurs de liberté et d'ouverture d'esprit. Je suis venu égoïstement pour marcher et me vider la tête.
    Il y a eu les cris pour la liberté d'expression, les applaudissements, les marseillaises. Il y a eu les frissons. Il y a eu le provocateur qui crie « La France aux français », slogan souvent scandé par notre extrême droite, et la foule qui réagit en scandant « Charlie
#JeSuisCharlie - La Fin de la Traque by Hellessen Marianne by senyphine Je Suis Charlie by Tacco-Tac

:iconzephirice: Zephirice : "Cher membres du groupe, ami(e)s, collègues.

Aujourd’hui nous sommes attristé face à la barbarie qui a frappé nos confrères dessinateurs mais aussi des citoyens, des policiers, des français. Restons soudés et surtout ne nous arrêtons pas face a ce massacre et meurtre.

#jesuischarlie mais nous le sommes tous."

:iconpontesrocs: pontesrocs : "Que dire de l' indicible....sinon résister dans la dignité et la colère face aux obscurantismes de tous  bords.
Hier j'étais Charlie sans en avoir conscience, aujourd'hui je sais que je le suis , demain je lutterai pour le rester."

:iconalexandravbach: AlexandraVBach :
:thumb505662785: Nous sommes tous Charlie.

:iconlacithare: LaCithare : "Que cherchent-ils ? A nous effrayer ou à nous rappeler combien cette liberté, qui semble couler de source dans nos pays est un bien précieux acquis de haute lutte ? Cherchent-ils à nous intimider ou à nous donner une bonne raison de nous unir contre cette barbarie grotesque ? Une chose est sûre, on pleure aujourd'hui, mais on rira demain... On s'engueule pour des conneries et on sait s'unir quand l'heure est un peu plus grave. Faudra leur dire, non mais vraiment, qu'on a pas vraiment l'âme de victimes éplorées... et que c'est pas en flinguant bassement nos artistes libertaires - les érigeant au passage au rang de martyrs, pour ne pas dire héros - qu'ils vont nous donner l'envie de nous tenir à carreaux.
A vos crayons, et puissiez vous salir de ces couleurs tout droit venues de vos rêves, délires, envies et Inspirations décomplexées, tout ce vous semblera trop neutre, trop froid. Et merde.
Je suis Charlie."

:iconchouchettepeluchette: ChouchettePeluchette : "Liberté d'expression

Aujourd'hui je vais utiliser mon droit à la liberté d'expression.
Je ne laisserai pas quelques esprits dérangés, qui tuent sous un nom ou prétexte changer cela.
Dans Paris aujourd'hui, alors que je travaillais à quelques rues de là, 2-3 hommes sont entrés dans les locaux de Charlie Hebdo, un journal satirique et ont abattu 12 personnes, notamment 4 dessinateurs très connus, surtout pour leur verve et satire.
Je n'écrirais pas sur la haine et la violence, car cela n'engendre que la même chose.

Par contre j'écrirai sur ma détermination d'avoir le droit et la liberté de dessiner, d'écrire et créer sous quelque forme que ce soit et en utilisant tous les outils à ma disposition, y compris la satire humoristique afin de faire connaitre mes idées et convictions.
Ce sont ces convictions qui guidaient les journalistes, dessinateurs, policiers et employés. Ce sont les outils qu'ils ont utilisés.

Comme l'a dit l'un des dessinateurs lorsqu'il a appris qu'il était devenu une cible après avoir fait des caricatures de Mahomet : "Je Préfère Mourir Debout que de Vivre à Genoux."
Je suis sûre que, lorsque les assassins ont appelé son nom, il s'est mis debout.

Voilà ce que j'appelle la vraie foi."…

:iconferrilonver: Ferrilonver : "Mes condoléances au les Français, l'Ukraine est en deuil avec vous. Nous somme Charlie aujourd'hui aussi!"

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"Well it's back!" :la:

*Amount of points I currently have: 0 :points:*

If you looking for points then watch this awesome people below~ :squee:
The purpose of this is to help out one another~
They are kind and awesome people! :iconyaaayplz:
You don't need to be a watcher to receive points! :D

Here's the rule:
1. You need to watch 2-6 people below in order to get points (I check if you have :3)
2. List down their names in the comment section below and wait~
3. Please don't un-watch them when you get the points, I still be watching you :stare:
4. and try to watch a wide range of them, don't just watch from the first line you see~
5. (Optional) put this in your journal and spread this around please~ ^^
Oh and (optional) fav~ :hug:
*edit* 6. Oh and beforehand watch don't count!!!

Reward: :iconpointsla:
(My rules are confusing aren't they?)
1 watch- 1 point :points:
2 watch- 2 points :points:
3 watch- 4 points :points:
4 watch- 5 points :points:
5 watch- 7 points :points:
6 watch- 8 points :points:
7 watch- 9 points :points:
8 watch- 10 points :points:
(Anything higher then 8 I discuss with you)
(Prices might change if all fail >w<)

PEOPLE TO WATCH :heart: (in no order and there may be more people added later on):

-:iconnavigatoralligator:  -:icontherainbowlum: -:icontabathazee:
-:iconyansenwijaya:  -:iconrainbowcrash33: -:icontclego:
-:iconpuzzled-socks:  -:iconyoshiboo360: -:iconzodiaczero:
-:iconisikainova:  -:iconf0gbound: -:icondaufuskiedog:
-:iconnanacomicdesign: -:icon11dragonii: -:iconmimi-the-turtle:
-:iconemotibomber: -:iconjoeski87: -:iconkheelaia:
-:iconshiemiriseka:  -:iconnati11184: -:iconpartykittens:
-:iconmightyplue:  -:iconpeaceonmars1206: -:iconglaciatial:
-:iconijab: -:iconmikuchan12345: -:iconyeohhq:
-:iconsi-fu: -:iconavastea:

(If I missed someone out, let me know, sorry ^^")
(There are still people to be added but they haven't replied to this yet so do feel to come back and see the edits I'm going to put into this journal later on)

*Also, do feel free to give them llamas because its llama-for-a-llama! :iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz:*

"This will go on until I run out of points!"
Oh and feel free to come back and earn extra points! :dummy:

And a special thank you to :iconrainbowcrash33::iconnavigatoralligator::iconijab: :iconmimi-the-turtle::iconyansenwijaya::iconlinkinshirepony: donating points! :iconpandadanceplz:

Thank you for your time~
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I have updated rules as I see many of you seem to have forgotten or not been informed that Vocaloid characters MUST be submitted into the "Fan Art - Video Games, TV, Movies, Other" folder!!!

Here's the run-down of folders and which ones you can submit to, and what submissions are acceptable for the different folders.

:pointr: If we see a submission put into the wrong folder, you will lose your chance to submit for the month and have to wait until the next month in order to submit.
:pointr: Please withdraw if you realize that you got the wrong folder.

If you need help finding out how to pick the folder, please check this out: Picking out Folders and Subfolders

Featured anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This folder is specifically for the winners of contests. No one can submit art to this folder.

Cream of the Crop anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This folder is for amazing art which we notice while going through submissions.
:pointr: No one can submit art into this folder.

:bulletgreen: Daily Deviations anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is a sub-folder for art by our members which are daily deviations.
:pointr: Note the group if your art is made a DD.

Original Art
:pointr: This is for the art you make which has characters which is made by you or your friends. Only certain sub-folders can be submitted to.
:pointr: Drawings of fan characters, characters made to fit in worlds from cartoons, comics, etc., but without official characters must be submitted into one of the fan art folders. (e.g. a ninja made to fit in the Naruto universe, no matter when they lived during the Naruto timeline, belongs in the fan art folder for anime and manga, even if the characters from Naruto do not appear in the picture.)

:bulletgreen: Traditional anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This art has only your characters and is done traditionally.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

:bulletgreen: Digital anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This art has only your characters and is done digitally.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

:bulletgreen: Friends' or Other Deviants' Characters anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This art has characters created by your friends or other deviants. It may have your characters as well.
:pointr: This is for characters made by people who commission your work, request a drawing by you, or doing an art trade with you. If the character belongs to the person whose line-art you are coloring, it goes here. If it is a gift art for someone of their characters, it goes here.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

:bulletgreen: Comics-Manga anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for comics which feature your characters, and possibly friends' characters. It is not made in a fandom.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

:bulletgreen: Memes anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for memes which feature your characters, and possibly friends' characters. It is not made in a fandom.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

Fan Art
:pointr: This for the art you make which has characters which come from the media. Only certain sub-folders can be submitted to.
:pointr: This may have your characters or friends' characters in it.

:bulletgreen: Anime, Manga, Comic Books, Cartoons anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for art based on any cartoon or comic book from around the world. Obviously including anime and manga.
:pointr: This art may have characters you have made to fit in the world of the cartoon or comic and not have official characters. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE VOCALOID CHARACTERS!
:pointr: You may submit art into this folder.

:bulletgreen: Video games, TV, Movies, Others anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for art based on anything that is not a comic or cartoon. Art based on video games, live-action or CG-animated material, actors, celebreties, etc. belongs here.
:pointr: This art may have characters you have made to fit in the world of the material and not have official characters. This would include characters you make for MMORPGS or other games with a character creator. VOCALOID CHARACTERS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED INTO THIS FOLDER!
:pointr: You may submit art into this folder.

:bulletgreen: Fan comics/Doujinshi anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for comics based on any material that does not belong to you or a friend.
:pointr: You may submit art into this folder.

:bulletgreen: Memes anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for memes based on any material that does not belong to you or a friend.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

Contest Commissions anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is only for the art prizes given to the winners of contests.
:pointr: Only contest commissioners can submit to this folder.

Cosplay anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is only for cosplays based on anime or manga characters, or your own characters (which must usually be drawn in the anime/manga style). Video game characters can be included, if they are drawn in the anime/manga style (e.g. J-RPG characters are fine, Master Chief is not).
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

Arts and Crafts anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is only for arts and crafts based on anime or manga characters, or your own characters (which must usually be drawn in the anime/manga style). Video game characters can be included, if they are drawn in the anime/manga style (e.g. J-RPG characters are fine, Master Chief is not).
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

Flash and Animations
:pointr: This is for the art that is animated or flash games which you have made.
:pointr: Only certain sub-folders can be submitted to.

:bulletgreen: Flash Games anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: Any game or interactive art you have made. Does not have to be made with Flash.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

:bulletgreen: Animated Art anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: Any animation you have made. These are not interactive (clicking to play is not interactive. Choosing how the animation ends is interactive).
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

Tutorials anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for tutorials which help artists to do or draw something. Has to be related to the group's interests, anime and manga. This can also include techniques for coloring, inking, painting, etc. How to make a photo-manipulation does not belong.
:pointr: You may submit art to this folder.

Contest Entries anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: This is for the entries to a current contest.
:pointr: You may only submit into this folder when a contest is running.

Staff Art anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: Art made by staff members.
:pointr: Only regular staff can submit into this folder.

:bulletgreen: Fearless Leader anime-manga-artists.deviantart…
:pointr: Only the fearless leader can submit art into this folder.

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DBZ Train and Fight to the Death!

Journal Entry: Thu May 22, 2014, 9:11 PM
Alright here's how this works.  FIRST you pick your trainer by the month you were born.  THEN you pick your opponent on the day you were born.  Please note that all of the characters are as strong as they were at the end of the Buu Saga.  (There was no DBGT in my mind)  
So, how did you fair?  

January: Muten Roshi
February:  Kuririn
March:  Videl Satan
April:  Son Goku
May:  Mr. Popo
June:  Artificial Human Number 18
July:  Karin-sama (Korin)
August:  Vegeta
September:  Chaozu
October:  Piccolo
November:  Bubbles and Guregori (Gregory)
December:  Paikuhan (Pikkon)

--   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --   --  --   --   --

1st:  Artificial Human Number 16
2nd:  Bardock
3rd:  Uub
4th:  Chi Chi
5th:  Slug-sama (Lord Slug)
6th:  King Vegeta
7th:  Cooler
8th:  Raditz
9th:  Adult Son Gohan
10th:  Gotenks
11th:  Broly
12th:  Chibi Son Goten
13th:  Mr. Satan (Hercule)
14th:  Murai Trunks Briefs
15th:  Artificial Human Number 17
16th:  Perfect Cell
17th:  Zarbon
18th:  Super Buu
19th:  Freeza
20th: Tao Pai Pai
21st:  Zangya
22nd:  Vegetto  (Unless your Trainer was either Goku or Vegeta, then you fight Janemba) 
23rd:  Yamucha
24th:  Tenshinhan (Tien)
25th:  Gurd (Guldo)
26th:  Dr. Gero
27th:  Son Pan
28th: Yajirobe
29th:  Dende
30th:  Commander Ginyu (Captain)
31st:  Nappa

**   **   **   **   **
For those curious, my trainer was Number 18, and I fought Raditz.  
**   **   **   **   **

  • Listening to: Yorokobi no Uta - Haruka Tomatsu
  • Reading: Nothing at the moment
  • Watching: Orphan Black
  • Playing: Ni no Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Rune Factory
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You Don't Deserve a DD

Thu Oct 11, 2012, 11:56 AM
You might deserve a Nobel Prize (pluripotent stem cells omg).

You might deserve an Olympic gold medal.

But you're never, ever going to deserve a Daily Deviation.

neuropls what is this.

Dudes, a DD is a feature, not an award. There's no objective standard that goes 'here you deserve a big prize now.' Hell, it's not even about the artist being a talented young newbie or a curmudgeonly old fart.

It's about the art.

It's about bringing underexposed art to the forefront for a whole day—yeah, as far as features go this one is probably a bigger deal than being in a journal only twenty people click on, but at the end of the day it's still a feature. Nothing wrong with getting excited over it (or peeing yourself or wondering whom you managed to piss off), but it's not exactly resume material.

So now that we've gotten that out of the way…. There's the occasional journal or forum post floating around, wondering how the hell these things get picked and, usually, why they haven't gotten one yet even though they post so much writing. And the funny part is that despite concerns being responded to at length and by a much nicer person than myself, people keep doing it. So these blogs keep being necessary. (Hi, StJoan!)

I want to say now that if you're sour grapes over never having got a DD, this isn't the journal for you. Actually, this isn't the site for you. Your attitude needs a major adjustment. Hating on someone for making you think you need to work harder or put yourself out there more doesn't make any sense. And it's not doing the community any favors when you spread your hate around and get other people to jump on the baww bandwagon.

Frankly, I don't see anyone go around claiming they 'deserve' a DD for spending two hours making a drawing with bad anatomy and inaccurate lighting, especially if they know they're just starting out in the world of drawing. (Not that there aren't well thought out ideas on what a DD is from Digital Art GMs CVs.)

I get that literature is a lot more subjective, but you need to respect the fact that anyone who gets featured has put in a lot of hard work. Maybe not into that particular piece, but into developing themselves as a writer. There's nothing stopping you from doing the same, but until you do, don't expect a thing.

But yeah, a little bit of insight: picking DDs is a lot of work okay.

There is no super-secret special tool we get to make finding awesome literature easy. It's literally the same thing you do, except since this isn't personal favorites, the criteria have to be even stricter. (Okay, fine. I'm anal about what goes into my favorites anyway. Hush, you.) And, while you can favorite stuff as infrequently as you like, it's important to get at least one lit piece featured a day, so omg hunt hunt hunt.

Sifting through every vaguely interesting piece that floats by, looking for the unnoticed gems, takes forever. WHICH IS WHY YOU SHOULD SUGGEST MORE THINGS, INCLUDING YOUR OWN STUFF. Even if they're not selected, that's another artist on my radar who wasn't there before! And that's a little more time I can dedicate to finding ridiculous GIFs working on community projects!

Now, there's this huge misconception that getting a feature is a game-changer. I can tell you from experience that it rarely means more watchers or even hits on the non-featured stuff. And that's how multiple DDs happen. If someone has an amazing piece with ten whole views then it doesn't matter how many previous features they've gotten, that work deserves its own place in the spotlight. (Check out each person's suggestion guidelines, there's usually something about this.)

Yes, there's a preference for first-timers—of course there is—but at the end of the day, what matters is the art. I don't get the kind of people who feel the need to comment "tl;dr" on anything more than a hundred words, but it's a lot more honest than the people who say everything sucks when they're too busy being resentful to read it. Guys, the site knows not every feature is going to get all the fans. FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Anyway, this is your open invitation to ask any and all questions about the process. I can't guarantee my answers apply all the time, but there are a lot of misconceptions that need a kick to the face and this is where it starts.


:iconbeccalicious::iconthorns::iconnicswaner: <- your friendly lit CVs!


The awesome skin is still ^pica-ae's, and the awesome GIF stash is still ^Pixel-Spotlight's. I hope you weren't expecting more of a different Doctor, =LadyofGaerdon. (David Tennant makes the best faces OKAY. ;p)

But, seriously, talk. If you're afraid of voicing an objection here, note one of us.
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