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“Arthur...?” you said as you opened the door to his room with a slow and loud creak.

You could hear loud thunder noises

“A-Arthur” you said, the light from the lightning flashed light through the window.

He could see your watering eyes.

“What is it,love?” he asked in his usual North London accent, which always seemed to calm your nerves.

The thunder crackled and on cue you whimpered,

“Love, are you scared of the thunder?” Arthur asked half asleep; sitting on his queen sized bed.

“ not that.” You said staring in to the dark room, the moonlight that shone through the window helped you see.

“Come inside and tell me.” He said rubbing his eyes sleepily; He looked like a child with not enough sleep.

“I had a really bad dream and this weather is not helping..” you said as you slowly walked over.

“Come here,” he patted the spot next to him on the bed.
You took a seat next to him and hugged him.
Now the gentleman or just man in this case was awake and blushing.

“W-would you like to sleep with me tonight” he said turning his head away to hide his blush.
‘Or maybe you just wanted to stay with him until the storm was over’ he thought to himself.

“Or-“he was about to say something as he looked at you but you had fallen asleep or at least he thought you were.
You shifted closer, closer to the warmth, unconsciously wrapping your arms around him.
He instantly tensed and blushed at your actions but then slowly moved into a comfortable sleeping position and pulled you even closer to him than you already were.

“_____...I-I love you” and with that he kissed your forehead and thought to himself that he will tell you that himself in the morning when you were awake.

It was your turn to tense up at his actions,

‘what? I never said you were asleep’

“I love you too” you soon replied.

“Y-you..! You’re a-awake!?” He asked shocked

‘Mmh’ you nodded sleepily; the memories of the terrible nightmare were gone.

“Y-you G-git!” He said pushing the spare pillow at your face,

“Go to sleep!”
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My other latest xreader is Americaxreader .:That Encounter :. Feat. England : [link]

This is a Short reader insert(xreader), well what can i say...i wanted to write something sweet and i came up with this~!
Thank you For Reading!
Comments are appreciated!


NOTE!- I DON’T own Hetalia or Arthur/England, they belong to the rightful owner!
I OWN the story Plot.
You belong to England!(or Russia!.. okay okay you can always belong to yourself.)

Me: Seeya you next time reader-tan!
For more of my xreader (reader insert) work: [link]

EDIT: Woa!! you guys ! thanks for All the Favs, each one makes me smile thank you!~
England:I-i am shocked, Do you guys l-love me that m-much? ////
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Today was turning out to very boring for Arthur.  Even with his usually entertaining girlfriend ___________ over, this day was turning out to be boring.

Of course, perhaps if said girlfriend was paying more attention to him rather than… whatever the hell she was looking at on her laptop, that might help things a little bit.

"Remind me why I invited you over again?" He asked, annoyed.

"You tell me." Was your oh-so-concerned reply.

An anime vein popped on Arthur's head and he growled. "Gee, I don't know. Maybe I just wanted to spend time with my girlfriend. You know, without her laptop?"

You groaned and rolled your eyes, which didn't leave the computer screen. "Look, I promise I'll give you my full attention in just a few minutes, okay? I just wanna finish reading this comic."

"You're ignoring me to read a webcomic?"

"Hey, you've ignored me to read books. In fact, why don't you go read one now?"

Arthur was not having this, not in his own home. You were going to give him your full attention, and you were going to give it to him now.

Since you were so distracted with what was on the screen in front of you, you made absolutely no notice when he snuck up behind you. You were unaware of the scheming glare he was burning into the back of your head. And you completely missed his hands slowly making their way to your head until…

He was scratching it.

Instantly, you leaned back into the touch, with a half-hearted frown on your face. "Arthur~", you whined "Ahhhhh……stop! That's not fair!"

Yes, in the course of your dating, Arthur had learned that the top of your head was a weak spot for you.  Scratching your head was how Arthur got pretty much everything he wanted. It was how he won fights, got you to forgive him after said fights, sometimes he even used it to get you in the mood.

Right now, though, he just wanted you to pay attention to him, not your comic.

"Life's not fair love," He said smugly as his other hand went to scratch your back, another weak spot for you.  Just like a dog… he thought.

"Mmm... Arthuuuur, please!" You whined, hunching your back. "I just want to read…"  

"No, this is our time together. Now, close the laptop…"

You whined again and did what he said. Arthur stopped scratching your head and your back and the flustered look left your face, quickly replaced with a scowl.

"What?!" He asked, annoyed that you weren't being as submissive as he'd hoped.

"If you value your life, you will continue scratching me." You told him in a dead serious tone.

The blood drained from Arthur's face as he now obeyed your orders.

Slowly approaching Arthur's house now was Alfred. He too, had become bored, and was hoping he could hang out with Arthur and… I don't know, beat him at video games or something? Anything was better than just doing nothing.

He raised a hand to knock the door, but a groan stopped him.

"Ah~! Arthur, yes! Right there!"

"D-don't be so loud, git!"

"I can't help it; it feels amazing!"

Alfred stood frozen in place for second, before lowering his hand and walking away.

Maybe Matthew was free.
:iconotlplz: Please forgive me for this garbage. I desperately needed to write something stupid and crackish to get rid of my sad feels.
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((A/N: Damn, I barely made the deadline on this one! DX I need to speed up my writing skills…))

~~~POV Arthur~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arthur sighed as he watched you have fun with some of your friends. You were perfect in his eyes, with your (h/l)(h/c) hair that looked very soft, your (s/c) complexion which seemed to glow in the sun, and last but not least, your beautiful (e/c) eyes that always sparkled with happiness. Once again he sighed. He wished so badly to ask you out, but he just didn't have the guts to do so. You probably wouldn't like him that way anyway. You'd most likely go after someone like Alfred or Francis, heck, maybe even Ivan! The saddest part was, tomorrow was Valentines Day. If Arthur didn't ask you out now, you would most likely get asked out by someone else.

“Ohhonhonhon~ Who are you staring at, Arthur?” A French voice asked him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Arthur turned to the annoying Frenchman, “I’m not staring at anybody, you bloody frog!”
Despite his answer, Francis knew he was hiding something.

He looked in the general direction that Arthur had just been staring and saw you with your buddies, “Oh,” he smirked, “Are you by any chance thinking of finding a amant (That’s lover in French I think) for Valentine’s Day?”

This caused the Brit to blush a bit before protesting, “N-No, unlike you I am not a pervert!”

His reaction caused Francis to chuckle a little bit. He looked back over to your group, ’Ohhonhonhon~ I know a way to worm the truth out of the black sheep.’ He thought mischievously to himself.

“Hmmm, that girl over there with the (h/l) (h/c) hair over there looks so beautiful, I just may have to take her all for myself~”

As soon as Francis mentioned you, Arthur’s face turned into rage, “You better not mess with her, you bloody jackass! I swear-“

The Frenchman interrupted his raging with laughter, “I knew you wanted someone! The King of Amour (love in French) can always tell~”

“W-Why you stupid git! L-Leave me alone, I’m tired of hearing your voice already.”

Instead of leaving, Francis sat down next to Arthur, “Oh come on, ami (French for friend…..maybe?), let me help you with your love life. Listen to me and you will have the women in no time!”

Arthur sighed, should he really trust Francis to help him ask (y/n) out, or should he just try to figure how to ask you by himself? ’Why is love so difficult?’ He thought to himself.

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You were just hanging out with your friends when you heard a bit if a commotion. You turned your head to see Francis and Arthur having some kind if argument. Truth be told, you had a crush on Arthur. You loved everything about him, from his untidy blonde hair, to his shining green eyes. Heck, you even liked his oversized eyebrows! Everything about him was perfect in your eyes.

You get snapped out of your daydreams of Arthur when you hear said Brit yelling at Francis, "You better not mess with her, you bloody jackass! I swear-" He got cut off by the Frenchman's laughter. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't hear the rest of their conversation.

’Wait….is Arthur interested in some other girl?’ you think worriedly to yourself. It pained you just to think of that horrible possibility.

Sighing to yourself, you make your way to class, mumbling, “There’s no way someone like him would even glance my way…”

~~~~~le major time skip brought to you by me and some fellow Texans~~~~~

~~~POV Arthur~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After school, Arthur had (stupidly) decided to meet the Frenchman so that he could teach him how to ask (y/n) out.

’I must be a bloody git for agreeing to this…’ he thought angrily to himself as he knocked on Francis’s door.

In a few seconds, the door was flung open, “Ah, you really did come Angleterre~ (England in French)” Francis said, smirking.

Arthur huffed and walked into his home, “This ‘lesson’ better be worth while, Frog.”

“Ohhonhonhon~ Trust me, you’ll be catching girls’ eyes in no time at all!” he chirped as he led Arthur into his living room. “Now, we are going to start with practicing how you will flirt with someone.”

The Brit blushed a bit, “Err, t-that’s not r-really gentleman like…”

Francis ignored him, and continued with his instruction, “So, let’s say a belle fille (beautiful girl) came your way, what would you say to her?”

Arthur sweatdropped a bit, “Um, I suppose I would say hello. There’s not really anything I could say.”

The Frenchman facepalmed, “Mon Dieu, tu es totalement désemparés dans les relations d'amour...” (My God, you are totally clueless in the dealings of love…) Shaking his head, he replies in English, “No no no, try giving her a compliment. It’s a good way to charm women~”

“Erm…I-I like your hair today miss…?” he said uncertainty

“Non! Say something like…Your breasts look fabulous with that dress you’re wearing~”

Arthur glared at him, “I will not say something as perverted as that, you twit! Unlike you I actually have morals.”

Francis frowned, “Well, then why don’t you come up with something better to say then?”

“…Fine, just give me something less perverted to say….”

“How about…Your lips make me want to kiss you for all eternity~”

“T-That’s a b-bit forward, don’t you think?” Arthur stuttered

Sighing, Francis says, “You’re going to have to step out of our comfort zone if you want to get this (y/n) to be your Valentine!”

’Well…I love (y/n) enough to go through with this…’ Arthur thinks before replying, “A-Alright, tell me what to do.”

~~~~~Le time skip from the awesome Prussia!~~~~~

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You were just sitting at home, dreading the coming of tomorrow, as other “Forever Alones” were doing as well. Sighing, you ran your fingers through your (h/l)(h/c) hair, thinking to yourself, ’I really wish that Arthur had asked me to be his Valentine…but he’s probably off going to ask some other prettier girl. No one will ever want me, anyway.’ Right then you heard the doorbell ring. Curious to see who it was, you ran down the stairs and opened the door, revealing none other than the British gentleman you had fallen so hard for.

Blushing, you greet him nervously, “O-Oh, h-hello Arthur…” ’Damn me for stuttering so much!’

To your surprise, he seemed to be just as nervous as you, “Erm, g-good evening, (y-y/n)…”

You stood there, waiting for Arthur to tell you why he was there…


Since Arthur turned out to be one of the worst flirts of all time, Francis gave him an old ear radio (Y’know, those ones that you see in spy movies?) so he could feed him the lines he needed to say.

“Ok, now tell her, ‘Excuse me, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?’”

Arthur sighs a bit, then says to you, “E-Excuse me, if I go s-straight this way, w-will I be able to reach y-your heart?”

He looks up to see you giving him an “are-you-fucking-crazy?” look with your gorgeous (e/c) eyes, and stutters, “Umm….err, t-that’s not what I meant….uh…”

“Merde (shit), try saying, ‘I must be in Heaven, because I’m looking at an angel!’”

The Brit nervously scratches the back of his head, “I-I must be in H-Heaven, because I’m looking at a-an angel…”

After an antagonizing moment of silence for Arthur, you finally reply, “Arthur…are you drunk?”

He blushes madly, “N-No! Of c-course not! I…”

“Try saying: ‘I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you’” By this time the Frenchman was worried that Arthur would mess up horribly.

“I-I’m not drunk (y/n),” Arthur says, trying to calm his nerves, “I’m just intoxicated by you.”

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

By this time, you were really starting to wonder what the hell was wrong with Arthur. ’It’s like he’s on drugs or something…’

“Look, Arthur,” you begin to say, “You should probably start heading home-“

Arthur then begins to mutter curses under his breath, saying something along the line of “that damn Frog”. He looks up at you with his emerald eyes and says, “Screw it, I’m just going to show you how I feel.” And with that, he kisses you, tangling one hand in your (h/c) hair, and putting the other at the small of your back. Even though you’ve never been kissed before, there was no way there could ever be kisses better than this one. Arthur’s lips were so soft and gentle, and faintly tasted of the tea he always drank.

After a while, the both of you had to break the kiss for air, “W-Wow…you really….like me?” you ask

He smiles, ‘Of course, love. I’ve liked you for a while now. I’ve just had trouble working up the bravery to say it to your face.”

You giggle a bit, “So what was up with all of those silly pick up lines?”

“…I asked Francis for advice…lets just leave it at that…”

Off in the bushes, you both hear a French accent cheer, “Onhonhonhonhon~ The King of Amour always prevails!”

“Shut up you damn frog!”
It was so much fun looking up pick up lines for this. XDDD So yeah this is for a contest, and I hope you all enjoy it. I'm not very confident about this one.....

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"Is it done yet!?" You whined, peeking over your bestfriend's shoulder as he mixed the batter.

"(Y/N)! I told you, it takes a while!" He blonde said, imitating your tone, but quieter. In response, you stuck your tongue out at him and turned around, about to leave when one of the kids came running in and tackled your legs. Playing along, you fell backwards and crashed into your friend Matthew, who in turn dumped the sticky mixture of batter everywhere.

You and Matthew Williams had been best friends since third grade. Now the two of you were second years in highschool, and learning to support yourselves and lead a life. You both talked to your parents and surprisingly, they went for the idea you proposed. See, you and Matthew wanted to be prepared for the world when you went to college. So, you two got an apartment and moved in together. It was simply wonderful; Matthew was the best roommate! He cleaned up your messes, helped you with your algebra homework, and didn't throw loud obnoxious parties. In return, you were someone he could truly let himself out around. Things were going swimmingly from about the first two months, but then you guys had a problem.

You needed money.

After long talks and tough consideration, you two decided that you had the perfect mix of skills to be babysitters. He was calm and could soothe kids, and you were more high-energy and could play all day. Not to mention his seemingly magical teddy bear named Kumajiro, who the kids absolutely loved. It was originally Matthew who came up with the idea, and you went for it. Between that and the small sums of money your parents gave you, the two of you were back in business.

"(Y/N)! Be careful!" Matthew shrieked as you sat forward, pulling the little girl you two were watching into your lap.  Her brother, a boy about a little older, was standing in the doorway, laughing at Matthew as he got covered in pancake mix.

"S-Sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"But the pancakes! Breakfast! What do we do now!?"

You chewed your lip and looked around; none of you had gone to the grocery, and you needed to help feed the kids breakfast as part of your job. "U-Uhm, don't we have anymore!?" You quickly set the child back on the floor, bouncing up to look over the counter and your messy roommate.

Matthew sighed and pulled off his glasses, rinsing the doughy goo off them and drying them, putting them back on. He cutely furrowed his brow, looking around at the counter aimlessly.

"You're Canadian! You should be able to like, whip up pancakes from no where! Use your Canadian Powers!" You said dramatically, trying to lighten the tension as you pointed a finger at him. He scoffed, opening his mouth to speak when—
"Yeah! Canadian Powers!"

"Canada Man! Eh Man!"

The kids shouted, following your example and pointing, each with their other hand on their hip. Matthew looked flabbergasted, his eyes wide in a bit of a shocked face.

You choked on laughter, covering your mouth with your hand. "B-Before you say anyth-thing, I'm not a bad influence!"

"…Why did I ever think this was a good idea? (F/N L/N), a babysitter."
Welcome to part 7 of the 100 oneshot challenge!

The basis of this is that I have this headcanon that Canada would be a great babysitter. He's calm, cute, and has a talking bear. I mean, of course he would be.

Sorry this one isn't very romantic! I'm not very good at romance and Matthew, but I wanted to do one with him.

[link] < Part 6
Part 8 > [link]

Please comment with your thoughts, and who you would like to see one written for soon!

Canada, Kuma, and Hetalia (c) Hima
You (c) You
Story (c) Me
Art (c) Artist
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“One slice of strawberry cake please,” you ordered, watching the cashier take the cake out and place it on the counter.

“You’re lucky. That’s the last one,” she smiled at you and held out her hand. You were just about to place the money on her hand, but out of nowhere another hand landed there and left a $5 note, a voice telling her to “Keep the change!”

“Hey!” you called out, reaching for the person’s shoulder and turning him around, only to find out that you knew him.

“(Name),” he stated.

“Arthur,” you said back, just as bluntly.

The two of you just stood there for a few moments, before you continued.

“Um…I believe I bought that first.”

“No, I paid for it first,” declared Arthur.

“But I ordered it!”

“Yes, but who gave the money first?”

“I was giving it! You blocked my way!”

“Either way I bought it first. I’m planning on giving this to my girlfriend.”

“And what does that have to do with me?!”

“Nothing. I just bought it first and so the cake is mine,” he told you, gaining a glare from you.

There was a mini glaring contest right in the middle of the shop, the tense atmosphere scaring and confusing the other customers, before the two of you suddenly started laughing, making them even more worried than before.

“Well, nevermind. The cake is yours this time,” smiled Arthur, handing it to you.

“No, no, you paid for it, you keep it.”

“No, I insist (Name). Please take it.”

“…Alright. But wait, weren’t you going to give this to your girlfriend?” you asked knowingly.

Smiling, he walked up to you and placed a kiss on your cheek, before you telling that,

“I just did~”
Yay! An England x Reader! Haven't written one in a while :)

This was another random idea that popped up a while ago ^^;

Either way, hope you enjoyed! Plz comment! :iconbowplz:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) You
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Alright, this is going to be my third story, first reader insert… bear with me please… I’d love to see some comments about it, spelling and story.
Some info:
-If you see (..) in the story, that means that the author has to say something :P
-If you see a *, then there is more info about it in the description down below ^^
And the rest, like (h/c, h/l)(e/c)(name) speaks for itself, I guess ^^
-I’ll try to do France’s accent right… there is a z when there actually needs to be a th and the h is replaces by an ‘ , because French people can’t pronounce the h…
-Also, I used °C … I looked it up on the internet and 40 °C (Celsius) would be equal to 313 K (Kelvin) and 104 °F (Fahrenheit) Just some extra information if you don’t know how much it is… I hope it helps, if it’s just complete rubbish… then never mind ^^;

Alrighty then, here we go!
Enjoy the story, Loves!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. The sun was shining and white fluffy clouds floated across the light-blue sky.
A (h/l, h/c) girl walked down the road, smiling happily.

A blond haired Brit sat down in one of his favourite coffee shops. Opening and reading the newspaper and sipping on his Early Grey flavoured tea.
As you walked, your mind wandered off to the nice warm cup of tea from your favourite coffee shop down your street.
Small bells chimed as you stepped through the wooden door.
The lady behind the counter kindly greeted you, and you did the same back with a small ‘Hello’ and a kind smile. As you waited for your order, your (e/c) eyes looked around for a nice spot.

The bushy eyebrows of the blond made a frown on his face as he read what was in the paper. He pulled it up a bit and rested the bottom of it on the table, blocking his sight from the rest of the shop. Casually sipping on his still warm tea as he read it. Rubbing his temples, it has been a busy week for him and he just wanted some free time, to get away from the little stress his work had given him (In this story, Arthur is indeed the personification of England, just so you know ^^).
Not noticing the girl that sat across from him on the small table.

‘Hehe, Arthur doesn’t even notice me! Silly, handsome Brit that he is...’
You thought as you sat down in front of him.
Pushing the newspaper down with one finger, just enough to meet his bright forest green eyes, which went slightly wider as he met your nice (e/c) ones.

“Good morning, Arthur. How are you today?”
You smiled at him. He smiled softly back, sighing slightly as he closed his newspaper and put it away, eyes shining with excitement once he saw you,
“Ah, good morning to you too, love! I’m doing great, how about you?”
He already forgot about his work…
“Me too! Good to hear you’re doing great, I’ve heard from some people that their work was pretty stressful. I hope that’s not the case by you…”
You trailed off as you began to think,
‘He still hasn’t told me what he actually does, has he?’
A small drop of sweat trickled down on the side of his face, he had been stressed out, but…
‘I’m not going to get her worried about me, I can’t do that to her’
He gave you a nervous grin,
“N-no, love, my work has been good! Hehe…”

Your cup of tea was in your hands, with your lips on the rim of it. Looking at Arthur with an unsure look on your face,
“Hmm… You sure?”
You asked as you took a sip.
“Why yes of course! W-why would I lie to you?”
‘Because you mean to much to me to let you be worried…’
He said to himself, sighing as he relaxed a bit and took a sip of his tea.

You still weren’t sure if he really was okay, but apparently he didn’t want to talk about it, so you didn’t push any further.
You shrugged,
“Alright then… So… Well then… How’s work going?”
You didn’t actually know what to talk about, he was your best friend… And you may have a small crush on him… Oh, scratch that, huge, enormous, gigantic crush. You two have known each other for over 2 years, the first time you met was in the same place and seats you two were now. And still you didn’t really know how to start a conversation with him… But not to worry, Arthur never minded.

You two talked further about each other’s week and sat in the shop for a good hour, or two.

“Oh bloody hell, would you look at the time… I’m sorry Love, but I have to go…”
Arthur said as he stood up and collected his things. You looked slightly disappointed,
“O-oh… Well, see you later then”
Arthur smiled softly at you, seeing and hearing the disappointed in your voice,
“Don’t worry, we will see each other tomorrow morning, right?”
“Heh, yes. That's true. Bye Arthur"
"Bye Love"

You watched him leave, a dreamy look in your eyes and face slightly red. You loved the way he called you, but he almost did that to every woman he knew well...
You sighed, finished your tea and walking back home. You and Arthur never talked for long, he was most of the time busy with work and came only on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning, 9 o'clock straight. And even in the weekend he had much to do for work...

'Maybe I could ask him if he has any plans next weekend, and if I could come over to his place, just for some tea and a nice talk...
And staring in those amazing green eyes, looking at that handsome face with that soft and kind smile...'
You shook your head,
'I'm getting weirder and weirder with my thoughts about him... I mean, his IS a true gentleman, and a handsome one too, but he could never like me the way I do...'

You reached your home and unlocked the front door. You walked in and was greeted by your cat (sorry if you don't have one, absolutely HATE them and/or are allergic to them... But anyway, you have one in this story ^^; ). She purred happily as you picked her up and walked towards the couch. You turned the TV on and simply just watched some stuff and petted the purring fur ball in your lap.
“What am I going to do with him…?”

--meanwhile at Arthur’s house--

Arthur sighed as he closed the door of his huge house behind him, he didn’t want to leave so soon, although it had been 2 hours of talking. Still, he loved (name)’s company… But he had too much work to do now; he couldn't afford to slack off. He set his things on the kitchen table, taking a plate of homemade scones and walking to his office. (I don’t know where I’ve seen it, probably on Tumblr somewhere, but there was a head canon about England being actually a good cook, but only messes up when cooking for others… I’m gonna use that XP *)
While he nommed on some scones he started up his computer and began to work, sending mails to other countries, calling his boss about things, etc.
But after a while his sight began to fill with small black spots… he closed his eyes for a moment and opened them when he felt better again. This would repeat for every half hour or so, and every next time it became worse with first slight headache, but that would increase with every half hour that would pass. He just simply brushed it off and went further with his work,
‘I’ll take an aspirin after I’m done with this page…’

After a good three hours, he heard some loud banging on his door. Jumping a little at the noise he sighed in annoyance as he already knew who it would be… Walking down the stairs and opening the door, looking at a not-surprisingly happy and hyperactive dirty blond haired, blue eyed American.

“Hey dude! Wanna hang out with us?!”
He almost yelled at Arthur.
Arthur cringed a little and almost had to cover his ears and glared angrily at the American.
“Alfred you git! You don’t have to shout when you’re this close to me!!”
He yelled back, his temper even shorter than normal cause of the stressful work.
Alfred just laughed it off and walked in. As the Britt turned around to walk after him, he heard an all too familiar laugh…
“Ohonhonhonhon~ Why ‘ello there, Angleterre~”
So that’s what Alfred meant with ‘us’. Arthur stopped death in tracks, his face red from anger,
“Wow! Iggy, chill man!”
But it was already too late, Francis was in and walking towards Alfred to the living room. And poor Arthur just followed them, you almost could see the steam coming out of his ears.

“And what Angleterre~?”
“Yeah man, you feeling OK?”
Arthur had frozen in place, his eyes wide and staring in nothing particularly, his face paled dangerously fast and his hand went up to rub his temple.
“Oh bloody hell-“
He mumbled as his sight began to fill with black spots again, but this time they didn’t stop and quickly it was black in front of his eyes.

The two man just stood there watching him fall down, frozen in shock. But quickly enough they got to his sight and tried to shake him awake, which didn’t work.
“Yo! DUDE! Wake up!”
“Amérique, it’s not working. Let’s pick ‘im up and lay ‘im in bed, oui?”
“Y-yeah, let’s do that…”
Alfred had been quiet after he pick him up, the French was slightly worried too, he had never seen Alfred, nor Arthur like this. There was a time that England had been very sick, and the Frenchmen took care of the Brit. Alfred had helped too, but wasn’t that worried about it, he didn’t really knew what sickness meant that time.
But this time… Alfred still cared about his big brother, although they weren’t always ‘best friends’ with each other.

They laid him in bed, Francis got some medicine and cold wet towels. He asked Alfred to go downstairs and wait for him. After some discussion about it he finally went down and waited, pacing through the room.

After an hour, that felt more like a whole day to Alfred, Francis came back, roughly being gripped by the shoulders by Alfred. The Frenchmen looked surprised but explained what he thought that was wrong with Arthur.
“I zink ‘e ‘as been stressing too much lately… ‘e ‘as a fever, just like back zen… So all we can do now is wait…”
Alfred was pleased to hear that it was not too bad.

They made a deal, today and tomorrow they would both ‘babysit’ England. Monday, France. Tuesday, America. Then Wednesday, France again. Etc.
Every hour they would check on him and refresh the towel that laid on his forehead. Arthur would mumble some things in his sleep, but that was inaudible for the two.

And this may surprise you, but they certainly were worried about him.

~Time skip to next day~

You walked through the wooden door of the shop, ordered your tea and sat down at the same table as the day before.

“Hmm… Arthur sure is late today…”
You mumbled to yourself as you looked at you watch, it was already 10:45. Arthur would normally be there around 45 minutes ago, but not today.

It disappointed you greatly, your best friend wasn’t even picking up his phone. And it slightly worried you too, what if something had happened to him?
‘Nah~ Arthur would probably just have slept in and maybe had some work to do too’
You thought as you walked back home. Noticing that dark grey clouds were coming towards the city. It was going to rain later today. Great…


Alfred watched at the Brit’s phone, debating if he should pick it up or not. But the ID was showing and he saw that it was you, he thought that it would be better if you didn’t know about the situation right now, so he just left it ringing.

“Why don’t you pick it up?”
Francis asked as he passed by.
“It’s (name), and we don’t want her to know about it. Do we? I mean, they are good friends… But I also know that Arthur cares about her, a lot… He wouldn’t want her to be worried about him”
Alfred answered as he looked at the Frenchmen, who just smiled and sighed softly, looking up the stairs,
“So ‘e does ‘ave someone ‘e cares about, zat’s good to know. I always zought zat ‘e didn’t ‘ave any friends, but to ‘ear zat ‘e ‘as one and even someone ‘e loves… zat makes the situation a little bit better, non?”
“Yes it does”
Alfred smiled, almost every country saw England as a short tempered, corrective, tea loving, lonely man. Alfred knew about (name) and that they were good friends, it made him feel better, that Arthur had found someone after so long being alone. When America became independent England had fell in a slight depression. And yes it had been a really long time ago and England eventually came out of it, but still was rather lonely at times. It was good for him to finally have found a friend to spent time with him when he needed it.

~Time skip~

The next week went by rather quickly and you just couldn’t get your mind off of your dear friend, but you waited until Friday. You knew how busy he was with work and only had time in the weekends. He did told you that he had to travel a lot, so you two couldn’t sit and talk just for a bit.

After you had dinner, you took your laptop and did some stuff you needed to be done and rather did it now then had to rush it Sunday…
A few hours passed and you looked at the time, it was almost 9. You saved everything and shut your laptop down. Getting your purse, putting on your jacket and walked outside, making sure to lock your door as you walked down the same route as every weekend.

Again you waited with your tea at the café, but Arthur never came, nor did he pick up his phone…
‘Alright, this is strange… The second time already…
“Arthur, you idiot! Letting me wait again and not picking your phone either!” you said as you left a message in his voicemail, you sighed and talked further,
“I care about you, you know. It worries me… Just.. just call me back when you can, ‘kay? …Bye…”

You ended it with a sigh. Not knowing that two men on the other side of the line heard everything. They looked at each other with a sympathetic look on their faces.

‘If he still isn’t showing himself tomorrow morning… I’ll go to him and see for myself, yes! That’s what I’m going to do!’ You told yourself.

That night you weren’t able to sleep well, it really did worry you about Arthur.
What if’s were running around in your head, making that worried feeling only grow…

After a few hours of turning in bed, you gave up and threw the sheets off of you. It was 2.30 in the freaking morning and you still couldn’t sleep.

‘Maybe a nice cup of tea with milk would help me get some sleep, it always makes me calm…’ A yawn escaped your lips as you walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

After the tea you began to feel sleepy and walked back to bed. You just let yourself fall on the mattress and quickly threw the covers back over you, directly after that you fell asleep. Luckily you set your alarm, otherwise you would sleep in and miss the chance to see Arthur.

~Time Skip~

You slammed your cup on the table, getting some confused looks as you did.

‘That’s it! It’s time that I’m going to look what’s wrong with him!’

On your way to Arthurs house the sky was turning grey and not long after it began to rain,

“Oh, great! Rain!” Sarcasm dripping off your voice. You reached the front door and rang the bell.


Alfred looked up as he heard the bell, Francis was upstairs to look how Arthur was doing.

“Oh! Hi (name)!!” Alfred energetically as he saw you, almost forgetting one important thing… You weren’t able to know what was going on right now… Oops…

“Eh… (n-name)… Aaaaahhh!!”

You stoot there, in the rain, dumbfounded about what just happened… Alfred just slammed the door shut, right in your face.

‘Okay, something’s really wrong here…’


Alfred ran upstairs,

“Francis! Francis! (na--“
“Alfred! Be quiet!” Francis harshly whispered to Alfred.

“Sorry… But, (name) is standing right outside… I opened the door and found her there!”
“R-really? What did you do?”
“Just slammed the door shut”
“And left ‘er in ze rain?! Imbécile! You never let a dame stand outside in ze cold rain! Get ‘er inside and we’ll zink of somezing”

Francis pushed Alfred to the stairs.
He nervously re-opened the door and found an angry looking, arms crossed, foot tapping, wet and glaring girl.

“Are you going to let me in now?”
You kind of growled at him,
He rubbed the back of his head and stepped aside to let you in, apologizing for earlier.

“It’s fine, Alfred… Could you get me a towel or two?”
“Eh, yeah sure…”

As he returned with the towels and you started drying your hair and face you asked him why he was here.

“Eehh, well… you see… ehm…”
“God, Alfred… Just spill it already”
“R-right… Eh, well… Arthur needed help with his work…”
“Okay… That’s weird of him to ask you… I know you two aren’t always on good terms… And you are acting very strange…”

Alfred gulped, he never was really good at lying… As he was about to replay someone walked down the stairs,

“Ah! Mon ami! It is good to see you, ‘ow are you (name)?”
Francis walked up to you two and kissed the back of your hand.

“Francis? What are you doing here? Guys, where is Arthur? If he knows you two are here… “

Francis sighed and smiled,
“Why don’t we sit down in ze living room, oui? And I’ll go looking for some dry clothes for you, you could get sick if you stay in zose wet clothes of yours”
“Eh.. O  kay?”

Nothing was said when Francis was getting you some dry clothes.

“I ‘ave found zese in Arthur’s closet. Zey may be too big, but it was ze smallest”
He said as he handed you a big looking dark red blouse. You thanked him and walked to the bathroom to change.
Meanwhile you were gone, both men sweat broke out and they began to panic a bit. But before they could find a good excuse you were already back…
They decided to just tell the truth.

You sat on the couch as Francis and Alfred took the chairs in front of you, on the other side of the salon table. Briefly looking at each other and looking back at you, you arched an eyebrow and waited, nervously playing with the hem of Arthur’s blouse.

‘Something is really wrong... Oh god, what is happening??’
“You see, (name),” Alfred began,
“Arthur is sick… We think his work has finally became too much for him…”
“So you’re saying he is stressed out? But I thought he said that work was going great and nothing was wrong…”
“When was zat?”
“Exactly a week ago…”

“What exactly does he has?”
“A high fever”
“How high?” That’s when Alfred spoke up again, he was the last one who measured his temperature, not knowing what would happen after saying how high…
“45 oC”
You really began to panic now! It is not possible for a living person to have higher than 40 or 41 oC, with such high temperature your cells will be destroyed…
Francis glared at Alfred,
‘Zank you very much, Amérique. You just made zings worse…’

A few sweat drops began to for on Alfred’s forehead,
‘What now, what now  what now?! Oh god… I swear if we’re able to fix this… I’m not gonna eat by Mc D’s for a whole day!’

Francis saw no way out then just tell you the whole story and what all three men actually did for work.

He managed to calm you down and set you back on the couch. He told you the whole story about them and that he was the personification of France, Alfred personification of America and Arthur the personification of England.
He and Alfred told you about their history with England and what had happened to him and the others too.
Let’s just say that you learned more about the history of England, France and America in one day than you actually would get in a whole year of History in school…

Both men looked at you and waited for a reaction, good or bad. You just stared at them and needed to let all the information sink in.

“So, if I get this straight, you are the personification of France, the land of roses and red wine… And you the personification of America, the land of fast-food and other… un-healthy things… to put it lightly…”

“Oui, you got zat right…”
“And Arthur is the personification of England, the land of tea, double decker buses, red phone boxes and…”
You rattled some more about the most known things of England, as Alfred cut in,

“You know that much about England?”

You stopped, mouth still open, eyes wide.


A deep red blush made his way to your cheeks and you lowered your head, your interest going to your lap, where your hands were neatly folded.


You barely whispered, but they heard it loud and clear.

“You like ‘im, don’t you?”
“He might like ya back, though”
“I highly doubt that, he’s a freaking nation, amazing and handsome… I’m just a simple girl, not really beautiful or ladylike. There are a lot better girls in the world then me… He would never like me the same way I do…”

Alfred was about to say something, but Francis hold him.
“Why don’t you just go to ‘is room and talk with ‘im? ‘e might be awake by now”

After some discussion about it, you really weren’t sure if you could do that… You finally went upstairs and knocked on his door.
No answer came, but you opened the door and walked in. It was dark in the room, but you could easily make out his bed and window.
You took a chair and sat next to his bed, looking at him.
His face was read and he was sweating some, tossing his head around sometimes and mumbling something under his breath. It hurt you to see him like this.

You took a deep breath and searched for his hand. As you found it, you took it in yours and held it close.
You sat there for a while and Arthur’s grip on your hand would sometimes get stronger, it somehow let you know that he didn’t want you to leave.
It was getting late and you really didn’t want to leave, but you had to.

“Oh Arthur… Get well soon…”
You said as you bend over to kiss his forehead.
But something happened what you hadn’t planned for… Arthur suddenly pulled you to him, on his bed. He had smelled your sent and unconsciously pulled you close with a smile on his face,


He mumbled as you laid next to him, his arms finding their way to your waist and gripping them tight.
You didn’t know how to react, being pulled close to your crush. Your face burned red, from ear to ear and even a part of your neck.
The covers were over the both of you and Arthur’s head had found his way to the crook of your neck, where he nuzzled you unconsciously.
You simply placed your arms around him and ‘hugged’ him back.

Your heart stopped for a moment as 3 simple words were said to you, and that came out of Arthur’s mouth,

“I love you”

Your grip on him tightened and you happily nuzzled him back, not knowing if he could hear this,

“I love you too, Arthur”


Alfred and Francis silently went upstairs and peeked through the door and saw you sitting next to his bed, with his hand in yours. They smiled and left the two of you alone.
But right before they wanted to close the door, they caught a glimpse of you bending over to him, and their curiosity took over again and watched.

Their eyes went wide as they heard you squeak as you were pulled close by Arthur. They saw the whole thing and heard everything too…

“We’d better go downstairs and let them sleep, non?”
“Yeah, we’ll see in the morning what to do”

--Time Skip--

Arthur had one of the best dreams in his life! His best friend and long-time crush was with him all day and at night they would fall asleep on the couch, he would take her to his room and placed her in his bed, lying next to her and pulling her close, mumbling 3 little words to her and even getting them back!

In the morning Arthur snuggled into something soft, breathing in a familiar sent and his arms around someone… He opened his eye and let them adjust to the light in his room.

He stared at the girl next to him, thinking that he was still dreaming. But when she began to stir, his eyes widened more and he kind of jumped back,

“What the bloody-! (n-n-name)! Wh-What are you d-doing in my b-b-bed?! And you are w-wearing one of m-my s-s-shirts too… ”

His face was so red that even a part of his chest was getting red too! Not that yours wasn’t…

“M-morning to you too… I ehm… Let’s get up a-and get downstairs… for… some breakfast…I’ll explain everything t-there”

You stepped out and walked down the stairs, smelling some delicious French toast. As you walked in the kitchen you were greeted by the French and the American, who both asked you how you had slept, which made your face go red again. They didn’t tell you what they had seen, but something in their eyes told you that they knew it and the way they asked you that question… You just brushed it off and told them that you slept good.
You thanked Francis as he gave you a plate with some fresh made toast.

“’ow is ‘e?”
“He had woken up… He looked better then yesterday…He should be dow-“

Just as you said that Alfred and Francis turned to the doorway, you turned around and saw Arthur standing there, glaring at the two.

“And what the bloody hell are y-“

You said sternly as he began to rant, he looked at you and saw your glare. You pointed at the chair in front of you,

“Sit, then we’ll talk”
“Ohonhon~ someone is in a bad mood zis morning”
“No, just want to get things straight”

Everyone was silent and the only thing that was heard was the chewing of you and Arthur on the toast.
As you were finished with breakfast, you looked down, took a deep breath and looked at Arthur again, but not without a blush on your face.

“I’m sure you want to know what… happened…?”
A nod came from him,
“A-alright, ehm… I’m sure you know that you were sick last week?”
Another, slightly hesitated nod,
“From what I’ve heard is that after Alfred and Francis came here, you fainted and they carried you upstairs. They’ve been nursing you for the past week. A-and I was deeply worried about you, because you wouldn’t pick up your phone and neither come to the coffee shop… Yesterday was the last drop and I know you are always busy with work but I just was too worried to let it get over me. When I came here I was sopping wet, and Alfred was so kind to slam the door shut because he didn’t really know what to do, he didn’t want me to know about you… After I was in, Francis was so kind to get a shirt f-from you r-room and gave it to m-me, t-that’s why I’m w-wearing it… They also told me about your state and I was shocked… such high fever and still alive…”

Your gaze had dropped, from Arthur’s eyes to the table, to the shirt you were wearing. And your face was still a little red, stuttering too… You took a small break and when you continued with the most important part you looked back in his eyes,

“They told me what work you actually do… What they do too… I know you are the personification of England and it’s really amazing to know that my best friend is”

Arthur’s heart sank a little at hearing ‘best friend’, but didn’t let show that. He also was slightly angry that those gits had told their secret to her, but he knew that she could hold it and would never tell it to someone else.

“I also know that it’s secret, but I can assure you that it will stay a secret”

You now began with the last part and your face heated up again, stuttering more audible. Looking down again.

“L-last evening, I-I got up to y-your room a-and sat n-next to you for a f-few hours, or s-so. A-and when I w-wanted to say g-goodbye t-to you, y-y-you pulled me cl-closer… I c-couldn’t get o-out, so I-I just stayed… Th-that’s why I w-was i-in your b-bed…”
“I-I s-see…”

Francis and Alfred silently left the kitchen and went to the living room, leaving the two of you alone.

“C-can you r-remember anything f-from yesterday…?”

You silently hoped he remembered the confession part…

“I-I don’t know… W-what did I do? D-did I do s-something stupid? If I did, t-then I’m terribly sorry, love”

Your heart skipped a beat, he called you ‘love’ again.

“N-no! M-more like s-said something…”
“O-oh… Oh!”

His hand shot to his face and covered his mouth, his eyes were wide and his face was turning red. So that dream was partly true!
You shyly looked up and saw his face, you guessed he found out and nodded softly. Gripping the shirt firmly as you turned your head away. An uncomfortably silent fell.

After a few moments you stood up and took both plates to the sink, getting some distraction. Arthur stood up too, but as he walked closer to you, something stopped him.
He looked at the green bunny in front of him and softly told him to go.

As you heard talking behind you, you turned around and almost let the plate fall out of your hands.
There, in front of you, was a green flying bunny, a GREEN, FLYING bunny!

“A-Arthur… who.. what… is that?”

You asked carefully, as you kept looking at the green creature. It stared back at you in amazement, you could actually SEE him!
Arthur was shocked, flabbergasted and just stood there gaping at you,

“Y-you can s-s-see HIM?!”
“Y-yes I can… I-is there something wrong w-with that…?”

“Oh no! not at all! You’re just the only one next to Arthur who can actually see me!”

A new voice piped up, it was the creature. You smiled and petted him, he rubbed his head against your hand.

“I’m Flying Mint Bunny! And you must be (name)! Arthur talks a lot about you, you know!”

You looked at Arthur who was still gaping at you. But when you looked at him he seemed to be getting out of his stare. He came one step closer to you and gripped the back of your neck softly, pulling you to him.

Your noses touched and you two seemed to be in trans as you stared in each other’s eyes.
Arthur closed his eyes and softly pushed his lips on yours.

Your heart stopped for a moment before working overtime the next second.
You were to shocked to do something yet.

Arthur pulled back softly and rested his forehead against yours, his face just as red as yours.

“You have no idea how happy it makes me to know that you can see him too… I always thought that I was the only one, everyone would make fun of me because they don’t believe… And… that from yesterday… It’s true, love…”

He pecked your lips lightly and rested them there,

“I love you”

If you could, you would melt into a puddle right now… The way he spoke to you, you never heard him talk so softly and with so much love in his eyes.
You shyly rested your arms on his shoulders and let your hands get into his hair lightly, as his other went around your waist. His thumb rubbed slow circles on the back of your neck and he kept staring lovingly at you.
You closed your eyes,

“I love you too, Arthur”

After that said, Arthur took your lips again. He moved them slowly, to see if he could go further. You happily moved them with his and what started off with just a innocent kiss, the longer you two kissed, the heated it got.


Three voices from the doorway said, all of them had seen the whole thing. Alfred and Francis weren’t able to see Flying Mint Bunny, but they didn’t care. They were happy that it ended all well.


A few weeks later:

Arthur walked the conference room in, it had been a while since he had walked there. He took a sort of vacation and did nothing about his work, just resting and spending his time with his girlfriend.
Everyone in the room went silent and looked at him, he was slightly late, unusual for him. They greeted him kindly and he smiled back.

“’ow is (name) doing?”

France asked, a few countries looked confused, not knowing what he was talking about.
America butted in,

“Yeah? Everything goin’ steady?”

They expected England to get angry or just do something what they would expect from him when those two would talk to him, but no…
England smiled and looked at them,

“She’s doing great, and yes everything is fine. In fact, I brought her with me today… I hope that is okay with you, Germany”

Everyone in the room, except for France, America and England, still didn’t really know what was going on…

“Eh… Ja… It’s okay… I guess…”

Germany answered and England thanked him, everyone asked him who (name) was and what was going on. England, along with America and France, smiled.

“(name), love, you can come in now”

England softly called.  Everyone watched in amazement as a young woman with (h/l, h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes walked in, she wore slightly more professional clothing than normal.
England wrapped an arm around her and looked around the room with a slight blush on his face,

“This lovely lady here, was… no, still is my best friend… And she is now also my girlfriend… Everyone, this is (name)”

You shyly waved as England introduced you. Everyone was surprised, did England actually have someone who was his friend? They never knew…
The reactions were sweet and positive. You were quickly found into a tight hug by Italy and he rabbled something about how beautiful you were and how lucky England was to have you, it made you happy to hear that.

You were able to sit next to England during the meeting, which was much calmer than normal, now that France, America and England were on better terms with each other.

What worried you a little was how you were going to be able to be with Arthur forever, he was immortal and you were just a human…
Arthur saw your worried look and asked what was wrong,

“Well, the thing is… Just to put it simple… you are immortal and I’m just a human…”

You two were whispering but some others were listening as well…

“Well, England-san could make you a colony of his…”

England’s face went bright red,

“Ohonhonhonhon~ Oui, and have some babies too… maybe even *****-- Ack!!”

You kind of could think of what Japan meant, but France’s pervertedness cut you off…
But right after the baby things, you grabbed the closest thing, a surprisingly heavy book, and threw it at his face,

“Oh shut up you bloody frog”

It hit him straight in the face and he fell backwards on the ground, everyone laughed.

“That’s my girl!”

Arthur laughed as he kissed your cheek,

Yes, you sure were his girl.
My first xReader !! :heart: love this one... I hope you guys like it too...

*: I found that on Tumblr [link] it the one who put it on his/her page. I didn't really use it but did mention it so a disclaimer fair enough I guess ^^;

Oh and thank you =kushamisaru for some grammatical 'instructions' and improvements ^^

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You watched happily as Arthur paced up and down, his eyebrows twitching in irritation. It was a rare state that you’d found him in, especially as neither Francis nor Alfred were around.

“What’s eating you?” You murmured, gazing as he made a sharp turn before he hit the opposite wall.

Arthur shivered, chewing his lip as his hands clutched at each other. “Just something unimportant love.”

Rolling your eyes, you pushed your cheek into the palm of your hand. “If it was something so unimportant you wouldn’t be pacing, would you now?”

He paused for a moment, a disgruntled look on his face as he realised you were right. Then he sat himself next to you, the sofa’s cushions shifting under his weight. You nudged closer to him and snuggled into his neck, your arms around him.

“Now what’s wrong eh?” You muttered, nuzzling into his jaw. “You can tell me you know.” The blond tensed, one of his legs now jiggling up and down. He dragged a hand through his messy hair in frustration.

“We’re out of tea.”

You blinked. Was that really what had gotten his panties in a twist? What started off as a chuckle turned into full-blown laughter that had you collapsed onto him. He blushed and stuck out his bottom lip.

“Tea’s serious business!” That only cracked you up more and you gasped for air, holding your aching sides.

Gently he stroked your hair as you took advantage of the fact that you were lying on his lap and hugged his stomach. Still giggling slightly, you sat up and pecked his lips. “Still tea can’t be that important. Or are you that addicted to it?” You teased, poking his nose once.

He pouted and looked away from you. “I just like it okay.” He said gruffly and you grinned, settling yourself more comfortably on his lap.

“Let’s put it like this, would you rather have all the tea of the world or me?” You knew it was an evil question to ask, but you felt like teasing him. For once he seemed quite

conflicted and he stared at you in distress, his brows touching each other on his forehead.
You scoffed in disbelief and tried to climb off him. His arms wrapped around your waist and he pulled you back against his chest.

“I can’t believe it...” you muttered to yourself. True you’d asked the question first, but still you didn’t think that tea, of all things had a space in your boyfriend’s heart.

“I’m joking of course.” You looked up at him with wide eyes. “You mean it?” Nodding and smiling warmly, Arthur rested his forehead on your shoulder. “Nothing could ever compare to you love.”

Feeling so indescribably warm inside, you hugged him back. “That’s so sweet of you!” Blushing, he huffed slightly to cover his embarrassment.

“But not nearly as sweet as you, my love.”
Heh heh heh......
We have no more tea TT.TT

Uhum, anyways, I apologise if I'm bombarding you with Iggy ^^"

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
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Sleepy Time~



"Which one should we watch? 'The attack of the evil Domos 2' or the-"

"Love, anyone will do..."

"Are you sure? Because I think the 'The apocalypse of the rainbow gummy bears' is-"

Arthur sighed before you could finish. Sometimes he wonders where the hell do you even get theses movies from.

"Fine then! You try to pick out a movie!" You huffed out.

"But (Name), We watched a movie last night! Could we just go to bed? It's very late." Arthur said as he got up from the couch and turned off the near by lights.


Arthur placed a finger to your lips. "Shhhh, Not tonight (Name). Aren't you tired just a little bit?" He said placing his other hand on your shoulder.

You gave out a sad sigh. "I guess..." You frowned.

"Sleep is very important (Name), Always remember that." Arthur said as he kissed your right cheek and smiled.

You blushed a bit from the warm actions. He always knew how to get you.

"I'll be in the bed room if you need me love," Arthur said as he made his way out of the living room.

You crossed your arms and pouted. But before you were about leave the room, you had an idea.

'Maybe I can stall some time!" You thought to yourself.

You gave yourself a quick pat on the back for such a good idea and ran off into the bathroom.

You took out your brush and started brushing your (h/l) (h/c) hair. You were taking a long time doing so on purpose.

After that you changed into your pajamas and went back into the living room.

"I really don't feel like sleeping..." You said quietly to yourself.

Then you got another idea.

'I know! I'll read a book! That'll work for sure!' You cheered in your mind.

Then you went over to the coach took out your favorite book and started reading away...


"(Name)?" Arthur shouted up stairs.


No Reply.

Arthur groaned and walked down the stairs.

"(Name)! How many times-" Arthur didn't finish because of you sleeping soundly on the couch with an open book laying on your face.

Arthur smiled looking at the cuteness of you had to offer.

"What am I going to do with you...?" Arthur smiled before picking you up bridal style and walking back up stairs.

He then placed you down in the bed you both share together, covering you up with the warm blankets and then he joined in bed with you.

Arthur slowly and gently took your chin and lifted it up faces nearly touching.

"Good Night (Name), I love you." Arthur said giving you a soft tender kiss before shutting off the light on the night stand and falling to sleep.


"Were still watching a movie tomorrow right Arthur?"

Arthur's eye twitched. "Bloody hell (Name)...."

:heart: The End! :heart:
I made the reader alittle kiddish...xD I have no idea why.

Yeah...Um...The movies I put in the story are the best movies EVER! :iconhellyeahplz:

I tired making dis one fluffy ;w;

I'm having too much fun writing England inserts ;o; *HELPMEEEE*

I do not own England.
I do not own You. (YET.) <w<
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Huffing slightly, you arrived at the university your boyfriend attended, an important book of his clutched to your chest. You’d texted him the moment you’d spotted he’d left the manual for his English literary course behind, so he knew you were coming with it for him.

One of your hands wiping away the sweat from your forehead, you straightened up and cracked your back. As your morning lecture had been cancelled, you were still in your pyjamas when Arthur started freaking out about needing his book.

So being the kind and compassionate girlfriend you were, you’d thrown on the closest clothes to hand, slipping some easy shoes on and ran towards his university like a bat out of hell.
“Ar-Arthur....” you muttered as you awkwardly made your way on campus. He went to a different university to you, so the whole place was alien to you. Turning your head this was and that, your lip started trembling as you became more desperate.

The strange looks from the other students weren’t helping either and you started to get more and more self-conscious the longer their gazes stayed on you. Just as you were at your breaking point, you heard a voice behind you.

“Need some help dude?” You turned quickly, looking up at your savoir with grateful eyes. “Yes!” You practically screamed, almost launching yourself at him but restraining yourself at the last moment.

The man in front of you grinned and tilted his head to the side, his glasses glinting slightly. “So what’re you looking for?” Chuckling sheepishly, you rubbed your neck.

“It’s not so much a what, more of a who really. Do you know a certain Arthur Kirkland?” The guy laughed and nodded. “Sure I do, I’m sure I saw him awhile ago, tearing around the place. Guess the person he was looking for was you, wasn’t it?”

You nodded and smiled shyly. “C’mon, I’ll help you find him.”

Where the bloody hell could she be?! Arthur thought to himself furiously, worried sick about you. His frantic search the through the campus was gaining him a lot of onlookers, not that he cared either way. All he wanted to do was keep you away from-

“There he is dudette!”

Arthur’s fast pace faltered and he groaned as he saw Alfred with you. He was one of the reasons he didn’t want you to stick around. The American, loud though he was, had a certain knack with women and Arthur’s previous girlfriends had dumped him several times for him.

His brows furrowed and he glared when he noticed Alfred had his arm slung around you.

Blushing slightly, you thanked the kind man as Arthur came into view, gently prying his arm away from you and skipping to the fuming Brit.

“I got the book!” You sang, handing it to him with a wide smile. Shooting a sharp look to Alfred, Arthur took hold of you and hugged you tightly. No matter how pissed off he was with Alfred, nothing could compare to the happiness he experienced when he saw you.

“Thanks love.” He murmured and sweetly kissed the corner of your mouth; not wanting kiss in public. “You’re welcome.” You told him back, stroking his cheek softly and bumping your nose with his.

“Aaaaaw, they’re so cute~” Arthur stiffened at the for you unknown voice and he turned, holding you protectively in his arms. And there was the other reason why he wanted to get you away from the campus as fast as possible. The Frenchman was an old rival of Arthur’s and he hated his guts from the very depth of his British being.

“Cut it out you two.” He growled at the two blonds. A man with wavy blond hair had joined the first and they were making kissing faces at your boyfriend.

“But she’s kind of hot, non?” The new guy circled the two of you and Arthur’s eyes stared him down. “Francis. Don’t you dare touch her.”

“Ah, but sharing is caring, mon ami~” Francis, as he was called, smirked at you, one of his eyebrows quirked up. “How about it ma belle?”

At that point Arthur snapped, cuffing Francis in the face and pulling you away from them angrily. After a short moment, you were off the university site and going off into one of the secluded parks that dotted around your town.  

You started down a path that was lined with oak trees, which you knew was a long way away from the university and yet Arthur still strode on. It was getting hard for you to keep up with his long strides and the grip on your wrist was becoming painful.
“A-Arthur- you’re- it hurts!”

He stopped suddenly and you saved yourself from crashing into him by skidding expertly and coming to a halt. You walked around him, making sure he was okay. However you could tell by his expression that he was not.

Chewing his lip, his emerald eyes were averted and his cheeks bright pink. “Are you alright?” You asked, pulling his head around so he had to face you properly. He still refused to make eye-contact though.

“What’s the matter?” You repeated your question slightly differently and his blush darkened. Grinning slyly, you tapped his nose. “Were you that jealous?”
He spluttered and bared his teeth in what seemed like the start of an argument, but he hesitated and nodded curtly, his gaze on the floor again.

A short giggle escaped your lips and you reached up to wind your arms around his neck. “I’m flattered, but the guy was just helping me to look for you.”

“You don’t know his reputation with women.” He grumbled back, his ears tinted red as you pressed a kiss on his cheek. “And the way that frog was looking you over sickened me. I don’t want anyone looking at you in that sort of perverse way. And I sure as hell never want anyone to try and take you away from me. Ever.”

His confession made you glance up at him and he tightened his arms around you, coyly meeting your gaze.

“That. Was. Adorable.” You muttered, hugging him even tighter and squeezing him in your joy. You knew he could be cute at moments, but that look of his took the cake.

Arthur flushed red, burying his face in your neck and silently vowed to himself never to let Francis or Alfred near you again.

Francis sipped the red alcoholic substance from the glass, languidly thinking. Alfred sat next to him and wolfed down burger after burger.

“She really was nice.”

The American nodded vigorously, his mouth stuffed. “I didn’t know ‘e was able to snag a girl of zhat calibre.”

Alfred smirked, his mouth now cleared of food. “I say we get her next time.” With a conspiratorial look and shake of the hand Francis grinned widely. “Oui, I agree.”
Oh, how I love making America and France the baddies~

Heheheh ^^

Please enjoy!
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“See, Mrs. Kirkland? That’s your baby right there,” the doctor says, running his finger around the little shape in the middle of the screen as he holds the scanner on your belly. You can’t help the tears pouring down your cheeks in absolute delight at the thought.
You and Arthur had been trying for about two years to get pregnant, but it just wasn’t happening, and yet here you are, looking at the screen and actually seeing the tiny baby growing inside of you.
“But we’ve been trying for so long and nothing happened,” you say, staring at the screen as though if you looked away for a second it would disappear.
“Things like this happen, Mrs. Kirkland. I’ve had cases where couple has been told that they can never have children, and yet they’re back here a few months later looking at their baby on that screen.”
“…And everything looks ok, yeah? I mean, it’s normal and stuff, right?” you ask.
“Everything looks fine. Congratulations. Let me get a picture for you. Here, you can wipe the gel off with this and I’ll be back in a moment.” He smiles and leaves the room as you wipe at the gel with the paper towels he handed you.
How will you tell Arthur? Well, you guess you’ll just come out and say it. It isn’t something you want to keep a secret from him, so the sooner the better.
After getting a picture of your scan you thank the doctor and drive home. The happy tears start again as soon as you sit down on the couch in your lounge and look at the picture again. Then, you hear a car door bang shut, announcing the arrival of your husband. You put the picture in your pocket and wipe your eyes gently with the back of your hand.
“I’m home, love,” Arthur calls, closing the door behind him, “Bloody hell, Alfred is driving me absolutely crazy. He’s such an idiot, I’ve never known anything li-” he pauses when he notices your red eyes and tear stained cheeks, “________? Are you alright?”
He instantly marches over to you. You stand up and wrap your arms around him, letting more tears dampen his shirt.
“________, what’s happened? What’s wrong?” he asks, pulling you away to look deep into your eyes.
You smile happily, “Nothing is wrong. Oh, Arthur, everything’s right.” You press yourself into him for another hug, mumbling, “Everything is absolutely, positively right.”
“…then why are you crying?” he asks, confused.
You giggle, “I’m pregnant.”
His mouth drops, but then it curves into a smile, “Oh my god, are you serious?!”
“Yeah. I took, like, four pregnancy tests just to be sure, but I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to get your hopes up or anything. I just got back from the doctor, look,” you tell him, reaching into your pocket and pulling out the picture. You trace the shape of your baby with your finger, “There it is, Arthur. There’s our baby.”
He stares at the picture for a few more moments before turning to you, his eyes wet with tears, “But I thought… after such a long time trying…”
“The doctor said everything’s fine. He said these things happen sometimes.”
“Oh my god, that’s incredible. Oh, ________, I love you so much,” he says, pulling you in for another hug as he kisses you passionately. He pulls away and leans his forehead against yours, “Suppose we better start getting things together.”
“Frame for the picture, first,” you say.
“Absolutely. I just can’t believe this is actually happening.”
“I love you, Arthur. It seems miracles do happen.”
A mate of mine asked for this :meow: Decided to upload, thought it was quite cute ^_^ Hope you like it :D

Pic not mine, found on Google, any mistakes pointed out would be appreciated

I don't own anything but the story ;)
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