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Marshal Lee from Adventure Time

Quick doodle from the stream
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The World of Infinite Chapter 1 Page 2 English

Done with page 2. Sorry I'm so slow with these, I kind of lost my motivation to draw or work on anything so I forced myself to finish this page at least.

Might have used too much gray on this one, dunno...

More will come soon. I will post link to the pages once I finish all of them.

Pages in Serbian are posted here :iconayaakuisamu:

Vain Kymera(c) :iconvainnostenos:
Aya and comic (c) :iconskythemoonwarrior:
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Was drawn and linearted on paper, edited (with whole bunch of stuff out of sheer fun) in photoshop...

Got the permission to post this here so why not. o3o

Solatorobo fan characters and a story... Haven't really posted any decent art about these guys here on dA, however I did drew and developed some concepts and characters for the story (some of them are here [link] and the rest is on my photobucket account lol)

So briefly, I was doodling stuff about them while I wasn't drawing something for dA and such. But (sadly) I haven't done any decent (with effort) drawings... :( Want to do it in the future.

These guys are the main characters, two Felinekos, Daya and Fei, and a robo named Icarus. The partners in crime. XDD *shot*
Daya is the pilot, also the creator of Icarus so he is (somewhat) a mechanic and Fei is a skilled hunter and sword fighter.
Eh, too lazy to type about their characters in general but I'll just say that daily argument between the two is normal. :iconimhappyplz: Daya is stubborn, direct and actually likes to argue, Fei is usually the one who is right and has a good point but try explaining that to a female... XD *shot* Fei is usually calm but sometimes can have a short temper, looks for challenges and... likes to nap. XDD *shot again*

I would say more about them but guh, too much and I'm lazy... what can you do.

Story related... I'm not saying too much! XD There's a whole plot of it in my head (sadly it's not detailed) and still developing! ... kind of...
In abridged version, the so called Lady Fauna (a species we made up called Biritori (figure it out from the name), she's a swan), the ruler of Paradise continent, is looking for something around Shepard Republic... and her subjects aren't really nice toward the neighbors. The characters involved in her plan through different situations during the story and the "main characters" eventually find out about Lady Fauna's (evil) plan and try to stop her, meeting the other characters that are also involved (cannon and fan made).

Well, that explanation was thin as the glass... but there is too much to it already I don't want to explain it. x.x

Characters and story are both developed by :iconvainnostenos: and myself. X3 So this is also a gift for him who also suggested I should post it here.

The drawing itself is too messy and with so many mistakes, rushed and confusing. XD But I like it... from some reason, I really like it... I think it's the perspective... but not sure. :3

soooooo.... enjoy? XD

Solatorobo (c) Nitendo
Fei (c) :iconvainnostenos:
Daya, Icarus (c) :iconskythemoonwarrior:
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Sketch trade with :iconjetstriker96:

The Divine Form for Jet is very cool, tho I kind of had something like this in mind. Sadly, I was too use to digital work (which I mostly did recently) so the "wings" couldn't fit the way I imagined it, would have needed a much bigger scale of paper (which I don't have).
In a way, was inspired by Air Gear for this idea but as you can see, I can't make cooler patterns of wings like they do in manga ;u; (god I love that artwork).

I really hope this is okay. :3 It's been a while since I did casual Sonic Style.

Also check out JetStrikers side of the trade here: [link]

PS: I'm not accepting more AT or sketch trades, sorry. I only toke this week off because few weeks before this one were very tiring for me. I will have to get back to regular work very soon.
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Page 1- You are here
page 2:
page 3:
A quick story I'm doing. Its for derpy's cm
took me about three hours for this page. But its kinda old so its pretty bad
this style is quick so many proportions are off
but.. enjoy ^^
art (c) me
mlp (c) hasbro
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:iconsandye101010: :iconsaysplz: Yep, that's supposed to be me. Do I look like that? No. I suck at coping from real life :iconjustwhyplz: But you can get a picture xD :iconsayscapplz:

Still, thanks guys! For your suport, kind comments and favs, they all keep me going on! :iconcuteplztwilightplz:

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Dream Creatures: They act as guardians of dreams. Each person has one but is unable to see it in reality but only in dreams. Dream creatures also feast of ones dreams when they feel hungry (and that’s not often) which is why people sometimes can’t remember the whole or a part of the dream when awake. When people don’t get enough sleep the creatures tend to fall ill and become unable to protect the owners in the dream, resulting people to have nightmares. That, or dream creatures get lazy and neglect their jobs…
Dream creatures can roam free in Dimension 4 (and in this case Mugen as well, only if you own one and know how to summon it out of your mind) or dreams of their owners, never in someone else’s.

I know my anatomy isn't quite the best but I felt like this needs to be done. It's not really the properest reference for Suna but this is the best I could do for now. There are tons of spelling and grammar errors so forgive me for that, I couldn't check those up.

Here are few more facts about Suna and Dream Creatures:

-Dream Creatures can eat both good dreams and nightmares. If they feel protected of their owner (and that purely depends on their personality) they will eat up the nightmares that could bother the dreamer. If not then they are either too lazy, not willing to do so or dead.

-When Dream Creature is facing an enemy, it's instinct is to make itself as scary as possible: The ear stand upwards, the fur, tail and head are raised high, it starts to hiss and growl with it's jaws wide open and would make sudden warning moves (jumping forward a bit, claiming more space to show who is the boss).

-While most people aren't able to see Dream Creatures, they can still run into it while dreaming but people usually get scared of them since they all look like monsters.

-Because Aya loves to sleep, she met Suna way before she learned she can "summon" her spirit outside of her mind. They bounded trough dreams and one day Aya was able to see her (as a ghost) and thus they are inseparable.

-Just like Suna owns some accessories, other Dream Creatures can own some as well (again, depending on their personality).

-When the owner dies so does the Dream Creature but Dream Creature can also pass away from starvation (self done or from the side of owner when not dreaming enough).

-The only way Dream Creature can outlive it's owner is if it knows how to form itself as a spirit and has a super strong drive/reason to stay alive (usually revenge). If living as such for too long it can "evolve" itself into a Nightmare Beast: Creatures who can also be origins of Hellhounds, if strong enough to get use to not eating dreams but stay alive trough feeding from fear or souls. This is very rare.

-Dream Creatures are usually very tall, about 2 meters or less high when standing normally.

-They are also known for their incredible stamina. They may look skinny but feeding off dreams keeps them strong and in shape for any physical activity (if they eat when necessary of course, otherwise they will grow weak or sick).

-As mentioned, their tongue is used to pick up dreams (same way giraffes pick up leaves with their tongues). When they eat the dreams seem to appear a lot like cotton candy, so their tongue is necessary for picking them up, putting them in their mouth and swallowing. Their sharp teeth are used mainly for defense (dreams can be a dangerous place).

-Dream Creatures CAN'T invade some else's dreams/nightmares but only the ones of their owner.

-When not roaming the mind and dreams of their owners, Dream Creature can spend time in Dimension 4. This is where they have contact with other Dream Creatures.

-They don't need a special type of breeding, when a person is born, eventually, so is another Dream Creature. They are created purely form someones mind/imagination and while they aren't real in reality, they are a fully living creatures in another dimension/world/wavelength.

-Suna is, by gender only, a she, because Aya is by gender (and sex) a she. Since dream creatures don't breed with one another they trace off the gender of their owner, and by gender only. So when the owner may be a male but by spirit feels like a female, the gender of a Dream Creature will be a female, and vise verse. But they don't find this very important among each other since, aside from the listed verities, they don't have sexes to tell them apart, only maybe voices and and owners gender (which isn't always so accurate) so they are called "it" most often.

Will insert more info in artists comment if needed.

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ps. il racconto di questa fan story verrà pubblicata prossimamente u.u

spero che vi piaccia ^^

ps. the telling of this story will be published shortly fan uu

I hope you like it ^ ^

first: [link]
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Original Art by my new pal ~VainNostenos
We talked about KH'ing a character of Mine, which was originally supposed to be Zell, but He had a better Idea to use Zell's pet, Sarah. She's in her own version of the "Master Form" From Kingdom Hearts II.

Sarah Dakides/Coloring (c) ~Projekt-Z
Art/Outfit Design by ~VainNostenos
Master Form(c) :iconsquareenixplz:
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AT GETTO~! *shot*

Here is my part of the trade (finished) with :iconnorthernnightqueen: :) I just love her OC Aurora, she was so much fun to draw~ I just hope I did this right, as requested X3

Hope you like it!

PS: The only thing I used a special brush on was the snow, the rest (yes, even the northern lights) was done by me plus photoshop options (blur and such). .u.

EDIT: made a more darker version: [link] now I dunno which one is better XD

FiM (c) Hasbro/:iconfyre-flye:
Aurora (c) :iconnorthernnightqueen:
art by :iconskythemoonwarrior:
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