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The World of Infinite Chapter 1 Page 7: English

One more page until this scene is done...
You will have to wait for a while until next one though... it's in sketch progress but it will get to the point.

Most simple page so far~ And one of the faves of mine.

Ohouh~ Aya, what did you came to buy anyways...?

As always, pages in serbian will be posted here: :iconayaakuisamu:

Vain (c) :iconvainnostenos:
comic by me
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EDIT 6.7.2014: Updating whole look in general, changing information about Aya's personality and adding more forms and information about Suna. I felt free to change her personality as she didn't had much interaction with any students so far so not much difference will that make.


Brace yourselves, a wall of text is coming... :iconbraceyourselfplz:

This is for :iconmugen-high:


-Name: Aya Akuisamu

-Age: 19

-Gender: Female

-Height: 168cm (5.6 feet)

-Practical skills:

Good with a pencil, not bad with simple cooking, knows basic kick-boxing.

-Home world and time:

Earth (one of many different universes of it), present time (21st century)

-Weapon (if any), magical items, or pets:

Ayas use of weaponry purely depends on her ability (which will be explained bellow). Generally she is currently not too skilled but will learn to use different kinds and types of weaponry in order to advance in her ability as well. Practice makes perfect! Similar info related to the magical item usage.

Here current and only weapon she can always rely on is Chinese spear blade Guandao formed out of her Dream creature (and a protector), Suna. The Guandao doesn't look too different from normal one… there might be just a bit of difference in spear's length (longer), the shape of the blade is unique and there are two sheets of cloth sprouting/tied at the top. The blade is fairly sharp and sometimes if cutting flash can leave a burning sensation.

More info about Suna bellow


Aya was born with ability so see spirits/souls (from still living creatures/people) or ghost (dead creatures/people). Though her vision is not very good she is able to see magical and spiritual energy, something normal people can’t see, even look into ones soul trough eye contact (which she finds creepy so she avoids it).
The reason she is able to do this is because of her power of spiritual shape manipulation and recreation known as Spirit Forging. Such people are called either Spirit Forgers or Soul Blacksmiths. As you may guess from the name, she is allowed to use a spirit of a mythical/legendary/magical creature (ONLY if the spirit giver is willing to do so but some skilled Spirit Forgers can overcome that) and shape them into materialized weapons, armor or (magical) item. The weapons (or armors and items) shape, type, size and ability depends from the creatures type, size, power level (the higher it is the harder is to control the weapon) and even its personality.

Her ability appears as a blue transparent breath also named Breath of Anima, it's powered by her own soul and ability which she either blows directly at the creatures spirit/soul or charges onto her own hands and proceeds with merging of the creatures soul and her breath to physically form a weapon/item/armor with limb movement. 

Note that Aya doesn’t instantly gain the skill to use the weapon but she is influenced by its magic and gains a minor power boost (like a bit of strength in order to hold and handle larger heavier weapons or protection against stronger blows), the way of use of the weapon rests on her current knowledge and skill but forged creatures may help her in usage.

When using Suna, who is her only reliable weapon because of her adaptation toward Ayas abilities and skill, Aya has more control over her and is almost perfect and well trained in using her as a weapon or generally relying on her.

Suna is technically part of Ayas soul and because of that Aya is allowed to fuse their spirits and help Suna materialize as her own creature only when worlds allow her to. Suna is not made of flash as she may appear physically but when injured or hurt (even as a weapon, dented or broken), it wastes a lot of spiritual energy that is actually fueled by Aya's spirit. Because of this, even if Aya's injured Suna will feel week, but if Suna is injured, as long as Aya can spare more spiritual energy for Suna, she can recover.


At first glance Aya appears a little shy and quite bright. She’s a listener and an observer, often calmly paying attention to things around her, as well as things other people can’t see themselves, thus she appears quiet at times. While growing up she wasn't bullied or hurt by others too much but she was often left behind because of her usual talks about things others people don't truly believe in. Because of this Aya was lightly socially awkward but as she grew her self-confidence did as well and was able to normally communicate with people around her (especially when her grandfather passed away). Despite that she has little friend Aya is not bothered by this, actually prefers it this way because she enjoys her moment of solitude, listening to music and, again, observing the world around her.
When around friends or people she can be silly and even strangely energetic, sometimes even saying weird things and not purposely ending up funny or silly to others. Even so, she enjoys company of those close to her and is very loyal to them.
Shouting in anger or any time of frustration is something Aya does only when letting her emotions get the best of her, though that rarely happens. Once it does it’s somewhat out of her control, not easy for her to stop and think things trough before making a mistake. This usually happens once someone close to her is involved. Otherwise she will stay calm and think things trough well before saying or acting.
She is shy when meeting someone for the first time, gets nervous and says silly things when doing so until she gets use to them. Also avoids getting into things where she assumes she shouldn't be part of. Rarely makes an eye contact with people but honestly never lies, she would rather just say most awkward truth than even try to lie to someone.

During her stay at Mugen-High, her personality will change toward more confident one. :)


Aya grew up with both of her parents and an older brother. As a kid her parents would often think she was acting a bit strange, often saying she saw a monster on a street or at home etc. Her brother was very close to her until both grew up into teenagers; afterwards they both went their separate ways. Aya's only friend was Aurora who later had to move with her parents. The two didn't see each other until one day Aurora appeared in Mugen-High as well.
With her parents always being busy with their job they didn't had much time to be around Aya which is why she looked for company at her grandfathers place she often visited after school. To her it seemed that her grandfather understood her most, being a carefree man who liked to enjoy life and freedom, Aya found to share the similar interest and perspective of life. He always tended to encourage Aya in things when ever she felt a bit of doubt. Aya never told him about her ability to see spirits but it sometimes seemed as her grandfather knew about it in some way.
Once her grandfather passed away she wasn't discouraged, a bit lonely but for a person she still looked up to, Aya didn't let his death get the best of her. After a bit she decided to live in the same house, work at her uncles printing company and earn just enough for living.
When she turned 17, Suna appears in front of her for the first time. Though Aya would notice her in earlier days, she never really made contact with any of the strange creatures’ sprits she saw. Suna was the first one, explaining Aya a bit more about herself and the things she kept seeing around. Suna told her about Spirit Forgers, people such as her that are rare, represent a type of guardians or ambassadors of humans of Earth in so called Dimension 4; the world where higher magical beings live which humans can only describe trough myths, stories and legends. The job of the Spirit Forger is to keep creatures from Dimension 4 and people on Earth in harmony, not allowing them to disturb the normal life of humans who can’t see them.
Later Aya learns to use her ability with a help from Suna and another Soul Forger; an older man named Nikolaj with a spirit of Zlatorog (Goldenhorn).

-Arrival at Mugen high:

READ THE COMIC HERE: skythemoonwarrior.deviantart.c…

NOTICE: Because Aya's personality has been developed on again and changed, this might not the fully official way of how she got to Mugen-High but for now keep this in mind.

-Likes: Choco bars (or chocolate in general), silence, night, a good comic or artwork (mangas in general or light novels), music, helping up when ever necessary, sleep, dreaming, cute animals/creatures, simple things, taste of coffee.

-Dislikes: Noise, thunderstorms, ghost of dead people killed in horrible accident, nightmares, dishonesty or disloyalty, some types of insects, losing her glasses, failing to help someone, candy that tastes bad but looks good.

-Additional Information:

-Aya has poor eyesight. She can’t see well the things that are in the distance. She is almost blind on the left eye which is why it’s graish-blue color (unlike her right eye which is some type of blue).
-No one knows how her glasses stay put on her nose like that (lol). When she wants to take a closer look at something she just pushes them a bit more up her nose.
-Because she can’t see well her hearing is better then other senses.
-Avoids eye contact at all costs because of something her mother said and because of her ability. She is shy but also scared to look in other ones eyes. If she has to look at someone directly she would look at either the lips or the forehead.
-She’s a lucid dreamer (thanks to Suna).
-Because she is use to seeing usual things and strange situations, Aya will sometimes appear a bit paranoid about things around her.


-Dream Creatures and Suna: skythemoonwarrior.deviantart.c…
-Origin form:…
-Flying form:…
-Small form:…

Suna is a Dream creature; a creature that have different shapes and sizes and resemble mix of couple of more different beings/animals. They act as guardians of dreams. Each person has one but is unable to see it in reality but only in dreams. Dream creatures also feast of ones dreams when they feel hungry (and that’s not often) which is why people sometimes can’t remember the whole or a part of the dream when awake. When people don’t get enough sleep the creatures tend to fall ill and become unable to protect the owners in the dream, resulting people to have nightmares. That, or dream creatures get lazy and neglect their jobs…
Dream creatures can roam free in Dimension 4 or dreams of their owners, never in someone else’s nor can they eat someone else's dream.

As for Sunas personality, she first appears calm but when ever something doesn't suit her she becomes a bit snappy. Quite direct, a bit short tampered and honest but careful about other ones feelings. Sometimes works as Ayas sixth sense or eyes (since Aya can't see quite well).

-Dimension 4:

This is a dimension that is considered on a higher level then the ones Earth is. It’s a place where creatures of magic and magical entities can exist in physical form, somewhat parallel to Earth.
Dimension 4 divides into 2 kingdoms; Kingdom of the East and Kingdom of the West.
In each Kingdom there are 4 dynasties of creatures which rule the kingdom. On the West there are Griffins, Unicorns, Western dragons and Hydras. On the East there are Phoenixes, Qilins, Eastern Dragons and Black Tortoises. Despite these ruling dynasties, there are plenty of other creatures who live normal lives, similar to ones humans have.
There is also Underworld, a zone within Dimension 4 which is guarded by dynasty of Cerberus’. Larger creatures of this dimension usually have two forms they can turn into: their Origin form (appearing as mythical creatures usually look like) and anthro (as name says, might get a new tittle). Small creatures usually only have their own Origin forms.

Long ago there was only one kingdom with different regional rulers. Those rulers which are from same dynasty as of those who rule today had a task of keeping their world at peace. The symbol of that peace was a white pearl orb which had the power to control ones magic abilities and spirit, not allowing the power of magic consume the ones mind. One day the orb was found shattered; there was no suspects at the scene to blame for such disaster… no one except themselves. The grudge the dynasties kept inside of them broke lose and the war between East and West began. Creatures chose their sides and battled against one another, none of the battles leading closer to anyone’s victory but just more disasters with all of lose and uncontrolled magic and energy. Then, the wise and powerful dragon dynasties, Red Dragon East and Blue Dragon West stepped up to put a stop to the war. Using the pieces of the shattered orb they embedded in each species of creatures a “seal” in their bodies, which will keep their magic stable and not letting them enter the madness of their power again. The war subdue as quickly as it started but the hatred between dynasties and their followers lived on, and so they have divided into Kingdom of the West and Kingdom of the East.
Many years have passed and even today the two sides hold their grudges, more between dynasties then other creatures themselves but others take sides. The war was so long ago everyone forgot why they were fighting in the first place. The dynasty of Cerberus's, who never belonged to any side, are now looked as traitors by both kingdoms for not helping during the war. Besides them, Dragons are also still neutral.

Cerberus’ have important task to keep the demons and hellhounds of the Underworld locked up. But something strange is going on as more and more demons and hellhounds are found lose, either in Dimension 4 or human world…

Anthro forms look:…

-Legendary creatures in human world:

-Due to the lack of magic influence on Earth, creatures from Dimension 4 can appear as spirits or ghosts only. They can effect humans and their world, not quite directly but more indirectly (as fairies/sprites or mermaids may do) trough series of different situation that might lead humans to think of realistic explanation for such occurrence. Demons, ghosts and hellhounds can posses animals and people and that can usually cause problems. That's when Spirit Forgers kick in.
-Spirit Forgers and those somehow influenced with strong magic are the only ones who can see and interact with the creatures in human world (unless it’s a world with enough loose magic where creatures can exist as soul and body as well, usually small creatures that are often mistaken for animals).
-There are random (and invisible to humans) portals that open on different places, they usually connect Dimension 4 with Earth, allowing creatures to cross the worlds frequently. Fairies are usually Gate Keepers and their job is to inform Spirit Forger about open ones and if some creature that might cause problems passed trought.

Here is a list of creatures that can be found in Dimension 4:… (pretty much any legendary creature lol...)

Might edit for more info if necessary. owo If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask~

Sorry for my horrible horrible grammar too...

Also tell me if I should fix/add/change something please. X3

(c) :iconskythemoonwarrior:</b></b>
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The World of Infinite chapter 1 page 4: English

Well, would you look at that...
what is that anyway...? Was it there few seconds ago...?

You will find out soon enough...

The pages in serbian will be posted on :iconayaakuisamu:

(c) :iconskythemoonwarrior:
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For :iconmugen-high:

The outwear~

Jalisco state outfit...

There was an attempt...

Holy cow, I drew Aya in warm colored outfit, lol... and a "dress" for that matter!

Aya: I like this skirt, it's wide... ^^
Suna: ... *flips ears back* What am I going to wear....? *looks down*
Aya: ... *leaves and comes back with some kind of "poncho", puts it on her* How's that?
Suna: ... *wags her tail* I like it...
Aya: ^^

I really hope this is okay, even though it might not be fully correct... ;w; sorry.

(How can she see without her glasses?

Simple. She can't. XP She will pull trough...)
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So latelly I've been in a pony mood (because of both AT and stuff that will be used for the sales later) and got this idea for yet another OC pony...

Not really ditching other OCs (cept these two: skythemoonwarrior.deviantart.c… skythemoonwarrior.deviantart.c… one being too simple and boring and other unoriginal and detailed without need)but will probably focus on this one from now on. The Alicorns of Art, Inky and Palette, are on hiatus because blog is dead and I got no asks since the opening... so I will just take that time to redesign them or at least add some colors and mane/tail shape that will be more interesting to do.

About this one here... I actually thought of a back story for her but I will explain some stuff about her simply:

-Since birth she had no ability to talk
-Her parents were both part of the royal guard so both were very strong. They mostly toke undercover missions and breaking gangs that were treat to the kingdom (yes, I went that far because why the heck not)
-One day members of the certain broken gang toke revenge upon her family, Krylia was very young but she was also physically beaten by them, her wings taking the most damage.
-While later when her wings recovered, the bones toke so much trauma that they were unable to grow feathers necessary for flight so she was grounded since.
-Because of this, she grew more eager to take to the skies so she would often dream of flight and even watch some pegisi play the whole day.
-When she grew a bit older, by chance Krylia met this traveling stallion (Solid Connect or Sol for short who's profession was engineering in cybernetics and mechanics. The stallion toke pity on her condition (which she disliked at first) and decided to "accept the challenge" and design her "new wings".
-After many fails and trials in his design and function, he finally designed working "feathers" after about a year. The "feathers" were light and had an inside function similar to the ones regular planes have (I think, I still have to work this trough).
-The "feathers" worked perfectly on her and after the greatest first flight Krylia discovered what she can do with them: Because of the inside mechanics that were meant to help her take off and fly, she discovered those can have special boost if first accelerated by g-force or speed of air flowing trough them. Simply put, the "feathers" work like a draidle, they gain a lot of energy from force then use that force and slowly losing it until charged again. That is why, when Krylia wants to fly very fast, she would take off as high as she can, dive like a hawk, pick up the energy and pull up, boosting as fast as a jet (sort of) and moving at that speed longer than usual birds or pegisi can, without using energy on wing flap.
-Also because wings have this type of function, Krylia can't take off from a spot but either from a dash to pick up air and speed inside the "feathers" or a long dive down.
-Because some of the nerves on the wing were destroyed (on top), the stallion created alternative, mechanical ones which connect from her head to her wings.

About Krylias character in general, there isn't much to say... she's somewhat mysterious because she can't talk and say what she thinks and such. If she wants to ask someone something, she either mimes with arms or writes down but she is use to not being "heard". She is a pretty normal pony, she will smile at things she finds funny, she will frown on things she thinks are sad, she can even be silly when moment require silliness etc. and she doesn't mind either loneliness or company. Krylia is most happy when she is flying and having fun in the air.

Other pegisi have a habit staying away from her because of her fake wings, they think it's not fair so Krylia can't always participate in games they play. Being use to the ground, she has more earth pony friends than pegasi.
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“quick” doodle… I messed around with it for too long

I was listening to Blizzard from Two Steps From Hell [link] and got this idea

I dunno if Sky can summon a blizzard or not, he use to be able to when madly pissed off but I tend to always draw him calm when it comes to icy pictures with him. XDDD

Good lord, I have so many things to do and so little time *hugs a pillow, sighs* What am I doing drawing this stuff ;w;

(but it’s so much fun….)

It was basically a sketch but then I liked it and started to clean it and thus this lineart...

then I messed around with brushes and colors and stuff

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For being there for me and for helping me out with things I couldn't handle by myself at given moments, as well as helping me with art and inspiration. I grew a bit more confident with art thanks to you.

Thanks for being around despite the different timeline, your school and job work. I appreciate every time your take to talk to me.

And of course, thanks for being so kind and honest with me in general. :)

((I finished this in Wednesday so you can't tell me I'm late with this~ :U
I need to practice odd poses :I and coloring...))
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Was drawn and linearted on paper, edited (with whole bunch of stuff out of sheer fun) in photoshop...

Got the permission to post this here so why not. o3o

Solatorobo fan characters and a story... Haven't really posted any decent art about these guys here on dA, however I did drew and developed some concepts and characters for the story (some of them are here [link] and the rest is on my photobucket account lol)

So briefly, I was doodling stuff about them while I wasn't drawing something for dA and such. But (sadly) I haven't done any decent (with effort) drawings... :( Want to do it in the future.

These guys are the main characters, two Felinekos, Daya and Fei, and a robo named Icarus. The partners in crime. XDD *shot*
Daya is the pilot, also the creator of Icarus so he is (somewhat) a mechanic and Fei is a skilled hunter and sword fighter.
Eh, too lazy to type about their characters in general but I'll just say that daily argument between the two is normal. :iconimhappyplz: Daya is stubborn, direct and actually likes to argue, Fei is usually the one who is right and has a good point but try explaining that to a female... XD *shot* Fei is usually calm but sometimes can have a short temper, looks for challenges and... likes to nap. XDD *shot again*

I would say more about them but guh, too much and I'm lazy... what can you do.

Story related... I'm not saying too much! XD There's a whole plot of it in my head (sadly it's not detailed) and still developing! ... kind of...
In abridged version, the so called Lady Fauna (a species we made up called Biritori (figure it out from the name), she's a swan), the ruler of Paradise continent, is looking for something around Shepard Republic... and her subjects aren't really nice toward the neighbors. The characters involved in her plan through different situations during the story and the "main characters" eventually find out about Lady Fauna's (evil) plan and try to stop her, meeting the other characters that are also involved (cannon and fan made).

Well, that explanation was thin as the glass... but there is too much to it already I don't want to explain it. x.x

Characters and story are both developed by :iconvainnostenos: and myself. X3 So this is also a gift for him who also suggested I should post it here.

The drawing itself is too messy and with so many mistakes, rushed and confusing. XD But I like it... from some reason, I really like it... I think it's the perspective... but not sure. :3

soooooo.... enjoy? XD

Solatorobo (c) Nitendo
Fei (c) :iconvainnostenos:
Daya, Icarus (c) :iconskythemoonwarrior:
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The World of Infinite Chapter 1 Page 2 English

Done with page 2. Sorry I'm so slow with these, I kind of lost my motivation to draw or work on anything so I forced myself to finish this page at least.

Might have used too much gray on this one, dunno...

More will come soon. I will post link to the pages once I finish all of them.

Pages in Serbian are posted here :iconayaakuisamu:

Vain Kymera(c) :iconvainnostenos:
Aya and comic (c) :iconskythemoonwarrior:
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This is my MLP OC Lady. I designered her this way on my old account as LADY-TUX.  I have to admit, it wasn't that good of a design. But, I loved the feature of her being half Dragon half Alicorn.

Back story:

Lady was born to a Queen named Quinn, an Alicorn ruler of a land farther from Equestrian called, Esmerald (A name from an old story I wrote when I was 10) And also of a black dragon named Claudiss. Claudiss once threatened Esmerald after learning dark magic. Though he and Quinn were once in love, he couldn't change his ways. He used his powers to turn Lady into a Nightmare, and with her half blood, it made her more destructive. Quinn stopped her, and returned her to her normal self. She also locked Claudiss away. But it was too late, all of Esmerald was destroyed. All its citizens were dead and the Mirror Gem (the main thing that keeps the kingdom together) was weak. It was too dangerous for Lady to stay there. So Quinn sent her to Equestria. (Take note that this whole event happened over 100 years before Twilight met the others)

During those 100 years, Lady waited for word from her mother, telling her it was safe to return home. But no message came. When Lady was found by a Unicorn named Arsinal and a Pegasus named Donnie, they becomes quick friends. But a little too close...

A few weeks later, Lady had too fillies named Annie and Daniel. (Pregnancy for her species doesn't take long.) She never told them about their fathers, and she never took them outside the treehouse she built for them. She feared her short temper and powers would be a danger to Equestria. (Each time she tried to even pick something up with !magic, it exploded)

Till one day, while she was looking for gems, she met some one named Xhisrc. That's when everything changed.

And I won't go into further storyline cuz its one HELL of a long story. :laughing:

Wow, this took longer to explain than I thought. I just didn't want to do any other pictures for her without an explaination of her past. There are more key parts to it, but I'll do that later today.
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