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Similar Deviations
Or wolfies with mohawks
I saw people liked my other woofie so I made more :D

1. Sold to -> :iconstarwuff:
2. Sold to -> :iconrocking-roses:
3. Sold to -> :iconcaptaincampell: yay hes yours!

Paypal only!
The second one has a zebra coat, I doubt the bloodline would completely follow it though, it's up to you!
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my main 'forms' if I may call it like so.
Because the one I made couple of months ago is shit. I tried my best with the anatomy, reffed pics of real kitties.

And I normally hang around as the little kitten xD
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All of these were commissioned by FA users.
Done last year.
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There ya go, two bengal cats. I think they're a bit of a mix, but you can change that if you wish. Same with colours or markings.

#1. Bengal cat - SOLD now belongs to :iconninnee:
#2. Bengal cat - SOLD now belongs to :iconzoinkles:

You can choose their gender too.
First comes first served.
Paypal only, thanks!
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Flats for Shimmersnap @FA, this foxie-like critter likes sparkly stuffs. rightful owner of this character is :iconjenkstar1:
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(forgot to add, Deni's two earrings are only on her right ear, Mushy's earring is only on his left ear)

!!!! For anthro forms, other hairstyles, generally more info about these characters please look at the links below:



:bulletorange: Deni
- [Anthro] Canine (Dingo)

- [Anthro] Feline (Wildcat/Golden Tabby Tiger mix)

- [Feral] Canine & Feline

:bulletblue: Mushy
- [Anthro] Canine (Wolf/Dingo)

:bulletred: Deni & Mushy Dual Reference Sheets
- [Anthro] Deni Canine (Dingo) + Mushy Canine (Wolf/Dingo)

- [Feral] Deni Feline + Mushy Canine THIS SUBMISSION

PS: Mushy doesn't have an official feline form that he's ever grown fond of, but you can draw him as a kitten lol -> [link]


I still love my Dingo, but Iíve grown fond of my feline since the projects I worked on last fall. :) plus it keeps me trained with these two main species people like to draw in let us call, animal world.
But you can draw whichever of the two forms, I will not mind. I love them both equally.

Sorry for the many refs, I made final changes on both of them and I feel like a dog whenever I ask someone to edit whenever draws the markings wrong.
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I've been wanting to do this for years. And I'm glad I managed to finish part one of this.
Yeah, I'll make one for the feline too.

Ok created this character in 2003. She wasn't something representing 'me' back then. I used to draw comics on notebooks back in middle school, she used to be named "Sparky" I think, I will need to look at the comics when I go hoime fff.

2003 - first design, if I may call it a design. Just a GSD mix mutt thing. Nothing special.
2004 - a silverwolf, I used to go online with the silverwolf name, but no real account or anything that remained with that name. I think it's what brought the 'silverdeni' later on. She used to appear in some of my notebooks.
2005 - Wolf/Dog mix, we may call it Dingo nowadays. The very first character that represents 'me'. Entered the Balto world with the silverwolf, but I wanted something that defines 'me' more. Her design looked like Balto, quite a lot. I added the fringe / spikes. And the blueish / teal eyes.
2006-2007 - same species, added the scarf on her. Eye patches disappeared. They did progressively until it stuck with the character. She used to be seen in most of my 'emotional' pictures, hence her expression.
late 2007-2009 - again, same, her colours are brighter, shortened the tail. She gets her first dogtag which is blue. And the striped socks. Always loved stripes.
2009-2010 - Abused the saturation tool in most finished pieces of this character. Liked the colours so I kept them for a while. Dogtag changed to grey as she was mated to Mushy.
2010-early 2011 - JAUNDICED. Abused the saturation tool more. Dropped the striped socks and added the stripes on her back instead. Spiked the fluff on her elbows, cheeks and 'mane'. Extended the tail. Blame Mushy for that XP
late 2011-today - final design, markings went from brown to very dark brown / almost black. Main coat is orange like a Dingo.

Not many changes xD but here's what I got, enjoy!
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Just something I wanted to post before I publish those sketches. (call it shameless self promotion if you will lol)

Full coloured commission with soft shading for Kikiohater @FA of her and her mate.

"Distance doesn't ruin a relationship,
Doubts do.
Stay strong."

Speedpaint Video here -> [link]

Hours spent: ~3 hours
Tools: Paint Tools Sai, Photoshop CS2
Video Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
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Sold, now belongs to :iconrocking-roses:

Trying out some wild colours.

Wolfie with leopard spots on the maincoat x3

if you purchase this character, you may:
- change the colour balance
- change species
- modify markings if needed.

Paypal only! First come first served.
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Some generic designs I made for the hey and since I won't be drawing them much I thought of giving them away. :)
Maybe someone who hasn't a fursona can use one of them or just own an extra character, I don't know. Up to you.

They're all based off real cats.

#1: Silver Classic Tabby - SOLD now belongs to :iconkimorah:
#2: Tortie mix - SOLD now belongs to :iconmandymau5:
#3: Ginger Spotted Tabby - SOLD now belongs to :iconson-of-the-morning:

$5. Paypal only, no points!
First comes first served!

I can hear the third one sing 'House of Fire' by Alice Cooper for some reason :P
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