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"Arthur, I don't want it!" You shouted this to your English boyfriend who was trying to get you to lick the spoon seeing as he was making some holiday cookies.

"But love, you always want to lick the spoon." Arthur looked at you with a puzzling look trying to figure out what was wrong with you. You two have been going out going on for three years and he could always tell if something was bothering you and something was defiantly bothering you.

"Well, I just don't want to anymore, it's childish." You said with a slight huff as your inner self was beating you up. In reality you really did want to lick the spoon, it was something you've always did. If you baked he licked the spoon and vice versa it was just a silly thing you two did.


There was a nagging in your mind especially after what happened yesterday. You saw Arthur hug one of his old friends and you got extremely worried.

Worried because of the thought of Arthur leaving you.

To some it may sound extreme to think of something like that when your boyfriend hugs an old friend, but she was gorgeous.

She was thin and tiny; beautiful and compared to you, you didn't stand a chance. You were plump and chunky with no flat toned stomach but with little rolls and flab. If given the choice somehow your mind seemed to think Arthur would go for his thin beautiful friend instead of you.

"(Name), (Name), snap out of it love!" Your head snapped up to see Arthur's face filled with worry and his bushy eyebrows knitted together. His hands were cupping your cheeks as his thumb stroked your cheek.

"Gosh, sorry Arthur I was just thinking." You felt him plant a kiss on your forehead and grab your hand gently leading you to the love seat in the living room where he sat down on the soft cushions and pulled you on top of his lap latching his arms around your soft waist.

"Arthur, let me go, I'm way to heavy to be on your lap." You started to wiggle and struggled only to go nowhere seeing as he had an iron grip on you. You sighed and gave up leaning against him slightly.

"Please tell me what's wrong (Name), I know something's bothering you now spill." He said this into your ear sending chills down your spine.

"Nothing's wrong Arthur, I promise." You turned slightly in his lap and flashed him a small smile.

"Rubbish, something's wrong love I know you (Name), you always lick the spoon, it's a tradition now tell me what's really wrong." he nuzzled your neck lightly and placed a kiss on your chin.

You bit your lip and sighed. You couldn't lie to Arthur and besides if you did the guilt would eat you away.

"I-it's because of yesterday." You said quietly looking away from his gaze.

"When my friend came over?" You nodded slightly still locking your gaze on the floor.

"I-i got jealous and worried after you two hugged." You now looked completely away from Arthur not wanting to look at his expression.

"Why in the world were you worried and jealous love?" You felt his arms slide up your sides making a small moan escape your lips at the sensation.

"B-because she was gorgeous, I was worried you'd find her more attractive and leave me for her because she seems better for you than I do." You finished your confession as you tried to get off of his lap quickly feeling tears go down your cheeks. He pulled you back into his lap making him face you as he brushed the tears away.

"Now (Name), why in the world would you think of such a silly thing like that?" Arthur whispered quietly to you.

"B-beca-ause it's t-true." You continued to cry as he continued to wipe the tears away whispering sweet words to you.

"Love, that will never be true, you're beautiful; actually beyond beautiful." You looked up at him with wide (eye color) orbs and gave him a puzzled look.

"(Name), I love you for the way you are I wouldn't change a single thing about you love, you're perfect just the way you are."

"Arthur, do you mean that?" Your tears stopped as you looked up at the smiling English man you nodded and kissed the top of your nose lightly.

"Of course I do love,I love you no matter what." You smiled up at him and kissed his lips gently.

"I love you too Arthur."

"Now, about that spoon.." He trailed off and smiled down at you.

"I wanna lick it!" He grinned at you as he grabbed your hand and lead you back into the kitchen where the yummy dough waited, but the sweet dough couldn't compare to the hunk that was known as your English boyfriend.
Another chubby readerx country reader insert!

I just love writing these! :D I hope you all enjoy them as well.

Not sure what I should do next, some suggestions would be lovely though! :)
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You began looking at your British boyfriend Arthur Kirkland, who slept beside you. You sigh shifting out of your bed and headed toward the bathroom. You stare at the mirror pinching your chubby belly. Turning and posing, trying to find anything good about your body. Sadly you still found you body absolutely disgusting. How you ever got a boyfriend. You'll never know.

'It won't take Arthur before long to leave me...' you thought sadly.

You always over heard Arthur lecturing Alfred, His little brother on his weight. It was a matter of time before he would soon realize he was a dating a pig as well. You have always been on the bigger side. Always trying to diet, exercise and nothing seem to slim down.

You try keeping a smile, only to show in front of your peers that you were as happy as happy can be. When you fully knew you were not happy. You loved Arthur and would do anything in the world for him.

"___________?" A sleepy Arthur from the bedroom asked.

You took one more glance at the mirror and put on the best smile you had. Walking out you see Arthur already up and stretching. He slept with his shirt off. You stare at the very attractive male. A blush began to creep on your features.

He glances back at you with a gentle smile. "Morning love" he said walking over putting a hand over your head, kissing the top of your forehead. "Want me to cook breakfast for us?"

"Morning Artie and no no I'll make it." you blushed more. He was way to good for you. Although you knew very well to never let Arthur cook. He was still sweet enough to offer. Well, it's not like you should eat anyways. You didn't want to gain more weight to push Arthur more to break up with you.

"Well that's fine love." he chuckled kissing you cheek. Yes, you were definitely too good for him.

Later on after you made a simple bacon, eggs and biscuits breakfast and eating it with your Boyfriend. Arthur gave you a weird look. "You hardly put anything on you plate dear." he began pushing some eggs your way, onto your plate. "N-No, I'm fine Artie..." you wanted to protest , but Arthur gave you a disapproving look. "Breakfast is a important meal of the day. Don't skip your meals __________" he huffed giving the lecture.

You give a nervous smile and started eating the food he offered. 'Does he really want to fatten me up? Doesn't he see that I don't need this food?' you thought feeling slightly annoyed.

Arthur sipped his tea reading his newspaper as you ate the rest of the food. Luckily, you had a back card to this. You stood up putting your dishes away. "Arthur I'm going to the bathroom and tidy up." You smile. Arthur cocked his head from the newspaper. "Well alright love." he smiled and went back to reading.

You quickly headed to the bathroom locking the door. You stare at the mirror frowning.  "I shouldn't have eaten that food..." you pouted poking your full tummy. Again you had a back card. So this will be no problem. You read something online once for people that need to lose weight fast. Although it was pretty looked down upon. You needed the results fast.

Finally after giving it a moment of thought. You knelt down to the toilet lifting the seat up. You gulp beginning to forcefully shove you finger down your throat. This making you ack out loudly and spill chunks of freshly chewed food you just ate down the toilet. You took a moment to breathe and did the process again making sure everything was out of your system.

Taking another breather, you cling to the toilet and sighed.

A knock lightly hits the bathroom door. "___________? I heard something weird. You okay love?" he sounded very concerned.

You scrambled up to your feet opening to door flashing a nervous smile. "Everything's fine!" you laughed. Arthur rose a thick eyebrow. "I heard vomiting sounds.." you gulp and laughed again. "M-Must of been hearing things Arthur!" you were very much guilty of lying to him. He knew and pulled your face to his and sniffed.

He flinched back a bit and glared at you. "Explain yourself dear"

"I-I did it to be beautiful" you stuttered. The Brit blinked in confusion. "What kind of bollocks is that?" He huffed getting a bit irritated. You start to tear up. "I don't want to lose you... I'm ugly and fat!" You cry. He began go into a panic and pulled you into a hug. You rubbed your face into his chest. "Shh It's alright _________. It alright my love." he started whispering sweet things in your ear. Trying to calm you down.

"Y-You always make fun of Alfred about his weight and I was afraid I was going to lose you, since I'm so fat!" you cry more. Arthur began to feel a bit insult by the way you kept putting yourself down in such a way. "__________! Please! Stop! You're not going to lose me!" he pulled you away bringing you into a very blazing passionate kiss. His hands beginning to tangle up in you (color) hair. His kiss was rough with anger and love. He wanted to show you how much he really did love you.

You both pull away breathing and stare into each others eyes. Arthur leaned his forehead against yours. "I love you __________. I love your curves. I love you everything." He sprinkled small kissed on your face with each word. You blush and smile. "Believe me, I only teasing Alfred about his weight because we're brothers." He began "With you, It suits you. You're so cute with your size. I wouldn't change it." He smiled lovingly down at you.

You blush hugging into him tightly and snuggle into his chest. "I love you Arthur." He chuckled kissing the top of your head.

"Now NEVER do that again. I don't want you hurting your health." He said sternly and flicked the side of your head. You pout and nod. He would sigh of relief and pull away taking you both to the sink. "Okay, let's brush our teeth shall we? We don't want vomit breath the whole day right?" He smiled softly.

You smile at your boyfriend. "Right Artie."
A request for :iconeternalravendreamer: I hope you enjoy it!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexyengland2plz:
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We all have things about ourselves we’d like to change. For instance you knew that your boyfriend would love to have thinner eyebrows. Due to the nonstop teasing from a certain Frenchman, Arthur was insecure about his eyebrows.
And due to the teasing and ridicule of your female peers you were insecure about your weight.
That was how you ended up on the sofa eating ice cream crying into a pillow.
And that’s where your boyfriend found you.
“Go away!” you moaned stuffing your mouth with (favorite flavor) ice cream. “I’m feeling miserable.”
Arthur sat next to you and put his hand on your back, “And why is that love?”
You looked up at him, “I’m fat!”
He sat there stunned, “W-what?”
“A bunch of girls came up to me today and told me I’m fat!”
Arthur rubbed your back soothingly, “You’re not fat. I promise.”
You let out another wail and stuffed your mouth with ice cream, “But I am.”
“Well eating ice cream isn’t going to solve that is it?” he asked trying to take the sweet treat away.
“But it makes me feel better,” you whined. “Give it back!”
Arthur shook his head, “I have a better idea, why don’t you and I go for a walk around the park?”
You sniffed, “So you think I’m fat too!”
“W-what no!”
You continued to cry and wail as Arthur tried to calm you down again.
Eventually he grabbed you and held you close to his chest, “____________, I love you and you’re not fat. You have to believe me.”
“I love you too,” you mumbled. “I’m just feeling icky today.”
“You’re not fat,” he muttered, “you’re too cute to be fat.”
You blushed slightly, “You mean it?”
“Yes, love.”
Requested by :iconalicethequietrose:

Picture isn't mine, I found it on Google.
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You approached the Kirkland manor as dusk was about to hit. You press the doorbell and quickly draw your hand back into your coat pocket. 'Of all days, Iggy just had to drag me out of my apartment into the cold for a movie night.' You thought grimly.

You go to press the doorbell again. "For a gentleman, he sure is keeping his company waiting." you shivered out from the cold.

A click from the door made your ears perk up in excitement. All you wanted was warmth right now. Arthur opened the door just enough for you to mindlessly tackle yourself in. The British man surprisingly dodged you barging in. "Oi you twat! You almost knocked me over!" Arthur hissed out in brief annoyance. You sigh give a short puppy eyed glance "It was cold, I was helpless. I needed warmth.." You pouted.

A small blush brushed against his cheek at your attempt of innocence.

He turned to the door hiding a small smile. "Er whatever love.." He trailed off closing the door.

"So! What movie did you want to see so badly to make me trot my butt over" you say plopping yourself on the couch. You weren't afraid to make yourself at home. You knew Arthur since forever. Forever meaning since childhood. He was accustomed to your ways by now. You even developed a small crush on him. Even though you kept reminding yourself you was very much out of his league.

He brought a bowl of popcorn out to the living room. "Thought I'd watch The Grudge" he smirk. A stroke of fear run through your bones. "E-Erm, Iggy... I like seen that a million times!!" You laugh out nervously. He just chuckle. "Scared?" he glanced of mischief. You shook you head rapidly. "N-no, Bring it on movie!" you said encouraging yourself.

Iggy chuckled and clicked play. He clicked his universal remote again to turn the lights off. "Make yourself comfy then" he smiled offering some popcorn. You reject his offer politely. "I'm on a diet.." you mutter. His fuzzy eyebrows made a questionable look.

He was about to say something but you pointed at the screen to shift the attention from you.

"M-Movie is starting" you stutter.

About hour into the movie you kept trying to keep your eyes on the scarey movie. Iggy just sat there not even interested in the film. Bored even. His eyes shift to your shivering form. A smile cracked "Cold?" he asked.

You squeak from his voice. You have been so concentrated on the movie. Mere voices made you flinch.  Arthur snickers "Oh jumpy I see, ________?".

You gulp shaking your head.

He sigh and looked back at the movie. A idea grew minutes later as he lifted his hand over the side of the couch. Knocking loudly against it, The same time The Grudge was making that horrific noise.

A loud yelp came out of you from terror. By this time Iggy was laughing uncontrollably. You growl tackling the other side of the couch he was on. Pinning him. "Iggy that wasn't cool at all!" you bellowed. Almost feeling tear peak at the corner of you eyes. The brit kept laughing "It's alright love! It was a harmless joke!" he snickered. You just kept him pinned. You were so frustrated. Arthur trying to hide another laugh from you taking the joke so seriously.

The tension was finally broken was a weird gurgle sound. Iggy gave you a strange look. "W-was that your stomach?" He ask. You jump off him, scooting to the other side of the couch. hugging yourself at of embarrassment. "Nooo" you pouted.

He grabbed the bowl of popcorn again "Eat _______...." he sighed.

You shook your head "N-No, I don't want to ruin my diet" you stutter blushing in embarrassment. He pinches the bridge of his nose. "_______, starving yourself isn't exactly the way to go on a diet" He sighed in annoyance. "You look fine to me. " he added giving a small blush.

A blush spreads against you cheeks. Looking away from his gaze. "Iggy, you're only saying that because your my friend." You spat in disbelief. You were a bigger girl. You felt very insecure about yourself. Your body would never appeal to someone like Iggy.

Arthur gave a frustrating grumble. You felt your being jerked towards him into a hug.

"_______... Stop it. You're lovely." He pouted. "I hate when you do this to yourself." He added hugging tighter. You giggle from his touch. "Iggy your embarrassing me..." You mumbled shyly.

He pulls away to look into your (color) eyes. "Well might as well make it more embarrassing at this point. Can't turn back now" He smirk. Pulling once more, but not for a hug. I tender loving kiss. You kiss him back, knowing this the chance of a life time to kiss the person you like.

Another grumble from your stomach made you separate. Arthur gave a small chuckle kissing your forehead lightly. "Want to grab something to eat love?" He smiled. You nod "Hell yeah, I'm starving." you chimed happily. He just laughed hold a hand out pulling you from the couch. "Well let's go shall we?" he bowed.

"Ladies first~" He smiled.
Okay I thought this one started strong but has a very loose, simple, weak ending. It's just me. I tried fixing it as much as I could. So this is what i came up with.

MORE FLUFFYNESS HAHA. Hope you enjoy! Comments and criticism will be appreciated! (:

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconenglandplz:

Preview Picture (c) :iconrandomperson89:
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My Cup of Tea
England X Chubby Reader

I had a request for this and another person asked for Iggy so this will have two parts(or more) so tell me what you want for the next parts !

“A-Arthur Kirkland ….…”

Arthur Kirkland, the English gentleman liked you? Why ? You were just a chubby girl who was into anime, music, world history, cooking, and most of all a huge tea lover (no one really knows that). Some no many would freak out on you if this was true, like the most ‘beautiful’ girl in school. She’d make your life worst then it is now. You would say bloody hell is a paradise after she’s through with you.

“Really ______! He likes you!  He says you’re perfect and talks to you all the time in gym with my burther.” Lili said smiling she was so cute she was one weakness to you.

“But….We aren’t really close we talk in some of our classes but that’s it ...I mean I would love to get to know him a bit more he’s always so nice . But I already know I’m not his type.” You didn’t like taking chances your friends knew this and took it as a chance for a change. “Then go talk to him or we will.” Elizabeth said as you groaned.

“Please don’t start anything. I just want a nice weekend at home.” you said as the bell rang. You said goodbye to your friends. Little did you know Elizabeta was planning that your weekend to have a guest  but even she didn’t know fate was on her side.

As soon as school was over you walked to a tea and coffee shop.  You were planning on having a nice meal and later some tea and scones or some sweet. You were planning on watching  a few classic -movies and then write before going to bed. A nice way to end a night if I may add.

-back at the school-


The young man turned to see Elizabeta smiling. “_____ forgot her notebook and I have to help Ludwig with Gilbert so could you stop by ______ and give to her please?” she asked with hopeful he’d say yes.

Arthur didn’t have anything plan and it would be nice to say hello to dear_____.  She never knew she was always on his mind and she was always so kind and he thought he remembered her telling someone she loved tea.  Oh how he wishes to talk to her and charm her. If she could be his all would be right and he could sock that bloody Frenchmen Francis in the face time he talked bad about you.

“Alright, I will head out now.” He said walking out the school with his things he had a change of clothes after Alfred started a food fight. While walking he headed to his favorite tea shop.

Little did he know you both like the same tea shop.

-back to you-

After finding the perfect tea to the weekend you headed out the shop to see Arthur. You wanted to hide but you were, in your mind, the biggest thing in the shop.

“_____! Fancy seeing you here. Are you getting coffee?” Arthur oh how his accent made you melt.  But coffee honestly you didn’t look like the type to drink coffee.

“No Arthur, I just bought some tea. I was just about to head home.” You said softly hopeful to get out before anyone else saw you.

“Oh really I am a fan of tea myself, maybe we can have a cup of tea one afternoon? Oh and would you like me to walk you home? A lady should never walk home alone.” He smiled at you and held out his arm. You blushed and accepted his arm as you both walked to your home wishing this didn’t end.

Before you made it too the house you notice the dark clouds in the sky but ignore them while you talked to Arthur. You almost forgot you share many interest the only thing was he was bad a cooking some things like scones while you could make anything. You never noticed it but you loved talking to Arthur he treated you like your friends.


With the clash of thunder it started to rain lucky you were close to your house. “Oh dear we better hurry.” You said as Arthur nodded.

-Time skip by Canada-

Once you got inside your warm house you got a towel for Arthur and yourself.
“Thank you love.” He said sweetly smiling at you. You blushed and told him it was nothing but froze when he hugged you and whispered in your ear. “____would you be my girlfriend?” he asked making you blush. “Wh-what?”

Arthur smiled. “Would you me be my girlfriend or better yet allow me to me your boyfriend?” he said making you blush. “Bu-but….I am not-“  you were cut off by Arthur placing a finger on your lips.

“____ you are wonderful love and I’ve liked you since you came to the school. No one is like you besides all the girls that claim they love hate or have no interest in the very things I love and you…you do. You are kind and caring and if anyone talked bad about you I’d show them a thing or two. _____ please.”

You could only look at him before you smiled. “Alright Arthur would you like some tea?” she asked before feeling a kiss on her cheek. “No love because your my cup of tea.” This made you smile and look at him maybe change was a good thing. “Your so kind but I think you missed.” She said as she felt the lips of her new English boyfriend on hers as they kissed. Maybe your quite weekend could wait.
This is for tweedledeekaoru21 and BlueWoundedWolf. Oh and the next story is called Sweet as Maple(guess who?) and sorry for the wait been killer busy with school. But I will write more in fact my next one should be up tomorrow. XD
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"Come on babe, it's Christmas Eve!" You rolled your eyes at your boyfriends pleas and sighed before nodded at the overly hyper blonde.

"Alright Al, one present, only because you're so damn cute." You said with a huff as he smiled at you and ran up to you scooping you into his arms as he made his way towards the living room where the bright, decorative tree was.

"Alfred Jones, put me down right now!" You wiggled in his arms trying to get free only to have his hold tighten even more.

"No chance babe, I love you in my arms!" You pouted slightly which earned you a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm to big for you to carry me around like this Al."

He stopped walking as he looked down slightly at you into your (eye color) orbs and frowned.

"(Name), you're fine sweetheart, you're light as feather!" To prove his point he lightly tossed you up in the air making you freak out and cling to his neck for dear life. He rumbling laugh vibrated off of his chest as you swatted said chest huffing crossing your arms.

"God you're sexy when you get mad." He teased you lightly as he continued to walk to the living room.

"Whatever." You still pouted as he gently placed you on the soft couch and sat next to you wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you close to him. He placed a soft kiss on your forehead, cheek then lips.

"Come on babe, don't be mad at me on a holiday like this." He smirked at you slightly and squeezed your waist making you gasp.

"Al, you know I hate it when you grab my fat like that!" You gently pushed his hands away and self consciously wrapped your arms around yourself as Alfred's face fell at your actions.

"(Name), stop putting yourself down!!" Alfred yelled this while jumping up from the couch.

You were shocked by his sudden actions. You've never seen Alfred be this upset before.

"It's all true though Al and you know it." You said softly while your gaze stopped on Al's hard blue eyes.

"No it's not (Name), but do you know what is true?" He asked softly as he sat next to you again as he grabbed your hands gently and held them in his large ones.

"W-what?" You asked shyly as his thumb stroked your knuckles.

"From the very first moment I saw you, you were all I could think about." You scoffed lightly at his remark remembering the day very clearly from two years ago.

"The rosy color of your cheeks from the cold, that adorable scrunched up nose as you waited for your coffee, your (hair length and color) and not to mention that sexy (favorite color) sweater." He brought your hands up and kissed them on the top.

"Y-you remember all of that?" You looked up at him with a perplexed expression making me chuckle.

"Of course I do babe, that's the day you stole my heart." He brought you closer, your faces inches apart.

"I love everything about you (Name), I don't know why you put yourself down all the time babe, you're sexy as hell!" You bushed at his statement smiling slightly.

"There's more to love and it gives me something to grab on to when we go at it." He whispered the last part in your ear making you gently slap his shoulder.

"(Name), I'll always love you no matter what, please remember that." You nodded as you hugged him tightly placing a kiss on his cheek.

"I love you Al."

"I love you too (Name)." He broke the hug and looked at you with a smug grin.

"I almost forgot to add something."

You raised you brows at him. "That would be?" You asked as Alfred got up and went to the ground on one knee. You gasped lightly.

"(Name), you know what I always want to remember?" He asked you with a smile.

"What would that be Al?" You squeaked out.

"The moment you agreed to be my wife sweetheart. (Name), will you marry me?" Alfred pulled out a black velvet box and opened it up to reveal a diamond that sparkled from all the Christmas lights illuminating the room.

You felt tears spring into your eyes as you nodded.

"Y-yes, of course Alfred!" You sprang at him knocking him fully to the ground and showering him with kisses of affection.

"I love you so much Al!" You kissed him on the lips as he sat up and pulled you into his lap.

"Merry Christmas (Name)." He kissed the tip of your nose.

You smiled and giggled. "Merry Christmas Alfred."

"Are you ready for your other present?" He asked.

"I thought this was my present." You smiled at the ring that Alfred just slipped onto your left hand ring finger.

"Only one part." He smirked at you.

"What's the other?" You asked looking up at him.

"Me." He said discarding his jacket and other articles of clothing.

"Let's go celebrate babe!" He picked you up and ran towards the bedroom.

And celebrate you did... multiple times in very different positions ;)
Just a random reader insert I thought about today and thought I should share it with you all! :)
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"(Name)?" Ludwig called as he entered your house. "(Name)? Are you home?"

"In here, Ludwig!"

Ludwig made his way into the kitchen. You stood by the counter tossing a salad, your body dancing to "Gangnam Style" which had just come on the radio. He blushed a little and smiled at your attire, shorts and a t-shirt. You were so cute.

"Heeeeeeeey, sexy lady!" You sang along with Psy, hopping like a cowboy. You turned to look at him. "Luddy dance with me!"

Ludwig shook his head. "Nein. I don't zink so."

"Come on!!! It's fun! Oh, right, sorry. I forgot you were allergic to that stuff." You said with a giggle.

Ludwig furrowed his eyebrows, and looked around. No one appeared to be watching. With a sigh he stood up and put his hands on his hips.

"…….Oppa Gangnam Style." He said hesitantly before skipping sideways, his cheeks now a bright pink.

You let out a squeal. "Awwww! Luddy you look so cute~"

"I am NOT cute." He huffed, sitting back down. He then looked over to the salad and glass of water you had sat on the table. "Is zat all your eating?"

"Yeah. I'm starting my new diet remember?" You mumbled, stabbing the green leaves with your fork and scooping them into your mouth.

Ludwig scoffed. "You und zose damn diets."

"Easy for you to say, Lud. You look like Adonis and all you eat is potatoes and wurst and drink beer!" You gestured toward the handsome German.

Ludwig blushed at your compliment.
And besides. I'll never look like one of the girls in Psy's music videos if I eat like a cow."

"You are not a cow." Ludwig said sternly.

You took a sip of water. "Probably weigh as much as one."

Ludwig growled. "Vould you shut up? Und stop starving yourself."

"There's nothing wrong with missing a few calories." You took a bite of a tomato.

"Still no excuse to live like a rabbit." Ludwig mumbled.

Later after Ludwig had gone home you sat on the couch, eating a granola bar and watching T.V. Suddenly a commercial interrupted your favorite show, Hetalia. ;)


"Hi! I'm Alfred Jones, a.k.a. the Hero!" A man on the T.V. shouted at you. "Are you over weight?"

"A little." You mumbled.

"Do you consider yourself a horrible human being for torturing your body by being overweight?"

You shrugged. "Not exactly—"

"Well have I got the solution for you! The Chuck Norris diet! Here to tell you about it is the legend himself, Chuck Norris!"

Sure enough Chuck Norris appeared.

"Hi, I'm Chuck Norris."

"Sorry boys, I'm already on a diet." You said before grabbing the remote and changing the channel.

You sighed, looking down at your granola bar. A wave of frustration hit you. Who were you
kidding? You weren't going to get anywhere with this new diet. You tossed the granola bar and the wrapper into the trash can.

From now on, no food AT ALL. And you were going to exercise until you dropped! You grinned confidently. This would help you lose some weight!

Ludwig walked down the crowded hallways of your school and outside to the recreation area.

He made his way over to your favorite spot; a picnic table by a willow tree. He set his books down on the table and grabbed a piece of wurst out of his backpack, munching on it as he waited for you.

He was growing concerned.  You seemed so tired as of late, dark circles growing under your eyes. You hadn't been eating lunch saying that you'd eat when you'd get home. Yesterday he'd gone over to your house to find you asleep wearing exercise clothes, sweat pouring from your forehead. He hoped that what he thought was going on wasn't actually happening and that he was just being paranoid.


Ludwig looked up to see you walking down the stairs, your (color) hair in a messy bun. The circles under your eyes had seemed to have gotten darker and your face was extremely pale.

"(Name)?" He said, concern clear in his voice.

You smiled at him, thinking to yourself how cute the German looked when he was worried.

Nothing to worry about, though. You were a big girl and you were killing this diet.

Suddenly, black dots swirled in your vision and your head felt like it was floating. The black dots grew to until you saw nothing at all. Next thing you knew you were on the ground.

Ludwig was off of the bench and running toward you before you even hit the ground.

"(Name)!" he cried, kneeling down to check on you. A small crowd gathered. Ludwig looked around.

"Vere is ze nurse's office?"

A girl pointed to the hallway. "Last door on the left."

Ludwig scooped you up, and began jogging toward the building.

"Dude, I'm surprised you could lift her!"

At this Ludwig stopped. He turned around to stare at the boy the shout had originated from, his ice blue eyes piercing into his very soul. The boy's face drained of color and he sought shelter behind one of his friends. Ludwig then turned around, continuing on his rescue mission.


"Ugh…" You groaned, a wave of exhaustion hitting you.

Your vision cleared to see the handsome face of a certain German you knew. His hand was stroking your cheek, his eyebrows knitted together in worry.

"Hey Luddy…" You whispered. You looked around to see you were in the nurse's office.

"Here. Ze nurse said for you to have zese." Ludwig held out a carton of apple juice and a chocolate chip cookie. You shook your head, even though your stomach voiced its displeasure at your decision.

"I'm on a new diet…." You said with a tired smile.

Ludwig gritted his teeth. "DAMMIT (NAME), EAT ZE FAHKING COOKIE!"

You jumped slightly, blinking in surprise. Ludwig had never shouted at you before, at least not in that tone of voice. You reached out taking the cookie, trying to hide the tears that now welled up in your (color) eyes. Ludwig, being ever observant, caught them.

There was a moment of silence.

"Vhy do you do zis to yourself?" He sighed, rubbing a hand through his blond hair.

You looked down, tears beginning to trail down your cheeks. "I don't know… I just wanted to lose weight so fast so I could be beautiful--"

You were interrupted suddenly with Ludwig pressing his lips to yours. Your eyes widened and your face heated. You closed your eyes and enjoyed the taste and sensation of him. Too soon he pulled away, his blue eyes warm. He smiled.

"Dummen Kopf. Don't you get it?" He cupped your cheek. "You are beautiful. Just ze vay you are."

You gripped his hand, more tears flowing. "Do you really think so?"

"Ja." He leaned his forehead against yours. "Und…I love you…."

You let out a choked laugh. "I love you too, Luddy."

He smiled, his cheeks pink. Suddenly his face grew back to its normal stern look. "Now, eat your cookie."

You giggled and gave a small salute. "Yes sir!"

And God was that cookie delicious.
(But not as half as delicious as your new German boyfriend.)
DONE! For :iconbonkers-4-hatter:
Hope you like, deary! Next up, DenmarkxReader!
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You sat waiting for your newly friend Alfred on the bus to go to the field trip to the beach. Mainly treading the whole field trip, but now has gotten a bit better knowing Alfred was coming too. A sandy blonde haired hyperactive man jumped onto the bus excited as he could ever be.

"WooHoo! Let's get this parteh started~!" He cheered as other students went along with him. His British friend Arthur scoffed "Alfred take a seat you loud wanker.." rolling his eyes in disgust. Alfred only stuck a small tongue at his friend taking a seat beside me.

"Yo _________! Are you totally excited! I'm so pumped! I love the beach! "Alfred ran his mouth loudly only to have him scolded by Arthur again.

You giggle a bit at their antics.

The bus began to leave, and as you were about to settle your bag between your feet, you felt daggers of glares driving into your head. You gulp taking a small glance back viewing a couple of the most popular girls in the school in jealous rage. You knew why they gave you such hateful looks. It was because Alfred and you have gotten so close. You couldn't blame them. You were the unattractive chubby nerdy geeky girl and some how managed to become friends with the hottest guy in your school.

It all started with the History project at the beginning of the year. Alfred was assigned to be your partner. From there you just clicked with him. Having very much in common, From Video Games to Anime and from Horror movies to comic books. It was like a blessing in the sky to have such a connection with such a guy.

Over the month you began developing feelings for him which made you wonder. Why him? He was loud, obnoxious, dim-witted, and immature.

Then again why was he hanging with you? You thought to yourself. You were ugly.... Fat.... Believing maybe he only pitied you all along. Which made you believe more. He would never be interested in you like you were with him. Those popular girl made a better fit then you'll ever be.

You sigh sadly grabbing your stomach slightly. Pitying yourself in disgust. Alfred turned titling his head curiously "Hey what's up _________?" Giving a slight concerning tone. Your head shot up looking at him with a tint of pink surrounding your cheeks.

"Oh Alfred.. I'm cool dude" you gave a small smile to him. He suddenly out of no where put a arm around you.

"So, Are you gonna wear a cute bathing suit for me babe~" He cooed softly into your ear.

You giggle at the whisper. Being ticklish in that area you pushing away quickly blushing outrageously more. "Alfred please! T-That tickles!" You giggled then looked away. "Besides I look terrible in a swim suit... I'm too fat.." Alfred frowned trying to pull you closer to comfort you. "Alfie~" one of the popular girls chimed. His head turned being distracted from doing anything further with you. "Oh hey dudette!" He laughed turning fully to them.

You glance at him with a frown going into thought. 'He would never love me or this ugly body....'

The bus finally arrived to the beach, Alfred was  talking to those girls the whole time giving you time to think and hopelessly daydream about a nonexistent future with the Hero that was Alfred F Jones.

The teacher guiding us through the field trip did the typical run down of the rules while at the beach. Not straying too far, no making out, no pulling bikini's off and so on.

Alfred jumped up and turned to you. "Come on _______! Come on!" He laugh pulling you up with him. "Alfred chill" You giggle. He would stopped giving a goofy grin taking your hand. "Heh sorry, I'm so excited!" he exclaimed. You rolled your eyes at his antic giving a playful punch. "Okay okay let's get off this bus. It's getting stuffy in here." You smiled. One of the popular girls smirk "Yeah let's the pig out!" She rose her voice just enough for you to hear.

You instantly frown pushing your way through off the bus. Alfred would blink seemingly haven't heard anyway. "W-Wait __________! Hold up for me~" He whined like a small child loosing his mother in a crowd pushing through as well.

"Alfred just go to the changing room.... I'll be back in a second..." you sigh bolting to the female changing room. Arthur stood beside the idiot American "Heh you're so blind you git.." He scoffed turning towards the male changing room.

After changing you over hear the popular girls chatting near your stall. "OMG Ashley~ The bikini is soooo CU-UTE~" She squeaked out all cutesy making you virtual almost vomit of how fake she sounded.  "Totally Danielle~ I'm like so hot~!" She exclaimed being very full of herself. "Like yeah~ Hey! I wonder when that pig will get done changing" Danielle smirked. Ashley shrugged. "Who cares, She'll look fat either way you look at it. Let's get out before we catch her fat." He sneered out loud enough for me to hear. You hold back tears trying not to make a sound til you made sure they left.

They ended up laughing out of the Changing room and you quickly threw on a T-shirt and hoodie. Along with a pair of sweat pants. Hiding your what you thought disgusting body from the world.

Alfred waited patiently on his beach towel looking around for any sight of you. You approached from behind giving a small shallow hello. "H-Hi Alfred..." You smiled sadly. His head turned looking at you from head to toe. His face grew disappointed. "Hey __________... You know we're at the beach right? Aren't you hot under all those clothes?" you shook your head.

"I-I'm fine..." you said sitting beside him.

He rolled his eyes at the fake sound of your tone. He knew something was troubling you, but being you. You were to stubborn to say anything.

"Whatever... Oh wanna play Frisbee?" He suggested picking up a flying disk from his bag. You smile nodding. "Sure, I'd love too"

The two of you found a nice open spot. You began to feel hot and sweat for not very much long. 'I haven't been out here for very much long? Why do I feel so hot?' you thought as he threw the Frisbee towards you. You missed terribly and huffed to fetch it. From a distance the popular girls laughed making oink noises. You roll your eyes trying your best to ignore them. After 45 straight minutes of under the harsh warm sun of playing only Frisbee. Your face was beat red and sweaty. The temperature has risen substantially. You body slowed making Alfred become more alert to your actions.

"Hey do you wanna swim now ____________?" he asked putting his hands over your shoulders. You blush "N-No..." he sighed "_________... come on dude, you're going to keel over from this heat!."He said in a more worried tone. You shook your head more.
He growled pulling the hoodie straight off of you making you gasp.

"Alfred! Stop!" You squeak, this didn't stop him. With his super strength he ripped the T-shirt you had on now reveal the top half of you one piece swim suit. You felt ten times cooler from before and gave a quick glance. His eyes were stern and determined to see you... All of you....

"The sweat pants.... Take them off..." He asked more directly. You whimper obeying him pulling the pants off. His eyes soften in relief, but you covered yourself. "Now look what you done Alfred! Now I'm all exposed and fat to the entire world!" you begin to cry. Arm surrounded you pulling you tight.

"Your beautiful..." He replied to you softly. "You always have been.."

You tear up more. "N-No I'm not... I'm fat and ugly.. I'm not perf-""No you're not!" He pulled away keeping a steady hand on you. The anger in his eyes returned to your teary (eye color) ones. "Stop it! You're are beautiful! Stop putting yourself down!" He shouted pulling you into a spontaneous kiss to the lips. His kiss was filled with anger, passion, want. You soon succumbed to the kiss. Not soon after he pulled away still keep his bright blue eyes to yours.

"You are the most awesome girl I ever met! You love Video Games, Anime, Cartoons, Comic books and so on! To top it all off, you don't treat me like a idol like most of the girls. You're incredibly nice and sweet. I love you _________. I'll love you no matter what you look like. As long as you are you. That's all that matters. I want to be your hero!" He said pulling you in a passionate hug.

The Popular girl stomp over to you pushing you away from him "How could you like a ugly girl like her! Her body is sooo ew. I mean she doesn't even have good breasts!" one of the exclaimed angerily. The other nodding in agreement.

Alfred pulled you close again and smirked "Sorry babes, I'm not into fake skinny barbie dolls. Besides _________ is so cuddly and soft. More to love "He grinned sticking his tongue out at the mean girls. The girls gasp in shock and turn walking away in disgust. They cursed at each step the took away from the two of you.

He laughed turning back to you. "So would my girlfriend like to swim with me?"

You giggle finally finding why you liked him so much. He was sincere, and nice. He was your hero.

You gave him a small peck on the cheek. "Yes, I'd love too Hero."
So this was a lot of fun to write. I'm pretty satisfied of how it turned out! I wrote this for a friend and I hope she likes it! :D

I hope you all enjoy this especially :iconanimeotakufoxchan: who wanted this as my gift to you!

Comments and criticism will be appreciated!

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexyamericaplz:
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You sighed, ripping your favorite top over your shoulders and throwing it across the room. It wasn't your favorite anymore, after feeling so disgusted with yourself. For at least twenty mintues, you kept glancing at yourself, as if wishing the extra fat on your body would just vanish.
Why couldn't they invent a machine that magically made you skinny? you sighed, eyeing yourself from head to toe, wishing it was gone.
However this sadening behaviour didn't just happen on purpose, it was more because of your best friend Alfred, whom you'd also developed a major crush on. He was just perfect in every way from his funny loud personality, to his cute smile that never seemed to fade. Even his little cowlick, and huge appetite for burgers and soda, you loved him anyway. Sure that was great and all but...who would love you? Or so you thought.
Being the chubby girl-surrounded by a bunch of short and tiny skinny girls-wasn't exactly easy sometimes. During a few health classes, the teachers would talk about 'overwheight' matters and went on to say how unhealthy it is and blah blah blah (your teacher was a fitness-a-holic btw). It just ended with the whole class giving you glances, and some whispering to eachother. You hated it, so you skipped the rest of health.
Your friend was skinnier, but she never said anything bad. She was actually very nice, but she alone couldn't stop the many other people who thought differently.
Throwing on another shirt, you gave a few little poses and turns to hopefully feel 'better', but it didn't work. It was then your cell, at the other end of the room began to vibrate, causing you to groan and give it your attention.
"Hello?" you asked, sounding a little more uptight that usual.  
That of course: was Alfred Jones himself.
"Hmm..what?" you began to rub your eyes, before being shot open by his overpowering voice.
"YOU NEED TO GET OVER HERE IT'S BURGER NIGHT REMEMBER??!" he sounded a mixture of upset, and excited. A weird combo, but it was Alfred.
"Oh..yeah.." you sighed, pulling out your bag of makeup and fishing out a tube of lip-gloss and eyeliner, while holding the phone in your other hand.
"You don't sound very happy dudette..anything wrong?" Alfred's voice just changed within a few seconds, after hearing how unhappy you sounded.
"Yeah, I'm fine I just forgot." you lied, pulling out some foundation, followed by mascara.
"Okay then..I have lots here don't worry I won't eat them all!" he laughed on the other end, causing you to just crack a smirk.
Burger night was every friday. The day you would always and I mean ALWAYS, go over to Alfred's and have a nice burger meal and watch a movie. This time, you felt like you'd vomit if you ate a bite of anything. All the diet tips you were taking off the internet weren't exactly the right ones. It been since morning that you'd even have a bite to eat. All you had throughout the day was two crackers and a few bits of cereal. Your stomach was rumbling effortlessly, but you continued to ignore it.
"I'll be over soon Alfred." you tried to sound hopeful, before ending the call and letting a few tears run down your cheeks.


       Alfred opened the door to reveal none other than yourself, causing a bright smile to come to his face.
"(NAME)!" he pulled you into a tight hug, causing you to lightly blush, and feel even more insecure.
"You finally showed up! It took me nearly three cans of coke to avoid eating anything!" he laughed, leading you into the nice kitchen he had.
"Al.." you began, only to be hushed by him.
"Looooook!" he sung happily, showing you a nice looking plate of hamburgers.
"There's tons for me..AND you!" he smiled brightly, only to instantly frown when he saw your sad face.
"I don't want any burgers." you replied, beginning to twiddle with your fingers and avoided eye contact.
Alfred didn't buy any of it, instead walked up to you and looked closely into your eyes.
"What aren't you telling me (Name)? You seem sad."
You couldn't help but feel tears start to form in your eyes, as you turned away from him.
"I don't want any burgers Alfred..their fattening."
He glanced from the yummy plate, back to you: whom was still trying to hide the tears threatening to come.
"(Name) you never miss burger night! You never forget it or..not skip out on it! So what's wrong??"
If only you just tell him..but it didn't work like that.
If you did he'd only say 'Your not fat' or 'Your fine the way you are' and try to make you feel better. You didn't want that, you wanted him.
"I'm sorry. You can have them." you reassured, pretending to itch your eye when you were actually wiping away a tear.
"I don't want them all. I like sharing them with you." Alfred replied, taking your hand softly.
"Don't Alfred. I don't want to get any fatter.."
"Your not fat (Name).."
"Who says?!" you argued suddenly, crossing your arms. "Look at me.."
Alfres suddenly jerked your body so it was facing towards him.
"I already am." he said, before carefully placing his lips on yours in a sweet kiss.
There was a few moments to sweet pleasure, before he slowly pulled away, looking into your (e/c) eyes.
"I think your wonderful (Name)." he said, smiling after.
"You think so?" you tried not to act pushy, but you really wanted to know the truth.
He laughed, before wrapping an arm around you.
"(Name), I wouldn't have said that if I didn't mean it! NOW LET'S GO EAT SOME BURGERS!!"
And of smiled and agreed.


   After finishing your meal, you went straight into the bathroom to look at yourself.
Dammit..why did I listen to him.. you thought, feeling as if the burgers were already putting more pounds onto you. But for the most part, your stomach stopped growling.
"(Name), you commin' to watch the movie??" you heard Alfred shout from the other room.
"In a sec!" you called back, flipping your large hoodie over your body to cover yourself, before making your way into the living room where Alfred sat waiting for you.
He patted the seat next to him, only to have you sit on the other end of the couch.
"(Name), sit over here with me!" he whined.
"I'm okay here.." was you only reply, of course Alfred didn't care.
"SIT WITH ME WOMAN!" he shouted, before picking you up, and setting you on his lap, watching you squirm around trying to break free.
"No." he said sternly, causing you to pause and look at him. He was being completely serious.
Then he began to sniff your hair and nuzzle his face into your neck.
"I'm not letting go~"
"Please don't.."
"Don't what?" he looked up at you with a goofy smile. He took off his glasses, and set them on the little coffee table next to him. "Hmm?"
It was then you felt like you couldn't say anything.
With that, he continued to bury his face in your hair, and give an odd kiss along your jaw or chin evey so often. You began to feel comfortable.
After a few more minutes of just being like that you leaned into his chest, and heard him grunt.
Perking up, you began to panic.
"I-I'm sorry! Am I to heavy?! I'll hop off-"
Before you could make a move, he pulled you back into his chest and rubbed his cheek against yours.
"Nope.." he said. "I forgot my phone was in my back pocket." he chuckled, setting it beside his glasses, as the movie got into his 'big dramatic moment'.
It was then something began to vibrate. You both turned to see Alfred had gotten a text.
When he glanced at it, you noticed who it was from.

From: Amelia Hart To: Alfred Jones

Hey Alfie~ Want to chill at my place tonight?? <3

The thought of her just texting that to him-all flirty and giggling about how awesome she was-made you want to puke.
Feeling a little upset, you turned away, only to look back again, watching him text back:

To: Amelia Hart From: Alfred Jones

 No thanks, I'm already havin the best night of life

Seeing his reply made you wonder how Amelia--the apparent 'hottest girl in school'-- would react getting denied by the hottest guy in school. You smiled at the though of her screaming and smashing a mirror or breaking a nail and crying to herself.
After he set the phone back down you cuddled back into him while he tightened his grip on you.
"(Name)?" he asked quietly, causing you to look from the movie to him.
He was so fast you hardly noticed, when he captured your lips in another sweet kiss. It instantly took off, ending up more passionate as he pushed his tounge into your mouth and rubbig your back softly.
You moaned softly, giving him the impression you were enjoying it, and began to kiss softly down your neck, and purred slowly giving you shivers. Once you two finished your happy make-out session, he smiled and placed his forhead on yours.
"Your so perfect."
You blushed a little, and avoided his eyes until he said your name again.
Seeing his cute blue eyes, it made you want to just love him up right there and then.
"I love you.." he mumbled quietly, seeming to lack the ability to say the words you thought you'd never hear.
Giving him a bright smile, you instantly pulled him into a kiss and felt his hands snake down and began to rub your thighs.
"I love you to Alfred!" you giggled excitedly, feeling so overjoyed, and having no other way to contain it.
Alfred then hugged you tighter and let out a sigh.
"Sure you do dudette." he began to laugh. "Who doesn't love the hero~" he winked, before you hit him playfully with a pillow.
"Come catch me Mr. Hero." you said sensually, before racing off upstairs into his room, where a nice soft bed was waiting.
"You can't beat me (Name)! I'm coming!!" Alfred calling happily after you, knowing both of you finally had a courage to admit your feelings, and it turned out for the better in the end!


 Watching your little girl (daughter's name), make her way down the street and towards the bus stop, you felt a little tear slip from your eye, then quickly wiped it away.
Suddenly, two arms wrap themselves around your waist, before you turned to meet the eyes of your lover.
"She's sooooo gunna' be popular like me!" Alfred boasted, resting his chin on your shoulder.
"Maybe she'll be (popular/shy/normal) like me." you sighed, placing your hands over your husbands.
"Hey (Name)."
You turned to see Alfred moving his eye brows up and down, and gave a sexy wink.
"It's know what that means?"
Rolling your eyes playfully, you both went back inside the house.
"Burger night?" you guessed sarcastically, moving in and kissing your husband softly on the lips.
"Mhmmmmmm." Alfred winked again. "Annnnnnnd I have other plans as well~"
With that, he swooped you up into his arms and began to carry you up the stiars to your bedroom.
From that day on, Friday was your favorite day of the week.
Finally decided to contribute to the chubby!reader fics :3

They need more of theese!~:heart:
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You sat at the usual lunch table with your best friend Mathew Williams. He was reading some fantasy book. He looked as if he was caught up in another daydream within the book. You loved how much of a nerd he was sometimes. It was cute, but you would never admit that. You were to shy to confront you own feelings to the equally shy Canadian boy you've always been best friends with.

You munch on pizza minding your own business until Mathew's half wit brother Alfred shows up. Alfred looked a lot like Mathew. Only with shorter sandy blonde hair with baby blue eyes. He was a bit taller as well. He was cute too, you admit thoughtfully. Though the teasing ruined the image a bit.

"Sup tubba wubba!" Alfred grinned a toothy grin.

You look down, slowly putting your pizza back onto the lunch tray. "Hey..." you mumble shyly.

Unknowingly, Mathew shot a glare towards his brother for the comment towards you.

Not wanting to get teased any further you try making a quick exit. "Erm well.. I'll be leaving now.." you gulp getting up. Mathew just sat you back down. "Don't go.." He slightly begged, glancing back and forth over to his American brother. He didn't want to be stuck with his brother as well. Hiding a small blush you sat close to Mathew.

"So! Dudes, I want you to meet me in front of the janitor's closet after lunch." Alfred randomly proclaimed.

You and Mathew raised a curious brow to the American.

"Trust me guys! You'll thank me later!" Alfred smirked and picked his tray back up making a pass by you pinching your side. You blush furiously shooting a glare. "Haha! Don't get so worked up chubs!" he laughed all the way to his usual table full of jock type friends.
During lunch it was mainly quiet between the two of you and Mathew. With Alfred making all the fat remarks, always reminded you that you would never be Mathew's girlfriend. As much as you wanted to push that thought out of the way. You believed it was true. Even though Mattie was kind to pretty much anyone... He would never want to date a fat girl like you.

"___________?" A familiar voice spoke up tapping your shoulder.

You bolt your head up staring into a pair of violet blue eyes. You start to blush and look down a bit shyly. "Lunch is over. Want to see what Alfred wants?" Mathew smiled holding a hand out. You nod letting Mathew take you where ever Alfred was.

"You know about what Alfred said when he left.." You Canadian friend began. You gulp hoping it wasn't about the fat remarks. "What he said was-" He was sadly cut short as Alfred tackled him from behind. "Jeez Alfred! Do you want to give me a stroke!?" Mathew yelled quietly. Mathew wasn't always been able to raise his voice. It was always quiet and kind. Unlike Alfred's voice... Alfred gave a loud laugh skipping behind the both of you and pushed you guys down the hallway.

"A-Al what are you.." You stutter as Alfred kept pushing. He ignored Mathew and your's whining and stopped in front of the open janitors closet.

"OK LOVE BIRDS! IN YOU GO!" The obnoxious american sang and roughly pushed you both in.

You squeak as you fell onto the hard floor. Mathew fell beside you and before the both of you could protest. The door closed and A clicking noise was heard. He locked the door?! Mathew stumbled up to his knees and rubbed his forehead. "Stupid brother..." he mumbled, he was obviously irritated. You sigh getting up on your knees as well.  "I-I'm sorry that this happened.." you shyly pout.

Mathew blinked "For what?" he looked pretty shocked from your random apology.

"Well... I feel sorry that you're being held up in this closet with a fat girl..." you kept your gaze to the floor. Not wanting to look at his expression. "What? What do you mean?" you felt him move closer. His eyes keeping a gentle stare on you. You blush "N-Nothing..." you stutter feeling utterly shy.

A  moment a silence took place for a good 30 seconds.. Although it felt longer.

Shuffling noises were heard and Felt Mathew sit behind you and pulled you into his lap. "M-Mattie No, I'm Heav-""Don't say it" he immediately spoke and hugged you close. "You know, before Alfred interrupted me.." Mathew began and buried his face in the crook of your neck. " I hate when my brother call's you chubs.. tubby.. It's not true..." he whispered gently to you.

You blush madly and look down at his arms that wrapped around your waist. No one has ever been this close to you, unless it was maybe family.. You were always so insecure about your body when someone hugged you. You always felt bigger when the other person was slimmer then you. "B-but-" you try to protest a bit. It failed when Mathew kept hugging you tighter. "and I hate it when you put yourself down because of your body. You're so incredibly cute." He rubbed his face in your shoulder feeling embarrassed. The heat of the face was burning into you. This made you blush equally as hard.

"T-That's so hard to believe." You shyly whisper.

He lifted his face from your shoulder and gave a small gentle smile"Well it it __________, I think your body is cute... Plus when you get all shy. I feel like I would explode from all the adorableness." He chuckled a bit. You gulp and shift to see his face. "Y-You're not lying to me are you?" you pout slightly.

He gazed in you (color) eyes. He let one hand go from your waist and push your head gently toward his face. Your lips met with his briefly and he smiled. "I would never lie to the most beautiful girl in the world? Would I?"

A shy smile began to tug your lips "I love you Mattie." you finally said and kissed him shyly. He chuckled kissing back. "I love you too __________"


"Ey.. Where iz Mattie Alfred? He's late for ze meeting?" Francis huffed. Alfred laughed tilting the chair back a bit as he put his feet up onto the desk. "Don't sweat him right now Francy. My bro his finally gettin some." The american grinned.
Canada your French is showing ;D

A request for :iconbonkers-4-hatter: I hope you enjoy it! I tried my best. xD

Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Story (c) :iconmslela92:

You (c) :iconsexycanadaplz:
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