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Yusshh a DEMO c;
Full game will be released in... like 2-3 months, maybe-ish..
Plz DL and tell me what you think so far! :D

Works on Windows ONLY!
Srry Mac & Linux users :

The girl in the middle is the person your playing as... by default her name is "Yumi" but you can change tht c:

TDA Mikuo - TDA & *Xoriu
508 Len & Rin (Yessh Rin is in the game) - Teihen
PD Kaito - Mamama
Piko SHINee Version - ~oOIchibiOo

Heroine's hair - ~TheGirlNamedSig
Heroine's shirt - ~SuminoChan
Heroine's pants - ~MikuHaganez
Heroine's base - ~YamiSweet
Heroine's eye texture - !MMDArtist
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And the first thing Josh literally thought of was 'Holy Crap, Save the cookies!' xD

Whoo, been a while since I colored something in a serious-ish way. For the past few months, it's been nothing but half-assed comic pages and sketches. Can't remember the last time I colored like this =u="

Anyway, here's something I made to celebrate the continuation of One Dream, a sim dating game I'll be working on for the next few months. The characters are, from the left: Nikki, Miles & Poro, Zack, Jen, Alex, the 2 protagonists, Nate & Natalie, and Josh.
At the moment, I'm still organizing the volunteers who agreed to help with this project (And that someone who can provide the dang loading screen). If you're willing to help out, plz read my journal for the details :3


Here's the partial game that I uploaded, just to give you an idea what it's gonna be like: [link]
And the Character Designs: [link]

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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Click here to download the game


[Visual Novel][Romance?][Otome?][BxPlayer][Horror???]

Zayo Byron is the last person you want to meet while wandering around alone at night. Well, guess what fate has brought to you~

The game features:

1. Unique Play:
Every time you play Zayay you experience only about 25% of the game's full potential. The game uses a system that makes the game unique every time you play it, allowing you to experience a different 25% of it each time. Even if you try to replicate your previous playthrough and follow the exact same steps as last time, there would be always something different about it. The game always follows the main plotline, but little details change all the time making your experience unique every time.

2. ~10 000 words of dialogue:
Zayay consists of almost 10 000 words.(9,932 to be exact) But due to it's unique nature, you get to read only a portion of that during each playthrough.

3.About an hour of gameplay time:
Depending on your reading speed and the style of playing, if you like skipping or not, if you use saves or start a new game every time, this time my vary. But getting through the whole game just once usually takes about half an hour. To discover all the secrets, you might need a bit more~

4. Five different endings:
Zayay's ending is affected by the choices you make. There are five different endings you might get depending on how you acted during the game. There is no 'true' ending, but you can get a 'happy' ending, 'bad', 'boring' 'lies' and 'truths' endings. It's for you to decide which one is which.

5.Two secret beginnings:
If you're lucky enough, you might discover the secret beginnings! They don't affect your endings or main plotline, but you might find them interesting to read~

6.An Extra chapter:
Beat the game and get all the endings to unlock an extra chapter! Find out some of Zayo's secrets and discover his true self.

...wait, wha~?!

Have fun! <3

Character art,background art, GUI, writing, programming: psyAlera (Basically everything...except the music)
Music by Kevin MacLeod

Souls-of-Chaos, Deamond and Helia [c]Dea-89/Dx33x

Note: If you come across any bugs, problems or really embarrassing typos, please tell me ASAP! lil typos are ok, because I'm lazy and that's a free game for fun, deal with it~

Read more about the game here:

Any comments are really appreciated~ <3

1. If you're being really naive and cute, you can get Zayo to like you and this will lead you to 2 of the endings.
2. If you do the opposite, he'll be mean to you in the end and there you go, 2 more endings.
3. The 5th ending you can get no matter what you do.
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A preview of the 4 eligible guys that will be in the flash game that's a continuation of [link] .
That is, if I ever get it done.

Hope you like them. ;]

From left to right;;;

:bulletred: Reich
The quiet & introspective one.

:bulletgreen: Blaine
The happy-go-lucky one.

:bulletblue: Halls
The unusual one.

:bulletblack: Athens
The sports one.

if you want.. >x>



Reich - I updated how he looked from the prelude (([link])).
This is more of how I envisioned him from the start,
so I think he looks better.

Halls - for anyone who knows Ms Hall, his name has nothing to do with her. o-o;;; Just saying.

I don't really have a title right now, so I'm just referring to it as "my flash game/my otome/oaks college"


I'm kind of losing steam. Lately I just don't feel like doing anything, period. Not anything fun, not drawing, not listening to music. I guess it's just... one of those times..?
I don't like forcing myself to complete something, but if I don't get back into it soon, I might have to.

This is just a preview of the characters, since I haven't uploaded anything in a long time. I've completed the 4 guys bases, and I'm on to completing the 4 side characters aswell as the 4 eligible guys' expression sets.

So, in other words, don't think this means the game is close to me uploading - because it's far from it. o-o;;;
I still have many backgrounds to do and I haven't even /started/ on actionscript. I knew from the beginning this was gonna take me a long time though, so I'm not surprised, I just, don't want people waiting around on me.

But, either way, I hope you enjoy.
When I complete the 4 side characters' bases I'll make another little preview poster for them too. ;]
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Play the full game here at [link]

or type in nummyz dot com if the link doesn't work! thanks!

Have fun playing a romantic dating simulation as Air, you have 50 days to find true love in Purra, otherwise, you're sent back to boring Earth!
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Because though I may say im really uber busy, I still get some freetime every now and then nevertheless.
So during those freetimes, I doodle away and draw some random crap. I guess you could call this practice for when I start taking commissions? herpderpidk.
I made this one some sort of challenge for myself by drawing everything on this canvas right from the start and to fill up every space there was.

200+ frikkin layers, baby

Everything here besides Yugi&Pharaoh and the 4 wet topless guys *COUGH* are my own designs. I've had some character designs in my head for a while now and just wanted to draw them out. The ones over here are of the more simpler ones though. Im too lazy to bring myself to draw the more complicated designs x'D

Im pretty sure you all know who Yugi & Pharaoh are, right? This is just how they would've looked like in my style
lol, aren't you glad I wasn't the one who illustrated them? OTL

Jeezuz people, calm yo tits about the pokemon card. Ever heard of a mashup before? No? Google it 8D

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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Adventure Time Pendleton Ward

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:

Since I won't be able to upload a page today, here, have an oldie 8D
drew this while I was on vacation. Never intended to upload it because, well, this was just me being a pervert...again .__.
Sorry, it's in tagalog. Was too lazy to bother translating it, sooo...yeah. :D

Lumaki aq sa ingles-speaking environment, kea medyo mahirap parin sakin magtagalog. Dito nga lang nahirapan na aq eh. Nagpa-googletrans pa aq para lng d2. lmaoo
ung mga pinoy dyan, wag nyo 2ng itranslate sa comments, ah. wla lng, patrip lng xD

Heeyy, you guys managed to reach 500! good on ya'll 8D
now as promised, here's the translation:

Pen & Fionna: ...No matter what you challenge us to, be it cosplay, research or whatever else...
Pen, Fionna & Finn: This family won't lose at anything!
Jake: ...I wonder why it's only in situations like these that they look like an actual family, no?
Marshall: I dunno with these guys
FP: Ahah, just leave them. This only happens so often
Pen: ...So what. We've done your useless request. Now where's our money?
Jake: Ahahah, of course. Guys, hand over your share--Hey! Where the hell are you going?!
Marshall: I didn't agree to this
FP: Neither did I. You're on your own, dude
Fionna: This dress ain't bad!
Pen: ...

Lol, soz. Stupid script that I came up with only so I had a reason to show Pen in a datu costume =u=
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Sooo....since I haven't been able to upload anything in a while now, I decided to treat you guys with one of my (many many many) PenXMarshall drawings. I didn't really intend to upload this, but I decided to anyway to make up for my lack of submissions. This is a pretty old one, actually.

But yeah. Again, makes you wonder what other more indecent pics i drew of them, no? >u>
Ahh, I love drawing~

Maybe I should upload some more pics i drew of them whenever I'm unable to update my comic for a while?

Sorry, I'll try to finish up the next page as soon as I get all my homework done

Here's to all my fellow fujoshis!~
...did I really just type that in? *facepalm*

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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Next: LSP and/or Turtle Princess

Sorry, school's just been a real bitch to me these past few days. Thought I'd never get this done.
BTW, for those who are just new to my AT works, this FP is from my fancomic where he's basically this uber happy-go-lucky dude.
(Hey, it's my fancomic, I do what I want :iconidowhatiwantplz:)

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:

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Adventure Time Pendleton Ward

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:

Coz everyone knows goatees can't be trusted

Whoo, 3 pages in 3 days?
I wonder if that's enough to make up for not updating during the holidays?
Oh? It is?
Well, that's good to hear, coz this comic isn't the only thing I've been procrastinating on. I've still got some unfinished homework left to do, so no new page tomorrow. soz xD

For those of you asking, yes, Jake is a human in this comic.
Why? Because there are already plenty of other comics out there featuring him as a regular dog, and I wanted mine to be different. Plus, it fits in better with the story line better this way. It feels more natural than putting in a talking dog, don't you think? And yes, i made him look hotter younger on purpose. Why? Because (you'll find out in later pages), that's why. I'm making him hot young-ish, and that's final.

Oh, and yeah, he looks a bit different from when he made his first appearance. Some time's passed after i drew that page, and my preferences have changed slightly. So now he has light brown-ish yellow-ish eyes and a revamped hairstyle. just pretend he was wearing contacts then xD




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