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This was for my final in my Art and Human Development class. My first ever hand drawn cel animation! :D This shows from preplanning until final production.

For my final, we had the option to do a research project about something we care about and then create what we researched. I wanted to research traditional animation and here you go! :D I wish you guys could have seen my whole presentation XD I super geeked out and got all into it, and I spent wayyy too much time talking about Don Bluth animations and Thumbelina >////>; But I think I got a really good grade :D The rest of the class loved the presentation ^^

Is it sad that I want to go to college for animation, but the only animating i've done has been for a class that is about art education?

Elijah belongs to me, as does all of this animation!
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This is going in Film because the animation section doesn't work...

Well, what to say, we had to animate a walking and running animal and I decided to do a cat. It's not that great. The front legs when he walks turned out exactly like I wanted them, but his hind legs are super stiff. The run is okay, I suppose. Anyway. I'm never happy with my animations nowadays... I'm all out of motivation.

About 25 drawings.

Col-erase + Crater CTP for assembling
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a video from PROJECT DIVA of rolling girl. enjoy.
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Our halloween challenge submission for

Animated (mostly) by Mirte (and a little bit by Merel)
Sound by various people from
Idea by Merel and a little bit by Mirte
Character design ghost by Merel
Character design granny by Mirte
Background by Merel

Just in case people don't understand whats happening:
Old lady opens the door. "Oh, my what a cute little ghost outfit you got. Let me see, I've got some candy right here"
Old lady gives candy to little ghost. Candy goes through ghost hand. Old lady: "Oh, my, ha ha silly you shouldn't drop th AAAAAAH". Old lady closes the door very hard.
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anyway this is just to show a bit of personality between my OCS and me. It also shows how we got to twerkin werkin' with eachother. This btw is not my voice. It's my bestfriend ~i-Parallax's cause I honestly hate hearing my own voice and ajsdbjksdnjxncf

Edyth, Brad, and Ot's voices are voice actors I found on a voice acting board Gail suggested to me uvu
Brad: Jim Nickabocker
Edyth: Francine Farley
Ot: Priscilla Chee
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:iconimsotiredplz: PUNS

I'm so happy I could finally get this to upload :iconrlytearplz:

Yeah- the credits were sort of a joke, since it's clear I did everything XD

I had to do this for my Design I for Media final, and I'm rather happy with it ^^

The Topic was Lines and Textures and then I could either do a Black and White film or an animation that had to be 1 minute in length. I also had to include some music.

I drew every frame and it's about 10 frames per second. So that's about 300-600 frames and a total of 20 hours of work over two days. xD

The music is 'stock' from Apple imovie. According to "2c" of terms of agreement I'm allowed to use it.

You may use the Apple and third party audio content (“Audio Content”) contained in or otherwise included with the Apple software, on a royalty-free basis, to create your own original soundtracks for your video and audio projects. You may broadcast and/or distribute your own soundtracks that were created using the Audio Content, however, individual samples, sound sets, or audio content may not be commercially or otherwise distributed on a standalone basis, nor may they be repackaged in whole or in part as audio samples, sound files, sound effects or music beds.

This is also on youtube: [link]
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Reuploaded in the Film Gallery ;)

the finished animation....... it take me 1 and half month
this one is a tv spot for Germany soccer World cup for a tv sport channel from my country.... (TCS telecorporacion salvadoreña )
I had to add 2 sequences.....
check the story board:

-animation frame by frame ( with my hands)
-colors on photoshop
-grass was animated on moho
-ball was made and animated on 3D max
-composition on after effects

credits: all made by me :)
thanks to: :icondefkoul: and "Fabito" for aid me on 3D new world of 3DMax ( it's a new world for me :) )
and "fabito" again for show me some after effects tricks :)

I hope u like it :)
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I've finally been accepted into deviantfilm and therefre can now upload videos :D

This was my entry for :iconfallenangelgm: and :iconhaganenochibisan:'s competition for the hearts of love contest :iconheart-of-wildfire:

Sorry if the animation is a little jittery,I had to reduce the quality as the original file was 2.5gb

For the video on youtube here's the link: [link]

All characters belong to :iconfallenangelgm: and :iconhaganenochibisan:
The music used in this video is copyright free and can be accessed at: [link]
Animation by me
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This is my final project for my 3D class. It's a lip sync :)

To those who know where the audio clip is from: Sir David Attenborough :heart: Life of Birds :love:

To those who don't, it's from here (alternate link here)
I recommend renting the entire series, as well as watching as many of Sir David Attenborough's other documentaries as possible. You won't regret it.

My classmates all took clips from movies and TV shows, but I took a clip from a nature documentary, because I'm a nerd like that :B And c'mon, falling seabirds!

My instructor liked it a lot.
Truthfully, he really liked all of the animations that I turned in, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't kick some butt in that class.

Animated in Maya 2013.
Norman rig provided by instructor; I just gave him eyebrows and hair.
Petrel (falling birds) modeled, rigged, and animated by me.
Audio belongs to BBC.
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First, I should give credit where credit is due:
Thanks to Christopher Bingham (you probably know him as Bing) for letting me use his wonderful music in this video. I highly recommend that you check out more of his music at There's some awesome stuff there.
Thanks to the voice actors who helped me out with this project! It was great working with you guys!
Well, this video is another step away from my comfort zone. The story wasn't some huge social metaphor or anything, and there isn't any deeper meaning in this one. To fit with this round's NATA theme, "a true companion", I made it about a boy and his imaginary friend. I hope that it wasn't too difficult to understand, though, because although it is more literal this time, it is probably just as surreal, if not more so, especially when the friend helps the boy retreat into his mind.
This was the first video I made since early 2010 that had voice actors other than my sister and I. The extra effort of bringing microphones into school and getting people in a room to be quiet while recording is worth the end result, I think. Of course, people weren't entirely quiet, so you can hear some bits and pieces of other people talking behind the actual voices. This is because I did the recording of the protagonists' voices in my crowded computer science class (the only location where I had access to both my voice actors and a computer at the same time.) Hopefully I can organize things better next time so that doesn't happen. I should mention that the voice of the teacher is Kpheeyat's, a Newgrounds user, and he's a great voice actor and if anyone needs voice work, I'd recommend him!
As far as style goes, I tried doing more frame-by-frame than in previous videos and, for the most part, I tried to not be lazy. It turned out pretty well in the end. I had intended to draw some of the frames on paper and scan them, but due to technical difficulties with my cameras and scanner, that didn't happen for this video. Maybe next time. I did try working in Toon Boom for this one, which was nice, and allows for some more complicated and interesting visuals than Flash typically allows.
Anyway, a lot of effort went into this. I hope you like it!
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