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I made this short film for the Reflections contest at my high school. I'm happy to say, I took first there! This film will go on to district, and we'll see how well it does :D

Roughly about 40 hours of work, animation done in Photoshop, music made from loops in Garageband, and everything was put together in iMovie and iDVD.

Hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what you think!
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This is going in Film because the animation section doesn't work...

Well, what to say, we had to animate a walking and running animal and I decided to do a cat. It's not that great. The front legs when he walks turned out exactly like I wanted them, but his hind legs are super stiff. The run is okay, I suppose. Anyway. I'm never happy with my animations nowadays... I'm all out of motivation.

About 25 drawings.

Col-erase + Crater CTP for assembling
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Written, animated, and narrated by Katy Towell.

This animation is more about atmosphere than anything else, which resulted in not-so-clear narration. The words are as follows:

My dear father died in a faraway war
Left Mother and I quite without hope
We used our last pennies to leave our fine city
And away to a house on a farm
And on this farm, on the thorniest edge
Stood an ash tree as old as the earth
With branches so gnarled and twisted and black
That my every bone cried out to climb
"But no! Oh no!" said our funny old neighbor
Wringing her hands like two rags
"Don't you go near it, young Miss Eliza
For her roots are bad all the way down"
I thought it silly but did as she told
Until Mother went missing one eve
So sad had she been that I feared the worst
And went down to the old ash tree
And now here I stand but here there is nothing
Naught but a flowering weed
But the breeze, I could swear, carries upon it
The scent of my mother's perfume
Yes, the wind, I declare, does carry upon it
The scent of my mother's perfume
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Everywhere Ida goes, misfortune is soon to follow. And it's about to get much worse. Art, animation, story by Katy Towell. Narrated by Tim Jones. Music by Kevin MacLeod with the opening theme performed by the RFCM Symphony Orchestra - Saint-Saens' "Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium". All used with permission.
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Character belongs to ~Izzu-shi

Prize artwork for

Contest info:

Other prize artworks:

Software used:
-Adobe Photoshop (Animation)
-Adobe After Effects (Composition)
-3ds Max (Reference)
-FL Studio (Music)
-Audacity (Sound)
-Designer Sound FX (SFX library from Video Copilot)

Project Files:

Thank you ^kingmancheng for the DD!
And thank you everyone for watching, liking, and faving!
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The conclusion to Ida's tragic tale. Story, art and animation by Katy Towell. Music by Kevin MacLeod except for Saint-Saens' "Carnival of the Animals - Aquarium," performed by the RFCM Symphony Orchestra, all used with permission. Narrated by Tim Jones.
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Lyrics & Music by Hakan AKIRMAK

A few months ago I was planning to shoot a video clip for training. So this video is a some kind of self training piece for me.  You can't be the best film director or the best musician of the planet in one day.

I wrote the lyrics, composed the music, recorded with unsuitable mics and mixing for the first time. And also this is the first music video which I filmed and edited.

As I said, just for fun and self progress experiment. Thanks for your watching..

For the production and backstage details :…

Point Right For Full HD view : Youtube or Vimeo

:pointr: If you like my works you can follow me on: FACEBOOK

Copyright Hakan AKIRMAK. All rights reserved.
My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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This was for my final in my Art and Human Development class. My first ever hand drawn cel animation! :D This shows from preplanning until final production.

For my final, we had the option to do a research project about something we care about and then create what we researched. I wanted to research traditional animation and here you go! :D I wish you guys could have seen my whole presentation XD I super geeked out and got all into it, and I spent wayyy too much time talking about Don Bluth animations and Thumbelina >////>; But I think I got a really good grade :D The rest of the class loved the presentation ^^

Is it sad that I want to go to college for animation, but the only animating i've done has been for a class that is about art education?

Elijah belongs to me, as does all of this animation!
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If you liked , you can purchase a bigger resolution here!

Red like hell series
episode 0 : the red ghost but with music this time

Music credits to minor2go
Piano & Loop by Minor2Go
Composition : my self
I took some sound effect from

I need more time to do more episodes maybe.

This version is a musical ver of this

episode 1 can be viewed here
no sound

So the concept is about a female thief who take some pices around in san francisco
Here it's about stealing a "tableau" into a art museum

I will do a reboot with more story driven style.

Any comments welcome.
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Halloween greetings from! Story & art: Katy Towell. Narration: Tim Jones.
I am here. I am everywhere
Every place you’ve been I have waited
Every face you’ve seen I have worn
I have not one name but thousands
I come on the wings of an epidemic
Of a massacre
A lone scream in the night
Announced by the distant thunder of a war
or the bleat of the slaughtered calf
I visit the dying in their burning skin
Devour the bodies of the sick
I crush the hearts of the hopeful as I dance on the backs of the weak
Your greatest fears are my delight
With your cries you invite me in
I am the betrayal you could not have seen
The killer you thought you knew
One day I will be your mother or your father or your friend
Another day I will be your neighbour, or perhaps I’ll work through you
There are monsters hiding in your closet
There are ghosts beneath your bed
The dream you feared was real
Was real
These are gifts to you from me
I love you in my little way
With your suffering I am alive!
Can’t you hear the music on the wind?
Don’t you recognize the tune?
Is it you my friend, your struggling?
Your spirit torn limb from limb?
But I am not death
Death is your deliverer
Death looks to me with sorrow in his eyes and asks, “Why must you do this?”
My answer remains unchanged
I do what you cannot
No end is swift under my watch
Mercy is a mistake I correct
I am peace destroyed and eyes forced open
The ragged ring around your neck
I am your secret wish for others
I am their secret wish for you
I have not one name but thousands
But you... you may call me Agony
And I am pleased to make your acquaintance
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