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I started this a while back and never really got around to finishing it. It is again for :iconkatrapezo:. This time I did Gengar, one of the best pokemon of all time e u e.

I did something similar to this a while ago --> [link]

P.S. No, I'm not making a game. Some people thought I was last time but that is, in fact, not going to happen.

Got a pokemon you want to see in dating sim form? Feel free to leave a suggestion or send it as a note!
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Some fanart for one of the most underrated mangas ive ever read: Hokenshitsu no Shinigami
This dude here's the main protagonist (which is cool since usually the main protagonist for mangas would be some kid/arrogant pre-teen) and he is just the most adorkablest thing you have ever seen! (despite his appearance) :iconasdfghplz:
you'd just wanna hug the shit outta him once you're done reading. Katkat-guaranteed//shot

So if you wanna read it, here's a link c:
Genre/s: Comedy, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural


i would draw some fanart for No. 6 & K as well, because i've been dying to for a while now, but I guess you guys've been waiting a while now for the next page, so i'll try to force myself to draw it out for chu

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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Full view if you have to.

Did this on request for :iconkatrapezo:, it's Rayquaza. Kind of. A gijinka. But doesn't look much like one. Since I decided to do a Dating sim style, I didn't want him to look too much like a freak so I toned it down a bit.

Shiny, right?

How far I've fallen e m e. But dating sim art is... shiny right?

Anyhow, if you're wondering what tenchuuu part is, it's :iconkatrapezo:'s username on gaia.

Gengar --> [link]

Oh and P.S. Since some people seemed to be taking this the wrong way, I'm not actually making a game. LOL. This was for fun.
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If the link above has a problem e.g. missing or crashed files

try these ones

ZIP -…

RAR -…

50 years ago, A tragedy unfolded on a family out in the woods. All the family members were slaughtered by their own people.

50 years later, A young 19 year old man called Alfred goes on a journey to help a ghost recover his memories and uncover the truth behind the 50 year old mystery.


So, This is the full version of the game. Thank you guys so much for support for this game. I love you all very much. Enjoy the game.


Genre – Adventure, visual novel.

Level – suitable for all.

Thank you to for your advice on RPG game making, so thank you so much for your support.

If anyone does a ‘Let’s play’ on Youtube. Remember to credit me either via my dA name or my youtube name ‘LeanneVlogzFilmz’

Enjoy the game.

Kyo has done her let's play of this game ~…

Thank you :-) 

Credits are at the end of the game, but I will list the create the full list here

MMD Models

England - Kanaha
America and Canada - zeze
Russia and Sealand - Roco
Nunnally - [Code Geass] Nunnally vi Britannia [MMD Model DL]
Mother - model is by me.

Music - 
Prologue -…
Most of the soundtrack was from Another Code - Makoto Hagiwara, Kenjiro Matsuo and Yuichi Nakamura
Professor laytion tracks were by Tomohito Nishiura

Story - 
The story is very similar to the plot in the DS game Another Code, but the characters are swapped around.

Software used - 
MikuMikuDance ver. 7.39
Adobe Photoshop

Facesets -
Sprites -

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Second Post~

One day, you woke up somewhere you didn't belong.

Hey guys! This is a demo version of my (developing) Hetalia fangame, Hetalia - Iridescent~ It's also Human!AU~

It contains mystery, horror, and ship teasing! :D

There are various trigger warnings applicable to the game, but I would be spoiling majority of the game by writing them down one by one. So here's a general idea:

There are mentions sex and substance abuse. Also, I will feature a few OC's, but just 4, but their involvement would depend on the player's choices.


The US, UK, France, Canada, and Italy sprites were from CarmenMCS
The awesome Prussia sprite was from AnimateFox
The sound effects were from here
The sound tracks were from here,here, and here.
While some of the tilesets were from LunaRea and Grandma Deb.

This was made with RPG Maker VX Ace by Enterbrain
Axis Powers Hetalia is the property of Hideakaz Himaruya
The sound tracks belongs to Konami and Akiyuki Shinbo.

I drew the face sets in SAI (except Canada, because I sort of forgot about him, sorry!), and I used CarmenMCS's UK sprites as a base to make punk!England.

Please comment if you encounter any problems or bugs~ Thank you and enjoy! :D

I accidentally deleted some files, but I fixed it up and re-compressed it so that there would be less downloads~ :D Enjoy!

Edit (13/01/2014):

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. My laptop died some time ago, and I had to recreate many of my school projects in the family PC.

Thankfully, I managed to save up a copy with the latest changes on MediaFire. I'm just going to post it now as an apology of sorts. ^.^

Edit (1/6/2014):

OMG I AM SO SORRY! I'm still having trouble salvaging the game from my old hard drive seeing as almost all the raw files (psd's, Sai's, etc) are in there. It might take a while, but I'm going to get it to working again.

Yanfly for the Save Engine ++, Chase Script, and System Options.
Neo Gauge by Woratana, translated by PacMan.
The Window Frames was edited by GrandmaDeb, with the cursor from Woratana. Original was by Mikey0100.
Modern Algebra for the improved dialogue windows.

Additional Notes:
The facesets are free to use. Just credit and link me to where you used it so I can play 'em~ :D


Thanks to awesome programmers on the net, I found a way to continue this game! WOOOO! Expect an update in August tho, since school and stuff... >.> And power shortages.... >.> >.>


*rtp not included.
Missing audio file: Amicae Carae Meae

For the missing file: Magia
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EDIT: Okay. Some antiviruses seem to want to eat this.
It's not a virus, I assure you; apparently it appears dangerous because it's been used on so few computers.

If you have Norton, here's what you do:
Download it, unzip, and then try to execute the program, when the little window pops up, click 'view details'.
Then go to 'Options' and 'Restore.' Yes, you want to restore it. Ignore your antivirus's warnings.
After that process is done, the 'click me' icon should be back in your folder. Then play as normal!

If someone out there knows how to use flash and wants to collaborate to translate this into flash so it can be viewed in a browser, then I'm all for it. (At least I can dream.)

INSTRUCTIONS: Click ‘Download’ and unzip the file. The game is ‘Toko Days.’ It's the icon with the bear head that says 'Click me!'
You'll know it when you see it.

It had to happen. You knew it had to happen. You've been thinking it since Kingdom Days came out...

Well, I was thinking it, at any rate. Hopefully someone else out there was thinking it too. Otherwise I’ll be the only one playing this game…

Anyway, without further ado, here is my brainchild of the past two months: “Toko Days Sim Date.”

It’s quite short, but hopefully entertaining. Please don’t take it too seriously. In fact, please don’t take it seriously at all; that would just make things kind of awkward between us.

WARNING: Poorly drawn backgrounds are poorly drawn. I am not an artist; just someone who draws things occasionally. GAH I HAD TO DRAW SO MANY PICTURES FOR THIS I NEVER WANT TO MAKE ANYTHING EVER AGAIN
Seriously. Writing everything took like two days. Coding took like, two weeks. Drawing everything took like TWO MONTHS AND IT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK THAT GREAT.

Mr. Toko and all related persona belong to :iconpacthesis:.
(I should probably refuse to take responsibility for the rest of it.)This is just a fan game. A strange, strange fan game.

Game made with Ren'Py.
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...Mm, nope, nothin new today, so here. Have an oldie c:
This was from back when I was still thinking of character designs for finn and fionna for my comic and I was curious as to how they would look like had I decided not to set the story in a modern day era and keep everything as it is in the original show.
This was just a quick illustration, so...yeah. didnt even bother cleaning the lines at the time. lmao.

Looking at this again's making me consider dropping my current comic and start a new one based on this. lololol.

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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so I just finished Umineko recently, and GOD, did I enjoy it. I know it's kinda old already, but...DAMN
I think this is the first time a story's ever made me cry like that. 2nd only to clannad
all teh feels. Anger, sadness, joy, the whole lot of 'em.
So, TA-DA! fanart taym!

I only drew most of the characters I actually liked. The others, I either...meh. or hate to the highest heavens. Unfortunately I can't even explain why I hate/love them without telling spoilers //sawbs

but yeah. If you havent played/read it yet, i recommend you do xD
It's a sound novel, but it has a manga and anime series too. I'd still recommend the sound novel though.
and I was actually planning to color this, but...I do plan to draw more doujinshis, and like hell am I coloring them anymore, so I decided to practice shading manga-style. I still need to practice OTL
asdfghjk, didn't realize the critique thing was on OTL

:bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FB Page :bulletpurple: Katkat-Tan FC :bulletpurple: Ask-Away! :bulletpurple:
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---> PLAY THE GAME HERE: [link] <---

Sorry about having to resubmit these folks. Re-fav if you faved this before! :3

- - - - - - - - - - -

:star::star::star:OTHER GAMES:star::star::star:

:bulletred: INTERACTIVE EDWARD ELRIC: [link]

:bulletred: INTERACTIVE ROY MUSTANG: [link]

:bulletred: INTERACTIVE L: [link]

:bulletred: INTERACTIVE YOKO LITTNER: [link]

:bulletred: INTERACTIVE ZELOS WILDER: [link]

- - - - - - - - - - -

All characters belong to their respective copyright holders, blah blah, generic disclaimer goes here.
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UPDATE: ((26/11/14))

_For :iconamanebakura:  : I'm sorry I have to upload early to make sure that I have enough time for tests...; by the way, please check the mail if you haven't!
_The title screen is my first attempt at doing SAI, so it looks... failed. But I'm happy to know that most of you enjoyed it ^^
_The battle system changes, if you don't know how to controlCredit it please look at this link:
Caution: I put the RGSS202e.dll one inside the game folder but if you still can't find it please download it from here:…
_Read informations about the game.
_Come take a look at this group: :iconhetax-hetaliarpg: if you'd like to know more about the items "Diary" I put inside the game.

_If you need to go to chapter 4 immediately and didn't save the files, then I have this save file right before chapter 4, I hope it would work:…

Remember to install the files and put them inside the game folder.

Some informations about the game:

AWESOME LETS PLAY by    :icontamachi-insanity:…





SUMMARY: Strange dreams about the other self? What could be worse? A trip to the parallel world right after that? Maybe. If that world broke then ours too? Okay, let's be a hero. Alone and always have to watch your back? Not an easy feeling. Head just want to explode by itself because of the madnesses.
"Don't judge a book by its cover."


I guess the summary doesn't sound good much, I always terrible at doing it T_T

I'm still new about the whole credits things so please don't flame me and tell me what I should fix^^ (My memories are not the best and I can forget easily ( I will make the credits as detailed as I can in DeviantART's page) ... Oh, and I have asked for permissions of certain people but in chap 1, 2, 3 I don't need them yet so I haven't put those in credits, I will do it later in next chapters.)

Rated: T (maybe?)

I make it horror but I don't think there will be much gore and killing, mostly game over recently and bad ends... The horror parts won't come out in the near time but watch out... I love ENDINGS and the moves you make will change the future...

: I love it to be like " X.(chapter) " like this would be Ver X.4 so tell me if I can do something like that XD. If it can't... then I will stick this Version : 1.04

CREDITS (chapter1--->4)…





===> (ZIP FILE):[Version 1.04(X.04) (26/11/14)]
The Zip file can't contain the Japanese music so I change the name. If you still can't find it please download this:


===> (ZIP FILE):[Version 1.04(X.04) Media (26/11/14)]
The Zip file can't contain the Japanese music so I change the name. If you still can't find it please download this:

Please extract it and then put it in BGM file inside Audio folder of the game, thank you.

RTP required: ===>[RTP RPG Maker VX]
Caution: Make sure that the file you download is RTP-RPG VX and NOT Ace.
Go to the website and stroll down, you will see 3 categories: XP, VX and Ace; click VX.
After download it sucessfully, extract and install the RTP in the HARD DISC.

From now on, I will just edit and update in the same site and not changing the link of HetaX project so please visit this page sometime for more informations.

And finally!

All mistakes belongs to me^^

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